Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum IV


Through the travails of historical discourse we encounter those whose spate of personal troubles... their rejections, their defeats, their losses, their sufferings, their retreats, their humiliation, and numerous other public and personal characterizations through which they suffered... are later found to be that which prepared them for a role to which they alone were born to. Whereas it is often the case such a reference comes to bear on those reflections of political leadership having wakened from a slumber of previous insufficiency whose inner voice of courage takes up the banner, bugle, torch or lends a hand in helping get others to their feet, such will be the events which arise for those who march to the drum which they have heard from time to time all their lives... the drum of a Cenocratic Reformation of government to establish the inalienable Right to Self-Representation and Self-Determination presently ill-practiced by the disproportionate measure of democracy they and former generations have had to endure, but refuse to let those of the future endure a needless and equality-exhausting sufferance. They say Enough is Enough is Enough! The call of a Revolution has beckoned them forward from which there is no retreat because the bridges of suspendable concession will be burned.

Like the colonists who did not have a standing army set against a Nation which did, we too may at times encounter desertions from the Loyalist camps of military organization in the present government. They will come to join us because they too embrace a Revolutionist spirit to fight for the Just Cause of the people, that will be found to be wanting when their contemplations access the solicitudes of frankness and genuine sincerity of purpose as a soldier having joined for the magnanimous purpose of guarding the freedoms of a democracy which they come to find are in a diminished state of distribution amongst their family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances and fellow strangers. They will come to realize that they did not pledge to protect a falsified practice of a democracy but a full expression thereof as set into the annuals of history as a precedent formulated and fought for as a Declaration of Independence from those who had subjected our ancestors to their unequal measurement standards which persist to this day, but their citizenry are too inebriated by a monarchical tradition to see the superficialities of a mismeasured democracy which they are subservient and obligated to because of the habituated forms of dependency upon which their economy is fashioned to serve the few over the many. Though they too need a Declaration of Independence served up on their own behalf, we as well as others must enjoin ourselves to the task in front of us for securing our own liberty from the indecencies of the unequalized practices of democracy which the present government is formulated on.

When our Declaration for Greater Independence is won, we will then be faced with addressing the many issues of inequality which have been ignored, dismissed and in general, set aside because the public had not the means to force those in government to abide by their collective Will. Where at this moment in time it may a welcomed goal, those who are in charge of managing the Peoples Legislative Branch may find the task of selecting which issues and in what order are they to bring before the public for discussion and the eventual vote establishing a new law, a new policy, a new perspective of equality which promotes the advanced directive of practicing a full measure of democracy for all. Indeed, let us ask, how are we to choose which issue is most pressing? Do we alphabetize, genderize, economize or choose otherwise? What will be the framework in which a National discussion can take place, so as to prevent the introduction of regionalism which could undermine the depth and breath of issues? Such are a few of the many questions to be contemplated as we step to the drummer of a Cenocratic Reform.

Shall we then, in our memorized alliance with the forbearers of Colonial Independence... exhibit our defiance to an unjust rule of burdensome Representation by tossing tea bags onto the floors and hallways of Congress, or into the faces of a leadership that has usuriously taxed away our inherited endowment of inalienable rights in order to surfeit their own coffers by way of an indentured servitude on dependency? Shall the Revolutionists banner their own Hail Victory! symbolism and be subjected to a volley of journalistic denunciations or approbations in league with a pretensed Loyalism or Revolutionism whichever might best conceal the intended venture of some reciprocating Capital gains of opportunism? And how are we Revolutionists to calm the imaginations of those who fear the potential rise of some political vulnerability if they should divert their allegiance to an untried formula of governance whose initial stages of birth may render the whole of the Nation to the percipience of those ideological contrivances clothed in the vulturism of ravenous imposition to dispose the people to adopt their world-view, and hence, cause a retreat of our slowly acquired social gains... however crummy a stale and hard bread morsel they are compared to the full meals of expectation from the gains of a newly acquired Independence? Why should they leave their comfort zone of habituated sufferings from which has been gained a martyred-self of personalized respect donning the crown of an achieved perseverance and resiliency... a personally own property that they defend with the language and demeanor of illusory-fashioned positive regards... to follow in the footsteps of a piper who seeks neither fame nor fortune (but the simple freedom of a partnershipped equality enjoined by all in a dutifully authorized liberty) and thus, in a culture of Capitalistic upbringing engendering a necessitated survivalist self-serving greed— creates suspicion, apprehension and the indulged superstitions commandeered by the emotionally instinctive impulses of fight, flight, or freeze? How do we succor them from the divergencies of an emotionally irresponsible imprecation?

