Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum VII


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For all those agreeing that the Lenin imperative of "What is To Be Done?" must be functionally facilitated in whatever political exercise one undertakes, it is not enough to reminisce about former government reform efforts in different times and different places, or those of a more recent vintage that sought some justice for a singular issue which may or may not have advanced the perspective that the government needs to undergo a Reformation; it is up to us to articulate an instructive program that may at some future event undergo a revision as an expression of flexibility which may have need of maneuvering in order to reach a goal by way of an undaunted mission. It is up to us to predicate the advancement of a populace, the advancement of humanity, because we are the populace, we are the humanity to whom we owe our greatest allegiance, our greatest virtues of allowance in order to secure and define the wage and benefits package of Inalienable Rights which were generalized as at a minimum: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, thus leaving open the door for future generations, each in their own circumstances, to articulate an era-specific chronistic meaning to the phrase which gives reference to those Inalienable Rights" ...endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that amongst these are...

Because each generation takes a step, a stroll, a sojourn further ahead if it pursues the course of their inheritancy of former explorers who forged the distance of a trail upon which we of the present stand today and fully realize we have not come far enough, that there remains for us to pursue that which our ancestors could not walk another mile due to the infirmities of their historical age; we find that it is not one explorer, not a small band, but many millions of us who wish to make the journey into a new territory of social self-governance... into a new Age just over the horizon, just over the hill, just around the bend from our time and place in history. It is unknown what we will find. No nation such as ours, no people such as us, have made the voyage we of the present are now experiencing... even though a few have made it this far on their own with respect to their own inequities... the collective consciousness of their age became overwhelmed by the comforts of their newly-acquired treasures. Yet, those few were not prepared to venture further as a nation, as a united people in a partnership. It is a task left to us, so that future generations may themselves pursue even further.

We Don't Know what lays ahead of the tunnel whose distant light beckons us forth. We Cannot Say whether it is the exit into a better way of life, or just the flame of a torch signaling we are headed in the right direction, because the only other is to return to our present or past primivities. Yet We Won't Quit in our pursuit of establishing a Peoples Legislative Branch as an expressed opinion of our Collectivity to embrace a measure by which an increased wage and benefits package of our Inalienable Rights shall be secured for all, by all, and with the concerted opinion of all... of all those who have day in and day out been forced to pull themselves up by their own boot straps to meet the toils of each day the people have been denied an equal political partnership, an equal share of their labored after resources, and an equal share of their Independenced humanity. The establishment of a Peoples Legislative Branch is a tool by which the people can lever themselves to a higher, to hoist up those too weak, too shy, or too fearful to ask, to reach for, or know where to find their footing. Once the Peoples Legislative Branch is put into service and the people become accustomed to an increased wage and benefits package of their Inalienable Rights, the guarantees, the assurances, the promises of a potential profitability will come face to face with the realities of practicality. Yet, the standards of practicality will forthwith be adapted to enable a full expression of our potential. We are forging, we are fabricating, we are fomenting a stew of untapped talent, creativity and genius which the present formula of governance oppresses to either exploit it for a few, or keep its existence hidden from view so that it can not inspire the public to aspire to that which yearns to blossom into an orchard of fruitfulness to be shared by all... equally.

We Do Not Know, We Can Not Say, But We Will Not Falter. We shall persevere in the task which lays before us... though the future may confront us with a wilderness like those who have had to venture for a while in a desert before reaching their oasis. If not a landscape whose noon-day sheen can give the impression of walking on water, then perhaps we may find ourselves lost in a jungle of new sights, new sounds and an imagery which will fuel our efforts to reach atop the canopy of trees so that a clearing, a water way, or yet a virgin valley smiles and waves to us our approach. Then again, our journey may take us to the edge of an ocean with the vista of a star-scape as yet another beckoning frontier which requires us to severe the umbilical cord from Mother Earth so that humanity may grow beyond the species it is. If we must guess, let it be filled with promise, with the inimitable regard for the possible, with a positive attitude in order to patiently console the uncertainties of emotional affect— like those of the distant past whose fears of venturing into a forest created unbounded imaginings which provided a few the means by which an impressionable many might be held captive and taken advantage of through exploitation. Let us tarry here no longer... for we have outgrown the clothes of Democracy's ideological garments... though they were once a tailored fit whose wear and tear can no longer be patched, its seams no longer let out, its buttons no longer replaced, and its material no longer replenished because its processes of manufacture are outdated. We can not drag out and dust off the former spinning wheels of democracy's original weave in order to recreate the stitchings and pattern which were once a mainstay of production. And though we may label the new with the old name, it is not the same, regardless of one's attempts to sentimentalize a tradition whose time has come to be put to rest and a respectful headstone placed in memorandum. The present formula of Democracy must have its eulogy sung. It is time for Humanity, it is time for the Nation, it is time for Us to move on. An adopted Cenocracy will be Democracy's living panegyric. For whom he bell tolls, it tolls for Democracy.

