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This female cyclist expresses the sentiment
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A courageous female cyclist
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Compared to some political commentators
This is a light-hearted view of Trump
Eminem For President!
Dana Loesch and another of her misguided reflections
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The female persona of a Joseph Goebbels on behalf of Trump?
(Goebbels was Hitler's minister of propaganda.)

Disparaging remarks about Trump has nothing whatsoever to do with those who believe in the Second Amendment, whether or not they support the NRA (National Rifle Association [that some feel is an inappropriate title]). For the NRA management to claim it is the sole or primary champion of the Second Amendment and that it represents everyone who owns a firearm or anyone believing in the Second Amendment... whereby it is entitled to define how, when, where and why a person must feel as its leaders think they should under any and all conditions— and then to also further suggest that there is a one-to-one corresponding attack against themselves when a given percentage of the public are disgusted by Trump and a government which not only permits him to continue in a position he is wholly unqualified for... but protects and promotes him as some sort of great leader; reveals that the NRA is promoting the propaganda of a lie perpetrated by those whose NRA Executive incomes are above the common throng... thus revealing yet another type of corporate echelon (like the salaries of Executives in Charity organizations) trying to manipulate the same public who would be asked by high salaried individuals both in and outside of government to march on the front lines on behalf of some self-serving patriotically-framed nonsense while the NRA staff and their corporate as well as government brethren are at a safe distance from any conflict— in order to protect themselves and their own personal family members... but nonetheless reap whatever rewards remain after the dust settles. It is pathetically stupid for the NRA to hire a spokesperson to reflect a chip on the shoulder in order to instigate a type and level of social disharmony that attempts to further conceal the stupidity of those who think to use Trump and his supporters as a go-between to stir up an undercurrent of hate existing amongst a few that imagine their own disfigured perceptions can produce a better way of life if everyone embraces their racial, religious or retributive paranoia.

  1. The Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with the individual's right to own a firearm and protect themselves from any and all—particularly social leaders in an out of the government— who show themselves to foment a disabling disregard for the people.

  2. The Second Amendment covers only those individuals who are part of a "well regulated" (government supporting) militia that protects the Federal government from its defined enemies, even if it defines individuals or groups in the public as being antagonistic to its self-centered goals. Such militias form a non-paid para-military unit that the government can call upon to do its bidding and use as a scapegoat if things go awry.

  3. The NRA is not an organization that best represents the people in their right to own a firearm. In reality, it is an association of those who either do not appreciably understand the Second Amendment, or are deliberately acting as an agent of the government (and pretending not to be as well as convincing others they are not); to maintain an Amendment which provides the government with a legal means of effecting a confiscation of all firearms if it sees fit... instead of, for the sake of the public, the NRA should be instigating the need for altering the Second Amendment to reflect an actual "right to bear arms" on behalf of the individual and not for the self-centered sake of preserving a Federal government that has become increasingly antagonistic to the progress of the Nation and all individuals clamoring to be a realistic part thereof... as defined by the collective Will of the People that is not permitted to speak unless the process and outcome can be controlled and undermined by various political strategies.

It is rather particularly ignorant and moronic for anyone to claim that those who are against Trump and his coterie of idiots have adopted the vision of creating a utopic social setting if only they can get rid of him and his; when it is well known that there is no present day government formula, be it derived from a religious model, an Eastern philosophical model, Anarchism, Communism, Democracy, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc., which can bring about a Utopia— when humanity is living in a planetary environment headed along an incremental trek of destruction, and that human-created pollution is but one aspect thereof. When it is well known that the Sun's energy is burning out, that the rotation of the Earth is slowing and the Moon is moving away from the Earth, humanity can not create a Utopia because it is being forced to engage in "rationalized adjustments" in its belief systems and physiology in order to adapt to, by way of accommodation, the incremental deteriorations so that humanity can sustain some semblance of equilibrium. Humanity will perish as a species unless it gets off this planet, away from this solar system, and eventually moves beyond the galaxy... to become whatever species it needs to in order to survive. And it is especially naive for anyone to argue that humanity need not concern itself with a perspective about processes occurring over billions of years, when the life spans of humans exists at an accelerated pace and can be understood if one recalls how the life of a dog is said to live at an accelerated pace of seven years to every one year of a human. Humanity lives at an accelerated pace in contrast to the life spans of geological and planetary processes, just like the life spans of insects being used for models in experimentation that are then contrasted to human life processes and illustrated as a ratio.

  • The NRA administrators have no license to claim itself to be the foremost promoter and defender of the Second Amendment (though it is a faulty Constitutional declaration) ... unless they are also referencing themselves as being at fault for promoting false claims about the public being legally enabled to self-protections against the encroachments of a government and corporate leadership that have shown themselves to be at odds with the best interests of the public.

  • NRA spokespeople and their convinced (but sometimes conflicted) followers who defend the present formula of the Second Amendment are helping to perpetuate a government that retains a Constitution and Bill of Rights that need to be rewritten so as to serve the best interests of the people who should be the sole and primary arbiters of what laws should be written and how they should be enforced to best serve the Nation and further the progress of humanity, which the present government does not do.

  • The NRA has no right to speak on behalf of all those who legally or illegally possess a firearm or other weapon and believe in the Second Amendment as a right by which the people are legally enabled to protect themselves from both external (foreign) and internal (government, corporate, religious, individual or group) threats to their well-being.

  • The Second Amendment was and remains ill-conceived because it was initially referenced as a peoples right to protect the State, and then was interpreted by the equally demented Supreme Court as referencing a militia-organized protection of the Federal government.

  • "In defense of the State" does not carry the same meaning nor reference the do-or-die, side-by-side survival necessity as it once did when populations lived in smaller population sizes where a communal setting of protection was paramount, yet the Second Amendment and its interpretation retains the antiquated imagery because those presently in government do not have the capacity to draft or define laws in accordance with many of the realities under which the people are faced with today.

  • Because the Second Amendment was and is a means of limiting the peoples right to protect themselves from both external and internal threats... by wording the Second Amendment in a manner that it will be interpreted by those who are biased on behalf of the government; neither the NRA nor the Second Amendment represent the consciousness of a public who has become fully aware that its government and corporate partnerships frequently show themselves to be foxes in the henhouse, wolves in sheep's clothing, or cherub-faced angels presaging destruction or death.

The Second Amendment clearly represents a government-centered, instrument against the Civil Rights of the people to protect themselves from the whole of the government and Corporations, departments/agencies thereof, or individuals/agents thereof. While "defense of the State" or "defense of the Federal government" would be valid in a social context where the government actually represented the collective Will Of, By, and For all the people, the reality under which the citizenry now live shows the Second Amendment to be deficient in supporting the peoples Civil Right of self-protection. Because a person can be a "one man/woman army" unto themselves when spurred to a moment's self-protection or protection of another, the idea of a "well-regulate militia-of-one" needs to be a formulated precedent as a Civil Rights protection against one or more assailants that may conceal themselves in the propriety of an official position.

The Second Amendment was based partially on the right to keep and bear arms in English common law and was influenced by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. Sir William Blackstone described this right as an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state.

In United States v. Cruikshank (1876), the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that, "The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence" and limited the scope of the Second Amendment's protections to the federal government. In United States v. Miller (1939), the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment did not protect weapon types not having a "reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia."

