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As a philosophical exercise, it behooves social reformers, government protestors, security officers, and the general public to consider the possibility that protest methodologies may be escalated to more definitive exercises because current "legal" efforts for the public to bring about progressive change on behalf of the people are futile. No less, the mentality of military personnel and para-military police/security officers is one in which they will do as they are instructed by their superiors and will not STAND DOWN in order to STAND UP for the right of the people to use assertive methods to create a better government because peaceful protest efforts are futile.

Yet, while this discussion was initially created to document protest options that protestors against the government may think to consider, upon reflection... the idea of "protest" needs to be looked at from the perspective that disagreements between two or more parties may result in one or more of the participants engaging in activities which gets one or more others to comply with their wishes, assertions, demands, requests, etc... For example, a person or group of individuals, be they named a gang, club, company, government, religion, association, etc., may be in a position to create laws or arrange social circumstances to force everyone into compliance. Or different individuals/groups may work together such as the long history of governments and businesses colluding to force the public to do the wishes of business (who bribes the government to assist it by providing campaign funds, gifts, under the table "gratuities", etc...)

One of the ways in which the government colludes with business has been to create a "right to work" law that the general public foolishly interprets they are enabled to work— without hindrance, such as having to pay the dues of the many over-bearing Unions which arose in past decades... to the dissatisfaction of out-of-work employees who could not find a job while other... often select employees had good incomes..., yet the out-of-work employees were forced to continue paying dues and agree to the political opinions of the Union's hierarchy of bosses. Yet the government-backed "Right-to-Work" laws enabled employers a means to not have to be faced with a forceful group of people wanting better benefits and wages. The "Right To Work" law as gotten rid of a lot of Unions to the satisfaction of employers and politicians who might have to curry favor in order to get support from a large pool of specific voters, but it has also provided a means by which businesses are not forced to contend with interconnected groups asking for them to share their profits more equitably. Yet, while it should not be overlooked that the Right-To- Work law is a legalized protest against the public demanding jobs with a fair wage and benefits, it also deludes the public into thinking it means they have a Right to Employment... which it does not guarantee. Politicians love to create social atmospheres where the people accept delusions as reality, like the comical brand of Despotic Democracy currently practiced in America. Businesses and Government like to work with organizations which helps to create division amongst the public so as to act as a wedge against the development of any formidable group organizing in concert to protest for better employment conditions and a better government. By supporting those small groups which are highly vocal and appear to be making ground over the presumed silent majority, both businesses and government help to keep their own self-centered interests intact. Any time the government and/or businesses support a group, one must ask how this benefits them... which usually entails the maintenance of their status quo, since both businesses and government do not like to change, unless the change provides greater rewards for select individuals or the system to be maintained as-it-is.

While the Civil Rights adoption by the government is generally viewed as a good thing... particularly for Blacks, it also helped the government to gain support to remain intact with its fundamental traditions of inequality, the rather idiotic Electoral College, and suppression of an Actual Democracy, such as what the usage of a Peoples Legislative Branch would provide. Black peoples have not really gained that much over some generalized social acceptances which delude many of them into thinking that their vote actually has as much power as they think it does... since no matter whom "of their own kind" or "similar mindset" they vote in office, the person being voted in has to contend with a structure of government that is appreciably against being run by the collective Will of the people, or by the assertions of a single individual having gained a position in government. The government is structured to enable the ability of future legislative cliques in Congress to do away with any provisions that a Black official may have instituted on behalf of the people. In fact, Obama was way ahead of his time and thus could not have been effectively appropriate in the era to which he was elected. There were too many ingrained traditions set against him... and these are the traditions that the people must fight against so as to create a New Government (a Cenocracy). No matter how many gains Blacks think they have won by way of their protests, the government is enabled to protest more loudly by created laws and provisions which bind Blacks to "lift the bale and tow the barge" of its choosing... not theirs. It is not a government Of, By and For the people. This is a ruse. This is an illusion. The people must come to protest for a comprehensive change not only in government, but in the entire banking and economic structure. The piece-meal forms of protest are small gains which come to be undermined by future business and government officials, not to mention religious leaders seeking to exploit the people to make a name for themselves and gain greater personal wealth.

No less, Governments, Businesses and Religions may choose to protest against the public by using one or another form of violence which they have openly and/or secretly instigated. History is full of examples where governments, businesses, and religions have used violence against the public as a protest to assert their views. Very often, all three have worked together to force the public to do their bidding, such as the usage of the military during the Spanish/American war on behalf of the C and H sugar company. Or in Vietnam and other wars where the military was used so as to provide businesses with an opportunity to gain a profit through government contracts, though it was the French throughout Indo-China who created conflicts and animosities. So very often the military is used as a private policing force for companies wanting to make a profit used to provide campaign contributions. The public is easily duped by the commentary of patriotism, or fighting for democracy, or helping freedom fighters, or some other false ideology... that it refuses to look behind the rocks to see who actually fired the first shot in order to create the confrontation in the first place. Very typically, it is the arrogance and bull-headedness of greedy individuals that start the trouble which the public is conned into fighting for. And part of this con involves the tactic of creating specialized groups or teams with exclusive memberships that may entail severe forms of mental, emotional and physical tests. Through exclusion or specialized inclusion, the overall attitude and mentality of the group can be concentrated under a single leadership that members will follow without question... even if one or more leaders is visibly mentally ill, like Donald Trump. Those who want him to be followed because of his position are those who have accepted the role playing dementia past citizens have practiced because of the brain washing that the culture and education system have provided. They are like children still playing a game of "follow the leader" and refuse to grow up.

Large entities such as the government, corporations and religions may use a tactic involving the conditions created by a presumed natural disease or manufactured chemical against those who refuse to comply to their protest assertions. Other options such as that used by some businesses, is to deliberately delay the distribution of goods to their retail outlets in order to force the public to buy more expensive items that are readily available. It is a well-known tactic use by the retailer called Walmart to delay the distribution of goods in order to force the public to purchase more expensive items. Other businesses, especially those in small towns, is to offer only a set kind of goods which will provide the most profit. Very often we see goods over-priced or the usage of price gouging. The public has little protection against such small town retailers, though internet sales has cut sharply into many such deviantly operated small and large town businesses. Other options is to provide a no-return or no warranty policy or prevent return if a package cover is removed, even if the contents have not been viewed. With respect to Walmart, one of it's protest tactics against consumers wanting to pay less which thus hurts company profits, is to carry only one or very few brands so as to limit purchase options, and thus provide a large profit for goods that are manufactured to undersell all other goods of a similar type. Some shelves may appear to be filled with different brands, but they are actually made by the same company or cartel of companies who want to corner a market and thus dupe the public into thinking they are being provided with quality products at optional prices whose profits go to the same place.

Purchasers can also be offered an extended warranty at a cost to the consumer, thus creating an avenue for greater profitability. Such warranties would not be offered if they did not offer profitability. Companies are not in the business to do what is best for the consumer, but what is best for the company. It is a long-enduring protest mantra. Changes in company policy are made only when profitability decreases or consumers develop new protest tactics aimed at a specific company, such as not frequenting it due to incongruities that company officials are oblivious too, and no change in the business hierarchy can forestall the inevitable loss of consumer confidence because all those being hired to "turn the company around" are focused too heavily on creating confidence for investors and not the buying public. It is the greed of the investors which frequently starve and beat a company to death. Such is the case with Sears and its dysfunctionality supported by policies of investor-dominated hypocrisy like placing the name of "craftsman" on multiple items but only offering the craftsman warranty to a few select items. It is a dubious tactic to increase profits that the public gets stung by far too many times to put up with. Thus the public protests against the policies of the company and not its once valued traditions... traditions that need to adopt a 21st (if not 22nd and 23rd) century business ethic that many present day investors of the company fail to understand. Sears no longer has the right attitude of personalized ownership it once had. Whereas it no doubt exists amongst some both inside and outside observers, they are not enabled to forcibly take charge and blaze a new trail of profitability by re-establishing consumer confidence.

Religions have protested against the public in various ways since their inception by manipulating emotions and the vulnerabilities of the naive. So too does political organizations which once used the offering of free liquor to sway voters (at least in America). The usage of liquor, sex, drugs and other tools are used as tactics against those who protest a given orientation. The LGBTQ community uses free beer as a "come-on-in-the-water-is-fine" enticement to their annual Pride celebrations which many view as a piranha-filled lake with fake Lochness monster floats staged by the community as a subterfuge concealing the many social diseases swimming about undetected by conventional observations and interpretations. (It is much like trying to explain Germ Theory to those who still hold strongly to the miasma [unhealthy vapors] theory of disease and spout their authoritative perception as common sense because they and their like-minded ilk share the same view. Ideologically, circus and carnival entertainment with clowns and side-show oddities coupled with free booze has been a characteristic trait for decades by many different persuasions of the political spectrum. While different forms of entertainment can be its own narcotic, the compounding of different forms of inebriation can serve to deepen and lengthen the gross errors of perception one can come to accept as a reality because their are others sharing in the same delusions. Additionally, both religions and governments (as well as businesses) use their own respective "laws" (rules, policies, edicts, guidelines, pay-as-you-go-services, etc...) to force the compliance of the public to adopt the world-view of those in authoritative positions.

