Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum V


At this point in history, the greatest Anti-Trust policy that a public may devise against the monopolizations of government and business cartels set in opposition to the interests and needs of the people as defined by revealed prioritizations, is the development of a political philosophy syndication objectified under the organization of a Unified Coalition (such as: United Avant-garde Coalition) which is distinct from the earlier models of Anarchist Syndicalism, as well as the conjectured Communist, Democratic, Fascist, Libertarian, Monarchialist and similarly attributed quasi-Syndicalisms (that may or may not be specifically associated with Capitalistic adventurism such as Imperialism and Colonialism), though the 'nom de guerre' (war name) of Revolutionary Syndicalism retains some semblance of usefulness so long as it does not become aligned too literally with the usage of violence as a predominant means to advance an anti-establishment, anti-Capitalism, or anti-politics sentiment... and is used as a 'nom de plume' (pseudonym) for a Reformative Syndication. A Unified Coalition advancing a Cenocratic manifesto is not against the usage of Capitalism nor politics to further the aims of benefiting humanity, and neither is it an advocation of the need for violence if diplomatic relations can be established to procure a progressive agenda on behalf of the public, though the usage of violence to achieve progress when all legal means have been stifled, is an honest and realistic intellectual exercise in inductively deducing the availability of all options. Both Capitalism and Politics have their undeniable usefulness and should not be insouciantly or negatively dispensed with. Viewed as a productive system of manufacturing, the unconscious mechanization of society has no feelings one way or another for its production workers. The conveyor belt can be sped up, slowed down, stopped, and made to change direction by its operators and the inclinations of its owner(s). The system itself, viewed as a mechanization... is not a conscious being. Above or below this functionality, its humanity or lack there of is dependent on why, what, when, where, and how it is put to use. Metaphorically, as an attempted analogy, it is rather senile to scold and punish the inanimate contents of a billfold, purse or backpack which have spilled out due to intentional or unintentional carelessness. A poorly functioning government and economic system occurs because of willful or unconscious design. It is a messenger that should not be offhandedly executed because they bear bad tidings resulting from those that so instruct them to deliver such a message.

There is nothing inherently evil with publicly-private or privately-public ownership so long as they serve the greater social purpose and permit a Full Wage and Benefits package of Inalienable Rights which include Self-Representation and Self-Determination. Capitalism and Politics are tools that can be used for good or ill, depending on the motivations of the crafts-person into whose hands they are held. The old values of syndicalism are clearly unsuited for the economic, social and governing realities of today. As such, all those who are striving for the application of individualized social reforms, upon reflective consideration that is not self-centered... should come to appreciate the value which can arise through a syndication of themselves with others, into a singular collective force of unification governed by the dominant theme of seeking to empower the public's individuated consciousness into an amalgamated alloy of tempered purposiveness which pursues a full measure of Self-Representation from which Self-Determination will be the resulting Capital gains as part of an increased wage of Inalienable Rights. All persuasions, all perspectives, all predilections must come to the table of conferencing in order to discuss the syndicalation of efforts which will be used as a Unification against the government and business establishment which binds the public to a cycle of dependency and servitude that denies us a means to acquire a Full Wage of our Inalienable Rights entitlement.

We must come together to force the government and its business alliances to a National... if not International bargaining table at which the people will receive a Full Agreement of a Full Partnership or we will collectively strike in the mode and manner which will serve to incapacitate their self-serving possessiveness until such time as they yield to our demands for establishing our Right to Self-Representation and Self-Determination, along with a Full Measure of all Inalienable Rights as We The People collectively define them. All social reformers must seek out the very syndication which government and businesses work together to undermine as they have done in the past with the Unionization of workers who fought to be treated as a living, breathing humanity and not negligibly worthy beast of burdens under the yoke and whips of self-ingratiating Capitalistic Tyrants.

Every individualized social and political philosophy has at their foundation one or more core interests what they view as that which they believe signifies an inalienable right. All such ideas should be collectively catalogued, shared, discussed and then voted on to become the law of the land by which the people abide. The people must be enabled to practice a Full Compliment of Self-Representation without the conventions of traditionalized go-betweens amounting to substitution through various practices of vicarious Representation. Measures of referendum forced to comply with standards to oblige the dictates of a prevailing government do not suffice as a "stand alone" Self-Representative model of government. Imposed time, signature, and adjudicated restraints on the Will of the People is a practiced abomination of those tenets described as freedom, liberty, and a shared fraternity of equality. We can not be dictated to by a few who entitle themselves to be judge, jury, and executioner of the public's collective Will and the process by which that Will can be accounted for in its fullest measure.

