Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
A Cenocratic Manifesto Addendum IX


There are those who will want to come to the defense of the present formula of Democracy by claiming that the adopting of a Peoples Legislative Branch (PLB) would be a superfluous and redundant exercise of self-governance. While this is quite true if the present Legislators and Legislative Process did its job so there would not be so much abject inequality which forces the people to indulge in various schemes to circumvent a system of governance which practices a reality-of-inequality and a reality-of-discrimination which permit the wealthy to exploit the public through variously contrived reverse-psychology implementations of advertised policy, though the government makes legalized declarations to the contrary... under which people are forced to live... For example, the "Right to Work" is an expressed reverse psychology approach to curtailing union activity that direct approach methods and measures were incapable of keeping the people from being empowered to enforce employee/employer bargaining agreements. Another reverse psychology exercise is the adoption of a forestry service paid for by public taxes and assists the logging industry, where former assertions of direct assistance supplied to the logging industry against public interests of preservation, did not provide the government with enough leverage to manipulate the public. In case after case, the former confrontations against public interests have been reinvented by one standard of reverse psychology or another, whereby the task of assistance can accrue much more easily if the the task is reversed onto the public by making it think the needs and interests of the people are being addressed, and that the laws are assisting them and not those or that which in actuality is harmful and amounts to an increased level of inequality when the appropriate ledger of accountability is applied.

There would not be so much inequality, so deep and lasting an impoverishment, so very many issues having gone unattended to and instead be resolved to the satisfaction of the people... if present Legislators and Legislative bodies did the job they were hired to do and not create a Legislative social culture where so very few of the public's requests for a redress of grievances are persistently confronted by conflicts-of-interest because there is an overriding interest in achieving the goals of personal motivations and not the needs of the public. As it is, the claim of superfluousity and redundancy is witnessed by the many millions who cite its presence in the prevailing bureaucracies. And in as much as we have directed our perceptions primarily at the Federal, National government, the people may likewise consider the need for establishing local, state and regional forms of branched legislation by the people.

The Cenocratic Government Reformation Movement belongs to those who seek a true Anarchism, a true Communism, a true Democracy, a true Libertarianism, a true Meritocracy, a true Socialism, and all the other formulas of political philosophy which ultimately rely on the assent of the people who are endowed with the ability to choose which profile of government suits them best. The Cenocratic Movement belongs to the many Reformists of the world who need only claim full ownership of their inherited entitlement held as a hostaged escrow account and used as a mortgage against the public to whip them into a continued servitude by a convoluted logic of illusion which distorts the reality of their exploitation by giving them the reins to their own yoke. Reformists of the world must unite to free the people from their yoke in order to equalize the burdens of their day-to-day load so that all of us pull, push and lift together in a liberated song of Unison. Let the people have a full and sustained voice which yodels the chant of freedom throughout the valleys and mountains, the streams and rivers, the lakes and oceans, and the deserts rising into mountains! Let the people choose their destiny!

If the Economic/Government/Social Reformists of the world do not band together in a common cause to demand a Full Wage and Benefits package of their Inalienable Rights; to be able to collectively voice an opinion of choice; to choose which destiny is best for them in whatever era they are born into; then it is the Reformists of the world who are rendering the people into a state of helplessness and hopelessness; a state in which the laws of the land tender the interests of the self-serving rich and various Aristocracies— which have proven themselves incapable of rendering judicious treatment to the people in a full equitable manner; thus sacrificing the world's many peoples to the throes of continued impoverishment, servitude and continued exploitation. This is your time Oh Reformists! Will you not step forward and take your place in history... will you not rise to the occasion of your own destiny?

The Cenocratic Reform Movement is the flow of a stream, a path through the underbrush, the trail of a firefly to uncharted territory. It is a knapsack filled with snacks, food and eating utensils. It is a book of water resistant matches. It is a watch, a torch (flashlight) and signaling mirror. It is a bedroll and tent. It is a canteen of freshwater and watch. It is insect repellant and sunscreen. It is a pair of sunglasses, a hat and emergency fist aid kit. It is a roll of toilet paper, tampons, tooth paste and tooth brush. It is a change of socks, underwear, shirt and pants. It is a windup short wave radio. It is a sewing kit and package of signaling flares. It is a Swiss knife, a roll of climbing twine and compass. It is a road map with signs that you must read and interpret for yourself. It is a whistle and other implements of self-protection from the unexpected dangers that one might unexpectedly encounter and be startled by. You can look upon the Cenocratic Movement in a positive light to assist you in your goals or in a negative light... because you don't actually want to be placed into a position in which you will have to make the decision of moving forward because you are most comfortable standing still chasing your own tail and deriving some neurotic philosophical pleasure from a circularity of semantics and self-imposed excuses not to do anything but sit and wait for some emergent property to arise that will signal for you to charge... and yet your habituated tradition to 'wait and see' has predisposed you to disregard any and all opportunities which knock on your door, call you on the phone, send you a letter, or find some other representative means of trying to communicate with you... but you won't listen because you have forgotten how to.

