Homosexuality: The New Nazism
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Homosexuality: The New Inquisition


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Individuals identified as homosexuals that were placed into the Nazi Germany Death Camps where signified by wearing a triangle patch that was originally pink in color... whether or not the person was actually a homosexual. Effeminate mannerisms in men or masculine mannerisms in females are not primary indicators of homosexuality, lesbianism, queerism, fagism or any other similarly directed colloquial reference for those engendering a "same-sex orientation" interest and practice.

No doubt some individuals were labeled a homosexual because they exhibited mannerisms which, to a particular observer, was labeled homosexuality and became to be accepted because the loudest and longest voice was of those who pronounced it as such... regardless if those accused claimed otherwise; much in the manner of those who denied being in league with the devil when they were accused of such by those claiming an enlightened moral and righteous authority in ages past as can be cited with the Roman Catholic Church's Inquisition Tribunal (1232-1820) used as an authoritative injunction to seek out, persecute and execute those individuals for views or activities thought to be antagonistic to its "Cause". Such is an example of the perspective one encounters when a lynch mob mentality prevails at any given moment and may endure for many generations.

Homosexuals, Jews, along with those identified as exhibiting various levels of retardation were thought to be a problem for the establishment of a purer humanity, according to the Nazi perspective.

But let us digress for a moment for those readers interested in symbolism, since symbolism has already been introduced... it may be of interest to point out that while the perspective of the Nazis associated a single (pink) triangle to homosexuals, Jews were associated with a star which was two opposite pointed and overlapping triangles; both symbols of which have an early origin with the day-to-day triangular path of the Sun and Moon (when seen with time-elapsed photography) as does the usage of a triangle-shaped {pine} Christmas tree which is said to have originated in Germany. By visualizing an image of the flickering lights (or candles) on the tree, along with the top sprig used to hold a spire, star or angel, this is thought to resemble an image of the early pyramids with their shiny (alabaster?) sides which flickered in the Sun whose tip pointed to the heavens above. Rays of the sun coming through a cloud were thought by James Nasmyth to be the image which influenced early Egyptians to construct the design of the pyramid. However, if we think in terms of biological impressibiliy, we might be inclined to accept the notion of a branding iron effect on human consciousness. A more lengthy discussion about these correlations can be found on this page: Sunrays page 1
day and night solar and lunar paths (18K)
Yes, the sun follows a triangular path as seen in time-elapsed photography. Such an inmpression over thousands of years on our biological development may well have etched in a triangle image... seen in the configuration of pyramids, arrowheads, spearheads, fulcrums, etc...
sunrays (15K)
And for those obsessed with the Swastika image, (or its earlier occurring reversed arm representing interpreted as a symbol of good), its "arms" are those of the Big Dipper seen during the two equinoxes and two solsitices. Star gazers of old, for whatever reason, became transfixed on this constellation and amalgamated the Big Dipper's positions at four positions of a given year, yet incremental positions between these points would have produced a wheel with spokes. The Big Dipper attracted attention in the past due to is seven quantity of stars, though the value of "seven" is more theologically based, with less examples in biology as, for example, the values of two or three. For whatever reason(s), the shape, number of stars or some cosmological event no longer visible today, became associated with the Big Dipper as representing some (over-valued) significance applied to personal interests to give them a similar attributive value as if it were some early "associative property" mathematical formula brought about by some mathematical dimension of language (or language dimension of mathematics).
Seasonal big dipper alignment (1K)
Swastika (3K)
Lineup of swastika variations (2K)

The Nazi perspective was placed on a pedestal and claimed to be divinely sacrosanct, according to the collective perceptions of those associating themselves with such. Anything and anyone which was interpreted to be antithetical to the the Nazi perspective was censored, silenced and/or eradicated along a trek which enforced a servitude for the Nazi effort at home and abroad. In their own way, the Nazis thought that by eliminating various populations they could improve the human race according to some largely unwritten plan which was, in effect, a type of eugenics program; similar to those that have been carried out in varying degrees with plants, animals, insects, viruses and bacteria... not to mention warfare directed implements.

Had the Nazis succeeded in their bombastic efforts, many of us today may not have been born and the dominant language might well be German. Yet, we must nonetheless ask whether or not they would have succeeded in creating a better human being and human society by eliminating those and that which did not coincide with their perspective? Some might say yes, others might say no, and still others would withhold their judgment for one or another reason such as because:

  • They are uncertain.

  • They look about the world and see a deterioration but want to appear upbeat and positive. Even though they see the deterioration caused by those whose philosophies were against the atrocities committed by the Nazis; today's governments frequently create their own varieties of enforced "internment camps" by way of laws, tariffs, economic policies, taxes, arms dealing, etc...

  • They don't want to give an impression of being eugenically-minded and therefore associated with Nazism because the word Nazism is associated with mass murder... even though many, many other countries have committed similar programs of genocide over longer periods of time with varying methodologies which do not make it into world headlines or become recorded by historians and presented over and over again to the public in movies, books, museums, television reports, etc.... The "world" (humanity), has and continues to practice a profound hypocrisy in many guises and formulaic expressions. While there are many examples which could be offered from the perspective of varying subjects as representative of humanity's recurring distorted rationale, logic and so-called "truth", I will provide two in the form of similar images:

A conventional logic (12K) A relgious logic (19K)
A homosexual/lesbian logic (24K)

And though the similarities are easily recognized, those involved with one or another particular subject disregard the parallels through a myopic turn of mind which isolates, disenfranchises, segregates, separates, etc., While we all do this in one fashion or another, it becomes particularly troublesome when it is practiced by larger groups who try to force their perspective on others, or think that an imgained number of believers is automatically deserving the same social status of acceptability as other belief(s)...

...such as by vociferous minority groups who might well say they want a Democracy, yet do not really want an Actual (We The People) Democracy, they want a model of Democracy which permits them a means of manipulating a dominant few to back up their perspective. Homosexuals are discriminating against the adoption of an Actual Democracy because the incorporation of such is thought by some to presage a death nell to the Homosexual movement that is trying to artificially increase the collective number of individuals under a single banner by using an "LGBT" (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) insignia; though this too may at sometime be lengthened in include other presently individualized minorities just as the Nazis once artificially increased its membership by simply starting their membership lists at high numbers. No doubt, if it is to their political advantage, they might wwll include and and all other sexual orientations... be it rape, molestation, bestiality, etc...

If we define an Actual Democracy in terms of a "People Rule" definition as the best Representative model, there is no room for an Electoral College as is being practiced in the United States with respect to Presidential Elections. It would mean that all the people would be able to vote on all topics of interest and the result of the vote would be mandated into law. Granted, because such a formula of Democracy has never been tried before on the scale of a large nation, and because of this there may no doubt be mistakes made during its trial and error stages... such mistakes are made under the present formula of Democracy as it has been practiced for years... yet there is no dramatic improvement being made.

Placed into the present discussion, Homosexuals (though other minorities and presently occurring majorities can be included), do not want to practice an Actual Democracy that permits the whole of the public to debate and vote on issues as a standard, instead of as an auxiliary (right-in, initiative/referendum, hail-mary, or 11th hour) approach. A "peoples initiative and referendum" ability should be a practiced standard by way of a Peoples Legislative Branch and not as some extemporaneous consultant approach to be used as a last ditch effort. It is ridiculous that the voice of the people should be required to exert itself through extremism whose terms are dictated by a political process bent on minimizing and ostracizing the public from being able to actively participate in self-governance. Homosexuals are fearful of what the whole of the public might well discuss and vote on with respect to the self-centered issues they focus on concerning the established introversions of their sexuality. They want the whole of society to see the world through their myopic vision just as do those who are centered on their religion, their race, their gender, or some other me-me-me—centricism that both individuals and groups have engaged in for centuries; such as the Nazis, Ecclesiastical Inquisitors, and numerous others... all of whom thought they were right. And just like so many before them, the Homosexuals of today can be just as hypocritical.

The self-defining preoccupation of Homosexuals is their sexuality. It is not their compassion, love, etc... They don't refer to themselves and their so-called "community" by such references as Homocompassion, Homocreativity, Homosensitivity, Homointellect, Homogiftedness, Homoinsight, Homovirtue, Homorighteousness, Homogenius, Homotalent, Homoperspicacity, etc... It is their "Me-ism" by way of an obsession with their sexuality, like a stuporous drunkard having fallen asleep with puke seeping out of their mouths and their hands stuck in the crotch of their pants while curled up in a fetal position... They not only want us to say this is common amongst their ilk-minded lot, but that it should be the adopted standard of everyone. Though this is meant as a metaphor, this is the mentality they express to so many of us despite all the three-syllabled sillygisms (syllogisms) introduced by collegiate-trained brethren attempting to pelvicly-thrust some wannabe (want to be) sophistication into their regurgitated rationalizations as both a defensive and offensive stature to be admired and honored amongst their sycophantic followers.

Here's another example of the hypocrisy surrounding an issue affecting minorities involving the police... being perpetrated on the Majority: (From an October 6th article by Abby Phillip of the Washington Post: Unarmed white teen killed by police. Family asks: Where is the outrage?)

More than a week after Zachary Hammond’s death, his family’s attorney says race is almost certainly playing a role in the disconcerting silence. Unlike the victims in the highest-profile police shootings over the past year — in cities from Ferguson and Cleveland to North Charleston and Cincinnati — Hammond was white.

“It’s sad, but I think the reason is, unfortunately, the media and our government officials have treated the death of an unarmed white teenager differently than they would have if this were a death of an unarmed black teen,” Bland told The Washington Post this week. “The hypocrisy that has been shown toward this is really disconcerting.”

But hypocrisy abounds not only with minorities but majorities as well. Even if your begin a "movement" entitled #AllLivesMatter, it comes to be viewed for the contrivance that it is when the promoters show us what "Lives" they are referring to based on a biased definition being used to promote an agenda which says it includes everyone so long as in so doing such a commentary helps them entrench an underlying biased objective that they alter according to the mood of a vociferous minority being publicized by an equally biased news media.

...But the Nazis are not the only ones who practiced an activity of segregation, alienation and elimination. Throughout history might well be found different groups or a single person who follows, for example, the individually interpreted dictates of a religious perspective such as the Bible, Torah or Koran... or a personalized social perspective (manifesto) such as Mein Kampf, though other examples might be included. It is not too difficult for some to contemplate that many examples are not even recorded because they were events isolated from any witnesses who were left alive to tell anyone about, that is if they would even be believed; and historians of the past might well have thought such activities to be normal, even if they personally disagreed with them, such as in the case of taking slaves... both adults and children.

"Mein Kampf" was the title of a book written by Adolph Hitler when he was imprisoned for a short while. Translated into English, the title reads "My Struggle". The title is a truncated abbreviation that can be applied to the efforts of many groups striving for some semblance of independence by way of attempting to exercise a believed-in right to engage in the practice of a life style they see is necessary and needed for them in order to fulfill a destiny of that which some consider themselves to have been given by God.

With respect to Hitler, imprisonment only helped to solidify, concentrate, and give written representation to his ideas upon which he could later reflect and use as written supportive evidence that his thinking was correct... in the same way that religious (and other) ideas take on an exaggerated sense of meaning and purpose by being placed into "The Book" (Bible). A concentrated repository of ideas can create a repetition of usage and this then suggests to its users that it is correct. It can either be a self-induced form of brain-washing or supplied as a "community" effort that is reinforced by way of repetitive days or years of observance.