Bribery through benefits, jobs, insurance and other means is a common tactic against protestors (particularly protest leaderships) wanting equal rights. Governments, through Universities, often pay large salaries to other-wise out-spoken intellectuals who become instructors-with-a-cause. Instead of using their intelligence to assist the public in gaining ground for a full measure of their Inalienable Rights, they instead keep quite and enjoy the life that might be harsh and cruel if they did not have the income provided by education institutions, book sales and speaking engagements. In other words, they don't need to protest on behalf of themselves to improve their conditions when their conditions are already above average in many cases, and the gains to be earned by a conventional protest may be sparse and too wide spread that by way of proportionality, everyone gains a smidgeon of that which is actually needed to make a substantial difference. However, when there are not enough protestors or the protest methodology is not forceful enough to sway authority to adopt greater equality, then the public suffers such as the poor, homeless and other indigent peoples living at a meagre subsistence level. Whereas the public pays for the benefits of basic needs benefits for those in the military, the lack of these same benefits can be seen in the public such as homeless people having to use the restroom of a business, library or public restroom as their primary source for bathing. It is necessary to display a list of the benefits used by the military to bribe citizens to join them, and thus create an atmosphere in which public protests against the military's activities are kept at a serviceable minimum. Public taxes pay for military personnel to have their basic needs met, but many in the public do without.

Basic needs of the military that not all citizens have

A tactic of protest against the public developing an ideology contrary to the views of the military, is by keeping the image of the military in the minds of the public (like a brain-washing technique), such as being present at large sporting or other public events, or having the national anthem hosted by a display of military-uniformed individuals carrying a National flag. Both the military and the government like the pageantry as a means to present the public with a "persuasion" not to think about using force against it in its protest assertions to create a government where the entire public has a full measure of its Inalienable Rights practiced by having their basic needs met, instead of having a government which prefers to use a system of entitlements like that used by Monarchical and Aristocratic systems of the past (and present). To even think about over-throwing the government, much less with force, is supposed to represent a lack of patriotism... even though the military and the government would have no qualms using force against a public demanding a New Government (Cenocracy) that best befits humanity the whole.

The military is but one of several of those government agencies actively involved in creating conditions which ensures its viability and reduction in public protest by being involved in activities which are meant to show the public that its presence is needed... or else the public will suffer (more than it already does). Its collusion with armaments dealers and manufacturing companies (sometimes called the Military-Industrial complex) is not limited to back-scratching contractual agreements between a select number of individuals who gouge the public out of billions of dollars (particularly in being enabled to pursue cost-plus activities in construction and/or manufacturing), since all want to ensure the persistence of their livelihoods by creating or instigating means, moods, and models of real or potential conflict. (The "cold war" was highly serviceable to both the US and Russia until they found other means to accomplish the same means of keeping the public in a state of social dependency). It is simply job security for both the military and their suppliers to keep the world at a stage of war or conflict fear. But So too do security agencies get involved with their cloak and dagger efforts because such a social mood assists them in being able to carry out their own inclinations and provide either a reason or excuse to perpetuate their existence. War, like poverty is not only big business, but are tactics used by businesses, governments and religions to keep the public in a mindset so as not to protest too forcibly to make such institutions change for the better. Protest methodologies against the public take on a variety of business, government (bureaucratic) and religious models in an attempt to create conditions whereby the public will adopt one ideology over another... even if the ideology is against the better interests of the public in the long run

Take for instance the protest methodology(s) of the LGBTQ community. It has adopted the protest strategy of attempting to get their world view(s) inculcated as a "normalized" (i.e. emotionally and psychologically stable) social orientation within a given cultural sphere of activity by engaging in verbal battering activities against those who show opposition... though this pales in comparison to the tactics employed by religions over many centuries.

The word "Homophobic" is but one of several protest slogans used as a derisive term against those who oppose the LGBTQ community, as if it were appreciably suitable and just as sharp a weapon to effectively combat other disparaging terms used against them. This same community has adopted the activity of getting their perspective promoted by being shown in movies and television shows that does not limit their exposure to mere conversation, but by displaying acts of sexuality that they interpret to be correct and normal, despite any evidence to the contrary. It is the same type of rationalized mentality used by those who seek to defend their desire to have sex with four-legged animals or children, or infants. Many attempt to use the same ideas and language that heterosexuals do in describing their sexual activities with one another, be it with language that sets sexual activities aside and simply focuses on emotional awareness, sensitivity and kindness or not. By adopting the language of heterosexuals, non-heterosexuals or heterosexual deviants (such as having sex with children of the opposite sex only), attempt to assert that their thought processes are little different and should thus be viewed as being normal or as a normal alternative to be described as normalcy. Such is but one aspect of the LGBTQ community's efforts to protest against a presumed status quo of heterosexuality in which is concealed an undercurrent of degeneracy as a stable currency of conduct amongst some communities described by historical accounts.

But the present formula of protest-against-the-status-quo used by the LGBTQ community is one in which it is more interested in showing acts of non-traditional sexuality between a man and woman than they are in expressions of love, compassion, kindness, wisdom, intelligence, insightfulness, creativity, originality of thought, etc..., mainly because such attributes are few and far between, or are acts of mimicry adopted from activities genuinely shared between those having a heterosexual orientation... despite their impulsively aligned responses that heterosexuality is natural and more normal than their preferences. Many in the LGBTQ community actively attempt to point out deviancy in the sexuality of heterosexuals and look at accounts of history in order not only to describe a sustained non-traditional sexual community amongst humanity, but that there are exceptional or authoritative individuals who were active participants in non-traditional sexual acts... as if such accounts provide evidence of normal conduct... in that human sexuality is supposedly as diverse as evolution itself... (like so many poisonous life forms and predators which use camouflage and other insidious tactics of concealment in their various "closets"... like trap-door spiders).

The overall LGBTQ orientation has not shown itself to be either qualitatively or quantitatively better than the history of heterosexuality has historically amassed... but instead continues to display itself as so absorbed in its own self-preoccupations that it can not provide humanity with any substantial gain except as a population control measure used by supportive governments, businesses and religions in their efforts to promote sterilization... and despite instances of perversion amongst those identified as having made a contribution to the betterment of humanity. And yet, argumentatively, one must note that voyeurism for all sexual orientations has increased in various public media outlets, thus describing a deepening change in human values one may describe Hegelistically (or syllogistically) as progressive, the same, or regressive... the latter of which does not necessarily entail a pronouncement of further gains to be made, as if one step back means a future forward gain... like one having to retrace their steps in order to recover something thought to be lost or misplaced... as many want to do by returning to the supposed "real" values and meaning of the ideas fostered by a former era such as that of the founding fathers who created much of the problems we of the present are faced with because of a backwater legislative ideological position maintained by such antiquated documents called the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Bible, Quran (al-Qur'an, Koran), Bhagavad-Gita and multiple other so-called sacred writings— which are long over-due for comprehensive revisions or relegated to museums or curio shops.

In some instances when a person confesses they are of a homosexual/lesbian persuasion and admit an embarrassment and/or shame, attendant characters in television shows and movies are now provided a script which respond with the commentary that there is nothing wrong with the person. By providing such a script, the LGBTQ community wants to create an environment where the public begins to mimic the same sentiment, since so many in the public adopt one or another characterization displayed by one or another actor/actress; as if some spoken script can make any comment or idea socially acceptable and viable. If you create an environment where social leaders (or leading characters in shows) all believe in witchcraft and in order to live as a member of their society you too must adopt the same view or otherwise find yourself in one or more social conflicts, you will do so even if it is against your moral judgment. You simply strive to extricate your presence to the most minimal of interaction so as not to divulge your true thoughts and feelings. The LGBTQ loves such an empowerment of their deluded world orientation... just like the Nazis did but hates being compared to those that some of the LGBTQ community uses to create an image that they have been oppressed and are an underdog that should be assisted. This is why the LGBTQ community has been suggested as being a new model of Nazism. Unlike White, Black, Red and various Survivalist Supremist Groups of today who employ out-dated advancement strategies, the LGBTQ community... just like the Nazis... want to get their fingers into everything, no matter how immoral or illegal just to place their movement into a dominant and controlling position— just like the Nazis did. However, unlike the Nazis who were met with little forceful opposition within their own country, the group gatherings of the LGBTQ community offers a venue that protestors against them can take advantage of to inflict much pain and suffering as well as death. For example, bombs placed ahead of time at Pride marches and festivals can be used as a viable protest option, though this could turn the public against those who use such tactics... unless it can gain a larger support base of active participants to increase such attacks against officials who also support the community. Yet, the same protest strategy can be used by anyone for any public gathering... with or without a business, political or religious ideology.