Those social, government, business and economic reformist positions which do not join in a Unified Coalition— who imagine and/or claim their individualized identity will become lost and congealed into an amalgamation which weakens their position, need be reminded that the finest jewels are very often hewn out of a rough state to create a foundation which typically increases their value because of an accomplished ensemble. Likewise in the case of precious metals used for adornments or those metals applied to the practicalities of everyday living whose strength and other qualitative attributes are forged by the tempering flames of mutability with other ores so that the purity of their individualities can be enhanced through a profitable multiplicity of applicable reproduction so that others may see their individuality of commonness enhanced in a viable commerce of multiplicity.

In all beliefs, in all philosophies, in all theories... we not that the purity of individuality is the product of amalgamation... a fusion of two or more individually recognizable components. Whether in cooking, chemistry, ideology, love, competition, gardening, mathematics, music, art, religion, manufacturing, etc., the beauty, the purity, the quality is the realization that each has their unique time and place of contribution to be made as an attributive enhancement that humanity can prosper from. By itself, gold is highly valued though the natural state of its value under analysis is wrought by its chemical composition with tellurium, selenium, and possibly bismuth. By itself, a diamond has been put to many uses but its carbonated singularity belies that it is found in not one, but three types of deposits known as alluvial gravels, glacial tills, and kimberlite pipes. By itself, humanity is unique for its sentience... a quality once thought to be derivably different amongst the three groups of Africans, Asians, and Caucasians, but has now been identified as the extension of multiple previous combinations involving Nature and Nurture through incremental reformations. By itself, society is "the one made possible by the many"... though societies are subjected to those who wish to amalgamate the many to reflect or replicate their image which assumes itself as a purity that can become more complete... reach a higher state of completeness... if it is isolated from defined impurities which necessarily come to show themselves to be more resilient and adaptable to environmental change because of an amalgamated generalization which a purity cannot adapt to without a mixture... necessitated by a planet and planetary system headed along a course of incremental deterioration. The idea of the Sun expanding to engulf the innermost three planets on its course of an eventual burnout is an example of a 3 into 1 coalescence. Likewise, the slowing of the Earth's rotation and the expansion of the Sun will cause the three solar "moments" (Dawn-Noon-Dusk) to fuse into one, a characteristic proportional to the Christian Trinitarian concept of Three persons in One God, three sub-atomic particles to one atom (protons-neutrons-electrons), holding one pen or pencil with three fingers, three number placements (ones-tens-hundreds...etc...) separated by a comma to illustrate a set before a higher set of quantification (thousands, etc...) is reached, three common punctuations (period- question mark- exclamation point) used for every (one) sentence, etc... Likewise, a short list of percentaged amalgamations is analogically instructive to detail the value of coalescence... if such a digression will be permitted by the reader:

3 content percentages of Gunpowder: 75% Potassium nitrate~ 15% Charcoal~ 10% Sulfur.

3 used grades of Plutonium-239:

  • Less than 80% is reactor grade~
  • 80-93% is fuel grade~
  • 93% is weapons grade.

3 percentages content of Natural uranium:

  • {99.3% U-238}~
  • {.7% U-235}~
  • and {a trace of U-234}.

3 percentages of typical gasoline (petrol) octane grades:

  • 83 (unleaded)-
  • 86 (regular unleaded)-
  • 89+ (supreme unleaded)

3 ultraviolet radiation divisions:

  • Near (4,000- 3,000 Å)~
  • Middle (3,000- 2,000 Å)~
  • Long (2,000- 100 Å).

3 percentages of chemical composition involved in skeletal muscle:

  • 75% of skeletal muscle is water
  • 20% is protein
  • 5% is inorganic salts and other substances, including: phosphates, urea, lactic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, enzymes, ions, lipids and carbohydrates.

3 portions to the Small Intestine (20' in length): Duodenum (10")~ Jejunum (2/5)~ Ileum (3/5)

3 proportioned energy sources for the human body: Carbohydrates- Proteins- Fats

3 proportioned energy pathways for biological processes: ATP (adenosine triphosphate)- ADP (adenosine diphospate)- AMP (adenosine monophospate)

3 divisions to the world's water supply:

  • Ocean = 97%
  • Ice sheets, glaciers, ice fields, ice floes = 2%
  • Steams, lakes, rivers, ground water, soils = 1%

(Different sources give different percentages but there are generally 3 categories.)

