Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
An Angered Citizenry


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An Angered Citizenry in Germany
Fresh G20 clashes in Hamburg, police cars torched

While we have been presenting Angry Citizen's views primarily from the U.S. scene of events, it is necessary to make note of the fact that there is Citizen Anger elsewhere in the world. It is a wide-spread anger which has been seething below the social surface for a long time, and has begun to "effervescently percolate" more frequently and forcibly through the veil... the veneer... of the old "Social Contract" whose validity has expired but the government wants us all to continue using because its habitual leadership and self-serving laws have adapted their bureaucracy to it and refuse to change, despite our pleas for honest and practical improvements to serve the needs of the people in their desire for true progress. Current bureaucracies throughout the world are unable to address the many issues confronting humanity because they are not smart enough and will not listen to those that are, because they would then be left out of the social limelight. A humbled ego is still problematic if it is worn by someone who thinks this behavior alone somehow provides them will a larger spectrum of intelligence, foresight, and wisdom... instead of a stringent conservatism akin to a chemical straight-jacket.

It is a conservatism that embraces a double-standard orientation that the Military in the U.S. should oppose because it is a mentality which the present Republican Congress is using as a reason... as an excuse to slash the endowments to help people and then turn around and give the money to the Military who should view such as act as an attack against the very people whom they are supposed to protect. Medicade and Medicare are exorbitant bills to pay for because the very many different costs of medical treatment are not being addressed. Congress refuses to go after those whose prices are too high. For the military to sit back and do nothing when the well-being of the public is under attack, shows that the military does not actually care about safe-guarding the public, but the greed of government and businesses instead. The military can not be respected for its "silent" (advocacy) role in hurting the very people it is supposed to help. The disgusting, filthy U.S. government is at it again.

House's Budget Increases Military Spending, Slashes Medicare and Medicaid

Though it is being claimed by the government and its associated news supporters that assertive protests termed as (law offending violent protesters) and are being conducted by "Anarchists" (termed home-spun terrorists) and that all Anarchists are to be defined as some consummate evil; the media doesn't report the filthy government actions which have brought the people to this frame of mind because the media has become increasingly out of step with the public consciousness and instead resort to interpretations based on self-illustrated assumptions supported by isolated personal experiences. It is hypocritical and one-sided reporting which assists the government in denying the people to control their government through a collective Will via a mandated National Referendum whose collection, tabulation, and defined message is not manipulated by the government or a confederate thereof.

Again we ask all security forces to stand down and stop acting like mindless or single-minded automatons like those depicted in motion picture portrayals of Roman soldiers and British police units, or they too may suffer the consequences for protecting idiots... whereby we will bury them with all their government-issued medals, citations and belief in phony patriotisms. Indeed, we are angered by a so-called leadership leading us, time and again— into dead-ends which permit a few to prosper by taking advantage of the sufferings of the many. Violence you say? You have not yet seen the violence an angered citizenry is capable of evoking. You ain't seen nothing yet since the "anger management techniques" of government typically resorts to the usage of aggressively confrontational/obstinance methodologies due to the nature of the acceptable use-of-violence training mentality exhibited by many armed and unarmed (Executive/Legislative/Judicial) policing assertions instead of addressing the many social/global issues to the satisfaction of the needs of the people as seen through the collective eyes of the people themselves, along with their experiences and knowledge. We once again ask all military and para-military policing units to stand down and not bring cause for an escalation in assertiveness because the citizenry are being refused the right of the people to create a better government... a Cenocracy!

And when a journalist such as Alia E. Dastagir of USA TODAY speaks of

The State of Hate in America

"They" (journalists) do not include the deepening public enmity felt against the minority of government officials who have the majority of opinion in constructing worthless laws or devising an absurd National Health Care system... defending one stupid idea set in opposition to yet another stupid Healthcare idea; yet all the while presenting both the Trump and Obama-care versions as if they are the only viable alternatives— without giving a damn that both of them are particularly useless in addressing the costs, care and ALL medical concerns which includes the full spectrum of wellness... for everyone on an equal basis and not the absurd form of equality labeled as "accessible", "available", "affordable" and numerous other bureaucratically designed legalistic functionalities which serve to create limitations, obstacles and barriers for millions of people such as the "co-pay" nonsense since it is the public's taxes which are paying for it anyway.

US healthcare system worst among 11 developed nations: Study

The following link is to an article describing the mentality of those who think like Trump. It is entrenching itself in th mentality of some youth and appears to be pervasive in the laws of Florida which reflect a "only the strong survive" and are worthy of protection because they exhibit and practice the same lack of responsibility for ensuring concern for others. With respect to a National Health care system, Trump and the Congress are like the depicted stupid teenagers whose parents should be ashamed and the Florida Legislature should be taken out and shot for feeling no moral responsibility... for an innocent victim who could have been saved, just like millions of people could be saved if only their was full protection under the law. Instead, the attitude and behavior of the teenagers is a reflection of how desperately sick the Nation is growing, particularly when law enforcement are enabled to wash their hands of any wrong doing simply because the Legislature deems the well-being of all its citizens of little worth... just like the U.S. Congress and so many other business and government organizations. The people of the Nation are drowning in so much feces and urine from being pissed and crapped on again and again and again— while the legislatures of the country are consumed by seeing their reflection in selfies, magazines, newspapers, and internet articles... because they get to give themselves raises, cost of living allowances, and full-coverage healthcare... at the expense of a public that is laughed at because it is disabled from doing anything to help themselves.

‘Bro, you scared to see a dead person?’: Teens film, mock man as he drowned, police say

In another perspective of the same event, one can review it in an alternative form: There is no legal duty (or any responsibility) for citizens (or businesses, governments and religions) to help one's fellow humans in distress, even if they are screaming for help and thrashing about in the waves of a dirty social cesspool created by a filthy government that is not legally obligated to help citizens... no matter how much they struggle. The government can be just as selfish, self-centered and laughing about another's distress just like the stupid kids who should be drafted into the military, police, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, and Border patrol, so that they can use their lack of concern to be effective combatants without a conscience... and rely on a statement of "collateral damage" to feel good about themselves in accomplishing some objective applied to a larger rationale of unconcern.

No less, the right to be "legally immoral" is a common theme playing out throughout the world and helps provide a reason, an excuse for the US Congress not to be fully concerned about the country's disgusting state of political affairs that reminds many of the idiocy of a "Banana Republic"... and actually do something of lasting value about America's atrocious Healthcare system. There is no legal duty for Congress to actually do anything even though the the Declaration of Independence outlined a rationale for justifying its right to secede from Britain bases on a right to have the power to do such things such as provide for the common defense. Congress is not obligated to have to do anything in any length of time, though it does occasionally do something in order to enforce its ability to be slothful in its activities if it so desires. There is no Constitutional right for the people to be taken care. Congress typically does the least it can in order to satisfy some measure of those causing social disruptions. Hence, the people have no legal... Constitutional right to demand for the government to address any of its concerns. The government will continue to be lazy because this is how the Constitution is designed. The Constitution is a declaration of laziness and non-obligation. With the federal and state governments as role models of non-obligation to help those in distress, which most of us are in one way or another, we really shouldn't be surprised to see youth exhibiting the same lack of empathy and concern.

