Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Black Lives -AND- All Lives Matter


While some readers are no doubt reading the title as Black Lives -VERSUS- All Lives Matter because they are inclined to perceive a contention where none need exist except in the minds of those who want to engage in the expression of some personal bias, be it political, philosophical, religious, racial or whatever; that is not the intent of this page. Both perspectives need to be reassigned to a banner entitled "Our Lives Matter" in order to address individual perceptions along the lines of developing a new form of government. Edmund Burke's arguments favoring the usage of tradition to maintain a government's slow trek (of dealing with social disability and governing ineptness) over Revolution to establish an adequate government as those of the French Revolution imagined they could do; is only valid if Revolutionists do not have a game plan for executing and delivering the design of a contemplated New Government formula. Blueprints can work so long as the legend to be used for public interpretation is not cryptic and the materials needed for construction are readily available at the right price in order to commit oneself to. It is not always the lesser of evils to choose a conservative approach... that can otherwise give the impression of seeking solace in cowardace instead of courage to transgress into realms of future uncertainty... particularly when it is recognized that if we remain in the present course, the only certainty is more of the same inequality and disproportionism— or worse.

All sides of the perception must recognize that there are those who want to instigate division amongst the races... particularly White and Black, because they have some ulterior motive. What should be clearly recognized is that there is an active "Yellow Journalism" which abounds in the News Media because many Journalists and media institutions have vested interests in contributing to the stirring up of trouble. Society is the sports arena for journalists in which they compete for personal recognition rewards... No less, those in government, such as Obama, Loretta Lynch and the FBI director Comey, who have their personal motivations as well for engaging in deceptive tactics meant to conceal the illegal activities of Hillary... and whose campaign ideas are meant to give the impression of substance, but are little more than considerations that have value in the minds of those unaware of how difficult the passage of some useful ideas are, where there exists a Congress whose members play out individual competitions amongst themselves instead of working together to provide the efforts of value we all need.

...Additionally, let us include all present and former politicians who may speak to the issues being wrought by the "Black Lives Matter" idea, whose initial legitimate philosophy is seen as undergoing change that is detrimental to the sincerity of its initial efforts which were not formerly perceived as being racist, but are now exhibiting characteristics highly reminiscent of Black racism and Black ("POWER") Nationalism. But let us also include the biasness seen in the "internet TV channels" such as MSM and Yahoo. Each of them are clearly oriented towards collectively personalized incentives as a business generating economic model pursuing increased readership. But so are numerous perceptions being exploited as if they were some definitive explanation for what the "Black Lives Matter" and "All Lives Matter" considerations entail. As far as can be seen, none of the perceptions take into account the evolution such ideas can undergo... both good and bad. Both the All Lives and Black Lives perspectives must move away from their superficial nonsense being espoused, and adopt an "Our Lives Matter" perspective... that is if they can pull themselves away from their respective ego-centric self-indulgences.

While it is fully noted that there exist widespread social inequalities, and that the "Black Lives Matter" orientation was generated to address the perception of Black Men being disproportionately "attacked" by White cops and the overall Justice system, it is now trying to assert that this alone is not THE problem that needs to be corrected... in order that the Black Community can feel and think it is fully enfranchised with the larger society. In other words, after the "gain" in getting the Rebel flag denounced without the people being able to vote on it, blacks are now using the issue with cops as a vehicle to pursue other instances of perceived inequality that, if they are not achieve, will no doubt try to use some other form of protest so that there is a total integration... whatever this might mean to some. However, there are those advancing the "Black Lives Matter" orientation as being comparable to the former Civil Rights Movement that was addressed by legislation... and before that, other laws were made to address other issues:

Ironically, while the Thirteenth Amendment [1865] to the U.S. Constitution prohibited slavery, and the Fourteenth Amendment [1868] granted full and equal rights of citizenship to African Americans, and the Right to Vote established by the Fifteenth Amendment [1870]; these Constitutional acts did not provide for the absence of exclusionary principles being effected on Blacks in various cultural venues. Exclusionary principles are still in effect, and will be used also by Blacks when they reach top government positions, as evidenced by the under-handed scheming taking place by Obama and Lorretta Lynch... as well as Comely and those behind the scenes. Blacks don't have some over-riding interest in playing fair... they simply play to win... and want rules to be contoured to their respective abilities... otherwise, Hillary would be on her way to prison... just like any common person might be if they did what she did, except that the government practices an arbitrary form of dishonesty that the public must learn to be vigilant of or else wise be taken advantage of by a law enforcement system whose individuals have egos that may go out of their way to make a name for themselves within the context of their profession.

If a system, or a particular law enforcement culture assumes there are lots of criminals or law offenders, such employees may look for and even participate in the creation of criminality in order to provide a scenario for them to gain promotion and recognition. And this situation says nothing to the circumstance where being an officer is departmentally viewed as someone who is recognized for having fired their weapon at a suspect, or having killed someone... it is a job-related hierarchy much like the pecking order seen in prisons amongst prisoners, or any employment situation. There are many pecking orders which exist beneath the surface of established rank and file systems that can create problems if they are publicly recognized for existing. Nonetheless, Blacks protesting against an unfair "White" system would not necessarily provide us with a desirable "Black Standard" of equality and justice based on a truer model of equality, fairness and justice to be seen from all perspectives. Blacks can be just as criminal minded and untrustworthy as can Whites, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Latinos. No race, religion or gender holds a commanding market on truth, justice, equality and altruism... particularly when people are forced to abide by the laws of a government which practices a false democracy. In the present context of discussion, it should be noted that many feel the American legal system is so convoluted that anyone getting caught up in it can be like someone trying to escape the snare of a highly trained predator. And it is not surprising that many do not recognize it because they have never been in the system or are appreciably unobservant due to an over-riding self-centeredness with one's race, religion, occupation, gender, or sexual orientation.