In addition, there are those in the LGBTQ community who deliberately seek out vulnerable individuals and set up situations which permit them to be emotionally and psychologically ambushed into adopting the same world view. Such instances of socially induced manipulation are all the more important if they can get a Legislator's, Judge's, Psychiatrist's, etc... family member to 'cross over' to their side of a social argument that is not permitted to be discussed in an open public forum whereby the whole of the society can take a vote on the matter and have the results of the vote become law. The LGBTQ community does not like nor want to practice a democracy which promotes and defends a full measure of our Inalienable rights— because it, like so many other self-centered greedy enterprises (like Congress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, etc...) and other self-indulging individuals and individualisms, have learned how to carve how a workable niche' in the current despotic-formula-of-democracy system that they are trying to decorate and arrange enculturated socialistically indemnified furniture in concert with a social milieu of their own making... thus creating a constrained philosophical box in which the only way to survive is to adopt their deluded self-interests.

This "box" is the delineation of parameters framed by way of the LGBTQ community's rationalizations to use subtle enforcements of getting the world to adopt to its mindset instead of seeking to find a place for itself in the world as it is. The community doesn't want to carve out a mere niche as a trade union supporting a specialized occupation with rights equalized to that received by others, but to remake the world in its image as the dominant world-view where the mental and emotional state of everyone becomes an indentured servant to its bidding. Analogously, (and humorously intended) the following images describes the ideological contrasts of institutionalized protest practices:

Traditional guild membership organization LGBTQ guild orientation

The constraint of the aforementioned enculturated sociological parameters create a dimensional demographic interface which attempts to prevent the main-stream public from paying witness to a reality beyond its contorted LGBTQ intellectualisms. Yet it is the exercise of a contortionism created by a human brain attempting to survive in an incrementally deteriorating planetary environment, and Exhibitionally seen in other subject areas such as law, legislation and mathematics. Each of these, including art, music, literature and the many digressions of human-based imagination... pre-occupationally dwells in such as fantasy, "factualized fractionated fictions", and the entrapments of pharmacological inducements— or perturbations of schizophrenia's suite of dissociative compartmentalizations which may use intellectualization as a defense mechanism to ward off real or imagined intrusions to sensitized sensibilities involving unrecognized physiological components of individualized perceptibilities positioned and promoted by a state of hyper-vigilance owing its character to personalized experiences where reason may seek to rhyme not in clang associations but tremulous invocations uttered introvertedly. The LGBTQ community has shied away from its earlier invocations of wanting to explicitly make non-LGBTQ members feel guilt and shame for not harboring a vociferous sentiment in-line with its own pathologically skewed neuroticisms to advance an inclination of sharing in a grief that humanity can not prosper beyond its self-centered politicized indulgences, thus trying to establish a common ground that remains uneven by natural design. The LGBTQ community wants to silence anyone that is in opposition to them, so long as they can have the last, longest and loudest word on any topic they decide to support.

Simplistically stated, this is what the LGBTQ (lost girls and boys totemic quorums) community wants (in their various socially indentured chapters), and are extremely irritated when they find those who do not buy into their distortions of reality and will voice an opposition that articulates their nonsense in clear language... thus exhibiting the fact that their strategy is failing on many fronts, just like Hitler who tried to win greater ground by over-exposure. This is why part of their strategy is to verbally attack any and all who voice opposition, and thus attempt to use such a method of badgering as a straight-jacketing tool to get others to follow suit. If they can badger a public official or recognized company to adopt the same persuasion, they attempt to use such instances as a weapon... like a knife held at one's throat. They want the majority of others to think as they do, or die... in any social manner possible. They don't mind if their are a few dissenters, just so long as the law of the land is in their favor... and let the public be damned if it doesn't like it. The only form of government the LGBTQ community wants is that which advances their 'cause'... despite its currency of effect as a representative model of the ongoing social deterioration the U.S. and other countries are experiencing and earmarks a degeneracy that some may express as a surname.

However, such a strategy of getting social leaders and businesses to align themselves with the LGBTQ community whose alphabetic moniker attempts to express a misguided "strength in numbers" monogram, has increasingly shown itself to be back-firing. When a growing public opposition to the LGBTQ orientation manifests itself, it also manifests itself against not only individual social leaders, but those organizations to which they belong. Hence, there is growing opposition against the government above and beyond mere statistical data kept by some law enforcement agencies... because their traditional ways in thinking about government opposition are outdated. Whereas the LGBTQ community wants to openly display what has been going on behind the curtain (or in the closet, woodshed, basement, attic, etc...), and claim that it is an activity with a long history of occurrence and thus should be labeled as normal, the problem remains that when the curtain is rolled back for all the public to see, the acts of the LGBTQ community and their unnamed or rarely named brethren have still not described a model of behavior that increases the overall viability and progress of the human species. Just because such LGBTQ acts of sexuality may have been occurring since the beginning (or before) recorded history, does not in any way suggest such activities are "normal" in terms of human advancement. And in terms of humanity, the whole of the species itself may be an accidental occurrence if not an obstruction to the evolutionary development of a better species still waiting in the wings, but human activity suppresses its development. If such is the case, then the sterilization of humanity by way of the LGBTQ community's ideological efforts are fortuitous for that species which will come to replace humanity.

We should all tip our hats to the protest efforts of the LGBTQ community in creating a "selfie" portrait of a generalized human sterilization program akin to the attempted Eugenics program of the Nazis to breed a race of humans which promoted its ideological orientation of a Master Race. The only problem with generalized programs that become institutionalized as a cultural given— is that they eventually become used as the stepping stone towards more specialized and specified processes to meet the desires of a few over the many. Let's give a round of applause to the New Model of Nazism.

Another type of protest strategy can be seen in the situation which Sweden has issued a pamphlet involving preparedness standards for its entire population in the event of a Crisis or War: Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes. As the model of an enlarged protest option, it is necessary that the title and contents be appropriately re-written and directed towards the entire population of Earth because of the idiocy involving the United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, Russia, Belgium, Religions, World Bank, Corporations, Charities (United Wary, Red Cross, etc...), drug smuggling, armament sales, etc...:

The Crisis and War Pamphlet issued by Sweden A reconstructed usage of the same idea for everyone else

Perhaps the Swedish government thinks it can stave off the inevitable change in human events to which humanity is on the threshold of by presenting a "could-be-necessary" image to get everyone focused on it in order to use it as a reverse psychology effort. However, such an equation is not only small-minded but short-sighted because the voracious capitalistic wolves are merely trying to jockey themselves into a position so that they can become more financially viable regardless of who wins or loses... and regardless of how many innocents' will have to suffer the consequences of the same nonsense humanity has had to put up with for centuries.

In any event, with respect to protesting, because the police are the ones who may well go head-to-head with protestors, their job-related mind-set in dealing with potential and real criminals in a forceful manner, requires that those protestors who decide to engage in more assertive exercises... must be prepared for a possible confrontation against those who are equipped with protective and assaultive gear. In other words, protestors may well be viewed in the light of a law-breaker who must be forced into compliance with whatever tools and tactics police officers can muster at a given moment. Whatever weapons or protective gear police/security officers have, protestors must be able to overcome.

When you have a police officer whose Rules of Engagement (ROE) philosophy are based on superficial (typically status-quo) readings and renderings contained in information culled from departmental directives, the US Constitution, CNN, Fox News, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc... and routinely thinks that every traffic stop could be a soccer mom or a crazed sovereign citizen or car-jacker with an AK; such a state of hyper-vigilance means that their body has adopted a "quick release" model of an adrenaline rush which protestors must be proactively aware of in dealing with them. In other words, they are not dealing with a person whose mental and emotional state are normal for many in the public in everyday settings, but is normal for their profession. For those unfamiliar with the ROE reference:

Rules of engagement (ROE) are the internal rules or directives among military forces (including individuals) that define the circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which the use of force, or actions which might be construed as provocative, may be applied.

Wikipedia: Rules of Engagement

Clearly, in speaking about protest options, we are speaking about the development of a Protestor's Rules of Engagement. In order to establish a personal or group level of protest philosophy, it is necessary to peruse commentary about the different forms of Protest and Demonstration which one may engage in, though one should not readily accept these two sources as being definitive.

Does a protestor develop a strategy that deals with a willfully "crazed" (adrenaline-filled) police officer (or anti-protestor), or should they instead go after those who set the police officers against the protestors? In other words, does a protestor(s) turn their assertions against police commanders or public officials such as a mayor, town council or larger legislative body and their counter-parts such as a Governor, Lieutenant Governor or State Attorney General in order to bring the government to the table of negotiations? When the public begins to think outside the conventions of accepted modes of protest that are particularly useless, the government reacts violently by sending in some form of military-like response to force the public to comply with its stupid perspectives ("Stupid" as designated by a view which disallows the protestor(s) from asserting their own alternatives).

