Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
A Letter to Charles and David Koch


Dear Sirs,

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal of Oct. 26th, there can be read the comment concerning your funding interests:

"...their alliance is focused on groups that advance free-market, small-government ideals."

Unfortunately for the people of this nation, or for that matter any democratic nation... these well-intentioned remarks are statement fragments. While they are not necessarily scripted due to being an expressed wrong-headedness— in as much they are symbols on a drawing board containing an incomplete formula to be applied in solving an equation based on perceptions which, for the most part, are not being appropriately articulated... because they are like scrawled algebraic notations which are presented as suppositions but are not yet applied in context as part of a larger algorithm.

No matter how sincere one may be in their desire to assist in addressing problems that are not being solved by the presumed experts in positions of accountability, emotionalized entanglements with one's ideas can sometimes cause them to be over-valued... and thereby distort the equation even when the solution's path may stare them in the face. Analogously, one can not find their frequently used keys, glasses or itemized shopping list because the person used a substitute placement for increasing the likelihood of locating them at a moment's notice, unknowingly creating an undiscerned distortion in identification, requiring assistance from another person or alternative idea in order to improve perception. In short, your "free market, small government" emphasis on correcting perceived social problems needs to be re-evaluated from a different vantage point, and was a methodology used by Einstein prior to writing his Relativity papers. It is this recurring ability of perception for which history denotes as the giftedness trait of Einstein, yet most observers do not recognize or ascribe this quality to his character even though the realization is available for everyone to see.

A "free market" philosophy is that which is highly desired by criminal organizations, or those wanting to use a perspective of conservatism to introduce controls which can make themselves more effective at influencing a larger agenda of government policies to mirror their own ideological standards instead of promoting a standard of controls based on the Collective Will of the people, without that Will being distorted by a process of (vicarious) Representation where individualized political agendas are used to scaffold a structure of laws intended to overwhelm the public into submission and deference. The word "Democracy" is used as a loose fitting garment to conceal the wares of oligarchy, plutocracy and aristocracy... frequently used as inferred weapons to intimidate the public into accepting a limitation of its voting ability. A common argument against permitting the public from having an equal voting ability commensurate with elected officials is that many of us are felt to be incapable of rendering sound judgment on our own behalf... even though we may work or vote for those silently espousing such a view. One would think that if we are too stupid to make collective decisions, than a collective decision in choosing them for office describes an equally stupid political practice.

Criminal organizations and those non-criminal associations which want to effect selective measures of policy favoring their own agendas, hate government controls that do not effectively favor them, and may be adding their voice to an increasing chorus of resentment about the policies of a government whose attempt at fairness create a stagnating form of inequality for the whole of the nation. But We The People need controls in order to protect us from not only criminal organizations, but the bullying tactics which the government itself can impose upon a citizenry that has little recourse in protecting itself... such as for example, when the S.E.C. (Securities and Exchange Commission) or some other law enforcement entity practices a Civil Asset Forfeiture clause in their day-to-day business arsenal for effecting personal gains while non-criminal citizens must suffer the consequences of their greed. In effect, it is a form of taxation formulated without adequate Representation. Hence, the observed fact is that the problem is not government controls, but the type of government controls set into place and by whom.

Similarly, it is not that taxes are bad, but how the public's collective pool of money is being spent based on a system of governance that permits only a selective few to choose and vote on where and how the money distributed. Whereas some would interpret this to mean that (those in our legislative) government have too much power, and those in the other two branches of government seek an equal level of power which cause them at times to over-step their Congressional mandates being obscured by contorted interpretations; these same people are not voicing an opinion to correct this faulty system by introducing a governing model which permits the entire citizenry to determine where their money goes. The overall underlying need of the public is to gain the dominant control of an institution that belongs to the whole of society that should have at the very least, an equal partnership in the governing franchise.

