Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum XI


The Cenocratic Reform Movement is the New Name of a very Old Pathway. It is not the destiny of Humanity, but the pathway by which a destiny may be found. It appears or sounds familiar to many of you because you have encountered it before with a different name or some nameless feeling, thought, perception or indistinct impression you could not readily label except for perhaps with some conventional allusion according to the word or idea which may have been most prominent in a given era which best... though not necessarily quite accurately... signified the gist or guess of your impressions which incline you to consider as an acceptable sketch or doodle of a consciousness— of an insight which you had that points in the direction of a territory that humanity has not yet ventured fully into.

Along this pathway you may have encountered one, two, or many different stepping stones, variously labeled as Anarchy, Art, Bahaism, Beauty, Biology, Boxing, Buddhism, Careerism, Communism, Confucianism, Creativity, Criminality, Daoism (Taoism), Democracy, Economism, Equality, Evolution, Fable, Fairness, Faith, Freedom, Fun, Generosity, Genius, Gold, Golf, Greed, Guns, Happiness, Health, Hinduism, Intelligence, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Kindness, Laughter, Liberty, Liberation, Libertarianism, Life, Mathematics, Meritocracy, Mixed Martial Arts, Monarchialism, Money, Mormanism, Music, Nationalism, Orgasm, Peace, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Science, Sex, Silver, Socialism, Sports, Strength, Talent, Truth, Wealth, etc.,.. Many of these stepping stones have been used as personal claims of ownership upon which one has carved out a niche, a piece of property that others may say that you own because of your familiarity with its valleys, orchards, quicksands, mountains, deserts, oasis, etc... Indeed, their knowledge there of suggests to others that they indeed have a right to stake a claim of ownership. Nonetheless, they are still stepping stones... even if some refer to them as "a" or "the" pathway, "the way" by which many, if not all personal, social and global problems can be solved. And even though different stepping stones can well provide a person with a vantage point of perception that is unique... unique enough to them in their psychological means of grasping existence through the medium of their particular physiology that they become awed and overwhelmed to the point they define their one or more experiences as an epiphany, as a Eureka! as a realization, as an acknowledgement or some other descriptive representation of their individually experienced embodiment of a defined truth... there experiences are that of a stepping stone along a path that they may from time to time have criss-crossed in their search for that which they may or may not describe as Heaven, Nirvana, Utopia, etc... Thus sometimes defined in practical terms (for fear of being viewed as a religious or New Age adherent), such as a good job, a great career, love, peace, happiness, moderation, etc...

If one lingers long on the stepping stone called Yin/Yang, all perceptions become inter-linked accordingly. All of life, all of reality can well be aligned within the framework of the duality... or some other subject matters use of dichotomy, trichotomy, quaternary, etc... The same goes for those who set up a tent, house, or marketplace caravan on stepping stones called Anarchy, Communism, Democracy, Fascism, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc... If you linger long on any stepping stone, its particular vantage point along the larger path will be used to interpret and describe what one images lays around the bend, over the hill, through a valley, etc..., most vistas of which are formed by the travails of personal struggles and experiences, both good and bad or somewhere in between. Yet, no matter how proficient and knowledgeable one becomes on the stepping stone of their choice (or that chosen by another, a something, or where one happens to end up at in their personal journeys through one another climate and culture), it amounts to their presence on a given stepping stone. Yes, they may have a large bank account, multiple homes, social status, and numerous other socially defined desirable 'things' or attributes, but it is still the position on a stepping stone. It may well be the stepping stone upon which many intentionally attempt to reach and stake some measurable claim to called Capitalism. And those on other stepping stones may venture forth to see and hear what all the ruckus is about... because Capitalism provides what are interpreted to be as symbolic representations of life's ultimate goal. It is claimed to be the only real heaven achievable on Earth. Yet, Capitalism is just a stepping stone. It is not the goal one should seek along the path. It is merely a means by which all of humanity can be provisioned... on an equal basis... along the path.

All stepping stones offer a measure of viewing some possible achievement, be it called wealth, peace, Unity, health, happiness, fraternity, equality, heaven, nirvana, being one with god, ascension to an ethereal realm, righteous, etc... Very often these measures are over-valued by those wanting to claim that "their" (claimed) stepping stone is the one, true path to salvation, peace, happiness, knowledge, wealth, etc... Yet, all religions, all life philosophies, all socio-political theories are stepping stones someone may have told you about, or you were brought up on, or you chanced upon by some circuitous route during the travels in your life. Some of you realize that you are on a stepping stone and that there are many different stepping stones you may at one time or another find some interest in... but eventually find yourself realizing your stepping stone is not the path... it is just another cobblestone along the path and you would like to find a means by which one or another stepping stone will not distract you to linger too long, so that you may continue along the path... because it beckons to you... yet the comforts having been found at your present stepping stone provide a measure of reassurance by which you can weather the ravages of old age. Many are uncertain they will be able to travel further, and have decided to stay where they are because the certainties of which they have offer an acceptable sanctuary from that which lays ahead...

