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So what has the female psyche done in an effort to assert itself against a raging tide of male-ism? She has chosen to play his games thinking that the best way to make changes which will touch even the darkest corners of the Earth, is to play the games men play and make changes from within... only that when women do find themselves in the midst of a pool of predators, other women standing on the fringes can see that such women have been transformed into an hermaphroditic symbol that uses their femininity to maintain their position in which they do not make the changes which they had earlier ascribed their consciousness to. In other words, they don the vernacular and mind-set of the men they must deal with, but reflect their "womaninity" to gain support from other woman, when they lose the ground they wanted to gain or it is in someway obstructed. They become Janus-faced in their actions which do not make fundamental changes which can not be over-turn by some future repository of male machinations... whereby society finds itself repeating some nonsense in the past. Whereas women seeking to make changes from within provide assurances that is what their efforts are directed towards, the reality is that they begin to represent the "iron male" in attitude and actions which is represented in the word "FE-male" (that, as already noted, expresses the chemical symbol for iron).

What appreciable good is it to have females in a Legislature such as Congress, if they must resort to expressing their views in a public march instead of gaining support in a male-dominant government... where "male dominant" not only refers to a physical presence, but a psychological one and an underlying male-centered schematic of game rules? Does one change an inflexible mind-set which includes a marginal appreciation of environmental events imposing itself on human activity, by creating a government whose positions are dominated by women... by women who have been brought up to wade, row and chart a course through social waterways constructed by men seeking to advantage themselves and will continue to do so as long as the blue-print of waterways is kept in-tact and concealed by embellishments of ceremonies in which women participate and come to align their egos with? Where is there to be an appreciable gain from a genuine female psyche if her uniqueness of perception kow-tows to the structures of a long-standing social obeisance of male-dominance?

When we find women being drawn to the same sphere of politics which men are, we must assume that they too have incorporated the necessary level of mental illness that has been found to exist as a predominant trait amongst those living in Washington D.C.: The most psychopaths live in Washington D.C..

Psychopathology (also called abnormal psychology)

The study of mental disorders and unusual or maladaptive behaviours. An understanding of the genesis of mental disorders is critical to mental health professionals in psychiatry, psychology, and social work. One controversial issue in psychopathology is the distinction between dysfunctional, or aberrant, and merely idiosyncratic behaviours.

Source: "psychopathology." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

While the article's representative findings do not come as a shock to millions of people, and in fact they could have well supplied the correct answer if they had been asked where they thought the most psychopaths are, the above definition describing a controversy about the presence of idiosyncratic behaviors that may be misjudged as psychopathology, does not provide either an excuse for the aberrant ideologies being pursued by government officials nor a rationale that such behavior is a necessity in dealing with a larger world-related psychopathology. Like-mindedness, like so many attempt to adopt to help one or more men facilitate a legislative bill which is not appreciably focused on correcting the underlying problematics of the basic government formula, represents the activity of women who have joined the Lunatic asylum of Washington, D.C.. Likewise, if we survey the ranking profile of psychopathology occurrences in the entire U.S., one must realize that this does not represent enclaves of greater or lesser psychopathology or the coping mechanisms by which women adopt to confront the respective madness of where they live and with whom they share a given social setting. Whereas the incidence... overall, may be low in a given State, there may well be enclaves in certain areas where the day-to-day mind-set of individuals with psychopathology is even higher than that found in Washington, D.C., such as in a family, small business, courtroom, school, boardroom, nightclub/bar, social club, entertainment venue, grocery store, Doctor's office, hospital, Union hall, one's group of friends, family gatherings, classroom, sporting event, casino, RV enthusiasts, Hunters, the morning crowds at convenience stores, riding the subway or a public bus, etc...

Here's the full list, ranked from most to least psychopathic States in the United States:

  1. District of Columbia
  2. Connecticut
  3. California
  4. New Jersey
  5. New York and Wyoming (tie)
  6. Maine
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Nevada
  9. Illinois
  10. Virginia
  11. Maryland
  12. South Dakota
  13. Delaware
  14. Massachusetts
  15. Arizona
  16. Florida
  1. Iowa
  2. Colorado
  3. Texas
  4. Ohio
  5. Utah
  6. Arkansas
  7. Idaho
  8. North Dakota
  9. Michigan
  10. Alabama
  11. Pennsylvania
  12. Rhode Island
  13. Louisiana
  14. Kansas
  15. Georgia
  16. Minnesota
  1. Missouri
  2. Washington
  3. Kentucky
  4. Nebraska
  5. South Carolina
  6. New Hampshire
  7. Oregon
  8. Indiana
  9. Mississippi
  10. Montana
  11. Oklahoma
  12. New Mexico
  13. North Carolina
  14. Tennessee
  15. Vermont
  16. West Virginia

What's this!? some may ask in regards to West Virginia (where my ancestral roots are). You mean a legacy of moonshining hillbillies represents the greater level of non-psychopathology, or is it that those states with the lower incidence of "conventionally diagnosed" psychopathology, have their own variations which current models of psychology and psychiatry have not recognized, much less formulated a diagnosis for? It's no wonder American's and others from different countries can travel to different states and find themselves in a "foreign" country, psychologically speaking that is. And this says nothing about those enclaves of marginally demented individuals found in small desert towns in the Southwest, or forest dwelling off-the-grid-and-living-off-the-land groups imbibing with their own religious preference, etc...