Yes, we the majority hate so very many government and business minorities because they are permitted to have a majority of opinion in persuading which laws are to be enacted and what direction they think the Nation should be headed in. When there is widespread unfairness because the form of democracy being used was initially designed as a formula of unfairness and continues to be so, of course there is going to be growing incidents of anger that will amalgamate like any source of energy that needs an outlet (such as volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, Tornadoes, etc.). The people need their own Peoples Legislative Branch that will guarantee a collective voice which will enable forthright changes to be made in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and subsequent laws, because the presently designed "Representative" model is an idiotic farce because present elections systems are constructed as instruments of voter manipulation beginning with who is enabled to run for office because of all the obstacles involved... leaving those to be voted on as a lineup of the "lesser of evils" to choose from, without an option to effectively select "none of the above" in order to get better candidates.

And it is particularly absurd to have a form of government in which many government officials can simply be selected by an idiot such as Trump whose sycophantic followers in Congress may or may not have to approve of, whereby the selected candidate advances anti-public... and in some cases, anti-Constitution rules that provide for the government or some individualized department thereof... to effect a piracy against the public, such as Jeff Sessions' idea of Civil Asset Forfeiture which must be distinguished from Criminal Asset Forfeiture; but uses the logic applied to Criminal Asset Forfeiture to rationalize the use of confiscating goods from the public to assist in increasing the funding of Law Enforcement agencies so that they will be enabled to better protect those who create laws that fill their departmental coffers... and let the people be damned if they don't like it. Session's has spit in the face of the 14th Amendment:

Amendment XIV
Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Source: Legal Information Institute

Taylor Millard: The new DOJ guidelines on asset forfeiture are obscene

We The People must have someone better than all the following examples put together— along with a New Government... a Cenocracy! with a Peoples Legislative Branch. None of the following past candidates are good enough to help produce the progressive government the people need. Heaven help us all if any one of them show up in 2020, or anyone who is presently in Congress, at the head of any corporation, the military or some self-serving religious entity (which they all are)... The present political system is a joke because it is like a magnet which attracts the same type of non-progressive idiocy in different colors, flavors, and vocabulary. It is stupid to continue the same nonsense every four years like a circadian rhythm locked into a cycle of deterioration. Every ballot for every election should contain the option "none of the above" in order to force a new election with better candidates because so many terrible ones enter into the fray and the system can not easily correct its mistakes once they are made because of political party legitimacy issues which support elected idiots.

2016 US Republican Presidential Candidates
2016 US Democratic Presidential Candidates

However, there are numerous other candidates we might want to include in this list, and yet... amongst those that most people in the Nation may not have even heard of before, may be THE candidate the country and world actually needs. Because the populace of the nation was/is unable to hear the views of most of the candidates in the list of those Presidential candidates who were not enabled to compete fairly because the political and elections systems are rigged in favor of a few over the many, the people are not able to be adequately Represented because the overal governing system is fixed to assist a few over the majority by legislating criteria which assists in "contouring" eligibility requirements. This link provides a list of other Presidential candidates many people are not even aware of:


The American People and the World needs someone who is better than all of these contestants put together. All of them constitute what may be called the "bench warmers" "mascots" or ABCDE "F squad". They like being associated with the team and wearing the uniform of the home team (or some imagined underdog criteria) and being referenced as a team player, but do not have any substantial talent or gift... over the mediocrity that thousands of others could bring to the game if given a chance to play in the ludicrous political arena ... Many of those vying for some political position are but an office manager with no exceptional ability and can do little but maintain the operations which are already in place, despite the public's desire for introducing improvements that far too many politicians do not have a clue as to what is being described. They would recite the Presidential Oath of Office as it is instead of substituting the word "Constitution" with the word "citizens", because the people are uniformly considered secondary or tertiary to the government whose arrogance and egotism puts itself before the needs of the public. While some politicians will claim that it is many in the public who live in information silos, so do politicians who think the public should adopt their self-serving world view at the expense of the public... of which the laughable health-care fiasco is a small example of the prevailing incompetence the people are subjected to.

None of them are good enough to take us into the much-need progressive era humanity has got to come to grips with regarding health care, education, over-population, pollution, environmental/species issues, military/industrial collusions, government/business collusions, and the overall deterioration of the planet which demands that humanity seek a viable contingency of continuation beyond the confines of this planetary system... and that neither NASA, its counterparts in other countries, nor a space agency run by the military will enable us to pursue this larger goal as if the tomorrow we all dread is only three days away. In other words, their goals are too short-sighted and are based on faulty calculations with respect to adaptation requirements and the urgency with which the pursuit for livable space elsewhere must be addressed. Continuing deteriorations caused by various forms of unaddressed or mis-addressed issues will result in the need for a freedom-limiting police state because the present design of the government is not capable of sustaining the "democracy illusion" it has known in years past. Governments are inherently too slow to adapt to needed changes because they are run by those who enter into government as a maintenance personnel, or someone professing "change" which often is little more than a change in the labeling of an old idea or replacing those who run an old program as well as updating equipment to better run an old system in order to give the impression that progress has been achieved. More often than not, "change" amounts to a shells game, confidence scam, or Ponzi scheme... like the present operation of Social Security.

Correctly addressing the many issues confronting humanity will necessitate a vastly different form of existence involving a form of democracy never practiced on the scale it needs to be implemented. In fact, "Democracy" as it is written in text books is a vastly antiquated notion based on the ideology of a philosophy born in an era of primitive realizations. All the issues that are either not being addressed, side-stepped, or re-labeled to suit other motivations will come to bear on humanity like a once innocent scratch that was allowed to fester into a deep wound. The mental state of politics today is equivalent to the age in which trephination (punching a hole in one's head), amputation, burning at the stake, being left for dead or used for cannibalistic rituals (now called "collateral damage"), is the means of dealing with problems. And yes... the state of Political thinking the world over is extremely primitive because political systems attract primitive thinking people who like the status quo... or a status quo defined as progressive.

It is unfortunate that so many political systems are obstacles to progress that are served by those who know how to maintain the core of an old system while decorating its fringes with a different vocabulary or different people who think like they do, in order to give the impression of change and progress. This thus requires a New Age of protest that does not contribute to fighting police in the streets... though this can be used as a diversion while others direct their protests in more definitive ways directly against those social leaders who are in opposition. If the only way to execute developmental progressive change is to execute those in opposition, this option must be placed onto the table so that those in opposition know all too well what is at stake.

When we have a governing body that does not comprehend that the design of the government is an integral part of the problem— because it permits idiots to be elected into a position they have no business in, and those in such positions do not have the mental acumen to deal effectively with growing anger except to fight against it, buy it off with worthless trinkets whose value deteriorates more quickly than a new car purchase the moment it is driven off , or escalate conditions because underlying issues are being ineffectively addressed... the people have no choice but to fight for their very survival by way of an uprising! If we are all headed towards hell, then let us make sure that business, government and religious figures enter first because they claim to be our leaders. And let us not forget to include that the media is an integral part of the Hate problem as well despite its ludicrous attempts to express a desire for peace or exhibit examples of peaceful demonstrations which very often do not accomplish a thing except to permit a few citizens to vent their anger into the wind like spent steam that serves little productive purpose.

The News Media has been shirking in its responsibility to expose America's phony democracy, particularly emphasized by a rigged political system which would permit such a mentally deranged creature as Trump to get into the highest political office... that in any other country would have been quickly followed by a military coup d'état.

The American political system is in desperate trouble when the value of America's greatness is being represented by such a desperately ill White House staff and host of Congressional supporters who don't give a damn about the people except how to best manipulate them to serve their career interests— or Americans would have a National Health Care system second-to-none in the world in low costs and high services without all the back stabbing bull shit the people are having to either put up with or deliver such a violent message that no government nor anyone involved in the entire medical services industry will forget for a very long time. A government system that is not self-correcting, is particularly troublesome and needs to be replaced. Trump should never have been allowed to enter the White House... and yet, because he did, is a stark reminder of how irreversibly faulty America's phony democracy is.