The varying genres of Reformists must not wait until the Cenocratic Movement evolves into a desired enlightened consciousness which develops an appreciation of your particular Ideological Interests. You must choose it as your preferred vehicle, tool or mechanism by which your goals might be better achieved. If you embrace the Cenocratic Reform Movement as your brand of walking stick, you will own it. It can not be taken from you by those Capitalists who seek to gain title to everything in order to reap whatever profit may be advantaged there from. If Capitalists do attempt to own it, as many of them will know doubt try because of a growing public interest, they will find themselves surrounded by its true owners, the peoples of the world. If the Capitalists attempt to own the Cenocratic Movement and twist its ideology into their favor, they will be confronted by the enormity of ideological preferences waiting on the sidelines for their chance to participate in the social game. For we are a team of underdogs... those who arise but once in a generation to fulfill the promise of hope for the downtrodden, for those who are oppressed by a system that they want to fight collectively against and cheer the underdog, cheer themselves to victory!

Let us hail the victor of our forthcoming Cenocracy against those who oppress us. Against those who seek to remove yet another link in the chains of our captivity; against those who would muzzle us from echoing the call to emancipate ourselves towards that liberation only true freedom embraces. Let us Hail Victory. Hail Victory!

At the threshold of our victory let us take a moment to reflect on the turn of thought which amongst past revolutionists was a topic of concern and debate when questioning one's motives for engaging in a revolutionary task. Many were berated for what was claimed to be a reform tactic involving the predisposition for engaging in opportunism. As if opportunism were the identification of insincerity and infidelity to the tenets of a particularized political ideology used by a differentiation of adherents... all claiming they knew and practiced the true measure of a given perspective. If someone did not agree with each and every specificity of another's perspective, they were somehow in violation of a sanctified appraisal of a doctrine held up as a purification rite of conscious attendance. If you did not believe as another did, then you were practicing some adulterated copy... a fractionated version so as to create for yourself some opportunistic venue for personal gain. Yet, not once did the accusers view their own dispositions as an attempted infiltration that might afford themselves with an opportunity to plant the seeds of their own ideology! When it is so utterly obvious that the attempted importation of one or another ideological platform, practice, or program are themselves expressions providing possible opportunistic climates, and that opportunism is that which one's efforts strive for, it is erroneous to think that one is engaging in maliced deception if their view has its own variations of a labeled theme. When we are surrounded by day-to-day events which afford one another with an opportunity to advance above, retreat from, or remain in the same position... opportunism is a part of life. It is not Opportunism in and of itself which is bad, just like it is not Capitalism in and of itself which is bad... but how that opportunism is used that defines the character of the person and not the means, methods or model employed. Whereas it may appear that a person is being singularly opportunistic by attempting to get themselves or another placed into a particular position, until it is discovered that they or another requires the position in order to assist many others who can be advantaged because they want to put their foot in the door to prevent it from selectively closing in either an arbitrary or discriminatory way. The Cenocratic Movement is such a person. It wants to provide the opportunity for all ideological orientations to have an equal opportunity to be chosen by the Will of the People... if they so desire it.

