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Note for Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 2018: It appears there is some interest in the previous posts containing a general theme with no suggestions or proposals of what should be done, and less than what some of us prefer of the theoretical discussions which attempt to provide some relative "answer" of what should be done in our efforts to reform (restructure) the political situation. Because of public interests, the sponsorship has thus been forced to reconsider its intent on the forces of a more serious approach to socio-political considerations. Hence, we repost the previous contents page list and will update it accordingly. We will also be adding a new home page with a definitive proposition since many people are not inclined to wade through numerous pages of theory. We have consolidated the newest Manifesto into a list for those interested in this avenue of socio-political prospecting.

Previous Note (Monday, 10-July-2017... 6:52 AM): We have re-designated this page "Contents and Archive" because some of the views have become outdated, though not all of them have been comprehensively revised. In some instances you may be of the opinion that a particular article represents hate speech instead of legitimate political expression. As with many things, commentary on one or another issue raises emotions and blood pressure. Sometimes things are blurted out which should not be said; but as creatures of habit within the spectrum of a given vocabulary in a given context, we are fallible. No less, we fully admit that our views can undergo change over time due to personal and educational experiences. Unlike the government, we are receptive to re-evaluation, change, as well as being able to find reflection in faults and admit mistakes; without the need for anyone having to engage in a bureaucracy or a time-constrained form submission that gets lost in the mail... or can be claimed to not have been received via e-mail because of some "glitch" having been awarded a "personhood" name and status in order to be thrust into a conventionalized whipping boy upon whom to cast blame instead of blaming the system which refuses to allow the public to correct its many mistakes. In other words, we don't need to rely on the recurring usage of obfuscation so typical of many politicians and those who speak one way in public and then another when in private.

By keeping the old ideas with the newer one's, it is not an attempt to confuse anyone, but provide a readily available example to ourselves of how wrong we can be sometimes in our initial assessments. We don't care to conceal mistakes and give the impression we are trying to hide something or represent an hypocrisy... though this may be the impression if two or more authors are enabled to tackle the same topic from individualized perspectives... which can lead to a comedy of errors and importations of wild imaginations. As for being able to distinguish between what the present majority accepts as a valid doctrine representing a consensus, the present home page entitled "Cenocratic views in a 3-chambered nutshell" is the closest approximation... though not every topic is being considered for inclusion.

In a Nutshell 1
In a Nutshell 2
In a Nutshell 3
In a Nutshell 4

Like many of us, you too may have a different opinion about a given topic. And yes, conversations can get emotionally heated at times, but eventually calm down because we all share the same goal... to create a government that is as close as possible to an actual democracy as we can get so that the practice of self-governance can undergo its developmental course and produce that eventual form of government which will be of benefit to all of humanity... with a full realization that humanity must make plans for removing itself from the planet because of the incrementally ongoing decay and dwindling resources which will force us to accept more stringent forms of conservation/conservatism as a methodology of adoptive rationalization in our attempts to sustain some measure of individual and social equilibrium.

Holding a different opinion with any of the articles is fine, but please don't permit it to become so offended either because you find something stupid, ridiculous, grossly in error or distasteful; that you turn your back on an attempt to establish the basis by which the whole of society may come together and develop the governing mechanism for the benefit of everyone. Despite any or all shortcomings you may perceive, our intentions are well-meant and sincere. We all deserve a better life than the present social governing nonsense we are being forced to put up with.

  1. Home (Page comments periodically change)
  2. List of pages in the Cenocratic Manifesto Series
  3. Welcome To Cenocracy (Previous home page)
  4. 3 Buses of Governance
  5. Let's Talk Seriously About Peace (List of pages in this series)
  6. Cenocrats Versus all would-be Social Reformers

  7. America's Practice of Socialism and Communism
  8. Page List in Communist and Socialist series
  9. Rewriting the Communist Manifesto
  10. Marx's Scientific Socialism
  11. Marx's Brain Development
  12. Best of Communism Democracy and Socialism

  13. R U Red-E 4 a Revolution?

  14. Anarchism and other Bad Words
  15. Anarchism Supplement
  16. Anarchism Supplement
  17. 1 plus 1 = 2 is a Dictatorship

