Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum III


Where are those who... in their professional capacity, would take issue with a claim against them indulging in a conspiratorial act against the New Generation of Patriots wielding a banner of 'New Government' (Cenocracy!)?— That they give the appearance of resonating like a reincarnated expression of the old Loyalist traditions advocating one or another rationale which necessarily affords them with a retention of their place in the Loyalist system of confederates that believe in an economic enslavement of the larger populace so that their measure of wealth can be denied as a superfluity because it is compared to the exorbitant rich-few, whom they come to identify with instead of comparing to the poor-many? What will be the time, place and manner of their attempted intellectual detachment from the strivings of Revolutionists who will come to bear the brunt of responsibility for charging again and again against a bulwark of artificially manufactured legalities sent to police against an expeditionary force of vanguard protestors staging guerilla tactics so as to weaken the fortifications of a secretive adversary having dispatched its dragoon of initial efforts, so that the public's main body of an enlisted confederacy can embark with a Unionated militia, in as much as the colonists of early America were the underdogs who had to to confront a formal British army. It is a forthcoming event that today's Revolutionists shall mark the hour of a war between the people and the State, like the previous Civil War between the States, which itself marked its own threshold with the flash and dull roar of a 10-inch mortar, which became a shot echoing its private engagement... eventually heard around the world. The militia of our Just Cause will come from all walks of life, from all manner of disposition, for those personal reasons which bind a people together when facing a formidable foe... because each in their own way want to play their part in bringing about a better way of life for themselves and all future generations, knowing well that we do not have to live in the shadows, shackles and shambles of so many disparaging inequalities.

Let us take an example from current considerations involving a person's absence of voting. While some call for a European model of taxing those who don't vote or consider that a person should lose the right to social benefits... as expressions of punishment, little do we hear of the alternative in which those who vote might instead be rewarded with the economic equality they are now being deprived of or the Right to Self-Representation and Self-Determination as an individualized collective of those portraying an interest in being loyal to a system of voting tradition found to be at odds with a rationality devoid of hypocrisy. People are clamoring to jump on the bandwagon of punishing violators of voting traditions without recognizing themselves as Loyalists and those who don't vote as a New Patriotism. A patriotism that is easily recognized by referring to an historical account in which early American Colonists voted against voting for their continued participation in a system which denied Self-Representation and Self-Determination. When the British government insisted that the colonists yield to their demands for obeying a tradition in which they were the primary benefactors thereof, and the colonists chose to refuse indulging in an exercise that was clearly rigged in favor of a few over the Will of the Many, they decided to make a Declaration of Independence after experiencing the trials of punishment through taxation, impudence for addressing their grievances, and threats of force against them.

Whereas the people are encouraged to say NO to drugs, NO to police brutality, NO to a host of economic and rights-denying inequities... yet they are being forced to toe-the-line, tow-the-barge and lift-the-bails of a voting tradition like an indentured servant subjected to a peer-pressuring enslavement or face the possibility of some punishment because of boundary manipulated gerrymandering, out-of-control campaign financing, and a mischievous imp of an Electoral College used by those who snicker and jeer about its ability to undermine the collective Will of the people because it is a remnant of the tricks used by former Monarchs against Legislative Bodies? Is it not an inalienable right to say NO by choosing not to participate in that which one finds corruptively wrong within the rationale of one's individual conscience... like the ability of being a conscientious objector to the usage of weapons and killing? Can not those who wish not to vote be enabled to request a conscientious objector status without fear of social censorship, rebuke, admonishment, or intensified forms of financial and legal retribution? Can we not take a closer look at the sensitivities and sensibilities of those who have given up on using the product of voting as a viable tool for fixing social problems?

Surely one can see how the situation involving voting choice closely parallels the events of the early American colonists who said NO to choosing the British Parliament and King as their sovereign masters that were self-enabled through their own machinated laws to dictate terms without granting adequate Self-Representation or a means by which grievances against a system of boxed-in traditions... inappropriate to the progressive interests of a people growing in heart, mind, and soul... should be redressed to the satisfaction of the populace? Can we of today not embrace an Independence Declaration asserting a Right to Self-Representation and Self-Determination that the early American Colonists fought... and many died for? And yet, let us not overlook the fact that though the early American colonies won their freedom from an oppressive despot and supportive cast of legislators, the overall larger population did not even have the singular right to vote... and have not to this day achieved a full expression of true Self-Representation and Self-Determination without being subjected to the intercessions of a go-between vicarious formula of Representation. Whereas a person can vote, they are forced to (metaphorically) choose amongst a selective set of shells in an "in-house rules" game controlled by a system inherently rigged in its own favor... like a Parliament whose logic and rationality are guided by the organizational dictates of distant shoreline's inhabited climate, except that in far too many cases, the Representatives of today do not reflect the values of the people... values which are rarely if ever allowed to collectively speak for themselves.