Clearly, amendments do not create cultural conditions for precipitating fairness, because the design of the practicing government is not based on fairness nor was it originated as a practice of fairness. If it were, then we would have fair elections and fairness in our ability to legislate our own laws... instead of being subjected to a system which creates obstructions, obfuscations and deliberate dismissiveness of the Collective Will.

Those claiming that an "All Lives Matter" perspective is the preoccupation of individuals whose senses are dulled, are individuals too insensitive... are not perspicacious enough to realize millions upon millions of non-Blacks are also experiencing the same realization that they too are standing at the outskirts of a society that they are forced to labor for, but have no actual direct means of effecting the development of legal standards according to the Will of the People. Far too many of those involved in the "Black Lives Matter" orientation appear to be focused on themselves, on their singular race, than they do on behalf of ALL OF US. All LIVES MATTER when it comes to the question of equality and social fairness. These are not Black-only issues. To try to make them as such, exhibits racism. A problematic Justice system, voting system and the legislation of laws effects all of us. Those using the "All Lives Matter" slogan to advance White-only ideas are racist. Those who are using it to advance the preoccupations of their race, be it brown, red or yellow... are likewise racist... but only in the context of a cultural absorption, and not necessarily because of some embraced orientation involving notions of supremacy. The lack of equality in society is affecting all of us. It is being produced by a government that is not architectured on equality, fairness or justice. If Blacks and all other races truly want to effect the standards of equality, then we need to effect a Revolution... because there is no established means of permitting the people to make changes... without jumping through hoops meant to discourage, distort, and disengage efforts to alter the debilitating status quo. We need to occupy Congress, the Supreme Court and the Oval office with a definitive model of leadership and not some haphazard Socialist or Communist model, regardless of how sincere one's intentions are... and regardless if America's so-called democracy is a piece-meal practice of adopted Socialist and Communist ideas. Protesting against police officers will not accomplish the goals needed to address multiple issues being caused by an inadequate formula of government.

Claiming the statement that "Black Lives Matter" is in and of itself the most significantly demanding social issue that needs to be addressed is perceived by some as being ludicrous... though it might not be if it were they who were Black, male and in a vehicle doing something to bring attention to themselves. Nonetheless, there are numerous issues that need to be addressed, and can not be addressed solely by those advancing an orientation with a singular objective that has now progressed to disparate organizations of racist and nationalistic overtones... even if those bands of individuals have anything but racism and nationalism on their minds. While many of us can recognize disproportions in social treatment being received by Blacks, these same Blacks are not particularly aware that millions of non-Blacks experience their own qualitative disproportion... though it must be equally noted that such disproportions do not occur in a vacuum... there often is a measurable reason for such disproportions taking place, even if those "reasons" are due to some mistake, accident, or irrationality.

However, far too many Blacks want their perceptions of disproportion to be perceived as being greater than any other issue that needs to be comprehensively addressed, as if the overall situation is some sort of school yard sporting event involving a childish one-up-man-ship... as if to denote the expression of some boastful ego-centricity bubbling to the surface so one can peacock themselves about in a notable social venue. The many millions of non-Blacks who feel they are needlessly suffering do not see the urgency of the "Black Lives Matter" orientation, yet they are sympathetic... but this sympathy will not abide by attempting to deride their value systems of personal worth concerning the fact that their non-Black life matters as well. Be it because of a culturally ingrained stigma or a news media rendered recognition that the increased presence of young Black males often create situations of aggression and Militancy in neighborhoods where the intelligence level of parents can be referred to as a repository of ghetto logic involving various racial dichotomies; protesting against police officers does not address the issue of cultural problems within Black communities in which are developed behavioral repertoires that have consistently emerged as predisposing individuals to situation involving conflicts with authority figures. This does not mean that millions of non-Blacks do not agree with the singular issue of how White Police Officers are interacting with the Black Community, but making all officers Black will not alter the situation of developmental issues. The disproportionality being perceived by Blacks through an observance of statistical data also tells us that this situation is but a symptom of a much larger social problem involving the type of governance we have. Protesting about a symptom is rather silly when there is a much larger issue to be addressed involving the cause of multiple social problems.

But let us step back for a brief moment in the present essay in order to make a rather curious correlation between the former "Occupy" protests and the current "Black Lives Matter" protests. In both instances we see an involvement of the term "Pig" as a reference. With respect to the "Occupy" protestors, the usage of the word "pig" arose to denote the behavior of the "Occuparkists" who left parks and other places of "Occupation" in a disgusting mess... which is to be contrasted with the particularly clean behavior of those who protested for the development of a Democracy in China. And with respect to the present "Black Lives Matter" protestors, they are engaged in a self-defined battle against police officers who were once, as an entity, referred to as pigs... an animal that was later noted to be particularly intelligent, by some standards of examination. The insertion of this correlation may seem to be unnecessary digression away from the many theme, but it permits an intellectual breather in order to bring us to the information which initially drew attention for the need of making some comments regarding the some contrasts being made between the Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter orientation.