How shall we Revolutionists counter-act the Loyalist tactic of claiming our preamble of Independence and ensuing efforts of Reformation are surreptitiously cloaked in a disgraceful malice-aforethought because we are advantaged by unforeseen and overlooked loopholes guaranteed by their own Constitutionality? A Constitution that is already held in suspect because of the incongruity of language, interpretation and application, yet in its era-directed provocated change of wording as an article of protection for the sovereignty of our inalienable rights, would thus render it an impudent organ if differentially applied to uphold the prejudices of a fickle governing leadership... and illuminating it as a vestigial remnant attached to the body of a Nation which must be excised because its inflammatory eruptions create the conditions of a cancerous effect so very debilitating to the whole— which has become so bedridden with the agony of inequality, as to cause widespread suffering and incapacitating to the quality of life that the continuing growth of a Nation must have in order to provide for the present and future needs of the public. The prevailing practice of phony democracy has shown itself to be (1) unreliable in addressing our entreaties with probity or a conscientious resolve, (2) incorrigible in the face of repeated protest to alter its course, and (3) dissolute in pursuing advantages for a few at the expense of the many... resulting in a cyclicity of conduct resembling that of a Tyrant embellished by the ceremony of an enforced false democracy, and has no right, and is in fact unfit, to be the ruler of a free people.

If we are to suffer further, then let it be due to our efforts to establish a reformation against the truancy of a government, as a committed service for those just born and those yet to be developed in the stages of a pregnancy formed from a virgin birth of a Nation unlike that ever witnessed by the historicity of human endeavor and accomplishment. Hail to our forthcoming Victory against an implacable despotism of practiced inequality! To live a life under the oppression of that and those disregarding the sovereignty of Self-Representation and Self-Determination— is a cloistered hermitage of blind-sightedness created by the famine of a malnourished freedom-of-purpose doled out by the cudgeling barks of a fanatically drooling economy ever-desperate in counting every grain of rice, every grain of sand, every grain of hope that it may hoard away from a people still wandering in a wilderness of desolate promises to reach a land of milk and honey as a heavenly respite and manna... a delusion which is little more than a grocery list of meagre subsistence. Hence, let us sustain this digression into the ethereal domains of consideration and embark along the shores of a reverie that some have already witness for themselves, by offering the possibility that all religions, all religious leaders, all philosophies of life and their tributaries... are not the goal which their earth-tied impressions have acquired in revelation, but are way-stations at which to (1) sip of nourishing waters, (2) eat of the substance which fulfills the immediate physical need, and (3) to toilet as well as rest for an embarkation reaching beyond the designs of their god, their heaven, their nirvana. The present formula of government and governance is no leader to idolize, is no god to pay homage to, and is not the heaven of a nirvana that humanity is capable of ascending to.

In as much as we recognize the spirituality of human dimensions, we nonetheless acknowledge an overriding need to humble our astrally projected idealizations into the governable regions of practicality. This said, and while on the trail towards achieving our Greater Independence, the energy of protest for some will be in their dedication of contemplating the egress of applying the developmental measures of Self-Representation and Self-Determination within the boundaries of our economy, technology and humility in serving the needs of the people without letting those needs dictate terms from either a Bulimic or Anorexic inclination as symptomatic left-overs from previous experiences of government whose enforced public dependency surfaces in the withdrawal pangs of compensatory self-abuses portrayed in the gluttony of over-indulged expectation or the starvation of those sacrificial under-indulgences ... both of which can be expressions of misguided retributions turned outward or inward. Indeed, as has been put forth by others, how will our acquired Independence (with a Peoples Legislative Branch constituting a newly budding political organization), help us to maximize the satisfaction of human needs if we at the same time can not offer profitable alternatives for them to choose via Referendum? How do we guarantee the public will not resort to promoting their retreated consciousness into some familiarized political ideology whose adherents will be all too happy to be instructively encouraging because it will enable a projection of their own interests of possible financial gain and projectable empowerment... yet offer nothing substantially useful and will create a new cycle of mixed and matched inequalities which cause many to lose heart and seek to return to the present formula of governance, albeit with their respectively chosen leaders? Will Anarchy, Communism, Despotism, Fascism, Libertarianism, Monarchialism, Socialism, etc., offer themselves up as an ideological savior concerned with democratic issues, yet be unable to reinvent themselves in the throes of a populace having acquired a full measure of Self-Representation and Self-Determination which the present structure of their philosophy does not incorporate as a fundamental Right and cornerstone of a reinvented formula of government and governance which can embrace a public consciousness newly awakened to the realization of an existing enlightenment which can be reached and practiced by a refashioned economics warranting a practicality of proportionate equality without over-taxing the possibility of a probability which no one may of as yet considered, but does not deny the realization to some future time, place and people?

