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As I continue in this series of discussions about the value of the female psyche in relation to its application as an effective leader... a leader who blazes trails and is not simply an effective office manager interested in maintaining the functionality of a status guo because she feels that the structure can not be replaced with something better for the sake of humanity... or that she is not interested in anything which does not permit her to acquire a commanding role in which her capabilities can be utilized... irrespective of any talent, creativity, wisdom, genius or otherwise. Many women (and men) like mediocrity because they function best within a social order (community, business, religious or political atmosphere), which rewards those with little or no talent or execeptional ability. They think that such a case is the reality for most people and that those with talent, creativity, genius, insight and the like are the odd man (or woman) out. They don't like structures focused on or geared towards expecting and rewarding those who exhibit abilities that are not of a cookie-cutter, conveyor-belt or a slave mentality profile. They prefer those that they regard as common people... that is, so long as these common people view them as someone to be chosen for a position that is not so common, or whose commonality involves a larger group (such as a legislature) that has a limited membership provided with certain entitlements that are common amongst themselves, but the majority of the common people are not permitted to share in. Such is their embraced prejudice, their practiced self-referencing deduced as an expression that they can give the impression of being a common person, but in actuality harbor the thoughts and feelings of someone who think of themselves as having some uncommon capacitiy... a capability such as being able to con the people into a false belief about themselves and their true intentions for acquiring a given position, yet that capcity, that capability, is rarely if ever translated into being an effective trail blazing leader on behalf of the common people whom they want to actually divorce themselves from... yet all the while don the wardrobe and accompanying embellishments of one or more archetypes that the common people are duped into believing is of benefit to them.

Dishonesty is part of the archetypal wardrobe that many people have in their closets. Sometimes as a survival tool in an environment where lying is a standardized way of life, sometimes because they were given it in a hand-me-down or hand-me-up familial or other social ceremony, or sometimes because they have adopted it due to circumstances they had no control over, without being aware of when, where, why and how they use such an implement. And this is not to say they they will want to change if they do become aware of a given archetypal pattern that is generally viewed in a negative way... since the means of changing them requires a larger change in all of society. On becoming aware of their usage of one or another deception, they may simply attempt attempt to develop one or more methods to conceal such behavior, or choose to migrate to a situation in which no one can make such a deduction about them. In other instances such as those who have already achieved a position of authority, they may smugly shrug a shoulder and say they don't care if someone does see through their archetypal disguises, because they feel confident and secure that nothing (very easily) can be done to remove them from their position... so long as they continue to use a system which is dedicated to entrenching them and their like-minded ilk to remain and carry out business as usual.

But there are those who would like to view the extent of their archetypal wardrobe without having to resort to an analytical approach in terms of the rountinized procedure of seeking "professional help", and thus subject themselves to self or socially-defined stigmas. Understanding one's own wardrobe ensemble necessitates an examination of recurring themes of expression on a very basic level... as far as we can go without using some social label, though the usage of language as well as music or mathematics are culturally-made implements that are subject to the dynamics of a decaying physiology on a decaying planet in a decaying solar system and a larger Universe of decay to which we adopt the adaptive mechanism of making rationalized adjustments for the sake of maintaining some semblance of equilibrium. Nonetheless, the present discussion is inclined towards the usage of enumeration... to plot the usage of ideas and behavior on a graph which details underlying numerical themes in order to point out growth, stagnation or/and regression. In short, does the female psyche, by examining basic themes of enumerated ideas and behaviors, portray a direction of developmental progress, stagnation, and/or regression? For example, does a political candidate who espouses a two-patterned "family values" as a slogan actually represent progress... or simply stagnation or a regression to some supposed former time of social sanity, cleanliness, order, safety, security, growth, rationality, etc...? Indeed, while some readers may be looking at one or another candidates, they may not necessarily subject the system of politics to the same criteria of analysis. In other words, for example, does the British, Canadian or American brand of government practice the usage of an old and worn out archetypal (mental/emotional/physical) wardrobe... albeit cast into the fashionability of a given era? Much like putting a wig, mustache and glass eyes into a skull used as an object of worship... because it serves those who come to acquire it as a transfer of power from one generation to the next?