If we are to be forced to vote amongst a regulated set of alternatives so that the perpetuation of an old and tired system of tradition beats itself into the brow of all future generations, then let us please provide a measure of being able to hope for a better future by developing a representative ballot selection of this hope, prayer, and wish in the form of an alternative such as "None Of The Above" in order that the collective voice of the public can have the import of willful meaning... thus denoting that we have said NO to those who are dedicated to perpetuating Loyalist affections for a system of government desperately in need for a Revolution to occur because all other avenues of active public administration through the collective Will of the citizenry are appreciably untenable methods... to effect a fundamental Reformation away from the oppressive expectation which defines the word "citizen" as the presumed legislative 'betters' think it should be, in order to fulfill their self-interests in a political game that many view as being rigged against the values of individually-collectivized Self-Representation and Self-Determination.

Minuteman Cenocratic Protestor

We The People who say NO to voting for would-be Representatives of traditional values which perpetuate a system of governance with a cyclical nature of obstinately refusing to address and resolve a mounting list of social issues— defy assisting the federated loyalists in supporting a form of phony democracy that denies the Right of Self-Representation and Self-Determination. We adamantly reject such a deference and subservience to tradition... even under a social atmosphere of threat, because the effects of such a compliance are so very damaging to future generations if we do not make a stand... though each of us have but one life to give in the venture of our Just Cause. We are hereby declaring ourselves the new generation of Revolutionary Patriots dedicated to the establishment of a nation with a true and honest liberty whose freedom must be secured from the shackles, servitude and shadows of a Congress, system of Justice, and an Executive Branch whose members have created a culture of Aristocracy with its own affected manners, blood-brothered philosophy, ceremonial beliefs, vernacularized language and self-appeasements out of which has developed an increasing void of disconcern and incomprehension... which makes and keeps the government at a far distance that is out-of-touch with the reality in which the larger population lives away from the law-pampered few. A State of Revolution is brewing amongst a populace that is awaiting 'the next shot that will be heard around the world... and marks the beginning of a Cenocratic (New Government) Reformation highlighted by "A Cenocratic Manifesto" promoting a Cenocratic system of governance.

Let us hail those vanguard of Minuteman and Minutewoman Protestors who will defiantly stand their ground with the appropriate tactics and strategy commensurate with the instruments of their armament. And let us look to those of the past who did not realize at the time of their public invocation, gave to the world a dedicated speech of endurance and support for a personal Cause whose underlying sentiments had a vision which would echo as a torch blazing a trail into the future for those whose fight for the Right to Freedom, to Liberty, to Justice, to a global Fraternity advancing the Right for Self-Representation and Self-Determination— in their own strivings, can well embrace a shared creed for enduring with dignity, fortitude and resoluteness, their Just Cause. Let us thus cast their past words into the framework of the present trials and tribulations:

Churchill's Cenocratic Perseverance Speech

The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill

We have, ourselves, full confidence that if all do their duty, in as much as it is a social movement for those of us living today, it is for all future generations of children to come; if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are trying to be made at the present, we, each and all common citizen, shall prove ourselves once again able to defend our right to be free, to ride out the storm of war set against us... whatever shape or dimension it may take, by whatever insidious form of instigation made to thwart our efforts; and to outlive the menace of such tyranny, of such infamy, if necessary for years, if necessary alone.

At any rate, that is what we are going to try to do. That is the resolve of those who strive for a Cenocracy... A New Government Reformation. That is the will of the people who shall inhabit the dawning of a new Nation, a new Earth, a new purpose for a better United humanity, with a full measure of established Rights and accompanying privileges.

