Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
An Apology to LGBTQ...etc., Communities


We formerly announce an apology to the LGBTQ...etc., Communities. How utterly insensitive of us and so many others to not recognize your specialness. Thus, we have decided to turn over a new leaf (with your much-to-be-honored approval); and renounce any and all former commentary about your semi-alphabetized self-designation. Please accept our most humble apology for not recognizing your greatness... nay, your absolute magnificence. We are so ashamed of our ignorance and want to somehow make amends by chartering this formal announcement of retraction for any disrespect— that we may have been interpreted by our readers to have conveyed. We too acknowledge a disapproval of our disapproval that others may have also disapproved of and might well disapprove of this approved-of disapprovingness. (We also apologize for this bit of stuttering.) There is no excuse for our behavior except to say that we are a product of the environment to which we are exposed. Please forgive us our daily sins that are a reflected emulation of your own.

We most humbly beseech your seal of approval and want to promote your special Cause to establish yourselves as the most wonderful, stupendous, fantastic group of people that humanity has ever been privileged to witness in life. If ever there were those to epitomize God's endowment, it is you. All of us should bow down... nay, supinate our faces in the ground because the glow from your presence is the brightness of a million suns. Let us all worship the ground you walk on and fight over anything you discard into the trash bin. Let us create a National... nay, Inter-national holiday just for you to rival all other holidays put together. Let us fashion all of human civilization in your image and outlaw all acts of sexual choice that bring about procreative impulses... since this is against your normal and natural endowment of gender-centeredness; like in days of old when it was believed that normal perception revealed the Sun revolving around the Earth. And anyone who denied such a view was either stricken with madness or were in league with the Devil. Clearly, you may want to indicate in your journals, that we have been both mad and practicing the black arts by our former denouncments and remonstrations.

Please forgive us our sins for doubting your obviously superior perceptual perspicuity. We also implore thee to explicate at least a thimble-full of charitable dispensation so that we might live to fulfill a position of assistance in your special Cause that rivals all Causes even if only be-cause you say it does. It matters not. We will hereafter believe in the sanctity of America's falsified Democracy if you say so... because you are the chosen ones who will lead humanity to the promised land... even if it is becoming barren by having been repeatedly gang-raped by the Trusts and Monopolies of Capitalistic greed. Let us all vow that whenever one of your community runs for election or seeks a higher position of employment... of social prominence, all of us should defer to your obvious talents, giftedness and genius.

Necessarily so, because of your heavenly endowed specialness, it is very selfish to deny the world knowing who you all are. Hence, all of you should come out and let the world get a good look at your absolute majesty. From every nook and cranny your godly presence should be unveiled so that the world can be immersed in your sublimity. Thus we say, come out, come out... wherever you are, (Olly, Olly-in-come-free). It is time for the childish hide-n-seek social mentality to come to an end. For in truth, we are all tired of such a nonsensical game. So step forward from you closets and let the world behold your inestimable effulgent character. Come out and let the world embrace your fears and sorrows away. Never more should there be a need for your secrecy to subdue your innermost being with the trials and tribulations of a social consciousness that must admit its mistakes as we do, and make and expressed apology for having committed such an atrocious callousness to the manifestation of your incalculable worth at improving the survival worth of humanity.

Let us all extend to you the greatest of respect all of you rightly deserve for choosing the way in which you wish to live, because your individual and collective choices is an expression of true Democracy. Let us also have local, state, national and inter-national flags in your honor that must be set first and foremost atop all flag poles, in all front yards, pickup trucks and motorcycle backrests. No less, it is only right that the people further acknowledged and honor you by providing a special taxes-paid endowment just like we do for the military... and in fact the entire government is a taxes-paid-for welfare program entitled to redistribute the collected taxes in whatever ways the un-representative Representatives want to, without the say-so of the public. And yes, we also need a special form of Constitution and Bill of Rights that will serve you at the expense of the public; just as the present one does for the government... despite the recurring unaddressed needs of the public whose tax money is spent on conditions to promote a few to increase their wealth over the many... and increase their ability to subjugate them in varying forms of servitude. Let us supply all your communities with the same level of funding that is given to the military so that you can have benefits that many who pay taxes, are not themselves permitted to have. What's one more hypocrisy, lie and falsification amongst so many others?