Wikipedia: Second Amendment

Finding a Rootless Life in U.S., Sayfullo Saipov Turned to Radicalism while many of those born in America are turning to political radicalism because of a Truthless government practicing a phony democracy in which elections are not free, because they are undermined by a disgusting political process in which a government Of, By and For the people exists as an illusion, delusion and outright lie. We are on the path of a Revolution the likes of which has never been witnessed in the history of humanity— to bring about desperately needed changes in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., that the present formula of government is incapable of delivering to a citizenry that is subjected every four years to more of the same nonsense presented with linguistic embellishments that are laughably meant to represent real development but are instead just another flavor of chasing our own tails into a mind-numbing inebriation of pathetic stupidity exemplified by Trump-the-Moron and his like-minded ilk. What an embarrassing disgrace the U.S. government has become as it slithers deeper into a morass of mental depravity.

R.I. Purgatory Trump
Anti-Trump Halloween Display

A nation whose government allows a demented moron to portray the best democratic norms and ideals that the people are supposed to collectively share, is a nation whose government standards have eroded to a self-disparaging complicity which forcibly requires that the people engage in a Revolution to correct mistakes that the government no longer has the ability to contend with except with more of the same bumbling antics, and leaves the people with a continuing 4-year cycle of degenerate actors who accomplish little to nothing on behalf of the people... and yet over-value their actions of repetitious mediocrity. Indeed, the present government has devolved into a system which is rigged against finding or implementing real and functional answers to many issues which the public want to comprehensively address without containing some loop-hole to be advantaged by a few to make a profit at the expense of the many. The public can not effectively work within a system that is rigged against them or which enables the short-sighted government to effect some future policy or legislation which implements a means by which an unforeseen asset can be culled into the tackle box kept under lock and key.

It is supreme hypocrisy for a government to expect its citizenry to sincerely pledge a dutiful allegiance to such stupidity the world has not seen except for the charades and buffoonery witnessed in the rationale which frequently accompanies military conflicts by those who laughably describe military activities as a support for democracy, yet military organizations do not themselves engage in the practice of democracy as recognized by the simple fact that soldiers are not permitted to vote-in their leaders... and when asked why not, the people are confronted by enormously embellished rationalizations running the gamut of every subjective argumentation that conceals an underlying reliance on an antiquated model of military-formulated aristocracy. If democracy is as great as military organizations claim that it is by their professed defense thereof, then they would practice it. Because it is not practiced, the present formulations of democracy being practiced by the government which supports the military's obvious practice of Communism and Socialism, attests to its faulty design. It is the same double-standard hypocrisy which the public is having to confront in the face of a Legislative and Judicial government which remains collectively silent in order for legislators and others to effect a conspiratorial level of mutual reciprocation to take advantage of a pathetic White House administration that is not suited for accomplishing the many tasks the people are asking and expecting their leaders to confront— instead of seeking to acquire some profit first and foremost for themselves. Without an effective leadership, the people have no choice but to take control of their government. If this requires that we kill every single person in the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court who are performing the role of being obstacles to progress; then so be it, on behalf of the people. We ask that all military and para-military law enforcement personnel to stand down, while standing up for the right of the people to decide the best government for themselves by over-throwing the current nonsense and replace it with a New Government, a Cenocracy!


Screw the American flag or the flag of any nation that represents a government that has— time and again (particularly every four years in the case of the U.S.), shows itself to be against the collective Will of the citizenry directing the course of their destiny. Where there exists a process of petitioning the government which actually subverts the ability of the public to petition the entire government at the same time, and where seeking assistance from government Representatives are the primary means by which the public is permitted to make changes in governing policy... yet both such processes amount to be little more than an exercise in practicing a defunct form of democracy; it is time for the youth of the Nation to create a New flag for a New generation with a New vision for an updated progressive orientation by establishing a New Government (a Cenocracy!). It is a flag that must be designed by the youth of the Nation who will... and if necessary, must use brutal force because no realistic diplomatic changing-of-the-guard procedure exists that doesn't involve some measure of antiquated aristocracy or bureaucratic codification permitting some idiot to perform non-progressive managerial functions that are dismissive, obstructive, or destructive to those with talents aimed along a path of realistic and honest progress without some self-centered ulterior-motivated underlying personal aggrandizement being the foremost goal. The youth of the Nation must rise up and take the reins of an increasingly moronic government in order to assume their rightful place at the helm of their government so that the path to a New era is without the many present detours the people are being forced to painfully endure every four years. The youth will have to confront the arrogance, obstinance and greed of those in and out of government who persist in helping to create laws, provisions and policies anti-thetical to the progress of the Nation and humanity the whole. When there exists a government whose actions represent the collective mindset of an entity that does not give a damn whether an individual lives or dies, We The People must reciprocate with a like-minded attitude against it. Indeed, we need a New Government. A Cenocracy! A Cenocratic Union shall rise and displace the present dysfunctional government into the dust bin of history.

Public lands becomimg toll roads
This Land is No Longer Your Land
This land is no longer your land. This Nation is no longer your nation. This government is no longer your government. The NRA is backing a White House Administration that seeks to privatize your entire life so that it can be commercialized to benefit a few at the expense of the many. The NRA supports a Second Amendment that is formulated to protect the State: (defined as) The Federal Government... and not the Right of the people to protect itself from legalized forms of government collusion with Corporations to create a Nation of servants to do the bidding of a few who seek to develop a two class social America's increasing Third World population system (illustrated by the notion of a third world nation having emerged amongst American's first world reputation) consisting of those who have most and those who have negligibly next to nothing suffused with bureaucratized manipulations representing a convolution of double-standards meant to undermine the collective Will and Strength of the people.

Study By MIT Economist: U.S. Has Regressed To A Third-World Nation For Most Of Its Citizens

Because the NRA backs a pathetically written second Amendment that can be interpreted by a Supreme Court whose preeminent position is biased on behalf of a government with a superficial and equivocating Of, By and For the people standard of presumed democracy, the NRA is not an institution the public can trust to safeguard its Rights of self protection from the growing list of enemies in social leadership positions. Indeed, the NRA is on a path which may require its members to point their guns in the direction of the current NRA leadership because they seek to support a government administration that is against the collective Will of the people without that will being undermined by a falsified democratic process.

The above mentioned two-class system is illustrated by the existence of an increasing third world country reality within the United States where a few enjoy the benefits of the country's resources at the expense of the majority:

Trump's comments about American being "A Nation In Mourning" (concerning the tragic events in Las Vegas) overlooks the fact that the Nation has been in mourning ever since he got into office. The people mourn the fact that the U.S. has such a lousy government it can not get rid of his incompetency and those of his fawning Congressional support base, much less having even permitted such a demented moron to be considered for public office. And yet his presence signals how very degenerate America's political system has become. Because the political system and government exhibit a deteriorating circumstance, it is foolish for the citizenry to consider its present formulation has the means to correct its increasing stock of blunders. In order for such an incompetency to be circumvented, a New Government, (a Cenocracy)... must be implemented.

Trump and the Anthem
Angry American Politics
Trump's worldview is nonsensical
If this muzzling of science is what the NRA is backing,
it has no place to speak on behalf of Americans,
much less humanity's civilized right to protect itself
from the many dangers being imposed by those in various authorities.

