Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum II


A Cenocratic process of progressive protest entails the systematic recording of all trials and efforts to establish a Peoples Legislative Branch as a step towards liberating the public from the dependency of present designs of vicarious government models practicing one or another formula of other-than-the-peoples own 'individually-collective' Self-Representation, upheld as the barest minimum requirement and is the reflection of many different progressively oriented sociological endeavors. Let us then reassert that a Cenocratic process of progressive protest has at its outset, the singular directive to create the foundation explicating a Greater Independence through Self-Representation so that the public's Right of Self-Determination becomes fully recognized.

It is of invaluable necessity for a personal, public and historical review that we record those who assist in our efforts, those who advancing some hindrance, and those whose preference is dominated by a selfish regard of instilling their own models of public exploitation in order to advance their opportunistic motivations through schematical confluency, tactical expediency, and machinationed indulgences. Indeed, of those who claim that their ideological formulas support the Peoples Right to determine what should be the ensuing form of governance established Of, By and For All— on behalf of the public's chosen Will... who amongst them will be actively supportive of efforts to establish the foundational measures by which such a choice can be voiced and set into law, and set aside their individualized philosophical adventurism so that the energy and resources expounded in their personalized discourses will effectively stand their collective ground with an assertiveness which amounts to putting their time, money and effort where their mouth is so that a basic tenet by which so many advocate, can become realistically developed instead of remaining as an ephemerally projected idealization like so many unpursued dreams and wishes? Every sociologically directed theory, belief, philosophy, science, musing, consideration, ideology and the like should set aside their differences to form individualized-collective efforts to establish the very means by which the public may fully consider and vote on the different options of governance and economy. It is time for everyone to step up to the plate, place their foot at the starting line, and point their toes in the same direction which so many ideologies claim encompasses the underlying consciousness of humanity as it awakens from it slumber of exploited dependency.

As the Cenocratic Movement gains ground and becomes spotlighted in the public's vision, different ideologies (political and otherwise) may attempt to assert that a Cenocratic Protest for Progress is the advance of their respective philosophy. Let us adamantly state a firm and formal objection and rejection to any such jacketing regardless of source or authoritatively defined pronouncement because this is not the intent. When it is clear that the desire to liberate the people from the different forms of Representative dependency is of fundamental interest to many different flavors and colors of ideological purview, it is easy for the unsophisticated as well as malicious forms of sophisticated thought to weave a tapestry of improvisation because they are fearful of progress, fearful of purpose without some measure of their control, and fearful of the people advancing a climate of collectively chosen self-governance that they can not manipulate, exploit or otherwise maneuver to promote their self-interests.

A foundational perspective of many ideological considerations involves the unabashed agreement that the people have a Right to practice Self-determination unencumbered by a system of government and economic philosophy advancing self-interests at the expense of the public's right to develop and ensure the practice of basic rights to secure them in their basic needs. It is therefore easy to understand why some would want to promote the idea that any progressive movement advancing this basic view would be eagerly embraced as a full declaration of advocating their entire sociological, political or other inclined disposition as an act of desperately sought after opportunism... like a predator in search of vulnerable prey— in order to act like a cat toying with a mouse, ingratiating themselves parasitically like a cowbird or cuckoo, or using bait-and-switch feinting propositions, proposals in order to pimp out their respective prostitutional ideologies through a labyrinthine structure of servitudinal nooks and crannies.

Let us undulatingly paraphrase as might succeeding drops of water against a stony surface whose particled chippings are flung into sociological pools resulting in reverberations of echoing change by way of a successive inter-generational march towards a goal from which humanity can not long be distracted nor detoured: The effort to liberate the people from present Representative forms of vicarious self-government and economic dependency due to the narcotics of habit-entraining policies of bureaucratically administered enforcements... to ensure a perpetuation of servitude whose reward is an impoverishment of Rights in contrast to a burden of social responsibility that leadership entitles itself a disproportionately assigned relief from... so that the people may collectively choose the formula of self-governance they prefer; no such specificity of ideological preferencing underlies a Cenocratic Initiative— other than to create a culture of foundational Self-Governance so that the development of the peoples choice formerly arises as they begin to instructively address all the many issues which present formulas of government and economics fail to do.