Here's a reference by Sarah Kliff of CNBC about a critical issue regarding healthcare that is not being addressed by legislators, but the people are going to be forced to, perhaps by using extreme violence such as killing a few top executives in the American Medical Association, Pharmaceutical industry, Hospital staffs, medical equipment manufacturing, medical supplies, etc... (And yes, violence does work... that's why it is termed a valid option by the military and police units.):

The Senate bill does nothing to fix America's biggest health care problem

U Stupid Americans

Trump's government is a friend to no country that does not practice his kind of bigotry, sexism, and selfishness. Amongst those in the International community, the three letters "USA" have become a monogrammed tattoo standing for " U Stupid Americans". If Trump is allowed to continue in his reign of madness, "USA" will become the mark of a degenerate society. Trump has cheapened the world renown name brand in his efforts to overlay his name on it. And this is very bad for business since the three letters "GNP" will come to stand for "Great National Poverty" instead of "Great National Prosperity". It is a level and type of privation signaled by the previously unknown degree to which the nation is suffering from a wide-spread mental illness summed up by being labeled "Trumpitis" in order to indicate the pervasiveness of an antiquated mode of thinking... of conceptualizing a world-vision which is out of place in the current global reality.

Here is one aspect of the Great National Poverty seen in homelessness:

BBC World News: Los Angeles' homeless crisis goes from bad to worse

Trump's distortion of reality wants him to initiate a crackdown on counterfeit "Made in America" goods, which competes with him and his interests as representing authentic American Greatness like himself and all his ideas. If he is what represents authentic American Greatness, humanity is in dire trouble since he, his family and his Administrations are the consummate fake.

Trump seeks crackdown on 'Made in America' fakes

But understanding the stupidity of America requires us to take a walk through history, though the following Smithsonian documenteray is but a miniscule representation of the hypocrisy which persists and continues to grow because business, government and religion is enslaving the people to recreate its mistakes again and again and again in different ways and different eras, with so-called cures later to be realized as yet another type of problem. Colloquially expressed, just as one person's junk is another person's treasure, one person's perspective of what they think exemplifies greatness, is another person's evidence of mediocrity or over-valuation and their ignorance about America's so-called greatness. If America was as great as some believe, the people wouldn't have to be routinely subjected to so much idiocy in government, greed in business, and delusion in religion. And yet, laughably, Americans are said to be GREAT because of their resilience and fortitude to adversity... such as in the face of damaging acts of Nature... without taking stock of the fact that most of the damaging acts come from the self interest natures of business, government and religious zealots.

You Tube link to above presentation

By spending time with "Trumpites", one learns that they harbor a world view that existed in the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, and perhaps a few years into the 1970's... though one might argue for a much earlier period in history as well. It gives evidence that a portion of the population is experiencing a revival of antiquated ideas which they find comfort in during times of disillusionment and confusion because social progress has been stymied by a form of government that is out of step with the needs of the people and can not get in step, regardless of what drum beat is being played, because they are being sponsored by a type and level of greed that is non-conducive to the growth of humanity's body, mind, soul and spirituality... with the latter referencing a non-traditional sense of religious perspicuity. It is an old world-view that is marked by an inclination towards bully-ness, intimidation and demanding behavior attached to a self-serving narcissism and not a desire for friendship, compassion and interactive cooperation with the entire state of humanity. Humanity can not progress with such a dead weight dragging it down and backwards into the recesses of utter nonsense.

Steps by the Government to increase Security Measures for Legislators and other federal workers whose activities are set against the public will not work... because the people will simply "remove" those who are placed into positions of security... even if those so assigned are likewise assigned with their own security details and those security details are provided their own security... and so on and so forth. Succinctly put, the people will necessarily target those assigned to security details and the army of lobbyists set against the propitious needs of the public... even if it means addressing the issue of effecting a more honest Democracy if family members of security details (and lobbyists) must be placed into the equation. Desperate times will call for desperate measures and the usage of strategies neither the military nor law enforcement operations have ever encountered— except for perhaps in their nightmares. The government is creating a public mentality of using enhanced protest methodologies because there is no other effective way of getting the government to defer to the Will of the people that is being given no choice but to develop a Cenocratically-minded military force.

If need be, the Cenocratic force will remove all those who are in the Presidential succession line-up of potential replacements, in order to ensure that the topic of developing a New formula of Government... instead of the phony Representative model of so-called democracy takes place. However, just because some people think successive killings would take place in this order, that's your logic, not ours.

No. Office
1 Vice President
2 Speaker of the House of Representatives
3 President pro tempore of the Senate
4 Secretary of State
5 Secretary of the Treasury
6 Secretary of Defense
7 Attorney General
8 Secretary of the Interior
9 Secretary of Agriculture
10 Secretary of Commerce
11 Secretary of Labor
12 Secretary of Health and Human Services
13 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
13 Secretary of Transportation
15 Secretary of Energy
16 Secretary of Education
17 Secretary of Veterans Affairs
18 Secretary of Homeland Security

Truncated from this source: United States presidential line of succession

The White House feels that there should be more outrage against those who... even jokingly... speak of killing the idiot Trump, because no violence should be tolerated... yet Trump's political platform is one in which verbal violence is a mainstay... along with policies executing some form of violent opposition against those he dislikes. The White House statement surely is a joke and describes the White House as having been transformed into a circus of very bad comedians, clowns and flim-flam side-show barkers Impeach Trump Logo who should be tarred and feathered. It is an embarrassing disgrace for America to showcase such a dunce as Trump as a Representative of what is supposedly GREAT!? about America. America has surely been hit over the head with an idiot stick to let such nonsense continue... just as the public did when Hitler began his rise towards expressing his views. Someone should do the world a favor and put Trump, Pence and most members of Congress out of the public's misery and not just impeach him as those at: Impeachment March Organization are calling for. Every crime syndicate on the planet should take out a contract on him and his— and everyone else who follows closely in his footsteps. So let's began a new protest mantra:

"One to the heart, two to the head... Kill Trump (and his cronies)— Kill them dead."

It is particularly ironic for the White House to claim there is not enough outrage against those who quite rightly deem it appropriate to kill the top White House clown when the topic of "violence" is not being discussed in terms of that being carried out by the White House itself... such as its self-serving attacks against discussions and actions on the deepening climate crisis, health care absurdity and even the traditions of America's phony democracy... to name but three instances of the government's atrocious gangland mentality... though the White house attacks against the News Media's reports of the government's nonsense is a slap in the face to every person who values freedom of speech used in an effort to expose government fraud and duplicity. No less, let us not forget to mention the safe-guarding of America's so-called Great Democracy by an entourage of military personnel who excuse themselves from having to think on their own by stating they are good at following orders... like a jackass being led by a carrot, apple or lump of sugar tide to a string held by a stick in the hands of an idiot and illegitimate wagon master like Trump.

