Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum XV


We fully acknowledge that the enormity of the task to Reform the Government will require the assistance of the entire public. Thus, it is of need to seek the assistance from all those who have come to realize that the recurring problems in society in large part stem from a system of government which has 'long gone' without the necessary maintenance of its originating premise of practicing a democracy that it has fallen into such a state of disrepair, that nothing less than a Nation-wide public-engendered policy of deep and sustained protest with the intent of forcing respective civil authorities to adopt significant changes of reformation in order that the people receive a Full Measure of the Inalienable Rights which include Self-Representation and Self-Determination; and in other words refers to an uncompromising practice of an Actual Democracy; since conventional measures of protest by petition, by contacting one's Congressional Representative, by protesting in the streets... have been to no avail... must now use a protest method of greater assertion by asking all Reformists and Revolutionists to collectively appeal to the respective publics in their venues; that they voice an extremely loud and protracted voice of having no confidence in the government's ability to provide the people with an honest practice of democracy so that equality is embraced as a moral value and is not merely a figment of one's imagined ideals as is the present practice; by casting a unanimous vote not to vote in any election. Let us participate in a protest of non-cooperation in order to bring about so desperately needed government reforms. It is a form of protest carried out quite effectively by Mohandas Gandhi, and thus serves as a testament of what the public can accomplish if they form their own Congress, a Cenocratic Congress of Reform, or Cenocratic Reform Congress! (A peoples Congress for Reforming the Government.)

In order to show the public the despotic character which the government conceals in its many pretended acts of democracy, we must appeal to the people to help us remove the shadows under which the government hides, by shining a bright light on its true underlying personality by way of exercising their right not to participate in the government's hide-n-seek, bait-and-switch, sleight-of-hand antics... and thus exercising their right not only to protest, not only to have a public redress of grievances, but to alter or abolish it in order to construct a government which suits the people better... through a collective action which unequivocally, without vacillation— states in the most salient emphatic terms, we will not vote to sustain the system of a government which has no real and sincere interest in practicing a government Of, By and For the People. We will not sustain a government whose parental British despotic predecessor brought it up with a mentality that would later reveal itself as a segregationist in India, and that we of today are treated as "untouchables"... those unable to reach for a means to clear away the effacement which a depressed wage and benefits of our Inalienable Rights has soiled us with.

Since the personality of despotic governments is predictable, what the people can expect by collectively protesting in an act of not voting in any election, are the varying attempts by which the government may react in attempting to dissuade the people from exercising their right to protest en masse. When trinket bribes, and specious appeals to patriotism do not work, its efforts to force the people to comply with its despotic mindset may well appear in simple "persuasive" forms at first, followed by more aggressive actions. Instead of surrendering itself to the wishes of the public to practice a greater level of Democracy by releasing the public's Inalienable Rights which are now being held hostage in order to effect a sustained ransom, subservience, indentured servitude, dependency and manipulability for various exploitative purposes; the government's response will be one in which its true anti-democratic heart and mind will come to exhibit how blackened its soul has become. It is a beast that many in the public do not themselves care to see and will side with the government in its efforts to conceal the nature of its true anti-democratic interests. They will join in with the government to harass, condemn, chide, ridicule, and use all forms of emotional and psychological appeals meant to manipulate the people into giving up their effort to pay witness to the disgusting drunken monster of despotism which the government has become diseased with.

Instead of responding to the public's concerted request to reform the despicable models of voting, election, and overall political character of the nation, the government will reach into its pockets of despotic collusion with various businesses and religion to effect a joint effort in getting the public to return to the practice of governance which produces so much inequality; because all of them have carved out an identifiable niche in which they know how to "work the prevailing system" for their selfish interests... and let the people be damned if they don't like it... so long as they get their disproportioned share the people can complain all it wants because there is no conventional way in which the public can change the system to produce a greater level of equality and increase their wage and benefits of Inalienable Rights.

We implore the public to have the courage to look past the curtain... their individualized veils which are constructed of wished-for democratic ideals that perpetrate both illusions and delusions of grandeured equality... in order to see wolf in sheep's clothing, the wolf in grandma's nightgown, the wolf which not only huffs and puffs out policies, programs and practices which force the public into housing that it subsidizes to effect an enlarged coffer, but effects a 'Right of Imminent Domain' usage in order to confiscate any structure in which the public may find true shelter from its bad, bellowing, and bullying breath.