Like an economist practicing a theory of Capitalistic self-engendering greed instead of that formula of Capitalism which serves the greater public interest of securing basic needs and provisions for mutual growth... political and economic theories abound which promote their own measures of ideological selfishness. They believe in sharing their views only if you buy-into their formulas of charitable dispensation for the public to serve their personalized goals of the philosophical interpretation of a sociological blueprint-in-the-making as drawn-up by previous adherents whose outlines suggest the envelopment of a developing consciousness out of the various apparitions of contemplation which the repetition of inter-personal soliloquies construes. Such conjectural transparencies are orthographically transposed into resembling the predisposition of a purposed eventuality defined as a premonition invoked by the variable neurotics of creative expositions inherent in personified instances of anthropomorphized guesstimations. And by way of an 'inductive deductiveness' as a logic unto itself, there resides a budding consciousness from which inroads may occur by way of trail-blazing spontaneity which construct a pavement that like-minded others and those who remain perceptively dormant in the grasp of an enhanced ideological personification, will be more easily convinced to traverse a developing social landscape into the domains of an as yet undeeded, non-mortgageable and ownerless real estate of potential profitability meant for all, whose demarcated boundary of imaginative and intellectual exploration of sociological possibility and economic predilection presents mixed feelings of promise and portent; expressed in the moderated word "territory" which, through a process of historical transliteration, is aptly construed as "terror-Tory", to denote the apprehension, if not marrow-emanating fear no doubt felt by forbearers of exploration who by design or accident ventured beyond the traditional boundaries differentially characterized as the body, soul, mind, heart, -emotion, consciousness, and spirit of their time.

Let us ask, because it need to be asked... what will be the resulting government and economic environment when the issues of the public will be resolved by their own hand because of the ineffectual efforts and results of current leadership administrations? What will be the resulting sociological practice once the many issues confronting humanity have been dealt with in as practical a means as humanly possible by the people themselves, because their reliance on government and business leaderships have revealed that their persisted in deference and entreaty reap a cycle of intermittent resiliency of sustained grief, anguish and temporal rewards whose depth and durations are becoming all the more prolonged once the obliqueness of the cyclicity fulcrums the public on a precipice of tenuous balance which has no compunction of which direction the pendulum of economics may swing?

Once the people have taken it upon themselves to effect a Self-Representative role by insisting on its practice as the only viable means left to them with which social issues will be firmly addressed with prudent assertions instead of excused delays, manufactured distortions of complexity, and convoluted motivations to serve a few over the many; what will the people have created? Once it is accepted that present governing systems of duplicitous parliamentarianism, 3-branched contortions of a demonacratized shell-game coordinating a laughable musical chairs model of a checks-and-balances singalong cadence... and their various counter-part excursive governmental explorations into the territorial waters and jungles of demarcated obsessively-compulsed hoardings of resourced possessions; have failed to adequately secure the people from a continuing cycle of sufferance; what will be the character of humanity's global social practice?

Will such a practice be permitted to aspire to some ultimate representation of all that is good, or will its fledgling stages of development be met time and again by those striving for the remake of some former ineptitude in which their respective inclinations can best find an accommodation for selfishness and various egotistical derivatives? Will humanity be permitted to prosper by all that is right and good, or be continually subjected to those whose personal depravities of consciousness and furtive immorality are best served in some representative governing and business darkness of intrigue, desperation, conspiracy and treachery? What will be the result of humanity's efforts to correct so very many errors of governance and business if it can develop the necessary strength, fortitude and courage to confront and defeat so much blindness clearly evident in the partnerships being practiced between business and government.. which excludes the rest of the citizenry to some corner of enforced dependency and socio-economic enslavement?