(Note: the usage of the word "Lieutenant", and "General" are being used in an outmoded militant sense, as is the designations "Postmaster General" and "Surgeon General", yet no effort is made to move such positions into a future era that is devoid of their antiquated military-oriented assignments.)

In so very many cases, instead of becoming progressive, such as in providing for an effective means by which the 'general' public can make progressive changes to their government, the government decides instead to confront the public with militant activities such as directing police officers against protestors whom they pejoratively label in a mocking manner as "peaceful" protestors, and have no clue as to why the public increases its efforts in the same manner as police officers increase their tactics to force the people into compliance with a self-serving status quo for a select few. When police officers support counter-productive laws instead of supporting the public's right to create a better government, who then is the true law-breaker when laws are meant to break the Will of the public from seeking a better way of life not defined by a select group of politicians and their political campaign sponsors?

Protestors must be better equipped and organized and utilize tactics which will ensure they do not lose ground and can take ground(s) as needed... unless loss-and-gain options are utilized as algorithmic exercises or as a truncated syllogism colloquially referred to as a method of one's madness. However, in all cases, the protestor(s) must have a developed manifesto and accompanying rationale that is publicly known so that its merits can be surveyed by the public in order to gain support... even if journalistic sources side with the government because their place of business practices a stultifying Conservativism against a level and type of progress which they are fearful of since they are accustomed to a given niche they have carved out for themselves. The present intellectual war of many protestors (who may or may not use electronic games of combat as an accepted social sublimation), must be altered to include intellectual exercises which develop strategies to be employed in real situations. Check, double-check and triple-check the intellectualization of your strategic scenarios... and don't forget that those you may have to confront typically rely on brute force since police officers and their counter-parts are rarely recognized for having any serious level of advanced intelligence. Intellectuals must train their intellectualizations on developing protest methodologies which will provide positive gains towards developing a better government than the present nonsense we are forcibly disposed to endure.

In one type of protest example, security service officers (even TSA [security offices at airports], rent-a-cop and armored vehicle personnel) are neither trained nor prepared for assaults against them personally as a protest expression... during periods of day-to-day employment that are otherwise everyday docile events. In other words, they and other officials are sitting ducks to those who know how to create socialized "duck blinds" and utilize imaginative models of camouflage to effect a "protest statement" by attacking them, even if the statement is not readily known to journalists or the general public. The protestor with such a perspective, regardless of how their actions may be defined by the media in a negative way, may nonetheless view their efforts in a positive way to "wake the public up" in order to realize the same ideas which they hold... though no formal statement may ever be made public. There are many people who have encountered a security service personnel that does not feel threatened by them and yet leaves the officer open for assault because they are not trained to be vigilant against an attacker that does not fit the typical profile of a government protestor or potential attacker, like many a children who in the past were strapped with an explosive during military conflicts such as Vietnam. The same goes for patrol officers making routine traffic stops. It is difficult to be prepared for that which is uncommon or otherwise takes place serendipitously that is sometimes referred to as a crime of chanced-upon opportunity that sets the stage for similar future events.

And yes, it goes without saying that anyone conducting violent forms of protest may become journalistically labeled as a terrorist in order that the government receives an assumed public support to effect a retributive form of so-called "justice" in a heavy-handed form of reciprocity. Imprisonment, mutilation, suffering and even Death may await those who involve themselves in such protest maneuvers. All despotic formulas of democratic practice as that seen in the United States, Britain, etc., resort to definitions and media-sponsored representations to create a public image that enables them to carry out selective forms of punishment which are very often expressions of passive-aggressive violence or even the suicidal "aggression turned inward" which can be used against a public like Hitler and various economic tragedies.. One need not be killed by a knife, bullet, bomb, burning, etc..., when the government can effectively use the laws which it created to conduct activities which create dire social conditions... and thus euphemistically kills, maims, or imprisons a person through various social ostracisms. Welcome to America the so-called Beautiful. Unless one looks too closely at a government that needs to be revamped.

Whereas the harm of security personnel, government officials, clergy and business executives may be interpreted as acts of terrorism and senseless violence, bringing some to remark that violence doesn't work to effectively bring about desired changes because crime— any crime, does not pay... the reader must be reminded that most nations have military and police forces ever-ready to inflict violence against a non-compliant citizenry and that it is governments, businesses and religions (not to mention) charities, which frequently engage in legalized activities which very often skirts the defining line of criminality. In short, crime does pay and it pays very well for those who get away with their acts... particularly those who persuasively use intentionally created loop holes in current laws as justification for pursuing their self-centered greed promoted by their personalized organizational ideology, be it called patriotism, god ordained religion, or good business. Violence does work, that's why governments pay to have a force of personnel trained to inflict violence... like standing armies being used to inflict punishment on those who don't allow government-protected commercial interests to make a profit. The military is often used to carry out personal agendas that have nothing whatsoever to do with ensuring a democracy that military organizations don't practice anyway.

While most people have no wish to harm any security personnel and in fact view them in a favorable and thankful light, their vulnerability to attack illustrates the general vulnerability of most people... even those who may have a security detail. Getting to someone who has a security detail could be viewed as an opportunity for fun... even if as a prank (that may or may not be viewed in a humorous light by security personnel who have been caught with their pants down). There is always a moment of vulnerability that can be exploited. While identifying it and being in a position to take advantage of it may be difficult, lots of presumed insurmountable obstacles can be breached. Hence, for those who may be disgusted with current protest activities that either bog down or lead them into dead-ends, there are alternatives one can consider. Below are but a handful along with a superficial rendering of what positive, neutral, or negative consequences may ensue. Again, let it be noted that the following is an intellectual exercise and not a statement of intent. And no, none of us at Cenocracy.org own any firearms, bomb making equipment, nor have a chemistry set. And neither do any of us have criminal records, take drugs, seek solace in alcohol inebriation or religious, sports, and music fanaticism. Then again, humorously noted, there may of course be someone somewhere that is reading this and has a few dozen biological, chemical and/or nuclear bombs that can be carried in a lunch sack, thermos bottle, or wallet size cigarette case.

The following list is a short one and will be updated from time to time while not working on other things. It is presented as a rather crude and unpolished presentation. Granted that most seem to represent some sort of violence and that we did not include humorous (symbolic) ones such as throwing tea bags onto the floor of Congress or nailing a copy of a manifesto to the doors of Congress or other places of leadership meetings, the overall initiation of the idea to think alternatively is presented. (The idea of nailing one's manifesto to the doors of Congress comes from the idea concerning the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther who, by some measures of tradition, nailed a copy of his 95 Theses to the door(s) of one or more churches.)

Martin Luther nailing his 95-theses

Ninety-five Theses

Against the actions of Albert (of Brandenburg,) and (Johann) Tetzel and with no intention to divide the church, (Martin) Luther launched his Ninety-five Theses on October 31, 1517. In the theses he presented three main points. The first concerned financial abuses; for example, if the pope realized the poverty of the German people, he would rather that St. Peter's lay in ashes than that it should be built out of the "skin, flesh, and bones of his sheep." The second focused attention on doctrinal abuses; for example, Luther argued that the pope had no jurisdiction over purgatory and if he did, he should empty the place free of charge. The third attacked religious abuses; for example, the treasury of the merits of the saints was denied by implication in the assertion that the treasury of the church was the gospel. This was the crucial point. When the papacy pronounced Luther's position heretical, he countered by denying the infallibility of popes and for good measure that of councils also. Scripture was declared the only basis of authority.

Source: "Protestantism." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

(It should also be noted that Martin Luther came to be against the uprising of the Peasants during his time as cited by his work entitled "Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants" and called for their murder (or in present day language, they would be viewed as terrorists and any innocents killed would be considered collateral damage by the many filthy leaderships of today). Luther's self-centered concerns revealed he was fearful that his protest actions would be viewed as having stirred the Peasants to revolt against their long-endured many hardships. He wanted the peasant uprising crushed and encouraged the so called "law of the land" to commit murder and whatever action social leaders wanted... though the plight of the peasants at the hands of so many sinful business, government and religious leaders for so many years is not mentioned to describe the murders, thefts and other atrocities felt by the peasants. Luther said:

"The peasants have taken upon themselves the burden of three terrible sins against God and man; by this they have merited death in body and soul... they have sworn to be true and faithful, submissive and obedient, to their rulers... now deliberately and violently breaking this oath... they are starting a rebellion, and are violently robbing and plundering monasteries and castles which are not theirs... they have doubly deserved death in body and soul as highwaymen and murderers... they cloak this terrible and horrible sin with the gospel... thus they become the worst blasphemers of God and slanderers of his holy name.")

