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Again and again and again we are confronted by situations revolving around the ideas of birth, death, and rebirth portrayed in the social trappings (language, culture) of a given era that are often ceremonialized (practiced repetition frequently involving a particularized vernacular) with observed authoritative regalia. Like the ancients in their successive worship of inanimate objects then plants then animals then celestial objects and then "themselves" such as fertility rites, club memberships, troops, gangs, groups, individuality, "self" portraits and pictures, elections/selections ("the chosen one"), etc... However the succession listed here need not be taken literally since (this order and their distinctly defined lines of compartmentalization) leaves out composite, overlapping and truncated worshiping occurrences such that for example, we find voodooism mixed with Catholicism and animism mixed in with "modern" religion in context with given cultural settings.) In addition, one might even claim that the combined interests of today represent variations of ancient worship that are masked by language, usage, membership of interested others, definitions and their own applications to other values in one or more other subject areas. Those who are able to unravel the connection of a modern interest with an ancient one, are like detectives following leads into various obscurities, though not all present day interests are that difficult to unravel as modernized expressions of ancient activity, such as the fertility cults known as the LGBTQ community, witchcraft, and many male-centered organizations... no matter how serious the members may take their activities or how they may attempt to define themselves (typically) in reference to some social valuation that, without which, a certain defined bad or wrong or injustice would prevail... at least from their perspective.

Like a parrot mimicking an animated event (or an assumed animated event arising from a lack of acknowledging that movement may be the perception of one's own body projected outward such as the idea that one is seeing something flickering about them when it is actually cellular debris crossing one's pupil and colloquially referred to as "floaties"); humanity has likewise correspondingly created a social order of activity which mimics events in nature like the changes of seasons which display birth, death and a rebirth... that may expose the presence of some person, plant, animal or other discovery, to which is applied one or more definitions of uniqueness, greatness, rejuvenation, reincarnation, etc...

Virgin, Mother, Crone and assorted symbolization

While I have not mentioned the words "feminist", "feminism", or "feminization" (along with their adjunctive corollaries), they comprise an activity that represents the "triple-istic" birth, death, rebirth cycle— like so many other ideas, ideologies, and ideological tripartite configurations which one might view from the grammatical perspective of tense seen in the word groups ring-rang-rung and sing-sang-sung... to which we can add alternative sequential formulas such as here-there-everywhere, up-down-in between, Sun-Moon-Stars, regular-medium-premium (gasoline/petrol), Father-Mother-Child... and let us add one last example out of hundreds which can easily be provided... such that the Trinity of the Celtic Brigantian Empire brings us back to the present topic related to the (re-)development of the female psyche on a path of desired leadership: Virgin~ Mother~ Crone. (See the following page for several complementary references to this last example: Let's Talk Peace page 63.)

The position of some Feminists is to create a legacy of "Her-story" instead of "His-tory", thereby providing an account of a supposed time when women held the most honorable position in society. A time when their physical and mental (and emotional) attributes were revered as unique and without equal... but came to be subjugated by men. They had a symbolic birth and death experience now being accompanied by an effusion of effort to create a rebirth which signals the coming of a New Age. They have attempted this rebirth to a position of power under the guise of various cults, of which the Lesbian-led LGBTQ "community" is one example. In their attempts to acquire ascendency in the different spheres of family, neighborhood, business, politics and religion, their cultic approaches have taken on the vernacular of the period in which such attempts emerge, such as using the word "community" instead of cult, along with the word "partner" instead of "initiate". Yet, in all the efforts that may be termed a feminist revival... we must ask if humanity is better off, or created a resurgence of a man versus woman cold war, where strivings by women are undermined and subverted by men? And those men who support the efforts of women to acquire a legitimate level of equality, do they somehow eventually becoming unwitting pawns in the maneuvers of those women striving for an ascendancy that is little more than the replacement of a woman in a "high" social position held by a man, and yet her leadership provides no real advancement because she is not a path finder but a keeper of the flame... someone who perpetuates incongruities held together by a Constitution and laws which are problematic and do not provide a means by which a real female leader can lead the way towards progress?

