Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum XIX


I arose this morning at 1:01 AM with the following formative explication assiduosly attendant as a persuasive entreaty for me to begin this day:

"It is at such times in the contemplations of our earnest endeavors that we submit to our consciousness a pail of discovery from a wishing well of fortitude that which will sate the quench of a thirst of a moment's respite until the hunger of our imagination implores us to stretch the legs of curiosity and begin the hunt for renewed game which we espy on the horizon on the horizon of a grasp that we seek to ensnare and bring home to the village of humanity so that they too may feast on the delicacy of our exploratory delights."

And then I began to wrestle with that creature of laziness which beckoned my return to bed... yet because I knew I would not sleep having awakened into a field of flowing plains of grass which began to echoe the beat of a drum amidst a crowd of those who were waiting in attendance for my arrival to bid them welcome to a threshold upon which we embark in our protest for Liberation! They are awaiting us. Yes! I say us because I speak on behalf of all Reformists and Revolutionists whose lives have had but one purpose since before they could remember from memories now lost to a time whose focal point directed them along a course of being the vanguard long awaited for by a public dreaming of an enhanced equality! Hear those drums! See the crowds of those awaiting us to begin our march to begin the movement of a tide which will sweep the shores of discontent so that the winds of time and history may breathe anew.

Joan of Arc, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and so many others nearer to the histories of our own experiences heard their own drums and saw their own crowds, as we vanguard will be privilege to behold our own that is not ours to claim but be thankful for the honor to serve humanity as its foremost followers at a task requiring an unswerving fidelity of a mind, heart and soul that was born for this moment to share in with others the jubilance of Liberation! For we are believers that we can create a better world and do not have to continue in the present sufferings of so many servitudinal chores which shackle us to a dependency of exploitive sufferings. And so very often is the need for a people who prefer the path of non-violence to effect the development of a Congress as a springboard from which others may enrapture a sense of competing, contemplative, and competent authority which signals the embodiment of self-worth... that inalienable right which is amongst those held ransom by a despotic, autocratic rule... though it be named democracy.

From all walks of life these denizens of Reform dressed in the consciousness of Revolution to which their spirit has been bathed without an achilles vulnerability, come before one another to attest the unanimous signature of their heart, mind, and soul as claiming the inalienable right to Declare Greater Independence whose worth is not the laurel worn by those whose individual value is measured by an institution such as the Nobel Prize Committee whose standards of commercialized measurement would not give the Peace prize to Mohammed, Jesus, the Buddha and other historical markers of greatness because they pursued the means by which humanity could obtain a purer equality of those creator-endowed Inalienable Rights held hostage and placed into an indentured servitude by the dictatorships of maligned despotic States-of-Affair in their respective ages. There is no Noble Prize for their types of human leadership in the service of a god known to each of them in personalized visions in the differentiated language that only a visionary of their stature are enabled to articulate... as feebly as they themselves might describe because the effulgence of such grandeur is too overwhelming to be grappled with by the ordinary language of day-to-day confessions for misplaced contritions having arisen due to the interminable lashings of a falsified democracy used to conceal a despotic autocracy sometimes described as a Plutocratic Aristocracy, Oligarchy, or Coporatocracy. Yet, the words used to describe that from which their message is conveyed... such as Heaven, Nirvana, Enlightenment or otherwise... are of little matter since it is of the same spirit showing itself within the trappings of one another culture. They are of a single mind, a single purpose, a singularity whose presence is an epochaful resplendency that no human institution can measure with any standardized rule-of-thumb upon which they may bestow a reward and thus entitle themselves a moment's authority over them by their recognition. Since neither Heaven, Nirvana, Enlightenment or their self-same attributes declared by other names... or the nameless... are not places for which humanity might travel to, because humanity is not ready to leave the wilderness of a rationalized madness used as a make-shift life preserver while standing on an incrementally deteriorating raft in an ocean of possibility that one can easily wade in, but humanity harbors too many fears, too many superstitions, too much personal and collective greed which disables them from finding the necessary courage to revolt against the old institutions of State Rule which denies a Full Wage and Benefits measure of their Inalienable Rights. For there is no human gift, no human reward which may honor itself in the presence of the Creator's Will given to those chosen for a task to impart a message... and then return to the humility from whence they came. Yet, as is so often the case... humanity does not want to let such treasures leave. They want to own them and secure for themselves the greater wealth through some supposed ownership by way of a devoted entreaty and supplication that leaves such leaderships little choice but to follow the path of martyrdom.