Though instead of drawing the conclusion that the present governing system needs to be reformulated to include the Will of the Public as a determining factor in the processes of social self-governance; those who are making an incomplete assessment of problematic social circumstances, want to use the tools of the presently practiced democracy to get their way, from their singular perspective, but don't want anyone else to have the same level of political power or influence that they do. It is an hypocrisy to want to ask for change by way of implementing a democratic methodology of assertion, and yet do not want the changes to occur nation-wide for everybody on an equal footing. They want to use democracy as a tool to make others go along with their ideas, but not let democracy be used to permit the ideas of others to have an equal level of expression... much less let the whole of the nation be invested with the political power to develop the laws of the land. They do not want the whole of the public to take a vote based on the notion of "one man, one vote" (stated with an apology to women). People with expendable resources want to encourage others to help them magnify their vote, if not in numbers than in a volume that will attract wavering opinions to their perspective.

Concurrent with the problems inherent with a "free market" philosophy is a "small-government" ideal, because it is anti-thetical to an Actual Democracy. Based on the premise that a Democracy is predicated on being a government "Of, By and For (All) the people", this means the whole of population is (supposed to be) the government. It is not that a large government is inherently bad or that a small government is automatically good because it is denoted as being at the opposite spectrum as one might cite the dichotomies of right/wrong, hot/cold, heaven/hell, etc... it is the foundation upon which a government is designed to run which determines its overall value. The present value of Representative government is cheapened by its insistence on using the word "democracy" to describe itself when it is better illustrated by the usage of "Plutocratic Aristocracy"... yet remains in denial of its true identity.

Hence, the foundation of your political philosophy and associated funding efforts to produce purposeful results for the people of this Nation and its reverberating effects on the rest of the world's governing systems; should be directed towards advocating a Cenocracy... a New Government involving corrective government controls by way of increasing the size of government through a practice of enhanced Democracy.

As it now stands, America and other mirroring types of government throughout the world practice varying formulas of limited democracy. If you truly want to contribute to increasing market-place fairness and opportunity which promotes a greater equality, then you should fund those who want to liberate Democracy from its present forms of enslavement.

The fundamental schematic of the government must adapt to the adoption for including a Peoples Legislative Branch in addition to the current Legislative Branch, so that the people can be a direct participant in the Checks and Balances provision... before, during and after any election— instead of being particularly limited by the usual conscript of having a singular chance to vote for some government employment positions whose power over they must there-after defer to entitlements the people themselves must pay for but have no means of regulating; and that far too many government employment positions as well as externalized contractual agreements are largely exempt from the people being able to directly effect changes through a Collective-Will process that is mandated by a Constitutional agreement between the populace and those in governing authority.

If you truly want to help the people, then your efforts should be directed towards supporting the public in its claim to achieve greater bargaining power through the practice of releasing the current restrictions of limited democracy. It is not a free market philosophy that will help you to achieve your goals, but a FREE DEMOCRACY. Help us to liberate democracy, liberate the peoples government from its many centuries-long entrapments whose methodologies and garments are merely contoured to era-specific pronouncements.

A Democracy, a Peoples Rule, a Peoples Government, is the largest government in the world. To call for decreasing its size or limiting its power is an anti-democracy policy. Freeing the market in our life time does not guarantee it will remain free when the people themselves can not collectively assert themselves in sustaining the controls to do so. If the controls are left in the hands of those in governing authority who do not have to listen to the Collective Will of the people, they can hereafter undermine any and all Free Market ideologies by their selective votes aligned with self-serving ulterior motives that are politicized for a few. In order to make lasting corrective changes in the market, the people must be permitted to exercise the power enabled by any dominant stock holder.

The current practice of social governance is to severely limit the dominant (public) stock holder in the trade-marked company called America, but is an S.O.P. practiced throughout the world's many incorporated nations; acting independently as a singularly-minded partnership to perpetuate a business-as-usual ethic. Hence, to fund a Cenocratic movement in America is to invest in the purest and most abundant of energy resources the world over, so as to fuel Hope for all of humanity inflamed by the hearts, minds and souls of all peoples united as a global community in an effort to create a better livelihood for all.