(Because the development of technology is dependent on science, to do without it means the NRA sponsors the regression to using bows and arrows, if not sticks, stones or the jawbone of an ass. It is hypocritical for the science-dependent NRA to back someone set against the use of science.)

When we have a government that resorts to telling its citizenry where, when, how (and frequently why) they should and must pledge allegiance to its flag; then that pledge which it fosters is very shallow indeed because it is not meant for a free people but a population viewed and treated as a chattel of indentured servants who are unable to collectively choose their own destiny— and earmarks the demise of that government which has already begun. Riots, then rebellion, and then Revolution are not the stages of possibility, but of an inevitability against a government's leadership whose Corporate collaborating self-interests are clearly at odds with the needs of a people who have grown out of the chains of an antiquated formula of Representative government.

How dare anyone pledge allegiance to the flag of any nation that represents an administration and Congress (or Parliament) whose actions clearly do not have the best interests of the Nation's people or the peoples of humanity at heart or in mind... other than some selective small minority who are permitted to enjoy the fruits of a system with double standards of living. Such a flag should be booed at whatever venue it crops up, spat on, urinated on, used as toilet paper and torn to shreds or/and burned... unless one prefers to ignore it through disregard which expresses a diminished standard of value. Such a flag representing such a government has no viable place to be honored and entrusted with the means of deciding what is the direction towards which progress is to be defined for the benefit of all.

How dare anyone pledge allegiance to a flag representing a government that sponsors laws to support the interests of agencies or corporations which are permitted to interpret and apply those laws which will enable it to steal, cheat, exploit, badger, engage in confidence scams, usury banking and tax practices, health care tax mandate, ponzi schemes (social security), protectionist manipulations, and various other forms of intimidation to deprive the citizenry not only of basic living needs, but a desperately needed National Health Care system (which includes alternative medical practices) that everyone is entitled to without being forced to or otherwise be subject to financial or physical constraints or punishments; and that no one in the government, corporations or elsewhere is able to undermine by separating themselves from the same inclusiveness that the general public is obligated to use.

How dare anyone pledge allegiance to a flag representing a government whose lack of interest in providing a single payer National Health Care insurance that everyone uses, is equal to the same negligence in not being able to provide a National Vehicle Insurance, National Home Insurance, National Life Insurance, National Basic Necessity Insurance, and National political Insurance against a disgusting filthy government such as Trump's idiocy.

How dare anyone pledge allegiance to a flag representing a government that clearly does not represent the collective Will of the people, where that Will is defined by a majority vote that is not undermined by a political process such as the Electoral College, gerrymandering, scapegoating others for voting machine fraud, and various other manipulations.

How dare anyone pledge allegiance to a flag representing a government that practices a social system in which those otherwise ordinary people who enter either military service or some government employment are viewed as being somehow transformed into some exemplary human being and that if elected to public office, also entitles them to be considered for posterity by having a school, monetary denomination, road, street, blvd., highway or monument named after them... while all other citizens, particularly those millions who live below the poverty line, are viewed as second, third or no class citizens.

How dare anyone pledge allegiance to a flag representing a government which permits political leaders, corporate leaders and their appointments to circumvent laws because they feel they are superior to the general public and should thus be held up to a different standard providing less or more of an expectation that the rest of the public is not enabled to individually define for personal benefit, so long as they can acquire the most for the least and either the public or public laws are used as a scapegoat and creates a system of injustice that supersedes any would-be justice.

How dare anyone not feeling abhorrent disgust at thinking they are socially obligated to pledge allegiance to a flag representing a government whose very many actions time and again shows itself to indulge in activities with corporations like the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, military industrial complex, and various others; thereby exhibiting a reflection of that as an enemy of the people.

America's present formula of Democracy is an injustice to all Americans who know that we do not have to live with all the idiocy they have been forced to endure every four years for several decades... because it is a design that is an obstacle to progress for the entire Nation instead of just a selfish few who think everyone should be grateful to them as an added entitlement to their voracious greed that doesn't give a damn how many lives are sacrificed to fulfill their personal goals. It is a war that the people of the Nation, nay... the world, are engaged in and will prevail... no matter how many political and corporate lives must be guillotined. The many injustices of the American government must be confronted. These injustices are not limited to its despicable attitude of not wanting to assist those in need unless there is some present or future profit to be extorted... even from its own citizens, including taking the lead charge in rallying others to side with its worldview... which more often than not is the measure by which percentages of profits will be dolled out to its confederates for their level and type of assistance in exploiting another until they too join in the international league of falsifying Communism, Democracy or Socialism as their brand of Anarchism-Against-Citizens. The U.S. government, like so many businesses and religions do not like to use its coffered taxes to assist the public unless it is forced to do so... and yet seeks to maneuver itself into a position by which that assistance can be applied as a loan, whether or not those receiving the assistance are aware that they are being subjected to an agreement of returning the assistance— with a usury level of interest being applied— that will be enforced by some manner of legalized obligation at a later date.

Injustice Breeds Rebellion
March Against Injustice...
...and all the other filthy nonsense the people are being forced to put up with.

However, with respect to protest marches, we find a recurring lack of respect against those who have noting to do with creating policies anti-thetical to social issues the public wants addressed. This is seen in the discarded placcards and trash witnessed at many protest scenes such as the former Occupy groups having over-taken parks (and thus referred to as "Occuparkists"), but those marching with women on a variety of issues... even though moms around the country make a point in keeping their houses clean. If you are going to march, please take your trash with you. This issue was intelligently addressed when the Chinese in Hong Kong made it a point to recycle and pick up trash and not leave their city in a mess after confrontations with police. Americans are giving the impression they can't even wipe their own butts, while at the same time claim their actions represent the attempt to create a forum for real change. American protestors have got to change their tactics. The old ways of protesting are not effective.

Protesting attitudes must change to become more effective
by properly discarding their ideological trash
and adopting new methodologies.

Left over Protestor Trash Left over Protestor Trash
Left over Protestor Trash Left over Protestor Trash
Left over Protestor Trash
Left over Protestor Trash Left over Protestor Trash

Are you Listening you disgusting Federal U.S. Government... a government like so many other governments that are capable of doing so much good, providing kindness, generosity, hope, support, supplies, selflessness, magnanimity and in short, all the virtues one would expect a citizen-sponsored organization to have; yet... on the other hand, exhibits the behavior of a back-stabbing, double-dealing, two-faced criminal organization portraying qualities of a socio-path, or psycho-path, or delusional paranoid schizophrenic harboring criminal intent that indulges in extortion, protectionism, lying, stealing, bribery, murder, cheating and various other ignominious qualities that continually reek unnecessary direct or indirect havoc often concealed through the act of intermediaries or hired guns that needlessly entangles the lives of millions both in and outside America so that a very few can get a cut of ill-gotten gains? The American Government has a history of confronting the citizenry with violence in helping its corporate confederates exploit the public: Heartbreaking historical photos from America's battle for fair working (and living) conditions. The government will do anything to anyone in order to keep its fifthly nonsense going.

Are you so out of touch with the public you can't even see the warning signs of a rebellion in the making?

Must we torch your cars, bomb your homes or put a gun to your head and pull the trigger with the same lack of consciousness that your laws, lack of justice, and selfishness is applied to the public? Must we resort to the same underhanded-tactics-concealed-in-legality that you do?

