Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Bill Of Rights


We the People need a New Government (Cenocracy) which necessary entails the development of a New Constitution and a New Bill Of Rights. With respect to a "Bill Of Rights" (BOR), we need not retain this title if we so choose to call it otherwise such as "Document Of Rights" (DOC), "Magnanimously Observed Rights Equality", (MORE), or any such derivatives that might better suit an incorporation of a greater perspicuity and foresight. In any event, all rights felt important enough to be established by law should be placed on a singular Rights Document and not be attached to the Constitution as an amendment. For example, the first on the list should be an Equal Rights statement. And if a "Right To Work" is to be included, than so should there be an accompanying Right to a Living Minimum as well as living Maximum wage. We could also establish the right for money made in America to remain in America, thus entitling the government to prevent loss of revenue by those sending money to one or more outside the country... and to make it illegal for those attempting to hoard money in such things as offshore accounts. External investments would thus be permitted so long as it served the purpose of reinvestment in the country for the sake of the public. Hoarding of wealth without reinvestment in the public welfare could thus also be unlawful. In all cases, ambiguity must be removed in order to prevent those from exploiting any unforeseen loophole, undermining a Right, or subverting the system for personal gain that does not benefit the public.

In addition, a National Health Care system should be associated with a National Medical Insurance Care system. Also, because having insurance (due to laws) has been made into a necessary staple of living, there should be an over-all National Insurance system. If Social Security can be placed under one institutional setting, then so can Insurance and Medical care. The energy and expense used in creating an an additional Heath care system like Obamacare should have been used to re-organize Medicare and Medicade; which would better suit the needs of the public if care for adults and children were separated into their own divisions as well as separate divisions for men and women. Whereas Medicare is focused on all adults 65 and over, and Medicaid is for the Needy, the Nation needs a TOTAL health care system for everyone. Everyone needs to be included, which involves all those to be treated, those who do the direct treatment, supportive staff, and those who manufacture any and all products used by those involved in the health care system.

Comprehensive coverage requires a greater comprehensibility by experts, in their separate but interacting interests. Medical experts who can best direct the coarse of treatment for specific populations must be given the necessary latitude in order to provide the best care, and yet be held severely accountable should they transgress the boundaries of normalized treatment without directly absorbing the costs themselves. Such a proviso is necessary in order to prevent abuse of a need-to-be both publicly and privately funded system. The health of one's people is reflected in the health of one's Nation. If a populace is poorly nourished, so is the back bone of their Nation. If the people suffer, the Nation suffers. However, expert direction does not give anyone a 'carte blanche' approach at setting costs to fulfill personal expectations of acquiring wealth at the expense of the public's welfare. Public funding of any social program should not be used as someone's private unlimited ATM machine. In retrospect, no matter how well-intentioned the Obamacare system was, and is clearly recognized as having flaws that should not and can not be repaired by throwing good money after bad... we need a medical system which addresses stringent cost controls at ALL sources.

Let's look at just a few generalized examples (yes, clear definitions of wording would have to be established to prevent ambiguity and misuse by arbitrary applications.):

  1. Equal Rights for all Citizens. ("Citizen" would have to be explicitly defined. We are aware that some individuals such as criminals and teenagers are applied with different formulas of Citizenship, particularly when it comes to civil/criminal offenses.) Also, a "provisional citizenship status" could be established that would outline desirable and undesirable immigrants, whether in a country by conventional legal means.

  2. Right of the people to define "Natural" and "Naturalized" citizenship to further the interests of a community, state, territory, or Nation... as well as the best interests of a person or people, and others who might be unnecessarily affected with needless hardship.

  3. Right to Bear arms. (All ambiguity would be removed from the statement.)

  4. Right to establish a National Sociology and Political Science Foundation(s) or any foundation/office to increase and ehance the performance of public well-being and not be subject to the interests of anyone seeking to manipulate research to further their personal interests at the expense of the public... all with government and public advisary committees directly answerable to the people.