The following two examples taken from Yahoo News portrays different attempts to diminish the "All Lives Matter" perspective and assert that the "Black Lives Matter" orientation is misunderstood for its interests and objectives... which appear to be multiplying towards Black Racism and Black (Power) Nationalism, that is using protests to exhibit tactics of revenge and trying to badger police officers into changing a situation which necessarily involves legislators altering laws— which also entails the need for the development of a New Government... because the present design of governance is inadequate... but there are numerous people and entities that have a vested interest in keeping things as disordered as they are.

Here's the first example:

LINK: Next time someone tells you "all lives matter," show them this cartoon
all lives matter cartoon (126K)

Updated by German Lopez on July 11, 2016, 8:20 a.m. ET

One of the most common responses to "Black Lives Matter" is "all lives matter." But that response misses the point, as this great cartoon from Kris Straub at Chainsawsuit demonstrates:

The point of Black Lives Matter isn't to suggest that black lives should be or are more important than all other lives, but instead that black people's lives are relatively undervalued in the US (and more likely to be ended by police), and the country needs to recognize that inequity to bring an end to it.

Reddit user GeekAesthete made this point in a thread explaining why the phrase "all lives matter" is offensive:

Imagine that you're sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don't get any. So you say "I should get my fair share." And as a direct response to this, your dad corrects you, saying, "everyone should get their fair share." Now, that's a wonderful sentiment -- indeed, everyone should, and that was kinda your point in the first place: that you should be a part of everyone, and you should get your fair share also. However, dad's smart-ass comment just dismissed you and didn't solve the problem that you still haven't gotten any!

Straub's cartoon echoes this point: If a house is burning down, you're obviously going to focus on putting out the fire instead of watering a house that's just fine. In this analogy, black lives are the burning house, and everyone else is living much more comfortably in the house that isn't burning down. Clearly, one is a bigger problem.

In the foregoing example, the cartoon illustrates a childish mentality that can not be ascribed to a complex issue as what the "Black Lives Matter" orientation actually entails. It's like describing the complexity of a three course meal as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The comic illustration doesn't speak of the underlying insurance which most home owners have and that the rationale for which properties are to be saved and those which are to be left burning, and that it is based on criteria involving laws which the public did not necessarily formulate. If you've ever been in a fire-fighting situation, you come to learn that with limited resources, choices have to be made. And if you've ever had to try to repair a home extensively damaged by fire (or insects, water, tornado, etc...), you might also recognize that the cost in refurbishing an extensively damaged home can be more expensive and troublesome than starting anew. As hard as this is for some to comprehend, the life of a fire and the life of a human being can not be commensurately equated within the same frame of reference or value system.

If all you're concerned with is a superficial application of experience and knowledge, then the comic makes perfect sense... that is, to idiots with the I.Q. of a peanut. However, it is nonsensical to make such a reference as if to appeal to an untapped wisdom involving some greater truth based on a commonality for which none actually exists except in the perceptions of those whose world-view is stuck in the self-absorptions of adolescence. Trying to make a direct comparison between inanimate houses and the animate profile of those involved in the Black Lives Matter perspective, is rather disrespectful. The situation calls for more than the analytical power of a ten-cent magnifying glass to elucidate intricacies of culture, human behavior, and overall government functionality... of which the latter is particularly inadequate as denoted by the fact the people are subjected to choosing between two dumb blondes for President, and the governing structure does not have a means to provide the best and brightest citizens to choose amongst in the first place. The illustration is inappropriate and does not make for an honest and equal comparison to a more serious issue involving overall governance. The present form of government does not provide the path by which so many social issues that are crying out to be addressed, can be. Congress nor any Legislature are able to address the very many social problems because the present system is the originating part of the problem which instigates them into existence. In short, the cartoon is the judgment of those who are not giving equal credit to both BLM and ALM perspectives beyond the parameters being discussed.

And as for the comment concerning everyone "getting a fair share", where in the world did you get this idea from? What sort of equality is this? In an Actual Democracy, all of us would have to vote on the definition of this ideal. But we haven't. And don't look now, but such an idea of "equality" is actually a pronouncement of Socialism and Communism. No less, as the Earth's population continues to grow and resources continue to decline because they are finite, the so-called "equal share" doctrine that is being interpreted by some to represent an abundance to sate the appetites of all, will be a lessened commodity as well. In other words, it presumes we are all entitled to an equal share, instead of a share of equality... as a situation that the so-called Democracy presumably says we can have. However, we don't have a democracy. Our society is based on piece-meal applications of Socialism and Communism as shown by the many SOCIAL and COMMUNAL programs we have. Our government is not organized on providing an equal share... it is architectured on providing a minimalist share of equality to most, and a maximized share to a few. Yes, it many instances, Blacks do have a lesser share of this presumed equality, but millions of non-Blacks experience their own lessened shares, when compared to notions of what they think they should be entitled to have. When the appetites of some people are like that of pigs and hogs, their greed can never be sated like someone who has a tapeworm. The present design of government does not protect the whole of the citizenry from various practices of greed exploited by religion, charities, businesses and the government.

However, when some Blacks get a larger proportion of the "equal share" and become millionaires or at least have a stored-away abundance, you do not see any overt expression of wanting to share their excess with those less fortunate. You do not see the many Black millionaires trying to provide their black brothers and sisters with an equal share. You simply see the same selfishness and greed we see amongst the other races. If there is only so much "equality" (based on resources) to be shared, a finite amount can only be divided so far. For example, if we have only one apple to share amongst ten people, an "equal share" philosophy is of little value since the whole apple eaten by anyone is insufficient to sustain them anyway. Yet, sustaining one's life a bit longer would entail the adoption of a cannibalistic rationale. This is the inevitability if we do not check population growth. It is also a rendering applicable to the situation if we do not alter the formula of governance we have.