In addition to written (or simply oral) material used as instructions as well as 'evidence' for a justification of thoughts and deeds, other symbols might be used for advertisement (propaganda); displayed as a reminder of intent or purpose, or even worn as a decorative ornament, distinction of entitlement, or form of insignia. For example, while homosexuals (and other groups both religious and secular) may not wear a belt buckle with the words "Gott mit uns" (God with us) on it as did the Nazis, they and their non-homosexual collaborators nonetheless frequently collaborate with one another as if such an emblem was being worn and entitles them to exhibit an arrogance dictated by their sexual orientation. In fact, they sometimes go out of their way to deliberately incite social confrontation by staging presumed homosexual-defined activities even when the actors involved are not homosexual. Such acts are sometimes tantamount to wearing a sign expressing a direct insult to local sensibilities with no other purpose than to deliberately instigate possible confrontations like an adolescent with a chip on their shoulder to show how tough they think they are by an act of defiance wrought by some dichotomous act or other form of expression. This arrogance and obstinacy bears fruit such as "indoctrinated" forms of "Us versus Them" separation that has become linked with the word segregation. Additionally, it should be noted that the "Phenomena of Nazism" did not happen overnight. It was an out-cropping of earlier ideas already in vogue. Homosexuality must thus be scrutinized from the perspective that it is either an out-cropping, or the precursor of something yet more insidious to come.

Unfortunately, in terms of analyzing the human psyche, words and ideas associated therewith can easily falsify, conceal and entrap the mind into a given formulization. For example, the word "segregation" has primarily become to describe demeaning human behavior towards other humans. Along with the word segregation may be aligned the words "internment", "racial", "discrimination", "Holocaust (mass murder)", "Death Camp", "Experimentation", etc... The word segregation is not typically used to describe the "separation" of different elements even though it could be thus used.

To give but another example, the word "nigger" is frequently viewed as a derogatory reference towards a person with dark skin; even though there is a non-vocalized system of segregation (separation) taking place in order for someone to distinguish between someone for whom the word nigger could or could not be applied; such that, although there are people with dark or even black skin living in Mexico, India and Australia, they would not be considered to be included in those who are also sometimes referred to as negroes. Hence, it is not a person's "dark skin" which singularly denotes someone as a nigger, yet this is the definition frequently employed. Many acts of segregation take place on an unspoken level of mental activity, and not just in terms of human behavior towards other humans. It applies to human behavior towards other life forms, including inanimate, if not symbol-related subject areas. It is yet another hypocrisy widely practiced and overlooked.

Somewhat digressively interjected, it should nonetheless be mentioned that the word "Nigger" does not belong to blacks even though some seem to want to claim it as belonging to them as part of some ritualized necessity. Nor is it necessarily a bad word (vulgarism); since in some instances it has been used with affection by one black greeting another black by saying "Hey my nigger", to which may be replied by a nod of the head or a verbal acknowledgment along with a "tap" of the fist from one to another, a gesture that is said to occur amongst some jungle primates.

But the word "nigger" can be used antagonistically in deliberate attempts to provoke confrontation or simply used pejoratively. To assign one single meaning to a word is hypocritical and otherwise quite stupid when the context is not also used to disseminate an appropriate definition. For example, in the present writer's perspective, the word "Nigger" can be used to describe disgusting, criminal or manipulative behavior such as someone attempting to exploit another when they are emotionally, mentally or physically vulnerable. I have witnessed a black men trying to "persuade" a white woman to have a relationship with him by pouting that she didn't like him because he was black. I could see she was well aware of what he was trying to do. It's not that she didn't like him because he was trying to manipulate her by putting her guard down— by trying to make her feel guilty about something that was not at all on her mind, she simply didn't like the guy, and neither did other blacks or anyone else.

Another occasion for using the word "nigger" is when a lesbian or homosexual tries to manipulate another into being a "partner" after they had experienced one or more bad dissolutions with a boyfriend or girlfriend. In their own manipulative ways, which may or may not involve using various social situations to exert pressure or the use of intoxicants such as drugs or booze to enhance their target's inhibitions; such people are no different than bushwackers. Likewise, those who are rapists, drug dealers, whores, sluts, murderers, child molesters, pimps, wife beaters, etc., are all niggers. And let us not forget to include adulterers, manipulative businesses, governments and religions exploiting people to pay more for goods, give more tithing, or pay higher taxes. And let us also include those who take advantage of the naive or mentally deficient either for sex, money, or some personal property. The word "nigger" has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of a person's skin. To think so, is like someone being called a "Punk" in prison to indicate that they are a pass-around sexual toy, and then not understand the same word can be used to denote people used as sexual toys by either sex outside the prison. While those being used might not appropriately be called a nigger, they could be called a Punk.

In order to manipulate and exploit, a person tries to segregate their "target" from witnesses, from normalcy, or from some other standard. While such can also be seen when used by those attempting to get someone off an addiction, distinctions of intent need to be recognized. Homosexuals try to segregate their intended "target" from a conventional heterosexual orientation, that is, if they are not already thus segregated. Otherwise, they use techniques of manipulation to subdue their prey just as do many heterosexuals with no interest in another person except to view them as a target of possible conquest. But some have sincere interests and intent, whether such sincerity is defined as normal, honorable, justifiable, rational, appropriate or not. On the other hand, evil has many guises and is not constrained by age, culture, gender, race, religion, profession, socio-economics, or sexual orientation.

The word "segregation" is not typically used to describe other types of divisioning, though it could be used contextually as are many other words. By rendering the word "segregation" into a specificity of thought, what is not typically realized is that we are describing an ongoing and underlying scaffolding of mental behavior that is not as flexible as one might want to consider about the human brain when words such as metaphor, creativity, imagination, allusion, and "etc." might at first imply.

Simply put, the word "segregation" identifies a segregation of mental activity that can be exploited (and is, even when the exploiters are not cognizant thereof). The word "segregation" is a symptom, is but one indication of a mind that is itself segregated from a "full life" that is yet to be realized. (Colloquially stated, it is thought by some that we use only 10% of our brains. Even though this is also thought to be an inaccuracy, it nonetheless serves to render the idea into a level more accessible to those needing "a leg up" in understanding the present discussion.)

There are many, many, many other kinds of segregation that words such as Democracy, Socialism, Football, Chess, Poker, writing, film production, etc., give a representation of, if one would care to exam such things from this perspective. Different professions can fall into a similar category of analysis just as one might include dreaming, sleeping, eating, urination, etc... It is unfortunate that the word "segregation" has taken on a negative appeal, just has the words Nazi, Devil, murder, etc... The segregation of such words into a category of negativity, dissuades one from not pursuing larger terrains of philosophical inquiry.

For whatever reason(s), (genetic, nutritional, culture, governing system, education, etc.), the human mind is itself in a type of segregation for which the word "Apocalypse" (to name but one example from the realm of religion), is a reference to a presumed awareness of impending doom (like many who are about to have a heart attack or those that were aware of their eventuality of dying at the hands of the Nazis or Inquisition); because humanity does not take the time to escape from its mental forms of segregation that they are led to believe are normal, natural and "all there is to life". However, other forms of segregationist activities, are like those placed into Nazi internment camps. Those so assigned to such a formula of segregation likewise resigned themselves to their "presumed fate" by thinking that even if they did escape, they wouldn't know where to go but to return to that which precipitated the segregation in the first place! This not only is true for someone who is persuaded to view themselves as a whore, homosexual, criminal, singer, poet, mathematician, school teacher, etc., but those who practice a particular type of social governance as well. The majority of people appear to prefer to remain in their segregation, and may even go out of their way to persuade others to share in their perspective, because it confirms a belief developed in the confinement of their given segregation. "Homosexuality" is a homosexual's given segregation that they want others to join in with as a confirmation of their homosexual perspective. However, some do not want equality, they want some distinction of superiority, perhaps as a compensation for long-practiced feelings of inferiority.

The form of mental segregation practiced by so many has also bred a dependency of thinking in a cyclical way. Societies, whether large or small, cause populations to become fixated on a given model of propriety that may later become viewed as a type of confinement which one has to try to free themselves. For example, the freeing of American slaves with its subsequent trials and tribulations for experiencing an assumed level of equality. Another example is the Woman's movement to free themselves of the idea that they were little more that indentured servants or chattle, by seeking a right to vote. The same could be said for myriad other circumstances, many of which has involved the rights of workers. And so, humanity dreams and thinks it has transgressed this or that boundary, yet what is actually occurring is but aspects of day-dreams and wishful thinking directed towards this desire and hope. While we segregate the word "segregation" into a singular definition referring to something bad, many of the words we segregate into singular definitions referring to something good, is bad... because we fail to recognize a solidification of mental activity. In other words, by solidifying, or pigeon-holing words into a given meaning, we are practicing a form of segregation. While it is helpful to do so for purposes of sharing ideas and communicating, it seldom leads us to intentionally practice using familiar words and phrases in unfamiliar ways. Even creativity, or at least our inclined ideas about such, could use a dosage of creative disassociation from time to time in order to practice a differentiated form of creativity.

Here is a list of activities that represent separation, and even death in some cases, but are not typically called segregation (even if this is what occurs). Notice that, more often than not, a dichotomy (polarization/opposite) is present:

  • Weeds from a garden, sidewalk, curbside, lawn or landscaped yard are killed.
  • Mice and other rodents are isolated from living spaces and killed.
  • Frozen foods from canned goods, vegetables from meat, etc., (in a store).
  • Some people use the phrase "Kill it" when it comes to finishing off some food in a container.
  • Girls from boys sports and vice-versa.
  • Criminals from non-criminals (some are segregated and later executed).
  • Different types of criminals frequently are segregated... sometimes as a prevention to the possibility of death from other inmates.
  • Rich from the poor (death may occur from conditions of poverty).
  • Law making, law enforcement, etc., separated from citizens (Representation, etc.).
  • Usage of U.S. Electoral College to minimize (segregate and "kill") citizen voting power.
  • Placing a preponderance of Federal political power in a given area so as to develop a like-minded culture to be supportive of one another by feigning impotence, through a marginality of exertion to assist the public in requests for assistance, who may be characterized as being "out of touch" with the "real world" of politics, economic issues, International events, etc... (The public's political power is killed, or nullified.)

  • The sane from the insane.
  • The sick from the healthy.
  • Rating system used by the Film industry (R, PG, XXX, etc.)
  • Library collections (many of which are destroyed by being thrown out, sold, used for jail services, etc...).
  • Subject matter taught in school is segregated by classes and/or periods.
  • Armed forces divisions.
  • Law enforcement services.
  • Medical treatment (triage, dentisty, cancer treatment, orthopedics, etc...)
  • Boundaries between cities, states, provinces, countries.
  • Public restrooms.
  • Smoking and non-smoking areas.
  • Alcohol content categorizations.
  • Sub-disciplines within disciplines within a given subject area, within a teaching institution.
  • Naked eye, Microscopic, Sub-microscopic.
  • Memorization techniques, learning styles, teaching methodologies.
  • Animal, chemical, meteorological, geological, atomic, etc., categories.
  • etc...

The point to be made in terms of segregation, is that it takes place as a cyclical product of the human mind in many flavors, colors and sizes. The trouble with the human mind in this respect is that there is an inclination to categorize some words as being unapplicable to other activities. Words themselves become segregated into a two-column table of good and bad, good and evil, right and wrong, etc., which may have had one of its earliest impressions derived from changes in the seasons or the procession of day and night: (cold = winter, hot = summer, night = dark/fear/bad, day = light/safety/good, etc).

Such basic patterns (and others) were developed during the maturational development of the human species both biologically and culturally. (Later on came the association of man and woman to such events which was then elaborated into a Yin/Yang formula and has now taken on a type of syllogistic Yin/Unity/Yang formulization though the prefixed words "major"-premise and "minor"-premise are discounted and changed into a rendering of "separate-but-equal" approximation since the "man/positive/bright and woman/negative/dark" designations in yin and yang do not sit well with either those claiming a preponderance for a masculine or feminine dominance... unless you're someone wanting to infer the claim of "third gender superiority" by way of an Androgynous characterization.) Then again, some homosexuals have represented themselves as a third type of gender.