The Peoples of the world, linked together in their Just Cause and in their Basic Need, will defend to the death, if necessary, their native toil, their native equanimity, their native desire for a truer peoples government; aiding each other like good comrades, like the consanguinity of a family facing a struggle together... with tooth and nail if be, to the utmost of their mind, heart and soul.

Even though large tracts of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas have fallen or may fall into the grip of false social self-governance and all the odious apparatus of self-centered Corporate, Religious, and Government rule, we shall not flag, flinch or fail. Those who have lost so much already will gladly give their all in the hope of achieving a lasting goal for all.

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight as no people seeking liberation have ever fought before:

  • We shall fight on the creeks, ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans and street-side gutters... whatever be the course in our strivings for a Greater Independence... a Cenocratic Freedom, a Cenocratic Liberation!

  • We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air; we shall defend our freedoms, whatever the cost may be... since the greater loss would be to deny an expression of our courage in the face of such infamy to all future generations.

  • We shall fight on small shores and large beaches with or without rocky outcrops.

  • We shall fight in the deserts on Earth and the waste lands of their hypocrisies.

  • We shall fight against the one-sided histories written by the victors and the blind-sighted vision of their like-minded professionalisms.

  • We shall fight against their inability to understand and their attempts to use their ignorance as a means to gain the upper-hand at further subjugation.

  • We shall fight against the stupidity of their professed desire to assume dominance through a practiced form of misleading contrivances based on antiquated presumptions of a superior intelligence wrought with a superstitious wisdom that is perpetuated via a propagated propaganda from one generation to the next.

  • We shall fight against their drink, drugs and defamations that are encouraged as acceptable social retreats from an intellectual examination of their various modes and manners of keeping the populace in a drunken state of compliance.

  • We shall fight against their hypocritically devised bait-and-switch formulas of adulteratively-schematized Anarchism, Communism, Democracy, Laissez-Faireism, Fascism, Libertarianism, Socialism and any other on-the-spot generated inclinations of indulgent preoccupation which are guarded and protected by beliefs, philosophies, by-laws, edicts, or Constitutions enabling a few to govern the many through various forms of illusory freedoms and Utopic delusions entrusted to a practice of exploitation for those who are little more than stage-crafted opportunists.

  • We shall fight in the depths of Earth or the outer regions of space.

  • We shall fight in trenches, trees, or terraces against all their tyrannies and transgressions.

  • We shall fight with baton for baton, bullets for bullets or bombs for bombs, as the occasion warrants.

  • We shall fight with biological, chemical or nuclear means as the need arises to decimate their very existence before they can effect their very many justifications of murder on us that may simply be referred to as collateral damage; since the only peace they want is to subjugate us to their will of their continued dominance as if it were a birthright written on a stone that was transcribed by a God who elected them as a rightful heir to inviolable traditions.

  • We shall fight on the road... not taken... except by an elitist perspective that we were born to do their bidding.

  • We shall fight with their poisons, advertisements and briberies.

  • We shall fight against their stupidity, cunning, intellectualisms, laughter, emotion, or whatever other manipulation they attempt to lull us into a false sense of security through a fallacious feint, fault or fortitude.

  • We shall fight against their odious claims of traditional patronage, patriotism and maternalistic paternalism.

  • We shall fight with the same machinations of betrayal, deceit, and disloyalty when circumstances are thwarted from their desire for control through illusions of proposed freedoms that they want to control for personal survival.

  • We shall fight against the insanity of their falsified legislative representation.

  • We shall fight until they turn their aggressions inward amongst themselves for their failures to subdue us with a supercilious demeanor.

  • We shall fight on the landing grounds, and on the grounds of those who lost their lives seeking a truer freedom, because this is what they would want and expect us to do, and we shall honor them by so doing.

  • We shall fight in the fields, in the streets, along dirt paths, and at the very threshold of Heaven and Hell's cross-roads if need be.

  • We shall fight in the courtrooms, boardrooms, and along those dimly lit corridors of surreptitious misdeeds.

  • We shall fight them with their condemnations, lies, treacheries and other hypocrisies and yet we shall not succumb to the devilry of their madness.

  • We shall fight them where they live, where they shop, where they dine, where they sleep, where they travel, and where they work or play.

  • We shall fight them with advanced weaponry, or sticks and stones, and if need be, our fists, feet and teeth, as well as our last dying breath for they are a derelict, a despicable anachronism, and an abject abomination to everything a Cenocratic perspective holds sacred.