At its inception, though we know this may be difficult for some in the public to readily accept, the government retained a disposition of its Despotic State upbringing because its leading citizens who were directly involved with constructing a New Government after winning Independence, held a kindred affinity with the gentry class of the British government's citizens... despite the fact that such a class did not hold the same affection for its colonial brethren who were frequently viewed as a degenerate version of themselves created by an uncouth and heathen citizenry trying to emulate their self-considered refinement of uniqueness. The despotic character of the former parent lives on in the heart and mind of the present American (and other former British) protectorates, colonies and commercial-interest occupations. In order for the public to see how deeply the present government has retreated to the nurturing seeds of its parentally discharged despotism into the hands of a subservient governance which retains its nurse-maiding activities, it must stand its ground and demand to be enabled to develop the maturity to grow up. Like a child being told when, where, how, what and why it must perform certain behaviors to be a "proper person", the government enforces a dependency on the public to abide by its direction in practicing a a formula of democracy which makes the public into a "proper citizen", yet is in fact an extension of control by a despotically over-bearing parental figure who refuses to permit the public assume its rightful adult role by giving its earned allowance of a Full Wage of its Inalienable Rights.

The government is a self-centered despotic government which has brought up the public to believe it is handicapped and must therefore retain a perpetual dependency on the government, so long as it performs "its dutiful citizenry" in order to keep in the good graces of the parental acting figure that resorts to the usage of a 'governess' whose entitle name has been altered to 'governance' in order to both conceal the presence of servant bought and paid for by the monopolies, trusts, and cartels of industry, but to indicate the use of a male-centered dominance of perception. Part of this duty is to provide the parent, under a demanded enforcement, with a proportion of its wages in the form of taxes, social security withdrawal and other "assured insurance resurgences" so that the parent can decide how the wages can be best used for the children, but the children can not have any measurable opinion of deciding for themselves because they are taught they are too selfish, too self-centered, too greedy, too inconsiderate, too ignorant, too unworldly, too unwise, too much of the wrong things needed for self-governance— and harbor other character disfigurements... without noting they are the reflected behaviors of those who are their despotic role models. The handicapped children are expected to work full time, vote for Representatives who are proportionately chosen by a disproportionate political campaign system which provides a candidacy lineup of where the lesser of two or more evils or incompetents can be selected from by way of a system of voting that can be easily rigged and undermined by laws which effectively assist in the government's practice of despotism. The children are not permitted to have an equal voice in their house, a house which they rightfully inherited from forbearers who won a struggle for Independence, but instead... vote in a small minority of Representatives to have a majority of opinion who are instructively permitted to treat those who were forced to chose them, as if they are too ignorant to know what is best for themselves! This is not the logic of a democratic equality, but the practiced disparity of a Despot! Yet, so many of the children do not see how so very evil the parental governess is.

If the public actually wants to witness for itself how despotically degenerate decisions are dispensed by the government, it needs only to stop voting. Those who participate in a non-voting protest expression and voice an opinion for others to join in the protest, may at first be ignored by the government and its confederates in industry, journalism, education, etc., to see if disregard forestalls the behavior like a child presumed to be acting out to get attention... but afterwards, when the protest continues and enlarges, the government's resources and varied acts of attempting to sabotage the non-voting protest will come into play... because it actually doesn't care to practice a democracy because a democracy will prevent them from being able to create conditions which serve their greed and other egregious interests. A despotic government State will not respond to requests for reform by reforming itself, but by trying to enforce collaborative efforts to get the public to play whatever game(s) it wants to according to rules which serve the few over the many.