If simple protest strategies do not work,
we will be forced to implement "accentuated efforts".

It is not enough for one or two protests to occur simultaneously. Protest measures must be visibly and forcibly sustained. Each protest is like a battle. Some gain ground while others are little more than venues for letting off steam but are otherwise ineffectual. But winning one or two protest "battles" does not win the war. And we are in a war against a corrupted and corrupting government that needs to be replaced with a better one... a Cenocracy!

With respect to protesting, it must be noted for those protestors wanting to "remain silent" if caught and detained by police, that they must firmly state that they want to invoke their Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination. You do not automatically get to remain silent and receive your fifth Amendment rights unless you explicitly state this:

In a closely contested 2013 decision, the United States Supreme Court held that prosecutors can, under appropriate circumstances, point to an out-of-custody suspect’s silence in response to police questioning as evidence of guilt. (Salinas v. Texas, 133 S. Ct. 2174 (2013).) According to the Court, the prosecution can comment on the silence of a suspect who:

  • Is out of police custody (and not Mirandized).
  • Voluntarily submits to police questioning, and...
  • Stays silent without expressly invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

The only way to prevent the government from introducing evidence at trial of the suspect’s silence is to explicitly invoke the right to say nothing. In other words, without being warned by the police or advised by a lawyer, and without even the benefit of the familiar Miranda warnings (which might trigger a "I want to invoke my right to be silent!"), the interviewee must apparently say words to the effect of, "I invoke my privilege against self-incrimination."

Invoking Your Right to Remain Silent

Then again, many protestors want to freely speak of the injustices the people are being subjected to in order to tell police officers about the hypocrisy they are protecting.

The White House and Federal government are treated like a castle

If the path to this Cenocracy must be lined by the bodies of those in the White House, Congress, SEC, the Supreme Court as well as all their Individual and Corporate sponsors, including various media outlets and any and all agencies like the Secret Service who shamefully protect those whose actions are clearly not focused on helping the citizenry... then so be it. Let them experience first hand the many nightmares and hell so many have had to endurably suffer... or die because of. Let us destroy their lives with the same disconcern that they have for the public and are so out of touch with the public— since they are oblivious to the damage they are doing because the world in which they live is like the small enclave in which a castle provides them with protection and personal supplies... and those living outside the castle walls are viewed as little more than semi-domesticated wild creatures who can fend for themselves regardless of government-instigated privation... so long as they continue paying some measure of tribute. What the U.S. government (and others) have created is just another brand of self-serving aristocracy that only looks outside its walls if there is a large enough (protesting) noise or they are under attack and will do anything to anyone in order to preserve their way of singular life with all its rules, pageantry, and courtly nonsense everyone is expected to respect but not share in the wealth which the people have provided and must be satisfied with the returns of a feeble infrastructure designed for the sole purpose of helping the government increase its own wealth and power... and the power as well as wealth of rich who are supportive... at the expense of the public.

It is delusional for anyone to think we are going to sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows and sing "give peace a chance", particularly when the U.S. government clearly has no interest in peace inside or outside of its borders unless it occurs by way of one-sided egotistical terms or provides a greater profit for those who are politically connected...

A campfire can quickly become a bonfire
Ghost stories can have a basis in reality

Unfortunately, like Wall Street, the government likes conflict to be instigated because it often provides an opportunity for gaining (or gaming) some resource, and is supported by various industries (including charities) who stand to profit and do not want problems in society to be solved or they would be out of business and would neurotically argue that the human condition brings about problems, but have no interest in addressing problematic situations which could prevent escalations because they would then injure their potential for profiting off of disease, destruction, disaster, despondency or disillusionment in a social environment where previous criminal exercises of protectionism have been substituted with government encouraged and legally enforced models of the same under the same name or given various guises such as medical "insurance", vehicle "insurance", home "insurance", social "security", tax "revenue", religious tithing ("fire insurance"), etc...

Me is Trump, Make Me Great Again

The people are being subjected to a social milieu in which the government portrays the attitude of organized crime embellished with greed-motivated expectations that use decorated fairy tale narratives of legality that the people are forced to be deluded by, and exhibits a present day mythology sequined with superstition posing as political correctness that isolates the nation and its people based on a ridiculous self-centered orientation which imagines greatness can be achieved through policies of exclusion. When America is a Nation of immigrants, denying such a heritage is an indication of a government whose mindset is not only antiquated, but indicates a level and type of dementia that has no place in the governance of a people whose unrealized vision of progress must move to impose itself through a Revolution which not only quarantines the growing government illness, but eliminates its means of infecting others.

America is a nation of immigrants Black Lives Matter amongst all races
Protesters March in Washington, D.C. To Demand Racial Justice

The Most Powerful (and Funniest) Signs From Saturday’s Marches Against Racial Injustice

Florida March For Black Women

The March Was Only The Beginning

How many must march on Washington? A few hundred, ten thousand, or thirty million? Must the truckers of the nation ram through the White House Gates and Fence? Must the Nation's school teachers or students stage a unified walkout to protest all the indignities the Federal government is leveling against the people by not addressing their needs and instead presents them with more delays, obstacles, confrontations and pathetic excuses or half-ass efforts? When the people are presented with such incompetence, where there is no one to turn to, no sanctuary and the people have all but been abandoned by too few in the federal government who can provide no solace for the terrible injustices taking place... then there is nothing left for us to do but become patriots to a revolution seeking to create a New Government because the present one is a filthy joke making an impoverished citizenry the punch line. Indeed. We need A Cenocracy! And if the only way forward is to kill every single person in the White House, Congress, Supreme Court (and S.E.C. with their Garden City hired guns), then so be it. We'll just label them sacrificial lambs, collateral damage or whatever mollifying term and ideology is politically correct at the time of execution... just like the government has done to so many who have gotten in its ulterior-motivated, corporate collaborated and single-minded imperialistic way.

Being around Trump supporters is like having traveled to the past, such as in the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's... with a few straddling into the early 1960's. It is an expressed social atavism (social-minded backwardness or stunted development of social consciousness) which one must consider is due to an unrecognized social disease or genetic deformity.

Discontinue Corrupted Usage of National Anthem
(or force it on everyone, everywhere)

NFL's History of Hypocrisy
Bob Costas On NFL Protests

Ex-CIA Director Brennan Defends NFL Protests

Dale Earnhardt Jr. sends powerful message amid NASCAR's involvement in protest debate

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests
5:54 AM - Sep 25, 2017

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable"—JFK

Using the Anthem at Sports Venues has not helped Veterans nor the Nation
(Let's put 2/3rds of all sports salaries towards addressing social problems)

The current childish controversy involving the American National Anthem prior to the start of many sports events can easily be solved by discontinuing its usage based on a growing appreciation that it represents an antiquated social philosophy which expresses a falsified formula of democracy; such as the continuing usage of the pathetic Electoral College, the many issues of machinated gerrymandering, lack of control over lobbyists and the desperate need for political and government employee term limits. Also, all displays of the military at any and all entertainment venues should be discontinued in order to completely de-politicize all entertainment events... most of which already do not begin a performance by forcing everyone to stand for the National Anthem. Whereas we have a separation of Church and State because of all the European Historical nonsense involving religion and politics, there is need for an amendment to separate Entertainment and Education venues from antiquated State requirements as well.