  1. Nearly 97% of the world's water is salty or otherwise undrinkable.
  2. Another 2% is locked in ice caps and glaciers.
  3. That leaves just 1% for all of humanity's needs: all its agricultural, residential, manufacturing, community, and personal.

Because human biology is disposed to using environmental circumstances as a (symbolically connected) role model in that events in nature can have an influence, examples of proportionality, in particular... identifiable changes... can be used as an analogical preface as to the complexity in which human discussions of socio-political dimensions can be interpolated as comparative models representing an idea which might otherwise appear too abstract without an attempt being made to provide a comprehensible illustration. For example, (even though percentages may vary slightly between different texts), Dark energy appears to make up 73 percent of all the mass and energy in the universe, and is driving the accelerating expansion of the universe. Unseen and as-yet-unidentified dark matter makes up about 23 percent of all the matter and energy in the universe. Scientists know it exists because of the gravitational effects it has on galaxies. The regular matter that makes up humans, planets and stars constitutes only 4 percent of the universe.

Matter and Energy proportionality ratios

...No less, it may be analytically prudent to mention a few examples of those who have recognized and/or are experiencing a form of the "threes" phenomena by adopting such a pattern to some aspect of their personal interest as provided in the development of generalized categories denoting specificities:

  1. A tripartite organization formula: (such as Executive- Legislative- Judicial; Manager- Assistant Manager- Third Man, etc...).
  2. A three-step hierarchical process: (such as Id- Ego- Superego; Primary- Secondary- Tertiary; Minimum- Medium- Maximum, etc...).
  3. An overlapping triple configuration: (such as Reptilian- Limbic- Mammalian brains; Win- Place- Show [horse racing]; Gold- Silver-Bronze [Olympic medals] etc...)

Let us also include such unconscious everyday uses by computer users as the Minimize- Maximize- Close options in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen, three clicks of a mouse (or less) as the common maximum effort to retrieve information, and that it as been said that typical internet users commonly review only the first three pages listed by a search engine... (which is of particular importance for companies trying to prioritize themselves with internet search engines in order to maximize internet usage attendance to their website, typically with a commercial interest in mind.)

Those individual social, government and economic reformists, with or without a supportive organization who choose not to coalesce with others into a Unified Coalition, may be doing so not because they fear a loss of individuality, but they are a confederate of Loyalist Traditions... a Tory whose actions in our midst are motivated by an interest in keeping us divided and thus impotent— by which they can assume a personalized achievement when they lack accomplishment elsewhere. Like those in government and business who see us as competitors, as rivals for a stockpile of limited resources, instead of as a companion, a trustworthy partner to confide honestly with because we share the same ultimate goals of reaping the rewards of profitability from our labors. Unfortunately, they seek to dominate and not equalize the task of concerted efforts. It is a madness of greed which creates a sociopathic disconcern for the well-being of others, though they may claim they seek to resolve one or another social problem or concern through whatever measure might increase their wealth that is then divided up unequally amongst those who are asked to provide the greatest sacrifices for. It is an addiction which Capitalism need not breed, but is permitted to be consumed in large doses and set into a cultured practice of creating a dependency of the same that millions have been trained through various social enforcements to grovel for their next narcotic-like fix thereof. Such Loyalists are far too intoxicated to soberly take account of their ignorance to comprehend a genuine sensibility of affection... in our pity for them.

In some instances we find those advocating a particular belief, theory or philosophy prefer to "work the system" or "get over on" some convention or regularity which obstructs their desired progress by getting politicians, judges, social/civic leaders, etc., to support their Cause or some integral view point, by identifying some way to manipulate them such as through an act of extortion, bribery, threat, bullying, emotional ambush, etc., so as to circumvent any process by which the collective Will of the public might be engendered to discuss and vote on the value, need, necessity, or legitimacy of their preferred orientation. In effect, they would be against joining a Unified Coalition because they are a product of the prevailing system which they want to keep intact, since they have designated a social niche to which they have tethered themselves as a port that provides a relatively safe haven in which to chart out some navigable course that will enable them to market their ideological wares... through a productive commercialism, even if it is a Black Market or sub-cultural channel of catacombs. Those who have learned to "work the system" are committed to keeping their method of self-centered social reform production as the dominant model, have both an economic and philosophical interest in preventing the development of a new production model such as the Peoples Legislative Branch which supports the development of Self-Representation and Self-Determination, along with an increased wage and benefits circulation of Inalienable Rights. They want to maintain their methods of extracting and hoarding one or more social resources so as to be able to control the price of philosophical goods and services. Social reformists, and particularly specialized organizations thereof, want to dominate a given ideological commodity by claiming territorial owner in order to collect rent in the form of dues and donations. They do not want competition for their share of a market they want to dominate and force others into a submissive role of deference instead of reincorporating everyone into a larger enterprise so that all may benefit from an increased pooling of resources to be used to create a more amiable social market for everyone.

