A Letter to the LGBT Community
— Involving the Euthanization thereof —


There is an ongoing debate about the circumstances of the LGBT (and like-minded brethren) Community. Whereas some people outright hate you for representing what they believe to be is an anti-thetical life-style to their religious doctrine, others have a similar perspective involving biology and its associated genetics. No less, there are others quite sympathetic and even try to be vicariously empathetic to your circumstances... though none of them are practicing members of your community. The task of the conversation has led us to a point where an attempt needs to be made to disentangle the consternation. With this in mind, a suggestion has been proposed from an observation involving a deep sense of pity for your situation. Thus, this letter is written from a social philosopher's peripatetic promontory of deduced pity for you, and not hate. Indeed, solving social problems that continue to mount is going to involve discussing sensitive and unpleasant themes in our attempts to be comprehensive. An increasing population and diminishing resources demands that we involve a discussion about "compassionate Euthanization"... as opposed to the usage of instigated social strife, war, terrorist strikes, intentional accidents, adopted social illness implantation, lousy food content policies, etc...

From this point of departure we hope to set into motion a series of events which will help humanity leap forward into successions of progress by giving it a swift kick in the rear. Hence, the reader should not react impulsively to the use of analogy and metaphor that can sometimes be taken too literally... when the intent is merely to provoke a salient attempt to bring attention to a complex of considerations involving an algorithm of trial and error supposition. Yet, in stating the same in terms of not wanting to appear cruel or rude, words and ideas will necessarily have to be used to convey discursive complementarities because of their familiarity in this day and age. Necessarily so, in using such, there are readers who may injudiciously apprehend a falsification of actual intent... like a parental figure unaccustomed to a child experiencing growing pains. In other words, in order for ideas to mature, there are periods of growth and expression which may appear to be unconventional, if not rebellious. There is a deep and mounting need for an enhanced self-governing formula of governance to unfold. The rubber band of conventional ideas sometimes needs to be stretched beyond the commonalities of consideration in order to induce the occasion of alternative perspectives. In the present venture, the LGBT community is to be treated as a rock in one's shoe that needs to be removed. Going native, or barefoot is not an option on the hot, debris-filled pavements of out-sourced or relocated industrialization.

As we look about the world we see such a large conflagration of dysfunctionality, that we wonder by what means might we possibly get a better grasp of a reality that presents us with a path of positive growth. To such an end it has been decided to consider the possible need of instituting a national, if not global program of Euthanization for all members of the LGBT community. And yes, we are quite aware that some readers will necessarily reject such a proposal based on one or another historical example, of which the prime one might possibly be "The Final Solution" program initiated by Nazis. While such a comparison might appeal to some as a viable emotionally-driven comparison of actuality, the Euthanization idea being suggested herein is not so crass nor born of an underlying motive to commit murder. When there clearly is no observable progress being made by humanity, humanity must look about itself and consider what problematic issues are tethering it to a sand pit. Such a problematic issue is the practiced ideology of LGBT community which is against the practice of an enhanced form of democracy... since it is learning how to steer a course of legal adoptions for personal rights through the swamps of a degenerate form of Democracy which conceals variegated practices of discriminatory Socialism and Communism... though we are aware that purer forms of Socialism and Communism are as valuable as is an Actual Democracy... even if the world has never practiced such.

For example, many countries refer to themselves as having a democratic government, yet the very practice of funding public schools, highways, bridges, social security, health care, etc., are Socialist practices. Likewise, when standing military organizations are paid for by accumulations of taxes, and military personnel are not permitted to vote on leadership, not to mention being forced to wear identical clothing; such instances clearly indicate the practices of Socialism and Communism, if not veiled practices of a Monarchy or Dictatorship. In such instances, the so-called practice of Democracy as noted by the predicate of being explained as a "Peoples Government", is rendered to a further state of inaccuracy by being denoted as a "Republic", where the promoted idea of "Representation" portrays a more embarrassing tell-tale sign of a disconcerting government-embraced schizophrenic profile, when defined as a caricatured ambivalence.