Protest Options Possible Positive, Neutral or Negative Result/Response/Reassessment
Petition the Peoples Legislative Branch for a public discussion about a topic that is or should be of National concern and then have a public referendum. This Cenocratic model of government is not presently practiced as a means to bring about corrective changes in government policy and/or functionality because it entails a higher level of democracy. The present political system in America has been variously noted as an Oligarchy, Banking Aristocracy, Plutonomy, Plutocracy, Plutocratic Aristocracy, Corporatocracy... and a few others all of which are non-democracy oriented.
Use of government-sponsored protest measures These are manufactured to keep the prevailing government system in tact and are not realistically designed to help the public create the type of government which is best for them. Besides, if the government's (as well as business and religious) leadership was realistically in tune with the needs of the public, there would be no need for any type of protest. We have protests because there is no effective method by which the people themselves can be in control of their government, despite the arguments about the general public being too stupid... yet are claimed to be smart enough to vote in a particular candidate so they can vote on laws based on their own conscience and not necessarily that of the public.
"Petition the Government" via email In the United States, only the White House is petitioned by the currently practice model and not the whole of the government. In other words, a person having an interest in "petitioning the government" finds themselves directed on-line direct their efforts solely toward the White House, and have to rely on the idiots there to make a determination of what to do with the petition. However, one may find an outside government source to petition other branches or even departments through a source such as: Petition2Congress. Nonetheless, typical results lead no where (particularly when a White house administration is filled with idiots) unless the idea(s) of the petition assist those in the White house in getting their personal agendas promoted. (Otherwise, let the public be damned if it doesn't like it.)...
Write a letter or send a signatured petition to a Representative A Letter-head thank you reply leading to no where may be received unless it contains information to be used at sometime as ammunition to promote a Representative's personal agenda. (Otherwise, generally speaking, there is nothing the public can do about the meagre response received).
Petition a specific government official, a specific segment, or the whole government via signature collection (for Referendum) Petitions typically require time and other constraints and have no wide-spread media representation. Goals are often short-sighted and small-minded with respect to the many issues that need to be addressed with a more comprehensive approach to changing many government, business and religious practices (including the predatory practices of charities in their search for support to keep their institutions viable.)
Protest against anti-government protestors on behalf of those in Congress whom you trust to provide what the people need and want By being elected, Representatives view themselves as a pseudo-type of "chosen one" and that whatever they think is best for the public is what the public wants because they were elected. In other words, Congress creates many of the social problems the people have because they are working on individualized promotions of personal interests they imagine the people want because they think it is best.
Protest against anti-government protestors on behalf of the current political process of rigged elections to answer all political concerns A musical chairs type of elections system is in place which results in having to choose between the lesser of two or more evils (or dunces). Simply replacing one politician (regardless of party) for another does little good when most of them can not see beyond their own personal agenda involving some measure of personal greed... that is expected of them within the established culturally ingrained practices of currently mandated Constitutional requirements. Honestly good politicians have little to no opportunity to bring about needed and necessary reformulations of government because the system in locked into a cycle of nonsense which actively prevents substantial government progress.
Stop participating in government-sponsored activities. Such as not voting or taking part in any political polls or listening to any news reports about government activity. While this may make one feel they are personally accomplishing something of value, their efforts and those of others like them are wholly insufficient to bring about corrective changes.
Carry out a protest on one or more social media sites such as: 60+ Social Networking sites you need to know about in 2018 As soon as you can figure out which site(s) would be most effective in carrying out a protest, you may nonetheless end up with a small number of people who similarly interested in the same topic(s), but do not necessarily view the topic(s) in the same manner and may not be interested in taking a protest to the next level(s) to make productive changes occur.
Join one or more protest groups While one or more groups may engage in direct forms of protest, there is typically no actual change in overall government structure or policy which enables the public to make great gains for the entire public except through idealized rationalizations that oneself and their brethren are making useful strides. Intellectualization can embellish one's efforts to exhibit symbolic gestures of achieving that which is desired, but no lasting accomplishment is achieved.
Engage in the usage of time constraints to force the government to do your bidding, or else some level of assertive protest will emerge. The usage of time constraints for completing a particular act or action is the tactic often used by the government which allows itself more time to complete some action in accord with that which the public does. It is a double-standard which needs to be addressed and may not be used effectively by one or more protestors unwilling to engage in "assertive" actions to force the government into compliance just as the government uses various types of enforcements to get the public to do its bidding. For example, if the public does not comply with a request to complete a series of hoop-jumping requirements, the government can issue a response that the intended action of the public is null and void (such as in the case of acquiring enough signatures for a petition... that the government may decide to simply ignore or give some legitimized excuse which results in a deferment or delay, or deduction that equates with a response where nothing substantial takes place.)
Carry out a protest on one or more blog sites Get into a discussion or argument with one or more others who do not see the world through your eyes, and interpret their responses (good or bad) as providing proof that you are correct, yet no actual changes in government or a particular government policy (or lack thereof), take place. In effect, you are spinning your wheels attempting to convince one or more others to see things as you do because they can simply ignore your posts.
Carry out a protest by engaging in activities which result in an harassment of friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances or strangers. This may lead to arguments, disagreements, various types of social estrangement, fist fights, loss of work productivity, loss of sensitivity to the needs of others, loss of a job, loss of friendships, loss of personal contact, etc... In short, engaging in protest commentary with familiars who may not see the world through your eyes and prefer not to involve themselves with any of your topics can lead to disharmony. Then again, if one or more others do agree with you, in which direction and by what means does your protest enlarge to include others to make some real gain in society?
Attack either the infrastructure or employed structure of those companies involved with making a profit off of the manufacturing of goods intended for the military. Such companies as Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, United Technologies, L-3 Communications, Finmeccanica, EADS, Raytheon, etc... (Ten Companies Profiting most from war). Attacking one company will typically not result in much change if its activities can be picked up by some other company. Targeting one company that may be an exclusive manufacturer of a given war item may cause a delay in production, but not all materials will be affected unless a comprehensive attack strategy is adopted to deal with all the companies... or at least those who hold the reins.
Gather "Overthrow the Government" information in order to acquire as much knowledge as possible so that an effective protest methodology and strategy may be developed, before, during and after a takeover. Here are some examples of "Overthrow the Government" sites:

The above examples must be viewed in the context of a WARning stated by a self-serving government law:
18 U.S. Code § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government

Here is a reference concerning the right to overthrow the (US) government:
Do U.S. citizens have the right to overthrow the U.S. government? If so please provide proof (the constitution)

And here is a reference to the practice of what might be construed as an inalienable Right:
Right of Revolution
Create an "Over Throw The Government" web page from your own perspective While "Over Throw The Government" is a widely considered theme amongst many in the public, if not amongst many executives, no one has yet step forward with a plan that becomes accepted and used as a tool/weapon to create improvement. Such a page may make a person feel good to see that their are others who feel as they do, they may well eventually come away with the realization that there is a lot of talk but no real action.
Create a Webpage for the purpose of disseminating false information to government agencies. This is a tactic many consider that various agencies in the government use to entrap particular individuals in selective interests in order to identify subjects to be labeled as criminal or manipulatable for alternative exercises.
Live off the electronic "grid" While this type of Protest is anti-government, it is also in many respects a type of anti-civilization protest. This type of protest may make one feel good and think they have acquired some viable sanctuary which will protect them from the evils of government and civilization, it is a personalized fantasy to think one has achieved both autonomy and anonymity... that is egotistically interpreted to mean some level of specialized skill in hiding and camouflage.
Create a protest Documentary Like the documentaries made by Oliver Stone (Ukraine On Fire) Michael Moore (Capitalism: A Love Story), or with titles such as I.O.U.S.A., Runaway Slave, Venus Project, Zeitgeist, etc... While many people will agree with the presentations, little is done by those who watch to create a movement that actually produces progressive change, unless a change in attitude over several generations eventually brings about something useful for those in the future who may live in an over-populated situation which produces wide-spread privation in basic necessities such as food, water, clean air, employment with a livable wage, etc...
The following examples of documentaries must be looked upon from the perspective that history is written by the victors. In a sense, those who have reached a moment in their life where they are enabled to chronicle an idea or event that takes information from history which permits an easier task of writing a script, can be viewed as those who have achieved some measure of "victory" since there are others who may well like to create a movie or documentary, but do not have the financial backing nor knowledge of how to go about doing so. They must also be viewed upon as different genres of protest about a given subject (issue) even if the producer/director claims they are not protesting... but only providing a dramatic presentation of an historical event. In any case, and all respects, all of them fall short of the need for portray a projective ideology of developing an New Government that is not reliant upon some Utopic inclination of hopefulness. For example, a film created to provide the many social scenarios which might well ensue from practicing a Cenocratic formula of governance (involving a Peoples Legislative Branch, an increased wage of Inalienable Rights, a Basic Income for Everyone, a National Health Care system second to none instead of the present nonsense, Nationalized vehicle insurance, Nationalized Life Insurance, Term limits for all government employees and those whose income is dependent on government contracts, etc...), would be a progressively creative effort to provide an insightful realization of what we must do to develop a better system of government than the present phony democracy.
Ukraine On Fire
By Oliver Stone
The Post
By Steven Spielberg
The Civil War
By Ken Burns