  • We shall fight from the pulpit, the soapbox, as well as the steps, staircases and statues of those who sought a greater purpose for humanity as we do.

  • We shall fight in the hills and forests, from behind rock, tree, or fallen stone monument.

  • We shall fight with time as our keepsake, history as our watchword, and destiny as the imperative.

  • And we shall fight ...all those who are the defending Loyalists of traditions with an assumed right to be our oppressor, our suppressor, and cause us to stagnate or regress... because such a fight it is the right thing to do, and is a fight worth making them die for.

We shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this or any nation or a large part of it were subjugated and starving; then our comrades beyond our borders, beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the emerging Cenocratic breed, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the Dawning Age of a New and more Just World, with all its power and might, will step forth to assert its historical place in the rescue and liberation of us all from the superstitious traditions of old that continue to enslave us.

Hence, our fight is a...

Cenocratic Declaration For Greater Independence!

Hear the drumbeats! Hear the bugles! Hear the footsteps of a cadenced march with banners and voices echoing from one corner of the world to the next, as the people join the ranks of a common struggle to liberate all! We can hear them all, the drums, the fifes, the bugles, the bagpipes. the swords and spears against shields... as well as the shrill yells, screams and roars of those pounding the turf as they run towards their enemy in a headlong sweep.. because these, and other riotous instruments of the battlefield drama are the reverberating sounds of rehearsed theatrical productions which reach out from time immemorial and unite in the consciousness of those whose visualizations trace out the recordings as they emanate from one's marrow into the blood and through the flesh of a mind which has somehow unraveled the indistinct murmurings of its architecturally-derived anthropological past... into a translation understood by all those whose languages have inherited the tell-tale signs of struggle against servility, exploitation, inequality, imprisonment, abuse, neglect and dehumanization.

Like those born with a physical disability who are enabled by some internal drive at accommodation through adaptability by way of an expressed over-compensation of another physical, emotional, or mental ability, and thus exceed the commonality of normalcy that others may later describe as a handicap because of their sameness or similarity to the common throng from whose presence of mind they long to escape and be able to see through or grasp beyond the veil of their practiced traditions of perspective, courage, or accidental meanderings into a new territorial landscape of enhanced appreciation. Yet, without the initial stages of exploration into this realm from a childhood perch of curiosity, a departure into such a realm in later years might well overwhelm them with inconsistencies born from fragmented impressions which breech the taught decorums of socialized standards of inference and definition that are customarily applied to conventions of consideration. The lost innocence of perception sought after by many through preoccupations of drink, drugs and social disalignments of affect and effect may render them into a time and place from which they are tethered too strongly to make a return from with an appreciable means of being able to convey their experiences in a coherent formulation which might be applied to enhance standards in the conventions of traditions which are forced to embark from their niche' of usage. Whereas they may speak of a drum or a fife or bagpipe which sound from a distance's run, and claim to hear them or something else in a symbolic sense... which impassions them with a deep sense of patriotism for an as yet unexpressed Revolutionary spirit, they are unable to, except figuratively, trace out the tempo, timbre, or tonality with expressions to be understood by others because they invariably sit astride the tip of one's tongue or tips of one's fingers.

Children of genius, children of vision, children of originality, children of insight and talent, are frequently able to create a semblematic functionality thereof... though they may appear crude to the tastes of adults refined by the indulged generalizations tuned to the interests and knowledge of a given age of observed tradition... such semblematic contours of imagery may take years for the representation to achieve some acute portrayal of its characterization in a full breath of articulated compilation. Hence, some social movements may not yet fully arrive until years, decades or even centuries from the moment of their initial birth. Each has its own time of maturity. Each may be lost and then reborn anew, with later advocates possibly claiming some status of originality, yet are only reconstructing a regrowth of that whose seeds may lay dormant until the right person, place and thing nurtures its blossoming, though others may first... and later assume it but a weed because they prefer the flowering of the traditions which they have learned to use as comfort or alternate widget placed into some kitchen drawer of miscellaneous stuff, junk or otherwise labeled usage of intermittancies.