  5. Right to decide what is a proper education for our children and override non-sensical teaching, training and tutoring methodologies. For example, the tests being used in Common-core teaching are said to stress the idea that needless complication of simple problems and education materials is stressed and Common-sense becomes analogous to turning a game of checkers into an ambiguous and arbitrarily formulated game of chess that is transformed into a rubics cube that is supposed to be played like a game of monopoly, go fish, and hopscotch... and the answer to be achieved is dependent on the quixotic mood of a teachers association directed by a school administration with political ties to a legislative body whose members' political campaigns are funded by those who have so much money they don't know what to do with it other than creating chaos in the lives of others and calling it a fundamental progressiveness that has no real world application accept to complicate simplicity and calling it giftedness, creativity, talent and genius... as a means of giving themselves the impression for having these qualities but in reality have little to offer but a mediocrity of vision. Looking at a problem from different ways is commendable, but then to expect students to answer the deliberate complication of a problem in order to arbitrarily set a standard by which a student's problem solving abilities are to be judged and grade accordingly, is just as ridiculous as grading someone on what they image they see in a group of clouds over-head. It is stupid to expect students to be judged by how many angels fit on the head of a pin, when they are presented with the task of trying to figure out what is meant by a pin (safety, straight, rolling, etc.), and how to define what an angel is. A curriculum that infuses problems containing multiple subject areas is complicated enough for adults. Doing the same to children is not providing fundamental learning tools, but expectations of the kinds of problems to look for, and even create for others... much like politicians already do to the public... creating a mess of social problems because it makes them feel important to be assigned one or more problems that they have no real answer for, but if all of them agree on a particular answer, then this is what the people are forced to accept as a means of resolving an issue— And that if by chance a problem is resolved, it only means they have to create an even greater, more complicated problem, in order to feel that much better about their presumed abilities promoted by an ego that interprets being selected in an election, that they are the "chosen one". What a stupid government we have let evolve into a monstrous weed.

  6. Right to prevent private arms sales and establish controlled guidelines which limits quantity, quality and types of ammunition. Present Federal laws and guidelines are insufficient... particularly when the government creates so many instances in which large numbers of the public are leary of government activity.

  7. Right to worship the religion of one's choice. (Religion and worship will need to be defined. For example, a Native American that is incarcerated may try to claim that smoking the illegal substance Peyote is a part of their religion. If such were accepted, another might claim that animal sacrifice is necessary for their religion... and so on and so forth.)

  8. Right of the people to vote on whether one or more activities should actually have the benefit of being exempt from taxes because of some standardized view of being a charitable organization. For example, some religious activities are so immersed in business ventures for the sake of profit, that a law making body whose members are also members of the church in question, may overlook such activities in order for the religion to prosper and thus acquire more influence over a minority perspective that should have a similar right... if fairness in such a regard is to be the tool of measurement. In other words, some charities take advantage of their tax-exempt status whereby they gain an advantage over small or large businesses that could prosper as well if they were given a similar status.

  9. Right to disregard (without any government-sponsored consequences) the actions of any or all unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who ignore the limits of their own authority as an exercise in flexing their opinions on individual or groups whose actions are clearly under the jurisdiction of local authority or the collective authority of the people. Such actions by unelected bureaucrats use their positions to cost taxpayers thousands, if not millions of dollars in litigation proceedings that could be put to better usage. The government is at times the worst violator of creating waste, destruction, disharmony, disenchantment, and numerous other problem situations... just so that an unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat can try to play dictator or god.

  10. Right to claim the internet and fair access to it as a public utility.

  11. Right to revamp the entire justice system.

  12. Right to live By, For and With an Actual Democracy, with all terms defined by the collective Will of the People.

  13. Right to free elections, with all associated terms and terminology to be defined by the collective Will of the People. (Some communities, states, and countries do not have actual free elections.)