Viewing a word (such as segregation) as a singular reference denoted as bad, is a form of segregation itself because if it is not to be viewed as bad, then "the only" other way is to view it as being good and not some "grey" area. It is the practice of an ancient (dichotomous) mentality that refuses to give credence to the possibility of a third (or more) consideration(s) instead of just two... in terms of a diametric opposite; from which is developed a larger perspective that might posture an ego in the form of calling itself a philosophy. Such is the case with the word "homophobic" being used by the "homosexual community" that wants everyone to view the word and their amalgamated description to include anyone who says anything negative about a homosexual to be viewed as someone who is bad, wrong, or even mentally deranged. Some might even want the word "homophobic" used as a legal label to be fined, jail or committed to a mental asylum (so that they might more easily venture forth from theirs, termed "homosexuality"). In other words, the word "homophobic" is defined as something bad and wrong, while the word "homosexual" is to be defined as something good and right.

3 faces (4K)

...It is the same Janus-faced (two-faced, forked-tongue, double-standard) mentality used by both the Roman Catholic Inquisitors and the Nazis to which was applied a god-given permission slip for advocating a personalized rite-of-passage into an "enlightened" era. Yet, such groups are not alone in such a portrayal. From a "two"-based primivity of focus comes the usage of a three-faced variety which enlarges the dichotomy into a three-fold aspect as depicted by the accompanying image of Protector - Pretender - Predatorand can be applied to governments and businesses as well as smaller groups and even individuals. While this is not to say that such social entities practice these three faces to the degree and extent as the Nazis and Inqusitors, or that such practices are easily seen at a given juncture of historical referencing; they are nonetheless a trinity of aspects clearly definable either separately, or jointly.

Note: While being "Janus-faced" is being used in the present context to denote an hypocrisy, it was originated to express a forward looking positive perspective that took stock of the past. It was molded over the ages to represent polarities that were not necessarily bad, but then came to take on a more sinister representation of something to be suspicious of. The two following images are described as images of the "Janus-faced" idea, even though one of them appears to portray three faces.

janus1b (9K)
janus2 (5K)

A group that refers to itself as a "community" attempts to garner more credibility by attributing a larger membership, though no one has actually produced an accurate tally of existing homosexuals... they simply guess. It is the same activity used by the "Black Community" participators at a rally in Washington, D.C. several years ago who claimed there were a million or more in attendance... though, again, no one actually counted. You are simply supposed to take them at their word. The word "embellishment" is used instead of exaggeration, assumption, or wishful thinking, etc...

"Gott mit uns!"
("God with us!")

WW I German soldier belt buckle

World War I - belt buckle of the soldiers of the German Emperial Army.
"Gott mit uns!"
("God with us!")

WW II German soldier belt buckle

World War II - belt buckle of the soldiers of Hitler's Wehrmacht.

Others in the distant past have engaged in such militant-like efforts with varying results... each adopting their own symbol such as those of the Inquisition using the sign of the cross as justification for cleaning up society of those they thought to be heretics and blasphemers... whether they were or not; but it assisted in providing an excuse to eliminate someone so as to make their property, household or some other fortune available to them.

In many cases we have few historical references to such groups and their activities, though some incidents of torture, rape, murder and the like no doubt went unnoticed and unrecorded. In other cases there are conflicting reports and still others are reported from the perspective of those who felt it necessary to approve of wide-spread or selective killings or they would have likewise been killed, tortured, or placed into a servitude that we of today might well conclude is worse than death. Such practices have been carried out by governments, religions and businesses under a variety of guises using different types of authoritative injunction. And some atrocities have been carried out by those who merely claim they advocate a particular government, religion or business... when in fact they have only a single loyalty: to themselves.

In an attempt to disguise self-centered plans, many individuals and groups have made the perfunctory effort of at least paying some measure of lip service to the dominant entity; be it a business, government, religion or some recognized professional "society", which may or may not exercise a reversed form of in-kind lip service; or take part in the actual practice of the individual or group... but nonetheless participates by an attitude of non-interference or deferment thereto. Such an act of non-interference or deferment can be seen when one asks for assistance from one government agency when another government agency has perpetrated some injustice. It is the person who suffers again.

The so-called Gay, or Homosexual "Movement" is the practice of a selective group attempting to assert its perspective on others just as the Nazis did... first to fellow (German) citizens and then expanding outwards with an insatiable thirst for preeminent dominance. (As if society is a birth-order family member ranking system and homosexuals think of themselves as deserving the attention typically lauded upon first-born children from which many professionals arise.)

This thirst for some semblance of preeminent approval is akin to an inebriation they want to get others hooked on. Under their prescribed drug of homosexuality is but another overlooked socialized narcotic of the present age... though it has cropped up in the past as a "recreational drug of choice" under varying guises; guided by social moods of observed titillation by being defined as a subversion, sub-cultural activity, alternative life-style, adventure, demonic possession, etc.,... all of which are used as attempts to tantalize and intrigue would-be prospects as if experiencing some highly invaluable mystique. Homosexuality, in this sense, is another drug being sought to be morally and socially decriminalized. It is a symptom of a a larger social problem which stubbornly resists finding solutions for such diseases as alcoholism, Pedophilia, prostitution, homelessness, poverty, etc., many of which have a long history exacerbated by governing systems that are just re-colored versions of previous social structures; again, and again and again.

Let it be stated plainly that homosexuality need not be viewed as "THE" nor perhaps even "A" social problem. Though it may be a problem of one or another's socialization in a given social environment, it might be more useful to view it as a symptom of a larger underlying social issue that is being ignored, because the people themselves are not permitted to address social issues themselves through their own individual as well as collective voice. This disenfranchisement is a segregation of the people from a right to govern as they collectively see fit, and not have the process and procedure for determining what is meant by that collective or what is of value for the collective to be concerned with; dictated to them whose authoritative position was initially designed by those intent on segregating the public from having an equal share of Executive, Judicial and Legislative power. By keeping the public tripping over their own feet by open-ended social behavior, politicians do not have to contend with being subjected to requests by the public for an equalized Redistribution of socio-political power.

One of the effects of the homosexuality-as-a-symptom phenomena (and not as a "phenomenal" characteristic), is that it can magnify mediocrity into a characterization of supremacy which assists homosexuals in denying the encroachment of any self-reflective repercussions by way of convoluted perceptions of reality that minimize any ill effects produced on themselves, others, or society as a whole; similar to the rationale employed by those committing criminal offenses. Definitions of criminality and disease become lax when occurrences thereof become abundant and society has no clear definition of social purpose for itself or humanity.

Take for example the case in Medieval (Dark Ages) Europe when "common sense" notions of cleanliness in a growing population created conditions which were ripe for the spread of the Black plague (from which came the childhood rhyme of "ring a-round the rosies..."). Symptoms of the plague, which were created by the underlying social structure, with its cultural practices of presumed "cleanliness", were no doubt cropping up but were initially discounted as something not to be concerned with because the occurrences were sporadic and not linked together due to distance and communication mediums thus in use. Had the occurrences stabilized, and socially contained, the outbreak might have been sufficiently diminished so as not to create a panic and thus be buried in some minor reference. While the usage of the Black plaque is a good analogy in describing social conditions which can precipitate a disease or the symptoms of an underlying disease produced by social conditions, one might also use crime and criminal behavior as an example... even if direct correlations between cause and effect have unrecognized variables or variables which seem to contradict making a definitive one-for-one correspondence.

In the case of homosexuality, in this particular formula of discussion, it can either be viewed as a symptom of a larger disease in the making, or as a carrier of a disease that can mutate if permitted a foothold because it at present appears to be benign. Symptoms, diseases, or carriers of diseases that are permitted to multiply typically lead to devastating social effects. Unless society wants the effects to occur by the notion that it will improve the human species' ability through some sort of developed immunity. Society really doesn't have a knowledgable grasp of diseases, disease formation, and disease mutation, despite all the advances in biology. Because those in the Medieval ages thought it rational to dump garbage and human waste into the streets from which rodents got some of their food, homosexuals are using their words and deeds to give the impression of a similar "naturalness" to their activities. Society should be more than just wary, it needs to address the issue as a whole, and not leave the discussion and results of discussions to a few select individuals who presume to think their knowledge and wisdom are far superior to the collective society... and when a short-coming thereof is lacking, they simply assert their ability to make a lawful degree as if it were some sort of ideally suited substitutive cure-all remedy.

Such distortions of reality become expounded in magnitudes represented by compensating over-valuations such that a tallied list of ten "important" role modeling homosexuals extracted from disparate sources of historical referencing is perverted into the numinous character of a primitive's "Many". This non-enumerated entity thus permits the usage of superstitiously-aligned exaggerations as a manifold through which bellowing air and emotional fuel are mixed by way of a chorused chamber of reverberating turbulence and exhausted as a greater volume of polluted extractions with little work actually done to improve the overall human condition.

In a like-minded fashion with the 'Nazi State' (in terms of a sought after preeminent position in the ranking system of the larger global human family), the so-called Homosexual Community has incorporated their own variations of Gestapo, Brown-shirted (SA) and SS- Troops even though they are not singularly named nor function within the same extreme methodology... at least not publicly so.

In attempts to represent itself as a growing and thus formidable force to be reckoned with, homosexuals incorporate into their egocentric rationale a propensity to exaggerate their following (those who agree with their views); which includes the interpretation that silence from the majority is an acceptable toleration of not only their views, but how they exercise them. No doubt there were those in Hitler's time who likewise assisted in the rise of Nazism by assimilating variations of the "they leave me alone so I leave them alone" philosophy that is sometimes denoted as "live and let live". Little did many of these people realize how soon it would be before the actions of the Nazis would indeed affect them... as is the case with homosexuality in the present age...

Homosexuality, just as Nazism, will not leave humanity alone. It is like so many other prejudices that want to establish a right to be imposed upon others to see the world through its egocentricity... which in their case is an obsession with their sexuality. It is a movement that is not about seeing the world through peace, harmony, hope or some other policy of virtuous comittment, it is about their sexuality; like a child playing with themselves in its exploration of self-discovery. Homosexuals do not want the public to define their activities in terms of the over-all human species, but some perverted sexualism defined as some psuedo-individualism that does not need to take any responsibility for one's effects on humanity. If everyone were to adopt the homosexual philosophy, humanity would perish.

Some see the Homosexual "Movement" as a distortion of reality similar to the socio-pathic hubris employed by the Nazi-era DAP (German Workers Party) when it chose to start its membership at number 501, whereby Hitler's "55th member" number placement became 555... as a means of exaggerating its membership and following; though some prefer to see this enumerative distinction solely as an indication he was close in association to the (superstitiously evoked) "sign of the beast", namely, 666. The DAP shortly became the NSDAP from which was derived the "word" Nazi:

Nationalso Zialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
(National Socialist German Workers' Party)

Note: In using the word "socio-pathic", it must be used in context for the time and place and those exhibiting the behavior of being anti-social to the established order of things and wanting to redefine the order in accordance with their own perspective.

Whereas the "National Homosexual Movement" does not claim itself to be a political party, per se; it is clearly attempting to act as one by foraging a trail along a path which will assist in forcing the inclusion of a Constitutional Amendment for its singular objectives. Like the Nazis, they seek to legitimize their cause by forcing their distorted perceptions of realty on others by way of holding positions of authority that all others must respect; since they think that conventionalized positions of presumed respectability automatically makes the person a normal and rational human being instead of a repository of corruptibility on social mores.