Let us all adopt your world-view. Let us think as you think, feel as you feel, sleep when you sleep, eat when you eat and whatever you choose as a diet, that should become the national... nay, inter-national dietary standard. If you prefer irrationality over rationality, that is what we will prefer as well. If you prefer inebriation, gluttony and "free love" jungle promiscuity, criminal behavior, adultery, pederasty and child pornography; then that is what we will choose because you are our gods whose image we must be fashioned into. And if you want to be treated in some assumed normal and natural way, we will do so just because you say so... though in so doing, your very request makes you different than normal and natural. How might we recognize you for a normality and naturalness if it requires a specialized observance thereof?

If we are to accept you as one of our own, and yet you engage in social activities tailored specifically to a specialized identity, do we thus assume a "separate but equal" provision that denotes yet another kind of specialized recognition so that you can be provided a uniqueness that you think you deserve and everyone should normally and naturally extend to you because all of you collectively agree that we should and thus, because of your uncast assumptive collective minority vote... the actual majority must kow-tow to the voiced lamentations of a few who claim to be speaking for all of you but whom you never actually cast any votes for? But, regardless of the lack of logic— let all of us walk backwards with bowed heads whenever you wish to announce your presence so that we might give you a parade and shower you with gifts, pay your bills, and relieve you from all the burdens that the rest of us have to endure because we too practice the same belief in a maligned and illusory form of democracy.

Let the ground you walk on become sacred ground. Let the air you breath be bottled and sold as a cure-all. Let your body waste be sold as a salve... an ointment to be massaged with or take body-curative and soul-cleansing baths in. Let all positions of authority be filled by you and your ilk because of your obvious supreme intelligence, wisdom, compassion, foresight, creativity and judiciousness. In short, we are sorry it has taken us so very long to reach a needed EUREKA! realization that perhaps— is best defined as a special moment labeled Epiphany. For in truth, the only way to define you is with the definition of an angelic presence on Earth. One might even say you are a new species of human created by a special evolutionary process unto its own that the rest of humanity should defer to. Please forgive us for our insanity in not being able to recognize your truly wonderful, kind, sincere, heart-warming character. You deserve nothing less than the keys to every city, every nation, every business and institution that you would care to own. In fact, you should be the owner of everything... for surely your unique vision could create a better society than the pathetic one the peoples of the world are forced to endure... since the people themselves are not permitted to create one by a unified Will through any current practice of voting under the guidelines of a falsified Democracy. We should be your servants who ingratiate in your presence for some small token of benevolence and will, by an established custom, move to the gutter with head and eyes lowered whenever you approach; just as the black people once did to white people in some Southern portions of the U.S..

How could those of us with advanced college degrees, Mensa members, with years of experience working with the mentally ill, the autistic, the mentally challenged, the behavioral disordered, the jobless, youth and adult criminal populations, in the school system, as job coaches and having experienced our own measure of poverty and various social privations; be unable to recognize how really special all of you are. How could we... in so many different social work and other professional capacities be unable to perceive how truly unique and deserving you are; to the extent of not dedicating an entire welfare and employment system specifically tailored to your needs, and that you, instead of other minorities, be given first preference for jobs in the lucrative government sector? We must admit we are dumb founded at our lack of sensitivity, sympathy and empathy for your special human condition that should take precedence over all other social needs.

When your overall situation is of such obvious survival necessity for all of humanity, every effort should be made to increase your well-deserved viability amongst all populations including the elderly and infants. Such shameful conduct as ours should not go unpunished. Yet, because of your claimed sensibilities, you are not a community in search of retribution. You will let bygones be bygones so long as from hereafter you are granted the special privileges you feel you deserve as a form of remuneration for that you feel you have suffered at the hands of a barbaric few supported by a culture that has not seen its way to see things as you believe they should be. Therefore we must strive to make amends by first surrendering unto you a fully deserved apology for behavior that must be viewed as the madness which envelops any mob faced with something perceived to be as out of concert with the rest of humanity's supposed symphony of ideal Democratic social behavior.