Whereas psychopathology is more easily seen by those who are at a distance from it than those whose day-to-day interactions with others requires them to use personalized tools of psychopathology as a tool, weapon, sanctuary or trap... survival in such an environment that one has chosen to live in may create a vast and intricate system of rationalization which prevents them from straying too far, while others come to the stark realization they have got to get to some saner ground. For example, years ago I worked with a young man who had "gone-against" the embraced scruple of his family by separating himself from them by leaving the tightly knit family group in New York and going out West (to New Mexico). When he confided in me that he felt a bit guilty for breaking the family tradition of keeping together, I explained to him that his decision was in no way disrespectful, and that his experiences will enable him to find a greater appreciation for each person in his family by allowing for a measure of reflection that was not imposed upon by the presence of a family member who may come to acknowledge that such an analysis was taking place and that they needed to "assist" them in acquiring a positive appraisal of themselves, and/or a negative one of another so as to create a circumstance beneficial to their motivations. He simply needed someone to listen to him without attempting to alter the conversation with a motive. The so-called "non-punishing listener" was the position I placed myself into which permitted him to verbally align his thoughts so as to create a better visualization from which to better perceive what was being illustrated and make an assessment based on the array of concerns and considerations that his form of diary keeping did not include writing down his thoughts. He needed to be able to verbalize them in a working memory type of catalog system which was provided by someone being present and allowing the list to be created without obstructions or interference. His leaving his family and going against the family tradition of not staying close by, permitted him an opportunity to get away from what he instinctively perceived was a socialized form of psychopathology, which was suffocating his individuality. Fortunately, he had marketable work skills which permitted him to find a job. Others who run away from home or a situation they interpret to be anti-thetical to their best interests... like many a teenager, do not have marketable skills and are thus vulnerable to the psychopathology of those who would take advantage of their innocence.

In terms of the psychopathology of Congress, even if every member agreed that they were all practioners thereof... as one might perceive their type of psychopathology as a craft all of them indulged in with the necessary fashion, fabilism and ceremonialisms involved in drafting a legislative bill; this does not help the rest of society attempting to get them to be more Representative, unless one wants to conclude that Representatives portray the majority of voters with the same color of psychopathology. Hence, what does one do when they are confronted not with a lynch mob of crazy people, but different factions of mental illness that an entire nation has created a working society of, but would have difficulty functioning without such mental illness? While it is easy to deal with one person when their sanity differs dramatically from everyone else's, what do you do when you are confronted with most of the people in your social environment... local, state, national (or even international), that share the same irrationality and view you as expressing a view not conducive to their interests? What happens in some circumstances is that many simply adopt the means, methods, and manners of the dominant class in which they must associate with, be it those of the upper, middle, or lower class... or some interspersed marginality thereof. While it is far easier to adopt and overlook the presence of psychopathology in one or another form by having been brought up in a given environment of psychopathology that one then defines as normalcy, it is far more difficult to "act crazy... as a state of normalcy" by finding oneself having awakened in the midst of a situation that they come to name as a "disturbance" of affect and effect— that some may come to denote with a singular label such as bi-polar, schizophrenia, neuroses, dissociative framing, delusion, etc... because they have picked up a word or phrase which best represents, to them, something that is "off", "wrong", "bad" or otherwise to be named a mental illness. If such a claim is not placed on one or more others (or events), then it may become used to define one's own position, whereby isolation, withdrawal (with or without substance abuse), or various degrees and types of self-harm (or self-defamation) may ensue.

When a society with psychopathology begins to enlarge, like so many diseases in their course, more individuals may reach a point of realization which suggests their observations of others as being different from themselves, creates a sub-culture of like-minded individuals who may adopt a particularized dress, speech, and belief orientation which becomes collectivized into a "movement", be it of a business, government, or religious orientation, though various other orientations such as sexuality, racial, gender, etc... can emerge. If one or another reaches a point of visibility and argument which is used as a means by which a disgruntled populace adopts to support as a symbolic means of voicing their opinion against a personalized issue of protest which may have nothing whatsoever to do with that which they support— as a means to be able to express themselves... even if it is not actually about what they are angered or upset about. For example, the LGBTQ cult gains supporters who use the protest as a vicarious means of attempting to vent their own views about other issues, is a well-established fact. And though the cult is a present day recreation of a mentality focused on personalized choices of sexual conduct reminiscent of the ideas of organized orgies with debauchery once practiced by ancient fertility worshipers, the connection with it and ancient pagan practices goes almost unnoticed by some.. and those who do notice it from within their own membership, are just as quick to laugh about the associations as are those in Congress who recognize the widespread practice of psychopathology amongst their own rank and file.

