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As a philosophical exercise, it behooves social reformers, government protestors, security officers, and the general public to consider the possibility that protest methodologies may be escalated to more definitive exercises because current "legal" efforts for the public to bring about progressive change on behalf of the people are futile. For example, security service officers (even TSA, rent-a-cop and armored vehicle personnel) are neither trained nor prepared for assaults against them personally as a protest expression... during periods of day-to-day employment that are otherwise everyday docile events. In other words, they and other officials are sitting ducks to those who know how to create socialized "duck blinds" and utilize imaginative models of camouflage to effect a "protest statement" by attacking them, even if the statement is not readily known to journalists or the general public. The protestor with such a perspective, regardless of how their actions may be defined by the media in a negative way, may nonetheless view their efforts in a positive way to "wake the public up" in order to realize the same ideas which they hold... though no formal statement may ever be made public. There are many people who have encountered a security service personnel that does not feel threatened by them and yet leaves the officer open for assault because they are not trained to be vigilant against an attacker that does not fit the typical profile of a government protestor or potential attacker, like many a children who in the past were strapped with an explosive during military conflicts such as Vietnam. The same goes for patrol officers making routine traffic stops. It is difficult to be prepared for that which is uncommon or otherwise takes place serendipitously that is sometimes referred to as a crime of chanced-upon opportunity that sets the stage for similar future events.

And yes, it goes without saying that anyone conducting violent forms of protest may become journalistically labeled as a terrorist in order that the government receives an assumed public support to effect a retributive form of so-called "justice" in a heavy-handed form of reciprocity. Imprisonment, mutilation, suffering and even Death may await those who involve themselves in such protest maneuvers. All despotic formulas of democratic practice as that seen in the United States, Britain, etc., resort to definitions and media-sponsored representations to create a public image that enables them to carry out selective forms of punishment which are very often expressions of passive-aggressive violence. One need not be killed by a knife, bullet, bomb, burning, etc..., when the government can effectively use the laws which it created to conduct activities which create dire social conditions... and thus euphemistically kills, maims, or imprisons a person through various social ostracisms. Welcome to America the so-called Beautiful. Unless one looks too closely at a government that needs to be revamped.

Whereas the harm of security personnel, government officials, clergy and business executives may be interpreted as acts of terrorism and senseless violence, bringing some to remark that violence doesn't work to effectively bring about desired changes because crime— any crime, does not pay... the reader must be reminded that most nations have military and police forces ever-ready to inflict violence against a non-compliant citizenry and that it is governments, businesses and religions (not to mention) charities, which frequently engage in legalized activities which very often skirts the defining line of criminality. In short, crime does pay and it pays very well for those who get away with their acts... particularly those who persuasively use intentionally created loop holes in current laws as justification for pursuing their self-centered greed promoted by their personalized organizational ideology, be it called patriotism, god ordained religion, or good business. Violence does work, that's why governments pay to have a force of personnel trained to inflict violence... like standing armies being used to inflict punishment on those who don't allow government-protected commercial interests to make a profit. The military is often used to carry out personal agendas that have nothing whatsoever to do with ensuring a democracy that military organizations don't practice anyway.

While most people have no wish to harm any security personnel and in fact view them in a favorable and thankful light, their vulnerability to attack illustrates the general vulnerability of most people... even those who may have a security detail. Getting to someone who has a security detail could be viewed as an opportunity for fun... even if as a prank (that may or may not be viewed in a humorous light by security personnel who have been caught with their pants down). There is always a moment of vulnerability that can be exploited. While identifying it and being in a position to take advantage of it may be difficult, lots of presumed insurmountable obstacles can be breached. Hence, for those who may be disgusted with current protest activities that either bog down or lead them into dead-ends, there are alternatives one can consider. Below are but a handful along with a superficial rendering of what positive, neutral, or negative consequences may ensue. Again, let it be noted that the following is an intellectual exercise and not a statement of intent. And no, none of us at Cenocracy.org own any firearms, bomb making equipment, nor have a chemistry set. And neither do any of us have criminal records, take drugs, seek solace in alcohol inebriation or religious, sports, and music fanaticism. Then again, humorously noted, there may of course be someone somewhere that is reading this and has a few dozen biological, chemical and/or nuclear bombs that can be carried in a lunch sack, thermos bottle, or wallet size cigarette case.