Alas, such digressions ring hollow to those whose preference at present listens to the din of their own reminiscing courted by a relationship sustained only by the frailties of specious economics. They do not understand the answer to questions which they have not yet learned to ask, much less contemplate as an eventuality of perception when times have changed to the drama of inexorabilities about a time infused with the space of a future they can not retreat from, detour aside, or rush past so as to avoid. It is then such hollow words will become hallow... A mile-stone of engraved meaning whose geometry of words will stand out as an equation of deduced inductions, but for the moment may appear to them as the ramblings of a mystic entertaining the flickerings of perception playing hide-n-seek at the periphery of classical discernments which the combined knowledge of many assist in the construction of some relative approximation for which all may find a commonality through the proportions of fragments whose roughness of edge may be culturally shaped to fit into some convention of consideration... that a few attempt to gain a greater clarity of perceiving a greater part of the many pieces which once divined, become yet larger fragments of the whole yet to be realized... and from which may be produced a manifesto attesting to the larger value.

Again, let us ask where are those who in their professional capacity would take issue with our claims of them representing the standards of a Loyalist tradition, and drown our ears in the silent middle of a Tornado's encircling freight train's roar when we speak of a protest which pursues a treasure trove of Rights that our forbearers fought to secure for the very posterity in which we and future generations are endowed? Does their profession pay them so well for their silence that they need not speak on behalf of those who have never known such wealth and seek some currency of wage increase in their measure of equality— without the scales being artificially tipped to give the impression of sameness by way of a government that intentionally advocated policies to ensure dependency, indebtedness and the transient translucency of a false freedom? Do such professionals begin to harbinge a dire threat to their Loyalist position if they sense that a Cenocratic Manifesto is embarking on a course which will cut a deep channel across their personal causeway? Why is there such a loud chorus of silence from so many professionals... if it is not a confession that they too want the traditions of dependency and servility to persist because their professions rely heavily upon the value of an existence brought about by individualized economic exploitations of the people themselves, because the people are denied the Right of Self-Representation and Self-Determination as expressions of the inequality the colonists of early America suffered and thus committed themselves to staging an Independence there from?

Are such professionals and those who practice the probity of intellectualisms engaging in an embellished baseness of idolizing the ages-old refrains of "I got mine, you get your own", "Dog eat Dog", "Every man for himself", and other derelictions of actual support instead of charitable donations which serve to institutionalize themselves as opportunists of tax deferments? When intellectuals and professionals from different walks of life are enabled... if not with a proportioned increase in the type or level of equality required for their respective survivability— then with a representative increase in a compensatory allocation of increased personal wealth permitting to smooth out the rough edges of a disproportioned system of equality... those of us not so enabled but recognize them for their 'disintegritous', disingenuous, and disaffiliated condemnation of the human suffering created by practices of deliberately mismeasured equality... even though all of them suffer because of as well!

Those in need of a fully accountable democracy are not only faced with the ravages of inequality from above... their dominioned government, but those who inhabit social stratifications used as a means of excusing themselves from contributing their voice as a palisade of empowerment on behalf of those whose vocabulary and skills of cognition have not been sharpened by the joustings of intellectual experience with various historical venues— from which one or another precedent has been planted as trees of liberty. Even though the Independence declaration of the colonists of early America established a precedent of Self-Representation, Self-Determination, and other inalienable rights dedicated to establishing equality, judicious fairness, and an equal partnership as a sovereign nation unto itself... this precedent has been subjected to a colorful burnishment of malformations which exhibit the concealment of an inter-generational smudging out of the pristine meaning of its concreteness meant to be embraced and shared-in equally by all. Please stop pretensing some jurisdictional attribute of lofted intelligibility from which you divinize the appropriateness of your silence. You silence is deafeningly unbecoming those of your ilk who in former ages had attuned themselves to the righteousness of the Peoples' Cause. And please do not demonize us for seeing through the cloak behind which you carry the daggers of your master... this practice of a disproportioned democracy. Is not our Cause—Just enough, or just not enough for your personal cause of self-enrichment in order to maintain a facile appearance standardized by your peer-pressuring friends and colleagues who live in a world of mirror-imaging proprieties? Do you fear debating your averred Loyalist contentions against those who embrace a Revolutionist creed on a public field of academic honor? Thus, the gauntlet is thrice thrown down.

Date of Origination: Sunday, 17-January-2018... 4:20 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 22-Jan-2018... 11:08 AM