History has clearly taught us that civilizations can be improved through violence and destruction, but also that the demise of a given population need not be carried out by terroristic attitudes. Human sacrifices of one's own community members or those of other communities, has served as a means by which some societies have considered themselves to either be advancing, maintaining an advancement, or as a means to achieve an advancement, whether or not such a realization was ever achieved. In the present circumstances, we can readily dispose of the LGBT community with great compassion and sensitivity being extended to them as living beings, just as is done to a horse with a lameness that can not be cured. Many people actively in the LGBT community, alongside it, or watching from the shadows... are exhibiting the pain of someone living in a self-imposed isolation born of personalized deprecations like an animal having to adopt a socially regulated form of licking one or more wounds that never quite heal, whether or not they are obvious or concealed with adopted "act normal" strategies in a given context.

Unlike the rare instance of a "Horse whisperer" being able to actively undertake the cathartic recovery of a traumatized horse, the wounds of a human sometimes create scars that do not change into tattoos to be worn as the token tribute of identification amongst an adopted peer group. Many live out lives of silent regret within the parameters of definitions according to a complex of social issues that can be nuanced with specifics of an underlying code of conduct, involving a deeper subconscious retreat that can be difficult to fathom by even the most astute observationsists equipped with an elaborate chest of analytical tools. And even though they may in some fashion come to mull about the prospect of joining in what they consider to be a colony of lepers, some fantasize about awaiting a sort of cure for a condition that they can not reconcile with being anything but an affliction; in order that they may reclaim a sense of individualized social wholeness and wholesomeness in accord with a familial practice. Only by indulging in drug, drink or social isolationism are they able to cope with conflicts promoting issues involving depersonalization. But some wounds are so deepened by repeated scratching of scabs that no amount or type of curative suturing is helpful. They become an island unto themselves unless they find someone to share in the enclosed real estate.

Those of the LGBT community have been suffering in a silence that no amount of accepted social integration will be able to stave off the communicable disease which their adopted... and mutating ideology presents us with. Whereas the LGBT community is akin to a type of leper colony, the colony is trying to grow by adopting tactics resembling ancient religions which integrated pagan practices in order to appear more familiar and acceptable to the vulnerable, naive and apprehensive. Far too often, members of this clannish community take advantage of the emotional and mentally vulnerable and convince them that the ambivalences or dichotomizations they are experiencing can best be described by the philosophy of their perverted orientations revolving around sex, and are not conditions which describe a sensibility of uniqueness and sensitivity that is more fully realized by indulging in the preoccupations of an abstracted sexuality.

A humane form of Euthanization can be rendered to the entire LGBT community, and those who support it. While this will necessarily entail the usage of laws requiring adherents to proceed to Euthanization centers, and that such laws will also involve the usage of compliance measures for persons in social positions of high government, business and religion; we need not advance the belligerent practices of Nazi storm troopers or SS. While members of the LGBT community will be given the option of emigrating to some other country, this may no doubt be a temporary measure if the entire human civilization adopts a civil means of Euthanization for such injured persons as the LGBT community, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers, etc... There is no limit of how widespread such a philosophy can be adopted as a rationality, given that so much irrationality is being practiced by governments in their pretended expressions of democracy.

Because such Euthanizations will be for the good of society, no different than so many patriotisms which honor those who kill innocents labeled as collateral damage as a means of warding off any feelings of guilt; we can provide grand pageantries and award ceremonies for those who join in a social cause for pursuing an assumed freedom for democracy, because government sanctioned killings are something for all of us to be proud of and use whatever method of rationalization best fits our psychological makeup. Since the present practice of so-called Democracy does not provide us with viable options for improving the lot of humanity, we need to initiate the practice of killing off portions of the population without destroying a costly infrastructure, and be able to define it as rational democratic practice. We don't need to engage in blood thirsty calls, we simply need to develop the rationalization of a practical Final Solution. Those in the civilian and military sectors of government, not to mention the many involved in the business of war material construction, have numerous ways in which to carry out relatively "sane" methods of extermination. We are sure they would be most helpful in creating the necessary social mechanisms for designing a rational propaganda that the media will be all too eager to assist with... so long as journalists can be afforded some news-worthy entitlement.