Off the top of our head came the following list. It will be updated from time to time while not working on other things. It is presented as a rather crude and unpolished presentation. Granted that most seem to represent some sort of violence and that we did not include humorous (symbolic) ones such as throwing tea bags onto the floor of Congress or nailing a copy of a manifesto to the doors of Congress or other places of leadership meetings, the overall initiation of the idea to think alternatively is presented:

Protest Options Possible Positive, Neutral or Negative Result/Response
Petition the Peoples Legislative Branch for a public discussion about a topic that is or should be of National concern and then have a public referendum. This Cenocratic model of government is not presently practiced as a means to bring about corrective changes in government policy and/or functionality because it entails a higher level of democracy. The present political system in America has been variously noted as an Oligarchy, Banking Aristocracy, Plutonomy, Plutocracy, Plutocratic Aristocracy, Corporatocracy... and a few others all of which are non-democracy oriented.
Use of government-sponsored protest measures These are manufactured to keep the prevailing government system in tact and are not realistically designed to help the public create the type of government which is best for them. Besides, if the government's (as well as business and religious) leadership was realistically in tune with the needs of the public, there would be no need for any type of protest. We have protests because there is no effective method by which the people themselves can be in control of their government, despite the arguments about the general public being too stupid... yet are claimed to be smart enough to vote in a particular candidate so they can vote on laws based on their own conscience and not necessarily that of the public.
"Petition the Government" via email In the United States, only the White House is petitioned by the currently practice model and not the whole of the government. In other words, a person having an interest in "petitioning the government" finds themselves directed on-line direct their efforts solely toward the White House, and have to rely on the idiots there to make a determination of what to do with the petition. However, one may find an outside government source to petition other branches or even departments through a source such as: Petition2Congress. Nonetheless, typical results lead no where (particularly when a White house administration is filled with idiots) unless the idea(s) of the petition assist those in the White house in getting their personal agendas promoted. (Otherwise, let the public be damned if it doesn't like it.)...
Write a letter or send a signatured petition to a Representative A Letter-head thank you reply leading to no where may be received unless it contains information to be used at sometime as ammunition to promote a Representative's personal agenda. (Otherwise, generally speaking, there is nothing the public can do about the meagre response received).
Petition via signature collection (for Referendum) Petitions typically require time and other constraints and have no wide-spread media representation. Goals are often short-sighted and small-minded with respect to the many issues that need to be addressed with a more comprehensive approach to changing many government, business and religious practices (including the predatory practices of charities in their search for support to keep their institutions viable.)
Protest against anti-government protestors on behalf of those in Congress whom you trust to provide what the people need and want By being elected, Representatives view themselves as a pseudo-type of "chosen one" and that whatever they think is best for the public is what the public wants because they were elected. In other words, Congress creates many of the social problems the people have because they are working on individualized promotions of personal interests they imagine the people want because they think it is best.
Protest against anti-government protestors on behalf of the current political process of rigged elections to answer all political concerns A musical chairs type of elections system is in place which results in having to choose between the lesser of two or more evils (or dunces). Simply replacing one politician (regardless of party) for another does little good when most of them can not see beyond their own personal agenda involving some measure of personal greed... that is expected of them within the established culturally ingrained practices of currently mandated Constitutional requirements. Honestly good politicians have little to no opportunity to bring about needed and necessary reformulations of government because the system in locked into a cycle of nonsense which actively prevents substantial government progress.
Stop participating in government-sponsored activities Such as not voting or taking part in any political polls or listening to any news reports about government activity. While this may make one feel they are personally accomplishing something of value, their efforts and those of others like them are wholly insufficient to bring about corrective changes.