The brank was used to keep nagging women quiet

By establishing the view that a given sexual definition is of cherishable value that is untarnished by its representation as a natural and thus normal circumstance (such as being a female virgin with innocence and purity because male virginity is not interpreted to represent cleanliness nor some assumed sacredness and born-with divinity and often is looked upon as a deficit in character and maturity); the ability to develop an additional hierarchical level of uniqueness (such as motherhood) can be more easily acquired and thus be used to assist the female psyche in establishing a third position of socially accepted uniqueness, such as the crone (in ancient custom)... alternatively defined with categorizations such as witch, sorceress, future-seeing, with powers, with unusual insight, with great knowledge (with prophetic abilities), or works as a go-between or earthly instrument of a great spirit, muse,giant or god (or demon or monster), etc... and to which has been applied the portrait of a pleasant-looking older woman instead of the image of some smelly, toothless, sun-beaten, nagging old hag with severe emotional, mental and physical disabilities requiring the usage of a British born brank. (See the following page for a usage of the brank: Novum Organum Threesiarum page 1. While the brank is said to have been used to keep nagging women quiet, we can easily imagine it was used to silence those women who would no longer keep quiet about the injustices, lies, deceits and other falsehoods that men were trying to conceal. If a young woman spoke out she could easily be described as being immature. If a middle aged woman spoke out she could easily be beaten, placed into an asylum or "taken for a walk to a nearby bog" (or some other means of shutting her up). And if an old woman began to speak out, she could easily be described as "old" (demented) or laws could be written for the adoption of "jailing or imprisoning" her mouth by the usage of a brank that we of today might label a muzzle.

Whereas the collective voices of woman in the past to establish the right to vote brought forth those that turned to violence and destruction because they felt the protest methodology of banner waving, marching, meetings and chanting together was not helping them to gain the Inalienable Right to Vote, it was only after a protracted effort that such a right was established. Yet, if we exam all the acquired rights and those rights still waiting to be gained, we must ask if it represents a progressive gain for humanity? If women have the same rights of men, where is the uniqueness of women to be portrayed? Will it not simply don the vernacular and dressing attitudes of men, along with carrying out activities in accord with laws via a Constitution mainly established by men? Where is the uniqueness of the female psyche? Is it simply to relabel the effect or attitude of men, yet represent no real change or progress? So what if we replace every "high" social position held by men with a woman? Will they actually bring new leadership in terms of foraging a new path, or will they simply put a vase of flowers on the same desk used by the man after they have rearranged the furniture? Is the placement of a woman where a man now is, little more than an act of rearranging furniture, yet the neither the "house rules" nor the house itself actually change? Are we to be satisfied with an architectural 'face lift' or phony front (like those used in the old western towns), yet the foundation remains the same? Where is the so-called uniqueness of the female psyche if in replacing a man in a given position things-as-they-are may run smoother (so long as she is position), yet the "things" being practiced are not themselves improved?

And so us look to the day when a woman becomes the US president. Big deal. Does she direct her attention to creating a new form of government, or simply take on the managerial duties that so many other male presidents have done? Is the presidential position like so many other male-dominated positions, little more than over-valued managerial positions that often require the IQ of a peanut or monkey with parroting skills developed by way of a triple patterned socialization called hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil... though the present delusional perspective of Trump is to hear, see, and speak of evil imaginings... and yet the current formula of government does not have a mechanism in place which can readily remove a mistake caused by an inept elections system?

How can the uniqueness of the female psyche be able to express itself within a system of government which acts like a brank? And yet when so many feminists speak out, it is simply to create conditions where a female can take the place of a man, only to assume the same duties and pretend to make "real" changes by rearranging furniture, selecting like-minded confederates, putting up new wall-paper, dusting off the rug, airing out the room, replacing the curtains, and other seeming important details, yet when one walks outside the position at a distance to get a panoramic view, they see such antics occurring in a dilapidated structure given a face-lift, provided with an underground bomb shelter, measures to reinforce the foundation, motion detectors and other surveillance equipment being added along with increased security measures... all to be defined and labeled as improvements that the people are to be taxed for without any consent except for the spurious nature of "representation" instead of an actual one-man, one-woman voting procedure via a mandated referendum practice.