The implementation of practical measures to address human needs need not excuse, disregard, nor deny the appearance and citizenship of that which is presently muted by an inarticulation due to the need of a whole suite of neologistically-created vocabularlizations which step beyond conventions and traditions of perception, illustration and explanation... without which human cognition will forever be constrained to seeing and saying that which does not permit an exploration past the already practiced and expected. If we want to go beyond our ideological constraints of government and governance, we will need a new language which enables us to acquire a useful vantage point thereof. If a new language is not need for the advancement of ideological boundaries, then there would not have been a need for words to be developed in the first place, much less the language of mathematics or the vernaculared vocabularies of physics, art, music, poetry, anthropology, biology, genetics, religion and all other precipices upon which humanity stands having been forced by prevailing circumstances of misabuse from elders like a repeating history of Demosthenes; ... hidden from the world in our claims for a redress of grievances, standing with enculturated pebbles in our mouth due to the government's tongue-tied Freedom of Self-Representative Speech legal system, while practicing our oratory of Independence against the thrashing waves of historical time and space— in order to project ourselves into a greater realm of auditory intelligibility so that the distentions of socially-contortioned logic of argumentation and its discourse of augmented critique, imbues the needed and necessary rationality which might all the better be civilly exchanged with others so they too might benefit from specialized inner discourses set against the enforced impediments of a government which keeps us from experiencing the full tribute of our ancestral estate with its bountiful fields of inalienable rights and the natural streams of accompanying privileges whose sweet waters of Self-Representation and Self-Determination have been stolen from us by those in positions of social leadership enabled to take advantage of our cyclically recurring misfortunes through the wiles of a long-practiced legalized criminality.

The present practice of government and economics, while apparently focused on dedicated measures of practicality to serve the needs of the populace, do so by observing one or another vantage point generally advocating a Capitalistic philosophy which engenders an ultimate disproportionality of wealth and resources culminating in various colloquialisms of which "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" is a well-known example. While many argue against or for this or that policy, law or general practice, their assumptions about improving the government with some alternatively known political philosophy (Anarchism, Communism, Democratic-Socialism, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc... or some administrative religious belief), is itself an effort to promote some believed in practicality to benefit the public and humanity the whole. Unfortunately, even while they may suggest an underlying quest to reach some presumed awaiting Utopia, they too are digressions representing their own cyclicities which do not favour a practical practice of Self-Representation or Self-Determination without the discouraging platitudes of a king-of-the-mountain game of free-for-all despite their pronouncements of some centralized or decentralized regulatory formula. They are either suggesting an over-restraint, or an under-restraint... both of which are structured ideals paved with the sincerest of intentions guided by guesstimations reliant on an insufficient appreciation of human behavior. This is not to say that the application of any political theory will not exhibit welcomed merits, and could eventually be adopted as a standard of sociological adaptation once there is an inter-generation birth sequence which sustains itself as a commonality of born-into acceptance... the fact of the matter is the people themselves have not really had an opportunity to create the society of governance which best suits the entire cast of dimensional or dimensionless attributes which exist and may well come into existence if the appropriate culture of social governance permits it and even encourages the greater propensities of enhanced growth. All prevailing political theories present themselves as the best formula... as a sort of contents page in a standardized text, instead of as a footnote amongst other footnotes in humanity's book of life that has yet to be written.