And by all means, let us provide the option of individual or group suicide... after-which we can donate all the bodies to science or organ replacement companies. Then again, for someone to think such a thing as Euthanasia or a socially viable Suicide provision, must surely indicate a loss of reality... at least this is the view which must accompany any social appearance... even if they agree with the ideas in the privacy of their own mind. And if others should likewise secretly disclose they too feel the same way, their participation must be guarded against any possibility of disclosure... particularly if they are in high positions of business, government and religion. We must do everything in our social power to protect such people, if and when their own efforts to hide do not work. And those involved in any actual physical expression thereof must be of the disposition that they can be used as a scapegoat. We can't have leading members of society take the rap for committing crimes. Those involved in Euthanization must be able to wear the hood of an executioner, or otherwise have a character that must be of such low credibility that presumed important members of society can readily excuse themselves from having had any association there with. While Businesses frequently resort to covering bad deeds by instigating economic problems to deflect public attention from them, and the government prefers the tactic of transforming individuals into an Oswald, religions have used numerous tactics such as calling someone a witch, excommunicating them, or generally using a shaming method.

Yes, we are aware of the conspiracy intrigues which frequently attend business, government, and religious organizations. They love their secrecies. Whereas they would much prefer that the topic of Euthanizing the LGBT community be whispered, and would express a vehement disdain for a public discussion thereof, the level of their emotional response gives us an indication of the intensity of mental exercise is used in the performance of efforts to conceal other ideas from the public coffers of information. Even if a topic is clearly described as a philosophical or intellectual exercise, they might well try to invite a heightened sense of disgust in order to engage others in some topic they can align with the reference. In other words, a discussion of Euthanizing the LGBT community can be used to open the door for some other discussion that assists them in a further concealment that all's not well with the present functionality of government.

When we have an election system which provides the public with two candidates exhibiting a Janus-faced portrayal of two dumb blondes for the highest public office in government as the only choices to be considered in a Nation of supposed intelligent people, there is something deeply troubling with the government and the society which the government imposes itself on as the modern ideal. The situation is worsened by any attempt by the government to offset such a terrible circumstance by introducing a different candidate as the choice of a select group of government or political officials after an election result; since this will further show the incompetency of the election system that the general public knows to exist anyway... but do not yet have explicit authoritative agreement of such an assessment. But changing the rules of an election will cause further unrest with a public that is growing more disgusted by an arbitrarily applied practice of government that intentionally designs loopholes to further its own ends at the expense of the public. If the government wants to change the rules of election in order that some other candidate can be chosen, then such a change must be made permanently and the entire election process done over. Further gaming of the system will hasten the inevitability of a desperately needed Revolution.

Discussions involving the Euthanization of the LGBT community is a viable topic of consideration as an exercise in opening the door for discussing the implementation of alternative ideas for addressing the depressing level of backwardness society is engaged in. There is virtually no progress... and what little social activity may be loosely defined as such, is of such insignificance to be described as a bladder or bowel movement. We must either euthanize all members of the LGBT Community, or the Black Community, or the Asian Community, or the Pacific Islander Community, or the Native American Community, or the Hispanic Community, or the White Community, or the Religious Community, or the Sports Community, etc... Although we practice various forms of animal sacrifice called livestock mercantilism, the presence of a monetary e-valuation coupled with widespread advertisements of cooking and eating, tend to diminish the recognition of the once religious practice. By shifting the type of language be used and adding a system of commercialization, the killing of another life form is viewed as a necessary evil in order to provide a source of nutrition. Because such killing of animals is deemed good for the economy, it might thus be appropriate to establish an economic reason for the butchering of one or another human Community... as is already the case whenever the military is involved.

Like pick-pockets using the concealment of a crowd and loud noise coupled with multiple distractions such as at a Fair, Carnival or Circus, Journalists, Businesses, Charities, Politicians, Government agencies and individual entrepreneurs try to position themselves in a favorable light or venue. During the recent LGBT Nightclub attack in Orlando, individual celebrities got free advertisement for providing a routine comment such as "Heart-broken"... though they and others like politicians and Journalists, may not have had a single thing to say... good or bad, about the LGBT community before hand. No less, the LGBT community got an opportunity to gain more attention than any parade event being practiced. But if we had a National LGBT Euthanization policy, all the commercialization of the Orlando and other events would be removed, and more time and money could thus be spent on directing the Nation towards a fuller expression of Democracy instead of wasting time and energy on trying to preserve the LGBT community of colonies as if they should be viewed as some valuable endangered species. In fact, there should be a National Euthanization program for all those who do not participate in promoting an enhanced form of governance over the present pretended Democracy. The LGBT community of colonies are against the developmental practice of a fuller expression of Democracy, which will no doubt be something else since it will involve a greater realization of pure forms of Socialism and Communism.