Humanity is suffering because it has lost its way. Through its fears, insecurities, and sorrows, it very often retreats to fortresses of desperation or exerts aggressiveness towards those who appear to be advancing towards them with the desire of causing harm. The destinies being claimed by religions and various political philosophies hold no solace... do not provide a believable goal for many millions. While some do believe in the claims of a given or social philosophy, most simply just go along with a hope in one pocket and a prayer in another which they often fumble with their fingers. Such is the case for the practice of present day government systems... though their leaderships may make claims that the goal of living, and thus life, is best achieved by believing in that which oppresses them into servitude, enforces dependency, and exploits them into believing there is nothing better. Of course, such adherents are wrong. Such claims were made by those during the time of Jesus. A time when much oppression, much servitude, much exploitation prevailed. Jesus, like Mohammed, like Buddha and many others, were social reformers in their own time. They saw and felt the sufferings of others so deeply that they cried out against the perceived injustices and needless inequities. They were social reformers whose language did not know of the words and concepts that we of today describe as Anarchism, Communism, Democracy, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc... And many of the adherents of these concepts are not fully aware of how their ideas have been expressed in the context of the world's many religions... many practices of which have fallen out of favour.

While Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and other religious-defined adherents of social reform knew well that they were but stepping stones to that which is much greater than themselves, present socio-political speakers of-their-truths have not fully realized that their respective ideology are just stepping stones. Instead of referring to them what they in fact are, they are intimated as being the goal that humanity should embrace... because it will provide the best means of reaching a goal frequently defined as a Utopia. Unfortunately, all stepping stones are subject to being submerged by the incremental tide of deterioration which the Earth, the Solar System and the Galaxy are undergoing. All stepping stones must be put together in order to build a bridge by which humanity may cross over onto the path which exists on the other side of present understanding. None of them by themselves are "the" stepping stone leading to the path of peace, salvation, heaven, Nirvana or whatever name/label is or will become in vogue to be used by those who want to exploit humanity into creating a comfortable nest for themselves on Earth... no matter who gets hurt or what gets destroyed.

While the people of Jesus' time were conscious of their suffering, they had nonetheless been born into an era where and when their Inalienable Rights were viewed with little worth by the prevailing authorities of the time. The words of Jesus, the words of Buddha, the words of Mohammed and many others, provided a different— a new interpretation of our Inalienable Rights and asked only that they be believed in order for the treasure, the profit which was possible to gain, could be arrived at by increasing the Wage and Benefits package of their Inalienable Rights. Because of their followers, and the followers of other religious-defined social reformers, we of today have an increased wage and Benefits package of our Inalienable Rights. However, the wage and benefits have been whittled away to the point that the world once again needs a savior... needs a spokesperson to lead them back upon the path which governments have forced them to stray from. Humanity needs spokespersons from all walks of life to encourage the people to ask for a binding, non-refundable, non-concessioned increase in the Wage and Benefits package of our Inalienable Rights, whereby Self-Representation and Self-Determination will provide the means by which humanity can collectively get back onto the path which so very many knows to exist... yet governments keep the people behind their gates and detour signs from advancing forth... though they claim they are being supportive of any and all paths to enlightenment... so long as they can remain in control... and define the limits thereof in accordance to their laws.

The Cenocratic Reform Movement is the path by which humanity can get back on the road that so very many religious and political ideologies have spoken of, and many of their adherents have mistakenly interpreted to mean they were on "THE" road, and that they were "THE" leader, instead of realizing theirs was but one of many stepping stones that a person may stop on for a moment... or a lifetime... to claim the views from that particular stone are all than anyone needs. The Cenocratic Reform Movement is a path recognized from the vistas of many different stepping stone vantage points from which they can get a glimpse of the road. But it is a road which leads humanity off the Earth, out of the Solar system, and beyond the Galaxy... because each of these are stepping stones as well... just is our present form of biology, physiology and psychology, from which all philosophies emerge in a relative patchwork design. While not everyone will believe, just as there were disbelievers in the times and places of Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, Lao-tzu, Jesus, etc., a deliverer like Moses will arise to lead the people into a wilderness from which will emerge a New Humanity that so very many religions, life philosophies and political ideologies speak fervently about, or at the very least give some intimation of. In order to make preparations for our upcoming journey, we of the present must advance the Cause for increasing the Wage and Benefits package of our Inalienable Rights... because it will provide the necessary resources of consciousness to sustain us as we travel into uncharted territory. And yes, many may want to throw us to the lions and laugh at our resolve to pursue that which they are unable to grasp... but believers must be united in order to overcome the forces of government that have no vision.

