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There are some who consider, if not believe it as a fact, that humanity would be better off if we were to return to the (assumed) strength, wisdom and guidance which humanity once had when there was a social... hence political... practice of having women lead the way in all things cultural, be it the rudiments of science, business, religion and otherwise... though some argue that women can have a decisive place in the preeminent posts of all subject areas (if not simply because they are little more than office managerial positions)... and that is if they so choose to do so— ...and that humanity has "lost" a great fortune and valuation of itself by having men take the lead (to history's disgust and disappointment)... which has persistently led us along courses of military and economic turmoil... not to mention cul-de-sacs of invention, medical treatment, technology, gaming (casino/lottery), slavery, prostitution, pollution, etc... In short, it is thought by some that all current problems are due to the incongruities of the male psyche's attempts to create progress for an individual or for some collective group (humanity, a specific race, a specific culture, a specific religion, a specific business cartel or investor, a specific politically-based orientation), and that humanity would be better served if it could somehow rekindle the unique bonfire of the female psyche and all its presumed giftedness of body, mind, and soul as is suggested by later interpretations of ancient Matriarchialism. In so doing, there is a large warehouse full material that one may pick and choose from including the realization that much symbolism from ancient times persist today, and very often we find sexual connotations be using as a one, two or three-pronged divining rod (whether the associations are deserved or not).

However, the origins of when such— the more desirable female leadership presumably took place (and was subsequently "lost" to men) needs to be examined— if even in a cursory way since there already exist multiple volumes or ideas focusing on different issues which, when combined, form a holistic appraisal. In short, there is need to dive into the past in order to derive some sense of the roles females have had and the "psyche" (mental/brain attributes) with which they defined themselves and thus developed a world view, sometimes different and sometimes in collaboration with the male psyche, though we must not overlook the impositions that men and male-dominant social scenarios inclined them to adopt... if even in a perfunctory way. As a preliminary example of looking into the past, the history of the Virgin birth idea is not to be confused with Miraculous births though the two accounts are sometimes used interchangeably and needs to be defined as either a separate issue, a commensurate approximation with specialized differences, or one and the same to avoid confusion. In the present instance, while a virgin birth may be labeled a miracle, not all miracles need be explained as having arisen from a virgin birth). One reason for bringing such events to the foreground of discussion is to ask whether such ideas originated with men and/or with women? If with women, then the story of Jesus and Mary necessarily tended to increase the value of the woman... at first, but was then supplanted by the notion of "immaculate conception" in which her role was subjugated to Jesus-the-man because of his connection to God-the-man known as Father or Heavenly Father. Yet, this story must be placed into a larger context involving religion as a disposition of human cognition and not be surveyed from the perspective of trying to influence one or another religious belief.

Let us begin a short survey of different ideas in order to begin a larger composition of inter-related strains of cognitive activity:

  • Matriarchism (and the derivative Mariology)
  • The role of fertility cults in the development of religion
  • The role of Phallicism in the development of religion
  • The role of women versus men in ancient religious practices where both men and women became prostitutes whose earnings were given to church leadership, and both played the role of a eunuch, and named accordingly.
  • Paganism versus Modernism or the post-paganism in the era(s) of antiquity
  • Virgin born versus virginal conception (where a promiscuous female regains her virginity through some cleansing process of the body and/or mind and/or spirit)
  • Virgin born versus born to a barren woman
  • Virgin birth versus Immaculate conception (Jesus is indebted to Mary and then Mary is indebted to him due to his relationship with [a] god... or authority figure). The idea of the "Immaculate conception" is like a chess or poker game move in that it "ups the ante" by describing the virgin birth of Jesus as being more special than other virgin births which do not describe their birthing mothers becoming idolized (but made greater due to a connection with the child or that which the child does and who they may be connected with).
  • Births due to male gods and mortal females (that miraculously remain a virgin and give birth to a male that is subsequently indebted to the god and humans display an indebtedness to the female who become an icon in some cases); or in lesser instances, a female god that lays with a mortal man (yet his virginity is not an issue, nor from which a miraculous human is born... but the person born may have some unique "god-like" ability or power... indulging in feats of strength that lead to freedom (or at least to rebellion followed by freedom/salvation from an oppressor... eventually leading the way to yet future repressions (economic, political, religious, etc...).
  • Yoni-yantra excursions (female genitalia in relation to serious religious practices as a descriptive generative principle and not the present day obsessions with sex as a entertainment pastime and psychic-drug.)
  • Snake cults (viewed by some as a form of Phallicism) (old ideas are sometimes repackaged as new ideas and are accepted as something new by those unaware of history or are trying to conceal it).