The disproportion being felt by Blacks says nothing to alternative forms of disproportion being felt by many others, but have as yet not reached the point of social recognition and protests. Even if we alter laws in order to prevent Blacks from experiencing a disproportion, the effects of disproportion caused by the present dysfunctional government will simply shift onto others. The situation will not be solved. The government will simply try to make the experienced disproportions more equal throughout the populace, while those in power continue to receive a larger proportion of so-called equality. The existence of the perceived disproportionism is not compressible. Trying to do so only makes for an explosive situation. Disproportionism is an inherent quality of the present falsified democracy. The disproportionism exhibited by a "Representative" formula of government acts not only as a role model, but as a blue-print from which the social "game plan" is played out in various formulations of disproportionism. America's phoney democracy, like so many other phoney democracy models being practiced throughout the world, are structured on the practice of disproportionism. If Blacks do not experience a disproportionate level of equality, then this structural phenomena of governance is shifted onto Latinos, or Whites, or Native Americans, or Pacific Islanders, or Asians, or Women, or Children, etc..., including variations and admixtures thereof.

The practice of disproportionism is built into the system we practice. We need a New System in order to confront the situation... knowing all too well that there are those who want to maintain the system because they have learned how to use their abilities within the structure... albeit to the disadvantage of others. Yet it must also be recognized that there are many who could care less about the disproportionism felt by others. They only care about themselves and their family or "their own kind". They don't want to change the system and will quickly denounce any and all efforts directed towards altering the situation... because they instinctively know that the system is inherently unfair and that to make it more fair may well mean they are not going to have their disproportion of "fairness". Many people know the system is not fair, but not necessarily that this unfairness is do to the type of government being practiced. Instead, they chalk it up to being the result of human nature... even though there are many human natures all around them that practice greater fairness, despite the inequality being rammed down their throats by the a faulty society designed by a dysfunctional government. Indeed, they do not recognize the dysfunctionality in an unfair distribution of equality, because they define functionality from an ego-centric perspective. All is right with the world so long as they get their (unequal) share of fairness. Changing the percentages of disproportion amongst the populace so that there is a broader application of equalized unfairness, does not address the disproportions of entitlements amongst rich and poor or the governed and those who govern. New Amendments will not solve the problem of accurately defining nor practicing fairness. This can only occur by adopting a New Government, a Cenocracy... with a more encompassing social and life philosophy that extends beyond the confines of Earth, the solar system and the galaxy.

Here's the second example:

The unpredictable Windmill (82K)
LINK: 6 Reasons Why “All Lives Matter” Is Neither Fair Nor Helpful

1. All Lives Matter focuses on what should be. Black Lives Matter focuses on what is.

Everyone (with 892 exceptions) wants racism to be over. The belief that Black people are being divisive or complaining unjustifiably about racism and violence is bigoted, because it assumes Black folks are either lazy with nothing better to do than whine, or incapable of living their lives without a handout. Black Lives Matter isn’t divisive, it’s responding to and calling out divisions that were already there. Black Lives Matter isn’t taking us back to the 1960’s, it’s calling out the fact that in many ways Black life is worse than it was in the 1960’s. These divisions and problems may be new to White people, but that doesn’t make them new. Just as women are more qualified than men to identify sexism and LGBT people are more qualified than straight people to identify homophobia, people of color are the best qualified to identify racism – not White people. Our job is to listen to the feedback, take it seriously, and act.

And what does "everyone" mean? Every single person on the planet, or just the "world" of someone within a given community? How many people does this "everyone" embody? A third of the U.S. population? Half? Or every single person? This "everyone" perspective is like the ego-centric perspective of those in the past who placed their kingdom in the middle of a map illustrating the known world during a given era. It also is reminiscent of those who hold a short-sighted appreciation of existence in that they will refer to a favorite sports team as a "world" champion, though the sport contest(s) occurred amongst those of a single region. "Racism" is just a word used to describe a means by which a given "race" of people enable themselves and others to distinguish themselves and thus try to acquire an advantage over others by assuming a lead position in dispelling that which nonetheless occurs in the guise of other labels. If not by the word "race", then distinctions are made by the words gender, religion, height, weight, hair color, language, attire, knowledge, music interest, professional affiliations, political views, education, sexual orientation, experience, ability, social connections, etc... People can be liked or disliked for any number of qualities. Just because such words are not further attached with extensive emotion or repetitive commentary does not mean they are any less practiced.

As for the reference to the 1960's, one must wonder if the writer is Black and actually lived during this time in order to make a personal distinction between how many Blacks are managing to live now compared to how they lived then. Some Black families were much better off than many White families who lived in poverty just as did many Blacks... and yes, such an observation is based on personal experiences. Trying to make a distinction between "good" and "bad" poverty is overlooking the operative word "poverty". If every perceived undesirable experience of Blacks or people of color are to be emphasized as being more... or less... than non-blacks, then equality can never be achieved if it is to be based primarily on subjective interpretations whose start and finish lines can be arbitrarily moved according to whatever disposition is useful in acquiring a given desire.