Yet, the old strategy of turning the other cheek, or giving the shirt off one's back in the presence of one's enemies will be turned inside out. We can not adopt the matrix of old thinking because there is so very much at stake. Just as belief is defiant in the face of evil opposition, so must the personification of this belief be rendered whole... as a self unto itself. Mohammed, Jesus, the Buddha and so very many social reforms throughout the centuries encouraged day-after-day, year-after-year... and pleaded with their listeners to take heart in the courage of their belief that they have a God given Inalienable Right to Represent themselves and Determine which path they think is best. It is the Martial Arts of one's heart, mind and soul that one's consciousness has shadow-boxed in a ring in a stadium of silent shouting which breeches the zone of sanity in which a person's private madness dwells as an undomesticated beast being forced into the timidity of restraint by forms of government servitude, dependency and exploitation akin to the implements of a torture chamber... and yet so very few living in today's humanity have the sensibility to recognize the incongruities and hypocrisies existing in today's world. Like the slaves of old, those born into a culture of enslavement where their Inalienable Rights were as far from being recognized as was the existence of what lay beyond one's village, much less beyond the edge of one's shores whose nightly stars appeared to fall off the edge at the horizon.

What is wrong with humanity? Why can't the masses of brain matter join into a unity of consciousness from which will emerge a larger comprehension and clearer perception that they are on a deteriorating raft in an ocean, though there is landfall in swimming distance? Why do they refuse to swimm for the shore called Cenocracy? Call it what you will, but it awaits you! What sorts of sea creatures are the people imagining that the government might unleash by invocations to their Corporate gods and oracles of Yellow Journalism or its black and white derivatives placed into a grey folder? Why is their raft called a religion or social philosophy and the winds of the commercialized ocean their only means of reaching the shore? Why are they so afraid to jump into the whirlpool current of the present governing madness and fight off the undertow of their uncertainties in order to make any real progress in the goal of their protests? Why are they traitors to their own Cause? Why are they so fearful of discovering their views as the sights from a stepping stone, or a small island in the middle of a raging river or ocean... and is not the road, not the territory to which their belief aspires to represent as a validation for its untested presumptions? Why are they fearful of recognizing their assumed truth as a mere guess? A guess that is turned into the ambience of culture's obsession with itself as some sort of embodiment of incomparable, inimitable and unconquerable reality of perfected human substantiation?

Why won't the people of today march forward to get back on the road spoken of by Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha and other social reformers? If we move the religious and political languages, will you not be able to see the path of which they spoke? Must one speak of Islam's professed Democracy, or Christianity's declared Democracy, or Hinduism's Democratic leanings before you can recognize the presence of a socio-political perspective? Must one speak of the Quran's or Bible's presence in socio-political ideologies before you recognize the interconnected similarities of underlying human cognitive intent? Why can't you see mathematics and physics in Hinduism, or the music in Islam, or the Biology in Christianity? Are you actually that mentally incompetent not to recognize how language and culture can distort the presence of similar ideas being expressed? Can you not see the infinitesimal calculus in Judaism? Can't you see the Archaeology in Military Strategy? Why can't you see the path that the Cenocratic Reform Movement is shouting at the top of its lungs about? Do you prefer the message to be spoken softly? By a mechanic, carpenter, or concert pianist? Do you prefer the message comes from a Billionaire? A religious nor political leader can speak of a path beyond their grasp while they are clinging tightly onto a stepping stone being claimed as their own. Why can't you look past the stepping stones of your religions, sciences, and socio-political philosophies? No matter how long and hard or by whom the stepping stones are claimed as being owned, Nature too has its own Inalienable Rights and can not be owned. Nature can not sell itself to you, though many have tried to force it into indentured servitude for commercial interests and subjected it to various exploitations and claimed an ownership dependent on a government-recognized patent, rule, policy or law. Nature can not be owned. And stepping stones are natural occurrences because they exist to be recognized by those whose sensibilities evolve in the direction of such a perception. Though they may be the first human who is recognized to have presented the realization of its existence, this is only because it already exists to be perceived by the physiological means by which humans can acknowledge the presence thereof.