In terms of cognitive associations involving the relationship of the phallus (penis) with a snake, it is of interest to point out an image that some readers may not be familiar with, though they may be aware that the cobra snake played a part in ancient religious rituals. While this says nothing about the iconography of snake images used in the past and today (such as the snake emblem of medicine), or the connection with the three parts of the male genitalia (two testicles and one penis) as an ensemble-of-three that some interpret to be presented in the ideas containing three components (such as various trinitarian-like associations), if not only because they are not looking for a more ancient influence of thought such as the three "moments" of the Sun (prior to solar worship): Dawn-Noon-Dusk and how gods were named after them (such as the 3 ancient Egyptian gods for solar "phases": Horus (morning) - Ra (noon) - Atum (dusk)... Threes Poster column 6); the following images have relevance in the present discussion because it would appear to involve not only male brains, but female brains as well. The correlation may be of value to some readers:

Most portrayals of the human brain typically display a side view and label parts of the brain in a fairly accurate and general way that suffices for most people. However, let us take a look at the reptilian section of the human brain from a side view, then a frontal view, and then compare the frontal perspective with a frontal view of a reptile known as the cobra snake:

Side view of human brain.
Side view of human brain
showing reptilian brain in green.
Front view of human reptilian brain.
Front view of human brain.
The cobra reptilian snake.
Front view of reptile
known as the cobra snake.

Source: Let's Talk Peace page 64

Is the close similarity of appearance between this frontal view of the human reptilian brain and the reptilian Cobra snake a coincidence? Or does it suggest a hint of human brain origin that has not been extensively studied enough? While other images with corresponding interpretations are possible such as when taking different slices of the brain and/or applying different dyes; let us not be too quick in dispensing with a seldom encountered idea just because it does not readily align itself very quickly to current dispositions. With this in mind, let us take another look at the brain and notice that it resembles a boxing glove, that some might say is suggestive of a pugulistic orientation... though "pugulism" is most often defined in terms of male fights or combativeness, and not expressed female formulas taking place in culturally defined forms... both of which do not disclose how "boxing glove" clubs are male-centered and male-dominated ritualisms suggestive of a cult.

Boxing gloves look like the human brain
Major Brain functionality related to a predatory and territorial reptilian Past?
(The boxing glove brain).
The development of the human brain shows a boxing glove image

Note: The many references to the idea of a snake symbolizing phallic /fecundity worship may be an external (cultural) imposition of an internal construct with a more fundamental (brain) origin than human sexuality. In other words, is the usage of the snake to (supposedly) refer to the phallus (and associated fecundity) is but a simplistic rendering of a fundamental influence of brain structure image impression?

Source: Criminal 2's page 1

Let us now continue with the above list:

  • Cosmic Egg (singular origin for humanity and all things), Primordial parents (father/mother) (dual origin for humanity and all things)...→→→ developed towards various trinities (which may alternatively be described as monism- duality- multiplicity/plurality, or the "one- two- many" counting schema.
  • Lotus blossom, Fig leaf, acorn symbology related to adopted sexuality symbolism
  • "Mysterious" impregnations (perhaps to cover-up incest, rape, adultery), labeled as being indirectly or directly due to some god
  • Tree worship (Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, etc...)
  • Androgynous (dichotomous) activities (cross-dressing, male castration, plantism to animism to lunar/solar worship, static (unmoving such as rocks) to dynamic (animated) behavior, Janus-ism (reversibility and the third eye representing a composite or hybridization), Yin/Yang and their derivatives (with androgyny referred to as perfection... a perfect union)— though in Matt. 10:34 we are told that Jesus came not to bring peace but division and therefore is against... at least certain types of mixing, though the context of the time is lost to us except in whatever interpretation we care to indulge in.
  • Developmental transitions (changelings) from animal to human depicted in part-animal/part-human statuary)
  • Re-birthing (re-creation, re-incarnation, re-born/born-again ideology)
  • Male blood-letting activities (war, sports, fighting) as symbolic of menstruation
  • Cosmologically-centered god(s) abode (where repetition of perception identifies constancy and cyclicity leading to ceremonial practices as mimicry)
  • Ethereal (Heaven, spirit) principles
  • Virgin Mary and Holy wisdom dogma
  • Male bonding, female bonding (pairing/partnership)
  • Children viewed as miniature adults (and were dressed and treated as such in some circumstances... indicative of a mind practicing ignorance)
  • Mother Earth/Father Sun worship, Lunar worship
  • SUN→-to-→SON interchange and compartmentalization (with "son" used is some surnames such as Johnson, Michelson, Jackson, etc...)
  • Intentional male suffering (such as from sports, war, over-work, exercise routines, etc... as symbolic of protracted pregnancy and birthing)...

Here's a list of supposed Virgin Births culled from different sources on the internet (and elsewhere). And no, I have not checked each one to verify the authenticity of each character. Please give credit to the authors if and when you come across them for their separate contributions to the effort of listing (with or without commentary), their sampling of virgin births. Some accounts were made by authors long after a particular figure had died, while others are merely suggestive, and do not limit giving examples to actual humans, but mythological figures as well... which matters not since we are speaking of human cognition in general about a specificity that may be generalized to explain a person's ascendancy to some unique social position... alternatively claiming them to be a "chosen one", like some politicians may feel about themselves. However, the point to make is that the idea of virgin births occurs in different places and different times, thus suggesting that there is a similarity to human cognition... and though some women are cited as being powerful, there often is a male figure who comes to be seen as dominant. It is an interesting correlation to make a reference to virgin births in which a male figure comes to be viewed as a leader and the woman retains but an advisory capacity, yet the Lesbian-led LGBTQ cult is acting as if its actions can give birth to a leading political perspective where a distorted female psyche is adopted as the primary orientation which will provide humanity with a progressive reality. It is a convolution of a mentality struggling with its own identity, like so many dead-end hominids of the Hominidae family which came to exist for awhile but eventually became extinct... and may have, in their own way, thought of themselves as being "different" from others.

Agdistis (androgynous character)
Alexander the Great
Amenhotep (Amunothph) III
Amphion (and Zethus)
Buddha (Gautama Buddha)
Gaius Julius Caesar (The Julii Caesares traced their lineage back to the goddess Venus: Britannica article on Julius Caesar)
Genghis Khan
God (was god, or for that matter, all gods... virgin born?
Hitler (in a reverse of the others in this list, Hitler's ideas may be cited as having evolved from Hitler while he was still a virgin... supposedly into adult-hood. Hence, was Jesus not only born of a virgin but he was a virgin while his ideas matured?) How do we compile (what criteria do we use in creating) a list of those with virgin ideas that develop into a world renown ideology?
Samson (born to a barren woman)
Satan (was the devil virgin born?); Is the devil given birth via the promiscuity practiced by fertility cults or certain membership clans within which evolve to take a larger role of public exhibitions, thereby requiring an opposite (non-devil) force to be born as well... because of the human proclivity to introduce dichotomies as well as hybridization?
Tukulti-Ninurta II
Zethus (and Amphion)

(Note: another list might well be drawn up to show how prevalent the development of fertility gods and goddesses existed... and play a modernized part in the inclinations of some people in their reference to an object or person... not to mention the interest in love potions.