Despotic states of government are stubborn. Instead of changing on behalf of the public's wishes, they change in order to effect a greater level of despotism because of their egos. While they may offer trinket concessions meant to convince the public of a humility that will go out of its way of expressing conciliatory overtures, it does so only to make the public vulnerable to some future level of increase despotism that... if not expressed directly at the public, then some other public at another time and place so that a psychic connection can not be easily ascertained as a product of an enraged despotism. To distract a public from its protesting efforts, the government may resort to the tactic of instigating a conflict which the news media will attach itself to and create a social environment of mind-numbing repetition to be used as a narcotic to immobilize the public from making or participating in any joint effort of protest. However, if not a military conflict, or political conflict, or some other harassment akin to a bullying session on a schoolyard conducted against an unsuspecting innocent in the presence of the bully's friends (allies), the government may enlist the help of a corporate confederate... and/or their financial counter-part to instigate commercial product shortages, economic instability, or larger... more severe attempts to get the public to submit to the Will of the government to force the public to participate in those practices which ensures a continuance of its despotic State of activities.

There are different types of collusion that the government may participate in with business to effect a means by which its desire to assist business interests to increase its coffers at the public expense. But the government needs to have a reason... a plausible excuse for providing a policy that it wants to provide business with anyway, but needs a means to convince the public of a necessity for doing so because the effect will necessarily create an environment of austerity... so that larger profits can be realized. Deliberately instigated economic turmoil can be effected by altering schedules of transporting raw materials, delaying manufacturing, protracting decisions on loans, perpetrating conflicts amongst competing companies or countries to effect their own work-place or socially generated cultural production problems, etc... It is a means by which one company sets up one or more other companies for failure, so that they might be more easily and more cheaply acquired in order to develop a larger monopolization. By instigating a recession or depression, both the government and respective business partnerships must be in a position to weather the conditions... though the public will have to endure privation. Privations incurred by the public are not the concern of a despotic government or business monopoly. They simply want greater profit and greater commanding positions by which greater profit can be had... can be acquired. There is a great deal of money and other resources to be gained in a recession and depression, just as there is in time of war, natural disasters, etc... When legal avenues for creating a larger stash of cash do not avail prime economic players such as the government and its cohorts, then illegal means are considered in such a way as to make it appear that such economic conditions were created by some boogey man, some ghost-in-the-machine or ominous spectral phenomena called "market forces" which are used as a means to create a social mood based on the public's knowledge and practice of one or another superstitious inclination, such as the absence of the number 13 from seats, elevator floors or 666 from badges and road signs.

Perhaps the use of an analogy to portray the aforementioned collusion will be of serviceable interest: Like the trio of Government-Business-Public, this scenario displays the trio of two bad guys and an innocent woman. One of the men (Corporation: dressed in casual business clothes) approaches the woman (the innocent public) and begins a conversation suggesting some increased (commercial) relationship development. But she has no interest and tells him so. Yet he insists and continues his assertions and suggestions that it will be mutually beneficial relationship... to the point of pestering her to join in the enterprise, which causes her stress and an increase in her protestations. Then the other guy (the government, dressed in tailored suit and tie) comes up and tells the first man to leave her alone. After the exchange of a few ugly words and perhaps some boyish pushing and shoving, the harasser leaves. The woman extends her appreciation and he offers her future assistance should she ever have need. He hands her his calling card. She may or may not be in pursuing any extended acquaintance at the moment, so he leaves with the intent of running into her "by accident" in a store, because of a flat tire he himself had caused, or some other reasonably excusable consideration for him to deliberately pursue a more extensive relationship of dependency on him. Whereas he may or may not be soley interested in sex, her money, or some property, she may in fact be a means to someone or something else that the guy has an interest in. Unknowing to the woman is that this supposed white-hat-wearing good guy is actually friends with the harasser and they colluded together to set the woman up. Though the government may have no real personal interest in her, nor does the harasser, she is a means to an end. They care about her inasmuch as she is a means, a path, a tool by which both the government and the business(es) can pursue an ulterior motive without being identified as having this intent.

Instead of yielding to the demands of the public for government reform, the government will instead choose to express aggravated forms of its despotic character. Again let us state that the government has not interest in effecting a form of governance that wants to increase equality by way of giving the people a Full Wage and Benefits package of their Inalienable Rights, with a specific intent which permits the public to Represent itself and Determine for itself which is the best course for the Nation, for Humanity, to pursue as a global community. An increase in the Inalienable Rights Wage (I.R.W.) will be perceived as a significant competitor to the self-styled sovereignty of current Corporate Monopolies, Government/Business Cartels, and Financial Center/Bank Trusts. The current "Business As Usual" motto will be an antiquated perspective of the past...where it rightfully belongs.

