Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Because They're Black


Yep, because a cat is black, some people will go another direction in order to avoid having a Black Cat cross their path. While we humans don't describe the situation as being one of an exhibited prejudice or discrimination... it nonetheless is. But we make allowances for the occasion and simply refer to it as an expression of superstition. Yet, if the cat could speak human language (other than sounding like a crying baby in some instances), the community of Black Cats throughout the world might take offense and claim their civil rights are being violated.

While some people may engage in the avoidance of Black Cats, they may like Black dogs, Black horses, Black Panthers, Black birds and so on. Yet, these same people may avoid buy or riding in a Black vehicle if they live in a hot climate, even if the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning. But they may like to wear dark clothes, with the exception of wearing white underwear and white socks. And they may prefer to eat off of White dishes, though their favorite ice cream bowl is light blue. They may abhor seeing a black spot on a tooth, as well as black heads on their face. They may also dislike wearing clothes with dark smudges on them. In other words, people from all races may avoid or be attracted to Black or any number of colors. If we say that avoidance is based on prejudice or discrimination instead of "personal preference", we of the present will have a very difficult time interacting.

Some people prefer to use a colored font when writing, because they are creatively inclined... and not necessarily because they are prejudiced against the standard usage of a Black font. Again, we make allowances for those who appear to be avoiding the involvement with anything dark... even to the extent they may wear colored contact lenses and color their hair if it is dark... unless of course, in the case of men, they shave their head bald.

I once heard a Black man try to make a White woman guilty of not wanting to have a relationship with him, by saying she didn't like him because he was Black. She very calmly said that he was correct. She had no interest in dating him or any dark skinned person. She wanted to be with someone who is white so that their children would be white. He then called her prejudice and she said the correct word to be used was "preference". She preferred to date White men. When he said that they could be friends and go out to lunch together, she explained to him that the word "friendship" between a man and woman in his eyes, was interpreted to mean "relationship"... and this meant an expectation of sexual involvement. In other words, he didn't know how to be just friends. He saw the situation as an investment of time, money and energy where the expectation of a physical reward was a given guarantee. She then said that he must stop in his persistence and assertive inclinations that bordered on intimidation, or she would have to let everyone know he was engaging in sexual harassment. And that it didn't matter whether he considered his actions to be an indication of sexual harassment, she did. So very formally, in front of two of her friends, she again said she had no interest in him, and that the operative word was NO!

He then tried to make her uncomfortable at work, as a manipulative attempt, by telling others she is prejudice against dark skinned people. When others said that they also prefer the social company of non-Blacks, he was take aback. He had never realized how wide-spread "preferential attitudes" were being practiced. He then noticed that with respect to the context of religion, there are Black member churches, White member churches, Asian member churches, and other such denominations. While we do not necessarily claim such behavior as expressions of prejudice and discrimination, since our definitions are often subjectively defined... such instances were indications that practices of prejudice are excepted... but we use the word "preference" instead of "prejudice". In short, many people prefer to be with their own kind. A great part of the "language" being spoken is symbolically uttered by way of skin coloration.

There is a wide-spread hypocrisy being practiced in that we have laws against prejudice and discrimination, yet the existence of such is portrayed under words as "choice" and "preference". If you are someone who tries to "crash the party" so-to-speak of another race in one or another social situation because you want to express your legal right to not be prejudiced or discriminated against, this does not in any way insure you will be wholly accepted into the group. Your time spent in the situation may make you and others unnecessarily uncomfortable... with little change taking place except to solidify personal feelings that one's views are correct. If your presence exceeds the duration of patience and tolerance, the group may ask you to leave, or eject you by excluding themselves from engaging in any form of participation that you might seek to impose your presence in. You are not wanted, and yes... it is because of the color of your skin. In other words, though churches are sometimes regarded as public institutions open to anyone from any walk of life, they very often are in fact private organizations with their own racially defined cryptic code of conduct and mentality.