In as much as some ideologies want to impose themselves on the whole of the public by arming one or another supportive segment of the population, such as in the case of those who have wanted to arm the lower class (hand laboring) proletariats in order to more readily dispense with the middle class bourgeoisie with its production-owned property manipulations of suppression, the decisions (made by a few) for doing so are not directed towards enhancing the ability of the entire population to choose for itself what it thinks is best. Such ideologies do not typically consist of a reform model which provides for an increased wage and benefits package of Inalienable Rights, and instead wants to impose a level and type of retribution on the oppressors by making them labor for the lower class workers wages... as if to say... "let's see how they like trying to survive on the meagre wage they allotted to be dispensed." While the usage of guns to bring about productive changes is an option that can be considered if one's oppressors are so obsessed with their life-style they refuse to even consider an alternative that a majority is asking for, we must note that the assumed "majority" of the oppressed are actually being represented by those who have selected themselves... in that they were not "officially" voted in as Representatives, to seek both a redress of grievances and not take no for an answer. In most cases of Revolution, a voiced opinion of support from one's immediate group of social encounters is used as the tally sheet by which the claim of "everyone" or "everybody" feels/thinks the same way is derived and used not only as an incentive for a few to charge forth and make demands, but as an assumed demand and declaration of independence from a perceived injustice. Most people do not and will not actively engage in a protest, though they may in fact be supportive of a 'Cause' that suggests an opportunity may arise that will possibly improve their lives. Under the current circumstances of government, this may be the best any and all reformers can hope for... unless the reformers themselves band together in a Unified effort to create conditions which might well opportune the ascendency of their own perspective. Yes, it is a throw of the dice, but it is better than not being able to participate in the game itself. If nothing else, what a (carnival, fair, amusement park) ride it will be!

Claiming that the formula of democracy being practiced today is phony, presupposes one knows what an Actual or Real Democracy is. In view of the U.S. model, the distinction between real and fanciful can be identified by the three-part slogan inaugurated by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address when he ended his speech with "...and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." It is a phrase considered to have been culled from a sermon by the Abolitionist Minister Theodore Parker, in acquiring material with which to write his Gettysburg address. Whereas Parker had apparently included the word "All" before the word "people", it was omitted by Lincoln. In any respect, one needs to point out that the "Of, By, For the people" trio does not actually specify who or how many, though it is inferred that Lincoln was speaking about all citizens. However, it can be used by some in a general way to be interpreted to represent everyone though the speaker is actually referring to a specific number and specific people... such as one's wealthy friends. Hence, an authority figure could recite the Lincoln trio and mean it to reference a group of close friends, while letting it be erroneously interpreted by the General public to include them, whereby the people are duped.

There is also a great need for reformists intent on revolutionizing the government to consider what impact their intentioned ideology will have on the practiced traditions of a Nation's military. Since it appears most military organizations rely heavily on a military-styled aristocracy that does not permit personnel to vote in their leaders, does one permit the continuance of such an arrangement if one is directed towards the importation of a larger Democratic practice? How is one to reconcile the presence of an Aristocracy supported by tax dollars which also provides for a communal (Communist) setting supported by a taxes-paid socialism, where the benefits of military personnel are thought to be the very basic needs all citizens should be privy to, yet are excluded from even though they pay for such? With this said, it is helpful to take an overview of military benefits and relate them to the sociological practice which describes them, in order to point out a possible hypocritical situation if one's socio-political policies contrast markedly from that of the military.

A list of Military benefits in context with their representation of a given political philosophy

What does one do with a National Military costing Billions upon Billions of dollars if its fundamental structure of organization does not coincide with one's intended social structure philosophy? Do you scrap it, or are you prepared to introduce an new organizational formula that can easily be adopted? How does one rationalize continuing such an existence if it reflects an outdated ideology, but is the necessary (evil) ideology to combat similar types of military formulas in existence? How does one go before the public with a new strategy of civil governance that promotes a basic needs fulfillment program which pales in comparison with the knowledge that In this day and age, Military Benefits are the basic social needs that every Citizen should be entitled to, but are kept from having because the needs of the military... even in times of relative peace, are defined as an absolute necessity because they are claimed to act as a deterrent against any and all who might think to encroach on the sovereignty of the people? And if the government tries to alter the military with its industrial alliances, the government or the people might well be faced with a manufactured form of instigated military as a means of forcing the people into a state of uncertainty or even fear, whereby they rush to support the overall military point of view, and permit it to remain as a separate, but connected appendage to the body of the Nation? Despite the arguments settled in and around the threat and protection issues, the present condition of the military to the conventionally observed wisdom of what is meant by a democracy, is a contradiction that has not had enough public debate... nor, much less, the consideration of adopting a different type of military organization whose functionality does not compromise one's logic to engage in rationalized allowances and justifications, that they would not do similarly in other circumstances. Again, let us ask reformists what they intend on doing with the Military once it comes under their control?