As noted by historians and others, Niccolò Machiavelli (1469- 1527) in his "The Prince" (1513), is cited as providing a portrayal of things as they actually were (in his time)... as opposed to the views of those who wrote from the perspective of how things some people think things ought to be. In his own words: "Since my intention is to say something that will be of practical use to the enquirer, I have thought it proper to represent things as they are in real truth, rather than as they are imagined." Such a perspective is called "Realpolitik" in German to denote real, hard-nosed politics. Yet, while many in his day thought his views were disgusting, others like Shakespeare and Francis Bacon found his views enlightening, no doubt because they provided a written form of reality to views which they had themselves, but had not illustrated. It is often a moment of revelation for someone to read or hear their own perceptions in the words of others... very much like a breath of fresh air.

However, even though some may read the foregoing in terms of advocating that they are right in their perceptions they hold today, it is necessary to pay witness to the fact that those who are protesting against police officers under a "Black Lives Matter" banner are particularly naive with an assessment of the larger situation involving a culture born from a dysfunctional government. The "Blacks Lives Matter" banner has been waved many times, in different formulas for centuries... and will no doubt continue for more, so long as the governing situation continues, and is not recognized by Blacks as that against which they should be protesting... because it is due to the government we have so much inequality being labeled as "fair proportionism" but is actually disproportionism.

If we use the above logic of "qualification" as the primary means of objectivity, then to the above list of descriptives used as a silly argument of who knows best how to identify their labeled antagonists, we are to assume, or at least defer to this admission as a primary and sole judgment of logical disposition, that police officers are likewise best able to identify offenders of the law... many of whom are Black Males who commit numerous petty crimes catalogued into a representation of repeated "coloring outside the lines" behavior that may, like any behavioral addiction, lead towards needing an ever large "fix" frequently expressed in the engagement of more serious crimes.

Clearly then, as a dispute to the above stated self-serving rationale trying to adopt a greater protesting force by promoting auxiliary forms of inequality experienced by others; one must also recognize the bias and prejudice which can be imparted by those who use a particular label as a means of concealing what are individualized particulars compartmentalized into a politically correct avenue of expression... and thus used as justification for concealing insecurities, need for attention and/or compensatory attempts to placate feelings of inadequacy lumped into a self-serving notion of being offended (or insulted)... and that such feelings are thus to be assigned the definition of some extreme consideration that everyone must hold in a similar level of esteem to be addressed in the manner described by those claiming to be offended or insulted... but may actually account for the presence of an unseen chip on one's shoulder, because it is acknowledged that the quickest way to get people involved with oneself is through expressions of anger, tears, or some other overt emotion.

For example, a woman attaches to herself a container of mace, a whistle and perhaps even carries a gun claiming she needs protection from any potential rapist, not because she may be raped, but to assign to herself a means of not only concealing... but justifying a preoccupation with feelings she wants to be desirable... except that no one, except for some Lesbian, has taken a provocative interest in her... and yet, she has not let her feelings predispose her to a vulnerability that can be exploited by a member of the LGBTQ community of colonies trying to increase its membership through various forms of manipulation, bribery, ambush, blackmail, etc., and thus use quantity as a substitute for the quality needed for honesty and truth... because there are those in the LGBTQ ranks who recognize their own hypocrisy.

Trying to assign to oneself a greater level of expressed truth as a trustworthy perception based on comparisons to others who have expressed some indignation does not create the situation of increasing the value of one's own interests. It is rather stupid to align the perspective of the Black Lives Matter group with the verbal weapons fashioned by the LGBTQ community of colonies, when the BLM orientation has a far larger application and importance than the silliness being advocated by those obsessed with their ego-centrically defined sexual orientation. The BLM group should not belittle nor discredit their efforts in such a way. Since neither Black, White Brown are colors in the visual spectrum, they are not actually "people of color" in any sense other than something created in the minds of those professing some unique, self-defined ability to identify prejudice, and therefore can not accurately identify racism, unless "racism" is aligned with some personalized subjectivity based on ego-centricity that attempts to increase its strength by accumulating disparate others into a fold they themselves want to participate in as the reigning spokesperson... as purported in the above criteria. In what sort of professed inclination towards a presumptive "democracy" did Blacks come to be elected as the central spokesperson for all peoples of color? Blacks and other minorities only refer to "democracy" and "equality" when it provides for gains in their self-serving ends. And yet, America does not practice a Democracy... it practices a Republic, a Representative form of government whose Representatives rarely ask for the collective opinions of their constituents. It is wholly significant that people recognize the incredulity being professed by those who can not even recognize that they do not live in a society practicing an Actual Democracy. This lack of awareness speaks volumes about those promoting a "Black Lives Matter" philosophy... as a distinct self-centeredness which can not appropriately understand an "All Lives Matter" perspective... and those wanting to flip this comment around to be used as an argument favoring themselves, we must also note a continued reliance on knee-jerk impulsiveness.

colorprism2 (176K)

2. All Lives Matter assumes everyone is treated fairly and has the same opportunities for success in life. Black Lives Matter recognizes that this is not true.

Black Lives Matter could be called “Black Lives Matter... Too, Like Everyone Else’s.” We do not treat all lives the same. Compare how dead soldiers and murdered police are mourned and celebrated compared to murdered African Americans. Compare how Dylan Roof (the Charleston terrorist for whom police bought Burger King after his arrest) and James Holmes (the Aurora mass murderer) were treated compared to Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Walter Scott. None of them killed anyone; some committed no crime at all

Clearly, we do not treat all lives the same. Most people who die are not treated like Police Officers, Soldiers, Politicians, etc... and not just Blacks who may or may not have a criminal record or die in the commission of a crime. But if one is around death often enough, a type of callousness becomes adopted as a survival mechanism, like the eating, sleeping and writing love letters by soldiers... though dead soldiers may be lying about nearby... as has been the case in many wars. If you experienced the amount and type of social idiocy that cops do, and many a retail clerk can identify with, you too would have to incorporate some type of immunity that inexperienced others might want to define as insensitivity. The expression sometimes rendered as walking a mile in another's shoes or moccasins before passing judgment, applies to those wanting to pass judgment on police officers who have to deal with a populace living in a faulty system; yet police officers have no means of altering the political system except through riot, rebellion and revolution like the rest of us... they must nonetheless do the best they can in a bad situation. If you are in a position of being out-numbered, like cops are to the public, and might well come across someone who could care less about your life, you too may pull your gun first and ask questions later. Police officers have to protect themselves because they often are presented with unpredictable situations. However, this does not in any way condone police brutality or over-zealousness.