And how do so many women that have acquired "high" positions come to define the greatness of their leadership? Simply by how they rearranged the furniture in a room whose walls may have been enlarged to accommodate more furniture and more people... or less of the same to invoke a feeling... a sense... a superficialized visualization of "openness" and "freedom" within the confined construct of a governing design created by the male psyche creating laws which practice a formula of musical chairs with women and the general public so that whenever the music is interrupted a man may be advantaged, even if a woman appears to have won a particular seat. The governing system is designed to dupe women into thinking they have won something due to uniqueness and superiority, but have been manipulated to be the figure-head of a gamed practice that permits the ulterior motives of men to always have the upper hand because the female ego has not yet learned how to humble itself with the unassuming pride necessary for the benefit of themselves and so many others.

And after the presumed uniqueness of a woman achieving the U.S. Presidency has worn off, and no longer suffices to embolden the egos of those women who experience real or imagined oppression and feel they have somehow gotten a new lease on life by projecting themselves into the presence of another woman who apparently has achieved a feat akin to the breaking of the sound barrier, or blacks crossing the racial divide... or some other such presumptive sought-after accomplishment ("Make America, (or humanity, or some particularized race/culture/nation) Great") through aspiring women— against a previously insurmountable social task (viewed analogously like a Native American gauntlet strewn with men on both sides wielding all sorts of abusive instruments [verbal, mechanical, social]... what then? What is the presumed uniqueness of the female psyche if its objective is merely to secure the reins from one or more men, yet lead the team of horses and wagon along the same road with its obvious dead-ends and circularity? What is so great accomplishment is it if women replace the wagon master and gain a seat of privilege, while those who have spent their lives toiling in a foot-pace procession, are asked to do the same thing for the women who come to be in charge? And what if they spend tax dollars on more wagons and horses so that everyone rides, what if they don't know where they are going except to pace themselves on the same road that others in their position have done themselves?

Is there an underlying motivation, whether recognized or not (much-less labeled), to simply replace men with women in "key" or "upper" or "high" social positions, and yet retain the overall status quo of social architecture and progressively- oriented designs that are presently stagnant and wallowing in muck (because the efforts are mostly inventive fables)... though some think otherwise... because they, themselves, and their immediate social circle are economically better off due to current business, political and religious policies (shall we mention the high salaries of some feminist-leaning instructors) or those in the upper echelons of women-controlled organizations? Once a person gets a "piece of the (economic) pie", they are less likely to engage in the protest efforts of those less well-off... unless in doing so, they are placed into a lofted position of protest visibility because their ego is not satisfied with a monetary reward, but must have other statuses as well. And what of those women who truly do have an inherent capacity for being able to choose a better path for humanity yet are unable to articulate their intuitions to a measure of reality which can subdue nay-saying men who are educated and articulate? How does anyone become convinced of another's intuitive capacity to blaze a new and better trail if it is a visualization beyond the grasp of most... even those who share a similar vein of comprehensibility in other regards?

For example, how does someone speak of traveling a "rode not taken" if the trail that has been historically taken has always led humanity along a path which presents us with a forked-rode alternative, yet the person has the impression of a third consideration that may be but in the form of vague impressions, like those which have stirred others in different fields of creative endeavor such as art, science, poetry, literature, mathematics, etc...? How do we get others to develop a tri-forked perspective when humanity has long been subjected to such an influence as that of the dichotomous rhythm of the bi-pedal gate establishing a basic oppositional pattern of psychic (mental) orientation which takes on many guises (right/wrong, yes/no, yin/yang, night/day, winter/summer, light/darkness, hot/cold, high/low, desert/forest, etc...), and/or reinforces what some may consider to be a biologically originated pattern established by way of the different dichotomies in the environment which began before, during and after biology began its trek (as we know it).