For humanity to reach such a level of Self-Realization that a Full Measure of Inalienable Rights will bring, the apprehensions of its primate past in venturing forth from the jungle onto the awaiting Savannah and the journey beyond, must be faced. Humanity must learn to overcome its fears of god, of earth-born authority, of itself. Humanity dishonors itself by not questioning a God which gave humanity Free Will to do just this. Humanity dishonors itself by not questioning all Earth-born Authority with a Free Will given them by their God. Humanity dishonors itself in not questioning itself... in order to go beyond the need to question that which will be known to those who seek themselves away from this planet, this solar system, this galaxy and all the further that humanity might grasp as a human... before emerging as that which is more than human. Heaven epitomizes that which humanity humorously describes as an uncertainty principle related to atomic particles... because it relates to human perception of particles and not the particles themselves. It is a principle describing the state of humanity in a fogged consciousness that, like so many expressions, is being held up as some sort of torch by which to see more clearly... yet the lights simply bounce off the fog and become misinterpreted as an image of certainty. Worshiping a god is not the same as respecting that which has enlightened you with the Inalienable Right of Self-Will. Thus, in an attempt to help humanity help itself, God engaged in a self-sacrificial event so that some could proclaim that God is Dead... yet humanity foolishly tries to claim ownership of God through a self-imposed indentured servitude of prostrated worship, prayer and pilgrimage. God is not a dog you train to fetch, roll over and sit up in your presence by giving some treat of tithing to. God is not a religion, ceremony, nor can be confined to any religious text— but has been transformed into a rationalized survival mechanism you carry with you as you traverse the wilds of human existence. It is human ego for religions to claim ownership of morality and god and shows themselves as being as yet unworthy to embrace a full message for the Liberation of humanity from its bondage of false gods wearing the garments of a despotic parentage.

Those religious leaders and organizations which do not seek to help humanity liberate themselves from the shackles of their false authoritative government gods and yet expect a recurring payment to sustain their earthly desires of tangible and intangible property, are themselves engaging in a commercialism as their foremost intent and like those in so many governments, do not actually want to free the people by helping them acquire a duly deserved increase in the Wage and Benefits package of God given Inalienable Rights, because they too have settled into social niches in which they have learned how to "work the system" to their individual interests... despite all the impoverishments and inequality which, by their participation in their religious routines, help to sustain the existence of. They do not deserve your loyalty. Your time, your energy and your resources would be better spent on pursuing an Actual Cenocracy.

In as much as some readers might want to dwell in the usage of religion as an analogy which speaks of something greater than oneself, that larger-than-life theatrical screen set atop a world stage, there is need to point out that religion and religious figures can be viewed from the perch of sociological and political interpretations to assist in providing an insight towards grasping an appreciably tighter grip on the reality of detours in which humanity engages in the overlapping of multiple ideas in different contexts. For example, with respect to religion and religious figures the three different body profiles of the Buddha (thin, medium, fat) can be used to describe the stages of life, the three major classes of society, social conditions incurred by different economic stratifications, etc...

A hungering lower class
The thin, starving Buddha
Experiencing privations of Austerity.
Medium build Middle Class
The relatively healthy Middle Class
Relatively healthy and stable.
Engorging Upper Class
The upper class and its insatiaable greed
An insatiable hunger.