While we appreciate there are those who will claim that without voting for elected Representatives on the Local and State levels will cause harm to the day-to-day managerial operations for public services to remain in working order, this is not a crisis since most communities and States will 'step up to the plate' and effect legislative sessions to enact policies which will enable the local and State government services to continue. However, these government entities might well join in with the Federal Government's efforts to perpetrate despotic controls over the public through various threats and privations by issuing proclamations that services are in part or in whole due to Federal tax dollars that will be cut off if the people do not return to the former practice of despotically mandated voting behavior. If the Federal government refuses to provide funding for services as a means of punishing the people for requesting that they receive a greater practice of Democracy, States can refuse to collect money for the Federal Coffers... and instead keep the money themselves. By not voting in an election until such time as our demands for increased equality and the I.R.W. involving a Peoples Legislative Branch are permitted to function unobstructedly and without conditions, the despotic nature of government will show itself more and more and more clearly.

The people must demand an Inalienable Rights Act which exceeds the combined statement of articles in the Bill of Rights, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights... all of which, including their forbearer Declarations of Rights having been put forth by different peoples in different countries in different eras for their respective circumstances... have fallen short of establishing a Full Wage and Benefits package of Our Inalienable Rights. Our Inalienable Rights must be released from their current state of bondage at the hands of a Despotic government that holds them for a ransom which disallows any negotiation whatsoever in the liberation of their hostage... that the government will deny any knowledge of because the Inalienable Rights have been held in indentured servitude for so long that they are no longer recognizable as being anything other than as a permanent fixture with an established genealogy that belongs to the government by way of Triple branch orgies of incest, and gang rape between the government and its business confederates having been given sanctity by indulged-in inter-generational religious rites-of-passage bought and paid for by Capitalistic forms of narcissistic revelry amidst extreme forms of commercialized Bacchanaliaism.

Voting Rights Protest March

Though the American Voting Rights Act of 1965 was directed to alleviating the disenfranchization of African Americans, and the American Woman's Suffrage Movement gained the right to vote for American women, (Representation of the People Act gained it for British Woman 30 years of age and over, but it wasn't until 1928 that the voting age was lowered to 21); we find that some countries view voting not as a personal choice, but as a civic duty and develop compulsory voting laws, which are diametrically opposed to the Democratic view of free choice and the Inalienable Right of Self Representative-(self-) Determination. Compulsory voting measures adopted by governments clearly indicate they are not practicing a Democracy but a despotism speciously referred to as a democracy but might be more distinct if referred to as a despotic- (formula of) democracy. In any respect to the vote being gained, there were those who were against American Blacks and Women being able to vote. For example, the following two excerpts describing a concerted effort against women gaining the right to vote and the reasons for the objection, is representative, as is the reactions of some whites (particularly those in authority) who were against Blacks obtaining an equal measure of the (now realized as a low wage and benefits) level of Inalienable Rights experienced by Whites:

3 Women voting in 1920 New York City
National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage (NAOWS)

(The NAOWS was an) organization formed in New York City in 1911 during a convention of state anti-suffrage groups. Led by Josephine Dodge, the founder and first president, the NAOWS believed that woman suffrage would decrease women's work in communities and their ability to effect societal reforms. Active on a state and federal level, the group also established a newsletter, Woman's Protest (reorganized as Woman Patriot in 1918), that was a bellwether of anti-suffrage opinion. In 1918 the NAOWS moved its headquarters to Washington, D.C., where it operated until its disbandment following the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. Woman Patriot continued to be published through the 1920s, generally opposing the work of feminists and liberal women's groups.