Many people from different walks of life, in their perception, are treated unfairly, whether comparisons are made in contrast to another race, religion, gender, employment occupation or ability. Far too often, one's feelings of being treated unfairly grab onto some social orientation as an act of sublimation... as a type of substitution that has gained visibility and provides a means by which one can vent frustration and anger... so long as it is contoured along a given channel of mobilized social focus. In other words, different people attending a protest rally have their own agendas... and are not necessarily the same as those being expressed by speakers who likewise may have ulterior motives than that being espoused at a protest rally. Many a person has used their presence at a protest, or at least their claim of such an attendance, as a type of name-dropping exercise to further some other goal. When many such people are attracted to a given protest, ulterior motives can become manifest... such as the racism and Black nationalism rearing its head under the Black Lives Matter banner. The lack of such racism and nationalism is a particular view to be noted when we compare the BLM orientation to that of the Occupy Movement. The Occupy Movement truly was an effort to exercise and "All Lives Matter" perspective. It's too bad it lacked any definitive leadership and goal that the public could sink its teeth into.

The statement "All Lives Matter assumes everyone is treated fairly and has the same opportunities for success in life", is another pathetically ignorant assumption not based on any reliable and quantifiable fact. First, we must define what we mean by "being fairly treated", and then take a poll to establish not only the opinions of those harboring an "All Lives Matter" perspective, but those claiming a preference for a "Black Lives Matter" orientation. "All Lives Matter" nor "Black Lives Matter" do not represent singular individuals. Nor does it accurately describe a presumptive singular idea being held simultaneously by hundreds, thousands or millions of others. Just like the topics of love, peace, beauty and truth, the ALM and BLM slogans are philosophical generalities. Every person has their individualized interpretation and means of articulating their perceptions.

No one with half a brain, except for some advancing an oppositional BLM orientation, thinks everyone has the same opportunities for success in life. This is a ludicrous statement bordering on mental illness suffused with mental retardation inebriated on self-absorption. Prejudice and discrimination are wide-spread. Even the government engages in a prejudicial and discriminatory form of governance, despite all its anti-discrimination policies and provisions... denoted by the lack of an Actual Democracy. The government is a repository of numerous minority factions who use rules and regulations to impose their established views on the public, presumably for the good of the public, but actually for the good of the government... and yet the public rarely if every gets to vote on the rules and regulations. The people are kept in a state of enforced ignorance, like a parent wanting to home school their children in order to ensure they retain a level of ignorance that best suits their ability to manipulate their children for a personalized agenda commensurate with their own ignorance.

The collective Will of the People do not determine the direction by which the country forages the trail towards a better future for everyone. We are subjected to the whims of a minority who take it upon themselves to decide what they think is best for everyone. The citizenry are treated as domestic servants subject to the laws established by a minority in political positions. This is one of the reasons social problems occur again and again and again. The government is architectured on the practice of a cyclical merry-go-round which does not provide for the means by which the public will be ensured of getting the best and the brightest candidates to run for political office... and candidates who will pursue the implementation of a government where the people are directly in charge of it, because the Collective Will of the People are the legitimate leaders... as is claimed by the notion that the country advances a government perspective defined by an Of, By, and For all the People declaration... though in practice, it is little more than a slogan to conceal a governing practice that is anything but. Protesting against police offices will not solve a problem which originated due to a faulty form of government called a Republic. If Blacks truly want to address prejudice and discrimination, they must direct their collective energies against the primary antagonist... which is the design of a government practicing a phoney democracy. It is a protest that must occur within the chambers of the Supreme Court Justices, the Oval Office, the Congress, and every single department that advocates the continued practice of a Republic that subjugates the people to an erroneous form of a "true peoples government".

3. All Lives Matter focuses on equality and intentions. Black Lives Matter focuses on equity and actual impact.

These are two subtle but profoundly different approaches to fairness. Equality is centered on one’s own good intentions and treating everyone the same. Equity is centered on the impact of one’s actions on others, regardless of good intentions. An equality orientation is kind and good-hearted but inadequate because we live in a complex, diverse society where people – while deeply similar in many ways – have vastly different histories, experiences, beliefs, and needs. Also, people don’t actually treat each other the same even when we try to. Abundant research shows that human beings carry unconscious biases that affect our behaviors despite our good intentions and noble values – unless we take concrete actions to counteract them. If good intentions and focusing on people’s similarities were enough to end racism, it would have already ended.

The title statement of this section is Semantics using a "rap" mentality of retrogressive linguistic reversal in an attempt to give the impression of intelligence... but even Black intellectuals with a penchant for reflective honesty would laugh at such absurdity. We could re-write the above by saying: "These are two subtle but profoundly different semantic approaches contrived by a singular perspective towards describing the philosophical term "fairness" with an emphasis on attempting to apply a greater distinction of worth to one view as opposed to another perspective. Equality can be defined as being centered on one’s own good intentions and treating everyone the same, though any legal qualification would have to have each of these words independently defined. (The remainder of the paragraph freely admits that the comments portrayed in the first question concerning a stoppage of racism, is a poor argument to be supplied in an effort to bring a point to bear on the discussion.)