In replacing Democracy with a reformed model of social self-governance, there are those who would advise that we do not fail to put the coins of its commerce-of-inequality in its eyes for the ferryman. Except that the task of Charon to ferry Democracy across the river Styx is made difficult in that we retain the soul of Democracy. It is of need to point out that such considerations are both the romantic legend of myth and message of potent magic which indulges those inclinations of fable generation... as is the characteristic value of cultural traditions to mix and match ideological forays as an exploratory tinkering to bring out the very image which already exists in the stone. Like the knowledge of metallurgy which allowed a young Arthur to pull out the sword from raw ore, or the construction of the swastika out of the big dipper's stars rotating about an axis while being viewed during the equinoxes and solstices, or views in the present are conglomerations of diverse imageries. It can not be helped... nor should we care to interfere with those symbols that are born from the many vagaries of our human dispositions. They will serve us as they did our ancestors... though we see them differently and those of the future will view ours from a different vantage point. All is well that ends well. There is much for us all to do in setting the stage for the coming new age. A Cenocracy is not the end, but the beginning.

Let us provide the initial makings of such a program knowing that any formulated itemization is not set-in-stone and may be altered due to available assistance and funding. If there is not enough money to accomplish a task or someone comes up with a better idea to advance a given program item, modifications can be made. Different people have different ideas which can be incorporated in a movement intended as a Reformation of the government for the whole of the Nation.

  1. We need to establish a publicly visible affirmation of our serious interests and intentions on behalf of the public. Because far too many issues continue to go unaddressed, and conventional efforts to get a redress of grievances have been thus far futile, the conflict-of-interest being exhibited by the government needs to be pointed out and that the impasse requires a concerted effort to promote a Reformation of Government.

  2. Again and again and again we must ask for the Military and Para-Military law enforcement personnel to please Stand Down in order to Stand Up for the Right of the people to Formulate whatever government they want. A Peoples Government means a Peoples Government, not a government by vicariously authorized individuals to create policies of disfranchisement, disinclusion, dependency and other degenerations of our Inalienable Rights which exist in a state of Austerity and we hold government I.O.Us being used to Alienate us from the very Rights won in 1783.

  3. Any and all who wish to help, whether inside the U.S. or outside, though their living arrangements and daily routines prevent them from being nearby any organizational activity, can do so by simply articulating the phrase "The Cenocratic Movement" in order to raise awareness of a Reformation intent that fully acknowledges that the usage of a Riotous Rebellion culminating in a Civil War is an option, but is not the desire... and will only be used if the government refuses to yield to our demands for a redress of all grievances to the satisfaction of the people. The Cenocratic Reform Movement is the concerted expression of "Enough! is Enough! is Enough! We've had it." We are fatigued and disgusted by all the pusillanimous protest efforts which result in no effectively lasting changes on behalf of the public. We don't want government piece-meal concessions which conceal just another maneuver to enrich those who are already wealthy. We want our own Self-Representation and Self-Determination. And if this means we have to tear down the current government in order to accomplish our aims for the public, then so be it.