Source: "National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage (NAOWS)." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.
Civil Rights Protestor

In the late 1950s CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) turned its attention to the South, challenging public segregation and launching voter registration drives for African Americans. It became one of the leading organizations of the civil rights movement in the early 1960s by organizing activist campaigns that tested segregation laws in the South. From this era, the Freedom Rides of 1961 and the Freedom Summer project of 1964 endure as CORE's most memorable contribution to the civil rights struggle. The group's efforts became all the more dramatic when its nonviolent demonstrations were met by vicious responses from whites. CORE volunteers were assaulted, tear-gassed, and jailed, and some demonstrators were killed. James Farmer (who established C.O.R.E.) himself survived a Ku Klux Klan murder plot and once escaped Louisiana state troopers by hiding inside a coffin housed in a hearse. His leadership contributed to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Source: "Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Yet, both these gains pale in comparison to the need for the public asserting itself to acquire a Full Wage and Benefits package of their Inalienable Rights involving Self-Representation and Self-Determination via a Peoples Legislative Branch. What the Black organizations, Women's organizations, Animal Rights Activists, etc., are attempting to individually effect in an as yet haphazard way, is much more profound then their Reformist and Revolutionist predecessors. What all of them are pursuing without having given it an entitled name by which a distinction can be made to promote a Unified Cause which embraces all efforts to give the people a Collective Voice of their combined Wills by which laws will be determined. While individual groups have not as yet identified their separate but unified purpose of intent to have a greater voice in determining the direction, path and legalized signposts of their lives. Without an identification, the individual groups can not collectively move forward together as a singularlized empowerment. It is difficult to discuss a topic that has not been specifically identified in order to be articulated and used as a premise to stage a protest as well as define a Cause to protect, defend and assert the propriety of because of already established precedents.

Whereas the Right to Vote is nowadays taken for granted as a given amongst most peoples, the ability to keep certain groups of people out of voting booths was a means by which standards of government enabled a few to concentrate votes with less interference from those whose votes might well act as a wrench thrown into a system by those who used the absence of voters as a tool which voting results might be more easily manipulated... so long as a given segment of like-minded voters did not have their votes "diluted" by the votes of those who might see things differently because of their gender, race, lack of property ownership, age, etc... But if voting can not be fixed by eliminating one or another group or moving voting districts around (called gerrymandering), then limiting who can run in a given office by way of campaign costs, party affiliation, etc., is an alternative way of fixing a voting system so that those who enter into a government body will be sure to continue practicing by the rules of the system and prevents the public from having much impact on legislation and government reform. Hence, voting is being used to force the public to go along with a system that does not want to practice a full measure of equality or greater formula of democracy. As long as the people participate in the present voting process, they are in fact helping the government perpetuate its anti-equality, anti-democracy, anti-Inalienable Rights increases so as to serve the interests of a few over the many.

If the public truly wants to reform the government, wand an increase in equality, and a Full Wage and Benefits increase in their Inalienable Rights, they must stop participating in a process which enables the system to act like a perpetual motion machine. Present practices of voting act as an oil can to lubricate a system whose continued operation is self-destructive to the people. Present voting systems do not provide the people with Representatives who are enabled to make substantial reform measures to a despotic formula of governance that can not run well on the synthesis of increased Inalienable Rights as a Natural lubricant with advanced properties. The present despotic formula of democracy is not designed to run well with a "synthetic lubricant" of an increased Naturalization of Inalienable Rights which are Nationalized... much less Internationalized.

The Right to Vote Doesn't Mean you vote in what is right.

What good has it been for Women, for Blacks, for Native Americans and others to have gained the ability to vote, when there still remains other barriers to true Self-Representation? What sort of vote has been gained when such votes do not directly affect those issues the people want dealt with to their satisfaction, because the present process of voting makes their vote ineligible of doing anything because they are subjected to a rigged system that tosses their votes into a hat that is trampled on by the current formula of phony democracy which effects laws by way of a Congressional Herd Mentality? What does it matter to be able to vote for the lesser of two or more evils or be denied an ability to run for an office due to financial requirements or... upon winning an elected position... only to find that the internal workings of government likewise work against the people from being able to exercise a collective vote on their behalf? Or how about the ludicrous presence of an Electoral College, not to mention concscripted voting that occurs in some countries who consider themselves democracies!? Let us all uniformly say that enough is enough is enough of this nonsense! The people need to stop voting in the elections of a despotic government.