Every intellectual, physical or emotionally expressed disposition, whether acquired via nature and/or nurture, are differences which might be individually "classified", and therefore distinguish a "classification" abbreviated as "class". No less, the conditions which occur because of these class distinctions admit to the presence of a 'state of being', that may be abbreviated as a 'state' because mere observation constitutes a 'state' whether it involves one or more people... or no human perception at all, since 'states' of being don't depend on the presence of human perception like the three states-of-being recognized occurring with water described as solid (ice)- liquid (water)- gas (steam), and whether we refer to them as phases instead of states. Hence, even if we were dispense with the words "class" and "state", the distinctions of difference would be noted in some other manner. In addition, by including the idea of a "moneyless" society, some other method of valuation would be needed to secure for itself the absence of a perceived inferior ideological standard exchanged for a superior one. If a "classless, stateless, moneyless" social program of governance is allotted the distinction of being of superior quality to a social standard of class, state and monetary distinctions, how is such determined if there is a purported desire to dispense with such a system of valuation unless an alternative one is put into its place because any sudden void produces a low pressure system to be filled, whether or not there is an actively articulated social labeling thereof? Eliminating such words or ideas from the minds of the many in the public does nothing to remove them from the minds of a few who can thus use their knowledge of such to exploit the public's ignorance of such. Hence it is not the words, but their usage to define egotistically attenuated interpretations of oneself or one's group to another or another group which would have to be purged from the system of human biology... whether one imagines society becoming a skinnerian black box or not. A Jaynesian (Julian Jaynes) approach to a reinterpretation of the human brain's development of an originating consciousness through the break down of the bicameral mind might help begin an exploration of how to succeed in removing the pristine constructs of class, state and money for their primordial lair.

A classless and stateless and moneyless society is impossible at the present time or near future because equality is not standardized between people living under conditions which create a consciousness of difference to fulfill a continued practice of inequality in business, government and other social engagements. Simply outlawing the acknowledgement or practice of such will only serve to create a condition where children ask why the King isn't wearing any clothes as he parades about through the streets of enculturation. By trying to create a condition of enhanced equality by intellectually or emotionally eliminating the usage of words such as class and state put into practice by a form of economy that is being used by a few to express their inclinations of personal distinctions from one or more others, results in yet another cyclicity of the prevailing social structure tide to a system of practiced inequality. A stateless and classless society is but another expression of a practiced inequality, despite definitions used to the contrary. Human economics breeds classes and states of being no matter which prevailing political ideology is used as if it were a viable strategy to be used in winning at chess, checkers, poker, etc... The underlying structure of the game being played out each contain similarities to one another because of environmental adaptive requirements for gaining or retaining some measure of equilibrium, like a table top on which a game is played... being subjected to the force of rolling waves, an earthquake, or other natural condition of incremental decay. Attempts to remove the existence of class and state from the social consciousness of humanity is itself a state of class consciousness which bolsters their retention... from whose grip we can not fulcrum-and-lever ourselves free from. Similarly, Simply advocating a the non-existence of a god and living a life with this belief as a core observation, does not change the fact that the conscious existence of a god concept, one way or another, does not obliterate the idea's influence on believers and disbelievers alike. In which perspective is the greater measure of equality assumed to have been acquired? In which case is the greater liberty, freedom, fraternity and shared economy? Surely you can see both are products of greed to acquire an increased wealth of personal well-being.