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Kneeling viewed as being disrespectful

It is a sad state of affairs when a sports event needs to be used to reaffirm a public's patriotism because one's day-to-day abidance of laws and social conduct is considered too inadequate. However, if the National Anthem is so important— then every single town, city and state should play it every single day from loudspeakers. No less, instead of elevator or shopping music, play the National Anthem... including the forced usage of it as the single ring tone for all phones. No other music should be permitted to be recorded or performed. In fact, discontinue all television, radio and motion picture programming as well as all magazine, newspaper and book materials in order that the National Anthem is read or played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Let us also force everyone to wear the colors of the flag... or better still, dress in military uniforms and salute parents, teachers, bosses, etc..., and be subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice... despite its many incongruities and absurdities.

Take a stand and kneel
Marches in Washington
Doing the White Thing
Four Years Of Fight

America is ripe with hypocrisy

And let us not forget about religious services. Instead of permitting the singing of religious hymns, let everyone be required to sing the National Anthem over and over and over again. Let us force all of them to put the Nation before their individualized religious belief, be they Christian, Jew, Moslem, Bahai', Hindu, Buddhist or whatever. Yes, let us force everyone going to church to stand and give praise to the all mighty National Anthem prior to any religious service, or otherwise be viewed as a non-patriot and subjected to ridicule, job loss, and even stoning them to death. Heaven forbid that anyone in church would bend there knee to the National Anthem, much less their respective god. What is wrong with America? Just look at Trump and you will see what's wrong with a nation that has a lousy government unable to effectively address the National Health care problem with all its supposed greatness, when so many (presumed) non-great nations have addressed their own health care problems to benefit the people and not political careers nor corporate coffers... including the voracious greed of the American Medical Association. So many Americans (and non-Americans) like Trump because he reflects their own hypocrisy. The problem with Trump is the problem in America, it is a Nation with so many hypocrites supported by an equally hypocritical government. Heaven help humanity when so much nonsense prevails.

One aspect of this hypocritical nonsense is the large outcry from the media, fans, and politicians with respect to the NFL protests involving kneeling during the deified National Anthem, yet these same concerned citizens voicing their individual opinions about disrespecting inanimate objects were mostly silent when it came to the atrocities involving animal abuse and domestic violence that NFL players have been guilty of.

Another aspect that we can illustrate is the "incomplete news" which the above "Five Finger Death Punch (wrong side of heaven)" illustration involving the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) of veterans after they came home from one or more tours of duty. The problem with the short film is that it does not accurately portray the context of veterans, in that Most Veterans Do Not Experience combat with a foreign enemy. The enemy that many veterans are forced to confront is the conflict between the many fantasies of military life in which their basic needs (food, housing, clothing, medical, employment, guaranteed income, etc.,) are readily available and provided, and the reality of civilian life where such needs may be absent and their "military training" (habitual behaviors learned during their life in a fantasy [artificialized/contrived] world), are not applicable with the expectations in civilian life. Indeed, even veterans recognize that some veterans have difficulty in making the transition back into civilian life, even if they never pulled duty or killed anyone in a combat zone.

Many a veteran has come across another veteran whose language, ideas and behavior exhibit the manners of someone locked into a military life frame of mind that is not conducive to the sociability needed for a given civilian context in which many veterans find themselves in... be it at home, work or school... and they do not have the means nor available knowledge to assist themselves in confronting a situation that proves to be overwhelming... and can not be appreciably addressed by present government models of intervention... because such models are built on a scaffolding that is part of a larger network of the same government-sponsored military mindedness that those who are put in charge of such programs are very often clueless as to their role in (metaphorically) dispensing one type of drug for another, like alcoholics who substitute the drug of alcohol for the drug of religion... because the underlying problems are not actually being addressed and involve the larger social structure with its many dependency- creating situations— all in the name of someone profiteering scheme that becomes rationalized into a bureaucratized rationality of normalcy.

If a soldier experiences conflict while they are in the military because they come to apprehend some measure of the hypocrisy in which they are being forced to adopt as a reality, the military may well use varying punitive measures to correct their defined 'bad behavior' prior to discharging the person and forcing them to carry the military's mark of vengeance and begrudging, by way of giving them a less-than-honorable discharge, or an honorable discharge that appends the signification of some (military defined) deficiency according to military standards adopted for living in the environment of a fantasy world— when contrasted to that of a civilian world. The discharge is very often used as a means by which the military's psychological whipping marks are left indelibly on a person and substantially adds to the already difficult circumstance of transitioning back into the personalized real world a person had left... prior to entering a military service. If a person is young and impressionable, the military eagerly attempts to take credit for helping the person "grow up", and yet maturity occurs as a natural event that can be accomplished in any number of alternative environments of experience.

And if an active service man or woman (or veteran) begins to fight back because they are being forced into a corner by unrealistic expectations (as perceived by them in their individual circumstances), this is then used as a "reasonable-excuse" for the military to effect even tighter constraints that are very often anticipated as a means to escalate a situation that might have otherwise been defused. It is a tactic used by the government when confronting another nation that it wants to force into compliance with its own standards of "legitimized illegitimacy" described as rational (because they accommodate its interests). Whereas the government sanctions itself as a primary role model enabled to bring force to bear on an unwieldy (profitable) prospect, it minimizes its efforts to create a situation in which it is permitted to enforce a person (or nation) to do as it wants... which very often involves the acquisition of some resource... or enabling it to refuse assistance and get others to do likewise. Others must do as the leadership says... but not as they themselves do in accordance with a double standard.

This is why some who enter into military service want to remain there, because the reality of civilian life can be extremely harsh under many different conditions... while the fantasy world of most military occupations fulfills basic needs they need not have to worry about. While many veterans make the transition back into civilian life because of individualized circumstances enabling them to do so, others experience varying phases of transitional stages that they can get stuck in... thereby exhibiting someone in limbo between two worlds, or someone wandering in a forest, desert or apocalyptic landscape as if engaged in some sort of personal quest that may not be easily defined or even incompletely... if not incorrectly defined by the veteran themselves or someone in their life wanting them to act according to some regimented civilian standard in which they play a part and that a veteran is required to be a day-to-day implement or specialized tool there of... as a type of servitude.

In fact, the fantasy of military life is one in which a person is subjected to a wide-spread Communism and Socialism in contrast to the purported Democracy the military is said to defend and hold the principles thereof, but does not practice democracy itself (such as no one being able to vote in their leadership)... thereby denoting one of the largest hypocrisies being played out. In order to comprehend the "military fantasy -versus- civilian reality" problem produced by the conflict in which many veterans come to face, it is helpful to provide the following list of the hypocrisies (-versus- the truth that veterans are slapped in the face with and is tantamount to confronting a falsified religious belief):

These two practices are erroneously called a Democracy.
(Though they might be viewed as extremely Limited practices thereof.)
The Military Reality
(sponsored by the public)

  1. A worry-free Health care system.
    (No insurance or co-pay nonsense.)

  2. A free Housing system (Billet, Barrack).
    (Or you can get paid for not living on base.)

  3. A free Basic income program.
    (Everybody has an income).

  4. A free Recruitment, Education/training system.
    (Recruitment tests can define initial trainability.)

  5. A free Legal system.
    (Often better skilled than civilian public defenders.)

  6. A free public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
    (Take all you want but eat all you take.)

  7. A free Laundry system.
    (In many instances of training).

  8. A free Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
    (Advances in pay-grade are widely available.)

  9. A freely standardized wage scale.
    (Minimum and maximum wage scales are set.)

  10. A uniform code of Military Justice.*
    (Needed to go along with a uniform code of conduct.)

  11. A free paid-Vacation allotments for everyone.
    (Everyone is typically offered 30 days vacation per year.)

  12. A free clothing requirement and uniform allotment.
    (Work and dress uniforms establish continuity and solidarity.)

