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Adapting to a Deteriorating Society


(Actually, the title might be better if it referred to the adaptations a society (or humanity) undergoes in response to a deteriorating planet.)

As has been pointed out several times from different perspectives, the Earth and its companion planetary objects (the Moon and Sun), are all experiencing an incremental deterioration. And humans do not have the means to alter these events. For example, the Moon is receding from the Earth causing a change in tidal behavior (what some may humorously refer to as the "washing machine effect"). The Sun's energy is being depleted, and the Earth's rotation is slowing— causing a change in the electro-magnetic dynamo configuration... all of which are coupled with an expanding Universe which is thought as a different type of deterioration... away from what circumstances prevail to promote life on Earth, even if the expansion relates to another type of "expanded" developmental situation involving better species than those which evolve on Earth... such as was the case when land on Earth was considered to be a single large continent called Pangea, that split apart under a process called Continental drift.

On a biological level, there is an ongoing readjustment of life's processes and social interactions that uses the mechanism of adaptation to seek to maintain some level of equilibrium in-tune with the rate and type of deteriorating effects which occur during a given era and epoch. While many are familiar with the word "rationalization" in terms of psychological (ideological/mental) examples, it is not a word typically applied to physical or physiological dimensions... but it should be since our physiological adaptations are, in effect, the "rational" responses "thought" to exist at a given period of time.

For example, the "rational" physiological responses to cold (winter) or heat (summer), is to adopt behavior responsively necessary to maintain living processes. For people who have developed hard exteriors or interiors that make them immune or less responsive to environmental changes, they may or may not eventually adopt respective alterations in behavior. In other words, they may not be sensitive enough to particular environmental stresses. In fact, some may be so insensitive that they persist in subjecting themselves to increasing levels of stress... affecting multiple others, thus being incapable of making the necessary changes in behavior before the reach a point of no return in their particular environmental niche'. Such is the case when one is forced to deal with some police officers, lawyers, judges, artists, writers, actors, singers, councillors, doctors, plumbers, painters, electricians, grocers, mechanics, politicians or other bureaucratically thinking individuals in a given professions. Even those typically thought of as "creative thinkers" or open-minded, can be just as bureaucratic (tunnel-visioned) in their thinking as a government worker having to comply with a given set of directives that were set into place by other single-minded individuals whose sense of "right, truth and justice" is restricted to the parameter outlined in a directive because they themselves are not intellectually or emotionally flexible enough to appreciate circumstances occurring outside their respective day -to- day interests, efforts or exercises. They have to compartmentalize every perception into a narrow field of vision which their directives cover and make assessments and give an account according to the forms, formulas, and fiduciary constraints with which they are most familiar... like an accountant never having learned double-entry accounting or else in having learned it, think it is foremost and is incapable of thinking alternatively. Once a stock trade is learned for some individuals, every experience and perception must be evaluated in this context and make their judgments based on such restrictive criteria.

For example, a beaver accustomed to a seasonal wax and wane of a river's flow in a given forest may have adopted behavior which does not permit it to be sensitive to environmental changes which presents it with a situation where the river overflows or dries up. It has a very narrow "band" of sensitivity which limits its ability to fluctuate its behavioral repertoire according to a particular era and epoch which may present wide swings in the typical variations of incremental environmental deterioration. Such a situation can present itself to different life forms in their respective niche's, including humans... Like criminals who persist in engaging in one type of crime and criminal behavior out of a prolonged habit.

On a human sociological level, adaptations to the ongoing incremental deterioration on the planetary scale, are being responded to within the scope of a given person's physiological, familial, cultural, economic, educational, and experiential sensitivity. The same is true for National cultures and individualized representative cultures such as governments, government departments/agencies, businesses, religions, educational institutions, social clubs, sociological perspectives, protest activism, etc... Whereas some readers may think of the word "culture" as representing a given society, country, or nation; those of us who have worked in government, business, religious organizations, the military, medical operations, sports venues, law enforcement, education settings, etc., — know all too well they have their own cultures one must adapt to with a respective speech, mannerisms, wardrobe, social outlook, conversation topics, etc... In other words, you must walk the walk and talk the talk... just like in the expression: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". However, some people are more adaptable to a variety of settings while others seem better suited to a specific niche', like many an animal, plant or insect.

With the foregoing said, one must ask whether or not their given culture, society or government formula creates a condition in which their adaptability is increased or decreased. For example, does an experience with Communism, Democracy or Socialism increase a given culture's survivability, or do all subject the species to a type of training which limits humanity's ability to survive if conditions change? Have the environmental conditions of Earth created a "niche'-specific" species that will not be able to survive for long in environments which substantially differ from Earth's terrain, despite the presumably wide variety of conditions (hot, cold, wet, dry, fresh water, salt water, mountains, plains, etc...)? Are all forms of government that humanity has thus far practiced, detrimental to the survival of the species? What then is the better government formula?