  4. A political movement which 'pools' the time, energy and other resources of its many adherents is a representative tax willingly supplied by the populace. In other words, it is an account reserved for a specific venture to accomplish a goal that an even, a fair, an equal distribution of labored-for, labored-with, and labored-because of desired resources may occur... yet not be aware of a greater value not yet harnessed because the governing machinery of a given political and economic ideology may as yet be too primitive to advantage itself of the potential— similar to the presence of above ground oil seepage that those in the past may have fallen into and thought of as nothing more than a nuisance, because there was no available technology to make use of the oil in its raw state or its later arriving thermally cracked refractions... eventually accompanied with catalyzed refining processes which yielded various grades of internal combustion fuel, such as gasoline (petrol)... that must meet the three primary requirements of (1) an even combustion pattern, (2) starts easily in cold weather, and (3) prevailing environmental requirements with respect to air pollution and other contaminations. Because political movements on the Revolutionary level of Reformation generally begin with the accumulation of resources from those who have little (and therefore little to lose, but much to gain in the venture of what small amounts of capital they can provide), the same reformative initiative may not occur if those who are asked to join in the thrust are satisfied with their present level of redistributed wealth which they now have; unless they too are expecting a larger return in their investment that may be counter-productive to the fundamental intent of the proposed Movement. The gains of expectation of those who pool their meagre resources may not satisfy the desires of those who already share in a larger proportion of redistributed wealth. They will not want to participate in a Movement to assist the have-nots, if they are unable to view them as the 'deserving poor', as opposed to some personalize notion of the 'undeserving poor'. If the Movement is interpreted as a measure by which they will be forced to share in their present level of wealth brought about by some known or unrealized methodology of exploitation, they not only will not want to contribute, but may in fact attempt to interfere with an resource accumulation which can be forged as the point of a weapon they might have to fight against in order to preserve their way of life... regardless of how many suffer a status of abject inequality.

  5. The property of inequality that the poor and not-so-poor... yet struggling... are forced into an ownership of by those who have earned, found, stolen, or been born into and have an empathized ability amongst their like-minded ilk to not comprehend how the taxes of such an ownership entitlement are burdensome and stigmatizing because they are enabled to freely bath in the waters of an uncrowded pool which higher standards of equality afford them; is the condition of a socio-economic enculturation endowed by a formula of governance whose leaders may express sympathy for, but continue to indulge in the sophistry of a legislative process where conflicts-of-interest continues to defer needed resolutions to some futuristic ideal which is designed to circumvent by providing contractual funds which allow for cost over-runs that typically exercise an increase whenever a new piece of social scaffolding is asked to be put up. Any effort by the public or on the public's behalf to set up the forms so that a foundation can be laid, are persistently met with an ordinance of opposition by other would-be contractors who refuse to settle their differences and work together, because 'their differences' are their property whose ownership is not for sale, not for rent, not for lease... yet they want the people to continue paying property taxes for absentee owners using the property as a tax write-off for themselves! The people can not win at a game constructed like a maze which can be turned inside out in order to leave the public out in the cold from a property that is defined as belonging to the government that is said to belong to the people, but the people have no claim to the ownership of because their pooled-together tax revenues have permitted the property of enhanced Inalienable Rights to be purchased under their name by a few exercising a power-of-attorney over them by way of some supposed implied consent based on a very conveniently arranged social contract between the governed and govern whose once permissible predication has been nullified because it was drawn up as a collusion by a few, for a few, at the expense of the many! The few can not see and do not care to see that which can not be seen as wrong because it is all they've ever known and validate it as normal and natural because of a traditioned exercise of day-to-day practice used as a verification of its propriety on their behalf... and can not be argued against because of the wealth it generates for them!

  6. A list of our requests needs to be clearly and concisely stated..., regarding the reasons and rationale for establishing a Peoples Legislative Branch... so that the Inalienable Rights of the people can be firmly protected as well as promoted... such as the Right of Self-Representation and Self-Determination in order that ALL social issues can and will be publicly addressed, voted on, and made into law— We can not equivocate, vacillate, nor quibble over or about our intentions. The actions of many would-be, though well-intentioned Revolutionaries typically resemble those who fail to remember the past and repeat history. If the Cenocratic Reformative Revolution is to engage in an "Enlightened" approach at making productive governmental/social reforms, we must be mindful of this. To this end, it is of value at this point to take a look at history from which can be procured a reference detailing the "same-difference" between the "Governing State" and the common throng, in that the King did not exhibit the means, ability, or will to help the people, and the people approached the problem between the State and the people with a mobocratic mindfulness to usurp the present Authority and simply destroy who and what they thought was the perpetrator of their inequality without advancing a viable alternative:

From Alexander Pope's "The First Epistle From The First Book Of Horace":
Lines 120 to 123:

Well, if a king's a lion, at the least
The people are a many-headed beast.
Can they direct what measures to pursue,
Who know themselves so little what to do?
Many-headed hydra

Note: The line: "The people are a many-headed beast" was a term used by Socrates in Plato's Republic.