Granted, that is with respect to a practice of a governing philosophy, however so named, the aforementioned resources are in a raw stage of development. Nations use their Constitutions and Bills of Rights to establish guidelines by which the raw materials may best be utilized to create a better overall product... aligned with cultural standards. Yet, history tells us that nations are slow to adapt to ideas which can produce better products without the efforts of believers to promote perspectives to all. No doubt the fundamental usage of fire, wheel, fulcrum and using herbs made many of our ancestors apprehensive when first subjected to an introduction. Such is the same for grade-school teachers trying to introduce cursive writing. And such is the same for educating the public on adopting the path along that which will provide them with enhanced democracy.

When it is said that your "over-arching view is that society benefits when people are free to pursue work they love, making them more productive", it should be emphasized that a limited democracy is a current impediment towards experiencing the very liberty that prevents a pursuit of happiness to be acquired. We The People are not free because we remain enslaved by the practice of a delimiting democracy. The people can not pursue the work they love to make them more productive citizens when they are constrained by practiced falsifications of democracy. When we are not free to fully vote our collective Will into becoming the laws we want, hope for a better future is mangled by the illusory content of illusions which delude a citizenry to substitute a personal freedom of collective choice to indulge in patriotisms to honor those and that which effect a right to pursue happiness because we remain enslaved by a few who disenfranchise the many from becoming a fully vested partner in the Checks and Balances formula of social self-governance.

If you truly wish to help the people, then assist our efforts in liberating all from the shackles of a falsely practiced democracy. We can not freely pursue to work at that which we love because we are not free to fully choose to effect our collective Will. Our collective free will is contoured to that which a few are left to determine what they think is the appropriate standards we should all live by, yet they have neither the presence of mind nor an adroit skill of empathy that would enable them to achieve a spirit of magnanimity that would best serve us all. The government as created by our forebearers must come to an end and be replaced by a model which truly reflects the core values of a great democratic republic. We have suffered much too long the many inequities that the present formula of limited democracy forces us to endure generation after generation.

Like animals who have been subjected to the institutionalism of having a limited voice in choosing how their freedom is to be practiced, many no doubt will be leery at first from venturing beyond the known limits of entrapment, even when a cage door is opened to them. They at first do not know what to make of the expanse beyond the limitations which have defined their world and fashioned their self-identity. Freedom can be very frightening and over-whelming for many... and this is in part the reason for such a high recidivism rate amongst prisoners. They are thrust into an atmosphere of freedom after many years of institutionalized direction, they know not what to do but return to former habits because their is no preparatory training as part of a prison exit strategy to help prisoners be better prepared for changes in a social atmosphere they may be wholly unprepared for. Nothing in the so-called rehabilitation by way of an out-dated religiously derived "penitent"-iary notion, is there a focused pretentative practice. Ex-prisoners are largely left to fend for themselves because laws dealing with incarcerants practices a harsh and cruel attitude as a substitute for expressing an illegal harsh and cruel punishment perspective.

Whereas the public fully acknowledges the justice system needs to be reformed, the Collective Will of the people have no power to do so. Everyone, even well-meaning supporters of government reform do not realize they are playing into the motives of those who want to restrict government into a hands of fewer people by calling for a reduction in the size (or power) of government... the very methodological application which has brought us to ever-growing public distrust and conflicts with the business, government and religious communities who would prefer the hearts, minds and souls of the government, open their wallets to them and suffer for some proposed greater good for all... as defined by a select few.

Selectivity is the foremost business model being used by the different branches of government and subsidiary departments. It is a model which affords a few the ability to effect one or another prejudice by way of discriminatory practices aligned with creative accounting principles set into motion by references to cost structures used as a rationale defined as a necessary logic, regardless of the consequences such decisions make on the long-term cultural prosperity of the Nation. While cost-cutting measures whet the appetites of investors whose personal coffers are enriched, they are like the aristocrats of old who did not concern themselves with the effects their greed had on cheapening the value of others' lives. By necessity of their personal interests, they create a smaller enclave of like-minded supporters in an attempt to intensify their efforts in being able to assert themselves through incorporated amalgamations creating a complex industry, be it a military one or otherwise... though its employment may be vast, it has become a practiced selective service.