Live off the electronic "grid" While this type of Protest is anti-government, it is also in many respects a type of anti-civilization protest. This type of protest may make one feel good and think they have acquired some viable sanctuary which will protect them from the evils of government and civilization, it is a personalized fantasy to think one has achieved both autonomy and anonymity... that is egotistically interpreted to mean some level of specialized skill in hiding and camouflage.
Create a protest Documentary Like the documentaries made by Oliver Stone (Ukraine On Fire) Michael Moore (Capitalism: A Love Story), or with titles such as I.O.U.S.A., Runaway Slave, Venus Project, Zeitgeist, etc... While many people will agree with the presentations, little is done by those who watch to create a movement that actually produces progressive change, unless a change in attitude over several generations eventually brings about something useful for those in the future who may live in an over-populated situation which produces wide-spread privation in basic necessities such as food, water, clean air, employment with a livable wage, etc...
Create an "Over Throw The Government" web page While "Over Throw The Government" is a widely considered theme amongst many in the public, if not amongst many executives, no one has yet step forward with a plan that becomes accepted and used as a tool/weapon to create improvement. Such a page may make a person feel good to see that their are others who feel as they do, they may well eventually come away with the realization that there is a lot of talk but no real action.
Create a web page which points out government faults Such efforts provide the public with yet another tabloid. This is not to say that the information being supplied is inaccurate or biased, but that even if ten or a hundred million people believe in what is being presented and yet do nothing proactively, very little progress is made towards creating a better society and government, if the main focus of the web page tabloid is to show faults instead of providing possible remedies that actually become implemented.
Create a web page that promotes Communism, Libertarianism, Socialism, Theocracy, etc... These are old ideas placed into modern contexts with current fashions of language idioms. Different web sites have their respective followers who generally do not engage in any pro-active demonstrations which actually bring about any change.
Join an Organization advancing one race or specialized creed over another Such ideologies as White supremacy, Black lives Matter, Zionism, Feminism, Rainbow coalition, etc..., are typically self-centered and are cast in a way to suggest that by being accepted as a dominant theme, this will create an over-all better social system. However, if you take any single entity (Whites, Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, Asian, Pacific Islander, etc..) and have them placed into every leading social position (government, business, religion, entertainment, education, etc...), this alone does not guarantee that social conditions will improve for everyone. Neither if any such entity is made into a millionaire. When the underlying structure is designed by a system that is inherently unfair, advancing any one creed as if it were some sort of heaven-sent answer finds itself to be part of the problem as well.
Protest against other Protestors For example, White Supremists versus anti-Fascists. With both groups expressing ideological discontinuities and hypocrisies such as trying to use the words "Peace" and "Love" as arguments against an anti-illegals and anti-non-whites commentary. From verbal chants to banners... on to mask-wearing individuals carrying out minor or major assaults. Get beat up by someone you have singled-out to direct your anger towards or get thrown in jail so that you can use such an experience(s) to describe your self-defined martyrdom of exclusiveness. Yet, what is actually being accomplished that will make a larger societal contribution for everyone? Some protest venues turn out to be circuses that merely provide copy for journalists whose "creative reporting" is akin to creative accounting methods used by many a business... including the GAO (government accounting office).
Attempt to recruit Military and Para-Military Law enforcement personnel This is a means to forestall any interventionist activities against the public's right to create the type of government they want, as was proclaimed in the first Independence Declaration. Asking them to Stand Down in order to Stand Up for this Right, serves the purpose for effecting a military coup, without using force of arms and quite possibly alleviating the need for using any senseless violence and destruction.
Collectively stop voting By getting everyone (or mostly everyone) to stop voting and publicly note that the reason for not voting is to force the government to bring about changes in its own structure, has not yet been attempted. However, because there is a Despotic formula of Democracy being practiced, it is quite possible that those in leadership positions will react negatively and attempt to use various methodologies to force the public to return to the usage of an elections system that is out of step with their needs and desires. Such negativity will then have to be met by a progressively increasing assertive protest activity.