One example of the fraud and duplicity is the present increase of railway workers to handle the increased shipments of coal that are part of a shells or musical chairs type of game most of the public is oblivious to; as a subsidized effort to give the impression to coal miners that trump has kept his word to assist the failing goal industry, that actually helps the billionaire coal industrialists but does not necessarily equate with greater employment for individual coal miners. In other words, he is using public money to subsidize the income for the wealthy. Because the railway is subsidized as are many other transportation activities, railways don't care if they participate in a game of duplicity against the public so long as they get a steady paycheck. Yet the increased goal can only be either stock-piled or kept moving on train cars because the entire world... except Trump in his madness, respects the value to have a scientific panel of experts advising for the need to move away from the usage of pollutants harming all life forms by seeking alternative forms of energy that mandates— if anyone is to get rich off such a new industry then it will be the entire public and not someone who gives a kickback to some government official.

Here's another take on fraud and duplicity concerning ratings agencies who perceive themselves to be forthright soothsayers, as seen from a different vantage point assigned to a specific case, as outlined by Jake Novak, senior columnist at CNBC.com:

Here's why Illinois budget Armageddon will spread

Granted some readers may not view the actions of the ratings agencies to be fraudulent or duplicitous, only because they are not privy to the knowledge that such ratings agencies have their own agendas... just like all businesses.

When the three witches of Macbeth are portrayed by the three Branches of the American government, the well-known expression found in Shakespeare's Hamlet is applicable since the U.S. government is a rising star on the world stage of comedians, clowns, and court jesters:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Trump (etc.), Than are dreamt of in your idiocy.... and the ignorance of your followers.

The Actors Johnny Depp and John Wilkes Booth

Here is an example of a pro-Trump attitude that decry's those celebrities who speak (seriously in a joking way) about killing Trump, but give the impression of faltering in their support because Trump has not kept his supposed promises to them:

Yahoo News: Conservative activists hold muted rallies in Washington

Here's another view that supports Trump... in a fashion... by describing how stupid he is:

"In private, three administration officials conceded that they could not publicly articulate their most compelling — and honest — defense of the president for divulging classified intelligence to the Russians: that Mr. Trump, a hasty and indifferent reader of his briefing materials, simply did not possess the interest or the knowledge of the granular details of intelligence gathering to leak specific sources and methods of intelligence gathering that would harm American allies."

Source: New York Times: At a Besieged White House, Tempers Flare and Confusion Swirls

Many in the public not only want Trump dead, but all of his assorted cronies and many of those in Congress as well... not to mention those amongst the citizenry who think Trump represents a decisive move away from a traditional system of government that has produced so many terrible policies because they reflect personal, self-serving political agendas like those carried out by Bush and Cheney. When the stupidity of the American political/governing system has left the public with no other means of dealing with the various forms of verbal and legislated violence conducted by politicians— attacking the right of the public to speak of wanting to kill them or that they should be dead... is an attack against freedom of speech because it is part of a political program to manipulate the public into having the same distorted world vision that the idiots in the White House have. It is rather stupid for anyone to apologize for "jokingly" describing instances of assassination when the very theme of wishing for Trump to die, or wanting to kill him, or wanting someone to do the world a favor by assassinating him and his ilk— is a topic of common conversation and desire amongst millions if not billions of people! If you're dumb enough to stand in front of those idiots who are causing so much trouble for the public, then you should be killed as well. Screw your titles, badges, and legal mumbo-jumbo that does little to protect millions of innocents from the crimes committed by politicians and corporations.

Trump is a filthy, disgusting, embarrassing disgrace not only to Americans but the entire human species... and the News Media has a dutiful right to expose his lunacy to the those who are caught up in the illusion... or rather delusion... that someone with a political title means they are someone transformed into a great and wonderful person who can do no wrong and is superior to everyone else.

It's no wonder people are asking their physicians to be vaccinated against the zombie disease called Trumpitis!

Where is Oswald when we need him... (or whomever killed J.F. Kennedy— Jimmy Hoffa, and various other unsolved deaths: Wikipedia: List of Unsolved Deaths). How ridiculous for the public to be able to collectively think about killing the Trump idiot but not allowed to speak their minds. Such is the state of America's phony democracy. When it is politically correct for the public to openly speak of wanting Trump dead, who are we to question the growing mood of the Nation and World? It is an outrage to hear someone rationally say that Trump and his cohorts in and out of Congress should be killed...and then they succumb to the irrationality of deferring to the self-centered view of those who are the targets of the public's disdain and enmity by retracting their statement. Every single celebrity should apologize to the public for not denouncing Trump and his cronies and firmly say they would like to see him, the entire White House Staff and most members of Congress, the Supreme Court, and multiple entities in the Judicial Branch... dead and either left to rot in Death Valley, Nevada instead of being used as fish or gator food... because these life forms might die from such disgusting biological filth if they had to eat such rotting and morally maggot-filled creatures.

But such Cenocratically intended views are not about advocating Anarchy, riots or creating a social mood of terrorism nor disrupting commercial processes and economic discord. Nor is it about some simple-minded religious nonsense, acquiring fiscal wealth or wielding power as it now functions on behalf of selective lobbyist interests who don't actually give a damn about how much the people suffer, so long as they make a buck. Yet, if military, para-military and private security details are not going to stand down in order to preserve the right of the people to over-throw the government and create a better one, and instead choose to protect idiots in business and government whose philosophical premise is to undermine the Will of the people to create an Actual Democracy or whatever form of government best suits the people in a given era... as determined by the people themselves; then those in such security positions should be fully aware that they may well receive the same fate as so-called social leaders when the people are forced to aggressively confront them in efforts to secure a better form of self-governance. It is appreciably necessary to note that we ask for such security forces to Stand Down on their own volition to preserve and protect the right of the public to have a full pledge of Democracy; and we are not asking for them to surrender nor sacrifice their patriotic duty to the collective Will of the people that is rarely if ever collected and collated because of a stark absence of a Congressionally mandated Peoples Referendum that is not subjected to various forms of hoop jumping that can be undermined.

Soliders who are good at taking orders don't necessarily think well on their own.

However, with respect to patriotism it is particularly disturbing to witness how terribly naive one ex-special forces soldier is as described in the short video:

Youtube: What elite forces are saying about Trump

With respect to the video, let us ask... What's this? To speak of courage and technical aptitude but no political acumen? No elite mentality to go along with elite tactical skills? No enriched philosophical appreciation of political and social constructs with which to have an informed opinion in order to carry out an "elite" operational objective on behalf of humanity instead of some idiot politician placed into the position of being your commander and chief who has the I.Q. of a peanut? You've got to be kidding. How can there be no interest in politics when some of those who attend military academies are there because of political appointments... and so much of the Military Budget as well as operational activity is due to politics? It's pretty convenient to excuse one's inability to think for themselves by saying they're good at taking orders. The excuse is part of the larger farce to conceal the lack of democracy by a military that doesn't practice the democracy it preaches to others.

The Logic of Elite Military Forces

The problem with the claims of having an elite military force is that the number of failed missions to those which are accomplished, is a statistic that might well be quite embarrassing if it were known. For all the elite equipment and supposed elite training, the number of failed missions might well exceed the number of accomplished ones, if an honest and accurate tally were taken. However, any ratio provided by the military would be suspect.