Another example, with a larger explication of sociological and political commentary, can be seen in the Political Interpretation of the Wizard of Oz one can find what is said to be a testament of the political situation of the 1890's written by its author Frank Baum who was a political activist. In brief, here are a list of allusions one might make, though the entire cast and setting of the story can be interpreted in a similar context:

  • The Yellow Brick Road is the gold standard of that era.
  • The "oz" of the title "OZ" refers to the customary way in which gold is measured.
  • The Wizard is the government trying to set up the people (Dorothy) for defeatism by directing her on a path of seemingly impossible tasks (obstructionist requirements to get legislation passed in order for her to go "home"... that is, gain greater equality through prosperity).
  • The young and innocent Dorothy who clung onto a pet like a security blanket is described as the naive public against the shenanigans of the government and big business learning how to become a monopoly, Trust and associated conglomerate cartels.
  • The Tin man was a growing industrial industry that was persistently in want of oil.
  • The Lion was the cowardly disposition of the growling Reformists who lacked a collective heart in carrying out a needed Revolution.
  • The Scarecrow was the bumbling government legislature which did not know which direction to go because it was clueless... as in being brainless.

  • Alternatively, one might want to view the three branches of government in the Lion (Executive), Scarecrow (Legislative) and Tinman (Judicial) characterizations.

Then again, we might want to interpret the three characters as representing the three classes of society, with Dorothy an unrecognized predecessor to the formation of a Peoples' Legislative Branch:

  • The Lion is the cowardly lower class lacking the courage to do anything to change their auster conditions.
  • The Scarecrow is the mindless middle class working in the fields of the upper class.
  • The heartless upper class always seeking more oil for its endless attempts to increase its industrial operations.

  • The Ruby slippers were originally Silver... which describes the previously used silver standard that employed a political interest in the free and unlimited coinage of silver in a ratio which was more widely dispersed than a constricted gold application which could be controlled by a few (such as East Coast Bankers who are speculated as having had a major hold over the gold coming out of the Klondike region during the gold rush era of the 1890's); against the interests of the many who wanted to use a Silver Standard. (The image of Dorothy wearing silver slippers while skipping atop a gold standard... yellow brick road... was the up-and-down skipping of the stock market index within the social context of the public fighting against the government-backed interest in establishing a gold standard).

  • The use of "3 clicks of her heels" in making a wish to go "home" can be identified with the proclivity of using the "threes phenomena" of Indo-Europeans within a superstition-linked historical context whose understanding is constrained by a mere political analogy.

  • The wicked witch of the East could refer to Eastern Bankers (whom Dorothy landed on and killed with her house and received the silver slippers by the good witch of the West who rewarded the public with silver lining to their clouds of day-to-day existing turmoils and drudgery.)
  • The flying monkeys could be interpreted to be flights of ideological fancy.
  • The field of poppys could be interpreted to be the inebriations of society that many succumb to.
  • The Emerald City can describe the many Utopias suggested by different economic and socio-political theories, regardless of how they attempt to conceal any association with the word "Utopia" in describing some purportedly "golden' haven which humanity might reach by falling a given path.

Wizard of Oz characters Poppy field and emerald City
Three flying monkees Flying monkey
Wicked Witch and flying monkees Making a wish with 3 clicks of her heels

While there are other interpretations commentary possible using socio-political, economic, moral, guide-rules, we are nonetheless made aware of how the context and characters of one subject can be interpreted through the lens of another. With some imagination, one might apply physics, biology, anthropology, art, music, etc. to the Wizard of Oz story... as well as the history of religious ideologies with their characters. For example, the value of "12" for the quantity of Jesus' Disciples (or 13, or 14 by other accounts), can be made to parallel a commentary on the usage of a 12-base (duodecimal)) numerical system and Jesus representing the numerically important "zero", without any attempt to suggest that he has no value... for without the "0" modern mathematics would be quite difficult. The "12" in the twelve tribes of Israel is yet another religious reference we could attribute to a mathematical orientation and the usage of "12" being represented economically as in the case of a dozen eggs, gross, 12 months of the year, 12-tone music system, 12 inches to a foot, or extent of the public school system to the 12th grade. In many instances of religion, we find an example of looking beyond conventional analogies of thought expressed by those who want to break from their family's or culture's religious traditions in order to enjoy the freedom which a different interpretation is thought to afford them. It is the same behavior we find in social movements, the development of music genres, different military strategies, economic plans, etc... While all of them can well provide some freedom for those embracing a different interpretation, such practices do not necessarily assist the whole of humanity in moving forward... that is, in the direction of some supposed growth and advancement and not merely as the addition of another layer of bark on an old tree whose seed was 'lucky, fortunate, fated' etc. to find the spot which allowed for its design features to prosper... and then become viewed as being representative of some great idea that needs to be preserved... whereas in many cases the presumed tree turns out to be the snake of a vine or prickly bush which learns how to adapt itself to different conditions... and may eventually come face to face with an unexpected shoot or root of itself that becomes its greatest competitor for available resources in the context to which the two or more competing ideas have found themselves in.