Will the result advance a managerial administration advocating some religious fundamentalism, or other current variations of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism (Taoism), Legalism, or some other conjectured philosophy expressing an inclination towards some dichotomy that may be housed in a trichotomy or otherwise like Yin-Yang-Unity or Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis? Or perhaps there will some assigned Utopic description fought between competing egotistically derived interpretations resembling some former indulgence rediscovered between the dusty covers of an old tome having fallen, or deliberately placed behind the perspectives advocated by other adherents in a former age? And let us also consider the possibility of an arisen philosophical conjecture dealing specifically with extremes by resorting to some centralized middle way, moderation, or "motionless-waving" form of metaphorized construction. Unless of course the mind of humanity actually begins to develop a collective consciousness which commands a control of impertinent images said to inhabit a presumed collective unconscious which can impinge upon a conscious state to infect or direct the discourse of shadowy overlays projected into surreal constructs sometimes interpreted to be talent, creativity or genius... if not an underlying sojourn into unconventionalized contemplations which may or may not achieve some formal means of articulated comprehension.

In our quest to answer the question of what is to come, we may simply say we don't know, even though someone in this day and age may well come close to drafting some representative model... be it good or ill, and whether it is laden with a personal motivation or not. How is it possible to know that to come in centuries ahead... if humanity should survive its own incredible arrogance and ignorance... or even if we should believe anyone's architectural draft or blueprint since so much of human effort is self-survival oriented and only involves a concern for others if they too can be embraced as an extension of oneself? While many guesses may indeed be put forth, we can venture to propose the suggestion that no one actually knows will become of humanity once a Self-Representative Right is established and that with more time and experience, additional presently unrecognized Rights may surface to those of the future with a different mindset and consciousness. A consciousness which may very well view those of today as a barbaric species living in a culture of make-believe due to a prevailing mental illness brought on by an unrecognized disease that no one can rationally apprehend with a consummate understanding because we all share the same illness and view it as normalcy. A normalcy not unlike an ancient social disposition to believe in magic whose believers held non-believers in suspect because wellness might be perceived as a distinction to be labeled some measure of dementia... if one could not learn to act as crazy as others while in public settings. Such is the case for varying social environments in which the presence of multiple participants is used as the criteria for judging rationality, though distant perspectives in other cultures may readily recognize a concentrated form of mental illness used as an instrument to invoke a sense of belonging and camaraderie, because the absence of such might instigate a sense of distinguished emotional instability that could erupt as a protective mechanism from feelings associated with over-crowding.

Will there be new traditions to produce a sense of belonging for the people of the future, or will an increasing population engage in socialized forms of competition... to set oneself apart suggestive of acquiring a personalized space all to oneself, such as by way of gambling or sports contests, or entertainment contests, or contests amongst businesses for a larger share of a given market or politicians winning some election or applied policy against other considerations? Will all religious beliefs fuse together? Will all political ideologies fuse together? Will all the races of people... though some interpretations already claim humanity as the sole race? Will humanity be permitted to evolve smoothly, or by some punctuated methodology which involves those who will try to undermine the public's interest in creating a singular alliance with itself through an enlarged practice of Self-Representation by seeking to advantage personal goals by a philosophy of opportunism? Will the people continue to be cheapened by a born-into practice of politics and commerce which seeks ever greater profits by creating a system of processing by which less costly products can be produced, and the people themselves become part of a "throw away" conventionalism to be viewed as collateral damage instead of identified more personally, more humanly?

While there are those in leadership positions who think they are smarter, wiser, more knowledgeable and more intuitive than a majority of the public, there is a majority of the public who think the same of themselves in contrast to such leaders. While there are those who would selectively choose some person, group, action or event to support the view of leaders having somehow been automatically endowed with some great social and governing perspicuity because they have an inherent ability and capacity for, there are those who could likewise provide examples to the contrary, supported by the acknowledgement that selections made by the public which result in poor results, is in great part due to the observed practice of a voting and political procedure which presents them with making decisions of choosing between the lesser of two or more evils.