Let us resign ourselves to make amends for our obvious mental derangement by deferring to your judgment from now on. Just like we do for politicians who feel their collective view is supremely years ahead of anything that the public could collectively come up with. But we will not call you liars, cheats and self-indulging opportunists who are given a large budget to play out their fantasies by way of funding through tax payers. Let us be happy that the government is now in the hands of those who don't have to use their own money to engage in business practices by which they are in unique positions to exact some profit in great excess of a salary that they deem as chicken feed, but nonetheless greedily accept anyway. All of us need to do the same thing for you. Let us vote you in by way of an election process where the majority voice of the people can be undermined by a system set up to keep the Will of the Majority from every having any real say-so, in order that no matter what, you will be elected to political offices where the law is on your double-standard side; so that you can get a hefty salary and be able to play with the public's money for any concocted scheme that enables the public to be exploited anyway, without fear of consequence if the exercised social program turns out to be a scam and a sham... a scam-sham.

But, this apology of ours, in its larger expose', must also fully recognize the greatness of the Anarchic, Communist, Feminist, "E.R.A.ist", Libertarian, Socialist, White Supremist, Black Nationalist, Pacific Island Rationalist, Asian Culturalist, Hispanic Immigrationist, Journalist, Trumpist, and Theologic communities... as well as so many others who represent themselves as a bastion of truth, justice, fairness, equality, freedom, liberty and let us not forget Democracy. YES! How in the world could we be so utterly blind not to see how truly fantabulous you all are. And we use the word "fantabulous" only because there is no word yet in existence which can best describe how we should honor all of you in your specialized eminence. When all of you are the keepers of the Democracy flame, we need to use tax dollars; nay, a special fund that will provide you with the necessary ceremonial regalia accompanied by a bigger, brighter torch that We The People should carry for you, as we carry you about in gilded coaches emblemed with your own specialized crests.

Yes! let the people share in your respect for a democracy that the military claims that it fights for, and children are taught in school for, and we all are impressed upon to believe in... even if it doesn't exist. All of us must continue to overlook the fact that none of you call for the establishment of an Actual Democracy, because you prefer to engage in your specialized tactics to try to establish your views as the necessary preeminent concern through convoluted social twists and turns relying on manipulation, coercion, ambush, machination, and various other maneuvers which will get this judge, that lawyer, some politician, or one another group to take your side in the host of social tug-of-wars taking place.

Let all of you be honored by never again mentioning the fact that all of you engage in deliberate attempts to perpetuate a falsified Democracy... whereby the public is not permitted to collectively voice its opinion on any and all social topics to be settled by a national... if not inter-national vote from which the law of the land can be established. How dare us even think of having such a system of government where the collective Will of the People establish the law of the land! We must be crazy to think that the public has the right to choose its own destiny... when we should be thinking just like all of you who don't strive for the establishment of an Actual Democracy. Just because you are afraid to face the realization that the Collective Will of the People might want to disallow and disavow anyone of you and as well choose to decide on whether they want you to leave the country, be tortured, executed or imprisoned... none of this can be allowed to come to pass. Because the public is so very ignorant. The public has no compassion, no intelligence, no wisdom, no insight nor foresight. Instead, we must all defer to you to tell us what to do, what to say, how to think and which dreams are appropriate for your survival which is all-important for humanity.