  1. It is necessary for intentioned social/government/economic (etc.) reformists, regardless of the depth of their sincerity and intensity of their irritation, angst, anger and overall emotionally affected provocations to respond defensively instead of fleeing or submitting... to provide a model which can be scrutinized by all those to be affected by changes and be prepared to defend itself from would-be champions and apologists of the current political regime whose structural faults are compounded by authoritative administrations expressing an aristocratic (dis)regard for the population at large. What the Cenocratic Reformation model proposes is the contemplated application of an actual structural change in the performance of governance, and is not merely a transformation of exchanging one belief for another... such as in the case of a religious belief whose foundational structure exists primarily on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms and not in an everyday mechanical or administrative capacity... though religions do participate in some measure of these activities as well.

  2. A Declaration for Greater Independence will be written up and presented, in the event the government fails to come to the bargaining table with the public to get a redress of all grievances, and have all grievances resolved, if practically possible... according to the collective perception of the people. The colonists of early American thought it prudent for them to exercise a Declaration of Independence from the Sovereign British government which assisted in the development of their labors, loves, lives and overall activities which were subsequently used by the British government to express the existence of some implied contractual agreement that there was an on-going debt which needed to be paid through Loyalty, allegiance, and deference to its authority. It is a similar situation under which the people of the United States of today find themselves faced with when the actions of the presiding government are compared to the British Government of long ago... and equated in the relative proportions with regard to the present era. The similarities of a parallel character and treatment are remarkably similar, astonishingly compatible, and egregiously mimicking one another with regards to the disassociations of Representation the public of today is forced to confront in its efforts to receive a redress of grievances to the satisfaction of the public which is met with interminable delays, deadlocks, and a convoluted dialectics. Like our forbearers, we too will not give in to intimidations, or threats of force, nor references to filial duty... much less to perfunctory concessions amounting to an intended bribery to alleviate social improvisations created as a government instigated reprisal through internal or externalized machinations with confederates who may attempt to promote a vote whereby the results necessarily favor the government, and the tally would be cited as a 49% to 51%... which in every case of contestation is always suspicious when tallies are taken by way of private means.

  3. We The People are The Cenocratic Reform Movement. The usage of banners with this phrase amongst those shouting Cenocracy! needs to followed up by requests to every government official to meet with the public at a public bargaining table in order to discuss a Full, and unconditional release of all our Inalienable Rights funds being held in escrow... being used by the government so it can collect on the percentaged gains for a few at the expense of the many... who are forced to abide with the Austerity of a severely reduced scale of Inalienable Rights. In addition, a Full Partnership agreement will be accepted in that the people will be able to establish their own Legislative Branch so that the Will of The people will be the force by which the laws of the land will be formulated... as was needed when the early Colonists of America had to establish their own Legislative Body because the British government did not provide for accurate and adequate Representation. The current Checks-And-Balances formula being addressed on paper as if it were an exercised algorithm perfection preventing any single branch from exerting undue influence over any other without a provisional majority approval, belies the fact that all three branches frequently interact as a single branch that effectively shuts the Will of the public out... though the public is the majority stock holder being subjected to a government acting as its own personal Bank and Stock Exchange which trades the labor, largess (taxes) and lives of the people to finance whatever political whim is currently in vogue. The government frequently issues itself the Preferred Stock while the public is offered the Common Stock at an excessive rate of exchange, and arbitrarily subjects the public to an alternating definition of the five "C's" of credit rating: (1) Character (What is the character of the public to conform to policy?), (2) Capacity (What is the labor capacity of the public to increase the GNP [Gross National Product]?), (3) Capital (What is the in-hand liquidity of the Public's money as a consumer?), (4) Collateral (Is the public in good standing with the government... in that it sees eye-to-eye with, or defers to its servile and dependent role?), and (5) Conditions (What are the prevailing social and economic conditions to insure the viability of a given policy to fill the coffer of the already-wealthy?).