And even though some bi-pedal gaits do not exhibit an "exact" front-and-back momentum in that they use a swaying motion (such as with the arms) or do not engage in prolonged exercises where the dichotomous pattern is readily seen or practiced, the currency of thought suggesting there is an environmentally- induced biological influence to the establishment of psychic rhythms (repetitions--- ceremonials), should lead us to take stalk of how these rhythms may change if the environmental influences are disturbed or changed... and can cause periodic resurgences of past patterns which come to be reasserted onto later (more modernized) social scenes with the language and garments of the era, thus regaining a presence by way of socially obscuring camouflage. Such as the resurgence of practicing fertility cults as a main social theme. Another such pattern is the behavior of adults becoming succeedingly adopted by younger and younger generations as if older generations come to grow out of the usage of previous social behaviors, only to have them rekindled at some later generation because the behaviors and associated thoughts were somehow lost, forgotten or became subsumed by adopted words, phrases and accompanying references in a later era that some observers come to identify as an old idea or practice being presented in a different coloration, by different people, under "similarly-different" circumstances, that can be used by advocates to denounce any resemblance or parity.

And so we describe the consideration that the female psyche is unique in that it has something of value that can be applied to various endeavors which are presently dominated by men, and that men do not have because of their respective biology. And let us further acknowledge in this consideration that we fully appreciate that patterns exhibited by environmental events can both influence biology, and overt forms of emotional, mental and physical activity. And as a proposed third element of this ensemble, we include the idea that a change in environmental patterns can thus have an effect which should be monitored in order that the female psyche stay in conscious contact with the interactions in order to describe and prescribe how to better effect the necessary alignments with available resources to sustain developmental progress.

While this is already done concerning weather patterns and the monitoring of social events in the business, political and religious realms, it is not done with respect to the subtleties of influence (on the human psyche and its usage of patterns identified with different symbols) created by incremental environment changes. Three of these are noteworthy, though should not be inferred to be the only ones.

  • The Sun's energy is burning out. Along with this is the idea that it will enlarge and consume the inner-most three planets known as Mercury, Venus, Earth, of which the third includes the "fusion" or "coalescence" of the Sun's three "moments" known as dawn, noon, dusk. Thus, a 3-into-1 occasion will occur just as "predicted" by the ideas concerning three gods representing a triad, trinity or other "three" organizational formula. Such three-in-one ideas occurring in different subject areas and pronounced as unique, important, valid, etc., may in fact be premonitions of sensitive individuals who can perceive the effects of the changing Sun, but are left with expressing their impressions in socially accepted or acceptable ways. Other sensitive individuals who likewise have a similar impression (or variation thereof), are more easily able to align themselves with another's representation thereof in the context to which it is applied...
    1. be it a business orientation (where a product may be constructed accordingly... even if it is not labeled as such. (For example, the space shuttle was constructed with three engines. Hence, there are three engines in one spacecraft. Another example is the design of vending machines in which three coins... nickels, dimes, quarters... may be used for one machine or an alternative three-to-one characteristic in some machines is to describe the three coins contrasted with the usage of one dollar bill.)
    2. )be it a political design/practice such as the three divisions in one government (as the U.S. has)
    3. or be it a religious belief such as the Christian "three persons in one god-head" trinity or the Hindu Trimurti consisting of Brahma- Vishnu- Siva.
  • The Moon is receding, causing changes in tidal patterns, the bulge of the earth (from it triaxial "squatted" pear shape), etc...
  • The Earth's rotation is slowing down, whereby the presence of the three "moments" (dawn, noon, dusk) will fuse into one, and the geomagnetic dynamo will be altered.

While these effects have been ongoing, they have not been consciously coupled to changes occurring with the female psyche, which may be uniquely impressionable to its effects, even if most women discard any such allusions because they have adopted the male psyche way of interpreting and defining their individual and collective behavior. Such "celestial" influences have all but been relegated to a confection with Astrology and its associated counter-parts (tea leaf reading, tarot cards, palmistry, etc...), because the influences are said to be individually interpretive, and thus have no being scientifically veritable because results are dependent on the believability of the practioners. Because so many symbols can arise due to one influence (over long spans of time with different exposure rates under varying conditions added as variables), linking social trends of thinking to environmental patterns can likewise be viewed as a subjective and not objective consideration. The variability of interpretation of a given symbol (especially by applying stretched imaginations), can create alternatives reasons and rationales... even while their is a predominant pattern which continues to crop up. Also, whereas one may readily come to accept the idea, they may cause others not to believe in it, thus enabling themselves a method of measurement to add to their own usage.

