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Cenocracy (New Government)


Initially, this page was offered with information about some Banners being displayed with a Cenocracy theme. This was then followed by an article to support the comments on the banners in regards to the disposition of Military and Law Enforcement personal whose oaths are dedicated to upholding the (Federal and/or State) Constitution, and how this then sets a precedent for the people to conduct a protest for the adoption of a Cenocracy (New Government) as a right established in the Declaration of Independence which is used as the authority to establish a Constitution. The information is now displayed with the supportive article first, and the Banners, with associated comments, following.

Images of the two following banners were placed on the driver's side of the vehicle only because of the narrowness of the neighborhood street and the volume of traffic, which made the occasion of attachment a slightly dangerous prospect. The display was not intended for public viewing other than to get a couple of photos for uploading to the internet by using a camera borrowed from a friend. The present banner format is for trial purposes to establish color scheme, font size, etc... The intention is to get several other languages printed— but, translations (even through a translation service) is not always found to contain the necessary accuracy.

The printed message deals with Constitutional law. In the United States, military and law enforcement personnel take an oath to uphold, protect, and/or defend the Constitution. The Constitution gets its preface, its premise, its skeletal impetus from the Independence Declaration (most commonly referred to as the Declaration of Independence). In the Declaration is the committed phrase:

...it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

And though the forefathers (and foremothers) practiced an administrative ability as well, they did not include this word in the phrasing... thus, its needed inclusion in the present Declaration draft which needs to be set onto printed pages in order to accommodate the inclusion of signatures.

1.) And though some may want to argue that the people have a means of altering the government by way of a so-called government petition process, the current "petition the government" mechanism is wholly short-sighted in that the Executive Branch is the sole arbitrator of such a petition and that a certain number of signatures is needed before the people are even given the consideration of having their grievances addressed. Not to mention that the quantity bespeaks of an arbitrarily established quantity set as a standard.

2.) No less let us indulge in the past-time of electing the lesser of two evils to perpetuate the same nonsense within the same governing formula that needs to be dramatically altered. It's rather stupid electing someone to carry out an employment position within a framework that perpetrates the ridiculous form of governing that even elected officials concur there is a dire problem with... and yet refuse to listen to the public when it asserts an effort to correct less than satisfactory circumstances. They refuse to listen to the collective voice of the people because there is no mechanism by which the people may speak and vote their opinion with the result being made into law unless those in government are permitted to alter the perspective to their singular, minority opinion... which commonly results in no change or something worse than that being already experienced.

3.) And let us not fail to include the astonishingly wonderful mechanism of contacting one's Representative who will, or I should say may... decide to send a thank you letter with their office-specific letterhead. Oh my gosh, how thrilling to receive such a letter! As if being recognized by a god! It should fill us all with a warm and fuzzy feeling that creates goose bumps.

...No less, protests are petitions largely being ignored. It should not be the case that those in government will only heed a protest if it is conducted with violence. An instigated form of dismissiveness that is used as a perpetrated excuse to disparage the protestors and ignore them further... while also giving the government the right to incarcerate, if not kill protestors. In other words, protests go largely unheeded from the perspective that the government permits protestors to "blow of steam", to "throw a temper tantrum" in order to let pent-up energy be released and dissipated... with most protestors giving up because the government sits behind a purposely constructed fortress of armed personnel and laws to protect it from the people when they ask for an increased, full-time expression of democracy.

In other words, what a crock of nonsense the people are being subjected to. There is no established mechanism for a conscientious public to improve their government unless WE THE PEOPLE resort to greater levels of assertiveness. In so doing, in so exercising their Constitutional Right to Administrate, Alter, or Abolish the government as we see fit, All Military and Para-Military personnel must decide whether they are going to stand with the people in this Right, or take actions which could be interpreted as treasonous acts against a sovereign people insisting upon an actionable right supported by a Constitution that many government personnel take an oath in support and protection of.

A Cenocracy is coming. We can either have one by way of a highly sought after peaceful route, or by way of a decidedly undesirable violent and destructive path. The Cenocratic Declaration For Greater Independence sets a precedent based on Constitutional law. It will test whether the oath taken by Military and Para-Military personnel (as well as others), will be uniformally upheld, even in the face of officers counter-manding an order from a superior who has elected to reinterpret Congressional law according to their own interests cast into the framework of a larger audience in an attempt to secure a falsified legality for their actions against the Will of The People.

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