A Non-violent Revolution?

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Many of us feel that a political Revolution is inevitable in their Respective Nation. And while many of us would prefer that the Revolution be carried out in a Diplomatic way, we are not certain that a Non-violent Revolution can take place. Because governments typically adopt laws which prevent their publics from initiating the process by which the mood for carrying out a Revolution takes hold in the public consciousness... from which actionable events take place; the public must therefore either defer their desire for governing change through legislative and legal processes that are viewed as inept and reeking of inequality, or they must go against those laws which are viewed as being against the people... and the need of the public instigating changes which they deem are necessary.

When the public has no real voice, and are subjected to variations of pathetic forms of surrogate Representation, they are left with no recourse but to consider involving themselves in a Revolution. We therefore earnestly entreat leaderships from all venues to please provide us with a viable alternative other than that which wants us to wait for and waste more time that are indulged in allusions, excuses, and illusions instead of actual development towards a measurable public goal. We need you to come forward because we neither trust nor can depend on Journalists as an impartial mediator, because time and again many of them have shown themselves to be disgusting and degenerate tyrants to the actual Will of the Public...and must be culled, one way or another, from being able to participate in the upcoming Revolutionary dialogue.

It is not that government can not nor does not provide good benefits. It's that it uses such offerings as a means of concealing undesirable acts and excusing itself from having to be accountable for the developmental minimization of further public control of a government that right belongs to the people themselves, or they are faced with the reality that democracy is woefully non-existent. It is an ownership that the people must take full responsibility of and not use present government processes as if it were a landlord able to effect whatever policies it wants on the public who are treated as negligible occupants and absentee owners. Yet, when speaking of the need for a Revolution, it is because the true owners effected the experience of being a prince who masqueraded as a pauper, and was able to see how the common person is being mis-treated in many respects. Where the government can be a Dr. Jekyll who is kind, considerate, patient, generous, helpful and exhibit many virtuous qualities, it also shows itself to be a Mr. Hyde. In the government's explorations and experimentations of growth without being tempered by the public's over-sight and ability to control its excesses; it privately commits atrocities that have more and more frequently come to be shown in its public persona... and thus used as a role model that others in different occupations begin to practice as an acceptable character trait— which the government then uses to excuse itself for indulging in more undesirable acts that are mimicked by others... in a see -and- saw type of adopted aberrant civility.

There are numerous changes which must take place in the current practices of government. For example, let us provide a short list of changes that some in the public in the United States deem are valid issues that are going unaddressed. The present list is not based on any such "most urgent" criteria or any special order, except for that which come to mind at the moment of writing amidst a neighborhood of barking dogs, crowing roosters, a brayful mule, and the tell-tale signs of a lisping dawn:

  • Retirement pensions are being taxed. (This is pathetically ridiculous! The old are taxed requiring many of them to have subsidized housing and medical treatment which acts as a further tax on youthful wage earners who must work two and three jobs because companies hire them part time in order not to have to provide benefits all because of stupid government policies. But Legislators don't suffer because they simply vote themselves in a raise and more benefits!)

  • Local governments are practicing laws which deliberately hurt the people financially and create reverberating repercussions in many aspects of citizens lives. (For example, a person gets arrested but are later found innocent, only to find their confiscated vehicle and their belongings have been auctioned off because a city government is more interested in filling its coffers instead of assisting in the rights of individuals. They want to serve only those who are forced to be served by their programs.)

  • The Supreme court is not directly answerable to the people.

  • The Supreme Court justices are not selected and voted on by the public.

  • The people do not have a Constitutionally mandated means of altering their government as they see fit without having to go through a formula of Representation which dilutes, diminishes, or denies citizen-desired changes.

  • Where possible, all government activities throughout the Nation will be standardized.

  • Where possible, all public utilities throughout the Nation will be standardized. (Gasoline Diesel fuel oil are public utilities.)

  • Far too many businesses, governments, and religions view themselves in terms of being immortal, and therefore make excuses and influence the creation of laws which enable them to engage in any and all activities that amount to imperialistic activities. Mortality is a fact of nature on this planet under present conditions. Such a situation is in desperate need of discussion and being appropriately addressed, such as dictating when a company, government or religion have run their course, and should not be immortalized through artificial means to continue activities which humanity must evolve beyond.

  • The government is more interested in safeguarding its interests than those of the public, otherwise we would not have a "Right of Imminent Domain" nor "Civil Asset Forfeiture", nor other internalized imperialistic activities.

  • The usage of an "Electoral College" has not logical value other than to keep the public from being able to directly choose whom they want as a President.

  • The entire election system needs to be revamped by the collective Will of the Public and updated to standards commensurate with available technology.

  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights must be rewritten by the entire nation.

  • Any and all leadership in Business, Government, or Religion that the public has no confidence in can and should be replaced by the collective Will of the People.

  • All government acts and activities, or the failure of a public need being enacted, can and must be answerable to the Will of the people.

  • Any and all government elected or selected employees who engage in criminal acts against the public should be considered an enemy of the people and executed.

  • Any and all professionals or acting in a professional capacity in any sector, in or out of government, (doctors, lawyers, business owners, production managers, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, handyman/handywomen barbers, bakers, shop keepers, etc...) who violate the public trust, must be subjected to the harshest form of legal intervention decreed by the Will of the People.

  • The entire system of justice must be revamped by the Will of the People.