In fact, some of them may want to establish the Homosexual Community as a Nation that should be given a seat in the United Nations with its own charter of objectives. Oh, and let's not forget that the presumed "Homosexual Consciousness" needs to be recognized as an individual whereby it deserves its own U.S. Supreme court-provisioned "Personhood" status (that might well be sought after by all groups interested in fighting the ridiculous "Corporate Personhood" ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court). The position of the Supreme Court, like so many other authoritative entities is so obsessed with "Constitutional Law" as a sacred process and procedure, it fails to take into consideration what a strict adherence to such will have on the people. It lacks both the necessary and flexible ability to counter-man a decision that is later found to be unjust for the people. Equality, Justice, and Liberty are primarily being addressed from the perspective of whether or not a particular process or procedure was carried out according to adopted standards.

The collective body of the Homosexual Community, we might assume based on its self-oriented objectives, wants a separate identity to afford it especial legal rights to be imposed on the public just like Corporations want to impose their will on the public by being afforded the declaration of being a "Person", yet be free of those consequences which can be rendered onto a person should they do wrong.

Without knowing it, and largely overlooked by the public, the U.S. Supreme Court has opened up a can of worms that could, if groups were smart and courageous enough to think differently and thereby effect a judicial precedent by way of incorporating itself through a Cenocratic political party:

...And thus become a jack-in-the-box with an uncompressible spring and a lid which disintegrates upon being opened. (In other words, once opened, Jack nor Jill could be placed back into the box... and if the Supreme Court tried to, it would then show demonstrable and credible evidence for the very biasness with which it operates... aside from all the absurd rulings which have instigated social problems such as the 1857 Dred Scott Case which inflamed and divided the country to spill out the already bubbling conditions for a U.S. civil war. Needless to say, the selection process of Supreme Court Justices needs to be sorely revised since the present process has a cyclical way of choosing ones who appear to have little more than an ambulance chasing mentality.)

But most groups are too naive to see the parallels which could be an effective argument against Corporate Personhood and use it as an effective modern weapon against the short range black powder Corporate blunderbuss which would blow up in their many faces. Nonetheless, instead of the Homosexual Community using the Supreme Court as its singular legal tool of choice, it is trying to achieve its own Personhood declaration by way of incremental steps via individual Judges and Legislatures who take it upon themselves to pass an edict without consulting the public via a Referendum. These small legal bodies assume too much and sooner or later the ever-growing powder keg beneath them is going to be lit with a diminutive fuse.

Corporations see the label "Personhood" in the same manner many of us view the title "Robin hood" which has been romanticized into a welcomed hero who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. From the perspective of the rich, the "poor" is regarded as a singular "person-hood" who has most of the money, albeit in smaller divergent proportions, like someone wearing a multi-pocketed pair of trousers in which are kept different percentages of money. On some occasions the title can be seen as "Robin the hood", which evinces to speak of the character as was seen through the eyes of the law during the era that the Robin hood character is said to have existed in England's Middle Ages. Robin hood engaged in theft that the poor thought was acceptable since he helped them to take from those who took their meager earnings, while the rich thought he was a crook, for reasons only personal greed could calculate. It was unacceptable to the rich that someone would steal from them the money they had stolen by way of contrived legalities. Similarly, those who sought the "Personhood" for their Corporations wanted to have a legalized means of committing theft not only from the people, but from other companies as well... and yet not be a real person from whom money could likewise be taken or have the person subjected to the effects that legal consequences do. They wanted to be viewed as a Robin hood who was engaging in acceptable underdog activities to right wrongs created by what they perceive to be an unbalance of wealth. In their mind, being rich was a state of poverty compared to those whom they thought are the real wealthy.

Wealth and theft go hand in hand. For example, even though employees get a wage, one of the primary losses in revenue for a company can be employee theft. For whatever personal reasons, many employees engage in theft. It is a given. And even though companies may go to great lengths in discouraging theft, employees find a way to circumvent the rules and regulations as if they were obstacles in a personal challenge to one's inventiveness. Yet, what is not being recognized, is that employee theft takes place throughout the spectrum of employees. In other words, not only does it occur with those who receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly wages in terms of being paid by the hour, but also by those who receive salaries. In short, management on all levels also engage in theft. This is why many owners or stock holders pay their executive pool of employees such high salaries: So they won't steal from the company... so they won't have to even think about stealing from the company.

But let's be fair, some acts of theft are not deliberate, they are merely the result of a series of behavior whose intent was not to intentionally steal, but occurred as an accumulation of events like some unrealized mouse trap-erected game. In other words, some instances of theft occur by way of accident, even though some readers might opt for the consideration of an unconscious motivation corresponding to an underlying primate orientation who comes across a piece of fruit as they go about dodging those who try to engage them with a participation in one or more kinds of theft. Some people become quite good at deception and lying (providing excuses) in their efforts to avoid engaging in questionable or undesirable activities. Some find that by distancing themselves from the common throng of activity, they are quite good at foraging on their own.

Even though some people claim they don't steal, these are those who don't realize that theft includes things such as that acquired through manipulation, deception, stubbornness, etc... It could be that one steals a few minutes more at lunch or during a break, or lies to stay home due to some pretended illness. No matter how much it is rationalized or sanctioned by available sick leave, you still steal by "taking" time off from work. Some spend a few more minutes in the restroom, getting a snack from a vending machine, getting a drink of water, jumping in front of someone in a lunch line, or slowing down a task in order to get more time on the clock so that their paycheck will be larger.

Some like to steal the attention of others by what they say, don't say, wear, eat, or simply because they can by way of their position, etc... Some accidently steal company property such as pens or pencils that were absent-mindedly placed into their pocket as they walked out the company door. One employee with whom I had rode home with one time, had about fifty to one hundred pencils and pens thrown into their glove box and center console. They were brilliant at what they did, but they were eccentrically absent-minded... just like someone forgetting to wear socks, wearing mix-matched shoes or zip up their zipper before standing in front of a class... whose name I will withhold for fear they might receive condemnation and ridicule for being a sock, shoe or zipper-phobic kind of person. Shame on them for being lost (unusually segregated) in the spaces of their ultra-high I.Q.!

And it doesn't matter how you may minimize these socially "acceptable" sorts of theft, they are nonetheless theft. It appears to be an attribute of the human species that may be derived from our primate past where things such as mates, fruits, insect burrows, branch swinging paths and favorite lounging spots were stolen ("used"). For whatever reason(s) a person may consciously or unconsciously think they deserve whatever they are stealing, theft occurs. Taking advantage of a situation or person is theft. Opportunism is theft because you take it before anyone else can take it.

Corporations are dens of thieves who work at bending, undermining, and stretching, laws to carry out their brand of thievery. These dens of thieves combine their skills of theft, deception, etc., towards a singular goal... even while each of the players may have personal ulterior motives as well; such as trying to maneuver themselves into a position of receiving more money, more control, more benefits, etc... They will use their personal tools (sex, innocence, verbal skills, social skills, work ethic, extra-curricular interests, intimidation skills, etc.,) as a means of attempting to persuade others to provide them with deference. Corporate officers, as well as other wage earning employees, lie, cheat and steal... in socially acceptable ways. In some instances, acceptance is presumed because no one can get others to equally say anything against the activity... which is similar to much of the homosexual nonsense the public is subjected to. Those who are voicing an opinion against homosexuality are not being supported well enough by those who should practice their freedom of speech. Homosexuals should not be permitted to define what is or what is not meant by such a freedom.

If Corporations can't "artistically" sculpt laws towards specific ends by way of finding some desired loophole to assist them in their foraging-for-wealth and/or power and/or control, they try to get laws legislated through which they can carry out their brand of theft and yet conceal it from others so that they can't take advantage of some "loophole". Corporations, like groups or individuals, can maneuver other entities to serve their needs, and the other entities are not even aware they are being used for such. It is a game. While most do not engage in murder like the "corporations" of organized crime, they engage in a rough and tumble free-for-all in their respective industry. While the public hears the phrase "industry standard" to suggest excellence in both product and ethics, it does not hear about those standards of behavior which are cut-throat, single-mindedness, etc... Anyone who has been involved in groups or individuals vying for funding know all too well how merciless professionals can be.

And corporations know all too well that they may be caught at stealing, so they set aside a "rainy day fund" to pay for court-related costs. And because there is a possibility of getting caught, they must make sure that the amount they steal will be sufficient to make a profit even with court expenses.... and, besides, they won't have to admit any guilt because corporate theft is a standard behavior of doing business. It also is a standard of behavior of some government agencies like the S.E.C. when it takes over a case. Those in the public who are innocent, may well have to request a return of their lost money by way of a time-constrained process and procedure which can be used as a means to deny a person a return of their money because they are defined as someone who didn't comply with the "game rules".

The public is taken advantage of because there is little recourse since those agencies a person may contact for assistance engage in their own formulas of theft. They typically defer a complaint made to them back to the S.E.C. so that the S.E.C. can promote another example of its in-house routine of lying to the public so that the public's money can be kept, through its methodology of legalized theft. Since everyone does it, it is normal and natural and the government knows it and accepts it because it too engages in the same criteria with respect to its dealings with the public. It lies to, cheats and steals from the citizenry and uses patriotism, human rights, peace, justice and other feel-good-about-oneself sentimentalities as tokened acts of humility that are little more than excuses used to cover-up definably disagreeable acts typically resulting in murder sanctioned by laws they make up, redefine, and otherwise justify to support personalize ventures; as they go along in their generally haphazard way of "let's see what happens if we do this... or this... or that...".

It is difficult for the people to hold an entity accountable when the entity has control of legislation and the legislators as well as other offices will support efforts at concealing theft, cheating, and lies so long as their budgets are increased and all the players involved can eventually resign with dignity and get a full pension. No one has to be sworn under oath, no one has to admit guilt, but we can find a suitable scapegoat, whipping boy, or even the remains of a body, if need be. The U.S. government, through its agencies, in different eras, is one of the most back- stabbing, double-dealing two-faced criminal organizations on the face of the Earth. And it isn't alone. This does not mean to say there aren't thousands of decent, law-abiding people who work in the government, it simply indicates that work-place cultures can develop a mentality that acts in disaccord with the desires of the people. And yes, the government gets away with it... like its complicity in the 911 attacks on the twin towers. Such an attack could not have otherwise taken place. Al Queda was never that sophisticated.

And don't kid yourself. Religions and Governments work on the same principles as Corporate-dens-of-thieves. Take for instance the theft of innocence of children by clergy engaging in Pedophilia or the theft of information by way of confession or "counseling" to be used for manipulation for whatever purpose... best serves the needs of the Church. Each in their own way run confidence scams... Or governments who selectively choose the same companies to receive government grants or contracts by way of routinized routes whose detours specific companies are given the heads-up about. They all lie, cheat and steal, because these are the needed currencies when dealing with any and all institutionalized entities... Or companies who take grants (of billions of dollars) and ask for more money since the project is running "over budget"... as if this wasn't already known ahead of time. In some cases, the company nor the legislators involved with the government contract weren't really interested in getting a project completed, they just wanted an acceptable excuse to take money from the people and fill the pockets of certain contractors who gave them a feedback... in one form or another. Whereas the Nazis stole lives, property and entire cultures, and the Inquisition stole lives and property; homosexuals are trying to steal freedom of speech and the rationality from those who oppose them.

Governments steal information from citizens and other governments. Others governments engage in the same behavior. It is considered normal and natural to spy on others. They use laws, words, and explanations which serve to justify their reasons for doing so; many of which are based on belief and have no actual confirmation. When confirmation is not readily available to provide as proof, they manufacture it. Be it a claim for rights violations, WMDs (weapons of mass destruction), chemical warfare, arms selling, etc., etc., etc... Governments even manufacture whole life histories or set up a person to reflect a particular history to convince the public of guilt such as in the case of Oswald and the Kennedy assassination. The more a government does things to make itself appear to be good, the easier it is for the public to be duped. The government frequently engages in bribery.