Typically, reigning members of a given culture set the trend of what others adapt to. If the upper echelon of the group is particularly sensitive to a given perspective such as charitable activity, because it functions as a mechanism of social bartering between various types of cultural enclaves (different businesses, religions, government agencies); then it may use varying in-house tactics to get all employees to contribute time and/or money to a given charity so that the business owners/leaders can give the impression of doing something of value and thereby have the right sort of password or social insignia to gain membership to a club which might be of value in furthering the goals of a company, religion or government agency... or other non-affiliated social group. However, if the reigning members of a given business, government or religion are insensitive to a particular environmental deterioration, for whatever reason(s), then those who use them as role models may tend to ignore their own sensibilities. Others, however, may begin to reflect a sensitivity to a prevailing type and level of deterioration by adopting one or more behaviors that may appear non-customary, or even strange... depending on the person's ability to conceal their reflexes and the resources at hand in their personal social environment.

Some governments, like some people, are more sensitive to environmental deterioration. If a government does not keep pace with the deterioration affecting the larger public that is striving to retain a level of what might be called a "survivable equilibrium"; the two become at odds with one another and conflict erupts. In this sense, social Protests and Revolutions are readjustments to the "survivable equilibrium" quotient. When the quotient is not sustainable because it has rendered the public to conditions unfavorable to their sensibilities of justice, fairness, equality, liberty, freedom, etc., the government is forced to adopt a new design. An example of a government that is not keeping pace with the deteriorations taking place on the planetary scale is the U.S. government. It has created an internalized culture in its three branches which insulates it from the effects of the deterioration that the larger public is affectively adapting to, even though most people in the public are not aware of the incremental changes they and their families have been making for several generations. Indeed, the difference is noted by the idea that government officials are out-of-step or out-of-touch with the populace.

However, let us examine the adaptation from a different perspective for those who are being viewed as particularly sensitive individuals responding to various stresses in one way or another that is trying to find some semblance of acceptability. For example, drug usage, "social" binge drinking, homosexuality, etc... All of them have found some measure of social acceptance, because of the increase in participators. And all of them, in their own way, have particular sensitivities that make them susceptible to responding to individualized stresses in a means and manner available to them in their respective social enclave. The many different once "deviant" behaviors are being accepted by many and authority is forced to adopt a "management" attitude because of the volume of people involved. But because the incremental deterioration of the environment continues unabated, the future will no doubt increase the type and level of social deviancy, with many or some of the present forms of "deviant adaptation" becoming quite mediocre and even silly.

But not all people respond to the planetary deteriorations (which contribute to effecting social deteriorations)— by engaging in the usage of drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, promiscuity, religious/sports fanatacism, etc... If not turning anger, frustration, sorrow, and hopelessness inward by killing oneself (and perhaps one's loved ones or some projected psychological embodiment thereof), they might engage in risky death-defying or authority-defying behavior. Yet, in such disclosures of behavioral examples occurring over generations (illustrated by describing Prostitution as the oldest profession), we might encounter a reader who argues that such behavior has nothing to do with any form of deterioration other than a personal moral degeneracy. And from this, an inclined religious person may want to argue that a deterioration in society is caused by a deterioration in religious belief, and that by bringing more people back into the culture of belief, the problems of society will be appreciably resolved. Yet both perspectives overlook the fact that the deteriorations of the planet had begun billions of years ago and from the series of changes there arose a biological evolution which is part of the deterioration. If we take a strict interpretation of this, then all of life is tied to the same process and can not remove itself from it, even if humanity built several spacecraft arcs upon which to chart a course away from the deteriorations inherent in this galaxy.

Though the U.S. government has been deteriorating for some time, the level of internal disintegration became more manifestly acute in the eyes of millions of people at the same time, during the 2016 Presidential race. Because the election system has shown itself to be abhorrently defective and the government unable to make the necessary policy adjustments to correct the faults in the selection and election of a suitable candidate (where "suitability" is not governed by the definition of office manager, fleet mechanic, maintenance engineer or "keeper of the traditional flame"); the world finds itself in the midst of a government with a culture of officials in different capacities who have adopted internalized policies which insulate it from the rationality of the larger public. In effect, the government has insulated itself so much that it responds to the cognitive artificialities of businesses who create fantasical economic images as if they were some sort of Capitalistic Utopianism. Hence, the publics throughout the world are being run by those who create social and financial realities that most people do not experience and thus live in a different world with a different world-view than that created by the idealisms hoped for by the varying types of greed cropping up in business, government and religion.