But such a program of Euthanization might undoubtedly be difficult to get the public to agree with, unless its value could be shown as a means of instigating a greater review of the ridiculous form of government we now have. Governments throughout the world are jokes we can no longer laugh about because they leave many of us heartbroken at the diminishing prospects for the future. Though the topics of gun control, immigration and terrorism were the three frequently brought-to-the-fore by so many ignorant Journalists and politicians, there should have at least been one person to promote the need for an overall alteration in the functionality of government. Yet, none of them have the vision to see beyond the established parameters of conventionalized social discussions. As such, a discussion about the Euthanization of the LGBT community should likewise involve mentioning the need for getting rid of a lot of Journalists as well or engage in the types of predations some have begun to talk about. There would be no great loss in any case. There would be no big social black hole created that would cause a social implosion if all members of the LGBT community and its adherents were absent from the world. Whatever employment positions said individuals occupied, they would easily be replaced by someone else, though exceptions might well be noted. Like so many domesticated farm animals sent to the slaughterhouse, members of the LGBT community subjected to a National Euthanization program would soon be forgotten, unless we practiced an intent to remember them, just as would soldiers, politicians, celebrities, pets, etc...

We can be openly forthcoming about a proposal to get rid of the LGBT community and its adherents, or conduct such a discussion in the dark and excuse ourselves from any deaths by claiming the community was involved in the construction of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Since we are aware that there are such individuals or agencies in the government who are not above constructing and conducting nefarious deeds against the public, or have the resources to hire outside government assistants, surely the deaths of a few LGBT individuals could be concealed in some sort of conspiratorial yarn. But members of the government like the LGBT community of colonies because the existence of such assists the government from not having to be restructured along lines of a greater social self-governing functionality. It doesn't have to even discuss the development of a greater level of democracy so long as it supports those and that which helps it to maintain its present orientation of ignorance and ability to subjugate the people into practicing self-defeating forms of governance.

There are no viable options for directing the public on the course of adopting a better plan for government to replace the present one denoted as being dysfunctional. Though the government can be generous and well-intentioned in its present formulation, its short-comings are becoming more visible... as are those who help it maintain a status quo of indulging in stupidity. Replacing one politician for another to work under the constraints of the current system is a fool's errand. The current system of governance is a joke whose time has come to be replaced by a better model, but the LGBT doesn't want it to change along any other direction except that which benefits its self-centered orientations. No less, on the global stage, the United Nations all too often reveals itself as a stand-in shadow boxer. Hence, the national problem is globally pervasive. Something needs to be done to force the people to develop better solutions to current issues. The old (present) thinking doesn't work. If bringing up the idea for the practice of human sacrifice will instigate an evolution in thinking, then it should be attempted. Hence, let us seriously look at the plus and minuses of creating a better human society by adopting a practice of openly discussed human sacrifice, opposed to alley-way or backroom tactics involving labels such as accident, disease, or disaster... all of whom can be man-made. The horrific event of the Orlando LGBT killings was man-made. For all we know it could well have been instigated by government actors... as a public test for additional events to take place elsewhere. Far too many socio-paths and psycho-paths gravitate towards dysfunctional governments whose idiotic policies can be used to conceal anti-public sentiments.

Whereas we already use the death penalty as a form of human sacrifice, there is no viable social philosophy involving corrective political policies for multiple issues. However, the death of a person can take many forms... Such as the persistant usage of a self-defeating welfare system, lack of a viable living wage for all jobs, a despicable public health care system, costly higher education system, a Supreme Court that is not answerable to the public, a stupid election system, biased public education system, a justice system that needs to be revamped, etc., etc., etc., all point to a need for a New Government... a Cenocracy.

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