Governments engage in theft, lies, cheating and various forms of duplicity like any corporation seeking some expression of its greed. Governments are greedy. They forcibly take money from the public by way of taxes and subsidize things like the manufacture of pennies and Amtrack even when such entities are not cost efficient. Legislators engage in favouritism to help those industries which obligingly serve to conceal other activities such as the dispersal of funds into other areas that would be more easily identifiable if the ledger of disbursement wasn't intentionally made confusing. Legislators do not want the public to share in the greed more than they feel they are entitled to. Hence, legislators, like those of the U.S. government, will periodically vote themselves in a raise and give themselves other benefits because they think they deserve it, just like other professionals who keep raising the costs of their services.

Homosexuals want the public to see their choice of lifestyle as a service to humanity if their desired claims are given credibility. In their minds, it is a "service" in that freedom and liberty will be preserved and otherwise diminished or destroyed if they don't get their way. All of us are to feel privileged that the homosexual "community" is looking out for the best interests of all humanity. They want you to see them as normal and natural, even though snake and spider venom are also natural... yet harmful. They don't really care about widespread acceptance, they just want laws to agree with them, whether or not the majority agrees with the laws. They don't want the people to decide the laws, they want to give the impression that they stole their perspective into a socially acceptable position in the same way as a baseball player steals a base and thought to be exceptional in this respect. They want to be collectively perceived as an underdog, as a Robin hood, as a person... just like Corporations, Governments, and Religions do. Homosexuals are little more than an "oddity" act in a three-ring circus that is trying to be the main attraction.

"Personhood" is a means by which a Corporation can steal and have the theft sanctioned as acceptable behavior. Corporations use their size, their money and their team of lawyers to give you the impression that they are the dominant gorilla and you must subserve to their grunts, grumblings, and chest thumpings which entails you giving up your collection of green leaves (money). They want you to feel intimidated just like governments and law enforcement do. What they don't want you to see is that for all their posturing and fear inducement, is that they all have weaknesses.

Wicked step mother (8K) You can't stand toe to toe with a gorilla in their habitat without invoking anger which might turn to violence. If you do, you must be prepared for the violence. It can be a type and level of violence that looking in the mirror does not afford the homosexual's self-inflicted antagonisms, self-doubts and self-recriminations for not exhibiting some ideal of normalcy they do not need to attempt over-compensation for. Homosexuals as well as corporations and government are ill-prepared to deal will a level and type of personified imaging when it shape-shifts and presents them with something other than what they are expecting and desirous of like the Wicked Queen in the fairy tale of Snow White. And if the image is not forthcoming as expected, the presumed beauty becomes one of Macbeth's old crones that wants to poison those and that which it considers to be an obstacle for seeing itself as something pure.... such as in the fanciful notion of a pure or natural homosexual form. The poison apple of choice for many homosexuals is the word "homophobic"... particularly when the woodsmen they sent out decides not to participate in an evil deed against those that are innocent.

Shape-shifting imagery in terms of a projected image of oneself is not a customary consideration because it is thought to be the sole manufacture of some drug-induced hallucination. Those engaged in some form of narcissism (self-love) like religions, corporations, businesses and homosexuals, love themselves in a projected image of their own likeness which could be either (or both) animate as well as inanimate. They have difficulty in seeing past this reflection, as did Narcissus when he gazed at his reflection in a pool of water. In an attempt to see past a single image of themselves, some may strive to see a multiplicity thereof in some distorted form of logic which defines truth through numerousity, such as in a crowd of like-minded others, though all other sensibilities of logic are dismissed as having little relevance to their particular thrusts for "self"-defining.... for establishing some made-up measurement of personal value and worth. If multiple representations of one's narcissim can not be adequately achieved, such as, for example, in a corporation's expansionism, through a country's imperialism, or a religion's edifice (temple, church, etc.) building; they may strive to position themselves in a variety of settings and make a representation thereof such as with a "selfie", or personal portrait. However, for some, a simple picture of oneself with or without peers, may not be enough to capture some believed-in essence they want to believe they exude. Some may seek out distant places (such as through a vacation) and disregard social mores as well as common sense in order to render themselves in a time and place image, regardless of how disrespectful some such acts are of another culture's sensibilities. Only they and like-minded others matter... frequently to be shared by way of some social media channel. Along with such antics may be exhibited an underlying sociopathic inclination that they seek to find some occasion, often with others, for removing social constraints and inhibitions. Nothing is more important than them, than their views, their sexuality, no matter how irrational such ideas are for a culture, a nation, or a species. In short, homosexuality is a form of narcissim... a form of selfie-ism.

Narcissus (16K)
Image source: http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com

Narcissism in terms of homosexuality, is self-love projected onto another of one's own gender in a relationship that frequently spouts distinctions of male and female role playing like children playing "mommy and daddy" or "doctor and nurse" or "house". Such games generally have references to sexuality. Some view this as a carry-over from childhood in that the young engage in "relationships", generally with those of their same age and gender... and one person assumes a dominant position. In such a regard, a homosexual might be viewed as someone who, for whatever reason, has not developed beyound a particular stage of childhood.

In terms of heterosexual forms of narcissism, what is often seen is the "his and hers" sameness activities which generally take on such things as wearing (size-differentiated) identical clothing articles, furniture (such as his and hers recliners), foods, medications, nutritional supplements, sports equipment, routines for exercising, entertainment, etc... Such "sameness" in terms of an underlying mirror-imaging narcissism is to be distinguished from activities amongst those who simply share similar interests. Narcissism is a deviated personality along a specific trek, whereas sharing a similarity of interest is a personality with deviations. In other words, the former is centered inward and the latter is centered outward.

reflections (16K) Because they have such a difficulty in seeing past this manufactured image of themselves, despite any cautionary sign, they engage in behavior that is meant to get others to see and agree with the same image, which includes any ideas associated with their perception of the image. If the mirror or pool of water in which the reflection is seen becomes broken or disrupted, they seek some other medium that may not itself have similar reflective properties, but becomes an unalterable stand-in like a photograph, monument, architectural structure, emblem, law, painting or sculpture. And thus the illusion manifests an enlargement of itself into a delusion that seeks confirmation through acceptability.

Image source: http://www.mybodymyimage.com

The Homosexual Community is working along the same clandestined channels that Corporations often resort to and the Nazis did on a regular basis until such time they no longer cared who saw their questionable activities becoming manifest atrocities and criminality. The Homosexual Community doesn't care what the collective body of citizens think by way of a Referendum, and in fact want to subvert any and all collective opinions except for their own... otherwise: Homosexuals would be calling for a Constitutionally mandated Referendum statute!

Homosexuals are against the Referendum. They don't want the collective body of citizens voting on social issues because the majority might well tell them to take a flying leap off the nearest cliff because there are far more important things to address with the nation's energies, resources and fiscal wherewithal. Such as poverty, inadequate medical availability due to unchecked costs, lack of housing, and other basic needs affecting millions more than just the small group of whining people who can't get past their oral, anal, and genital stages of childhood development. Homosexuals are afraid of calling for a National Referendum to deal with social issues that are not being adequately addressed by Legislative bodies because politicians are engaging in law making efforts which perpetuate social problems— because many of the companies supporting candidates depend on the existence of social problems for their own livelihoods. They have fashioned their companies to run well with the existence of social problems and thus must ensure the problems continue so they can keep the "business as usual" ethic alive. Charities need social problems to exist in order to perpetuate an institutionalized existence.

Homosexuals fear a majority vote based on outdated notions of Majoritarianism (Wiki source). In a Cenocratic Referendum process the usage of the Referendum will not be used until the equality of minorities is to be safe-guarded and guaranteed within the provisions of the Referendum. Referendums should not to be used as a legal means of bullying or producing a segregationist orientation. A majority can just as easily express a lynch mob mentality as can a small group or even a single individual. But the people have a right to assert their own political determination by way of a Referendum, Peoples Legislative Branch and a National Cenocratic Political (Government) Party. It is as strongly a needed right to practice as was the vote for women.

Homosexuals don't want the Referendum, they don't want a New Government, and they don't want a national political party advocating such reforms unless all three kowtow to their obsession with their sexual orientation. And if isn't some obsession with one's sexuality, then it's an obsession with one's race, or one's religion; just as it used to be when there was an obsession with the male gender which kept women and others from owning property or voting. And such is now the case not only with homosexuality, racism, and theology, but current governing practices are exhibiting the same kind of self-centered orientation with respect to the many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism that they want everyone to pay obeisance to.

By not calling for a National Cenocratic political party, Referendum, or Peoples Legislative branch; such (absence of) behavior on the part of Homosexuals might well be termed a "National low profile" activity to effect changes on their own behalf without inviting a hyper-vigilance on the part of the public, if they can get more and more independent judicial rulings in their favor which effects the public's "assembly line mentality" to follow suit. This then is to somehow magically transform these singular rulings into a collective national law that a total public consciousness was not aware of until after it occurred; whereby everyone is obligingly brow-beaten into accepting as a God given right for them to exercise their own status of Personhood... as they define it.

On the one hand, Homosexuals turn their wishful thinking (that more and more people are in acceptance of the 'homosexual perspective') into an article of propaganda like some religious group handing out small pamphlets espousing its beliefs as being (a) god-given matter-of-factuality. Yet on the other hand, they don't want everyone to collectively know, and discuss, and then vote on the issues which then become a law. The want to believe in the illusion that "everyone" or some vague rendering of the term "majority" is leaning more favorably towards their "cause", yet they don't want their issues to be collectively decided on. They don't want to test reality, they want to perpetuate an illusion of reality like present governments perpetuate the illusion of self-governance. What a bunch of Hypocrites! Homosexual Hypocrites!

Homosexuals are against a Cenocracy because it wants to preserve a real exercise of Freedom of Speech and the Press, whereas homosexuals want all freedoms of expression contoured to their perspective of what is meant by equality... which denies the public from the equality of collectively speaking by way of a Referendum. Homosexuals want to pretend they advocate the exercise of Freedom of Speech and the Press. Whereas the Government, Industries, Associations, Religions and groups such as Homosexuals are equally permitted to voice a collective opinion to influence a law, the public is denied this same right. The majority opinion is selectively segregated into small groups that can either be combined or further disenfranchised to fulfill the needs of a minority, of which Congress is, but, like Homosexuals, wants to exercise a majority of opinion. The Homosexual idea of improving the government is singularly directed towards its collective self-centered interests. They want to keep the government as it is so long as it is tailored to providing their orientation a supremacy of legality. They don't want to change something they are learning to manipulate for their own interests just like religions and corporations don't want to change a government whose structure and members thereof are amiable to their "Cause". Their so-called clamor for "Homosexual Rights" is just another way of saying they want a "Personhood" which establishes a means of inflicting insult and injury on the public just as the provision of "Personhood" does with Corporations.

Homosexuals, like Corporations, want separate-but-equal equalities of normalness with respect to what is guaranteed to as rights shared by the majority. Both Homosexuals and Corporations want to be treated as a normal person with rights which help preserve its own livelihood. It doesn't matter how many people might be adversely affected by their "Personhood" status, they, as a normal individual, want the right to exist as they see fit, and to change the laws in order to be more accommodating to their personal survival.

Although homosexuals might argue that they are a living being, the people within a Corporation can be likened to individual cells in a biological organism, and therefore defined as a "living being" life-form itself. Whereas we can easily see distinctions, it doesn't matter since the judges making the determination might want to exercise an arguable Freedom of Imaginative Interpretation. The way in which Supreme Court Judges are selected, term in office, etc., makes for a separate and unequal "Personhood" status of the Supreme Court. Such is the case for all Government positions. A true equality does not exist, only an illusion because equality is another one of those philosophically definable words like truth, beauty, justice, hope, love, liberty, etc...