Like pagan religious practices involving phallic worship, animal worship, tree worship, solar worship, lunar worship, etc... which came to be absorbed into "respectable" practices of religion and associated government and business practices in order that the many pagans would be embraced and thus be more easily manipulated; we see the same thing occurring with the acceptance of the LGBTQ cultish practices by businesses, government and religion. However, the problem remains is that the LGBTQ "community" will, in-time, become obsolete just as ancient pagan practices have... for the most part, even though small practices still remain. And because it is from the beginnings of different fertility cult practices that modern forms of religion arose, what then will become of religion now that a new fertility cult practice is being absorbed... in order to be controlled? Will a different brand of insanity arise to over-shadow the present formulas of psychopathology present in business, government, and religion? How will the female psyche be able to advance its uniqueness if it is forever defining itself according to the ways and wares in which men define reality... for the sake of profit, power, position and numerous other personalized motivations? Can the female psyche come to express itself without having to contort itself except in terms of how the male views her physical functionality, and one that many females accept as the only reality to which their psyche must absorb without looking elsewhere... perhaps deeper into the past when a more fruitful matriarchism was enabled to blaze a trail that the male psyche was unable to? How is this possible when far too many women think that an association led by women, even when it has male membership or not, is automatically a good thing for setting the stage for the emergence of the female psyche as it is, and not defined in relation to, in response to, nor in reaction to male activity? Does such a quality even exist anymore... if indeed it every did... and can it be nurtured into maturity if that maturity is one in which it is grown within the constraints of a male society which binds breasts, feet or smashes the heads of infant girls against trees... as was once practiced openly and accepted by women who deferred to men who were, in essence, their captors?

How do women free themselves from male enslavement when in many cases, even female sexuality expressed towards another female, is the result of one or men's activities? In a reality in which the Supreme God is cast as a man, does alternatively naming it a woman actually provide for the desired freedom sought by so many women? Where the majority of laws are derived from the male psyche and that even if a woman achieves the position of a law maker or Supreme Court judge, the laws are to constructed and administered in a society in which men are dominant and create systems of socialization which stack the deck against women? How is the female psyche to develop its uniqueness if it must also contend with organizations of women who claim they are seeking equality for women, but are doing so in compliance with laws that women had no hand in creating, and can not now even create an atmosphere in which such laws can be subjected to scrutiny in order to be validated or dismissed by the collective vote of the whole society, much less women alone? How can a female psyche arise if that to which I am alluding to is defined by women as that which is a mindset that must think as men do... in order to get along? How does such a psyche arise if the majority of women comprise a cult as antiquated as that being presented by the Lesbian-led LGBTQ focus? How does a woman become herself if many of her social references describe an adjunct of the man such as wo-man, fe-male and s-he? Is the woman no more than the male-sponsored ideology of an hermaphrodite or the yin/yang philosophy? Must she accept the dichotomization to which is imparted on her or can she free herself... and upon freeing herself, be a phenomena that others will come to worship or fear?

But the trek towards acquiring the revelation of a woman's true, inner-self... much as... one might say, similar to the realization acquired by a Jonathan Livingston Seagull sequence of development and exposure to a stratum of purpose through an acknowledgment that does not share the herd mentality so evident in the present National Organization of Women and the Lesbian led pseudo-matriarchal LGBTQ cult(s); is marred by those who would think that by exposing the ancient origins of society as being derived from an ancient gynacracy which practiced a fertility cult mindedness where the uniqueness of the female psyche was both honored and worshiped... that is... until men began to assert themselves by attempting to dominate the rituals and ceremonies that were renamed and reshaped in man's image, along with the incorporation of both everyday and specialized words which began with or provided a sound revolving around themselves, as noted in the short list on the previous page. Because humanity has traveled a path in which so many ideas and notions and practices were linked to ideas described as sacred and thus religion, the usage of language to impart control on the female mind by way of brainwashing from cradle to grave is attenuated because it was established long ago as a belief involving a supposed "god" language:

From John (1:1):

In the Beginning was the Word
and the word was with god,
and the word was (a) god.

To which we could add another line representing that which came to unfold in the present uses of many types of language:

In the Beginning was the Word
and the word was with god,
and the word was (a) god...
and this god was a man.