The different political theories having had no further gains in establishing their system of principles and beliefs (their credo), thus become institutionalized forms of vanguard bureaucracies which support the contentions being used to remain the very status quo such theories advocated against. Such organs of professed government reform reveal themselves to be equidistant pedestrian forms of socially bureaucratized protest with no realistic goal other than to exercise a right to protest within the margins of a civil decorum permitted as a concession by reigning authorities who have found such restrained outbursts as manageable valves of letting the public vent emotional steam so as to prevent its buildup to become explosive. Such protestors and protest exercises unwittingly become a spoke in the very wheel they want to refashion in their own politically-scienced fun-house mirror image, much like a culture which absorbs marauding hordes or a sea whose horizon overwhelms even the largest of vessels in the immensity of its grasp, and thus trains the would-be interlopers to abide by the ebb and flow of its established tide instead of creating the acknowledged realization that the social moorings are part of an artificialized waterway with man-made dams, canal locks, levies breakwaters constructed in an effort to disperse or hold back the pounding waves of protest, but can do little against the deafening silence and unexpected occasions of social retreat into the seemly character of an adopted tolerance of wound-licking submission and obsequious civility, which can signal the approach of a Tsunamic Revolution in the making and is sustained by undercurrents of landslide social eruptions from an awakened in pursuing what is right— according to an adopted Will of the people and not the willful disobedience of leaders who wish to pursue programs of oppression and suppression against the public's progressive well-being to be paid-in-full for the employment as a citizen by receiving an increased wage of personal and collective Rights. Rights which are not permitted to be catalogued and coherently assessed for their deficiencies because the Will of the People is so infrequent in its appearance as to be virtually non-existent... because there is so much money to be made at the expense of the people, by the few who can arrange to keep them oppressed and silent.

Yet, this very silence exists only through the misinterpretations of those who care to indulge themselves with the illusion of some pretended assumption of control through apparent calm, whereas it has already been previously recognized that many a person leads quiet lives of desperation in desiring to forge a path to some clearing of visibility whereupon the vista of some undefined splendor can be grasped... but never owned, because it rightly belongs to all— not as a possession but the acknowledgment of having reached a way-station, a sign from which a further departure and greater reward can be accessed though never limited by the definition of any language. Inasmuch as some prefer to have a label, even if it is to claim the unknown as an unknowable and unnameable, others are not particularly troubled by a known eventuality being described as the unknown. Because we do not honestly know what the ensuing formula of governance and economics will arise from a public having achieved a full measure of their Self-Representative... their Self-Determinative Right; from which will arise the public's ability to address and resolve its many issues which go unattended to by present formulas of government and economy... there are those who would help themselves to the "unknown" statement as if it were an appeal, a prostrated supplication for them to offer everyone a model of guidance directed by their particular religious belief, political philosophy or economic theory. They assume that the public is hunger for direction and that upon offering theirs, the public is somehow obligated to accept it because we are not permitted to venture one or another hypothetical possibility without stating a directing hypothesis to test the probability between one contrast or another because such a course of action is deemed scientific, rational and appropriate to reach a goal... constrained by a predisposed formula of acceptability to personalized standards! In other words we are permitted to think outside the box so long as it is within another box constrained by a particular style of mathematics, science, religion, political theory or otherwise owned and thereby subject to rent, taxes, mortgage, lease or other conformity to some already practiced bureaucratized cyclicity of social entrapment that wants to sell water, air and one's ability to think and feel in a given way. Every belief, every whim, every contemplation must be subjected to exploitable commercialization and hypocritically labeled a democratic freedom!

Such authority, those which are visible by standardized conventions and those who maintain some sub-cultural place of hiding as an invisible shadow except to converts of their socio-cultural faith... consider that an honest appraisal of an eventual outcome labeled "unknown" opportune's them with a moldable social consciousness to be fashioned into their image— because honesty, like courtesy, politeness and other expressed civilities, is viewed as a vulnerability and weakness by refusing to give a name to a result they want to conclude is the very goal of their disposed inclinations. In the constructs of their peripatetic musings imagined as a circumspective logic unto itself created by a syllogism of mumblings, grumblings, and presumed humblings, arises the calculation that to claim the presence of an unknown is to advance the desire for it to be knowable through the framework of that which is already known. It is an absence interpreted as a void waiting to be filled like the womb of an untested virgin riddled with the anxiety of anticipation and apprehensiveness born of a Naturalness circumvented and undermined by mixed messages of commercialism which are allowed to prosper without honoring rites of passage, in order that the young may be trained into a dependency for a protracted duration of exploitability and deference to pharmaceutically-imbibed urges. But regardless of which metaphor or analogy is used, and whether or not they are understood by a given relativity of perception, the conditions of an interpreted opportunism are seen as accompanying the advance of their declarations which are intended as a substitute formula of exploiting the public to be dependent on them. They think to matrix some reason that a prescription of "not knowing" is an invitation to provide the language by which an unknown can best be articulated for all, and that this articulation can thus be construed as a means of defining that which is expected but is a variable in an equation that they can find the answer for if permitted to align the rest of the algorithm within the constraints of already known (practiced) laws, rules, regulations, as they see fit to administer on behalf of a few at the expense of the many.