Most of the time changes in society due to various "Personhoods" occur widely and there is no recognition thereof. However, exchanges of information over the internet have altered this, but has not altered the lack of communication significantly enough. Whereas millions of people can be laid off and post their individual unemployment status on the internet, there is no one collectively arranging all the individual notices in order to ascertain how wide-spread and how many people are being affected with the "unemployment infection"; as an affliction created by judiciously unclean social conditions... like those conditions which perpetrated the Black Plague. But even with an enumerated statistic in hand, it would only be of those who post something on the internet and not those who don't. The larger percentage of those afflicted with the government sponsored unemployment disease, may have no desire to share their misfortune, like someone trying to conceal a communicable disease which promotes an observable disfigurement. Nonetheless, even if your had an up-to-the-minute statistic of how many unemployed there actually are, people generally engage in the same equality of ignoring that which does not appear to affect them personally, in their believed-in separate-but-equal own little world... not to mention your honest and accurate figure might be denounced by the government or some government-sponsored group as a miscalculation, embellishment, biased rendering, etc... Even if you told the truth that the unemployment number is substantially greater than what is being publicly provided as a government account, some would prefer the lies told to them by the government. They prefer not to know a truth that may snowball into a headlong course of disillusionment that they do recognize, but are trying to avoid because of its ability to instill depression and distrust. It is a self-made fantasy world.

Homosexuals and other self-centered groups don't want the public to exercise individual freedom of speech if the speech contains any reference that the "homosexual perspective" finds offensive... which might be due to the vociferous chest thumpings of one or more who get others to chorus in. They particularly don't want the public to exercise a collective freedom of speech by way of a Referendum. They want the notion of Freedom of Speech included in their version of a Constitution, but they don't want the free exercise thereof. They want the spirit of it to be observed, but not the observation to be made into an actual body of practice beyond a word- of-mouth exercise.

They are particularly ready to pounce on anyone who makes a public (such as a television, radio, newspaper or magazine article) comment that they find objectionable. They like to voice their views against comments occurring on such high profile "Freedom of Speech" mediums in an attempt to give themselves greater exposure and give the impression that because they are given an "equal opportunity" to denigrate the comments and commentator, this action is to be viewed as a superiority and righteousness to their claims. But the same "equal opportunity" is not being given to those who object to their perspective. If it were, such commentators would be permitted to voice their opinion and have it labeled as their opinion instead of as a pointed remark by the owners and/or producers of the medium. Homosexuals don't want Freedom of Speech exercised, they want it muffled... just like the Nazis, and groups of a more distant antiquity such as religions and governments. They are sharpening their predatory skills and given a deference to silence anyone they want to, just as the Nazi's were. Such acts are those of wolves, hyenas and coyotes... not to mention other "pack insects" such as maggots and rodents such as rats. But there is some comfort to be derived from the notion that such acts often lead to at least a partial extermination.

Thus, like some spreading venereal disease which infects an entire culture that is forced to contend with it as part of a new reality: the country, if not the world, will have to not only establish a National Homosexual Observance day, but also create a three-day National holiday for them in order to denote the day society introduced some sort of viral vectoring approach called a law; but the majority will recognize as an innoculation given to children before they begin school. They want their own holiday, they want their own flag, they want their own olympics, universities, clothing label, "separate but equal" shopping centers, currency denomination, and even a vehicle manufactured just for them. They want their own country with their own government so they can wage a war of genocide on all those who do not step off the curb when they approach, like the negroes of the American South did whenever they were in the presence of those who held a superior view of themselves. They want to slap a "homophobic" patch on all those who disagree with their views and place them into internment camps. The "whiteness" (rightness) of their intended effect is blinding.

And since, to them, the world will be made a better place... Let us salute them! Let us pledge allegiance to them! And let us lower the flag to half-mast when anyone of them dies because their homosexual perspective is deserving of the utmost recognition, respect and honor! Oh Yes, and let us all adopt songs of praise to be sung by children in classrooms and all beer halls as well; since the Homosexual Community is an embodiment of humanity's greatest ideals for which they all deserve Congressional Medals of Honor... because their struggle epitomizes the greatest fight for freedom, justice and liberty! Let us name a food after them. And the next species following the present Homo sapiens sapiens, by denoting it as a Homo Homo sapiens sapiens. And let us all wear a Homosexual Community designated insignia on our sneakers, jeans and ball-caps. In fact, let us replace Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed with a Homosexual icon of their making. But why stop at this... let's just call them all gods and worship the ground they imagine they can float over... or at least make people believe in such a mirage.

hitler (11K) Hail to their New Age Nazism! What a Zeitgeist (spirit of an age/time) to teach all innocent children! Listen to their vociferous collective voice... "Der Fuhrer" (the furor) is here! And whenever they meet, let us all give them the appropriate chant and salute just as all the Nazis did whenever Hitler was present! Let the world rejoice because Hitler's Third Reich has been reborn and renamed The Third Gender!... Let us all dance around bonfires at the bewitching hour into which we will toss any and all publications that do not speak of the glory of homosexuality! Yes, let us all engage in the same orgy of irrationality so that we might better experience the same sense of righteous spirituality that the Inquistors did!

It doesn't matter if we are forced, by way of some stupid neurotic-styled government or judicially "officialized political correctness" into becoming supporters of the Homosexual Cause through speech or silence, (or else be looked upon as objectionable and non-normal as homosexuals frequently think about themselves:)— And yet, respectfully, it is only appropriate that when the Homosexual Fuhrer (furor) is attacked, we should assist in their suicide and then burn the bodies... And it's our solemn duty to ensure that they are buried in an unmarked grave. We know it's a dark and sorrowful task, but we have been politically forced into accepting such an honor which will ensure the absence of an epitaph, eulogy or period of mourning.

They deserve nothing less than a complete deference to their self-generated "Third Gender" god-given status. Valhalla awaits the mighty soldiers of the Homosexual Cause! (However, let us not be so deranged that we follow the divine judgment of the 'furor' by burning everything to the ground. And we must also make sure they leave a Will before they retreat to the promised land so that all us lowly non-homosexuals and so-called homophobics don't have to fight over their bank accounts and other material goods in probate court.) We may have to socially accept the irrationality being espoused by the "Homosexual Cause", but we don't have to be too stupid.

During Der Fuhrer's last moments as the Allies got close to his bunker, it is said that he had given what amounts to be his last three orders:

  1. To burn Germany to the Ground.
  2. To have his and Eva Braun's bodies burnt.
  3. To have their bodies placed into unmarked graves.

Well anyway, this is the story told to us by the oh so believable Russian and American governments, via their military commanders whose words are always beyond reproach; and patriotically support governments that will do and say anything to get their way and keep themselves in power... such as by way of fear inducement (even if it means supporting inter-city group antagonisms, large social conflicts, conspiracy theorists, homosexual or other disputations, pedophiles in religions, "accidentally" releasing recidivist prisoners, etc., etc., etc...).

And since we are making a rather variegated, (and some might think superficial) comparison between the actions of the Nazis of the past and Homosexuals of the present, let us describe an "International Homosexual Lesbian Movement" in terms of a similar truncation of the words to produce a singular emblematic name:

International Homo sexual Lesbian Movement

Whereas we come up with "In-Ho-Le", which sounds like "in-holy" that becomes easily confused with "unholy"; we could instead substitute the word "International" with the word "National" to produced "NaHoLe". But this too is easily confused with "No" or "Not" Holy. While advocates of a homosexual perspective might interpret such connotations unjustly and needlessly inflammatory and more of the same disrespect and hatred they have been fighting against; those who argue disfavorably towards the ways and means of the "homosexual movement" might well agree with them... at least in this instance.

Fortunately, many sideline viewers have begun to see through all the bait-and-switch camouflaging techniques of propaganda used by those in the "homosexual organization" much in the manner of those in the Nazi party whose activities exemplified an emphasis towards underlying psychotic leanings... that became more manifest as time went on... and could become realized more easily the more Hitler became dependent on an assortment of medical drugs supplied through his physician. The Nazis viewed themselves as being an immutable superiority, just like some homosexuals who view themselves as sharing in a collective uniqueness; perhaps as an exaggerated compensation for feelings of realization which are anti-thetical to their "chosen" life's model... as was the case when reality slapped the Nazis in the face as they began to lose more and more ground by addressing too many fronts against those who did not share in their perspective.

This is why homosexuals are against the public getting the Referendum. It represents too many fronts that they would have to deal with if the public got a chance to collectively vote on their homosexual issues and have the vote mandated into law. They want to pick and choose small skirmishes that they can overwhelm and hoist some imaginatively designed homosexual flag atop the presumed rubble; and not deal with an actual publicly united force. So much for their presumed strength and righteous cause. Homosexuals are hypocritical cowards who want to prey on individuals exercising their freedom of speech. Such speech is viewed as a defamation of the "Homosexual Character" as if it were, collectively, a person. Hence their attempt to exercise a "Personhood" similar to that practiced by Corporations.

patch (17K) Likewise, though visible triangle "insignias" are not worn by those who are publicly cited as disagreeing with the loudly voiced Homosexual perspective, they are given the social chevron of "Homophobic", whether or not a person has some actual "fear" of a homosexual. The so-called "fear" may be little more than a misunderstood friendly affection held for someone of the same gender but is suppressed for one or another reason. But this has nothing at all to do with harboring a latent same-gender sexual preoccupation as is frequently and falsely clamored by those whose own homosexual orientation is being given a socialized permission slip to express neurotically unresolved disfunctionalities of body and mind conflicts... regardless of how they originated.

While some people are, for whatever reason, homophobic, and others find their homosexual/lesbian orientations disgusting, and still others because it is an anti-species act in terms of the procreative necessity; many don't like homosexuals because of their verbally violent freedom-of-speech exclusionary tactics. Others have their own reasons. If the majority could vote and have the vote mandated into law, homosexuals might well find themselves packing to move to another country. Then again, the public might exhibit a greater magnanimity of wisdom than it is typically given credit for. In any respect, the public doesn't like being forced... at least not for long... before it starts pushing back.

The word "Homophobic" has taken the place of words and phrases such as Infidel, Demon, Heretic, Blasphemer, Devil Worshipper, Nigger, White Trash, etc.. It is used as if it represents some infallible divining rod that grants the user some unassailable moral authority to persecute any and all who disagree with their perspective; and to use it, if necessary, as a means of beating an individual into some relative social senselessness with little regard for one's humanity if it differs from their own myopic homosexual viewpoint.

On the one hand they permit themselves the ability to denounce, disrepute and disallow some presumed "moral authority" who disagrees with their same sex -oriented lifestyle that "voices" its opinion by a wide-spread preference for engaging in the practice of a heterosexual-oriented lifestyle and not by any cheer-leading-sized megaphone approach where words are actually emitted via one or more mouths in a concerted effort against homosexuals;— and yet on the other hand they want to be able to officially and publicly announce, permit and achieve a socially affirming reputation for engaging in a self-expression which manifests their minority status into a majority one. It's the exercise of a primitive mentality that strives to give the appearance of a large size by way of a loud bellowing or the usage of a pygmy-carved totem pole that is not carved to a scale of likeness.