Dog with newspaper

A consideration brought to the fore concerning the call for a unity of social/government reformists is that some may think that the Cenocratic Reformation Movement is another variation of a "Common Cause" approach of which there already exists an organization which is addressing different government issues from a dedicated approach venue. One of the problems with the "Common Cause" reform Movement has nothing to do with their sincere intent to bring about viable solutions to various social issues, it is that the organization wants to act as a lobbying mechanism to create a dialogue with those in a government culture within a structural formula that many of us fully appreciate is flawed. This approach does not give the people a full and unconditional wage and benefits increase of their Inalienable Rights. It does not give the people a full and sustained voice as an equal partner in the governance of their lives. A lobbying firm gives the people little more than an occasional venue for whimpering with their tail between their legs. It also does not adequately address the continuing illegalities of inequality being perpetrated on the public. Accepting the people as a lobbying firm is the act of letting the government throw the people a bone, hard biscuit or leather shoe to chew on... so long as you fetch the master's slippers, paper and pipe or amuse them by fetching a ball, stick, or frisbee. Such a 'common cause' situation resembles yet another vicarious form of Representation and does not supply the public with a viable transformation of government so that the public and humanity can move onward towards a better future directed by the Individually-Collectivized Will of the People. The people need a movement to create a tidal wave approach to the ocean events, not some pond-size rippling effect caused by snowflakes dropping and freezing over the tears and sufferings of humanity.

The Common Cause platform is flawed in so many fundamental ways, despite the sincerity of intentions. The people should not have to engage in what amounts to as a pseudo-legislative function to get Legislators to do the job they were hired to do. If the only way the public can get elected officials to do their job is to engage in the tactic of lobbying, the people themselves might as well vote themselves in to collectively address issues that elected Representatives can not or will not attend to... regardless of the excuses or reasons. The fact that they don't is cause for great public concern that the present model of government and governance is inherently deficient and has become inappropriate due to social, environmental and economic changes which the current model can not readily adapt to in a sufficient manner for the productive value of the people... and that such a system of governance expresses the opinion that it can (only by being forced to reflect on itself by a public ready to engage in a Revolution), then this too is more evidence that its ability to automatically adapt to the growing needs of the public is too antiquated and must be significantly reformed to the satisfaction of the peoples' collective Will. While the obvious humanitarian concern of Common Cause is not questioned, nor the competency of its program and managers as it is configured within the scope of its obviously limited design of intended goals, it should be recognized that it relies on an underlying anachronistic philosophical orientation— of using the system as it is to make gains on behalf of the people— which significantly binds the whole of the public's hands... albeit in front instead of behind, while also muting them from personal participation in the Legislative arena— and keeps them confined to a subordinated niche... to a station of antiquated placement... to a rotting class structure in which they are provided some sense of social mobility, but (metaphorically speaking) only between three decks of oars they must still labor with... for the same ship and owner carrying the same goods over the same routes of global extension... despite the technological advances used for navigation. The Common Cause effort, while laudable, is a Utopic dream to think that the required number and quality of social fixes can be accomplished within the arrogant, greedy and egotistical border controls of the present systems of government existing today.

By illustrating society as a developmental course analogously compared to the usage of commerce-influenced war ships sporting first a single bank of oars ("Monoreme"), then two banks of oars (Bireme) followed by three banks of oars (Trireme), we can embellish the analogy by using metaphor to describe the three classes of society designated Upper- Middle- Lower.

Schematic of Trireme ship
Upper Class/3rd Tier of society
(Viewed as having: The "Nice Clothes, Nice Car, Nice House")

The upper, or top tier of rowers are also the wealthiest who not only provide the commanding officers, rhythmed drum beater (to which most people step to in a loyal, habitual fashion), helmsman and privileged sailors, but are also favored to to breath the freshest air, stretch their legs for exercise, see the stars, etc... The Top tier of rowers are often excluded from most of the rowing labors unless there is a crisis seen up ahead. Their feces, urine and food scraps fall downward, though they often prefer not to let any "trickling down" of resources to the lower decks... waste or otherwise, and prefer to give it to those or that they feel are the deserving poor... such as the fish and seagulls, (though they may give the mariner's albatross first pickings). The upper tier of rowers usually contrive their own rules and laws which differs from the law which treats the other two tiers of rowers. ("Capital" Crimes committed by someone of the upper tier may be interpreted as a mere status offense for which a fine is levied but no admission of guilt need be made and a hefty retirement bonus will be given afterwards, while those of the middle and lower class tiers may be imprisoned or given the death penalty for the same crimes.) There is often no social mobility seen unless there is the occasional act of "slumming" amongst those of a lower class.

