Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
A Black Nation Arises


Despite the dire necessity for (a Black) Obama to fire the (Black) Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her rather stupid behavior of meeting privately with Bill Clinton, which is clearly a Black moment for the Democratic Party and the Nation's department of Justice since it clearly signals the system is rigged against the people; one must have the impression that it was either a deliberate calculation on his part, or he is exhibiting signs of dementia. If it was intentional, then perhaps he wants to derail Hillary's campaign in order to prevent her from having a chance... so as not to permit her Presidency to upstage his. He undermined her trust once before by cheating on her, and may think she is too stupid to realize he is betraying her trust again. Cheaters quite often cheat more than once... if not in the same manner, then with alternative expressions. No less, for Democrats to continue supporting her further suggests there is a widespread acceptance of corruption as a necessary part of the political game, since Democrats are particularly silent about the Clinton family improprieties, lack of transparency, and above-the-law mentality. A very thick and disturbing darkness has descended on America. Then again, a current social theme being expressed is that Black Lives Matter... yet, for whom are they intended to matter for? A sole Black National Community within a larger Nation, or a Nation with a Black Community residing within it? The Black Attorney General has proven to be a black mark on a Nation professing to hold Justice at the highest standard.

Date of Origination: Saturday, 02-Jul-2016... 07:09 AM
Initial Posting: Saturday, 02-Jul-2016... 07:21 AM