What actual right have the people gained in their ability to vote when the vote is little more than a superficial expression of a democracy concealing the presence of a despotic formula of governance alternatively described as an Oligarchy, Plutocratic-Aristocracy or Corporatocracy? The people who fought so hard to get the right to vote because it was assumed such a process would enable the people to have their many social issues addressed, have gained nothing when those who get into office can't or won't address the many social issues the people are faced with to the satisfaction of the people. Being able to vote is as worthless as not being able to vote when the same results occur. Whether a person votes or not votes doesn't make a difference because by itself, a single vote cast or uncast does not speak for the public in unison. A person elected by the majority of a minority is still a minority of the eligible majority! Whereby a minority acquiring the right to vote as a majority is the expression of a minority opinion faced against a disposed majority already existing as part of the governing process. It amounts to voting in the retention of the majority of an opinion established by a minority who side against its effects— which amount to a negligibility anyway.

Revolving door image 1 Revolving door image 2 Revolving door image 3

None Of The Above
  • Why aren't the people allowed to have "none of the above" automatically placed on every ballot in order to convey to government officials their growing dissatisfaction with their arrogance, lies, and lack of true leadership skills?

Conscientious Voter Objection

  • Why can't there be a "Conscientious Objector" provision similar to that permitted in the military because the situation with elections is a disgusting testament to a practiced irrationality?

I Invoke My Right to Vote In Protest!!!

  • Why can't the voting process be used as a method of effective protest when all other avenues of attempting to get issues effectively addressed are examples of an "open door policy" of government in the form of a revolving door experienced in different ways by different people?

The current forms of voting Ballot being routinely supplied to the public are the designs created by Despotic governments which forces the people to participate in a rigged system that does not permit the public to have their own voice via a Peoples Legislative Branch... so that the people can effect reforms that the Despotic government refuses to make— and creates excuses for not doing so in order to perpetuate its despotism under the quise of a presumed democracy. Despotic governments have no interest in practicing effective democracies with full measures of equality which guarantee a Full Wage and Benefits package of our Inalienable Rights! Instead, they want to hold our Inalienable Rights hostage!

This is a Generic Ballot for a Despotic form of Government

This is a Generic Despotic Government Ballot

This is a generic ballot which may contain other specifically-listed political parties depending on the context of a given election.

A person who wants to use their vote to "make a statement" typically does so by selecting the candidate whom they think is the lesser of two or more evils. This formula of using the ballot to "voice their opinion" is little more than a continued participation in the election system of a Despotic government. It makes little difference whom you vote in with the desire to bring about actual reforms when the overall political system is rigged against the people having a collective voice to effect desired and desperately needed reforms in the fundamental functioning of the overall government process. Everyone must stop voting in order for their voice to be collectively heard. The people will get the reforms they want or the people will stop participating in a system that refuses to abide by the collective Will of the Population, and not just a minority of eligible voters who help to perpetuate the disgusting Despotism currently being practiced. In an effort to get needed reforms, a progressive three-step philosophy can be initiated (because a Despotic government has no real interest in practicing real equality or a real democracy... without being able to rig the system so that a Few can take advantage of the Many. (Because conventional methods of peaceful protest are ineffectual we must construct a progressive system of non-cooperation:)

Initial Tier:

  1. A National Boycott of all elections. (Do not give in to bribes, scare tactics, manipulated patriotisms, threats, specious conciliations, etc...)
  2. Refusal to pay Federal Taxes (States should prepare to keep the money. If States give the money to the Federal government, all taxes from the State will be withheld as well.)
  3. Shut down the entire Capitalist system. (Stock pile supplies against the protracted stubborness of a Despotic government that has no interest in effecting reforms in accordance with the Will of the People. It will use every dirty trick at its disposal to get the public to bend to its Will so that it can continue to subjugate the Many by a Few.)