How can a citizenry take pride in a military it has to pay for but are not likewise enabled to share in the many benefits, when its elite forces have to be led-by-the-nose because they aren't permitted to think on their own and deduce that the political system they are told to protect, defend and preserve is in deep trouble because it lacks the very democracy they are told to imagine as existing when it does not? For all the recruiting efforts to standardize the increase in education as a requirement for entry into a military service, what the public is subjected to is an elite form of sub-standardly educated dimwits to make up both conventional and so-called elite forces who are trained to "think for themselves" in a constrained context of led-by-the-nose rationalizations— to go along with whatever their non-voted-in superiors tell them to do... like any trained mongrel mutt whose malleable brawn... subjected to a 'barking' system of positive and negative reinforcements... is the primary requirement to go along with a miscible brain that is void of a mind enabled to think for itself for the sake of humanity instead of demented politicians or the self-centered interests of businesses./p>

Such Special Forces "Fringes" need to get off the sidelines, away from their respective sandboxes, romped in watering holes or skydiving antics and recognize the so-called Commander and Chief is a village idiot who needs to be walked to the edge of town and put out of his misery by an act of collateral damage from friendly fire, fragging or deliberate execution if need be. And these so-called Elite forces shouldn't attempt to defend their rather stupid militarist orientation by describing some idealized... neurotically rationalized effort... of protecting some sort of ludicrously believed-in phony democracy when the military itself is aligned most closely with socialism and communism as noted in the forthcoming list. The Nation nor humanity needs such hypocrisy coming from the so-called "elite" military forces who are afraid to think for themselves and see the error in their pseudo-logic. Patriotism is one thing. Patriotic stupidity another. The Elite forces of America are showing the world how "Elitely" ignorant their type of patriotism actually is, because it depends wholly on a level of being naively manipulated that most grade-school children grow out of.

Here is a reporter's view on the perception of the military involving Trump: What does the Military think of Donald Trump?

Here is another naive... if not stupid perception regarding how much the Green Berets mean to Trump. (Why do Green Berets act like little kids being invited to a Circus when shuffled into the oval office? Surely the Green Berets need to grow up. If this is the required childish attitude and aptitude of those in the Green Beret, heaven help us all if the public is supposed to feel such a photo opportunity for Trump has any real meaning for the Green Berets or the Military in general.): What Trump Did For 18 Green Berets Is Stunning Americans… Media Silent

Here are some other related views by veterans:

Former Navy SEAL Who Reportedly Shot Bin Laden Lashes Out At Sanders Over VA Comment
What do US Veterans think of Donald Trump?
Daily Caller: The military wants trump to be president
What does the Army think of Donald Trump?
Muslim Times: What Does the Military Think of Donald Trump?

And yet, even though we may note there exists a mix of political views amongst veterans and active duty personnel, let us also note that the Pentagon loves anyone in government whose world-view mimics their own and provides them with support for more funding and permits them to carry out military operations typically involving some level of strong-arming, intimidation, coercion, destruction of property and death... not to mention all the "collateral damage" carried out under the guise of some notion involving the standardized philosophy of a phony democracy... even though most military personnel may be oblivious of the many hypocrisies they practice under the guise of some ritualized patriotic fervor.

However, and this is not meant to provide an excuse for the military's many hypocrisies, let's be fair and note that the Elite military get training to hone what some believe to be their nature-endowed instinctual predatory skills, like those who are differentially trained to hone their own type of predatory instincts... frequently termed "investigative, savaging, hunting, team cooperation, etc...", in academics, biology, business, counseling, criminality, fund raisers, legal defence/prosecution, mathematics, medicine, physics, political science, politics, religion, social work, sports, stock market, etc... Yet, if you were to remove this or that or all types of resources, you would then know the limits of a given person's or group's adaptive matrix. By identifying such, the predator can easily become an easy prey.

Here are some views regarding Trump's obvious mental illness issues:

Mental health professionals warn Trump is incapable of being president
Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference
Donald Trump's mental health 'keeps getting worse', Washington insiders claim

Whenever one has to deal with the government or some government agency they must be vigilant or find themselves caught up in a system of rationalized hypocrisy of self-protection because there is a lot of money or other resources involved; and is similarly seen in the private sector as expressed by the American Heart Association's denouncement of coconut oil and support for corn and soybean oil... which reads more like a government economist supporting one government subsidized industry over another. The American Heart Association and the American Medical Association are both in league with the government providing a lousy National Health Care system. The American Heart Association's comments are like those of a salesman wanting the public to buy into a product based on their views... which sounds so very much like the sales pitch used by old snake oil peddlers. Because there is so much money to be made in sickness, disease and injury, it is foolish for them to support a viable National Health Care system... much less provide honest and accurate health information so that the public would be healthy enough not to need their services. And so we have a society in which one dependency after another is created... and enforced. You name it and there will likely exist some formula of dependency used to exploit the public used by business, government or religion.

When we have an entire government establishment that persists in a political system of perpetrating and perpetuating social dysfunctionality, discord, disenfranchisement and disharmony, there can be no real social health because the government is so desperately diseased and sick, especially when it expects the people to overlook such debilities by being duped and drunk on patriotic delusions and the illusions of a democracy. Neither the medical establishment, pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies or food manufacturers tied to government want the public to be too healthy, or they would suffer a huge loss in revenue. They like obesity... in others... they like cancer, tooth decay, mental illness, and so many other ailments... because such conditions provide them with their own comparable notions of being a part of an aristocracy in their respective social stratum. The same goes for an institutionalized system of military whose existence relies on the presence of a non-peace attitude... otherwise there would be government sponsored centers on peace in every town that were not tied to religion or other ideological incongruity— and peace/conflict resolution would be a class and graduation requirement for all ages, and not be relegated to some government diplomacy sector so that discussions of peace can be (laughably) portrayed as the purview of some great government expertise.

Republicans and Democrats screwing the public

Let us all become fully cognizant that there is a growing sentiment that the only way to create positive change on behalf of the people is by the use of force which necessarily considers that we are heading towards an extremely violent confrontation in order to secure a better way of life for all those who share in such an altruistic social perspicuity... because putting a gun to the head of various social leaders for the good of the public is not enough... as seen by the irrelevance which traditional protests are being responded to... Thus leading us to the need of forcing change by squeezing the trigger... since following the traditions of either Republicans or Democrats means the public gets screwed. And this says little about the intentions of traditional Independents, Libertarians, Socialists, Anarchists, Communists and various other institutionalized social preoccupations. Indeed, what is called for is a new form of government.

We need a new ideological premise upon which to build a coalition of like- minded adherents who will coordinate activities with a centralized goal on behalf of the people, even though many in the public are unaware of such thinking taking place. This is the beginning of a Revolution of, by and for— the peoples right to govern themselves without all the B.S. they are presently confronted with in the present phony democracy. Although many may disagree in your methods, they too will benefit in the long run. Let all protest organizations notch-up their efforts to create change for the better. The old ways of protesting are not working. You must develop a new strategy... but not as some stupid religion-bound naive terrorist who has been persuaded to carry out activities of death and destruction on innocents defined as an infidel (the unfaithful). If only Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism would ideologically grow up, they could do so much good for so many and not rely on various methodologies of emotional manipulation and social/familial exploitation.

Source for elephant and donkey image: Cafepress Bumper Stickers

Because government and business officials have become immune to the public's usage of traditional protest methodologies; whereas protests have to be used when no existing means of altering bad governance exists as a logical 'given' in a system of government that strives to undermine, subvert and controvert the Will of the people— What a Republican Government does to the Public the public is being forced to develop more definitive strategies with an accompanying rational and trenchant philosophical temerity supported by a system of unconstrained mathematical syllogistic indices... whether or not particularized common-place public articulations indulge in such language sophistications instead of the trite political and legal 'integuments' used by wanna-be intellectual social leaders whose Republican (elephant mascot) alliance describes a mental irrationality as depicted in the present image and metaphorically describes the public having to contend with a oversized Republican Congress... since rogue elephants are known to rape and murder... with impunity, those who are smaller than themselves. (The White House has the largest Trumpeting rouge in the entire history of the American government and the design of the government prohibits any rational intervention to make corrective changes against the lunacy of a Wall Street-backed roguish Capitalism that tells the public that it is their democratic, civil and patriotic duty to be screwed...like those in the past who thought it was honorable to be used as cannon fodder... and has so very much become the American Way of life.)