One can have little doubt that Mohammed, the Buddha, Jesus, Copernicus, etc., were described by someone as being of their minds. Simply put, there are those who may well have thought they were crazy... that they needed to either be shut up, locked away or killed. To some, everything they said was a bunch of hocus pocus nonsense. Just like many think this or that political ideology is the creation of those who may be describe as looney birds, looney tunes, or even looney goonies, if not labeled in one or another conventional ways such as headcase, insane, weirdo, nutcase, nutter, fanatic, brain terrorist, mind polluter, etc... Some beliefs can be like a song or bit of music that gets stuck in your brain and repeats itself over and over and over again. While some may come to like it and move in rhythm to the sounds, others may try to engage in any number of distractions to get rid of the material which loops around and around and around... only to come at moments you would prefer to be else wise mentally engaged. Some may become so troubled by it they want to get rid of the source, or exclude themselves from the presence of it by creating their own little world. Such a world may include attempts to drown out ideas which create contradictions that disturb one's sense of social equilibrium or inner peace, particularly if one's typical socially significant others begin to enjoy and repeat that which you find to be a nuisance. If they can't get rid of it, or completely remove themselves from it, they may begin to adopt a life style of tolerance-with-a-grudge, or develop a life-style which permits them to co-exist with those whose interest in one stepping stone (such as sports, hunting, getting drunk, etc..) doesn't create ripples which disturbs the other stepping stone.

But many people have difficulty in recognizing a stepping stone from a path, from a roadway. The three are inter-changeably confused because stated goals may predispose one to create a complexity of self-persuasion to believe in a given notion or idea. Some people very convincingly persuade themselves into doing or believing in something that may even be able to overcome the instinct of self-preservation. Sometimes called sacrifice, this stepping stone has frequently been interpreted in different societies as being a laudable exercise. Because it is, the same mechanism by which such a view becomes adopted as a rational belief by a large group of people, is similar to that mechanism a single person may use to convince themselves to "bet it all" on a business venture, gambling event, social protest, religious decision, suicidal ideation, marriage, political contest, sports contest, court contest, etc... With respect to suicidal ideation, one may make elaborate plans that may or may not lead to an act of suicide, such as someone whose poetry (such as Sylvia Plath) has or currently uses the theme of suicide not only as a recreational drug of contemplation to step onto a stone in a territory most fear to go, but as an attempted self-treating mental pharmacotherapy in the form of an inscripted talisman tattooed on one's face every time they look in a mirror, so as to ward off some spectre of depression very often linked to chemical imbalances that may involve nutrition, hormones, alcohol abuse, narcotic levels of religion, music, or emotionally induce physical tortures not easily recognized unless one has an uncommon sensitivity of empathic composition in different settings. However, poetry can be used not only by a person to convince themselves that suicide is a desirable path (instead of as an undesirable stepping stone), it can also be used as a therapy for others. For example, the following poem was create years ago for someone whose above average I.Q. had been used in developing an elaborate mental algorithm which convinced them that suicide was an acceptable and desirable path. Every conventional approach at providing an alternative direction of thought was met with a counter-protective mechanism that preserved their calculation. I then simply suggested that if they are smart enough to convince them that they should commit suicide, they they were smart enough to convince themselves out of it. They were like someone who had painted themselves into a corner and had become so blinded by the color(s) they were painting with, they were overlooking that there was an exit in the form of a window they had unconsciously painted over and could crawl through, or at least open up to remove the intoxicating fumes of the paint they were using. The following poem was written after the encounter and shared with them. Fortunately, they talked themselves out of suicide and went on to study with the same intensity they had given to their "study" of suicide.

The following poem was the result of my conversation with a person who claimed they were considering suicide. The main point I brought out to the person was that if they were intelligent enough to construct an elaborate philosophy to convince themselves of the rationale to commit suicide, they were indeed intelligent enough to talk themselves out of it. Whereas they in fact did. Their sensitive sensibilities came to realize they had an above average I.Q. and did not permit themselves to be a pawn in an intellectual tug-of-war of personal development.

So, You're thinking of suicide?

Why die today, and not tomorrow
is it perfection's anniversary date
an aligned Universe with your sorrow,
how did you pick this day as your fate?

Oh, what powers of great persuasion
to convince yourself the time is now
a logic of tears for any occasion,
depression's mathematics below your brow.

You think no one understand's you
except those agreeing to a suicide pact
(though you may deny this view as true,
and prefer your reasons as a fact.)