  13. A free (subsidized) retail outlets source (Post Exchange).
    (Prices are frequently cheaper than civilian stores.)

  14. A free Commune-ity...
    (Large Communes without economic competition.)
The Public Reality
(sponsored by inadequate legislation)

  1. A worry-filled high cost Health care system
    (Run as an insurance-driven protectionist racket).

  2. A high cost Housing system ("ownership" means long-term leasing).
    (Requiring loans or government subsidy.)

  3. No Basic income or employment guarantees program.
    (Far too many able-bodied people are without viable work.)

  4. No free universal Education/training system for adults.
    (Too Many citizens have unmarketable training and education.)

  5. A substandard free Legal system.
    (e.g.: Small claims courts are bad, and public defenders... unskilled.)

  6. No free public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
    (Too many people go without food... Charities are commercialized.)

  7. No free Laundry system of any kind.
    (Access to free bathing and clothes washing facilities is a must.)

  8. No citizen Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
    (Disparagement is practiced in a dog eat dog society.)

  9. An unequalized wage system.
    (Non-livable minimum wages and no set maximum against greed.)

  10. An arbitrarily practiced Criminal Justice service.
    (Called a Justice System of Criminality.*)

  11. No free paid-Vacation allotments for everyone.
    (Stresses of living in a corrupt society creates bad situations.)

  12. No free clothing allotment.
    (Everyone should have clean and weather-appropriate clothing.)

  13. No free (subsidized) retail outlets.
    (The public is often taken advantage of by the crooks of business.)

  14. No free Community-focused co-operative...
    (Towns, Cities, and States often abuse their citizens to survive.)

The Military Justice system:

* It is well known that under most circumstances, the military is set up to protect its own members. However, when a case comes under wide-spread public observation, scapegoats and sacrifices are readily used to protect those in the higher ranks. The Military's use of camouflage, hit and run tactics, sniping, mine setting, intimidation, badgering, ambushing, and numerous other operational tools, are not limited to the battlefield; (and are meant as metaphors in this instance).

The Public Justice system:

* Instead of a "Public" or "Citizen" Justice system, the system of justice in practice is noted with the word "Criminal" (as in "Criminal Justice System"), which many interpret as a declaration of the type of Justice system the people are being subjected to... in that it is the practice of varying criminalities. In many cases, the public is so fearful of having anything to do with the Justice system they would prefer to plead ignorance, lack of memory, and for non-involvement because it is a system felt to be rigged in favor of those who play the game for some career benefit; and is not primarily focused on assisting the public fairly, honestly and judiciously. The system is felt to involve too many instances of arbitrary perception, analysis, interpretation and definition that the innocent dread having to be involved with those in the legal system because it is often abusive and retributive... continually looking to play out some angle to advantage the authoritative players... where fees can be accessed with a commensurate value equal to an increasingly high federal tax burden from which no equal commodity of social value is received; for the pool of monies absorbed into a system that is relying more and more on questionable external sources such as public asset forfeiture and lottery... the latter being referred to as a poor person's auxiliary tax.

And let us include the situation where a person can be provided with a public defender, at no cost... only to wish they hadn't because the public very often has to deal with someone whose legal career began after they took the bar exam half a dozen (or more) times. Public defenders are regularly noted as being inept.

In the case of Small Claims Courts, it is the government that wins out by being provided payment through registration fees... and a person winning a judgment is provided with no assistance to collect the fees owed to them, that may never be paid... because the government washes its hands of any and all obligation after it plays the part of collecting fees and passing judgment. In other words, the public is left out in the cold by a calloused government.

Source: Military Benefits aren't Benefits (when the fantasy of Military life as opposed to the reality of civilian life are appropriately judged within the context of how much PTSD results because of this fantasy/reality conflict.)

Far too many people think (promoted by the government's advertising efforts), and interpret the words "Veteran and "Service" are to be equated with some exemplary human performance, even though most veterans:

  1. Do not see any actual combatant action...
  2. Perform no super-human heroic deed...
  3. And work at a job that thousands of others could do as well (if given similar free training)...

Socialist practices of a Communistically based military

Similarly, if you take away the public's government-sponsored support base, many more people will begin to exhibit the mannerisms we see in some Veterans who are not provided with assistance either because of some ineligibility or lack of appreciation as to eligibility of a given V.A. or alternative Veteran service. Whereas Veterans are a group frequently signaled out because of their military service and the battlefield sacrifices a small minority of veterans experienced, those who did not serve are treated as second, third or non-class citizens, though the Declaration of Independence (prejudicially) said that All "Men" are created equal (because women, and non-white or non-propertied males were seen as being inferior)... thus having started the (to be) American form of Democracy on the wrong footing... which defines one of the reasons America needs to adopt a new Bill of Rights and Constitution that must be written by the whole of the public and ratified every twelve years or earlier, by way of a National Referendum that does not use a pathetically stupid form of Electoral College format to undermine the Will of the People. Taking away support benefits from non-service connected civilians also creates conditions amounting to a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is rather stupid to think that only military-related service conditions can produce such a circumstance.

In addressing the growing social issues caused by an incoherent grasp of the situation, more jails and prisons are built or old ones are torn down in order to create larger ones for greater capacity which come to overwhelm city, county and state support revenues; whereby incarceration is turned over to for-profit organizations that have no interest in habilitation or re-habilitation efforts because such philosophical rationales would undermine their Capitalistic ventures... thereby contributing to social problems which add to the already mounting circumstance of public disfranchisement, despondency, and disillusionment. The government has placed society into the position of a dog chasing its own tail and the people must put a stop to its debilitating neurosis.

Michelle Obama speaking against and for Trump

And speaking of hypocrisy, the former leading lady leads the nation in voicing the very existence of its representation as if it were some sort of common sense to speak with a forked tongue:

Michelle Obama is an icon of the American Hypocrisy that is alive and well amongst the social leadership that expects everyone else to absorb and adopt this same type of socialized lunacy. On one hand she criticizes those who are implied to have voted for Trump and not Hillary Clinton, and yet on the other hand she wishes him well!!! No wonder there is so much double-standard idiocy... when civic leaders from different walks of life can't even recognize the dichotomy of their own opportunist mindset as if it were an exceptably expected maneuver utilizing a tool of ameliorative prevarication. This is what all Michelle Obama's education and experiences amount to? Let's be honest. This is the mentality of a white living in indentured servitude, an Hispanic living as a domestic servant, or a black cotton picker on a Southern Plantation— all of whom are forced to straddle their circumstances to go along with the swaying whims of a socio-pathic or psychotic master... alternatively described as making the most of deplorable conditions like those so many Americans are being unnecessarily subjected to in a society with a higher standard of living that has increased the standards of poverty, insurance rates, housing rents, health care costs and numerous other basic necessities. See: Yes, half of Americans are in or near poverty: Here’s more evidence

Michelle Obama is acting like a slave to traditions whose chains she has not yet fully cast off. Michelle Obama needs to help bail out the people and not burden them further by adding yet another link in a chain, even if it is forged from silver, gold or platinum embossed with jewels. Martin Luther King wanted all Black peoples to be "Free At Last", and not substitute one hypocritical situation for another.