There are of course other symbologies quite active today that might be added to the former list (with present day variations) such as bestiality (intercourse with animals or those dressed to create a mood for representing and indulging in animistic qualities such as bringing out the "animal" in a person). We might also indulge the notion that we pay witness to a situation displaying a primitive→ to progressive→ to primivity cycle). And while such singularly in-depth discussions are important for those wishing to indulge in more scholarly pursuits of the topics devoid of being applied to the currency of politics presently in vogue, they need not be the primary topic of the present deliberation; some knowledge of religion as developmental cognition in the human "psyche" (brain/thought processing) is warrantably helpful. In other words, if you don't have the barest minimum comprehension of how ancient sexual orientations played out into ceremonialism and religious connotations (within the construct of your own vernacular to) what I am describing may be a little difficult for you to make the connections between past and present activities as they relate to the female psyche in terms of a supposed uniqueness being brought to bear on leadership positions. However, I don't need to add another volume to the varied discussions listed above, just some footnotes for consideration... or food for thought, be it whichever intellectual diet you care to indulge in.. with or without additional supplements.

Let us begin by saying that the adoption of Matriarchal social orders in the past were based on the occurrence of the primitive mind being obsessed with the occurrence of a birth coming from a female, and yet not knowing how the event came about. To the primitive mind not aware of the procreative processes involving a man and woman, the event of a birth was no doubt astonishingly magical and mystical, just as the appearance of fruit from trees and other growing (birthing) periods, before knowledge of the seasons and pollination existed. Indeed, it is no wonder that fertility cults arose to be the precursor of present day religions and that the male-dominating religious sphere of today wants to conceal the fact that females played a major role; and that the presence of a pseudo-Matriarchal cult such as N.O.W. (National Organization of Women) and the adulterated perversive Matriarchal cult known as the LGBTQ community, clearly substantiate that the human brain's ancient neuronal configuration has resurfaced and uses prevailing conditions to suit its constrained configurations for an attempted re-emergence. But citing the LGBTQ cult as a Matriarchal orientation needs to be qualified by drawing the reader's attention to the fact that the alphabetic ensemble of letters in the Monogram begin with a reference to females, and on many occasion, it is Lesbians which take the lead in pursing the adoption of being recognized for their alternative sexual orientation frequently displayed in public and various media outlets as a form of protest against the convention of male and female public displays of affection and/or sexuality. Whereas as men, or Gays are visible, there is a distinct female presence promenading itself to the head of the pack. Many of you see this but have not acknowledge your perception in the context of analyzing the overall "presence" of the LGBTQ community in relation to historical events and what this may mean for the female psyche as it continues to attempt to place itself at the lead of different prominent social positions.

In other words, the brain of a primitive uses the materials of the environment it is subjected to, in the only way suitable to its design and constrained by the knowledge limits it can bring to bear upon the superficialities of whatever concern is in vogue... like so many cults and their respective emotionalized inclinations. (The situation resembles the regression of people into a Golden-calf worshipping drunkenness due to the absence of Moses, their leader. In other words, there is no male or female leader to get the people back on a progressive track. Hence, varied cult practices have sprung up in different cultures. The combined ideologies of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and others are not enough to keep human diasporas of body, mind, and soul focused on a goal of collective progressiveness. Instead, we see varying forms of individualism such as self-centered Nationalism, racism, sports fanaticism, criminalized capitalism, etc...)

The LGBTQ "community" (i.e., cult) can not think collectively "outside the box" (of their inter-mixed sexuality orientations) when the box itself is "all" (the primary concern) that it can grasp and thus want to institutionalize as a normality of nature's diversity, though there are no doubt some within the sexually-oriented clan who can see the nature of their organization for the primivity which it expresses a modernized guise of an old fertility cult masquerading as the inversion of a previous primitive mind-set in the form of a non-fertility (anti-procreative) fertility cult— with its own style of celebrated sexual obsession (where the old physical generativity of birthing has become replaced with a pseudo- "brain-child" intellectualism); and thus is an expressed dichotomy and uses it as if it were some especial present-day version of a Janus-faced (androgynous) idol to be worshipped (like the animal/human variations seen in ancient Egypt: A Criosphinx is one of the three varieties of the Egyptian sphinx, having the head of a ram, as distinguished from the Androsphinx, with the head of a human, and Hieracosphinx or hawk-headed sphinx)... Idols of the past and their modern-day cognitive counter-parts idealized (like the worship of the Golden calf) with pompous celebration involving one or another inebriations (such as free beer at "Pride" gatherings) that students of anthropology, psychology, and sociology attend in order to witness an ancient rite as if they had been enabled to time-travel into some ancient past. (It is sometimes easier for modern intelligent minds to act out the part of an ignorant primitive than a primitive to act the part of someone with obtained knowledge and training.) The usage of alcohol and other intoxicants have often been the means by which one another person assumes control over those or them they want to use for one or another purpose (when threats or intimidation were not used). Some examples are:

  • The narcotics once used by ancient warfare groups (and some think is how the "Berserkers" got started, not to mention the Urban legend notion of how the word "Heroin" came to signify both person and means by which they acquired their fighting "courage" that others describe as ferocity, fearlessness, and uncontrolled murder, rape, and pillaging).
  • Date-rape drugs.
  • Fear and immobilization (economic or otherwise) used by kidnappers, rapists, murderers, businesses, religions and governments.
  • The "narcotics" of mantras (chanting or other collectivized verbalization or emotionalized exhortations seen at some religious functions or tribal ceremonialism to create a mood of like-mindedness and mimicry as a pledge of allegiance).
  • Drum beating (or other rhythmic sounds with or without accompanying physical movements)
  • Deprivations (such as exhaustion) or over-indulgence (such as bribery) to weaken (or increase) physical-mental-emotional strength... thereby making someone more susceptible to suggestion (in short, various tactics of operant conditioning).
  • The inebriations created by intensifications of emotion, mental concentration— or the focus of physical behavior such as through repetition.
  • etc...

We see different alternatives used for behavior modification which appear to be particularly widespread in different times and places under particularized conditions which resemble a repetition of a collectively practiced cognitive regression to a primitive mind-set; with America's "drug of choice" routinely being the use of alcohol, and is a noted attribute of political venues, now used by many different socially-gathered groups such as at sports bars, gambling casinos, and of course the LGBTQ Pride gatherings... because such gatherings are about the intensification of feeling(s) by way of inebriated inducements of one or another kind... but that the serving of alcohol has become, once again, a main contributor at a politically-based social formation... just to get the public's vote of confidence that it somehow resembles a cultural normalcy instead of the normalcy of a cult which discredits the importation of a politically viable position for the female psyche to render its uniqueness to assist humanity in its developmental efforts at progressiveness, that is not dependent on such foolishness that the LGBTQ cult promotes. A true Emancipation of the female psyche must be to free itself from its past hedonistic inclinations revolving around the central issue of sexuality... from which virgin birth (and giving birth to something wondrous, marvelous and often humanity saving), fertility rites-of-passage, and also anti-procreative orientations have likewise arisen. The "Pride" celebrations have become interpreted to mean the circus or carnival has come to town, so come and get entertained while getting drunk. The LGBTQ cult is seeking the "straight" community to become its advocate but demand that the Marches and Celebrations are Of, By, and For themselves, and therefore its own claims to equal and other inalienable rights are not to be embraced by anyone else who does not practice their life-style. It's just another self-centered type of "Black Lives Matter" protest where cult-oriented Blacks want assistance from all races, but want to be the sole beneficiary to the point of telling whites to stay at the back of protest marches. This is the same single-mindedness that the LGBTQ cult advocates as well.

As can be seen in the following excerpt, while it is demonstrative of the male psyche, it too can apply to the female psyche which has adopted methodologies socially adapted to the control of men. Women have simply copied men... giving rise to the view that the female psyche is no better, since it must engage in the same behaviors of manipulation and control that men have long used. (And being no better... that is, unique... there is no exceptional value in bringing the female psyche to the head of the line if it is little more than the expression of the female ego which enables other females to express an upright posture because the presence of a female in a "high" position signals a female brand of the "made in their image" idea seen in god-centered cultic orientations, when the male psyche can just as well fill the position of being an office manager... which many leadership positions require.)

Via drunkedness I cast my vote

Politicians in the early American republic were novices in the democratic arts, but it didn’t take them long to recognize that the shortest route to a man’s vote was through a shot glass. The Founding Fathers were the first to treat their constituents to hard cider or whiskey. The advent of universal white-male suffrage propelled election-related drinking to new heights. "In many counties the candidates would hire all the groceries in the county seats and other considerable villages, where the people could get liquor without cost for several weeks before election," a former governor of Illinois recalled. "Long before night a large portion of the voters would be drunk and staggering about town, cursing, swearing, halloing, yelling, huzzaing for their favorite candidates." The importance of alcohol was clear on the day Andrew Jackson was inaugurated in 1829. The rowdiness of his supporters at a reception threatened serious damage to the White House until the punch bowl was carried out to the lawn, drawing the crowd with it.