Conduct street marches with signs, banners, chanting. May or may not be covered by media. Little more than emotional venting is typically accomplished. The protest does not reach into the corridors of any power structure (business, government, religion), unless the protest can be used by one or all of them to serve their own interests at the expense of the protestors.
Riots involving non-firearm projectiles
(rocks, bats, 2X4s, fireworks, torches, fire setting (burning flags, garbage cans, vehicles), Molotov cocktails, slingshots, pellet guns, etc...)
Police, perhaps National guard intervention to protect property and innocent bystanders. Public goods and services may be interrupted. General public may become disgusted at senseless violence, destruction and theft. Both on-site and off-site venting of anger/emotions but little else is accomplished. [Riots may be instigated or supported by some government, business or religious authority to bring about changes for their personal agendas at the expense of the protestors.]
Destroy all politically biased monuments The attacks will initially have to be against such items as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White house collection of presidential portraits and marble busts, etc... Alternatively or in conjunction with such destructions can be the Constitution, all US flags and flag manufacturing facilities, any and all street signs, building signs, etc., containing politicians names.... etc... Reactions may at first be negative unless the public has been educated as to the reasons for this type of protest.
Assassinate the President and/or Vice President Individuals will be replaced by Congressionally mandated successors. Security measures may be altered but little positive change in the underlying functionality of the government. Kidnapping an official interferes with one's ability to be mobile. Directing one's protests against such high profile government workers entails the necessity of also killing their successors and their most prominent supporters, whether or not they are in the government sector or not.
Kill one or more Congressional Representatives Security measures may be over-hauled but replacements will maintain current government traditions. Such actions may cause the protestor(s) to be labeled as a terrorist even if a manifesto claiming a desire for government reform accompanies each kill. However, the killing of all Congressional Representatives does not guarantee that the government will be substantially reformed for the good of the Nation. They may simply be replaced by similarly-minded idiots or those who are worse and will want to implement more stringent measures against protest activities. Killing government officials does not automatically equate with an improvement in government when much of the government is run by those who are not physically present during routine government activities. They are often harbored in some financial institution or other corporate entity that may not even be in the country.
Kill one or more Supreme Court Justices (and their assistants) Security measures may be altered but they will be replaced by those who will continue in the same traditions that make them unanswerable to the people. Killing Supreme Court Justices (along with assistants) will not necessarily alter the Constitution to bring about government reform when there are many others willing to take their spots and continue in the tradition which keeps the public largely suppressed.
Bomb or otherwise destroy a particular government department such as the S.E.C. Security measures may be revamped but underlying policies will likely be retained, which allows the S.E.C. and its hired guns (like the Garden City Group) to create a means by which they can keep money that rightly belongs to investors because investors did not jump through some contrived system of hoops to get their money back, yet the government and its hired guns get to use the law to serve their self-interests. Whereas the government is supposed to assist the public and not make a profit off of it, the S.E.C. and its hired guns do otherwise.
Target any and all in the United Nations who supports America's non-democracy government. Security measures will no doubt be implemented and those using such a protest method may be labeled a terrorist, despite the pro-democracy... progressive government statements of their manifesto.
Sporadically kill different business and/or government leaders Using a "sporadic" model assists the protestor(s) with the advantage that they are unpredictable and increases the chances that they will not be captured or killed before effecting useful protest advances to bring about corrective government reformations. In any case, the need for establishing this type of action as a protest measure and not a terrorist activity requires that each kill be accompanied by a manifesto declaration asserting one's right to protest in alternative manners when "government sponsored protest legalities" are hypocritically stupid because they are designed to thwart the efforts of the public to bring about Reformation in government.
Kill all (or selective) lobbyists, particularly those connected with a financial institution Changes in security will no doubt occur and others may then step into their place. Hence, those who would follow in their footsteps as a lobbyist will also have to be target, just as would be those in line to take over the presidency and vice-presidency if they should be killed.