We can not have a political theory put into practice like the present one which tells us what is available to read, how we should read it, what is to be gleaned, that presents us with a contents, glossary and bibliography which references itself as its most sought after authority from which some assumed Natural laws of our sociability and economics are to be derived and repeated, though the repetition is provided the allowance of creativity only in so much as the title of the book is referenced and its contents are adhered to without deviation. We can not have the same book with a different title and cover with its contents rearranged in the order of a similarly thinking author's preference, and have the audacity to claim it is an appreciably better guide because its intelligibility is based on a personalized dyslexia which is inherent in all theories and beliefs. A theory should have a precedent which defines itself as being substantially different, even if the difference is suggested by competing political philosophies that should not need to compete, but work together in producing the best formula of governance and economics unless their adherents prefer completion because they involve underlying ulterior motives for establishing a given leadership as a prominent feature of an ideological foundation lacking in the skills of an architectural draft which can be obscured from being recognized for its inadequacies by directing the attention of the public onto some other formative drama involving leadership personalities.

Established political practices, however they dispense equality, are difficult to change when so many intellectuals and professionals, not to mention the common man and woman, are duped by or participate in the duping of the public in order to preserve conditions of social interaction that they come to comprehend to the point of being able to navigate themselves into an accessible niche' used to help define themselves and provide a means of personal control over their circumstances and one or more others. They play a part in the conditioning of the public to accept their lot, and believe there is nothing better for them except to jump into the prevailing game and learn to position oneself as a winner, thought their own winnings may be small, and represent an interpreted accountability of being on the side of the winner. The winner in the present case being the functionality of a phony democracy defined as a representative elitist political philosophy without equal and without any visible contender to its self-made throne. It is so blinded by its egotistical assessment of itself that it imagines a reflection which is not there, and is instead a broken window through which it will try to walk in order to reach some constructed idealization which can not be reached, because it has engorged itself with the blood of its many victims which will flow from its wrists and neck on the broken shards of its self-ingratiating fantasies as it grasps for more of itself and sticks its neck out without paying heed to the many signs put up those who give it warning though they too have been unnecessarily deprived a full measure of their inalienable rights.

The people have suffered a long-standing terrorism against experiencing those inalienable rights which were delivered as a hard-won tribute at the time of a won Independence in the 18th century, but was quickly absconded the very same day into the coffers of a few who used such a treasure to bait the people to assist them... stating it was a Cause for All, but then switched these jewels with a baubled artifice of illusion. The government has shown itself time and again to be a cartel of monopolists that seek to advantage themselves and their ignominious Trust with its seductions of Capitalism against which their Constitutional frame work offer the people no protection against nor effective solace from. It is a banking system of politics which use the Constitution as its Bank Charter and the Bill of Rights as their stock options of which they hold the majority percentage and control the board of ethics with respect to a distribution of funds that the people are asked to sacrifice from time to time as a ploy to keep an institution solvent... so that at some future time the bankers may once again reap the lion's share of resources and the public the largess of a pittance known in former times as alms.

A Cenocratic Reformation will enable the people to create an anti-trust against the political cartels which dominate the marketplace of legislation and judicial assignment. However, our Revolution-directed Reformation of the government is not about a desire to riot, though there exists a long-standing animosity, enmity, and irreverent hatred against a system of government which itself resorts to beating down the advance of the public to enjoy a full measure of its inalienable rights. We have kept our emotions in check so as not to release a collective discord in the hope that some diplomatic understanding and useful progress towards adopting amicable resolutions may be found. Nor is it our desire to conduct a Nationalized rebellion in order to bring about a desperately needed reformation of the political and electoral processes. And yet, we must be realistic. Though we shall attempt to win the favour of the present civil leaderships in all their domains in order to bring about a restoration of our full inalienable rights, we must contend with the contemplations of considering our options when our peaceful efforts produce the results of yielding us nil, null, and nought. Though in the calculations of some whose memories of history thrust the abuses of timelessness into a formulated singularity, and they wait ever-ready to make the government's henchmen bleed as so many for so long have suffered and died because of, we will contracted with them to hold in reserve until one final effort is made. If it should fail because of some deliberated obstinacy, obfuscation, or obstruction amounting to a clearly visible denial, then and only then will our sustained peaceful protests be exchanged for a riotous rebellion. This is not something a civil people want, but it is something that occurs when their sincere invocations are met with a protraction of excuses used as moments of presumed calm but are in actuality a concealed consternation to effect one another nefarious stratagem against the people in order to force them to disengage their requests for honest justice against a system of justice which is a hired-gun of double and triple-standards of laws for the few to be used to enforce obligate the many to accept the wording of a social contract that upon reading, is interpreted to mean otherwise than that which we the people might apprehend for our collective benefit.