—From Drunks: An American History, by Christopher M. Finan

Source: The Atlantic: October 2017 issue

Not unlike the dervishes practiced by both distant and not so distant ancient fertility (and other) cults which created moods of socialized celebration as a means of validating their sexuality-focused rationalizations... [which at the time in the ancient past involved orgies where all body fluids such as feces, urine, sperm, and sweat... of the group were gathered into vessels to be consumed as part of the initiation process for all those participating]. The aforementioned pseudo-intellectualism is used as a charm bracelet for those in its inner-circles and as a knife sheathed with sequined entanglements of "silly-gisms" (would-be syllogisms) against construed targets for social immolation and eventual cannibalization. Though images may come to mind such as a sword scabbard by a ceremonialized politically-observed incorporation (appropriation) of inverted semantics once used by others as a verbal weapon against them... if not used in the manner of some projectile to hurl or thrust out as a sharpened phallus-shaped tongue involving an artificiality to be used in intellectualized forms of masturbation and intercourse... all in the name Of, By and For their cult... and let the whole of the majority of humanity be damned if it doesn't like it.

"There are then some couple together in their sacred feasts (as they term them) promiscuously, when they meet in their delubriums where they spread a clean table-cloth on the floor, on which they place their banquets to inflame their lascivious heat, which must be acknowledge to be set on fire by hell, whatever the extract that they worship as a spark of the sun, may be descended to be. When they take away, they strew the foul cloth with meal-flour, and the better to perpetuate their incestuous lusts, they put out the lights, and shifting themselves stark naked, the men and the women, the men cast their breeches on a heap in a corner of the room; which being done, the women run in the dark to catch as catch can; and whatever lot they light on, the lamps being again lighted, they firmly embrace for their lover, or any other relation: and which is still worse, the night being spent in bestiality, the nasty Flour (which by their filthiness either of vomit or excrement in which they wallowed like brutes) is kneaded into a paste, and eaten as a sacrament to repeat the same ungodly Festival annually, as if it were a sacrifice well-pleasing to their deities. [John Fryer, A new account of East India and Persia, London, 1698, p. 266]
Source: Phallic Worship (a history of sex and sexual rites), George Ryley Scott, 1966, ISBN: 1 85958 195 1

While the old (ancient) types of unconstrained orgies are not the generally accepted custom today, orgies of emotion and vernacularlized commitments of personalized admissions and other confessional offerings are, and add to the accepted festive mood (where irrationalism may be rampant and go unrecognized because the majority are engaged in the practiced interactions thereof)... not unlike the mantra of emotions and rationalizations coupled with specialized physical activity involved in group lynchings, sports fanaticism, music fanaticism, illegal drug usage fanaticism, criminal activity fanaticism, political party fanaticism, etc... But those who are consumed by the LGBTQ community as a representative model of something unique to which they belong, like the members of so many gangs, clubs, associations, etc., can not see beyond the grasp of their fingers which have been whittled down to nubs in an effort to claw their way out of a coffin in which the group exists, having been placed there because its own kind does not have the adequate means of comprehending between life and death or reality and rationalization... like those of distant ages who lived within the confines of a small area their entire life and were oblivious to a world beyond the limitations of their self-centeredness. Such people make for poor leaders for those with a more worldly appreciation of humanity. The LGBTQ community (cult) is not a collective of sensitive, intelligent, considerate, compassionate and progressive-thinking people, but is an a vehicle for accommodating various sex-related perversions under the guise of some voiced normalcy and universal value that should be esteemed, just like the clergy of yesteryear that brought in the young (by way of various manipulations) to their inclusive club in order to serve as prostitutes, slaves, and sacrificial lambs. The Lesbian-led LGBTQ community can not be used as a standard nor avenue by which the female psyche must come unto its own especial traits.

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