Such terms as Generational, Inter-generational, individual, group, familial, racial, gender, etc..., can help to define the types of archetypes one's wardrobe and accessory archetypes that may be found in one's personality, one's mentality, one's eating, drinking, sleeping, copulating, speaking, reading, listening, smelling, interpreting, defining, etc... repertiore. And even though some Sociologist or Psychologist may label these items according to their own prefered criteria with respect to their professions, one's "archetypal wardrobe" is more varied than are typical considerations of basic patterns that are associated with conventional interpretations and definitions of the word "archetype". Such an enterprise of re-evaluation is necessary in order to make oneself suceptible to new and different information which can create a means of making oneself more pliable to restructuring so that subtle traits and untapped qualities may emerge by being able to continue in the needed development that was set aside by adopting an attituted of adapting to the requirements of a society fashioned in the image of leaders striving to create the conditions best for their own archetypes... which are not always directed towards the best interests of others.

With the foregoing stated as a means to provide some readers a better platform of comprehension of my intentions in the present discussion, let me continue to unravel the Gordian knot that has been tied with compounded twists and turns by generations of those wanting to establish and maintain a system that has proven itself to be a cul-de-sac for the development of humanity. This entails not only being able to identify recurring patterns, but assimilate them into a list with an attached philosophy of comprehension which highlights the basic structure occurring in many different venues and provides an indication that such (a) pattern(s) suggest a building block or scaffolding of human cognition.

While some readers prefer few if any images, preferring to use their own imaginations to create the scenery, I shall first supply a bit of commentary about the Sun to enable translating devices on the internet to have an opportunity to render the information in another language, and then follow the same information displayed as an image, as a brief synopsis of an idea:

The Sun, as viewed from... and its effects on Earth's processes including developmental biology, initially began its influence (due to its distance and the accelerated rate of the Earth's rotation), as a single object... or pattern-of-one. As it grew closer and the rate of the Earth's rotation slowed, it effected a two-patterned night/day sequencing on developmental biology which has continued to this day. In addition, due to more slowing of the Earth's rotation and changes in the Sun's energy "bathing" which created a condition one might describe as a type of "biological viewing" of the Sun, there arose a three-patterned stroboscopic irradiation of the Earth that later developments of the hominid lineage began to identify the Sun... with its three "moments" (dawn- noon- dusk), as three separate gods, that later became three aspects (or attributes) of a single god. This ideological perspective (involving a particular numerically recognizable pattern) was later to become adapted to alternative beliefs both in and out of Religious discussions. And let us not fail to mention that the path of the Sun, due to the rotation of the Earth, is a triangular path, and that the shape of the Earth is that of a triaxial ellipsoid. No less, we should also mention that the perspective of early peoples (as portrayed by a few historical references), saw the path of the Sun as either being linear (verbally designated as "going across the sky"), or circular ("goes over the sky" as in a type of arch-like fashion); yet again, the actual path as seen in time-elapsed footage of the Sun shown in its daily course from dawn to dusk, is triangular. No doubt one may well speculate that it was this pattern which acted as an impression which was unconsciously branded on the "hide" of primitive peoples for hundred of generations, which came to influence the triangular shape used in architectural forms such as the pyramid, triangular spear and arrow heads, triangular hats, etc., though other explanations might well be offered.