  14. Right to force any and all manufactures to comply with safety and health standards developed and ratified by the people. With respect to the manufacture of foodstuffs for example, the Will of the People can force companies to alter ingredient composition to significantly reduce or eliminate fat, cholesterol, sugar, additives (food coloring, etc...), salt, etc...

  15. Right to basic, intermediate and advance education to make every person have the opportunity to become a viable member of their community, nation and global communities.

  16. Right to have all law-makers face the same consequences that their actions or non-actions create for anyone else. For example, if the government is shut down because Congress doesn't come up with a budget, thus causing others to be without work (and pay or benefits), then all of Congress and anyone else involved in creating such a circumstance must endure the same situation.

  17. Right of the people to demand new candidates come forward if the public, such as during an election, choose a "None Of The Above" selection that should be a standard option on any and all ballot forms, regardless of the medium being used, and despite any and all attempts by any person or group trying to undermine this provision.

  18. Right for any person, be they employed or not, soldier (government employee) or civilian, to reject to comply to any order, command, direction or other expectation, involving a human rights violation... without fear of any consequence... though overall social disagreement may ensue and create personal problems such as one's family or friends acting in disagreement.

  19. Right to repeal any or all amendments, particularly those dealing with the Rights of government employees to retain, or acquire some benefit (wages, cost of living allowance, retirement, etc...) that many in the public do without, and yet contribute to such benefits with their taxes.

  20. Right to have Small Claims Courts assist in the collecting of that offered by the court's judgment, including a reimbursement of all monies spent when the judgment is in one's favor. As it presently stands, one can win a judgment in a Small Claims Court, but it is up to the person to collect. If the person who owes them money refuses to, there is often nothing a person can do to enforce the court's judgment. This results in the court's ability to win the reward of fees regardless of the outcome. They can act as Pilate did to Jesus by washing their hands of the resulting situation and still be rewarded.

  21. Right to publish (formerly referred to as Freedom of the Press, but now incorporates a larger meaning).

  22. Right to define "Sexual Rights" in terms of community, state, nation and species... with related application. For example, some claim the need to have their personal inclination towards homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, etc., defined as a right that everyone should honor, while others look upon sexuality in terms of its appropriateness for a community, state, territory, nation or species. Clearly, one's personal pornographic or three-some inclinations should not be adopted as a to-be-taught-in-school provision akin to a "second language"; just as others think that a self-oriented homosexual preference is anti-thetical to the larger issues of consideration for the species.

  23. Right to own property out-right and not be subjected to interminable taxation which prevents actual ownership and instead creates a life-long lease program for houses, vehicles, etc...

  24. Right for the people to earn at the very least, 90% of all monies or other rewards that the government or representative thereof, acquires as a judgment that one or more citizens receive as compensation resulting from litigation or any form of settlement in or out of court. It is horrendously absurd for the government to reap a larger reward from litigation or settlements against those having committed a crime, injury or injustice to one or more people... with the word "citizen" not to be used as a determining factor of whether or not a person or persons are entitled to the same type of overall reward. The word "citizen" should not be used to undermine what is right and fair with respect to experienced human suffering, injury, misery dismemberment or even death.