All of us should honor the Anarchic, Communist, Feminist, "E.R.A.ist", Libertarian, Socialist, White Supremist, Black Nationalist, Pacific Island Rationalist, Asian Culturalist, Hispanic Immigrationist, Journalist, Trumpist (Corportocratic), Theologic, and LGBTQ+ communities. All of you deserve the utmost respect to be collectively honored by each having a national... nay, an international flag, official seal, your own military, your own Constitution and Bill of Rights, and your own temples of worship. Indeed, the Mormon community should be totally embarrassed for erecting temples to impress the publics of the world as to the presence of its own ego in order to cover up its feelings of inadequacy and inferiority— thought to be diminished by egregiously boisterous architectural displays so many businesses, governments and religions engage in.

We must express one apology after another because a single declaration is not enough to ward off the ominous spectre that the world has cast upon each of you in different ways. We are despondently ashamed for any and all ridicule you have suffered and make a vow to try to help you in your Cause to perpetuate a falsified democracy. In so doing, we can help all of you to establish a recurring cycle of social problems because they help to further specialized interests who have learned how to take advantage of them in order to exploit the people to do one or another bidding and serve the dictates of one or another politician whose personal legislative interests are invariably short-sighted because they do not actually represent the collective Will of a Public unable to speak and vote on its mind without the result being mangled into some incomprehensible legal labyrinth with loopholes and privatization that takes even more advantage of a public unable to protect itself... like serfs who are forced to give up their swords so that the reigning realm can impose its Will on them.

Because all of you unwittingly act in the capacity of the government by helping to perpetuate the lack of a fully fledged Democracy, you help to secure its ability to keep the public in a virtual state of vulnerability by not calling for the establishment of an Actual Democracy... because you have no real faith in your fellow humans and think they will turn on you since you have unknowingly played the part of informer and double-agent. Let us all thus be like you and view Trump as the Clarion call of religiously denoted trumpets that are to blare at the Second Coming. Let us all cherish your presence and assist you in keeping us chained to a false democracy. Heaven forbid we should provide the people with the necessary armaments provided by the practice of an Actual Democracy. What madness is this? Imagine the Collective Will of the People being able to decide their own destiny by creating their own laws which would stop the many exploitations permitted under various government regimes throughout the world, including the very barbarous U.S..

Forgive us our sins for not recognizing how your struggles have been directed towards some greater purpose for all of humanity to share in. How could we be so stupid as to not recognize that your views of freedom, liberty, justice, fairness, and equality were someone the utmost magnanimous gesture of democracy, from which would emerge some vast and wonderful spiritually given economic endowment. But surely by now you can see our abject contritness for so many errors in casting dispersions towards all of you. We did not understand how your insistence for maintaining the flame of a falsified democracy was linked to a strategy involving some genius level reverse psychology... with which you have just been biding your time prior to some grand awakening for all of humanity to share in. And yet, in our shame, we must be truthful by divulging an inability to comprehend why all of you persist in activities that are tantamount to a perpetual indentured servitude... like American companies of old that charged their workers living expenses far in excess to what they made, thus guaranteeing a sustained workforce that had no real future.

Alas, let us also formerly announce that our ignorance continues. We do not understand how all of you can assist in carrying your individually specialized and preciously preserved torches for a falsified Democracy whose stunted growth keeps all of bound in the same state of insecurity and naivete', and because of which the publics of the world is whipped into a submission of protracted dependency so that a very few are able to claim and hoard the lion's share of resources culled by the blood, sweat and tears of the many. Thus, before we engage in the specialized supplications you demand of us, we must ask why in the world would anyone want to remain imprisoned behind the walls of a falsified Democracy? When the people hunger for real justice, true freedom, and an ability to collectively speak their will that can be finalized into the law of the land that they alone are owners thereof; why are you taking the side of those who deny us an Actual Liberty, an Actual Democracy? Do you actually think that a people shackled from a full-fledged Democracy is some sort of uniquely special form of Democracy represents the underlying specialness you think you embody? Are all of you to blame for the lack of an Actual Democracy being practiced because your inclination to seeing the reflection of your own assumed speciality is best portrayed in the illusion of a Democracy?

Date of Origination: Monday, 12-Dec-2016... 03:26 AM
Date of Initial Posting: Monday, 12-Dec-2016... 10:52 AM
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