Source for elephant image: The Generalist: Elephant News

If such aforementioned security details choose to wear Kevlar vests, they can be shot in the head and/or groin or some extremity. If they decide to wear Kevlar helmets, underwear, socks, etc., or some other similar protective gear, then Molotov cocktails, flame throwers or various forms of grenading can be used against them... particularly during daily moments of vulnerability such as when using a toilet, eating, having sex, telling bedtime stories to their kids, etc... Whatever is used to protect idiots who protect yet other idiots who do harm to the public, such exercises will initiate the need for escalated retaliatory measures. Generations of Electronic Gamers already think in such terms... albeit such perspectives are not yet directed against the idiocy of government officials and their counter-part protectionist dummies. If every hacker and gamer turned their sights towards the government, it will signal the end of the stupidity the Nation has to suffer generation after generation because of a phony democracy. For all their claims of performing some ludicrous "official" government action on behalf of the public, the public can use the same terminology when labeling such enemies "officially" dead. And they may be buried with all the commercialized honors they want... just so long as they can no longer wreak the havoc they do on so many innocent lives. The only reason "they" are presently winning is because the public is playing by their self-serving rules. The system need not collapse, if taken into account, when the rules are altered to fit the real needs of the Nation and overall species. More and more are preparing for an eventual Cenocratic assault on the present government of nonsense in order to create a better way of life.

The people need a new form of government even though at present some are confused, disoriented and otherwise unsure of what form of government would be best... since the form of government they have been subjected to is an erroneous democracy, socialism, and communism... and more in tune with a self-serving Coporatocracy or Aristocratic-Plutocracy or the British formula of monarchical nonsense. Eventually those in power will come up against those in the public arena whose efforts to eradicate them will be most formidable and not the garden variety of politically neurotic would-be assassin. All that is needed is funding. Since a very "assertive" protest is already being mentally constructed as a necessity in various walks of life amongst both men and women... young and old; individualized attacks on government officials is assisting in creating a public callousness... nay, a hardness against feeling any sympathy for those who are viewed as being anti-thetical to a greater promise of future viability for the Nation and all of humanity... but the present form of government is in the way. It prefers to instigate conflicts so as to feather its cap aligned with its traditionalized chip on its shoulder to give the impression of toughness and greatness instead of its inherent insecurities and weakness. (It is of value to notice that there is no outcry, no collective public condemnation (except for government aligned journalists) when a politician is attacked since there is a widespread disconcern for those whose efforts are not supportive of the public's short and long-term needs.

In other words, (and this is not to be interpreted as a publicly announced threat or premeditation... but is a point of fact when using an armchair vantage point of analysis and observational strategy being used by many in the public): there is a way to get to politicians (and others in social power positions) if the people want to... and we have no need of using social media to announce our intentions... as a type of bragging used to mollify feelings of uncertainty and boost confidence prior to an assault— intentions that will make sure the targets within one's sights are not to be wounded nor maimed... but torn asunder so that they can do no more harm to the people... so their insanity will eventually meet with the fate described by John Donne in his "Death Be Not Proud" poem. The people do not have to conform to some ridiculous logic of presumed "fair-play" and status-quo rationality to fit the desires of those whose idealisms are out of step with the needs of the public. Labeling a person or crowd as something irrational, unpatriotic, illegal or undemocratic will not forestall the eventuality of righting so very many wrongs perpetrated on the public by the government aligned with protectionist-oriented corporations and the military-industrial complex. All the disgusting self-serving patriotic, moralistic, family values rhetoric used as an act of public manipulation will not suffice to stop the people from creating a better government that does not act like a back stabbing, double-dealing and two-faced criminal! Americans are being forced to resort to the usage of violence because there are no provisions for the voice of the people to be heard and respected in terms of creating laws voted on by the people instead of so-called Representatives who don't actually work on behalf of the People! If they did, the people would not have the pathetic Health Care system they do and businesses would not be allowed to rape the coffers of the public to satisfy their greed. When countries such as Cuba, Canada, Britain and others have a better health care system and the GNP (Gross National Product) of the United States dwarfs them all, there is something decidedly rotten, smelly and festering in U.S. politics.

America's Phony Democracy, Be Not Proud

America's phony Democracy, be not proud, though some have called thee
So Mighty and dreadful a government, for thou art not so;
For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow
Die not, poor false Democracy, nor yet canst thou kill truth.
From poverty and corruption, which but thy imperialism be,
Much displeasure; then from thee much more continues to flow,
And soonest the worst men and women with thee do go,
Rest of their greed, and malfeasance delivery.
Thou too art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate idiots,
And dost with intimidation, war, terrorism, and Trump nonsense dwell,
And cocaine, armaments, and lousy health care can make us sleep as well
And better than thy double-standard stroke; why swell'st thou then?
One short
Cenocratic Revolution past, we wake eternally
And Trump stupidity shall be no more; phony Democracy, thou shalt die.

At present, according to the unseen statistics provided by the web page hosting service... the 2ns most frequented article is Homosexuality: The New Nazism. While the most frequented article has been: Military Benefits are Basic Necessities (that every citizen should have), where the organizational profile of the military is outlined to illustrate its practice of a non-democracy... such as the following criteria:

The Socialist Practices of a Communistically-based Welfare system designated as a Military Program:
  •    The Military has no interest in practicing a Democracy.

    (It is viewed as a bureaucratized dictatorship.)

  •    The Military's pseudo-economic system is based on a (specialized and extremely expensive) Welfare State.

  •    The Military claims to be a champion of democracy but refuses to practice democracy itself.

  •    The Military has No Voting System..

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Health Care System.

    (Everybody has 100% coverage without being forced to abide by protectionist insurance rackets
    or pharmaceutical company nonsense in order to make a few people rich.)

...The Veterans Administration's Health Care program is an extension of this
Socialist Doctrine
— that is denied to the citizens whose taxes pay for it... —

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Housing System.


  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Basic Income Program.

    (Everybody has an income.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.

    (Everybody has a job.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Legal System.

  •    It is an hypocrisy to promote a democracy that is not permitted amongst one's own personnel.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Religious Services System.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Feeding/Nutrition system.

    (No One Goes Hungry.)
    There is no need for Food Banks or )

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.

    (Cafeterias, Mess Halls.)

  •    The Military has no need of Food Banks, Charities, or Unemployment Compensation practices.

  •    The Military is slowly adopting the practice of recruiting a cadre of enlisted personnel as a temporary workforce to use and abuse and be able to refuse them the allowance of retiring from the military with a pension... and eventually even Veterans medical benefits— as cost-cutting efforts to provide more money for armaments; and to reserve more resources for a growing aristocratic-plutocracy of officers who are fashioning the military into a militarist society of electronic "gamesters".

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Laundry system.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Merit, Promotion, Reward system.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation Allotments.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Communistic) Clothing Requirement.

    (Everyone dresses the same and exhibit similar embroidered tattoo significations.)

  •    The Military has its own universally adopted cryptic speech patterns (truncations, abbreviations, idioms) as a workplace vernacular; that, if permitted to acquire a greater ascendency of social detachment through increased and prolonged positions of territorial isolation... will promoted a self-induced ostracism that further disenfranchises the public with whom it can no longer identify— thus establishing its own culture of language and accompanying thought that is far removed from the normalcy and morality of the larger society.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation Allotments.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Commune-istically subsidized) Retail Outlets.