This is not to say that every single person in business, government and religion out out-of-step or touch with the public. Some are particularly sensitive to the public's collective and personal experiences of social and planetary deteriorations. And they are well aware that individualized sensitivities can produce variations in responses leading to differences in interpretation and definition which cause people to seek out those who are not so critical of the form(s) their responses to stresses may take... and may in fact be most accepting and have the understanding to assist the person in developing more useful measures of adaptation which embody their particular type of sensibility... be it artistic, intellectual, emotional, social or otherwise. Each of us has our value even if the present social environment is not appreciative thereof. Whereas some are fortunate to be around those who fully comprehend the circumstances, others are insensitive and want everyone to validate their own existence by using them as a role model... a model like the U.S. government (and others), that refuses to adopt corrective measures in its governing formulas that are more reflective of the peoples needs under the presence social and environmental stresses.

Like the U.S., the Chinese, United Kingdom and other governments are unresponsive to the growing needs that the public must have in order to stabilize a growing irregular "social heartbeat", as an adaptive response to planetary deteriorations. The present internalized cultures of such governments have created layers of insulation which prevent them from experiencing the realities of environmental→social deteriorations that the dominant public does. However, when governments do share in a similar uniqueness of sensibility and sensitivity, it may forestall implementing necessary changes due to a tradition of political gaming that can render thousands of citizens into becoming protracted victims so that the ulterior motivation(s) of a given politician can get their way... which often is not the best way on behalf of the public.

While it is true, as previously noted, that some behaviors (such as prostitution) have been going on for centuries, leading some to think that it is normal behavior for some to engage in; it is more important to note it as a type of behavioral expression indicating reaction to particular environmental stress. Such as the stress of being forced into prostitution, manipulated into it, sold into it, beaten into it, conned into it, and various other labelings which may be used. The same goes for drug usage, alcoholism, homosexuality, criminal behavior, etc., and the various attempts by some participators to attempt some measure of rational justification, and even over-compensate for feelings of unresolved guilt, shame or embarrassment, by suggesting some unrealized uniqueness, quality and thus superiority... or a more evolved equality, justice, compassion, magnanimity, insight, perspicuity, wisdom and overall humanity... like some homosexuals who have claimed themselves to be a third species... and thus deserving of their own unique model of legal standards especially formulated for their sexual orientation— which is not really the problem for some... it is their politics which conveys a rather backward approach involving a personally specialized bigotry that many are oblivious to and instead project this onto others.

Yet, homosexuality is not a problem... it is one of many symptoms which can produce oscillating social problems depending on context and usage... even though some would say it is anti-human in the context of being anti-procreative. Despite all the for and against philosophical perspectives, the point is to describe it, and other behaviors as symptoms. However, let us describe such symptoms as adaptive responses involving an overlooked incremental assortment of planetary and social deteriorations. Homosexuality and multiple other behaviors are attempts by individuals who are sensitive to (but not necessarily sensitively aware of) environmental stresses which contribute to the development of social stresses involving relationships, one's economics, usage of free time, familial reactions, etc...

As more and more planetary level deteriorations occur, there is a concurrent level in biological as well as sociological deterioration that can go unrecognized and unrealized because of adaptive rationalization. For example if you're the only one who goes crazy (or remains sane, or acquires a bit of super-sanity) in a given social setting while everyone else abruptly changes in the opposite direction, the difference will undoubtedly be widely noticed. But if the change is gradual, or it occurs with several prominent people who act as role models, the changes may go completely unobserved and adopted by others who view their behavior as that which is right and proper and should be encouraged as the standard by which everyone should measure their own social and political correctness. When such a situation occurs in government, the people may have no choice but to conduct an extremely violent take-over by way of a Revolution, because the Government, with respect to its leadership and sycophantic followers, can not possibly see the situation and will most likely resort to violently rejecting any notion thereof.

In a discussion concerning adaptations to deterioration, we necessarily must include topics which are defined as advancements, since those in an unacknowledged state of deterioration may necessarily attempt to refer to personalized ideas as improvements over what they perceive to be a case of deterioration but actually is but a human-based representative segment of a larger global-environmental occurrence... though in reality such "advancements" are but rationalizations as part of the mechanism by which attempts at equilibrium are made. For example, those attempting to describe what a future government may look like, and conclude that uses of a particular technology signal a progressive activity in association therewith; are actually describing different formulas of adapting to further instances of increased deterioration. While such efforts may help to delay a particular aspect of deterioration, they may not be able to stop the overall occurrence that will simply take up the slack. In this sense, deterioration may have multiple appendages... any one of which will eventually cause humanity (and other life forms) to lose its footing. This link describes a presumption about 12 futuristic forms of government that could one day rule the world.