So long as they are permitted to define the unknown within the scope of their ready-made model of bureaucracy, which may itself be that presenting many unknowns because it too is untried as the public practice of a large Nation's self-governing assertions, the future generations of future generations may have to contend with and be subjected to laws designed as reinforced barriers set in place to thwart a Reformative Revolution against themselves due to a preparedness wrought by the experience of history— in which radical thinkers have arisen in times of government and economic repression, oppression, suppression promoted by leaderships advancing personal agendas at the expense of the public's ever-widening and ever-deepening sufferance in the absence of equality, liberty, justice, freedom and human fraternity... and no amount of conventionalized protesting brings about purposive change. Advancing a social and political theory because one mistakes a realized unknown as a vacuum needing to be filled by a known that is itself the participle of a predicate promoted as a predictive preference of prognosis for the well-being of a citizenry, can not but stir the exigencies of radical elements into modes of indignation managed by the promoted fervor of open-eyed zeal by which the aspersions of government and their would-be replacements attempt to assimilate as survival mechanisms used as a means of validating further abuses of the public's Right to embrace a Greater Independence.

As the Cenocratic Reformation Movement begins to make those gains which reckons it as a Political Force of Stature... which sources the public's attention on the demand for the government to make a full account of itself to the satisfaction of the citizenry for its many disparities against economic equality, gender liberty, racial justice, various sociological (individual and collective) freedoms due to so very many financial inequalities, globalized fraternity and the promotion of a denied Right for the practice of a true Of, By and For All the People Government designated by a Constitutional mandate of Self-Representation and Self-Determination appropriately managed, with the approval of the public, by a Peoples Legislative Branch; such a platform of expectation may cause the government to attempt maneuvers intended to disengage the Cenocratic movement by denying its authority to presume a spokes-person qualification on behalf of the public, regardless of how extensive signatured petitions may say otherwise. Another tactic which may be tried is the introduction of one or more concessions to appease this or that segment of the public which is thought to hold a dominant position of opinion and control of the Movement's resources, temporary leadership, or underlying philosophical stratification. Such concessions may further be defined and illustrated by the media has a huge step forward in gaining some representative equality in addressing issues has been long in requesting the government to do so, and yet even then do not receive any guarantee that once resolved to the public's satisfaction, the same or similar issue will not return and be addressed by some future government body by a means and ways that attempt to entrench its own values of disfranchising the public of its Self-Representative Right, such as through some manufactured conflict or crisis in which government activity becomes subsumed under Marshall law arranged by the pretense of some "Emergency Powers Act" defined as a necessity of the Nation which enables itself to declare that all persons, their abilities and their property within it borders are subject to disposal as the government sees fit (just like Winston Churchill did in WWII), thereby voiding all public claims and gains in order for some past formula of governance can rear its head as an unchallengable stallion under the protection of a rationalized irrationality... that may— (with respect to challenging confrontation which will eventually emerge from a Cenocratic protest for Reformation)— be due to intentional activities seeking to undermine efforts of the people from establishing their Right to Self-Representation and Self-Determination above and beyond the superficial observances being practiced today.