However, neither do heterosexuals have the right to engage in gay or homosexual bashing; acts which are often used to conceal an underlying impulse to engage in unrestrained assault and battery through perversions of rationale that attempt to use some assigned measure of status quo to validate re-directed aggression. But reality and truth don't really matter to a single person or group with a lynch mob mentality... whether the person or group is a minority or majority. Like the KKK of America's 20th century southern states which sometimes used a noose to choke out the protestations of blacks who disagreed with them; the Homosexual community has adopted the word "Homophobic" as a recurring weapon of choice in an attempt to silence the tongue of those who disagree with their perspectives. Instead of the three-lettered acronym "KKK", we could use "HLK" (Homosexual/Lesbian Klan).

In America, the voice of the majority matters not. Otherwise, a referendum would be held to deal with the growing Homosexual issue— pejoratively designated as "a problem"— (as well as all other social problems the Congress is too inept to deal effectively with due to stupidity, stubbornness or stinginess). The problem with the Homosexual's orientation has less to do with their desired sexual preference than their insistence that they, as a minority, in effect, become a singular amendment to the Constitution as "THE" dominant perspective which has the right to oversee all beliefs in accordance with their own... otherwise they wouldn't be so quick and keen on disparaging those who voice an opposition to their lifestyle. Yet, in stating such, many of them might disagree and thus want this (THEIR) very disagreement to supplant all opinions. It doesn't really matter what the argument is, or whether they are wrong or right, they just want their opinion to dominate as if their aggressive tactics are to be interpreted as some sort of friendly tug-of-war game at a Saturday afternoon picnic as a means by which they lower everyone's guard to their underlying ulterior motives.

While some may argue the Homosexual Community claim for preferential treatment to be incorrect, let us then re-state it by saying they don't want an amendment which advocates their perspective as THE dominant one, but that it should be given a Constitutionally protected equality, ounce for ounce, when subjected to the unequal weight of a majority. In other words, they want their own brand of incorporated Personhood.

The foregoing statement is a form of computational math that even a primitive mentality could acknowledge as exhibiting a ridiculous level of disparity. You can't trade them two (sterile) mules for two (fertile) donkeys. While the primitive may be a "jackass" (defined as someone lacking the "common sense" of a person living in a larger modern society), they aren't stupid. In other words, though a nation is dependent on a future population brought about by a majority heterosexual orientation which has an enormous tax burden, the minority homosexual orientation wants to be excluded from having any responsibility, tax or otherwise, for the emergence of a future population. They want to be exempt from having to shoulder an equal weight of burden related to the responsibility for the future of a nation. They want to be able to go about their life in a happy-go-lucky homosexual orientation way.

They have no unique sensitivity for humanity that humanity should embrace with them. Their only sensitivity is for themselves and they want to be embraced by humanity not because of some uniqueness of sensibility and perspective; but so that it can screw humanity when humanity has put its guard down. It wants to connive its way into becoming an Institution whose bylaws evince the proposition that homosexuality is the voice of God being projected into the otherwise dark forest of human consciousness from which has arisen the occasional artistic and scientific talent, giftedness and genius and should be interpreted to mean that all of them have this same underlying potential if they could only acquire their own version of a "normal social status".

Trying to project an image of uniqueness for those sharing a similar race, religious or sexual orientation, just because there can be found examples of creativity, giftedness, and even genius amongst similarly-directed individuals, is an act of foolishness, like trying to say an apple is an orange is a watermelon. Highlighting examples of uniqueness to present them as a standard of commonness, only makes the contrast of existing distinctions that much easier to be seen.

What this amounts to is just another nature/nurture controversy in that they try to argue that it is the presence of their homosexuality that gives rise to talent, giftedness and genius instead of homosexuality being just another form of distraction or diversion like heterosexuality, music, sports, etc... They don't want to even contemplate that sexuality (homosexual or otherwise) may have nothing whatsoever to do with their talent, giftedness or genius in terms of being separate behavioral issues. They have difficulty separating their sexuality from anything; like a child clinging to a blanket and thinking it is the blanket that gives them all that they need... and therefore has some integrated "power". However, it should be noted that the child may scream, yell, become abusively violent, cries and throws tantrums, toys, clothes, food, etc., when they are separated from the blanket, or bottle, or some other pacifier. Homosexuality becomes their new dependency. Homosexually becomes neurotically transformed into a magical being, like a live-in fairy-tale a child has not learned to grow out of.

Some homosexuals no doubt have given up on the effort to seek some semblance of being accredited with a "normalcy that 'just' has a different perspective" on what having a relationship means in terms of interacting with someone of their own gender in more than 'just' a non-parental or non-relative familiar friendship manner. And though there is no greatly established link between cause and effect, some nonetheless scour the pages of written history in an attempt to identify homosexuals who have been noted as having some "normally" recognized attribute of talent, giftedness, or genius.

In their mind, such noted people are those who or may not have had an actual homosexual orientation, but were claimed as such by those seeking to disparage them; perhaps because of some jealousy or retribution for having been intellectually bested during a social encounter. In fact, the historian themselves may have been the prime accuser of someone who simply practiced celibacy. Whereas homosexuals might readily disbelieve many other accounts of history, when it comes to a presumed homosexual, they are as gullible as a child. If they can't be recognized has being normal, in their own way, on their own terms; then they want to be super-normal in an attempt to console themselves or try to alleviate pangs of self-reproach and low self-esteem by claiming they are engaging in a behavior which enables them to apprehend and possess some unique above normal perspective of a seldom recognized reality that all the world would be better off if they shared in their sexual orientation. Compensatory behaviors take on many forms.

It is a terrible shame for someone; be they homo- or heterosexual, who relates to others and navigates themselves within the world, primarily in accord with an over-riding sexual orientation at the expense or exclusion (deliberate or otherwise) of existing sensory modalities.

If such is the case, and might well seriously be looked at as an expression of some person-specific dysfunctionality that has been overlooked for far too long; then the homosexual might well be interpreted as representing someone who is functionally "challenged" just are those with more observable, recognized, and understood handicaps (hearing, speech, dexterity, attention, gait, bowel/bladder control, etc...), and should be given the appropriate legal rights and assistance as are given other disability groups. The "specialness" some homosexuals want to interpret themselves as having, such as an intellectual sensitivity or some other vaguely defined attribute; may in fact be better associated with a compensatory act similar to the heightening of one sense when another sense is in what might be referred to as a "deferred" development... like the right hemisphere being used for a "speech center" when the typical left hemisphere location is dysfunctional; although left-handed individuals are said to sometimes have a dominant right hemisphere with a right hemisphere center for language and that "stunted" left handedness could precipitate a speech disorder.

Otherwise, it can easily be inferred that homosexuality is not a uniquely definable sensibility nor sensuality in terms of sensory imbued information contrasted with a more "normalized" person, though they might want to contend otherwise... that is of course, if we aren't all some expression of (or express) a person, gene, or culture-specific disability; then, from a pyschoanalytical perspective, homosexuality might well more so be an expression of a personalized fixation at 'a' (one or more) particular psycho-sexual development stage(s).

And on the basis of a pyschoanalytical approach applied to all of humanity, all of us may be not but differing enclaves of dysfunctionality, with the different religions, philosophies, governments, etc., (perhaps) as attempts to improve the species; while some such activities might well be intermittently occurring aggressive attempts to improve a regression to an earlier dysfunctional state by way of a larger body of like-mindedness (or like-mad—ness, like-insanityness, etc...). For example, a group's words may be interpreted to suggest improvement but their collective actions, like a herd, are directed towards a cliff into which many, if not all must fall because of the group's momentum.

The same word, person, activity, etc., can be one person's idea of good and another person's idea of bad. Some individuals, or groups such as Nazi Germany, may have been sincere in their desire to improve humanity, but the way in which they went about it was unabashed cruelty and what some might call the expression of decriminalized insanity for socio-pathic psychotics. (For example, whereas an individual may be an everyday variety of [periodic, "white-lies", occasional, frequent or even compulsive] liar on the one hand but then become a psycho-pathological liar when their lying inflicts injury on themselves or another such as taking money, property, etc., under false pretenses.) Being cruel is not a prerequisite for improving the species or anything else. But neither is the psycho-pathological assertion of a minority's claim to rights in which the majority's right to voice its opinion in opposition to, is badgered into silence.

It's of interest to note that the mentality of humans has not really progressed that much from its more primitive social past. Like in days of old, when someone living today starts making a claim against another (person, person's property, group, institution, business, government, religion, etc.) for some perceived impropriety, even if others see the same impropriety but do not speak up; then the person making the claim becomes viewed as having something wrong with them if two or more of the accused begin to accuse them of having an improper perspective.

3 bikes (9K) It's like a child being thrown into a dungeon because they pointed out that the King was parading through town without any clothes on and everybody could see the same thing but no one said anything... not even the child's parents who are supposed to be the child's greatest advocates! Freedom of speech isn't being preserved in its forthright form, it's being contoured to fit the psychopathology of the group with the loudest voice attacking its dissenters with the same (such as "homophobic") weapon of choice as if it were a battering ram. Such batterers might well be in position to have hot tar and oil dumped on them, followed by an igniting torch.

If Homosexuals are permitted to have the loudest and longest enduring voice, this might well become the accepted adopted standard; and those who don't exhibit their perspective will become unnormal, strange, weird, anti-social and may even be bullied, beaten, incarcerated, hospitalized for "their" own good, or even killed... by some socially acceptable "accident" (and claimed: "It was out of my hands."). Such a process of mental standardization sometimes starts very early in age under various circumstances and guises. Freedom of speech, thought, feeling, etc., are not as free as most people might be inclined to imagine. Though we might want to "professionally" label it as socialization or enculteration, it is nonetheless a given era's form of brainwashing. The Homosexual "community" is attempting to standardize its own brand of brainwashing techniques.

frog (27K) Those inclined towards a lynch mob-styled mental reflex become accustomed to reacting spontaneously without a single moment's reflection because they become predators. Like a spider, a snake, or frog that uses its tongue to lasso some unsuspecting insect; they camouflage themselves with words and phrases suggesting themselves to be as innocent as a field of nectar-filled flowers, as sensitive and benign advocates of an enlightened mentality, and even an unrecognized offshoot of the human lineage that should have its separate distinction called the third gender... whereby they should be protected as an endangered species. It's all a con game using similar tactics like those who were involved with deceptive business practices when the internet was (and still is) being used as a "front" (camouflage) to conduct activities which took advantage of the unsuspecting. (Governments use such words as Communism, Democracy, Socialism, patriotism, freedom, liberty, justice, national anthems, flags, etc., as a small part of its camouflaging ensemble; and religions as well as businesses engage in their own varieties.)

Those harboring a prolonged lynch mob-styled mentality which becomes standardized into being defined as a perspective of normalcy, makes them blind to the infiltration of those who pretend to be "one of them" if not in their sexual orientation, then some other acceptable perspective of like-mindedness. Homosexuals and other minority groups are so hungry for converts to their "cause" they naively perceive anyone who is marching, walking, talking, eating, (even sleeping), living next door, yelling or screaming along with them, that these people are on their side and do not have some ulterior motive that is attempting to use the "Homosexual movement" as a vehicle for their own interests; which may be nothing more than carrying out the requests of those who are paying for the infiltration.

Such infiltrators may have agendas that involve the instigation of a larger social discord for the purpose of creating conditions so that their employer makes money or acquires a certain piece of property. If not discord, then they want to create a division as a social distraction in order to conceal the movement and effects of that and those who might otherwise be in the public's view. Such a division and discord keeps the public from adopting a concerted effort and organization to bring about positive changes in governing policies. The patrons and mentors of the infiltrators fear a concerted public effort in any governing process which they can not manipulate by way of positioning themselves in key authoritative spots if the "movement" should actually accomplish anything beyond its tactics of brow beating, bullying, and bombastic protestations. They want to be in position during the formative moments as a point of persuading the "community" they were there in the beginning, in the trenches, in the mud and guts and therefore make good candidates for leadership.