  25. Right to be freed from time-constraining government offers as a means to force acceptance of a reward or restitution. (The government frequently uses time constraints to fulfill its own agenda at the expense of the public.)
  26. Right to be free from any government agency, representative or under-handed facsimile that wants to use Civil Asset Forfeiture as a preeminent right to claim a proportion of that (reward, or however so named); to be gathered by way of investigation, litigation or settlement. The government frequently engages in practices which nets the lion's share of that to be collected... and the public takes the mouse's share, which often is a minuscule proportion.
  27. Right to revamp the entire tax system to stop preferential tax treatment to the wealthy. ("wealthy" would need to be explicitly defined by a collective vote of the people and not, in particular, only those who favor the wealthy.)
  28. Right to TOTAL health care, which necessarily involves stringent cost controls on any and all medical related and medical associated costs.
  29. Right to have insurance without being exploited by insurance companies who arbitrarily raise costs under the guise of spurious reasons.
  30. Right to vote (voting rights, time and places, methods, etc., need to be revamped).
  31. Right to have a Peoples Legislative Branch.
  32. Right to collectively Represent ourselves.
  33. Right to healthful shelter, food, water.
  34. Right to legal representation by those who are fully competent to defend a case. (Competency can not be judged merely by having passed a bar exam since some lawyers may fail numerous times.)
  35. Right to live in well-maintained communities. (What does this mean to you?)
  36. Right to serve one's country in the Military based on realistic standards of qualification.
  37. Right to establish Rights by the collective Will of The People.
  38. Right of animals to have Rights (since so many suffer and die without having an advocate).
  39. Right to "Over-throw" the government and create a better one by way of a legally established means that can not be outlawed nor circumvented by those in any authority.
  40. Right of the environment to have Rights (since people are polluting and destroying it).
  41. Right to establish a militia to over-throw the government for the purposed of improvement agreed upon by the Will of The Public if peaceful attempts have failed to secure a revitalization thereof.
  42. Right of the Citizenry to take control of the military and law enforcement to assist in removing those in authority whose conduct is anti-thetical to the best interests of the people.
  43. Right of the people to be free from an atmosphere of various "Big Brothers" whose information gathering methodologies use the personal information of the public for manipulation and exploitation as well as plagarizing ideas off of web pages.
  44. Right discuss and vote on any or all issues and have the collective vote made into law that no singular or collective Branch(es) of government can alter or dismiss.
  45. Right to collectively veto any government bill or previously established law.
  46. Right to use the "Etc" without being subjected to criticism that someone's personal political interest was not included and is felt that it should be because it is thought to be of primary importance. Because there are so many issues which need to be addressed, only a handful is needed to represent the circumstance.

Granted that one or more of the above listed examples may not be of any interest to you or that you think a particular idea should not be a stated Right. But others may think otherwise. And this is the point to be made. There are so many issues that they need to be publicly discussed, voted on, and that vote carried into law. No singular or collectively organized effort by any or all branches of government should have the ability to rescind a law created by the Will of The People. Needless to say, the current formula of government does not have the capacity, the intelligence nor the wisdom to deal comprehensively with the many issues.

Those in law making authority in the present government often make excuses for their many fallibilities by creating obstacles to the discussion and passage of a needed bill, particularly when the limitations of their energy, intelligence, experience and wisdom are directed towards a pet project that may involve assisting them with getting re-elected. Such a scenario is pathetic with respect to the needs of the public. The needs of the public should come first, without being hindered by actions and activities that adulterate the needs into a tool to get someone re-elected, or simply as an instrument to thwart the efforts of another because of personality conflicts or assertions of ego. This situation requires for ALL OF US to be involved... as it should be, in a Democracy predicated on a government dedicated an OF, BY and FOR ALL the people premise. The present formula of vicarious Representation is short-sighted because it deliberately excludes the majority from having any real say-so in governance. Hence, We The People are in desperate need for a new formula of governance. We The People need a Cenocracy with a Cenocratic formula.

Originally, the "Bill of Rights" page focused specifically on outlining a "Cenocratic Bill of Rights". I include the information for those who had previously ventured to this page and may be looking for it:

As part of our call for a New Government (a CENOCRACY), We The People will establish a new CENOCRATIC political party premised on basic principles:

  1. The people have the right to collectively exercise their vote on any and all issues as they see fit, and to have the results of the vote mandated as the law of the land. The right of the people to choose their own destiny can not be abridged or defined elsewise without the consent of the people.
  2. The people have a right to have their own branch in government which is dominant to all other branches, offices, or departments which will be subservient to the people.
  3. The people have the right to exercise amending, altering, or abolishing singular, multiple, or in toto, any portion thereof; any past, present, or future Bill of Rights, Amendments, or Constitution, however named or socially applied.

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