Build a bonfire in front of the White house, Congress, New York Stock Exchange, some bank, etc... If you're caught or not, you should have a manifesto or list of your grievance(s) that may or may not be placed into the news... because journalists are typically pro-government in as much as it helps them in their career. They may personally and privately dislike the government (or some aspect thereof), but will not publicly use their forum to express personal opinions which hurt their career. Nonetheless, bonfires may be useful for a hotdog or marshmallow roast, they don't actually create any political moods for bringing about corrective changes... though they may attract a few young followers to the protest venue like moths to a light source.
Kill innocent civilians at a public school or on a University Campus This form of protest is typically executed by those who don't have what may be referred to as an enterprising rationale with respect to a specific social protest. More often it is a personal gripe or impulsive gesture responding to internalized pressures that have convinced someone that staging a shooting at a place and time where there will be no opposition may well be interpreted as an act of cowardice against those who have nothing whatsoever to do with economic, religious or government policies. The individual(s) involved may well be labeled a terrorist, though the word is being used so often by the government to enforce a maximum type of retribution, that is until it can create a new word and definition which will permit it to express greater violence and be used as a means to get the public to side on whatever civil controls it wants to compile under the same mental orientation... many of which are not actually part of the context but are put there in order to get support anyway.
Kill innocent civilians or government workers/family members in a government building, Mall, outdoor cafe', outdoor concert, or other public venue Most of these acts are pretty stupid, like those conducted by suicide bombers or those which occur in churches or public schools. No less, the acts of the Unibomber Ted Kaczynski and the Federal Building in Oklahoma did not bring about any constructive change in corporate or government policies except for a re-examination of security measures and a means to be more retributive, including the revisal of habeas corpus so as to enforce its ability of enforcement by the so-called "rule-of-law" argument to justify so many of its irrationalities and hypocrisies:

As a result of the bombing, the U.S. Congress passed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which tightened the standards for habeas corpus in the United States, as well as legislation designed to increase the protection around federal buildings to deter future terrorist attacks.

Clearly one needs to post a manifesto so that others can make comments about, and give oneself time to re-examine one's ideas over a protracted period of time so that one's protest efforts do not incline them towards creating conditions that produce more overall harm than good.
Kill all (or a selective number) of those at the Stock Exchange Security measures will no doubt be increased before (if they get wind of a potential attack), and afterwards. Protestors may become labeled as terrorists as an emotional expression of those who like the present functionality in the current anti-democracy way of life.
Kill Bank Executives Because of all the criminally viewed activities taking place in banking institutions, killing several leadership teams in high profile banks can have an effect if such killing includes those who would thus fill the gap as leaders and would attempt to create a greater protective net so that they can more effectively continue in the steps of the their forbearers... without fear of public retribution.
Attack government officials at their homes, while dining out, commuting, public luncheons, speaking engagements, etc... This is an auxiliary form of gorilla warfare that will most likely result in security changes for government officials and the perpetrators being labeled as terrorists instead of protestors because they are not foolishly limiting their protest efforts to the contrived methods of ridiculously described "legal protest activities" (which are wholly inefficient to bring about change). One might necessarily hear a government official claim that "we" (as in all of America and [the phony} Democracy are under attack, when neither the public or the government as a whole is under attack. Only those institutions and those people who are keeping the people from having an equal playing field are being targeted. There is no "we" are under attack... just them. Society can stand to lose such crooks and idiots and be the better for it.)
Target security service individuals from interfering with protest efforts This is yet another method of protest that is unexpected by government officials that can effectively introduce the demands for a restructuring of government so long as those who seek to replace fallen officials know well that if they do not assist in bring about corrective government reformation to assist the public in its right to have an increase measure of Self-Representation and Self-Determination, they too will suffer the consequences of being eliminated. Many security service individuals arrogantly believe themselves to have some sort of emanating shield which somehow automatically protects them from any assault. However, targeting security service individuals may cause their departmental culture to issue a "do not capture at any cost" order thereby permitting any and all agents to shoot (and/or torture) the protestors because the underlying emotional nature of their department concealed under a facade of seriousness, will be unleashed in accord with the inherent type of psycho-pathology that is required for a particular employment. All Security services have their own type of underlying Schizophrenia (enculturated ambivalences).