Secondary Tier:

  1. Targeted Riots (corporate financials, government communications/media propaganda, etc...)
  2. Riotous Rebellion (minor armaments against specific targets)
  3. Revolution (full armamentation against specific targets)

Tertiary Tier:

  1. Destroying all politically-oriented monuments, street signs, building inscriptions, etc... (Overall infrastructure is to be left intact... unless we are given no choice but to do otherwise.)
  2. Attacking specific Corporate and Civic leaders.
  3. Confiscation of all government activities on behalf of the people to effect a better government.
This is a Generic Ballot For
a Real Democratic Formula of Government

A Real Democratic Ballot

And if the government doesn't give the people these three options on every ballot, (because they refuse to address the many social issues to the satisfaction of the people), then the people will have to take in their own red stamp with one (or all) of the three remarks in order to stamp the ballot sheets so that every single ballot box will be a collective voice of the people in protest! Yet better still, let We The People of th entire Nation speak as one by not voting at all!

The alternative usage of a "Ballot Iniative" is appealing to some, there is too much handling done by those in government. Instead, we need a Peoples Legislative Branch which will permit the people to discuss any and all issues amongst themselves, vote on a measure, send it to Congress, Sent it to the President, and if they have worthy reccommendations then the people can collectively decide what is best for them. If Both the Congress and the President reject what the people want, the people can overstep them with a collective vote. Having a system in which the government is the arbiter instead of the people is a form of despotism. The public is not truly aware of how despotic the U.S. government is (and other so-called democracies) are. By not voting, the people would find out.

Because the voting behavior of the public has little effect on bringing about desperately needed social reforms... regardless of who is voted into office, t than not having a right to vote. It's rather stupid of the people to take it upon themselves to insure that all votes are counted correctly when the result of correctness or incorrectness has no bearing on a government system that has no interest in practicing a Full Measure of Inalienable Rights which necessarily includes a Peoples Legislative Branch in order to insure that the people can participate... on a full time basis, in the process of government with an individually-collectivized vote. What does it matter if votes are correctly counted if the end result is always the same... the people are not permitted to represent themselves! It is rather hypocritical to think that just because you exercise your right to vote means you are participating in an effort to bring about social reform, when in fact it matters not whether you, as an individual, vote for one or another person who will be unable to address problems stemming from the functionality of a despotic government being practiced. Only by an individually-collectivized action of non-voting can the people voice an effective opinion that we want to reform the government... that we want a Cenocracy!

By a sustained National protest action of Non-voting, the people will witness how very vicious the present government's despotic inclinations will surface like a rabid dog, instead of developing... according to the view of the public, significant voting, elections campaign, and political reforms to provide a greater level of democracy, equality and Inalienable Rights. The despotic government has no sincere interest nor intent for increasing the standards of equality and democracy. And if by chance we were to be wrong, then we were right to call for a protest of Non-voting to get the government to do what it should have done without the need for such a protest. Current Voting Rights provisions do not entail accommodations for the Right of Voting to be used as a means for effecting government reform when all other conventional methods of protest have been to no avail. No less, if the act of non-voting is met by a despotic level of obstinance , then the protest can escalate to a non-tax paying measure. If this too fails to intensify our earnestness for the government to accede to our demands for deep and lasting reforms of so many issues, then we will move on to a protest in non-working... to shut down the entire country and to ask all other countries to stop doing business with a despot, or eventually face the enmity of a public once their reform measures have been fulfilled.

If the only way to stop the present government officials from doing such a poor job is to stop hiring them, then we must effect a refusal to vote any of the in. Even though there are those who have the sincerest of intentions to work on behalf of the public, they will not be enabled to because they will be met with having to confront an established clique of workers whose actions determine who works and what will be accomplished. Therefore, we must respectively decline to put a good apple in with a rotting basket full of them. Clearly, we need a new basket but can not get one if we are forced to choose a basket full of rotten ones every time an election appears. Therefore, as a first protest initiative to bring about corrective reform, let everyone vote in the collective preference to do so by not voting. If this fails to get us what is desperately needed in our pleas for a greater equality... for a greater expression and practice of democracy... then we must refuse to pay for the retention of such bad apples by keeping all federal tax dollars within our respective States. And if this should be insufficient to prosper in our Just Cause, then we shall bring the entire Nation to a standstill by engaging in a Nation-wide strike from all participations used by the government to perpetuate and perpetrate the present conditions of governance which have become intolerable.

Date of Origination: Tuesday, 1-February-2018... 1:25 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 5-February-2018... 2:09 PM