4. Black Lives Matter was created in response to anti-Black racism and violence, and lack of accountability for that violence. All Lives Matter was created in response to Black Lives Matter – by White supremacists.

This is likely why Trump supporters have beaten African Americans at rallies while ironically shouting “all lives matter!” “All lives matter” is code for “White lives matter,” and both are messages that have enjoyed centuries of constant proclamation and reinforcement. The same cannot be said for Black lives. No one in the movement is saying only Black lives matter, or that Black lives matter more than White or blue lives, or that White or blue deaths should be sought or celebrated. There is no shortage of mourning and accountability for the loss of White and blue lives (which, incidentally, have been declining for 35 years). The same cannot be said for Black lives. There is no shortage of mechanisms to hold individuals accountable for committing crimes (especially when they’re Black or brown). The problem Black Lives Matter aims to address is institutional racism in policing and state violence – committed by taxpayer-funded institutions, not individual citizens – for which there is little to no accountability.

Claiming that the "All Lives Matter" slogan is a code for "White Lives Matter" is Black racist oriented propaganda, since many Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders feel... as well as think the same way. No less, we see a lot of non-blacks protesting alongside Blacks... each, no doubt, with their own political agenda... and not necessarily having anything at all to do with the BLM orientation. It is rather pathetic for someone to be so self-absorbed as to think everything and everyone is centered around some sort of Blackness-issue that is trying to project itself as a divine light of unimpeachable truth, when its increasing racist and nationalist tone clearly defines a Black hole trying to suck everyone into its egotistical realty from which none are permitted to perceptually escape by indulging in any other perspective than that being promoted by those Blacks with an agenda of personalized motives. Even if all Black peoples on the Earth were killed off, this would not solve many other pressing social issues, nor prevent others which would ensue as the population of non-blacks increases. All present governments are designed for small populations. They are too old, too slow and inflexible for the dynamics of a species with an inherent inclination towards youthfulness with an accompanying energy of purposefulness. But such ideas are a matter of consideration of a philosophy that is not being encompassed in the "Black Lives Matter" disposition.

BLM protest (78K)

The sign saying the person is not a threat is wrong. All protestors are being perceived as a threat by those who wish to preserve the status quo. If Blacks continue to gravitate towards a Black Racism and Nationalism, the desired effect for establishing change for the good of everyone will be lost. Those elements in and out of the core orientation which are trying to instigate false propaganda, must be directly dealt with. But a distinct objective and how to achieve it must be laid out. Protesting will not help to solve problems if leaders do not have the answers. They will simply try to shift the problems into multiple areas whereby dilution appears to have been able to mitigate the circumstances into negligibility. We can not solve social issues within the constraints of a system that is part of the problem.

The opening declarations in number 4 amount to a bunch of hogwash. The "All Lives Matter" perspective was not solely commented on by White Racists, but by those who recognize that the initial credibility of the "Black Lives Matter" orientation has gravitated towards a pronounced Black Racism and Black Nationalism. While White Racists have gravitated towards an adoption of the slogan for their particular agendas, there are millions more using the slogan as a direct argument against some Blacks trying to use the BLM orientation as a means of pursuing a Racist and Nationalistic agenda whose interests include the pursuit of developing a race war as a means of validating the existence of their inclinations to recognize their troubles are due to White peoples, and perpetrating a greater racial division being fed by numerous instances of yellow journalism.

But let us also mention the need for an accountability of Black Violence, as if to suggest its cause is directly attributable to a presumed "White" social rule book which incorporates an active intent of subjugating all "colored" peoples... and deliberately fail to acknowledge that many White people are likewise subjugated to the same lack of fairness. And let us also fail to mention that Black peoples take it upon themselves to speak for all colored peoples, though no such election process has every taken place. Indeed, let's also talk about Black violence in terms of Black on Black aggression where there is the lack of wide-spread accountability except by using more violence against Blacks, because many colored people know that most White citizens are not guilty of trying to subjugate them. Yes, let's define all, or most, or much of the violence we see amongst Blacks as due to the impositions of a White race... and yet the so-called superior Black intelligence is not directing their anger against enclaves of White people nor the so-called White establishment... with any definitive goal or answer in solving all the problems of the Black Community. Simply flip-flopping the social situation of Blacks and Whites will not solve social problems being caused by the usage of an inadequate form of governance. Particularly not one which uses a public school system as a government propoganda machine to delude millions of citizens into believing they practice a democracy... when such an animal is more rare than the White bison of Native Americans.

Even if the entire United States or any country on the planet was turned over to Blacks, without the presence of any Whites, there would still be wide-spread acts of disproportionism... denoted there by other "colored" peoples. A dominant Black government would thus exhibit the same disgusting behaviors we see being exhibited by governments with a dominant White race. The only "answer" Blacks offer in creating greater fairness, is to force Whites to do their bidding, according to their perceptions and definitions. and not the collective opinions of everyone... as would be the requirement in an Actual Democracy. Blacks don't seek to establish fairness by way of any democratic process, though they may claim to uphold some purported value organized in accordance with democracy, particularly when the Black community can not even recognize that there is so very little democracy being practiced. Blacks can not resolve problems for which they are not fully cognizant of. One of these problems is the dysfunctional design of the government. Simply replacing one idiot politician for another will not solve the problems of governance. Whereas Obama and Loretta Lynch could have exhibited a higher standard of intellectual trustworthiness, which would establish Black people as a desirable political element, instead we find them exhibiting the same low-life lying antics that so many White politicians practice. What's the value in having Blacks in political office if they're going to cheat and lie to the people like White politicians are frequently noted as doing?