But if death be your definition of peace
instead of a goal using simpler tools
you should read the clause in life's lease,
the fine print towards examining rules:

Millions of people have suicidal thoughts
a personal power of self control we own
played like Russian roulette or drawing lots,
until beyond childish games they've grown.

Some prefer to die for a religious Cause
others be-cause of old age and tormenting pain
while another may die due to a soldier's laws,
for a freedom that they are ordered to gain.

So, what is the great Cause of your suicide
who is the foe that leaves you no choice
by what secret means have they made you hide,
to shout out-loud with such a destructive voice?

Are your suicidal thoughts due to poor nutrition
and reasoning created by rationalized fears
if so, then you must question your selection,
and choose when this cloudy day clears.

Suicidal death can wait another day
remember you are its master, not slave
let it not decide the how, when, nor way,
let it take its own life if so brave.

No, you are not committed to committing suicide
though others have convinced themselves you are
because only when suicidal thoughts have died,
can death live honestly without a scar.

If suicidal thoughts can't stave off contradiction
such as itself being a contrary notion of the same
maybe your suicidal views have not reached perfection,
or else they would laugh at this intellectual's game.

Let suicide convince itself of right and wrong
let its sorrow imagine all kinds of strife
tell it no, you won't sing its drunken song,
yes, let suicidal thoughts take their own life!

Suicide is a thief, coward, and braggart
stealing from the innocent, ignorant, and young
afraid to see the birth of someone's true worth,
jealous of all the good that life has done... and can become.

© H.O.B. 05-22-05

Poetry, like music, art, theatre, religion, political ideology, etc... can be used to provide a powerful message. It can be used as instructions, as the doodling of one's mind, as a means of recording history, and is in general, difficult to define like the origin of language itself... when the "spoken word" was at one time given great reverence... perhaps because it appeared seemingly from out of nowhere onto the vocal scene of some anthropoid ape. Indeed, the illumination of expressed ideas or as a projected image one might call the voice or instructions of a god or muse. While some have heard of others having been personally exposed to some Eureka! event of mental illumination, or some sustained diversion that produces one creative expression after another, not everyone has a first hand experience with the occasion. No doubt the ideas of Jesus, Mohammed, Copernicus and many others can be labeled as epiphanys, whether or not they are later described in a religious, artistic, scientific or philosophical context compounded by the exhilaration of one person's ego or that of a groups... such that the size of a group's ego may need to label the event in god-like terms to give it the importance they want to give themselves... perhaps as a compensation for feelings of inferiority brought on by an endured persecution. While one may have their ego washed, dried and combed to a point of socially accepted and recognized perfection by having a personal experience described as "the word of god" or "the word of satan", etc., such applications more closely resemble an ego-derived adulation. Yet, others may believe such an interpretation and create an entire culture based on the assumed experience, like rural children claiming to have witnessed the Virgin Mary and later become cloistered away in some religious enclave so as to preserve the idea that might otherwise be lost if the presumed witnesses were subjected to the realities of day-to-day living over an extended period of time. By keeping witness away from that which may cause the view to deteriorate, the view is preserved and can be exploited by those whose efforts at survival require beliefs that are sustained by illusion. This is much different when something that "pops into one's mind" seemingly from out of nowhere, has the person themselves questioning the validity of any pretense to define the event in some egotistical fashion.

For example, take the following poem which "popped" into mind and presents oneself with the currency of thought of how to explain its presence-of-mind appearing in the form which it did. It is of particular interest to note that the same poem "popped" into mind once again after so many years. Its presence keeps promoting itself in a forceful way that I am "compelled" to share it, and provide it, in hopes that the recurrence of it (like a recurring bit of music), will stop cropping up. By sharing it I hope to get it off the conveyor belt of my mind... as if a production worker fell asleep and the product goes around and around, each time being stamped with yet another label. As humorous as the visualization is, the content of the poem can be used as an analogy to the presentation of the Cenocratic Reform Movement, as if speaking in the first person:

Don't you remember me
from your childhood past
I've come to set your mind free,
as truth can but last.

Though I am but a step
to a future man's morn
it's within all I'm kept,
awaiting to be born.

Have you forgotten so easily
the times you've wanted to cry
your prayers of peace for humanity,
that ended with a sigh.

Don't you recognize me
from the troubles I've freed
with the utmost sincerity,
why my wisdom won't you heed?

Please remember me
and not the burden of your load
for I am Faith, Hope and Charity,
come to show you the road.

© H.O.B (circa 1970s-1980s)

Date of Origination: Monday, 29-January-2018... 1:11 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 29-Jan-2018... 11:58 AM