Schematic of Bireme ship
Middle Class/2nd Tier of society
(Viewed as having: The "Pretty Face, Pretty Family, Pretty Nice Job")

The Middle class tier of the social vessel laborers are in a position to which they can be moved down a peg to the lower deck (through loss of privileges due to crime, insubordination, rebelliousness, etc...), or moved to the upper deck depending on performance, attendance to duties, entertainment value (like a court jester) etc... Their unwanted resources and aggregated flotsam typically becomes the treasure of the lower deck (one person's trash is another person's treasure). Those of the middle class may also "slum" from time-to-time amongst the lower class tier or "take on airs" with an expressed haughtiness if permitted to join in the disregard-for-the-poor antics of the upper tier crowd. Those of the Middle Class tier often function as the managers or manager/owners of goods and services outlets which are financed by the upper tier banks who hold a mortgage over their heads and must align their business interests and goals accordingly with.

Schematic of Monoreme ship
Lower Class/1st Tier of society
(Viewed as having: The "Soiled Hands, Soiled Mouth,
Soiled Manner- Socks- Underwear")

The Lower class deck of laborers of the social vehicle are typically trapped by the manacles of socialized oppression because very few from the upper two tiers want to venture into a dark, stale and stench-filled environment unless they are the occasional upper-class explorer who is said to be "slumming", because they find that their base immoral and criminal interests are more easily obtained and accepted because they have money to pay for that which the lower class comes to disregard... such as a natural body need or function— and are willing to share, because they are more interested in the value of exchange it can provide to obtain the objects possessed by the two other tier groups. In addition, since the lower deck may be provisionally used for those referred to as miscreants, criminals and general ne'er-do-wells, mobility from the lower deck to the upper decks may be barred by customs, laws, stigmatism, and other enculturated barriers. Hence, since they are confined to row in the lower deck of social activity in which to scratch out a living and get a glimpse of the world through a small porthole or crack in one of the supposedly supportive social beams, they are subject to drowning in debt and dying by other illnesses, diseases and accidents that are magnified by commercially manufactured social conditions which can cause them to crash into a barrier that those on top may have directed the helmsman to break through in order to increase their wealth through an artificialized social opportunity, or protect what they have from those who may want to take it from them... as in attempted corporate take-overs. In any case, the lower deck is subject to greater losses because of the distance from available social life preservers being hoarded by those on top.

Images source: Cedarland: Phoenician Ships

There is something appreciably wrong with a governing system in which the prevailing Stock Market index can reach all time highs, yet social problems abound and are caused by an unequal distribution of labored goods adding to the miseries of lacking basic needs which taxes could well provide except the priorities of government and business officials does not include sympathy, empathy nor magnanimity for fellow humans... even though they may lavish unlimited expenses onto pets who already have more of an abundance than they could possibly know what to do with. Whether it be the government or the people who assist the profits of Capitalists, those profits do not become reinvested into creating a better way of life for the many millions who are kept oppressed and suppressed by observed rules and regulations required for businesses to make a larger profit... often times enforced and protected by Military and/or civil policing units paid for by tax dollars! There is no reason for the people to pay taxes so the government can finance organizations to be used as a bully against some public, somewhere... sometime.

Getting the people to force the government to reduce its controls on business does not ensure that the people will have a lasting increase in its ability to direct the government along a better path. It is no different than a king influencing their subjects to fight for them against another king who wants the same resources... only to find, whether they win or lose, that they themselves have no sustained real collective power unless it is written into law. This is why we find people having to adopt written charters, such as the Magna Carta (1215) [Barons Versus King John], Mayflower Compact (1620) (Saints Versus Strangers), Petition of Right (1628) [Parliament Versus King Charles I], etc., to enforce their own desires for equality. Leaders in business, politics and theology do not like to share an equal form of equality with others ... they always want the people to observe some above-average entitlement. And they always try to finagle some means of manipulating the public into deferring some special attribution cloaked with such words as "official, expert, secret, private, specialized, professional, diplomatic immunity, need to know", etc..., with various attached rationalizations placed into different contexts.