The tax burden of a family unit brought about by a heterosexual orientation, even when there are tax exemptions in place, amounts to a gargantuan financial responsibility that homosexuals want to be excluded from having to participate in. And to stave off the knee-jerk reactions of those homosexuals or homosexual advocates who are little more than mules with blinders on. (The word "financial" in the present sense is being largely, but not exclusively used, metaphorically.) Homosexuals are consumers of and not participators in a Nation's future population. They want more and more presumed latent homosexuals to see some "proverbial homosexual light" in order to join in the "homosexual cause", heedless to the realization that less and less children are produced; under various rationales of over-population, dwindling resources, too many homeless children, etc... Homosexuality adds to the burdens of a Nation's future. If a Nation's minority of homosexuals wins the ability of becoming the majority perspective, then the Nation itself becomes a minority that eventually recedes into oblivion.

Homosexuals are not exempt from the actions of any person or group resorting to its own form of twisted-to-their perspective logic, by referring to a person who dislikes homosexuals a person who is homophobic. The homosexual "community", like many other communities not engaging in moments of deep self-reflection, is rife with hypocrisy. But theirs is an hypocrisy they are trying to badger others to adopt as an unimpeachable rationale.

  • On the one hand they speak of a misunderstood conception of love, compassion and soul-entrenched intimacy, and yet they attack with the viciousness of a rabid animal.
  • On the one hand the male and female homosexuals want separate identities and thus use the words "Homosexual" for males and "Lesbian" for females, yet the singular word "Homophobic" is used to describe all (both males and females) who disagree with their lifestyle.

While it may be true that some people express anger and hatred towards homosexuals as a concealment for their own underlying inclinations towards having sexually-linked affections for someone of their own gender, many people have affections that are not sexually-oriented. Hence, the word "Homophobic" is being used just as myopically as those who use the word "Nigger" to describe their dislike of some or all blacks, or "Infidel" for those who don't share the same religious orientation. It is little different than a group of children participating in a concerted effort of engaging in an "arbitrarily-specific" game of "you've got the cooties" name calling. While the so-called "community" of homosexuals and lesbians want to view themselves as sensitive, loving, enlightened and want everyone else to adopt their perspective as an acceptable (and thus "normal") world-view, they haven't even the intelligence to establish a singular word to describe themselves in accord with their presentiments of superiority; as in the case of all peoples of Earth being singularly described as 'humanity'. Surely the intellectual elite of their ilk can come up with a word to coherently describe their single-mindedness. We could call them Lesbo-sexuals, or Hom(o)les-sexuals, or, get them to develop a word which looks past the childish preoccupation with their sexuality as if they are children playing "house", "mommy and daddy", or "Doctor".

Like so many Nazi assertions, if an idea does not pass the muster of a homosexual review, they want it to be altered until such time that it resonates with an underlying over-bearing homosexual advocacy; and yet be concealed from having effected any form of intimidation. They want "equality" in so much as they have a dominant say, and can prevent any and all lesser minorities from becoming a voice which over-shadows their own. They want to be the leader of all minority perspectives and mold them in such a way as to be used as an alternative tool to start an argument for their singular objective. Metaphorically, they want to become THE mainstream business, government and religious entity in that they want their own homosexual by-laws, their own homosexual constitution, and their own homosexual bible that must be owned and worshiped by every household as an acceptable and exceptional syllogistic truism.

They want their own homosexual flag, their own homosexual national anthem, their own homosexual currency, their own homosexual banking system, their own homosexual credit card, their own homosexual radio and television stations, their own homosexual Hollywood, their own homosexual internet and computer language, their own homosexual university and public school system, their own homosexual armed forces, their own homosexual city, their own homosexual olympic's, their own homosexual dictionary, their own homosexual state, their own homosexual hospitals and homosexual medical staff, and their own homosexual nation... distinct, separate, but equal to all other nations (whom they want to supply them with more homosexuals). In short, they want everything and everyone to revolve around their world-view like some early church doctrine... and when they reactively attempt to argue a diametrically opposed contrast to such a listing, their blinders prevent them from seeing this as an itemizable argument advocating for this very same singularity of orientation!

Homosexuals want their perspective to be a new Manifest Destiny like that once used by the U.S. government in support of its view for having the right to claim and expand into any territory it wanted, even that which was owned by Native Americans. Homosexuals want to assimilate (and not be assimilated by) others into their world-view, just as the American government forced Native Americans to accept its views. The American government cheated, lied to, bribed, murdered and herded Native Americans into accepting its views just as Homosexuals are attempting to do in many respects, to the larger public in a reverse order sort of way. And like the U.S. government which was and remains backed by self-defined legalities supported by a plutocratically-driven administration, homosexuals likewise seek a legitimacy of purpose and deed if they can manipulate the wealthy, political and religious to see things their way. Theirs is not a symbiotic mutuality that is sought, but a sprawling egotistical effervescence which exclaims a preponderance that is laughably labeled equality.

Like a clinging vine which embraces the usage of a floral camouflage that conceals an underlying act of smothering; homosexuality is, in effect, just another form of socially parasitic venereal disease that is being permitted to grow as a culture in an interactive three-sectioned petri dish called Communism, Democracy and Socialism. And like the three stages of Syphilis, if the appropriate social anti-biotic such as a Cenocracy is not administered soon and plentiful enough, its actions of deforming the host body might well reach its most tertiary stage of exacerbation and further erode the foundations of society... if it is permitted to become THE, or one of the dominant cultural perspectives it is striving for, despite what a Referendum would say.

(It should be noted, some observers believe human societies are already crumbling for various reasons, with homosexuality but a minor example.)

In order to gain a greater foothold in their striving for a dominant social position as "a preeminent alternative lifestyle", homosexuals very often adopt the practice of enlisting the help of one or more other minorities... refashioning and re-defining a perceived wrong or injustice along lines which is fortuitous for their own strivings. Like disparate marauding clans of old that would band together against a more dominant figure... at least until such time as it was conquered and each minority began to assert itself as THE dominant presence which then gave them the right to eliminate all rivals. To such an end, we very often see an alignment between those asserting a homosexual perspective (whether or not they are in fact actually homosexual), and the experiences of black peoples... particularly those in America whose ancestry was one of slavery. Fortunately, many blacks do not let themselves be taken in by the subterfuge. They know all too well that the struggles of blacks is wholly different in substance, deed and depth from that which is viewed as a myopic perversion of one's humanity towards against humanity... in the sense that a homosexual orientation is antithetical to human existence when viewed in the light of procreation.

Just as most blacks are not niggers and nor are they homosexuals, they would not readily sell their soul to the wailings of the devil's emissary, or the devil himself by advocating that which is not pro-life; but is in actuality, an avocation of pro-obsolescence if the homosexual perspective becomes the dominant life-style not only amongst humans, but all life forms.

Very seldom has it been considered that the centuries long struggles of blacks may be a God-directed program of training. A means of preparing humanity for a time in which an indomitable spirit, a wider vision of mental magnanimity, a compassionate stature of heart, and a devil-defying strength of soul coupled with an endurance of body, will be needed to shoulder a far greater burden. But the Black struggle has always been one which advocates a pro-humanity. Homo-sexuality, on the other hand, if realized to its full extent, will be the extinction of all life. The Black struggle for equal rights was several magnitudes distant from that which is being sought by homosexuals. To be equated as a parity is just another point of slavery by homosexuals trying to force them into a servitude for their cause.

The present human-practiced homosexual perspective is a disrespect for humanity. It seeks to use all of humanity, and in particular, the past and present struggles of Blacks, as a self-centered reverberated cadence meant as the march to a drum-beat of servitude for its single-mindedness. It is a cancerous disease that must be excised. Whereas many different kinds of diseases and poisons exist in the world in various forms, they do not attempt to assert themselves as a preeminence. But when the natural forms of Congressional checks and balances do not assist us because the present form of government needs to be replaced... (America needs a Cenocracy), then We The People must take it upon ourselves to be that which, in effect, will be much like the very effective underground during the era of the Nazis.

Homosexuality Movement, Be Not Proud

Homosexuality Movement, be not proud, though some have called thee:
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow,
you have not yet died poor Homosexuality, nor yet canst thou kill humanity.

From distress and weeping, which but thy pictures be,
Much displeasure; then from thee much more must unfortunately flow,
And soonest though some men and women with thee do go,
Rest of their scarred flesh, bones, and blackened soul's delivery.

Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and a desperate ken,
And dost with poison, war, insanity and sickness dwell;
And using drugs or tongue lashings so that many will not tell
And better than thy neurotic stroke; why swell'st thou then?

One short sleep past this Age Of Irrationality; Humanity wakes eternally,
And Homosexuality shall be no more; Homosexuality, thou shalt die.

The poem is an adaptation from John Donne's (1572-1631) poem entitled "Death, Be Not Proud." Here is one link:

--- John Donne ---

It is rather disgusting to witness public (peer) pressure being placed on those whose disagreeing opinion about homosexuality (or any topic) is viewed as a social disgrace, but that the usage of such pressure is not. It is pathetically ridiculous to think that everyone who practices homosexuality, heterosexuality, or otherwise, is exercising their activity based on some normalcy that is viable to one's culture, nation or species. There are those who experience problems with their sexuality regardless of their preference or orientation. People should be permitted to voice their interpretations of a topic whether or not it is found to be an acceptable to a desired social standard or not. This is how beliefs and morals are established. Trying to impose one's belief(s) on one or more others without them being able to exercise their free will, is much like the ignorant formula of voting that is being used. If homosexuality is so great, good and wonderful as some believe it is, then homosexuals and their advocates should have no problem with bringing the topic to a public vote that is free from all the political nonsense so many social topics are inter-weaved with. Homosexuals don't want to hear the actual opinion of the collective citizenry, they want to develop an undermining social acceptance amongst the few who hold political, legal and journalistic positions which are ganged-up on. Homosexuals are hypocrits. Let us all Hail their brand of Nazism! Hiel Homosexuality! Let us all participate in a more promising future for all humanity by adopting the homosexual mentality! Sieg Heil!!!

It should be noted that for some, their "coming out" expression of homosexuality is illegitimate because it preeminently represents a form of defiance towards one or more social traditions that they find wanting for one reason or another... Such a statement is a point of departure for those so-called homosexuals privy to a nearness of political service activity by way of an appointment or election that either they or someone they are in close contact with from time to time, leave an open window or door for them to peer into. In short, they become disheartened by witnessing the very many behind-the-scenes political processes which are wholly felt to be dishonest, from their sensibilities which may have born from the same illusions taught to so many of us in the public school system. Yet, the "homosexual" identity of belonging to a group of presumed like-minded others does little to alter the actual underlying troubles of a social structure they ineffectively perceive or much less articulate. Only a new form of social self-governance, a New Government... a Cenocracy, can do this.

A Cenocracy (New Government), is a structural change so that issues such as homosexuality, rape, child molestation, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, voting, candidate selection, etc., can be addressed by way of a larger public forum and voted on by the public... which is followed by law enactment of the results. Any and all issues that the public want to address can be discussed, voted on and then put into practice by way of a law. This in no way implies that social issues will be solved, resolved or answered by a single Referendum voting occurrence. It may take several... each centered on improving the first if it is felt to be inadequate, or other unforeseen issues arise. We are not perfect. We will make mistakes. Lots of ideas that people have are idealistic and well intentioned, but will not work well when applied to given circumstances. Some ideas are person(s), place(s), and time(s) specific, even though the language employed in the description of an assumed solution to a social issue has a "Universal-centered" application. Present governing structures fail to take advantage of the larger pool of experience, intelligence and wisdom which exists in the public sphere. Cenocracy permits the people to really, truly, honestly, sincerely, and factually help themselves. It re-enfranchises everyone.

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