    ("Commi"-ssary/Post Exchange.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Commune-ity) bases which are run as large Communes.

  •    If democracy is as great as the Military claims it is, then it would practice it.
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So what are the citizenry angry about? Let's initiate this short discussion with the example known as "TrumpCare", which follows on the heels of the former "ObamaCare"... even though there are multiple other issues which arouse the indignation of the public. Simple put, the so-called "TrumpCare" is a masquerade for an emphasized "Trump-I-don't-care" system in which the public once again gets screwed by politicians serving themselves and their campaign donors.

The "TrumpCare" system...

(actually refers to:)

The "Trump I-don't-Care" system

Such presumed National Health Care programs (as ObamaCare and TrumpCare) are personalized with a Politician's name in the same respect there are other virtually useless monuments dedicated to former Presidents (not to mention the naming of public schools after Presidents who had the education of a moron... like Trump); mainly due to a persistent puerile egotism that goes on display because of the immature design of the overall government. With this said, because of the many millions of people who suffer due to such displays of arrogance, "TrumpCare" is better written as Trump-I-Don't-Care", because he and the Congress do not actually care about providing the people with what is truly needed... and there is no one to stop them unless the public resorts to violence because the political system does not afford the people a direct means of expressing their collective views and having those views become the laws of the land... without being subjected to Federal Government nonsense.

When the American people (and let us include the citizens of other countries) are increasingly subjected to a political system which presents a line-up of status quo incompetents every four, eight, twelve, sixteen, etc... years as competitors in a fixed Presidential race whose outcome invariably leaves the American public with a federal government whose policies are not the collective interests referendumed by all the people (and that all publics of the world must cope with); it is clear that the American government is too antiquated for the needs of the American people and the world at large. It is not a progressive government but a government that is directly opposed to a desperately needed evolution. The people need a new form of government... a Cenocracy! Yet, none of the present governing strategies are adequate enough. Not Anarchist philosophy, not Communism, not a Dictatorship, not the persistent usage of a falsified (phony) Democracy which exist in America, Britain and elsewhere, not Leninism, not Libertarian doctrine, not Marxism, not Monarchialism, not Religion, not Socialism... etc., or any of their variants. All of them have serious failings. The business of government can not be centered on either a business-as-usual fixation nor an "All's fair in love, war and business" ego-centricism that disregards a full appreciation of knowledge regarding environmental issues, the practice of an Actual Democracy, the right of the people to collectively choose their own destiny, the limitations of Earth's resources, over-population and a host of other issues that need to be comprehensively addressed... but those who are typically elected (or chosen by the elected), routinely show themselves to be inadequate to the larger tasks of government in a global community. Indeed, the U.S. government is an hysterically laughable example thereof... particularly evident with the presence of an idiot like Trump and his chosen co-horts.

If they were really concerned about the people, a National Health Care system would reflect this perspective in both practice and Name. As it stands, the present joke of an American National Health Care system is actually a National I-Don't-Care System that we can just as easily call it the "Congressional— (I-Don't)-Care" National Health system as we can the "Trump"(I-Don't)-Care" National Health system... since neither Trump, his administration or the Congress actually care about how much the people are getting screwed, just so that a few can get enormously wealthy. The lack of a Quality and Just Health Care System for the people reflects the level of greed and disconcern both Trump and Congress have. They don't care how much people will have to individually pay into a Health Care system they can excuse themselves from participating in, or else vote themselves in a cost of living allowance (out of taxes) which will enable them to pay the costs... yet the people don't have the means to do the same for themselves. Like so many other governments in the world, that of the U.S. is a legalized criminal organization that engages in one duplicity after another including confidence scams, protectionist rackets and Ponzi schemes (such as the Social Security System. (The Social Security System doesn't have to be run like a Ponzi scam, but it is part of the prevailing mentality in the U.S. government.)

Trump nor the Congress cares how many millions will be under- or uninsured. They don't care whether the entire public gets a lousy health care system, so long as they can excuse themselves from any feelings of guilt or shame by saying that "adequate" health care is being made "available" irrespective of how much misery it produces in peoples lives due to attached fees and regulations that are not in the best interests of the people. Trump is in a managerial position that is so far over his head, he attempts to conceal his ignorance and lack of administrative skills by allowing Congress and others to do whatever they want so as to get their support... because they can easily manipulate a dunce.

The longer the Trump idiot remains in office the deeper the present resentment and animosity towards the falsified American Democracy becomes because more people begin to realize that the political system is not able to correct itself of its mistakes. The American political system is too slow and too inefficient... not to mention corrupt... for which the only relief from may once again be through an epidemic of disease like the black plaque, an environmental devastation or a war that runs amuck into the upper echelons of wealth and power to dramatically upset its cyclicity. The present design of government does not reflect the Will of the people... but the selective view of a few who use established laws to manipulate circumstances in accord with their idiocy. The design of the government is based on such a sub-standard philosophy that it doesn't matter who gets elected... since they are Constitutionally forced to abide by an adopted idiocy which has grown out of a system of laws which conflict with a holistic view of reality. This is why the system can not have honest people in political offices who can see the larger reality. It is a system which requires a narrow-mindedness which relies on a type of presumed truth dictated by duplicity, deceit, deception, lies, theft and a complement of other qualities and characteristics which are anti-thetical to the growth of the species beyond the present boundaries of social, cultural and historical values which are acting as disincentives for human progress throughout the world. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have resulted in the configuration of a mindless automaton whose maintenance needs but a cadre of bureaucratic idiots without a consciousness. This is the true American character known by different names because it is prevalent in so many other nations as well.

Trump is a disgrace that millions of people no doubt claim as an embarrassment to those ideals which once embodied a noble American pursuit for all of humanity, despite the abuses rendered by so very many charlatans of political leadership since the inception of the U.S. government. Whereas Trump stands on a political platform for making America Great Again... he himself is anything but an exhibition thereof. But neither is Congress or the Judicial Branch. America can not be respected when such an idiot is permitted to represent the Nation who can now only be viewed as a bad joke and a disrespectful slap in the face to every citizen, no matter what country they live in. The American Dream has now become a bubble that has hardened into a shell with a three-branched crack making it vulnerable to a Revolutionary breakage. Even if a Presidential election were to take place without the ludicrous operation of an Electoral system, far too many citizens believe that the so-called democracy of America is a sham, a scam, and a thoroughly soiled stain on a flag whose stench pervades all of history. And those who are calling for its destruction are not terrorists harboring some neurotic religious perspective nor those seeking to gain political or commercial power, but the everyday people who strive to find some semblance of living in harmony with all peoples that governments don't give a damn about.

Where is America's so-called Greatness to be found? In its many duplicities, double-standards and practices of a hypocritical non-democracy? In having a Socialist and Communist-run military platform of incorporation whose benefits are bought and paid for by citizen taxes yet the citizenry itself is not only not permitted to have the same benefits; but in getting some representative marginal expression thereof (such as health insurance); the public is forced to pay for a sub-standard National Health Care System that those who impose such laws don't themselves use the system... because it actually is a system deliberately manufactured to take advantage of the public in order to make a few all the more wealthy as part of a grown Plutocratic Aristocracy (or Aristocratic Plutocracy) which has become increasingly dominant in the Military whose elitists in the ranks of officers want to turn the entire body of enlisted men and women into a type of temporary service by excluding the ability of enlisted personnel to retire from the Military... whereby they will have more resources available for themselves that would otherwise go to other retirees? Or perhaps we should ask if the greatness of America is to be found in its corrupt political system which provides the facade of a democracy in order to deceive the public, so that a few can ensure control of public resources... one of which is a body of laws tailor-made to burden the public?