  • Those whose activities involve physical or financial rape, molestation, kidnapping, torture, ambushing, or murder and can not be habilitated in one year, will be subject to execution. No one should be incarcerated for more than one year. Those whose acts are contemptible violations of the public trust must be executed... unless the collective Will of the Public states otherwise... with an alternative proposal that ensures the public's protection.

  • No government employee will be able to have a wage or benefit exceeding that found in the public sector. For example, no government employee will be able to have medical benefits that any member of the public does not have.

  • The public will not be subjected to language which amounts to denying their ability to have, in actuality, any commensurate wage or benefit given to a government employee. Words such as "eligibility, access, opportunity", etc., are used as legal mechanisms which amount to obstructionism... because the people are not actually benefitting from a benefit.

  • Any and all government run or sponsored public programs (libraries, social security, etc...) must have services and hours of operation commensurate with the needs of the public... as decided by the Collective Will of the public. (For example, libraries frequently engage in opening up late, charging fees for internet access, have poor internet access, have no 24-hour external wifi access. Social Security offices frequently open late and do not have enough personnel to take care of public needs in a timely manner.)

  • The entire Banking system needs to be revised by the Will of the Public. Persistent practices of usury fees must be brought under control by the public. While the bank claims such fees are reasonable because people are using their money, the money of the public is also being used by the banks. Though there are abusers of the banks money, charging fees above and beyond that for those whose usage is particularly minor and can easily be made up for (such as a few cents or dollars), is exceptionally egregious. This is not the consciousness of a banking system whose interests are in helping people.

  • Businesses, Governments, and Religions have shown themselves time and again to be unable to police themselves. The policing will be done by the public and subject to the Will of the Public. (For example, the Federal Government Accounting Office must be brought under a public audit and revisioning process. Likewise, the accounts of all Religions and their activities must be auditable by the public if the Will of the Public deems it necessary.)

  • Any and all executives in Business, Government or Religion who participate in violating the public trust will have their personal wealth confiscated in terms of pension eligibility. (In other words, they will not be able to retire and receive a pension.)

  • So-called Military benefits must be recognized as basic survival needs that every citizen must have. In effect, such benefits are only benefits if public circumstances are so terrible that a person has not viable, commensurate alternative in the public sector. (Commensurate paid training for specialized jobs is not a standardized public practice.)

  • There must be a "Job Corp" type of training program for those who fall outside the age group now being served by conventional Job Corp programs.

  • If the needs of the business community are to dictate the types of education programs to be taught, then "longevity guarantees" must be established to ensure that a schizophrenic (ambivalent-like) educational atmosphere does not arise, based on the impulsiveness of stock market greed, or business-centered bipolarism due to enculturated obsessiveness that government policies often gravitate towards.

  • A basic income (at living standards within a person's geographic area of residence) for all citizens must be established.

  • The Veterans Administration should contract with any and all available service providers (such as in the dispensing of flu or other shots) so that Veterans can get their shots through them instead of having to travel to a nearby VA facility. (For example, flu shots provided by a corner drug store should be able to provide the shots to Veterans. Liability will rest with the VA to insure dispensing of medical treatments meets or exceeds VA standards.)

  • Any veteran should be able to go to any VA facility for treatment without being subjected to variations of hoop-jumping, interrogation or verbal disparagement/harassment because they do not perform some "stay in one place" role that home-body bound VA administrators or medical personnel think they should.

The above list is but a significantly small handful of the many, many, many issues needing to be addressed. Yet, the present government structure is inadequate to the task, and promotes a legislative environment whose mentality is counter-productive to the evolutionary growth of the public. Because the call for a Revolution is increasing, we must ask ourselves if a non-violent model of Revolution is at all possible, because there are so many who do not want the public to collectively improve its standard of equality, justice and liberty. There are so many who are against the establishment of a fully functioning Democracy, and that there are so many who are deluded into thinking the government is a practicing Democracy though it is not; we must ask if the usage of violence and destruction are an inevitability.

Must we Revolutionists engage in a simultaneously concerted and wide-spread attack against thousands of leaders in different sectors of Business, Government and Religion, or can an evolutionary type of development take place by way of conventional methodologies? Though death and destruction are abhorrent idealisms, we are nonetheless faced with the question of whether or not decisive growth of the public's ability to collectively govern itself by its own volition, without a surrogate Representative, is a possibility. Again and again, because we are being confronted by those in the business, government and religious communities who live by a code of conduct that is not conducive to the growth of the public's ability to engage in a collective form of equality in terms of self-governance; we come to the precipice of directing our attentions towards efforts for engaging in an inevitable confrontation that is leading us all along a path of establishing a greater level of public rights through acts of death and destruction.

However, our message to the public and all forms of authority must be made clear. If they have a viable alternative as to how the public's rights can be increased, then we will gladly listen. Our desire is not for the execution of death creating and destructive acts. We much prefer diplomatic resolutions. But we will have the changes which are needed and desired. Any interference will be deemed a treasonous act against the public and subject to the most vicious retribution we can muster at any given moment. Our Cause is just, though crude it may presently appear to some. It will evolve and be made known to all in all walks of life. We intend to achieve our goals... because they are goals desperately needed by the public in order to effectively be in charge of their own government. And so we ask once again, is a non-violent Revolution possible, given all that you know about the historical evidence accumulated with respect to the self-centered interests of Business, Government and Religious leaderships? Are present leaderships any different than their past models, with respect to the intentional or unacknowledged "prevailing business environment" collusions they engage in against the public?

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