While some will certainly laud your proposed ideas and give further praise to your idealism when it is cited that your company’s growth has added 85,000 employees since 2004, and agree with assertions that this is evidence that your business methods work and are a desirous model that will do the nation well if widely applied; we must nonetheless wonder whether such a claim is to be interpreted as a self-applied compliment or is a complaint that you have needed to hire so many in order to amass a large personal fortune. Like the military, large organizations would like to be able to do more with fewer employees, yet still claim a need for a comparable level of monetary resources for purposes of alleged functioning requirements as an excuse by which greater personal fortunes can be amassed.

Surely others might claim that it is a far better model and illustrates a more shrewder "Just Business" ethic to make money (or acquire some other resource) without having to indulge in the risk management of potential employee theft that other companies are forced to contend with... particularly those in retail or any goods distribution centralization. For example, it is a business model being used by the Military whose limited membership can more effectively improve personal revenues by decreasing the pool of employees and increasing electronic-based means of divesting itself of the need for hiring more employees from the rank and file of citizens that are not as cost effective at killing as are smart bombs which provide a degree of anonymity due to distances from which a bomb can be deployed.

And yet, such a business model has a wide-spread detrimental effect on society because many of the youth in the nation feel left out of being able to carry on a family military tradition because of poor academic scores, that their desirous work ethic is being deemed unworthy; yet having a high-school diploma does not guarantee someone will be able to shoot straight, drive a vehicle, or have courage in battle. In short, the business ethic being used by current military standards is a poor model for effecting a better nation of citizens. It is just a different robber-baron business formula that must be addressed in any purposeful economic model to improve the public's standard of social living in which the presence of a military plays a prominent role. A society's economic history which has long taken into account its traditions of military value must be part of a society's overall economic policy strategy. The present business model of the military does not effectively address the military cultural needs of the nation... and is treating the public as if it is to be interpreted as collateral damage in order to reach budgetary goals. All economic policies will eventually fail if they are not flexibly adaptive to a populace requiring a liberated democracy. Because military and para-military law enforcement organizations are typically based on an over-regulated command structure which makes them particularly adamant about accepting changes introduced as corrective instructive measures, it is necessary to assume an enhanced practice of democracy will be met with a tedious degree of protracted single-mindedness which can produce a culturally recalcitrant stagnation.

The practice of an Actual Democracy in a nation as large as the United States is the opening of a doorway to greater international expansion, despite all the misgivings which accompany any entrepreneurial venture. But it is an adventure the people themselves are willing to take and pay for it themselves, if they can only get the allowance of democracy which should be a fundamental Right, but is, astonishingly, absent from being included in the Bill of Rights which must necessarily be re-entitled the Democracy Bill of Rights, as a prescribed advocation for effecting a Cenocracy.

Like a person who may have been absent from a more normalized social scene because of an extended period of time spent in incarceration, the mental, emotional and behavioral makeup of a population secluded from the practice of an enhanced practice of democracy; is the introduction to unfamiliar territory. Analogously, in generalized terms, acquiring an enhanced form of democracy will be like winning the lottery for many citizens. They can become overwhelmed to the point of indulging in extravagances which precipitate circumstances they do not have the emotional and mental wherewithal to deal with. In short, a windfall of increased democracy, just as a windfall of cash, can have a detrimental effect on a person's life. Whereas they have the means to grow beyond themselves, they retain the thinking and emotional skills wrought by a dependence forced upon them since childhood, supported by a public and private education system which has succumbed to the temptations of survival offered by a dependency on a government that enforces a practice of limited democracy.

The people must be educated not to over or under-spend an enhanced voting worth. Our entire national and international posture will sit up straighter because the structure of our backbone dynamics will change enormously. The practiced definition of democracy will be altered dramatically. The youth of the nation will see themselves in a new light and the future presenting them with possibilities that their parents and grandparents may have only discussed within the current fashion of science fiction dialogue. Democracy is a piper whose payment has long been ignored, and thus must the three notes of democracy's liberation be played anew.

If you truly want to help the people, please fund a Cenocracy with a "Liberate Democracy" agenda.

Date of Origination: Thursday, November 19, 2015
Date of Posting: Saturday, November 21, 2015