Many a woman has been found to be someone who takes in stray cats and/or dogs. Some look, mannerism, or vocal expression is a signal to them that the cat or dog is alone and needs to be taken care of. Women also react to humans in this same manner... though a man, for instance, may think it is they who have manipulated the woman... whom they want to exploit for money, sex, shelter, transportation or access to someone or something else. Upon examination, if people were honest to themselves, they might recognize how they are living the life of a stray... having been taken in by someone who may also be cognizant that they are a stray collector and that strays sometime try to bite the hand that feed, shelter and transport them. While some people are quite charitable and realize there are those who seek only to take advantage of them, they feel that there assistance to those in need far out-ways the risks they take. They live by a code of compassionate altruism... in as much as they are able to.

While we may look upon social programs that are charitable offerings of the government, the government is actually an unfeeling automaton. It is just a machine. It is those who have written and ratified a social program into existence that have feelings... not the government. The government is little more than a tool... a tool that could careless if you smashed your hand with it, or you trip over it. The machine is neither creative nor insightful. It is a mechanism that can be used to exclaim a policy of anti-discrimination and yet permit prejudice to be wide-spread. It typically "sees" the world in a dichotomous fashion such as Black and/or White, right and/or wrong, good and/or bad, etc... It can not only increase the practice of allowing repositories of tradition to be extant, but also enclaves of non-tradition to increase in population... thus enabling the presence for potential conflicts to arise. This is the present architecture of the government. It is a tinker toy or log cabin assemblage of different characteristics that are finite, and in this limitation, dictate the terms in which overall policies can be constructed. And even if one were to suggest that we combine the elements of the tinker toy and log cabin qualities, there would eventually be noted disparities in this arrangement as well.

In our present usage of democracy, which actually is a minuscule or "pretend" portion of what is available, we must note that the adoption of Social Security (social insurance) and other "social" programs for the good of the National community, are actually practices of Socialism and Communism. The word "democracy" is a word being used to conceal the presence of the other two. In a sense, with reference to the previous paragraph, Communism, Democracy and Socialism are different, but similar types of building block configurations... unless one prefers the analogy to board games such as checkers, chess, Monopoly, etc., or cards, billiards, bowling, badminton, golf, etc... The overall situation presents the people with living under the influence of a lie. If we were to adopt the social perspective under which we actually live... in other words be more honest with ourselves, we might necessarily combine the elements of the three governing systems into an amalgamation that lessens the accompanying deteriorations associated with lies that produced "tangled webs" of sociability. (Reference: From the poem "Marmion" by Walter Scott about the Battle of Flodden (1513)... "Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!") In other words, many of our social problems are no doubt symptoms having been created by a practiced prejudice of lying to ourselves... and to others who strive to emulate the so-called virtues of American Democracy.

It is the present practice of a phoney democracy that we should come to be prejudiced against... and those who wish to perpetuate it. The present practice of the presently pretended democracy has created a deep dark hole... like a conical ant-lion burrow which acts like quicksand to any forward movement... and is compounded with more social distress as the population within the pit increases and there are once marginalized groups whose frantic appeals for selective entitlements of equality are causing social agitations that produce rippling motions affecting all of us to sink further, that much faster. While the current governing architecture nonetheless presents us with the situation of the burrow, a social slide into the eventual depression is delayed, so long as the populace does not may unnecessary waves. However, we do because we must... since we can not sit or stand by while a few are provided with entitlements that the rest of should have has well.

Decidedly so, in order to break the cycle of protest nonsense so many generations have to experience and end up with having to yet experience another one conducted by a younger generation because no lasting results on behalf of the people are achieved or resolved... particularly when we have a media that has a vested interest in perpetuating, instigating or encouraging social conflicts for self-defined journalistic sports in its own arena of players engaged in ego-centric vying of statured performance ratings... we must pursue abolishing the present usage of the pretend democracy. We need a New Government... a Cenocracy.

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