Typical standards for accessing the need for implementing a Movement of government Reformation involve many factors to overcome personal barriers that regularly keep one's behavior behind or within the lines of social convention, with regard to their willingness or unwillingness to confront that and/or those which presents one or more reasons not to cross the line. However, it should be noted that while some think that once a line has been crossed there is no going back to one's previous place behind or within a marked-out area, the fact remains is that one does not necessarily want to go back... and instead wants to redraw the lines of conventional observance. Prevailing laws are set up to enforce one's participation within a given boundary, though they themselves can be forced to either enlarge or decrease the area of social permissibility... depending on the perceptions and interest of those who administer the definition of right and wrong, and even though the government is said to be a "peoples government" that can not be infringed upon by insiders or outsiders seeking to usurp the placement of the lines by standards of application and usage which become institutionalized into a traditional observance. The old markings can quickly become like the belief in witchcraft which the people eventually turn their back on... that is, after someone suggests they need not only look past the lines, but take a step over them. While such an act may be viewed in a negative sense if it involves individual behavior, the assigned negativity can begin to be looked on in a negative way if the one becomes the many. Those of us who embrace the basic tenets of the Cenocratic Reform Movement, have chosen to step across the lines of ideological convention because we have accessed the need to do so no different grounds, such as moral, ethical, philosophical, legal, financial, social, psychological, sociological, biological, anthropological, religious, etc... and in a generalized overall assessment, because it is the right thing to do.

There exist far too many precedents for Reformers and Revolutionists to disregard in supporting the validity of their claims amounting to the need for a reformation of government. Many know that using the old tactics of protest is an act of spinning one's wheels while bogged down in mud, snow, or sand. And because of the enormity of the task, since it is not only government but the government's confederates that must be confronted, they too are coming to the realizing that more can be accomplished if the Reformists of different persuasions join together for a concerted effort. Hence, such a dialogue has already begun. Whereas they may not see eye on many points of their preferred ideology, they all know we can have a better life if we strive for it together. We do not have to live with so much misery. We do not have to live with so much sorrow and inequality. We can strive to help the people end their many sufferings, or we can at least die trying against those who appoint themselves our betters to be subservient and dependent on them by a persistence of exploitation originating in the distant past before the historically over-produced economic reference to a type of land ownership called feudalism, at the expense of other invested observations more profitable to serious studies of labor, life, and liberated peoples from a host of differentially named servitudes such as slavery, chattel, resource, etc..., that may of at times been used as the formation of a person's name with respect to a place instead of an occupation, personal attribute or extraneous identification. Hence, if one looks back upon previous Reform movements, they generally involve the adoption of a personalized name, without which, the unnamed can be treated as a stranger, as a negligibility... or if given a name, it is used to reference a stranger or negligibility not to concern oneself with.

The names of Anarchist, Buddhist, Christian, Communist, Confuscianist, Fascist, Hinduist, Islamist, Jew, Libertarian, Monarchist, Nazi, Socialist, etc., do not themselves necessarily mean anything to anyone not familiar with the words and associate them with one or more activities in History. But such histories can be cause for rendering such names into a negative light, or a positive one if someone is so inclined. While all of them can be associated with a large social movement at one time or another, they now refer to some measure of a system existing within a system such as a prevailing government. All of them were "Cenocracies" in that they caused reforms of social governance, and while some spoke of a direct intent to create a New Government, the word "Cenocracy" nor its appendage corollaries (Cenocrat, Cenocratic, Cenocracism, etc...) was ever applied in usage as it is today. It is not a new concept, but an old one given a personal identity. It has a name. A name which can be added to the singularity of former names, to provide a surname, such as Anarchist Cenocracy, Buddhist Cenocracy, Christian Cenocracy, Communist Cenocracy, etc... The application of such will mark the new generation of Anarchist thought, Buddhist contemplations, Christian inquiry, Communist conceptualizations, etc... Whereas most people do not have singular names anymore, though they are frequently identified as such on personal levels, neither should the living, breathing sole of one's embodied ideology. Let all the ideologies be reborn and direct the perceptions of humanity anew. There will be time enough for a middle name to be added... a nickname if one prefers. But for now, let the ideologies be named anew, instead of retaining the references of old that are akin to placing an X as one's signature. The old ideas need to gain a new literacy, or become lost to humanity as an ancient language of thought that fewer and fewer recall the name of because they are unable to remake themselves to find a new context of application unless the old context of culture is somehow retained in a social enclave living within multiple layers of a system it can little influence because an ideology's few adherents, or millions of adherents in an enclave, lives in the shadows of its own making. Whether it is one person or millions, standing in the shadow of one's previous image prevents one from standing in the light of the day as it is, and not as it once was. It is time to step into the light and bring the spirit of reform with you. The people need your help. Please do not forsake them. You must take a pro-active approach.

Date of Origination: Friday, 26-January-2018... 2:01 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 29-Jan-2018... 11:55 AM