Yet, the Blacks are not free. Nor are millions of Whites, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders and those claiming some unrecognized historicity. And it doesn't matter how many of the so-called minorities are placed into positions of authority because they are chained to rules, regulations, and a Constitution drawn up and protected by a self-serving white mentality that encases legal rules-of-thumb to contain loop holes they can take advantage of but others are not permitted to because they lack the privilege of a history of centralized government whose main business has been to assist businesses that are not Constitutionally obligated to work for the best interests of the entire public. America is a nation where the philosophy of laws is not developed by the collective body of citizens and argued accordingly, but is a nation where the opinions of a few not only become law but become the observed philosophy used as a measuring tool of right and wrong. In other words it is not law that is being argued, but individualized opinions of law to suit those who claim an ownership thereof because their similarly-minded ilk selectively determine the parameters of right and wrong and let the collective voice of the people be damned if they don't like it.

Therefore, to be truly free, to embrace the liberty and justice that so many social reformers throughout the world in different eras have sought to bring about, the people of the United States must have a New Government, a Cenocracy based on a New Constitution and Bill of Rights developed and ratified by all peoples based on realistic voting requirements obtained through a National Referendum. Martin Luther King Jr. took a mighty step forward, but it is now time for us to take another step which begins the march towards a collective freedom for all. No matter what one's political inclination is, many of us firmly realize that the present government is seriously troubled and needs to be deeply and widely revamped. We can not continue with a government that embraces an underlying chip on its shoulder that holds grudges and bides its time seeking the advantage to revengefully retaliate against those who are forced into a position of being made into a scapegoat... or foe, fashioned for ulterior political, pecuniary, or other resource-driven motives.

In speaking of scapegoats and the leadership which does not effectively intervene on behalf of the people, it is of need to denote that Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are just opposite sides of the same politician-enamored currency that Trump is on— and that the people are forced to pay for the coinage of— as a monument to political leaders who are supremely out of touch with the vision needed to direct the Nation towards a greater purpose of humanity's well-being. The people need new leadership, and yet are denied the ability to choose from the larger available stock of candidates because of a political system which retains an underlying scaffold generated by a long history of choosing from business or politically connected lineages. Thus the nation is denied the reserves of creativity, originality of thought, and other viable attributes of a progressively oriented leadership which a nation has in its human resource coffers that are kept locked away because of laws drawn up by a few to protect the interests of a few at the cost of everyone else..

Instead, the public is forced to choose from amongst politicians and other civic leaders are so caught up in their own personal lives and careers, the citizenry is exploited to help them reach their individualized goals and collective self-centered leanings. In other words, the different sides of the same coin are just a different perspective of the same Crap the people continue to put up with from one rigged election to the next. Many of us in America are tired of the convoluted semantics being played out in speeches, conversations with talk show hosts, interviews, etc..., and defining the "middle ground" as a grey area where the rich and politically connected can do wrong but not have to admit having done wrong, and there are no social repercussions because one engages in accepted forms of hypocrisy as if it were some sort of intellectual sophistication exhibiting a high I.Q. if one is a practiced hypocrite and gets paid to express such ridiculous sentiments to a crowd of like-minded idiots who imagine themselves to exhibit some social demeanor of importance— by participating in the role of being an audience in close approximation thereto which entitles one to bask in the emanations of presumed especialness and become an extension thereof.

The March of the Revolution Is Underway!
Bail Out The People.org
What America would look like if it guaranteed everyone a job
Trump's Pathetic UN Speech

North Korea's Prime Minister Hears the bark of a disease infected American dog breed (That many Americans are complaining about but there are no adequate noise ordinance laws with respect to insuring that mouth-frothing noise makers don't disturb the peace.)

Trump displays insensitivity to the African peoples (Whose lives have been tortured and enslaved by the get-rich-quick schemes of whites and their non-white confederates who could actually care less whether the African people enjoy the benefits of the resources they supply to the world.

American Hypocrisy is once again shown (Not only because the American government can say one thing in public and then privately claim to mean another, there is only one vital diplomatic route to the North Korean situation and that is to kill the rabid-mouthed Trump.)

"America First" slogan is as incoherent as it is irrational. (But should be of no surprise coming from someone as the spital spewing senile Trump.)

Trumped acted as if he were the World's Emperor at the United Nations.

A world full of Rockem' Sockem' Idiots Emperor Trump on a Pale Horse

By the adopted usage of some pathetically twisted logic, those who support Trump think that by continuing their support, their resilience will somehow transform his idiocy into some amalgamated representation of Greatness, simply because of their misplaced loyalty and refusal to accept that they made a dire mistake. Like a jaw-locked hound that won't let go of its own tail because it mistakes the pain as an indication it is chained in a do or die battle with a foe that only a Don Quixote has ever come face to face with. Instead of biting the bullet to endure whatever comes their way... and by so doing think they are doing their patriotic part for a greater cause, they need to direct that bullet into the mindless vegetative matter called Trump's brain. Whereas many of us realized there were some idiots in the general public, we actually did not know how many existed until Trump's bugle called them to stand in formation and repeat after him whatever he wants them to say as a reflection of his own narcissistic image If this is a reflection of America's greatness, Heaven help the world.

America needs to take its lead from China, Russia and South Korea with respect to North Korea and stop acting and reacting like impulsive and emotional school kids. The real threat to the world is the American government's lack of diplomatic skill and intuitive grasp of the economic and psycho-dynamics of this and other regions it wants to keep under its antiquated Imperialistically-minded thumb... secured by the fetters of potential or probabilistic threat. We can not blame the North Korean population for a leadership headed by an egotistical maniac who is emotionally disturbed, just as the American public can not be blamed for its own egotistical maniac in the White House which, along with Congress, the Supreme Court and the S.E.C. (with their various legalistically-defined hired guns), exemplifies a neurotically impulsive group of emotionally stunted sociopaths exhibiting a skewed sense of social responsibility and global conscience for the sake of humanity. Both the North Korean and US government systems are rigged against progressive rationality and the collective voice of the people who are forced to serve the dictates of a few who think they are entitled to the lion's share of all profits, regardless of what form they may take. The US government's erratic and irrational emotional responses to North Korea is a disrespectful spit in the face to all those who fought and died to preserve peace. If need be, someone must "neutralize" the real threat to world peace by making sure the collateral damage is wide enough to include all war-mongering confederates and their drooling-for-action support base.