Zeitgeist Moving Forward
By Peter Joseph
Runaway Slave
By Baptist Minister C.L. Bryant
Capitalism: A Love Story
By Michael Moore

Create a web page which points out government faults Such efforts provide the public with yet another tabloid. This is not to say that the information being supplied is inaccurate or biased, but that even if ten or a hundred million people believe in what is being presented and yet do nothing proactively, very little progress is made towards creating a better society and government, if the main focus of the web page tabloid is to show faults instead of providing possible remedies that actually become implemented.
Create a web page that promotes Communism, Libertarianism, Socialism, Theocracy, etc... These are old ideas placed into modern contexts with current fashions of language idioms. Different web sites have their respective followers who generally do not engage in any pro-active demonstrations which actually bring about any change.
Create a web page about protest options. For example, the present one. While many webpages are dedicated to personal opinions presented by illustrations of news feeds concerning political nonsense, the "Protest Options" page at Cenocracy.org is attempting to get people to increase their awareness that others think as they do and that others have considered alternative methodologies. This may stir some to create a new approach that is more effective.
Create a Facebook page like IRJ Blue representing a News Media outlet that describes different hypocrisies occurring with political leaders and those they interact with. A good example of this effort can be seen in the short video: IRJ Blue presents: Representative Larson Slams GOP for Labeling Medicare and Social Security 'Entitlements'. While many of the exposés reveal the hypocrisy and double standards taking place in government, there is no real action by IRJ Blue to take hold of a Protest venture to bring about corrective measures. While it is one thing to point out numerous duplicities taking place, it is quite another to provide a realistic strategy to bring about change on behalf of the people.
Join an Organization advancing one race or specialized creed over another. Such ideologies as White supremacy, Black lives Matter, Zionism, Feminism, Rainbow coalition, etc..., are typically self-centered and are cast in a way to suggest that by being accepted as a dominant theme, this will create an over-all better social system. However, if you take any single entity (Whites, Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, Asian, Pacific Islander, etc..) and have them placed into every leading social position (government, business, religion, entertainment, education, etc...), this alone does not guarantee that social conditions will improve for everyone. Neither if any such entity is made into a millionaire. When the underlying structure is designed by a system that is inherently unfair, advancing any one creed as if it were some sort of heaven-sent answer finds itself to be part of the problem as well.
Protest against other Protestors For example, White Supremists versus anti-Fascists. With both groups expressing ideological discontinuities and hypocrisies such as trying to use the words "Peace" and "Love" as arguments against an anti-illegals and anti-non-whites commentary. From verbal chants to banners... on to mask-wearing individuals carrying out minor or major assaults. Get beat up by someone you have singled-out to direct your anger towards or get thrown in jail so that you can use such an experience(s) to describe your self-defined martyrdom of exclusiveness. Yet, what is actually being accomplished that will make a larger societal contribution for everyone? Some protest venues turn out to be circuses that merely provide copy for journalists whose "creative reporting" is akin to creative accounting methods used by many a business... including the GAO (government accounting office).
Take the views and/or comments of one protest situation and redress them in the views and comments appropriate to one's own protest interests, and thus identify a commonality of human cognition being expressed by many different people in their respective considerations. For Example: Let us take a piece of commentary from an article about a situation in the Middle East and adapt it to the conditions in America.

...Now, in East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, Israeli border police and troops are bracing for expressions of pent-up frustration, impatience and rage — at the United States for seeming to dispense with any pretense at balance; at Israel for its continuing occupation; at the Palestinian Authority for its weakness and corruption; and at the peace process itself, for inspiring hopes that have again and again proved false.
As Israel Celebrates Dream of Independence, Many See Nightmare Taking Shape

On the American Scene the same article can read:

...Now, in America and Elsewhere in the world, American government policy and military supported industrial activity actively practice bracing for expressions of citizen organized pent-up frustration, impatience and rage — at the government, business and religions for seeming to dispense with any pretense at a Democratic balance; for its continuing use of a despotically styled democratic occupation over the public and peoples of the world; at the Congressional and Constitutional Authority for its weakness, corruption and growing illegitimacy; and at the desperately short-sighted United Nations-authored peace process: for inspiring hopes that have again and again proved false because there is no common definition of peace other than the aberrantly configured dichotomous notion that peace is an absence of war but not an absence of poverty, illness, hunger, homelessness, greed, institutionalized charity, political corruption, falsified democracy, hypocrisy, etc...
Protest against a specific race, religion, creed, etc. by committing acts of violence, sabotage, terrorism, theft, kidnapping, etc., by committing such an act(s) in the guise of the very person or group one wants to create public animosity against. Some may refer to this as a typical government-sponsored activity such as that a government agency or group of self-serving government officials involve themselves in. The assassination of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and the events on September 11, 2001 (referring to the use of planes to attack specific buildings), are examples of such conspiratorial activities. While such acts did bring about change and created both political and business opportunities, the parts played by government officials and their hired-guns are often overlooked by the general public. No less, the usage of violence to bring about change is swept under the carpet as a valid means of bringing about change.
Create artificialized animosity towards oppositional groups so as to create specific conditions or simply adopt a wait-and-see stance in hopes that some opportune moment will arise. This type of tactic is cited by many as that used by government agencies such as the CIA and covert-ops which are redirected to give the impression of being the result of something or someone other than the actual culprits. This too is the usage of violence to bring about specific or generalized changes to create probable or possible changes one can be positioned into for self-serving advantages.
Practice a routinization of hypocrisy that the British government is so famous for and that other governments use as a model by which to pattern their own self-interests. It is sometimes journalistically called "double-speak" and the public defines as lies, double-standards, etc... For Example: Create an ideology which advocates the outlaw usage of a particular drug for the general public such as marijuana (previously opium which created the occasions of the opium wars), yet indulge in growing and selling it under the labels of industrial and medicinal purposes. (See: The British government is trying to maintain an absurd and hypocritical position on cannabis for medical use.) Another example is to create an education system where money and/or social status provides for better instruction than typical public schools whereby "equality", like "justice", have multiple standards representing a guild system of socialization. Other examples can be seen in its treatment of "subjects" as depicted in the civil rights protests of "Gandhi". No less, Britain engages in the usage of ideas such as "humanitarian missile strikes", Monarchical deferments, Democratic colonization, Democratic Imperialization, etc... One need only combine the words hypocrisy and British government as an internet search item in various sentence queries to find numerous examples that are practiced by other governments as well. Such hypocrisy is the way in which governments protest against the development of establishing progressive democratic standards in which the people are permitted to fully engage in the law-making process such as would be the case with the practice of a Peoples Legislative Branch as an increased "Checks and Balances" provision which would wrest control from the few and give in to the many.
Advocate the usage of a "We The People" slogan of protest. Unfortunately, we typically find that the reality of a "We The People" orientation is quite small because the overall public is preoccupied with day-to-day personal issues and not larger national or international ones in a collective manner. It is a slogan that some view as a fiction because the "We" is not defined in Human or Nationalist terms, but selective ones. In fact, the definition can be problematic since We the People Aren’t Sure Who "We" Even Are Hence, this is why some say that a "We The People" collective embodiment of the citizenry does not exist or exists on such a small scale as to be virtually ineffective in bringing about realistic reformations of singular issues, much less the overall government.
Use a tactic that advocates an old notion or idea (forgotten or never known) and promote them as a vision of progressiveness... but are anything but. This is a strategy frequently employed by Congress (and Trump in particular). They take an old idea and recast it in new garments, yet have not real interest in creating an actual practice thereof. Such examples are tax reform, Health care reform, welfare reform, term limits for Congressional members (but the entire government workforce is otherwise exempt), addressing the drug, poverty, and homelessness issues, etc... Instead of addressing underlying causes which require adopting a new type of economic, education and government systems, "new" social programs, government departments/agencies or some committee is established to provide large paychecks and public attention for a few (which journalists like to cover to make a formal means of recognition for themselves amongst their peers). We frequently note that the President can be made to advocate an agenda desired by one or more others who have set the stage for the President or other government figure to become vulnerable to another's personalized ideas by being subjected to a routine of information that fatigues their ability to be more conscientious. It is like being subjected to a grueling deposition that easily takes its toll on those not accustomed to a mental bombardment of interrogation or subjective information overload. Such a case is seen when the public is subjected to mind numbing repetitive news media reports on a given subject such as a Presidential election, disaster, etc... The public quickly fatigues because most people can not withstand a sustained level of mental activity on a single subject which their ability to correlate with their day-to-day routines of personalized distraction can regulate within the confines of practiced mental activity. A type of cognitive dissonance may ensue that they react to. While the response was previously described in a dichotomous way with the notion "fight or flight" response, now having evolved into a three-patterned phrase known as the "fight or flight or freeze" response, of which the latter notion is somewhat of a misnomer since the term "submission" is more to the point in many cases.
Advocate a "Smart" protest/government reform Agenda. This approach attempts to take advantage of the advertising hype applied to products that have been or are represented with words such as new, innovative, space age, futuristic, huge, big, tremendous, etc...— only to find that you have come to advocate just another type of politicized jargon that doesn't actually intend to assist the people once you have permitted yourself to be financially backed by those who want to steer your efforts along a self-serving channel... and let the people who idealistically believe in your platform... be damned if they don't like it, because the system is rigged against the people being able to make changes in government on their own behalf.
Advocate a "Big Government is Bad" ideology. This is a particularly stupid idea since the practice of a democracy entails that the entire voting age population of a citizenry be included as a definition of government. This is routinely used by those who want to limit the number and type of people who have a say-so in government activities... so that a few may be in charge and accordingly prosper at the expense of the many who may or may not be provided with token rewards for acceptance and compliance of such a stupid idea. Hence, one is not advocating a "full" or "actual" democracy but a fragmented version thereof in order to support a specialized agenda that disenfranchises the public as the present models of despotic democracy do,
Adopt the tactics being used by some in the LGBTQ (Lost Boys and Girls Totemic Quorums), but is sometimes used by non-homosexuals to give the impression that homosexuals are behind such tactics, in order to misrepresent many of them and stir up opposition instigated by a third party. Such tactics not only include the typical usage of comically expressed protest marches, but other facile activities such as a worm-like wriggling of their way into various media outlets (television, movies, theater, etc.) in order to present an image of normalcy; manipulation of impressionable young to see the world through the distortions of incongruous sexual orientations; exploitation of those connected in some manner to a public official so as to create favorable personal reviews in judicial and legislative renderings... and let us not forget the Nazi-like or Inquisitional intimation tactic against those who disagree with their self-centered perspective: Homosexuality is the New Nazism. The topic of Homosexuality and Nazism is often misinterpreted... with respect to the like-mindedness tactic adopted by some Homosexuals in defense of their orientation, as cited in this wikipedia article: Nazism and Homosexuality. Such articles are viewing the connection from one perspective and refuse to view the connection from any other realization such as described by the old notion of an adopted reverse psychology.
Adopt the tactics thought to be the province of activity that the CIA, and its worldly counter-parts are said to involve themselves in. (List of Intelligence Agencies) While the CIA is generally cited as being involved with causing political upheavals, others cite the fact that it is run as a secret organization whose activities can run the gamut of human imagination. Using such an approach often involves the usage of several individuals who are not fearful of doing whatever it takes to accomplish an assigned mission, with the given allowance of making personal adjustments because covert situations involve an element of fluidity that bureaucratic planners are not capable of including in their equation(s) no matter their education, experience and attempt to create a box-like environment of a situation so as to prevent some unknown or unrealizable element to act like a wrench thrown into the desired clock-like works. In order to facilitate such an activity, those involved will likely have to be specialized in the generalities of multiple abilities in order to take advantage of both unknown opportunities and obstacles.
Uncover some "dirt" on an official to force them to do one's bidding. That which one may want from them may be monetary, or... depending on their position, to effect a vote or letter of confidence so as to increase one's ability to maneuver closer to an objective.
Target a specific person or group during a private or public moment. The action taken against the target may be of a lethal or manipulative activity. However, if one confronts someone with an inflated ego, the person may not yield to demands... or may pretend to do so just to stall for time in order to seek some advantage of escape. Trying to confront an inflated ego may not result in anything but stubbornness. If the tactic is to create fear, the level of fear must be sustained and the reason for the applied fear must be made known so as to effect the desired gain. If one is to kill a specific person or an indiscriminate... but specific group of people, the reason for doing so must be made known... even if the rationale is that cited by Winston Churchill: "It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." In other words, the intended gain may be part of a game-like structure involving different rules of play in order to achieve a result configured by a personal algorithm that allows for infinitesimal variables which may or may not surface.
Take weapons and explosives from armories. This is a federal offense that will land you in Federal prison if caught. No less, those guarding the armories may well maim or kill you. In deciding to get such armaments from this particular source, you must have several alternative game plans to deal with wounded, to remove your dead compatriots so as to reduce the chance of becoming identified, routes to getaway, places to alternate for hiding before using the weapons, buyers already in place, etc...
Attempt to recruit Military and Para-Military Law enforcement personnel This is a means to forestall any interventionist activities against the public's right to create the type of government they want, as was proclaimed in the first Independence Declaration. Asking them to Stand Down in order to Stand Up for this Right, serves the purpose for effecting a military coup, without using force of arms and quite possibly alleviating the need for using any senseless violence and destruction.
Collectively stop voting By getting everyone (or mostly everyone) to stop voting and publicly note that the reason for not voting is to force the government to bring about changes in its own structure, has not yet been attempted. However, because there is a Despotic formula of Democracy being practiced, it is quite possible that those in leadership positions will react negatively and attempt to use various methodologies to force the public to return to the usage of an elections system that is out of step with their needs and desires. Such negativity will then have to be met by a progressively increasing assertive protest activity.
Conduct street marches with signs, banners, chanting. May or may not be covered by media. Little more than emotional venting is typically accomplished. The protest does not reach into the corridors of any power structure (business, government, religion), unless the protest can be used by one or all of them to serve their own interests at the expense of the protestors.
Riots involving non-firearm projectiles
(rocks, bats, 2X4s, fireworks, torches, fire setting (burning flags, garbage cans, vehicles), Molotov cocktails, slingshots, pellet guns, etc...)
Police, perhaps National guard intervention to protect property and innocent bystanders. Public goods and services may be interrupted. General public may become disgusted at senseless violence, destruction and theft. Both on-site and off-site venting of anger/emotions but little else is accomplished. [Riots may be instigated or supported by some government, business or religious authority to bring about changes for their personal agendas at the expense of the protestors.]
Destroy all politically or militarily biased monuments The attacks will initially have to be against such items as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White house collection of presidential portraits and marble busts, etc... Alternatively or in conjunction with such destructions can be the Constitution, all US flags and flag manufacturing facilities, any and all street signs, building signs, etc., containing politicians names.... etc... Reactions may at first be negative unless the public has been educated as to the reasons for this type of protest.
Assassinate the President and/or Vice President Individuals will be replaced by Congressionally mandated successors. Security measures may be altered but little positive change in the underlying functionality of the government. Kidnapping an official interferes with one's ability to be mobile. Directing one's protests against such high profile government workers entails the necessity of also killing their successors and their most prominent supporters, whether or not they are in the government sector or not.
It is unlikely that the assassination of someone like Trump would bring about a war as is historically suggested by the killing of Francis Ferdinand, archduke of Austria-Este by the Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip at Sarajevo. Many people both in and out of the U.S. would cheer and celebrate. Yet they might then be dismayed by his successor (Pence) who would then have to be killed... and all those who would come to succeed as each one was killed. The problem therefore appears not only to be in those who would quickly come to fill the position of their predecessor— but those who would encourage others to participate in maintaining the system as it is. The "system" is not appreciably altered by way of a conventional assassination to permit for instructive change to occur. Such a level of change unfortunately requires a massive and coordinated attack on those individuals and institutions that want to maintain things as they are because they have learned how to prosper in such a formula of governance, typically at the expense of others. Hence, the conventional forms of assassinating-as-a-protest do not accomplish the desired goal.
Kill one or more Congressional Representatives Security measures may be over-hauled but replacements will maintain current government traditions. Such actions may cause the protestor(s) to be labeled as a terrorist even if a manifesto claiming a desire for government reform accompanies each kill. However, the killing of all Congressional Representatives does not guarantee that the government will be substantially reformed for the good of the Nation. They may simply be replaced by similarly-minded idiots or those who are worse and will want to implement more stringent measures against protest activities. Killing government officials does not automatically equate with an improvement in government when much of the government is run by those who are not physically present during routine government activities. They are often harbored in some financial institution or other corporate entity that may not even be in the country.
Kill one or more Supreme Court Justices (and their assistants) Security measures may be altered but they will be replaced by those who will continue in the same traditions that make them unanswerable to the people. Killing Supreme Court Justices (along with assistants) will not necessarily alter the Constitution to bring about government reform when there are many others willing to take their spots and continue in the tradition which keeps the public largely suppressed.
Bomb or otherwise destroy a particular government department such as the S.E.C. Security measures may be revamped but underlying policies will likely be retained, which allows the S.E.C. and its hired guns (like the Garden City Group) to create a means by which they can keep money that rightly belongs to investors because investors did not jump through some contrived system of hoops to get their money back, yet the government and its hired guns get to use the law to serve their self-interests. Whereas the government is supposed to assist the public and not make a profit off of it, the S.E.C. and its hired guns do otherwise.
Target any and all in the United Nations who supports America's non-democracy government. Security measures will no doubt be implemented and those using such a protest method may be labeled a terrorist, despite the pro-democracy... progressive government statements of their manifesto.
Sporadically kill different business and/or government leaders Using a "sporadic" model assists the protestor(s) with the advantage that they are unpredictable and increases the chances that they will not be captured or killed before effecting useful protest advances to bring about corrective government reformations. In any case, the need for establishing this type of action as a protest measure and not a terrorist activity requires that each kill be accompanied by a manifesto declaration asserting one's right to protest in alternative manners when "government sponsored protest legalities" are hypocritically stupid because they are designed to thwart the efforts of the public to bring about Reformation in government.
Kill all (or selective) lobbyists, particularly those connected with a financial institution Changes in security will no doubt occur and others may then step into their place. Hence, those who would follow in their footsteps as a lobbyist will also have to be target, just as would be those in line to take over the presidency and vice-presidency if they should be killed.
Build a bonfire in front of the White house, Congress, New York Stock Exchange, some bank, etc... If you're caught or not, you should have a manifesto or list of your grievance(s) that may or may not be placed into the news... because journalists are typically pro-government in as much as it helps them in their career. They may personally and privately dislike the government (or some aspect thereof), but will not publicly use their forum to express personal opinions which hurt their career. Nonetheless, bonfires may be useful for a hotdog or marshmallow roast, they don't actually create any political moods for bringing about corrective changes... though they may attract a few young followers to the protest venue like moths to a light source.
Kill innocent civilians at a public school or on a University Campus This form of protest is typically executed by those who don't have what may be referred to as an enterprising rationale with respect to a specific social protest. More often it is a personal gripe or impulsive gesture responding to internalized pressures that have convinced someone that staging a shooting at a place and time where there will be no opposition may well be interpreted as an act of cowardice against those who have nothing whatsoever to do with economic, religious or government policies. The individual(s) involved may well be labeled a terrorist, though the word is being used so often by the government to enforce a maximum type of retribution, that is until it can create a new word and definition which will permit it to express greater violence and be used as a means to get the public to side on whatever civil controls it wants to compile under the same mental orientation... many of which are not actually part of the context but are put there in order to get support anyway.
Kill innocent civilians or government workers/family members in a government building, Mall, outdoor cafe', outdoor concert, or other public venue Most of these acts are pretty stupid, like those conducted by suicide bombers or those which occur in churches or public schools. No less, the acts of the Unibomber Ted Kaczynski and the Federal Building in Oklahoma did not bring about any constructive change in corporate or government policies except for a re-examination of security measures and a means to be more retributive, including the revisal of habeas corpus so as to enforce its ability of enforcement by the so-called "rule-of-law" argument to justify so many of its irrationalities and hypocrisies:

As a result of the bombing, the U.S. Congress passed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which tightened the standards for habeas corpus in the United States, as well as legislation designed to increase the protection around federal buildings to deter future terrorist attacks.

Clearly one needs to post a manifesto so that others can make comments about, and give oneself time to re-examine one's ideas over a protracted period of time so that one's protest efforts do not incline them towards creating conditions that produce more overall harm than good.
Kill all (or a selective number) of those at the Stock Exchange Security measures will no doubt be increased before (if they get wind of a potential attack), and afterwards. Protestors may become labeled as terrorists as an emotional expression of those who like the present functionality in the current anti-democracy way of life.
Kill Bank Executives Because of all the criminally viewed activities taking place in banking institutions, killing several leadership teams in high profile banks can have an effect if such killing includes those who would thus fill the gap as leaders and would attempt to create a greater protective net so that they can more effectively continue in the steps of the their forbearers... without fear of public retribution.
Attack government officials at their homes, while dining out, commuting, public luncheons, speaking engagements, etc... This is an auxiliary form of gorilla warfare that will most likely result in security changes for government officials and the perpetrators being labeled as terrorists instead of protestors because they are not foolishly limiting their protest efforts to the contrived methods of ridiculously described "legal protest activities" (which are wholly inefficient to bring about change). One might necessarily hear a government official claim that "we" (as in all of America and [the phony} Democracy are under attack, when neither the public or the government as a whole is under attack. Only those institutions and those people who are keeping the people from having an equal playing field are being targeted. There is no "we" are under attack... just them. Society can stand to lose such crooks and idiots and be the better for it.)
Target security service individuals from interfering with protest efforts This is yet another method of protest that is unexpected by government officials that can effectively introduce the demands for a restructuring of government so long as those who seek to replace fallen officials know well that if they do not assist in bring about corrective government reformation to assist the public in its right to have an increase measure of Self-Representation and Self-Determination, they too will suffer the consequences of being eliminated. Many security service individuals arrogantly believe themselves to have some sort of emanating shield which somehow automatically protects them from any assault. However, targeting security service individuals may cause their departmental culture to issue a "do not capture at any cost" order thereby permitting any and all agents to shoot (and/or torture) the protestors because the underlying emotional nature of their department concealed under a facade of seriousness, will be unleashed in accord with the inherent type of psycho-pathology that is required for a particular employment. All Security services have their own type of underlying Schizophrenia (enculturated ambivalences).
Kill all pro-government, anti-democracy journalists (even though many of them are deluded into thinking America practices a Democracy) This type of protest is largely unexpected, particularly if applied on a large scale that may or may not involve the destruction of their place of pro- government business. This may well provide a protest movement with greater news coverage because of varying reasons involving retributive fear, journalistic opportunity, etc...
Kill the executives at Bayer and Monsanto Tying the pharmaceutical and Agricultural industry together means that food can be used to create conditions for people to require drugs in order that the merger with these two companies can benefit from humanity's cradle-to-grave scenario. There is potential for much harm to be given to humanity all in the name of profit. Killing every single person involved with decision making at these two companies will signal to the world that the people will not "go down" (into subservience) without a fight. No doubt governments will use their military to support their decisions for letting these companies merge. Hence, the military all too often is employed as security services for companies striving for profit against those who see through the imperializations and colonializations just like the US sugar interests in the Spanish American War. So very often the words Freedom and Democracy are used to cover-up the underlying greed for some commercial product or simple territorial gain and has nothing whatsoever to do with innocent people caught up in the mess.
Douse oneself with gasoline on the floor of Congress (etc.) and light a match Whereas those who use such extremes of protest typically do this outside of buildings, such suicidal acts typically lead to no change in government except for perhaps having more fire hydrants and extinguishers put in place. The person may be martyred by a few, but the remaining few tend to keep to themselves and not engage in any further protest that brings about actual change... other than maybe one elected official for another and the former is provided a lucrative job elsewhere. Setting fire to oneself as a protest is typically viewed by many as a fool's errand or even worse... the person will be remembered as doing something stupid, if they are remembered at all. His activities prior to this may be looked upon disparagingly. (For example: Top LGBT rights lawyer sets himself on fire at Brooklyn park in protest suicide
Kill all government workers who have more than twenty years of service Though this may be interpreted solely as a protest against the lack of term limits, it can skillfully be used to bring to light the many inequalities that the public is being subjected to. By permitting individuals to work as many years as they want, this disallows a new generation to participate in activities that should be available to everyone on an equal basis, and not on a prejudicial or discriminatory one.
Kill several of one kind of official and then move onto those of another kind If you set you sights on killing only one type of official, business executive, religious leader, etc..., the whole of the rest will be alerted and may be used by security personnel as a trap. You will have to alter your targets in order to create not only a field of inexplicability, but a consternation as to what tool of protest will be used when and where as well as how often. (One might use a particular type of firearm that is expected to be used every time, thus requiring a change in tactics to forestall interventions).
Shoot yourself and/or others in front of the White house, Congress, etc... In on incident, a person shot themselves but did not shoot towards the White house and did not leave a record (that we know of), of any protest or the "reason" why they did what they did... other than appearing to be mentally disturbed. (For example: Man Shoots and Kills Himself in Front of White House)
Land a plane or other flying vehicle on the White house lawn This may make the pilot feel that they have accomplished some personal goal, but this does not lead to substantive changes in government policy except for perhaps security measures and a prison sentence for the pilot. In many events of this kind, the actions are looked upon as "publicity stunts" for a person's (or organization's) protest interests. The "publicity stunts" (propaganda of the government is rarely if ever brought to trial regardless of all the harm it does.) (For example: Gyrocopter pilot who landed on Capitol lawn sentenced to 4 months in prison)
Shoot at the White house with a gun or rifle, or use some other projectile. In such an instance you may run out of ammunition, get shot by a security officer, or even tackled by citizens. While you may not kill nor injure anyone, your action may well be interpreted to be an assassination attempt... though this may not have been your intent... those in charge of the investigation may manipulate the person into making or alluding with a statement to this effect. (For example: Francisco Martin Duran).There are lots of people who can not see any wrong doing by the government, or simply turn a blind eye to all of its acts of violence and crime against different peoples throughout the world.

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