Hence, the ancient gynacracy of matriarchism fell sway to a language which imbued upon them a brow-beating submissiveness. For example, are we not all collectively referred to as the Hu-man race? What better way to create a mentality that not only denies a personalized recognition but impresses upon it to define itself in accord with those wanting to establish a perpetual dominion over them? Let us call them wo-men, or a s-he (or Sheila in Australia which refers to the early female immigrants from Ireland which were dropped off the boat to be ravaged by men waiting to take advantage of those who were poor and desperate). Let us deny them a true separate status by a linguistic deference owned by the presence of men so as to prevent women from being able to revert to a former glory of self-enablement. It is an impression that even those who want to re-establish a personal identity by claiming themselves to be Feminists, have only added another man-word to the list if male-dominant female titles because the word "feminist" has the sound of "men" in it, though try as some might to emphasize the presence of "min" (as in minute). As it is spoken, the presence of "men" is all too evident.

As part of the effort of these feminists to uncover and unravel their ancient glory of matriarchism that was subverted by men, some try to expose the sexuality-related origins of present male-dominant organizations... such as religion..., by speaking of phallicism and fertility. By so doing, they think to acquire some authority to practice whatever sexual orientation they want and have it sanctified by the authority in business, government and religion, just as the ancient practices were. By exposing the origins of many present day organizations as having roots in the practice of varied sexual perversions that have since been hidden and symbolically rendered with acceptable dogma and representations; many of these feminists and their approving male consortiums think to legitimized their own perversions of which the following image is but a handful thereof:

Lesbian led LGBTQ perversions authorization

So long as it is placed under the rubric of the "LGBTQ" logo, anything and everything sexual is appropriate. Have sex with any animal and then sacrifice it to the LGBTQ female-dominant god. Have sex with infants, even though others find it disgusting and it is against laws of morality and accustomed to decency. Yes! you can practice any sexual perversion you want because it is sanctified by the Lesbian led cult that is striving for some Matriarchal re-assertiveness. But wait... what is this? Lesbians and other practicing sexual perversionists are against the harming of children? If so, then why is there no accompanying statement and flag which represents what perverse acts it deny's as acceptable? Why is there no apparent disgust of certain sexual acts that the cult can be proud of and celebrate against... if it is not to create a backlash of opposition to those with evil intent whom they have left the door open to like Pandora and her box? Why is there no Matriarchal type of self-reflection regarding the Pandora's box representation which the Pride celebrations promote? Where is the so-called enhanced female psyche? Why does it indulge in little more than a modernized version of a hermaphroditic dichotomization that defends itself with a weaponry which is dependent on indulging argumentation against itself by inverting the same argument towards their opponents? Where is the uniqueness and originality of perception and thought that so many women are inclined to think themselves in possession of? Is this the type of leadership men must defer their own brand of nonsense to? Why let women take charge if their mentality is one which simply inverts the ideas of men and claim that it is a creative expression, when it amounts to little more than sweeping the dirt of a male-dominant government from beneath a carpet selected by a male-dominant legislature upon which women are to carry out their supposed greater formula of leadership capability, and that the edge of the carpet, though it is tattered and the rug itself is worn out, defines the limits that women abide by... and will... like their male counterpart, simply carry out the business of leadership by avoiding the social holes which need to be addressed, but that a history of traditions allows them to circumvent many social problems with acceptable excuses that are then journalistically supported as a politically correct rationale?

Like their male-counterparts, women in leadership positions can express words and phrases with well-intentioned meaning such as the following excerpts from Supreme Court justices ,when speaking about the disgusting immigration policy formulated by Trump and his supporters which the Supreme Court agreed with. And with such a ruling the denotation of it being the "Highest" court in the land is substantiated, because only a collection of mentally drugged individuals would have agreed with Trump's nonsense.

What good is having female leaders if their collective Will can be subverted by men, or that there is no collective female psyche which works together to create a better realization of enhanced social standards? What good is it when female legislators in Congress must get support from the people who are, for the most part, without a legitimate political voice, because they have no gainful support amongst the men in Congress? Where is the presumed "power" (knowledge, wisdom, intellect, insight, etc..) of the female psyche if they must march with the ordinary folk because the presumed extra-ordinary folk do not value them... and merely use them to give the impression that the Legislative body is complying with the notion of Equal Rights, but have no real interest in practicing it to the point where the people themselves are fully enabled to Legislate laws that become the law of the land... and not have the public Will subverted by so-called Representatives who first and foremost represent themselves and egotistically think they represent their constituency by some adulterated conception of being the (elected) "chosen one".

Why is it that the woman is not thinking better than this? Why is it that the woman can not express the uniqueness of her own psyche and create an entirely original paradigm?

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