North Korea could not have developed its nuclear program without help from those who are looking at military conflict— or the drama involved with escalated tensions, as a way of increasing their own resource base and prestige... though they themselves may cower from personal attendance in order to acquire those rewards supplied to those who present themselves as an humanitarian in the aftermath, since conflict is a public funded ATM machine for charities, and other presumed innocent bystanders who are actually vultures... like the American Red Cross, whose executives should be amongst the first to experience the effects of collateral damage first hand. Those nations who eager for a return to the distorted realities propagated by militaristic glorification and justification to carry out ulterior-motivated alliances for personal gains, will side with Trump's madness. America has a far greater number of enemies both in, near and outside its borders than at any time in the past. Many of its present so-called allies will quickly join in the feeding frenzy when America succumbs to licking its wounds.

It goes without saying that the resources of America would be put to better use for the sake of humanity if they were in the hands of some other Nation's people such as the Germans, Scandinavians, Japanese, etc... War mongering is big business, not only because it provides journalistic copy and awards, it also conceals how many terrible faults the U.S. government has gravitated towards... and seeks to find some imaginary way to thwart its own implosion... an implosion that is inevitable, and can not be delayed indefinitely... just as was the fate of the Roman Empire when it acquired an over-abundance of self-serving politicians, businesses, and military leaders. Revolution is coming. The writing is on the Wall, and it can not be white-washed over forever. Long live the coming Peoples Cenocracy! Today's generation of young may well be those who sign the death warrant of a demented American government by surrendering its stalled development to the hands of a progressive realization now in the making. We need to embrace a whole new way of thinking because the present course is a dead end.

It is clear that America needs a new President, Vice President and Congress; to which we should add the Supreme court, SEC, and various other political appointments. America is in trouble and with it many other countries as well because of how they are inter-twined politically and economically. In as much that many of us realize America (and other countries) are governed by systems of a phony Democracy cast in the guise of varying rationalities (Representative, pseudo-monarchical, parliamentary, pseudo-socialist/communist-democratic, etc.)— and that no Philosopher King (or Queen) has yet shown themselves to the public in a manner by which they would be described as such; we are left with choosing amongst those who have sought to direct the governance of the Nation on behalf of the people, by running for the presidency.

Though being president can provide some instructive direction, it is not a guarantee since they will have to contend with a Congress that has more often then not, shown itself to be an obstinate obstacle to true progress for the Nation (and not at the expense of the people or humanity the whole like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others have done). Nonetheless, the following list provides a hint that the people recognize that the government is in desperate need of a progressive philosophy and not a continuation of the piece-meal nonsense the people are subjected to. Unfortunately, though amongst these and those that will surely place themselves on the future platform of sincerely believing they can make a difference, how can the people make the right choice if they are subjected to an Electoral System which can undermine the collective Will of the majority? No less, how can the people choose the best candidate if all the candidates are not permitted equal speaking time and equal news coverage? If the news media does not provide a means by which the people can get to know those who are running, their choice of who or who not to cover ends up equating with being a representative model of fake news... in the sense of an in-house chosen selectivity by those in charge of a given news source. As such, we end up with a political environment where the wealthy village idiots are permitted to run amuck, and create their own social environment of irrationality that they feel most comfortable with, which is commonly at the expense of the public.

As told in various stories, there sometimes is someone who emerges from some nook-and-cranny obscurity (for example, David- as in David and Goliath, Joan of Arc, Einstein, Ford, A.G. Bell, Churchill, Gandhi, Hitler, Lenin, Marx and Engels, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr., Mohammed, various sports figures, scientists, Mathematicians, Wright Brothers, etc., even though others were born into prominence as a leader because they were groomed from childhood as such and conditions permitted them to exercise their skills; and eventually come to the forefront a leader the people can believe in... and someone they can trust with their lives. Others who fought for some perceived injustice may be recognized not necessarily as a revolutionary, but as a rebel, a few of which are listed below:

Rebels of ancient history:

  • Urukagina
  • Hammurabi
  • Hatshepsut
  • Moses
  • Cyrus II of Persia
  • Siddhartha Gautama aka Buddha
  • Ashoka
  • Confucius
  • Pythia or the Delphic Oracle
  • Thales of Miletos
  • Archimedes
  • Hippocrates
  • Herodotus
  • Lykurgus of Sparta
  • Solon & Cleisthenes
  • Socrates
  • Plato
  • Alexander III of Macedon
  • Publius Valerius Poplicola & Lucius Junius Brutus
  • Lucius Sicinius Vellutus
  • The Gracchus Brothers aka the Graci
  • Spartacus
  • Julius Caesar
  • Octavian
  • Rabbi Yeshua aka Jesus
  • Peter and Paul of Tarsus
  • Diocletian

Ancient Revolutionaries

Ten Famous Revolutionaries of History

25 Most Influential People in History By Attribute
Top 10 Enigmatic People in History
Top 10 Insane Rulers in History
25 Most Insane Rulers In History

Here's a short record of Western history's Roman influences that points to activities that are now concealed, but nonetheless practiced today, suggesting the decadence of old becomes symbolically and metaphorically practiced in politics, journalism, and business activities... With the last on the list speaking of insane leaders:

YouTube presentation: Top 10 Reasons Ancient Rome was a Perverts Paradise

The US award for sexual predators

As a modern day extention of how diverse perversion can become in the U.S.... as seen through the eyes of some Europeans, the following comedic exhibition is provided:

Because the collective Will of the People can be undermined, as attested by the pathetically ridiculous situation the Federal government has come to exhibit and the Congress is going along with, it must be denoted as a perversion of truth, of justice, of democracy. Because this is the sordid reality in America (and elsewhere), it appears there is need for a Revolution, a violent one if necessary, in order to bring about the Fall of America's perverted politics supported by climates of journalism and business that effect an existence dependent on how they can best manipulate the "eccentricities" of one political leadership over another in order to further their own interests.

Let us emphasize, that in a political environment where choice and emergence are played out in labyrinthine obstacles with different types of legalized minotaurs, such leadership may have to resort to the usage of Revolution in order to simply be treated fairly and just. Where is the true leadership of the Nation to be found? By what route, by what manner, by what purpose of body, mind and soul will they make themselves known if they are forced to run the gauntlet of American politics with the news media wielding the largest clubs (inter-agency collaboration), sharpest swords (pens, pencils, tongues), and enabled to run to the front of the line to pummel more punishment... in order to increase their own participation, and assist their own 'chosen one' because they don't want the people to practice an actual democracy of free choice without being able to undermine its outcome?

The present leadership has chained the people away from their dreams, their hopes, and of the promise to pursue a better way of life. Dreamers aren't allowed. The American dream has not only shown itself to be a delusion in many instances, but a nightmare. Trump wants to get rid of all those who dream for a better life, because their dreams compete with his to make America into his own image of self-centeredness, selfishness, and do to whomever— whatever it takes to accomplish the construction of a monument to himself, about himself, for himself. Yet, in so many cases, we see that politicians have promoted the erection of a monument (at tax- payer expense) to themselves or their kind, such as the Washington monument, Mount Rushmore, Lincoln Memorial, Currency, Ships, etc., but there are other constructions involving various roads, buildings, etc... (Politicians Use Tax $$ to Name Buildings After Themselves) Indeed, we need a New Government which addresses so much nonsense. We need a Cenocracy!

Does a desperately needed leader exist in the following list of candidates... most of whom are, for the most part, virtually unknown to the people in a collective sense? Or will a leader arise from obscurity with the needed skills and acumen to fight the many forms of political perversion which effect to create their own opportunism? Where oh Where is the Leadership we need?

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