  4. It must be firmly stated that we are not trying to establish a specific political ideology in the sense of a defined Anarchism, Communism, Libertarianism, Meritocracy, Socialism, etc., since the choice of government and resulting governance is the Right and Duty of the Peoples' Will. Nor do we have any desire to impulsively smash up the current government system since so very many rely on it as their only means of economic transportation an such a state of affairs would leave us vulnerable to those who would view it as an opportunity to colonize us with their imperialistic inclinations. Both from within and with-out are such actors waiting in the wings behind one or another curtain awaiting some supposed cue upon which to gain entrance with their brand and breed of theatrics and accompanying ideological histrionics. Accordingly, we have no interest in practicing a 'shade tree mechanic' form of piece-meal repair of the current model of democratic vehicle, if such constitutes the behavior of a simple 'remove and replacement' of parts effort... such as exchanging one politician for another whose chauffeuring talents are limited to driving an antique, open air (controvertible) model of unreliability as is currently in production practice already. The public must be assured that our efforts are directed towards an improvement of their conditions through the provision of an increased wage and benefits package of their Inalienable Rights. It is not a package that becomes turned into unwanted and excessive baggage carrying that which they are set in their ways and do not need, nor even how to utilize. We do not want to create a state of social and cultural anxiety, but a formative mood of expressed benevolence. If it is agreed by the Will of the People that a better, more reliable form of transportation needs to be constructed, a working model, and not just a drawing board or blueprint model... must be able to quickly assume its responsibilities so as not to unnecessarily disrupt lives and bring about needless suffering through the experience of privations the people are already so abused with. However, since those who presently occupy the driver's seat have absconded with the vehicle to serve their special interests, it is not certain that we can have any confidence that they will help, with all their driving experience and memorized knowledge of the political terrain of rural pig trails, small town back-street alleyways, city avenues, suburb boulevards, state highways and national freeways... in order to bring about the development of an enhanced vehicle model and unobstructed roadway— without attempting to hold the only set of keys and charging a hefty toll that the public must pay for so that they can personally benefit from their efforts above and beyond their self-established salaries and cost-of-living-allowanced benefits.

  5. If it comes to the moment, as some already believe it has arrived long ago, that we can not trust the present chauffeurs of government legislation, then the people must rescind their driver's license and repossess the vehicle... all by unmitigated force if necessary. If they have hidden the vehicle away so that it is difficult for the people to regain ownership thereof, or they attempt to inflict as much damage on the vehicle so as to prevent the people from serviceably using it... like Hitler wanted to do burn down Germany, or a lover would rather kill their lover and themselves rather than letting their illegal possession fall into the hands of another, we will deal with whatever circumstance arises, with whatever means and whichever methods are thought to be appropriate at the time. We shall beat our plowshares into the implements of war if need be, in order to prevent the further exploitation of our labors for a few to grow wealthy off the many. Let the establishments of banks and money lenders calculate and speculate on their valuations of being able to survive when we have a knife at their throats and spill their blood equivalent to the billions of tears so many, for so long have pleaded for mercy with... and yet so very little mercy has been received. Let us demand our just worth as a payment overdue... by a Full and Unconditional wage and benefits increase in our Inalienable Rights. We must take back what rightfully belongs to us... because we are the owners of ourselves and our destiny and we will never give power-of-attorney, however temporary a contractual agreement stipulates, to those who would hold our rights hostage for their own personal regard.

  6. Because 'shade tree mechanic' social/government reformers are a dime a dozen, in that their model of social reform sees functional improvement through a repair process of replacing the old with a new part that simply delivers the same previously accelerated limited performance because of a superficially increased speed over a worn-out old part whose deteriorations came gradually over the years; repairs of the present social system and governance can not be too exotic in appearance of foreign in functionality that attempts by the public to make analogical transitions are not impeded by a lack of sense with no commonality or transferable accountability. While sophistication of language, design and construction can be used because it is an identifiable vernacular customarily jargonized by those with a long standing sincere interest in government and social reforms, such idiomatic derivations must be translatable into conventions of speaking and thinking so as to provide a context in which familiarization can be facilitated for day-to-day concerns of practicality. While the shade tree mechanic level of reformers may be able to derive the gist of an ideologicalized vocabularlization used amongst self, industry or academic-trained aficionados of the social reformist genre of discoursed intelligibility, a facsimile of the apparent is not actuality of purposiveness. In other words, just because some one can grasp the fundamentals of a blueprint does not mean they can create a working model of the plan. And even if a plan is wholly understood, it may not be accurately articulated without being misconstrued by those who are only able to interpret design within the constraints of a pattern they are familiar with. Hence, we will find those who can rebuild engines, transmissions and third members as well as mix and match them in different chassis, they will be unable to correctly interpret a schematic if its design begins with a new premise... but uses old illustrations as an analogical guide for the purposes of presenting an easily understood image, but is not the image to which the new idea is to imitate.