The argument that the public would not know how to spend, save and barter a Full Wage of Inalienable Rights is a valid point being used to retain the implemented low wage it has. Indeed, it does not know how to be thrifty without being exploitive or greedy because such wealth would overwhelm many, if there were not a market place of Self-Representative constraints in terms of instructive teaching. In many cases, as has already been mentioned, it would be like someone winning a huge lottery pay-out and finding themselves enabled to indulge in extremes of passion because this is the Market place which prevails. An increased wage of Inalienable Rights needs the appropriate social market place within a Self-Representative economic system. The present system of economics permits an anarchist formula of laissez-faire indulgence as a means by which a few who practice the constraints inherent in a Self-Representative economy can take advantage of such a careless over-indulgence because it is their wares which will be purchased by another's new-found wealth. With this said, let us emphasize that an increased wage of Inalienable Rights in a Self-Representative— Self-Determination of governance will produce a new type of economics. If everyone shares equally, then a lessened interest in laboring for the shared equality, will result in a lessened equality of all... leading some, as is now practiced, to used whatever method is necessary (law, exploitation, dependency, etc...) to get others to do their bidding for acquiring a greater percentage of equality they do not want to share and will impose their rationale for depriving the majority of an increased socio-political wage unless an increase is aligned with an alternative advantage of maintaining... although most often increasing, their present profit ratios.

Very many different theories, beliefs and philosophies speak or imply they provide a means of emancipation for the public which is cast into the role of an whipped, kicked, underfed and generally mal-treated underdog seeking a mode of salvation such as through a savior, be it the ideas of a representative human advancing such a proposition, or a proposition whose author(s) are not available to speak for themselves, whereby someone attempts to fill the vacant shoes. While some focus primarily on economics, others approach the sincere desire to alleviate suffering and lack of equality through a variety of proposals centering on one or more variables sometimes referred to as a law, issue, policy, practice, etc... Since so many problems appear from the lack of a person having a means to purchase the necessary goods to meet basic needs, it is understandable why employment, as a part of an overall discussion of economics is presented as a priority to be addressed. In a Maslowian formula of hierarchical stratification of needs requirements, we come to distinguish a criteria involving a top-down, bottom-up, or middle-outwards approach in the different philosophies. And yet, in as much as one or another philosophy can serve an effective purpose if applied, such ideas remain on the drawing board of someone's mind, a book they've written, or some conversation which may occur in school, in the workplace or an impromptu place and time with an acquaintance, stranger, oneself, or a more familiar person. In short, their ideas are never permitted the chance to work through all the 'bugs' which present themselves when a formal idea is applied by an informality of those who may have little or no experience in working out an effective routine, much less enable the public to learn either the benefits or disadvantages of a given idea. The people are not permitted to try out different ideas to improve their collective lives because the current system of government and business culture would feel threatened that one or more of its current major (or well-regarded minor) players would be subjected to what they would describe as unfair competition, though this is in fact the strategy being imposed on the public preventing it from participating on an even playing field, if they at all find themselves lucky enough to be considered a viable player.

The public could be sitting on the greatest socio-political tool, but are not permitted to effectively introduce it for a trial and error consideration, because there are those in authority who assume a taken-for-granted attitude that the current system has no equal..., at least not in the manner of being able to induce the public to be its own political policing force by rejecting even those ideas proposing a larger increase in the wage of their Inalienable Rights! By some menagerated turn of mind they react to proposals for improving the government as if it were the declaration of a tax increase, the call for the practice of potential austerity measures, or some substantial, difficult-to-recover loss of what little they have! The public will be protective of it has, even to the point of remaining silent about a perceived discrepancy of equality, especially when it is being offered no alternative except those which have historically shown themselves in a light that suggests a counter-productive to the meagre allotment of Inalienable Rights they have. Simply put, Anarchism, Communism, Socialism and professed models of Libertarianism, Monarchialism, etc..., have left the public with a bad taste in its mouth that no reformist model of breath mint can sweeten. It is not the separatist ideas of these different ideologies which must be advanced, but the enhancement of an individualized collectivism to assist the public in achieving a higher wage and benefits package of its Inalienable Right with no strings attached, no contractual agreements with fine print, no tit-for-tat reciprocations, etc... The public must be given room to breath and think for itself without being subjected to brow beating forms of salesmanship.

The public needs an increased wage and benefits package of its Inalienable Rights which will guarantee the freedom to exercise Self-Representation in order that it may collectively choose the best socio-political-economic course it wants to follow or pursue by blazing its own trail. When the public is confronted, for example, by the Marxian idea that the production and distribution of goods would be based upon the principle "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs", how can such gobbledegook reflect equality when it actually reflects just another stated classification for evaluated differentiation? This then implies that there are going to be differences defined by an unspoken practice of a recognized difference in which measurement is inevitable because of the enumerative propensities of the human brain to calculate goods and services as a means by which a system of bartering can be used to trade. The fact that a distinction between abilities and needs can be deduced is a method of classification. The idea of a moneyless, classless, stateless society is some future age is a Utopic idealism promoted by good intentions of creating a better society, but is an impracticality due to a form of biology subjected to the constraints of having to adapt to an incrementally deteriorating planet and planetary system in an attempt to regain or maintain some measure of equilibrium.