The posture of a given tree, like the posture of any ideological consideration, is typically defined in context next to others which are claimed to be of the same race of ideas. If one is only aware of other trees being defined as representing a poor state of condition, one's own tree may be arrogantly described as an example of that most desirable. If however one attempts to plant the tree in other social environments and finds that it does not grow well, the reason(s) cited may be due to the place and people and not the tree itself. Hence, because a dominant religion in one area does not transplant elsewhere all over the world in terms of developing a sustained growth, it is claimed that it is not due to the religion, but the people and the place which are viewed as inhospitable, but does not promote the view that the religion or other ideology are the practice of a given survival mechanism. Since the three major Monotheistic Religions of the world were born and raised in desert communities, they are necessarily imbued with constraints of adaptability in other terrains... and must therefore be adapted to them. The more rigid they are, the less they will be adaptable to other environments. However, despite the seeming ability of some ideologies to be supplanted elsewhere into different environments, we find that transplantation frequently requires the application of an artificially created social and economic environment... whether or not the people themselves are aware of their participation in the nurturance thereof. Yet, such artificial environments can deteriorate over time causing the need for the overall ideology to change... rather dramatically in some cases.

Whether it be a religious, political, philosophical or other belief, the (typically unrecognized) artificial environment must itself be able to adapt in order to accommodate the required changes of adaptation an ideology is likewise required to adopt to, or a refusal to do so can lead to conflicts such as economic recessions, depressions, crisis of consciousness in one's belief system, etc... Made up ideologies that humanity indulges in requires a made-up system of governance which allows for the care and nurturance thereof. Yet, when it is noticed that the usage of a larger supply of ideological fertilizer and imperialistic colonizations of other beliefs does not produce a bumper crop of wished for expectations in personal or sociological growth, the artificiality of the esteemed patriotism becomes questioned as to its actual viability beyond a given practice. For example, the present practice of democracy is useful in a given artificialization of social practices so long as the population remains within the constraints of the economic practices meant to service the interests of a few. But when the growth of a population's ideological pursuits grows out of the britches and begins to exhibit that it is too big for them... that the hem can no longer be taken out from the point of its hand-me-down sizes shrunk to fit a small population, no amount of patchwork can replace the need for getting a new set of clothes.

The use of analogy and metaphor no longer work to contain the growth of a mind that is expanding exponentially in the face of an incremental environmental deterioration which begins to act like a piston on the compression phase of humanity's cycle of ideological development. As such, the present formulas of practiced democracy are like cylinder valves which try to open quickly and wide enough to vent off sociological pressures, but the pace of pressure increase is so great that in an attempt to provide some measure of protection by closing the valves only exacerbates the situation that the sustained explosive force of a Revolution is produced. If we view the increase of population pressures like a decreasing volume of social cylinder walls, increasing environmental temperatures could well signal an upcoming condition of pre-ignition. The accompanying crude image is illustrative:

The Sun is a 3-electrode spark-plug
Earth is a hemispherical piston top
social cylinder walls are getting snug,
cause population growth does not stop

With the ozone layer breaking down
our cylinder's temperature is increasing
and with less oil to go around,
the social machine may start seizing

Shall there be a type of pre-ignition
due to religion's changing octane levels
or a stockmarket's poorly timed selection,
thereby unleashing poverty & other devils