Dwindling resources and increasing populations coupled to human-caused environmental destructions can cause some to overlook other accessibly relevant circumstances that need to be taken into account— as a means both of predicting future behavior and developing suitable alternatives in addressing present and forthcoming issues... that others may view as taking place in a future time they and their generation need not be concerned with. Some are only interested in the here and now, a sort of hand-to-mouth concern for personal well-being, and let the future fend for itself. Others, even if they have the relevant knowledge, view it a daunting task to try to get the world to come to a consensus. And while some may believe in a Saviour, anyone claiming to be such will be subjected to an interrogation and deposition from representatives of every ideological interest...wanting one or more answers to their particular concerns or questions. And though some perceived miracle might well silence some into becoming a believer, there are those who will not want to believe, because belief is felt to be a type of surrendering... a type of vulnerability that they do not want to experience again... perhaps because of a former bad experience with letting one's guard down and being disappointed by those viewed as being important or an authority figure.

If all we can expect from the female psyche having to develop mechanisms and structures of philosophy in relation to the oppressive male psyche, do we end up with little more than a variation of the male psyche in the body of a woman when she takes the helm of a business, political, or religious ship? Has the social environment created a type of "iron-man" (the "FE" in front of 'fe-male' is a chemical reference to the element Iron)... and yet because of her physiology in relation to the birthing of a child, she still claims a separate uniqueness of her entire triple-standard body-mind-spirit ensemble as if it were a piece of jewelry... like a crown, set with precious stones whose triple arrangement reflect the ancient practice of phallic worship with its two testicles and one penis which had been used as the blue-print for some ancient god trinities? How is the female psyche to come into its own truly unique debut if every woman set into the position of authority engages in rearranging furniture, washing windows, mopping and waxing floors, etc., within a structure built by the male psyche? Is this not what she is confronted with every time she enters most buildings with their respective codes of conduct... be it a business structure such as a University, a political structure such as the Congress or White House, or a religious structure? Are not these male-designed structures also part of the overall oppression so many feminists speak of?

What is so great about women who can do what a man can do? Is this nothing more than substitution? And in this regard, let us ask if the world would be a better place if every prominent position were held by a woman. And then we must ask, what type of woman? All white women? All Black women? All Latino, Aboriginal, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander or mixed breed women? For that matter, would the world be better off if a single racial profile of men held every prominent position? Would we be better off if all white women were millionaires? If all Black women were Billionaires? If all Hispanic women were Trillionaires? (etc...) So what if a woman can take the place of a man and be a mechanic, pipe fitter, doctor, professor, drug user, priest, etc... Where is the assumed uniqueness to be described by having a matriarchal society for which humanity can benefit?

Where is the assumed inherently born wisdom, intellect, insight, intuition and other characteristics many women think is a product of their female psyche... when it has been oppressed to operate within the constricted box of society involving multiple other boxes like a series of Nested Russian dolls that are used as an obstruction but presented as a gift whose underlying deceptions are difficult for some to recognize because they have been brought up in their respective culture which has trained them since infancy within a family heritage of compliance to view the gift as a gift and not as a symbolic rationale representing a cyclical form of cognition detrimental to achieving a full measure of Inalienable Rights?