When the system of justice is used against the people acquiring the full compliment of their Independence-sanctified Inalienable Rights of Self-Representation and Self-Determination; when those in government and their corporate confederates attend to the manufacture of dispensing with public requests as if they were the tossed-away slags of an inebriated consciousness; the people are then forced to deliberate the methodologies by which the collective Will of the people can have its say, and that say become the law of the land which can be reviewed, re-tried, re-examined, and re-placed or re-stored as the consciousness of the people in a given era so dictate. And yes, when all legal avenues for a concerted interest in reforming the government and its economy have been exhausted... the people know well that their options are limited... and that those options may weigh heavily upon a conscientiousness which prefers a route of peaceful diplomacy. Yet, though the restraints of decency in the presence of authority can bind our tongue and hand, in the face of an eleventh-hour denial to our protestations, and knowing what may ensue, some may become submissively surrenderous in order to secure for themselves some measure of leniency in the event the overlords get a moment's upper hand... and others may choose to flee in order to secure for themselves an accountable alibi of non-involvement and perhaps supported by an attendant reference to the hubris of youth... there will nonetheless be those who will stand their ground in defense of themselves, of their own and those who due to some impairment can not, as well as those in the future who will reach into the past with tearfully solemn gratitude thanking them for being able to depend on their courage... whereby these many few... alone will have been forced into being the avant-progenitors of a reformed government through the avenue of riotous rebellion the likes of which will be an untethered pronouncement we have entered into a civil war with all its inevitable tragedies.

When we find ourselves faced with what criteria shall we reform the government, it is necessary to note that none of the prevailing political philosophies and their accompanying economic theories currently exhibit that which the globalization of humanity readily accepts without reservations. While all of them have their merits, we can not be certain those merits can fully surface while under the reins of their present adherents. This is especially true for the different practices of presumed democracy in vogue. The people have a right to be skeptical and suspicious. In light of the conspiratorial nature of humanity, assiduously more pronounced when occurring amongst social leadership, it is difficult for a populace to accept any one practice or be subjected to a currency of facsimiled bureaucratic repetitions which degenerate over time, like a copy made from an original that gathers dust and the copy becomes its replicated image from which it too is copied through a process which produces a reflected distortion of the original whose meaning and importance has become less meaningful and less important, except to those who nostalgically attempt to recreate a mood and moment in a Nation's social development which actually did not occur and never was achieved except through exaggeration brought about by over-compensated attempts of an insecure ego.

The people can not depend on a select few to be the consciousness of the many. While it is true there are those individuals whose expressions and interests are valuable assets to the voice of some who would elect them as their spokesperson, elections processes reek of political prejudice, financial discrimination and journalistically-driven inequalities. We must therefore incorporate a new idea which will help us reach a greater ideal. And yes, the fledgling development will have its fits, frustrations and fatigue... just like the experiences of any family moving into a new home. Current needs will have to be maintained, the establishment of needed services must be sorted out, attention to previous commitments have binding agreements, old relationships will have to be reaffirmed through a sustained communication, new neighbors will have to be received with respect, and numerous other accountabilities will come to the fore as can be expected when the rights and privileges of a large family are to be realized and practiced. Yet, no single socio-political, religious, or philosophical strategy which prevails today in the conceptualizations of humanity, can... by themselves, blaze the appropriate trail for such a diversity of human consciousness. All of them strive to reach the depths of the human soul that create a subjectivity that we can adapt to with time and effort, but will eventually abandon us in the depths of their inherent possessiveness. Only by ensuring that everyone in the family are free to speak their mind without being burdened by the correctness of a religion, philosophy, or political orientation, may it develop a useful science of living that takes full account that the Earth and its solar system are patterns of strategy requiring submission to the deteriorations under which they are governed. A Cenocratic Reformation in which the whole of a public are enabled to Represent themselves and choose their destiny will create those conditions which challenge all Political, Scientific, Philosophical, Artistic, and Social perspectives to extend their grasp beyond their present considerations, because the enhanced expansion of the public's consciousness will push them out of their nests and flap their wings... to journey beyond the comforts of their traditional lairs, to make their way into the dawn of a new day for all of humanity.

Date of Origination: Thursday, 18-January-2018... 9:25 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 22-Jan-2018... 11:09 AM