It is particularly naive to attempt the intellectual construction of some Utopic social order based on the dichotomy of ability/need and the trichotomy of a moneyless- stateless- classless configuration, unless one somehow believes that a social order like that of some insect colonies express a desirable representation thereof because everyone has their (biologically) assigned/driven niche, function and corresponding attributes so that their ability is clearly identified and their accompanying need is validated accordingly. Yet such a matriarchal-monarchy does have a "state", "classes" and commensurate currency of valuation (without a human form of monetary exchange). The assumed lack of a human-defined "consciousness" of distinction appears to be substituted with forms of insect recognition amongst themselves that is too subtle for the casual human observer to notice. A lack of class consciousness would thus require some robotic-like fixation or orientation to carry out assigned tasks. However, who/what... if not someone or something acting in the capacity of a "state" authority, decides who and how many occupants of a society are to be assigned with what task, and receive what reward of sustenance? Does the State of such a colony also subject itself to becoming part of a biologically implanted matrix for future colonies whereby it too functions according to its designated biological configuration without a consciousness of itself in a particular role? If there is not something to tell the genetics of an organism to develop in a certain way, who or what then participates in the role as a controlling state-of-being? And why do humans recognize the presence of a tripartite social structure being used, if such a schematic is not a product of an environmentally effected biological disposition? Why is there an upper- middle- lower class division like a small- medium- large or Queen- Drone- Worker... etc., and not a single class? Surely an exploration into the cause of a tripartite usage... or at least repeating perception, is of sociological, political, economic and other philosophical value.

With respect to the Marxian ability/need distinction we can venture to provide a scenario which illustrates a problem with the overall Communistic orientation, despite the well-intention of its adherents to suggest a provisional model of a more equitable... more fair social functionality. For example, we have three groups of people. One group has the ability of working three times as hard, three times as fast and three times as long as the next group for a third of the resource need. The second group has the ability of working twice as hard, twice as fast and twice as long as the next group and requires half as much of the resource needs as the next group. The third group works thrice and twice as slow, shorter and less hard than the other two, while needing two and three times the resources as the other two. Then again, this distinction relies on a set production schedule by those or that which plays the part of the "state" directive/director, even if the administration is minimal, intermittent and short-term. If the work schedule is set to the parameters of the ability and/or needs of any one of the groups, or even if some mid-point average is appointed, we run into problems because we consciously acknowledge the differences between ability and need. If the production schedule is set to accommodate the abilities and needs of the third (slow) group, the other two groups will be forced to adopt a communal/communist mediocrity and not be able to pursue a standard or greater ability than they have because they are not subject to that which is at their capacity level or above... and therefore are not being subjected to a challenge. If the production schedule is set to accommodate the second group, then the third group may be stressed because it is challenged to exceed its ability, because their ability is limited to the parameters of their inherent design. The first group would have to "dumb down" its ability and be subjected to conditions which may eventually breed a diminished capacity due to a required adaptability they will be forced to adopt. It may be stressed by boredom, because it is straight-jacketed. If all three groups are born with a brain that does not recognize distinctions between ability and need, then those forced to slow down will not be troubled... yet those whose abilities are limited, may (unconsciously) find themselves in a situation in which they can't keep up and suffer the loss of identity in terms of having no social viability because they can't perform as dictated by "state/ownership" requirements. They will have to develop some sort of sub-cultural identity because they are not permitted to participate due to a lack of education, training and in general, have an unmarketable skill set. If we decide to put all three groups into separate production facilities because someone or something recognizes differences in ability and needs, the idea of class consciousness, state administration and personal valuation may not arise so long as there is no communication between nor awareness of the other groups.

Tripartite distinctions of classification

In addition, while some view insect colonies as a well-oiled machine to be envied because of all the problems humans experience in their societies, let us not overlook that insect colonies fight amongst themselves once they become aware of one another's presence. A prejudice and discriminatory practice ensues to bring about death and destruction. For being "perfect" social orders in and of themselves, they don't share this expression of orderliness and magnanimity between other insects. There exist both predators and prey amongst insects who "class-ify" distinctions of right/wrong, superior/inferior, friend/foe, etc., ... each to their own ability, each to their own needs.

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