Series of Russian Nesting dolls

The staged Evidence of Oswald

Indeed, as already mentioned from a different perspective, women (and other men as well) are frequently used as a means by which one man, two men or a group can take some measure of themselves (such as for protection of themselves, their money, their property... or in regards to gaining such without regard for whom or what may be adversely affected), be it by way of their presumed virility (manliness, godliness, kindness, compassion, sacrifice, etc...), physical strength-endurance-contortionism (flexibility), machinations ability (chess or poker strategy), ambush capability (set a woman up for defeat), theft ability (money, vehicle, house, business, etc...), camouflage ability (to cheat, commit adultery or conduct some activity under actions of stealth), intellectual prowess, etc..., much like, for example, the (controversially) staged evidence where a picture of Oswald was taken holding a Russian Newspaper and the supposed weapon that was used to Kill J.F. Kennedy, with the Russian Newspaper meant to express that he was in league with an anti-American brand of Communism... thus giving the Warren commission a means to promote its underlying motivations more easily because of a publicized mood of journalistic condemnation used as the courtroom lynching platform it is so well known for; thus infecting due-process with its own inclinations suggested as the voice of the people, yet journalism was never voted in to speak on behalf of the public nor that it should be the preeminent portrayal of freedom of speech that the public should agree with and be supportive of. While some readers are viewing the Olswald picture of staged evidence as it is presented with a male figure, others see the image in a more symbolic stature representing how females are maneuvered into activities by one or more men supported by a society formulated on the blue-print concocted and constructed by the male psyche in order to satisfy the many different lusts (sexual, power, position, fiduciary, etc...). Such a blue-print includes the present three-branch government that must be forced into adopting a 3-to-1 ratio design in order to be in-tune with the changing currencies of effect that the incremental alterations of the previously mentioned three geo-physical/planetary events are impressing and imposing on humanity. The awareness of the female psyche to such occasions may well be humanity's salvation to create a new realization of environmental perceptions which they can impart to the young and thus promote a desperately needed Revolution... a Reformation... a Renaissance.

Since we see the same sorts of position and power grabs amongst women as we do men whose personal competitions can be just as varied as items once found in a 1960's and earlier five-and-dime store (now called dollar stores); and that we do not see positions relegated to providing a place for the person or persons with an assumed greatness of intellect, wisdom, insight and other extra-ordinary particulars one might assign to a matriarch or patriarch... and instead we find superficialized efforts to concoct an illusion there-of by way of using authoritative designations that others are required to defer to; what then can we hope for in the many claims by women (and men) who want a full measure of their Inalienable rights by compartmentalizing all such rights under the singular rubric of Equality? Yet, let us acknowledge that both Men and Women have been used by both other men and other women (working alone, with another or a group who may be attached to an organization) and are frequently offered a bribe of receiving an increased social status and/or some fiduciary reward and are part of an available system of alternative rewards which permits, which enables... those that may be specifically focused on disabling one or more others viewed as an enemy or obstacle... while having an alibi, and thus not give the appearance of getting their hands dirty... as history has provided numerous examples thereof concerning those in the institutions of business, government and religion.

Present societies do not create respective positions for women (or men) whose supposed superiority of intellect, wisdom, insight, knowledge, etc., are enabled to be applied to the betterment of hu-man-ity in terms of a consolidated application to all social constructs involving business, government, and religion. Instead, we find positions for specialized application in a field of science, art, music, philosophy, education, etc..., because the required knowledge and experience that would enable a person to apply their unique qualifications of being a matriarch or patriarch (once called a philosopher king... but should include the title of philosopher queen), are neither trained for, sought after, nor expected in the current structure of society involving a dominant male psyche. Not only are women denied a full measure of their Inalienable Rights like so many others... 9both men and women who now make up the present day formula of indentured servants (with no actual voice to vote on everything they are concerned with and have their vote tallied into become the law of the land without it being subjected to some "Representative" distortion to fit the ulterior motives of those in a Legislature who do not actually represent the people); they are forced to abide with the oppressions created by a system of language that is anti-thetical to the creation of true equality.

For example, 'they' are commonly referred to with the commercialized and institutionalized monogram known as the "opposite sex" and are thus forced to continually overcome a language barrier first in order to be recognized for themselves as a valuable entity that is not primarily oriented to their sexuality or where the words "man" or "men" are not used in describing them— such as wo-men, wo-man or hu-man-ity, and the various corollaries listed in the accompanying image. By being frequently denoted to as the "opposite sex" they are therefore recognized for their physical attributes first... and frequently foremost, which expresses itself in the obsession some people have (both men and women) in their appearance, that some embody as their defining personal feature and underlies their primary attribute. Other references involve denoting the presence of a man, men, his, him, he, guy or even the name of a specific male, as a characteristic which denies Women a totally separate status with which their uniqueness can be recognized. It is a vernacularlized dependency against which women have to compete, and defines a culture whose architectural footing is built on a linguistic oppression that even those who protest against the presence of such, include it in a reference to themselves by being called "Fe-Men-ists"... and thus states a philosophical hypocrisy. Whereas stripping the current English language of it over-riding obsession with maleness will take time, there appears to be no woman-dominated infusion for this insistence. Thus, women are helping to perpetuate a mind-set that is detrimental to their existence of true individuality making some gravitate towards small enclaves of like-minded individuals whose lack of originality thus pursues the adoption of a lost, forgotten or unknown past activity dressed in the garments of the present... and display a cultic demeanor.