Along these same lines of speculation regarding the appearance of what we might define as an advancement in design, the present evolutionary form of humanity may be an exhibit of a specific kind of deterioration that colonizes into different niches, just like many a mold. Eventually, molds can exhaust the food supply and must either evolve or perish. Once humanity exploits a given niche in an environment where different types of environmental deterioration take place (over days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, epoch, eon...), that which we call an evolutionary advancement may be an exercise in adaptive compensation to take advantage of what prevails. This then suggests that evolution can allow for exploitation of different resources by way of differentiation and complexity. Simple life forms living in an abundance do not need to evolve. Hence, a civilization's so-called complexity and sophistication is a tell-tale sign of the prevailing deterioration successive generations have been both exposed and contributed to. The so-called advancements are an indication of the level of deterioration and perhaps even present us with a scale of evolutionary exhaustion. In other words, while we may pat ourselves on the back for presumed achievements, this is a false mirror that distracts us from perceiving an "end time" in terms of a species' longevity... or an environment in which to exploit. Whereas conservation efforts may give us the impression of stopping a type of deterioration, our vantage point may well be too short an interval with which to use as a tool to gauge the rate of deterioration has been slowed, but not stopped.

With respect to government, different formulas have been practiced and may be measured by how well they can exploit people and the overall environment to sustain its growth. Whereas each nation may be viewed as a petri dish and the type of social/governing environment is the type of mold within, all of them attempt to exercise some measure of growth outside the petri dish parameters in order to increase the viability of a given type of spore. But growth in this manner of external application is limited. Additional growth requires that internalized efforts take place. For example, a car manufacturer extends their reach into other social (global) environments only to eventually find that even as the preeminent manufacturer, growth is limited. They must them adopt to manufacturing other (different) products or ensure that the vehicle manufacturing is enabled to branch out into other areas such as appliances, etc... Yet again, even if the entire world is occupied as their domain, it is a limitation and can not grow any more. Availability of resources and the ability to charge more for products is limited because resources are finite, and wages are appreciably finite for most people.

The same situation occurs if we were to adopt the usage of a single type of government. It's design, as a given type of mold, is meant to exploit resources and people in a given way. Because government's are particularly inflexible without an enormous effort to realign them, the realignment then takes on a given type of growth in a given direction and adopts a characteristic two-dimensional mobility. When the people develop a three-dimensional perspective, there is bound to be conflict. For example, the forefathers of America restricted voting to White males who owned property, because they wanted to ensure growth for themselves. Adopting the ideas of having a "Nation" was a means to get others to support them in their selfish interests. When other groups started calling for the ability to vote, the adoption of a voting system such as the Electoral College was instituted so that the larger vote could be given to a few who could be persuaded, through party politics, to vote for those with controlling social interests. If the people call for the adoption of an actual popular vote and the removal of the Electoral College, this will not ensure that there will be any better candidates to choose from because of present campaign financing laws that favor those with the most money. However, even if this was changed to be more equitable, there would be no guarantee that the people would have better candidates to choose from.

The vested interests of a minority favor types of deterioration away from the majority. Achieving a full measure of equality thus exhausts a type of government resource that a minority want to horde for themselves. Equality is in this sense, akin to money. An existing minority wants to be able to control the greater share and use it as a carrot, apple, or piece of sugar to entitle others to see things their way. Though the people of today have achieved a type of universal voting ability, there are applied methodologies in use which try to manipulate votes in a given direction. And again, the usage of a universal voting status for all citizens has not provided the people with the best candidates... because the campaign process is its own type of restrictive formula that effectively prevents most people from running for political office. The old practices of politics are in place and amount to a type of sustained deterioration that sucks the life out of the public.

The pains caused by deteriorating effects are addressed with different types of salves and ointments such as the drunkenness of illusion, the opiate of religion or the delusion of advancement, growth and accumulation. Our present formulas of government are adaptations to a deteriorating environment in which resources are limited. Unless humanity ventures from the Earth, the complexities of social problems will increase as the need for further adaptation to dwindling resources and expanding populations increase. While we can generate new ideas for governments better suited to given levels and types of deterioration, there is a limit to which such ideas can be applied. Current government formulas are out-of-step with the requirements for dealing with the increasing types and levels of deterioration humanity is experiencing. And though many of us see the deteriorations taking place, those whose greed has created a condition of comfort for those in positions of authority that could bring about necessary change, are appreciable insulated from acknowledging the affects of the deterioration in its many dimensions. They only way in which they will respond is to light a fire under them... and this fire may well be a Revolution.

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