Yet, let us also present an historical note of the situation in which whenever any spokesperson for the U.S. government speaks up, the public has to view the comments with a grain of sand because they are interminably subjected to more lies, more deceits, more confidence scams, more duplicities, more double-standards, more scape-goating and the many more obvious disbelieving antics the federal government engages in as part of its tool box of manipulations that are increasingly requiring the usage of laws to force the people to believe in... or at least go along with its very many views of nonsense... that many of them are actually stupid enough to believe their views have some sort of legitimate value because they were generated by those who over-value their government role and position due to an oversized self-conceit. Indeed, the people who listen to daily news broadcasts are every ready to wonder what lies they will be subjected to being spewed from a government that can not be trusted unless you want to partner with it in some "officialized" decriminalization of some con-game set against some citizenry, company or other nation's government. The U.S. government can not be trusted because it has no integrity.

The people are suffering from pollutants in the air, water, food, education, employment, entertainment, journalism, Wall Street, Corporations, as well as the Military/Industrial Collaborations, the various security services— not to mention local, state, and federal political systems... and there is no one nor any process to make the necessary corrective changes. If the people get a good President then they are routinely confronted with a pathetic Congress or vice versa... and as the present situation clearly shows... the people can be faced with an overall disgusting complement of Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branch stooges. The government has deteriorated so much so that the protests against the government suggests there are millions of people who think they are paying witness to an American version of the Fall of Rome. The political process is so bad it can't create a better system or else the U.S. would not have the idiots it does in political leadership positions. The public is so desperate for relief from so much nonsense they grasp at straws in an attempt to keep from being caught up in a growing cesspool of a culture. However, many feel that even if all such polluters were to be killed, there are thousands of others who would take their place with the same mentality and attitude. What are we to do with such a disgusting state of affairs? When laws do not serve the best interests of the people, the people are thus to disregard and disrespect them, their originators, and those that support what can be referred to as an anti-humanity perspective.

Thus far, protestors in America have only resorted to threats against Federal Legislative Representatives, though those few who have become rather over-zealous in their efforts to express the out-rage so many people are feeling; are either over-reported by the press, under-reported, or not reported at all. Despite the increased incidents of anger by one or another public in given instances of public meetings, the voices of the people are not being listened to. The reality which the people are being forced to abide with is a different reality when Representatives get together in Washington and create laws to serve the interests of their campaign donors. In other words, threats against them are not enough. Many people have reached the conclusion that meetings with Congressional Representatives must be catapulted into an ambience of direct and unequivocal violence which sends a clear and unequivocal message. In other words, contemplations of maiming or killing Representatives is more openly contemplated, and being looked at as a chess piece to be moved onto the playing field in order to effect the mood of a crowd or individual to act out what many people want to do. Indeed, if someone were to Kill Trump, Pence and the rest of their confederates in government, business and religion, they would be hailed as a National... if not International hero by the public... despite the negativity some idiots in the press and government agencies would profess because they stupidly think the present government is doing the best that can be done for the people. There is far too much ignorance being exhibited in the news media... perhaps because this exemplifies the current condition of those in the government... and/or that many journalists harbor an antiquated mindset when it comes to embracing a worthless, non-progressive value of sentimentalized patriotism more suited to a Hollywood fairy-tale script.

Yet, it not only is the membership of the Legislative body who must be sent the message, but those in corporations and Wall Street as well. Trying to talk "sense" to any of them may well get them to agree with the people when confronted by a crowd, but away from the people in some assumed sanctuary where various public exploitations are concocted, nothing changes. The people are not provided the needed Universal Health Care they deserve, along with a National vehicle insurance, and either Universal employment or some livable pension. But these three are not all the concerns that need to be addressed such that others insist that higher and trade/craft education should be free. Clearly the people can not rely on those in the Federal government to provide the needed Legislation, since so much of it is tied to personalized and individualized strategies of greed... that invariable takes advantage of the people.

The people are left with nothing to do but either threaten, maim, or kill those who are responsible, and could careless about assisting the people. Trying to discuss issues on a rational basis is a fool's errand. They don't care if the people complain and get mad... so long as they either keep their jobs (at doing nothing for the people) or can use it as a stepping stone for some career move... and let the people be damned if they don't like it.

There is no moral or rational reason for the people not to have Universal Health Care... where the word "affordable" is applied to every single person because everyone will have the same health care and not be split into a dichotomy emphasizing one for the wealthy and one for everyone else. We need a National Health Care system that has no double-standards and can not be undermined by anyone. Every single Legislator, lobbyist, Corporate boardroom member, investor and wealthy person must be forced to accept the same type of Health Care that they expect the public to take, or lose their position as a citizen and all their assets are confiscated.

But even those Representatives who are truly on the side of the people and want to use their position to attempt constructive changes by questioning different leaders in various sectors of society... as a means of intimidation; can not bring about useful developments when the whole of Congress is being viewed as a joke. Like the United Nations in so many of its exploits, committees created in U.S. Congress are seen as paper lions, tigers and bears in the form of shadows that are routinely dismisses as irrelevant. The stature and position of many a Congressional Representative is viewed as a farcical display of jestering. To have someone swear that they will tell the truth only means they have to tell the truth they believe in. Nothing is binding nor has the means of forcing compliance when their are hundreds of people who agree with them... and let the entire citizenry be damned if they don't like it. When such people live in a world where lying is expected and common-place, asking them to "swear to tell the truth" means little more than to speak of the currently accepted lies socially accepted amongst their peers.

When we have a Congressional leadership who actually believes they have come up with the best Health Care Plan for the Citizenry, but they themselves do not have to accept it, we're wasting our breath to try to convince them they are wrong. It doesn't matter if they are viewed as an honest, upstanding professional and kindly family person with a wonderful personality and jovial spirit. For all their good and great human qualities, they are a terrible Representative because they don't actually understand the whole of their constituents needs. Like the many good people who inhabited aristocracies of old, they live in a different reality than most of the public. This is the Congress, the White House and Supreme Court that Americans now have... but others in their respective countries know all to well in their respective social circumstances. It is supremely difficult to create a better world when there are so many governments who treat the people as shamefully as America's many (local, state, federal) governments do.

If such governments want to back the people up against a wall,
then let them reap the consequences of a rebellion—
that they fomented with their (self-serving) anti-public philosophy.

Ironically however, in seeking a Representative Government body to effect a greater reality, the public is left to choose between career politicians who know of nothing else but to perpetuate the old system of nonsense, and those whose careers have been focused on the alternative realities of theater in movies, television, or other personifications. The public becomes so desperate for a truly great political leadership, they are conned into believing that an actor or actress whose script exhibits a genuine concern for the people somehow translates into meaning that such an actor or actress would therefore make an inspiring for-the-people leader. However, once in office, these presumed reality stars show themselves to be more glitter and glamour than someone who actually knows what to do... even those who write the scripts would become easily daunted by the many tasks they would be confronted with in a situation based on reality and not some make-believe contrivance where variables from one scene to the next can be easily manipulated to serve the intentions of the writer, director and/or producer. Just because a person is likable on TV, in movies, or some other staged presentation, doesn't mean they can be an effective leader.

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