  18. Egalitarianism
  19. Capitalism and Libertarianism

  20. Capitalism-I
  21. Capitalism-II-Economic-Systems
  22. Criticisms of Capitalism III

  23. Military Benefits Are Basic Necessities
  24. Military Benefits aren't benefits

  25. Military Mission, Mischief, or Madness
  26. Military and Law Enforcement

  27. Rethinking Human Welfare Programs

  28. Cenocratic Formula
  29. Cenocratic Manifesto
  30. The Cenocratic Revolution
  31. The Cenocratic Revolution page 1
  32. The Cenocratic Revolution page 2
  33. The Cenocratic Revolution page 3
  34. The Cenocratic Revolution page 4
  35. The Cenocratic Revolution page 5
  36. What is Cenocracy
  37. Cenocracy Preface Page
  38. Simplified Cenocracy
  39. Cenocratic Independence Declaration
  40. Cenocratic Precedents
  41. Cenocratic Confidence
  42. The Cenocratic Vision
  43. Cenocratic Mission
  44. Cenocracy is a Declaration
  45. Cenocratic Art Form
  46. Cenocracy on Broadway
  47. A Cenocratic Strategy

  48. Contemplating a Revolution
  49. Revolution as a Purification Rite-of-Passage
  50. A Non-Violent Revolution

  51. Sourcing Social Problems
  52. Solving Social Problems
  53. Adapting to a Deterioration
  54. Development of a New Sociology
  55. Benefiting From Social Problems
  56. Social Problems and Nature

  57. Developing a New Theory of Government
  58. We Need More Government
  59. Down Sizing Government

  60. So You Think We Have a Democracy eh
  61. A Democracy is a Big Government
  62. The US is Against Democracy
  63. Offenders of Democracy
  64. Blueprint For a Great Democracy

  65. Prejudiced Democracy 1
  66. Prejudiced Democracy 2
  67. Prejudiced Democracy 3

  68. Democracy's New Path
  69. A Cenocratic Democracy
  70. Psychoanalyzing Democracy
  71. America's Pretend Democracy
  72. Mathematics And Democracy
  73. Class Action Democracy

  74. Target The National Media
  75. The US is Against Equality

  76. Madness, Insanity, Genius
  77. The Insanity of Humanity

  78. Widgets Principles and Government
  79. Oath of Office

  80. Government Reform and Divergent Thinking
  81. Rap Can't Solve Social Problems
  82. The Cato Institute
  83. Cenocracy Links
  84. Titanic Revisited

  85. Overthrow The Government
  86. We The People
  87. Independence Declaration Old and New
  88. Government Complicity in Identity Theft
  89. Lead Follow Vacate
  90. Basic Income Guarantee
  91. A Political Game
  92. Changing Game Plans
  93. A Triple Standard FBI
  94. Trump and a Cenocracy
  95. Analytical Prejudice
  96. Public Supremacy
  97. Unanswered Public Declarations
  98. Providing an Alternative
  99. Do It Yourself

  100. Checks and Balances
  101. Anti-Trust Commentary
  102. Charitable Poverty
  103. Outside The Box
  104. Government Conspiracy
  105. Palming The Ball

  106. Zeitgeist Movie Review
  107. Venus Project Movie Review
  108. Runaway Slave Movie Review page 1
  109. Runaway Slave Movie Review page 2
  110. Runaway Slave Movie Review page 3
  111. Runaway Slave Movie Review page 4
  112. Runaway Slave Movie Review page 5
  113. Runaway Slave Movie Review page 6
  114. I.O.U.S.A. Movie/Documentary Review

  115. Ceno comments page 1
  116. Ceno comments page 2

  117. A Letter to Snoop Dog page 1
  118. A Letter to Snoop Dog page 2
  119. A Letter to the Koch Brothers
  120. A Letter To The LGBT(Q) Community
  121. Homosexuality is the new Nazism
  122. Homosexual Colonization

  123. A Black Nation Arises
  124. Black And All Lives Matter
  125. Because They're Black

  126. Bill of Rights
  127. Voting
  128. The Peoples Referendum
  129. Speeches
  130. Petition The Government
  131. Right To Bear Arms
  132. Banners
  133. Cenocracy Hat Samples
  134. T Shirts

  135. Ivy Entangles Bush
  136. The Postman
  137. ZeekRewards Protest Petition
  138. Windows 10 Is Spyware
  139. Austerity Measures
  140. Terrorist Threat
  141. Babylon Whore Versus Anti-Christ

A word about copyrights is in order. Please understand that while individual writers may provide some indication of themselves for a given idea, it remains that the existing realization is for the adoption of a Cenocracy and not for a single person to be "THE" Representative of a Cenocratic ideal. In other words, none of the writers are attempting to put themselves before the idea for establishing what others have been calling an "Actual Democracy". They are not running for any political office. They are not attempting to promote themselves, but a Cenocracy (a "New Government" with an actual Of, By and For all the people form of governance). However, some writers seem a bit inclined to force the promotion of a Cenocracy into the content of a page whose main theme seems other-wise directed. Please do not interpret any single perspective as being representative of the views of all professing a Cenocratic orientation, unless a page is professing such an inclination such as the "Cenocracy Nutshell" list. Each view is shown through the filter or prism of a given personality at a given moment. Such filtering and prismatic mechanisms do change over time.

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