And while the people point to the gauges
the politicians claim the readings are wrong
they quickly tear up scientific pages,
while whistling a one-line personal song

If the piston cannot move up or down
unless the public pays blackmarket prices...
for a fairy tale about an energy crisis,
then revolution may soon come to town

But the politicians say it's all fiction
in order to return a bought-for-favor
since their business- cronies are on a mission,
but the O' Mighty Dollar is their only savior

What shall become of the social machine
as it continues to use more and more fuel
forging energy into a pointed bartering tool,
to burst History's bubble of the American Dream?
solar spark plug

Pointing out errors and making disparaging remarks about the government or a government official may make one feel good, but such actions do not bring about the desired changes in reforming how we are able to reform the government. When we are up against a model of government whose previous circumspection incorporated the measures of (1) Petitioning the Government (2) Contacting one's Congressional Representative (3) Collective protests... all of which have now acquired the status of negligibility in effecting reforms, it is up to the people to use whatever method they can by collectively participating in a protest measure which can have a direct effect of producing the reforms the people want. Despite all the theorizing Reformers and Revolutionists may engage themselves in, there comes a moment that we stop philosophizing and pursue a direct means to achieve our goals. In as much as our theoretical dispositions may offer sound advice, the advice is invaluable if it does not provide the means, method and mood for beginning our collective assertiveness. We can speak of highly interesting analogies and metaphors which have merit in various intellectual digressions of analysis and can have attributable usefulness in one or another context, but they are of little value if those contexts are not allowed to emerge.

Whereas we can devise comparative models of societal inquiry to satisfy the different tastes of those who prefer one or another subject that may at first appear to be in a different time, temperate, or table top domain of an intellectual occasion, they can not be permitted to remain as intellectual forms of intercourse or masturbation, though some indulge in plagiarist rape, incest and masochistic displays. There comes a time when all intellectuals must reign in the horses of their various winged chariots and take up an actual march to subdue those and that which have cause far too much misery for too long. Let us march then... and bring the pens and pencils of our separate crafts into a unified thrust to slay the despotic beast which has corralled us into its lair. Let us use the same analogy, the same metaphor so that all may know we think alike in our effort to reform a government whose reform is long overdue. Let us speak of reforming the government with the singular word of "Cenocracy". From a "D" to a "C" we will embrace an increase in our Inalienable Rights... before moving on to the "B" and then the "A+++"! Yes, Democracy gets a grade of "D," though some see it as an "F" signifying a failure to provide that which it has been promising. Whereas the present democracy has promised to return all our Inalienable Rights won at the time of Independence, it has not. It keeps our Inalienable Rights as a hostage from us in order to mortgage an unending ransom paid with by an indentured servitude, dependency and exploitability.

Just as those whose lives are born into a mental scaffolding which enables them to expect a servitude, dependency and exploitability from others as part of the prevailing puzzled structure of societal activities, there are those who are born into a mental framework which is determined to use their interconnected lattice as scrap from which to build a new government that is truly Of, By and For the people. If we speak of a blueprint, it too is but another construction site term used as the optional vernacular meant to invoke a more familiar comprehension in order to facilitate a communication of like-mindedness to accomplish a goal with the necessary language which embodies the multiple dimensions of human aspiration. Those who work in the world of finance Capitalism as opposed to specific goods and services, require a flexibility of language in order to accommodate the multiple interests of those living in different cultures. Whereas one interest may not be readily translatable into another culture's idioms because it is a peculiarity of a given culture, there will nonetheless be that which will enable a common understanding to take place when the usage of numbers alone are viewed as being too impersonal, too constraining, too blunt an instrument to penetrate into considerations of attempted financial pursuit that require the usage of a language in which hundreds are exceeded by thousands which are exceeded by millions to be exceeded by billions and then trillions... and beyond. Only by grasping the reality of an illusion can the possibility of obtaining it be a recognizable goal. For our time and place, Cenocracy is such a word... whereas Democracy, Christianity, Buddhism, Evolution, Education, etc... were of similar value as provocative mile markers in their time and place.

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