Comments about the Sun's patterns and effects

An image representing the ideas of solar and lunar singularity as well as duality (intermixed with androgyny), and triplicity, may be helpful to some readers:

Archetypal patterns created by the Sun and Moon

Early life forms (long before the advent of humans), would have "seen" (felt) a faster strobe-light effect of the Sun's 3 "moments" when the Earth was spinning faster. The behavior of biologically became entrained to the rhythms of the Sun, Moon and other environmental events to the effect that they developed behaviors related to these patterns and are called circadian rhythms. As the earth-sun-moon trinity changes in its individual and collective attributes, biological life will necessarily adapt to these changes as a survival mechanism. Unfortunately, this adaptation includes behaviors which are tune-in to reflecting and following the ultimate demise which is ongoing, albeit incrementally, at this very moment. Humanity adapts and makes rationalized adjustments to the effects of this geo-physical/planetary pantheon who are as much as a 3-TO-1 ratio as they are a 3-In-1 and 1-FROM-3... the latter referring to the planet-body trio and humanity. Most of the patterns we have adapted to are taken for granted. Nonetheless, the Strobe-light like effects can leave an indelible impression like a tattooed suntan or sunburn, just as a television screen does as detected by our eyes, temporarily, after it is turned off in a dark room (giving us a view of the screen). If the screen was in a pattern-of-three and we were exposed to this pattern for millions of years, no doubt it would be adapted to and qualify as a "natural" sign or symbol, or even a god, if viewed through the eyes of an illiterate and uneducated group of people in a social situation who not only frequently move in a herd-like fashion, but move in one as well.

The Sun's events, when subjected to a conscious enumeration, display a one- two- three/ and 3-TO-1 patterns. The "3- FROM -1", or "3- AS -1" patterns can arise after an atmosphere develops and begins to block those rays which effect "seeing" (being impressed upon by) a forceful two-patterned night/day sequence. The argument about the demise of the planetary trio taking billions of years must be contrasted in terms of the short span of human life. Like the genetic experiments which use drosophila melanogaster "fruit fly" (its actually a vinegar fly):

Vinegar Fly (genus Drosophila) (also called pomace fly or small fruit fly)

Drosophila species number about 1,500. Some species, particularly D. melanogaster, are used extensively in laboratory and field experiments on genetics and evolution because they are easy to raise and have a short life cycle (less than two weeks at room temperature). More studies have been conducted concerning the genetics of the vinegar fly than have been obtained for any other animal. Drosophila chromosomes, especially the giant chromosomes found in the salivary glands of mature larvae, are used in studies involving heritable characteristics and the basis for gene action. The biology of Drosophila in its natural habitats is not well known. The larvae of some species live in rotting or damaged fruits. In these species the adults are strongly attracted to, and feed on, fermenting plant juices. In other species the larvae develop in fungi or in fleshy flowers.

Source: "vinegar fly (genus Drosophila)." Encyclopædia Britannica, 2013.

The problem with the argument that planetary events occur over a long period of time and that the life span of human is considered to be long (in comparison to other species), due to the human ego getting involved in its own assessment of itself, is that the human life span is actually quite short, and therefore the long-term events of the planet actually occur in a much smaller time frame in terms of the short human scale of things. Present day humanity has only been around for a short period of time, geologically, or planetarilly speaking or otherwise. Over this short span of time, the human species has made countless changes to itself and its habitat, even though most of us are not consciously aware of it. Our interpretations usually take place due to a small range of comparisons dealing with individual interests involving personal pessimism or a generous helping of optimism, typically involving our egos and over-all self regard in one or another context in which we place ourselves in. Humanity does not see itself living an accelerated life span like that of the Vinegar fly... though the changes in human civilization alone tell us otherwise. If we alternatively view humanity as a species being experimented on, without getting caught up in the philosophy of who, what, when, and why, the historical events of humanity alone reek of an unprecedented amount of change that the assumedly "slow changes" in the environmental/planetary Trinity do not seem to correlate well with. This is only because we do not yet know how to configure the effects of seemingly small (incremental) planetary events with seemingly large and quickly (historically recorded) events occurring on the human level of activity.