When the colonists of early America staked a claim to the inalienable Right of Self-determination because of a cycle of discriminations, inequality, and lack of respect for developing a full governing partnership, the British overlords... whose language and culture created the conditions in which it became out of touch with the realities being experienced by the public, much as the citizens of today recognize is the situation with respect to those of the present government... the British government in its presumed wisdom, intelligence and reverence of traditioned regularities of commerce which expected a lion's share of available resources and revenues, interpreted such a claim as an effrontery to the colonists' betters, to their lords, to their masters, their god-endowed sovereign leaders. Various tactics of persuasion were advanced to get this upstart of opinion to forego such foolishness and ingratitude so that all might be forgiven and things could return to normal, to business as usual, to the dedication of their former subservience and obligations as subjects of a Great Realm that claimed ownership by way of an established tradition of possession entitled as 'Citizen'... though it once earmarked an endeared reference of personal dignity in a culture where 'peasant' was the practiced title of belittled recognition of one's humanity. Today, the word "Citizen" is to be equated with the former "peasant" though other words such as 'barbarian' and 'savage' may likewise be mentioned as examples, because of prevailing lack of equality and inalienable Right to Self-Representation and Self-Determination because the public is thought to be too ignorant, too mentally uncouth, too culturally unsophisticated to know what is best for it, and needs to be held by the hand, given pacifiers, and lulled into a somnolence by the lullabies of political obfuscation that sounds good but does little good, and is appropriate to the degeneracy of its primitive social class.

Yes, governments like for the people to retain an enforceable mental image of traditioned dependency and exploitation, hidden by the garments of illusion that they receive blessings for participating in the course of a Great Nation, so long as the man the oars and helm under the direction of those who rely on a system of rewards and punishments dedicated to preserving a practice that is outdated, but manages to suppress progressive alternatives from the mutinization of a bureaucracy that keeps them in chains and provide a meagre measure of sustenance defined as a Big value commercialize by the propaganda of advertisement which assists in the exploitation and oppression of the public's consciousness by covering up any portholes and filtering out the fresh air of ideological deep breaths. Such is the theme, the scenario that many public's in different eras have witnessed through the prism of their time, place and culture when they too set forth an Independence Declaration. If it is the force of some social rebuke, increased taxation or direct militaristic confrontation, then a formula of reversed psychology through an action of retreat from a participation in providing habitually offered basic necessities may be used as a punishment by way of orchestrated privations sometimes used as a tactic to claim the need for increasing the cost of a commodity. The government, in partnership with various confederates found in Corporations, the Military-Industrial complex, as well as participating members of the media, police forces, medical establishment, educators, clergy, entertainers, sports figures and other professionals— can be a back-stabbing, double-dealing, two-faced treacherous lot when confronted by a non-compliant population whose best interests are defined (by them) as a needed observance of self-serviance and not Self-Representation, much less Self-Determination. The economic climate of some professions pay so well that we find the majority of professionals keep silent and stand at a distance from supporting those whose actions for radicalized expressions of freedom liberty, and justice may be viewed in a negative light by their peers. Their economic situation provides them with an excuse not to participate in the support of a New Patriotism on the rise because they are Loyalists seeking to retain a system in whose traditions they retain a selective loyalist social position and accompanying wealth. So long as they get their share, they want nothing to do with the exploited culture of the sacrificial poor. They can keep silent in casting a vote on behalf of the many against the law-pampered few and go unpunished for not voting.

So very many times, in so very many places, we have paid witness to partnerships of government which have a hand in the passage of hypocritical laws which come to inflict pathetic injustices that even the naiveté of a child can recognize as an absurdity, yet upon asking for a formal denouncement and removal from practice, the administrators and enforcers of such nonsense defend such obliterations of common sense by claiming that nothing can be done about it... that their hands are tied... when they deliberately did the tying to give themselves the excuse not to do anything for the people except to find some means of furthering their suffering through unjust torments the people themselves are prevented from intervening in their own behalf as an expression of self-defense against the intermittent encroachments of callousness symbolically representing a public flailing as a warning against any and all who would think to challenge the presiding authority. It is an authority which we Cenocratic Revolutionists must defy and call forth those Minute Men and Women to stand sentinel against those who are loyal to a government aristocracy which has established visible moats, drawbridges, towers, ramparts and other accommodations to revolutionary tactics, including those held in concealment and to be used as an eleventh hour, hail Mary, go-for-broke, do-or-die, boom-or-bust, or last ditch effort as a just-in-case dichotomous measure against the serendipitous occasion under which luck may accompany the actions of an underdog seeking to obtain their full measure of Self-Representation and Self-Determination.

Date of Origination: Sunday, 14-January-2018... 7:35 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 22-Jan-2018... 11:05 AM