  7. The establishment of a political party with the intent of promoting a given political candidate is not our intent. No single individual can help to bring about our intended Reformation program. Addressing the many social issues within the guidelines of the present government formula has show itself to be a system incapable of doing so. Simply electing a person into a given position within the current structure and functionality of government is a fool's errand. The political and voting processes need to be revamped. Because there are so many internalized conflicts-of-interest when attempting to address needed changes in the political and voting practices, the role of "thinking outside the box" must be accompanied by "doing whatever is necessary outside the box."

  8. Any and all individuals who want to assume leadership of the Cenocratic Reform movement may do so, so long as they are not trying to use the Movement to pursue a personal agenda that is not preeminently dedicated to establishing a Reformation of government which provides the people with a Full Wage and Benefits package of their Inalienable Rights and a People's Legislative Branch, so that the Right of Self-Representation and Self-Determination and be fully realized.

  9. We will firmly state "We Don't Know" if a question is asked about a given procedure or policy we have not considered. Honesty is the better policy when contrasted to the options typically used by politicians such as 'double-speak', obfuscation, deflection, change of topic, etc... We do not need to lie nor plagiarize others ideas and call them our own, since deceptions will at sometime be made clear and may cause disinterest, disillusion, and other denigrations to our sincere intentions.

  10. No donations from anyone will be accepted if they are attached to some "you owe me" provision, whether or not such an agreement is spoken, written, or in any other way expected. The Cenocratic Reform Movement is meant to enrich the entire public, and not be the personal vehicle for someone to achieve personal fame and/or fortune.

  11. Every action, good or bad, right or wrong, with loss or gain, every dead-end, every cul-de-sac, every impasse, must be catalogued for public viewing. They have a right to know where we are in our crusade on their behalf.

  12. A webpage needs to be developed by those with the necessary skills, which allows for anyone and everyone to make suggestions and comments in the context of the intended goal for Cashing in the Inalienable Rights IOUs. We can not let the web page be used as a soap box to promote a given political candidate, political ideology, or issue of personal interest. Other websites already provide some measure for articulating the pros and cons of specific issues.

  13. A webpage for discussing personal issues, political philosophies, etc., in the context of the movement should likewise be developed.

  14. We need to get the word "Cenocracy" (New Government) into the main stream public view, along with its accompanying philosophy concerning the desire for an increased wage and benefits package of our Inalienable Rights.

  15. Simple, straight-forward, easy-to-read pamphlets, brochures or some other brevity of introducing who we are, what we are, and what we intend to do need to be printed up in order to be enclosed in envelopes to be mailed to as many social/government reformers, social/government reform organizations, civic leaders, radio stations, Journalists, News Media, Corporate headquarters, etc., Everyone needs to be informed, in particular, the man and woman on the street, as well as students, teachers, etc... The printed material is meant to be exchanged amongst those who for one reason or another do not use the internet with any frequency. The printed material can also be pinned up on bulletin boards, tossed into backpacks, placed into purses, etc...

  16. Translations of all materials needs to be made or made available. Multi-language materials already accompany purchasable commodities such as instruction manuals for putting together furniture, operations manuals, retail signs, etc...

  17. Efforts will have to be made to contact farmers and others whose life-styles are so busy they have little time to read a newspaper, watch a news program or go to a neighborhood coffee shop to inform or be informed about our movement. We are not trying to impose our views on anyone with the expectation that they accept our ideas, we simply want them to be aware of our existence and intentions to Reform the government.
  18. Repeated petitions to the government will be made in an effort to bring it to a public bargaining table. Excuses will be noted and catalogued, because all impasses with the government detail the presence of a precedent that justifies the usage of more assertive... more aggressive efforts.

  19. Streetside protests will only be staged if there is a clear and measurable goal in mind. We don't want venues in which steam is blown off or the gatherings turn into hand-holding and other counseling sessions. Large gatherings are neon signs for criminals such as pickpockets, socio-paths, etc...

Date of Origination: Wednesday, 24-January-2018... 3:59 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 29-Jan-2018... 11:50 AM