Let it be stated plainly and clearly, in numerous cases, we can see the existence or remnant of a 1 → 2 → 3 development with or without overlap and the sometimes expressed process of a regression to a former stage which may or may not be identical when the earlier stage was initially developing, and that the "3" of the third stage may exhibit a 3 IN 1 or 3 TO 1 profile. And example of this is the three Germ layers (Endoderm- Mesoderm- Ectoderm), and we can recognize a 1-2-3 in genetics in terms of the three large macromolecules known as RNA (single stranded referenced by the idea of an early "RNA World" hypothesis), DNA (Double-stranded, though both single and triple-stranded variations have entered into discussions), and Proteins (with a primary-secondary-tertiary structure with a composite of these as a quaternary... hence, a 3 to 1 or 3 and 1 ratio configuration that can be labeled a "poly", as in polyarchy, polyglot, polytheism, etc...). No less, we could speak of the three stop codons to one start codon configuration, or the 3 cones to 1 rod ensemble of the human eye. Or the 3 bones in one inner ear arrangement, not to mention multiple other three-pattern configurations related to audiology.

The following is a short list of 3 [TO and/or IN] 1 examples.

Three, triple, tertiary, many, etc... (3) One, single, primary, etc... (1)
3 grouped (drumming) beats separated by 1 emphasized beat (Native American)
3 ordinary dimensions: Length ~ Width ~ Depth 1 Time dimension
3 fundamental gauge forces: Strong - Weak - Electromagnetic 1 fundamental non-gauge force: Gravity
3 "even" amino acids: Adenosine ~ Cytosine ~ Guanine 1 "odd": Uracil (RNA), Thymine (DNA)
3 basic protein structures: Primary - Secondary - Tertiary 1 composite protein structure: Quaternary
3 (metal) vending coins: Nickels ~ Dimes ~ Quarters 1 relational (paper) form: Dollar bill
3 numbered potatoes: 1 potato ~ 2 potato ~ 3 potato 1 un-numbered 4 (counting game)
3 numbered bits: 2 bits ~ 4 bits ~ 6 bits 1 un-numbered: a dollar (cheer-leading)
3 face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 related Ace card (faceless)
3 typically used face cards: Kings ~ Queens ~ Jacks 1 less commonly used face card: Joker
3 rhymes: eeny ~ meeny ~ miney separated by 1 (mo) of another 3: (mo ~ toe ~ go)
3 indoor coverings: Curtains ~ Blinds ~ Shades 1 related outdoor: Shutters
3 God labels: He ~ She ~ It 1 relational: Non-Entity (non-existence)
3 numbered bases: 1st ~ 2nd ~ 3rd related to 1 unnumbered: Home plate/base
3 customary years 1 relational: leap year
3 primary cycles: Intake ~ Compression ~ Power 1 relational: Exhaust
3 "element" A-U-M = "OM"
(Birth~ Being~ Dissolution)
1 relational: Silence
3 step shampooing: Wet hair ~ Lather ~ Rinse 1 relational: Repeat as desired
3 female desires for a man: Tall ~ Dark ~ Handsome 1 relational: Rich
NREM (non rapid eye movement)is divided into three stages REM is usually referred to as a single phase
(Despite the fact that a complex set of physiological fluctuations takes place in REM sleep.)
3 part call: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 1 relational: The court is now in session
3 part game call: Apples ~ Peaches ~ Pumpkin Pie 1 relational: Who's not ready, hollar I
3 basic forms of matter: Solids ~ Liquids ~ Gases
(Earth- Water- Air)
1 relational: Plasma
3 (metrical foot) stressed syllables 1 relational unstressed syllable
3 guitarists (Beatles): Paul ~ John ~ George 1 relational drummer: Ringo
3 regular U.S. forces: Army ~ Navy ~ Air force 1 relational: Marines (Navy Dept.)
[Coast Guard = Dept. of Transportation]
3 times repeated cadence: Gimme' (give me) your left 1 related: Right (military marching)
Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left- Gimme' your left----- Right
3 consonants to (four-letter) Cuss Words 1 related vowel
3 (numerical) feet: 1 foot + 1 foot + 1 foot equals 1 related (word): Yard
3 common body crossings: Legs ~ Arms ~ Fingers 1 uncommon related: Eyes
3 Europeans: D.L. George ~ V. Orlando ~ G. Clemenceau 1 (U.S.A): W. Wilson (Paris Peace Talks)
3 at-bat chances to run 1 relational mandatory walk (ball four)
3 microorganism "vats": Rumen ~ Reticulum ~ Omasum 1 "true" stomach: Abomasum (Ruminants)
3 Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! related to: 1 Step Right Up (Circus Barker)
3 synoptic gospels: Matthew - Mark - Luke 1 idiosyncratic gospel: John
Trinitarian (3) concept related to Unitarian (1) concept
3 original musketeers (Athos, Porthos, Aramis) 1 add-on (d'Artagnan)
3 active brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta) 1 inactive brain wave (Delta)
3 types of cones to the human eye 1 type of rod to the human eye
3 Piaget operational stages: Pre - Concrete - Formal 1 [non-operational] sensorimotor stage
3 Basic gaseous biological compounds:
Hydrogen- Oxygen- Nitrogen
1 Basic solid compound:
3 rows of outer hair cells (mammalian ear) 1 row of inner hair cells
3 imagined places: Paradise - Purgatory - Inferno 1 actual place: Earth
3 common growing seasons: Spring - Summer - Fall 1 less typical growing season: Winter
3 metal ages: Silver - Bronze/Copper - Iron
[Bronze is an alloy of Copper]
1 non-metal age: Stone
(Was there a bone or stick age?)
3 common alternate milk (with fat) forms: 1% - 2% - Skim 1 common standard form: Whole milk
3 interactive identities: i - j - k = 1 resultant quaternion identity: -1
W. Hamilton's quaternion formula: i2 = j2 = k2 = ijk = -1
3 gasoline types: Unleaded - Regular - Premium 1 Diesel fuel oil
3 non-gasoline fuels: Diesel - Propane - Natural Gas 1 gasoline fuels
3 Earthly-bound Horsemen plagues:

War- Famine- Pestilence
1 Heaven/Hell-bound Horsemen plague:

3 (physically labeled) psychosexual stages:
Oral - Anal - Genital
1 (non-physically labeled) stage:
Latency period
3 (OK Corral) Earp brothers: Wyatt - Morgan - Warren 1 (OK Corral) Doc Holiday
3 Stanley Miller Chemical Evolution experiment gases:
Methane ~ Hydrogen ~ Ammonia
1 Stanley Miller liquid:
Art Maxim Percentages division:
Art is 75% perspiration (75% = 3)
"and" --- 25% inspiration (25% = 1)
3 basic tea types: Black - Green - Oolong 1 (basic) rare tea type: White
3 basic mathematical operations:
Addition- Subtraction- Multiplication
1 auxiliary mathematical operation:
3 (DNA) bases code for: 1 amino acid
3 customary laws of Thermodynamics 1 Zeroth law of Thermodynamics
3 types of bone: Cortical - Compact - Trabecular 1 relational: Cartilage (pre-bone)
3 U.S. Presidential debates (2004) 1 relational: U.S. Vice President debate (2004)
3 compulsory schools: Elementary - Jr. High - High school 1 non-compulsory school: College (or Trade)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Fred - Wilma - Pebbles 1 animal character: Dino (family pet)
3 "human" cartoon characters: Barney - Betty - Bam Bam 1 animal character: Hoppy (family pet)
3 "regular" corners to a building 1 principal Corner Stone to a building
3 foot bones of ancient horses Fused together to make modern horse hoof
3 at-base runners: 1st base - 2nd base - 3rd base 1 at-home-plate grand slam hitter
3 "traditional" size proportions:
Small- Medium- Large
1 commercial profiteering size proportion:
3 flexible downs in American football 1 down to play it safe or risk it all
3 word vulgar expression: God Damn It 1 (3 into 1) single word vulgar expression: Goddamnit
3 meal options: Sandwich - Side-order - Drink called a (1) combo meal
3 single letter blood type designations: A - B - O
(positive or negative)
1 double letter blood type designation: AB
(positive or negative)
3 phase (U.S.) electric service is related to 1 phase (U.S.) electric service
(followed by a comma that both separates and compartmentalizes this three)
Whereby a "Thousands" place can be designated into a one-to-three formula:
— 1,234 —

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