Kill all pro-government, anti-democracy journalists (even though many of them are deluded into thinking America practices a Democracy) This type of protest is largely unexpected, particularly if applied on a large scale that may or may not involve the destruction of their place of pro- government business. This may well provide a protest movement with greater news coverage because of varying reasons involving retributive fear, journalistic opportunity, etc...
Kill the executives at Bayer and Monsanto Tying the pharmaceutical and Agricultural industry together means that food can be used to create conditions for people to require drugs in order that the merger with these two companies can benefit from humanity's cradle-to-grave scenario. There is potential for much harm to be given to humanity all in the name of profit. Killing every single person involved with decision making at these two companies will signal to the world that the people will not "go down" (into subservience) without a fight. No doubt governments will use their military to support their decisions for letting these companies merge. Hence, the military all too often is employed as security services for companies striving for profit against those who see through the imperializations and colonializations just like the US sugar interests in the Spanish American War. So very often the words Freedom and Democracy are used to cover-up the underlying greed for some commercial product or simple territorial gain and has nothing whatsoever to do with innocent people caught up in the mess.
Douse oneself with gasoline on the floor of Congress (etc.) and light a match Whereas those who use such extremes of protest typically do this outside of buildings, such suicidal acts typically lead to no change in government except for perhaps having more fire hydrants and extinguishers put in place. The person may be martyred by a few, but the remaining few tend to keep to themselves and not engage in any further protest that brings about actual change... other than maybe one elected official for another and the former is provided a lucrative job elsewhere. Setting fire to oneself as a protest is typically viewed by many as a fool's errand or even worse... the person will be remembered as doing something stupid, if they are remembered at all. His activities prior to this may be looked upon disparagingly. (For example: Top LGBT rights lawyer sets himself on fire at Brooklyn park in protest suicide
Kill all government workers who have more than twenty years of service Though this may be interpreted solely as a protest against the lack of term limits, it can skillfully be used to bring to light the many inequalities that the public is being subjected to. By permitting individuals to work as many years as they want, this disallows a new generation to participate in activities that should be available to everyone on an equal basis, and not on a prejudicial or discriminatory one.
Kill several of one kind of official and then move onto those of another kind If you set you sights on killing only one type of official, business executive, religious leader, etc..., the whole of the rest will be alerted and may be used by security personnel as a trap. You will have to alter your targets in order to create not only a field of inexplicability, but a consternation as to what tool of protest will be used when and where as well as how often. (One might use a particular type of firearm that is expected to be used every time, thus requiring a change in tactics to forestall interventions).
Shoot yourself and/or others in front of the White house, Congress, etc... In on incident, a person shot themselves but did not shoot towards the White house and did not leave a record (that we know of), of any protest or the "reason" why they did what they did... other than appearing to be mentally disturbed. (For example: Man Shoots and Kills Himself in Front of White House)
Land a plane or other flying vehicle on the White house lawn This may make the pilot feel that they have accomplished some personal goal, but this does not lead to substantive changes in government policy except for perhaps security measures and a prison sentence for the pilot. In many events of this kind, the actions are looked upon as "publicity stunts" for a person's (or organization's) protest interests. The "publicity stunts" (propaganda of the government is rarely if ever brought to trial regardless of all the harm it does.) (For example: Gyrocopter pilot who landed on Capitol lawn sentenced to 4 months in prison)
Shoot at the White house with a gun or rifle, or use some other projectile In such an instance you may run out of ammunition, get shot by a security officer, or even tackled by citizens. While you may not kill nor injure anyone, your action may well be interpreted to be an assassination attempt... though this may not have been your intent... those in charge of the investigation may manipulate the person into making or alluding with a statement to this effect. (For example: Francisco Martin Duran).There are lots of people who can not see any wrong doing by the government, or simply turn a blind eye to all of its acts of violence and crime against different peoples throughout the world.

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