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America's Hoarding Hypocrisy
It's all about control

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Like some science fiction movie about an Apocalypse, Zombie attack, alien invasion, or other perceive end of the world scenario, the current coronovirus scare perpetrated and perpetuated by:

  • Politicians wanting a distraction so the public won't focus on their disgusting incompetence.
  • Narcissistic leaders at the Centers for Disease Control wanting to project an image of global relevance.
  • Beehive-kicking News Media. The media persists in behavior analogous to a kid messing with a hornet's nest to "see what happens".
  • Military leaders seeking to advantage an exerted semblance of military law on the public, so as to give soldiers additional combat duty.
  • Religious leaders seeking to advantage their own selfish "causes" so as to perpetuate their ludicrous beliefs.
  • Business leaders faced with the prospect of a recession seeking a government bailout and excuse to give their investors.
  • Various civic leaders adopt irrational measures and methods justified by defined irrational circumstances, though the definition is itself an inflated exaggeration.

All of them want to exert more control over the public within the parameters of their respective domains. In other words, their typical hoarding activities are permitted to hoard even more supplied by a government-sponsored justification, though if one were to count the number of those afflicted and die from other diseases, they would quickly see that the Coronovirus is significantly lower. If the same attitude and attention by the foregoing perpetrators was focused on heart disease, obesity and other causes of deformity and death... some of which occur over protracted periods of time due to incubation and dispersal differentials, we would be perpetually bombarded by public conditions of austerity seen in the empty grocery shelves that are not necessary, and only add to the government's ability to control and distract the public from the decadence of a government formula that needs replacing.

While it is claimed there is not shortage of food and other goods, the stupid reason given for the inability of grocery stores to keep their shelves full, which they never are anyway, is due to some ludicrous notion of logistics in getting the goods from warehouses to stores. This is a bona fide lie. It it just a business tactic to try to manipulate consumer behavior.

Why is the media crying about hoarding when American society is filled with business, government and religious leaderships which are the penultimate role models of hoarding. Not to mention journalists who want to hoard all media so as to project itself as the sole arbiter of what is or isn't correct, though so very often their reports are suppositions, guesses, make-believe, what-ifs and out-right lies to stir the public up so as to purchase a particular account and pay homage to a given journalist or journalistic association.

America is a nation of hoarders or there would be no need for "spring cleaning" or for cities to provide large garbage bins along neighborhood streets so that people could throw out their so-called junk; just so people will have more room to make other purchases in order to perpetuate a cycle of consumerism that makes a few enabled to hoard most of the money.

The business community, the government and religions all practice their own models of hording, such as a city's public transportation system, or taxi cab companies, or the trucking industry, or untaxed tithing payments, etc... Hoarding often involves getting a license to hoard a given occupation's goods such as medical, dental and chiropractic treatments. Company after company, religion after religion, and government agency after government agency wants to hoard the greater share of a given activity or market... as a means of control over the public.

When we are faced with empty grocery shelves because it is claimed that the public is engaging in a selfish hoarding behavior, this is due to business, government, and religious leaderships that are the worst offenders. They are the role models the public mimic, yet it is the public that is blamed for food and other goods services, though in actuality it is due to a hoarding of goods and the transportation industry's hoarding of the roadways. Truckers want to hoard the highways and complain about "4-wheelers" getting in their way of making a delivery. They want to be treated as kings of the road whereby everyone should move to the side when they come into view in order to give them clear, unobstructed passage.

Logistics, with respect to getting food and other goods to stores from warehouses can be accomplished more quickly if we use the many thousands of military trucks and airplanes that sit idly in straight rows, like soldiers standing in formation who most likely will do nothing as a daily routine. While some service personnel do work at jobs that are customarily similar to civilian occupations, thousands of soldiers do little to nothing all day long, everyday. They could be better used in so-called peace time to insure for the common defense against the there tyrants (business, government and religion) by making sure there is enough food and other goods being delivered and stocked.... And to think that the Pentagon wants more and more, the lion's share of the entire government budget in order to have the most trucks, planes, armored vehicles and other goods, so they too can be placed into warehouses, only to be replaced in a few years so as to get brand new items. They want more and more in order to offset all the waste which occurs.

Military trucks and other vehicles sitting idle
A Military collection justified by its own brand of hoarding

Here is the post placed on Facebook about the Hoarding hypocrisy:

America's Hoarding Hypocrisy
It's All About Control.

Whereas their is no lack of food or goods, there is a problem with getting the items to the stores being defined by numbskull journalists as a Logistics problem. The military has solved numerous logistics problems of getting supplies to personnel on many occasions. In fact, the military relishes in problems like this to the point of even instigating conflicts so it can play out its many roles and define the situation as a theater and the opposing forces as actors, so as to give a presumed enlightened sophistication to an otherwise event of barbarism.

However, the point to be made with respect to the Hoarding situation which is causing a shortage of goods in stores to the point the scenes are reminiscent of a science fiction end-of-the-world or alien-invasion scenario; is that there is no reason for the public to be treated as if they were soldiers serving time at Valley Forge. The situation is the result not because of a lack of goods and not because the thousands of military trucks and planes and personnel could not be used to assist in the ridiculous idea of a logistics problem; but because corporate America, hand-in-hand with the government and some religious leaders, are so used to hoarding the lion's share of any and all resources as a means of keeping the public under their thumbs and heels, they would rather see the public suffer than lose their control.

  1. It is not enough for the 1% wealthy to have the lion's share of financial resources;
  2. And not enough for the government to keep a strangle hold on the public's ability to control its own government by way of a People's Legislative Branch and instead must suffer the abuses of a deranged Electoral College and an overall phony system of Democracy which is designed to select 70+ year old White men as the most viable and suitable candidates for the Presidency;
  3. Nor enough for religion to mandate itself as the foremost guardian and interpreter of what is God, truth, morality, good, evil, etc.;

Each of these act as tyrants who want to hoard most of the control over the public. In working together or working alone, they want to garner as much of the public's wealth by way of price tags, taxation and tithing.

Welcome Americans. To an artificially created and sustained Valley Forge situation that has nothing to do with a lack of food and other goods, and nothing to do with logistics that are easily solved and resolved by putting Military personnel to provide for the common defense against these three tyrants; but is the desire by these three (according to their embraced philosophies) for maintaining control over the public by persisting in policies which prevents an equitable distribution of goods and services to everyone instead of the self-serving select few. Indeed, we need a new formula of government, a Cenocracy because it doesn't matter what race or gender gets a dominant position in any or all leadership positions, the present structure of government due to a faulty Constitution results in little more than a musical chairs game by which the public must suffer through yet another decade of nonsense.

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Hoarding in America

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