Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
American Peasant-Citizenry


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American flag designation a peasant-citizenry. Along with a lousy wage of their Inalienable Rights (notably a profound inequality persists in the redistribution of resources even to the extent of meeting basic everyday needs); the people are denied the full benefits package of a non-vicarious form of Self-Representation and Self-Determination... which means they are not permitted to own their own "Self"-realized personal property and are forced to let it be leased by the government because the people are still treated as a

"Specialized Servant of the State"

to whom it must pay a regular tribute to such as in the form of taxes (that the people have no say so in the legislation of except to agree with those who self-entitle themselves to make decisions for everyone.)
Like in the days of old when those who where ostracized and disenfranchised from the protection of the Castle Walls and were later referred to as Serfs and Peasants but formerly denoted as "villeins" (for village inhabitants and from which we can surmise as being similar to the word "villain"), the people of today are kept outside... institutionally restrained... like a debtors prison walls erected by the current political process.

The majority of the people are provided a token membership into the political guild system by being called a "citizen," even though they are relegated to work and live outside the 'citadel' (city) of the main Castle walls of the enforced protectionist system in which the politically-connected merchants are permitted to inhabit. ('Merchants' in today's setting are those who sale or trade anything of perceived value and are not delimited by old definitions of the term).
In light of the idea that there will be a forthcoming "Peasant-Citizens" Revolution to right the wrongs of the many observed mistreaments being endured, so that we may substantially exhibit a different socio-political philosophy no matter which formula of government makes its way into the forefront of adopted usage, let it be known that the people must have their own Legislative Branch that is constitutionally mandated as the definitive Checks & Balances provision against a government that has increasingly shown itself to be untrustworthy in effecting legislation for the best interests of the public... or else there would not be so many unaddressed grievances.
However, it is with a knowledge of numerous historical examples that we must note that there is a great predictability amongst governments like the U.S. whose despotic character invariably represents the attitude of not responding well to the requests of the public for a redress of grievances. Such governments prefer to undermine and circumvent the Will of the People to do the bidding of a status quo few.
Hence, the people are presently in a state of (cold) War with the
government... as the preamble to a forthcoming Revolution.

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Gather ye arms and provisions my fellow peasant-citizen comrades, for the shot once heard 'round the world in Concord on April 19, 1775 is about to be fired again and may make the War Between the States look like a child's afternoon tea-party.

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