The language of men imposed on the female psyche

But the above list is not meant to disinclude examples which some readers may want to impose as selective alternatives to be subsequently offered as an argument for those who support the present language structure (and its impositions on the female psyche). For example, we could offer such words as mother, wife, mamma, mammy, moo, nana (sometimes substituting for grandma)... etc.. Yet, let us not forget those references to women which are acquired by way of adding an s or ess to the representative titles designated as a predominant male presence, such as actor/actress, governor/governess, Mister/Mistress, seer/seeress, prophet/prophetess, sorcerer/sorceress, eunuch/eunuchess, Priest/Priestess, enchanter/enchantress, etc...

And let us provide two additional examples with explanations for their inclusion:

  • Men-agerie: (the female psyche is said to be comprised of a jungle's lair of entangled thoughts resembling a mythical past which they try to recreate via "New Age" cults identified with labels and names which suggest otherwise.)
  • Men-u: (There is no female equivalent when ordering food.)

Let us also note that the word "Ms." gives the impression of being the result of an attempt to gain autonomy, but it is an individuality due to creating an oppositional formula akin to how the phrase "opposite sex" manifests itself. In other words, it owes its origin as the result of applying the tactic of a basic dichotomy and is not an originality formulated by other-wise well meaning advocates pursuing a status as a separate identity, despite those who would argue that woman make up a central part in the relationship between men and women, without whom their would be no whole. Yet it is a reference which denies the fact that this presumed position of uniqueness is derived from the recognition with which men identify themselves linguistically with. Women are denied a truly individual status where language is gender neutral.. thus detailing the presence of a mentality that has evolved beyond self-centered obsessions born in antiquity such as the various practices of fertility-based rites and ceremonial activities expressed by a given language, dress, hair-styles and even how one protests with certain slogans, speeches, flags and the like as a symbolic representation of a presumed collective belief. And while not all words with "men" (etc.) are meant as sexist, we should necessarily provide a few examples which clearly represent this attitude and practice, though we might just as easily describe the presence of a mentality engaged in the activity of dichotomization in terms of polarization:

Another example of some people viewing their world in a particular (but not necessarily predominant) polarized fashion is illustrated by the following "Language and Sexism" comparison:

  • A businessman is aggressive, a businesswoman is pushy.
  • A businessman is good on details, she's picky;
  • He follows through, she doesn't know when to quit.
  • He stands firm, she's hard.
  • His judgments are her prejudices.
  • He is a man of the world, she's been around.
  • He isn't afraid to say what is on his mind, she's mouthy.
  • He exercises authority diligently, she's power mad.
  • He's closed mouthed, she's secretive.
  • He climbed the ladder of success, she slept her way to the top.

Initial source: Graduate School of Management, UCLA, The Balloon, vol xxiii, no. 6

Source: Threes Poster column 7

If we claim that women are either inclined to join a ready-made cult dominated by men or develop one based on recreations of practices once enjoyed in the distant past, it is necessary to admit that such reactions may not only be defensive but an effort to acquire a separate status of identity amongst like-minded brethren. And yet, in so doing, are they not simply responding to and copying male behavior, and not introducing a truly unique perception? For example, like the cult-inclined mixed-membership of the LGBTQ mob claiming the right to equality to practice the sexual orientation of their choosing, and yet never seek to create a protest against a despotically fashioned formula of so-called democracy. The LGBTQ cult doesn't want equality nor does the National Organization of Women... they want a government which primarily protects their desired rights and privileges and will thus call such an activity the best form of democracy... without actually having changed the underlined design of a government whose roots are set deep in an antiquity where despotism was king. It is a heritage which breeds a lineage of plutocratic aristocrats who play a game of musical chairs so that the legacy of despotism remains in full-swing as a moving target that protestors using old protest methodologies have extreme difficulty in hitting not only the singular target of a given protest objective, but that which permits such targets to breed.

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