"All lives Matter" was created by some as a response to a growing level of Black hypocrisy... and not the legitimate gripes previously tallied and discussed concerning the situation involving White Police Officers confronting Black Males in different situations for different reasons... many of which involve a behavioral repertoire of non- strict compliance to the commands of officers. A person can only be perceived as potentially dangerous if they are exhibiting behavior suggesting unpredictability. Creative comments and gestures can be mistakenly interpreted to be acts of defiance and non-cooperation. Police officers do not necessarily have a large knowledge base of behavior or education. Many are like guard dogs who are ever watchful of any activity that may suggest an assultive inclination. Guard dogs will not necessarily attack unless you make a move... or make some sound suggestive of a threat. While large guard dogs are not necessarily threatened by someone with a small body frame, a small guard dog may feel easily threatened. Trying to claim the "All Lives Matter" comment is a White racist response to an innocent, and meaningful Black expression, can likewise be interpreted as an attempt by colored people to instigated the creation of a division where none actually exists except in the minds of those trying to force themselves against a make-believe (White) wall as a means of justifying irrational thrusts of anger and violence.


All Lives Matter denies there is a problem by treating African American grievances and deaths at the hands of police as deserved consequences, anomalies, trivialities or lies. Black Lives Matter takes action in the face of Whites’ silence, complacency and dismissiveness.

As Tyler Huckabee wrote, “all lives matter” is “an attempt to erase an actual crisis under the guise of being fair.” This clever video illustrates how dismissive and ludicrous this is. It’s deeply insulting and a benefit of White privilege to ignore or explain away what the Black community has been saying for years, as if Black folks have nothing better to do than complain or protest.

This statement is riddled with nonsense! It is rather stupid to deny the existence of such a problem, but likewise just as stupid to think that protests against police is going to alter the large political environment from which inequality comes from in the first place. What do Blacks want a community of non-Blacks to do for Blacks? Hold your hands, wash your underwear and kiss your butts? Do you actually think the millions of non-Blacks have some sort of magic wand to address the social problems of Blacks, when non-Blacks are experiencing their own perceived inequalities such as being forced to join in a health-care system promoted by a Black person; that was not thought out and is plagued by issues which can not be addressed by using such a stupid medical insurance model which also punishes people if they don't join in this particular medical club... that acts more like the racketeering mentality of a protectionist gang or criminal organization? Should all our energies and resources be directed towards righting every single wrong occurring in the perspective of Blacks because their tribalistic and show-and-tell inclinations are not being fulfilled in order for them to carry out some boastful peacock culturalism... of which many of them are not even aware of?

When Blacks can't define "fairness" except in terms comparing themselves to Whites instead of some greater ideal commensurate with a presumed greater intelligibility of sensitivity that is thought equal to a physical prowess exhibited in sports... then how else are people to interpret their interests and activities principally directed with themselves in mind? Whereas the "Black Lives Matter" is primarily a Black preoccupation, it's no wonder that those with such an orientation can only recognize an "All Lives Matter" perspective as being similarly self-oriented. Because the BLM group does not embrace a larger ideal involving everyone, they can not appreciate the existence of a view when it does. They don't have the intellectual capacity to look beyond their own narrow grasp... and must thus define everyone's actions in terms of projecting their own views onto others.

Despite the wranglings which occur because of semantics and misinterpretations, we should not lose sight of the fact that there is a very real problem in our lives, and this problem stems from a government structure too antiquated for our needs. When it is fully recognized by many Blacks and Non-Blacks that the Republic form of Representative government being practiced is a problem that needs to be comprehensively addressed in order to resolve issues specific to Blacks and those experienced by non-blacks in so many ways of life; then perhaps... we can begin to focus on the real concern for answering so many social problems which involve not only the government, but business and religion as well. The present form of so-called Representative government does not represent the collective Will of the people, or there would be an established means by which the Collective Will would be comprehensively collected. At present, there is little more than the illusion of an Actual Democracy because the government is formulated on the practice of excluding the majority so that a minority can dictate its terms to them.

Those of us advocating a sincere "All Lives Matter" are not silent, complacent nor dismissive about the injustices occurring not only with Blacks, but many non-Blacks as well. We know that the entire justice system needs to be revamped, but we also know there is no political mechanism... other than riot, rebellion and revolution for us to promote change... changes which will go unheeded by a culture of elected officials and their selections (such as the Supreme Court) who are silent, complacent and dismissive about the need for a New Government... a Cenocracy. Simply creating new Amendments will not solve all the issue confronting the citizenry... if they did, Blacks would not now be having the problems they are. Creating civil rights provisions was not enough... and nor will a thousand other amendments, because they are rules which are incorporated into a dysfunctional form of governance.

If you wish to discuss silence, complacency and dismissiveness amongst whites, let us bring the point to bear on such as an expression exhibited by all the Legislative bodies of the Nation. Why are they so silent, complacent and dismissive? No less, we can readily provide the example of the FBI director Comey with respect to the case involving Hillary. But in doing so, let us look at the side-stepping, under-handed, back-stabbing liar called Loretta Lynch and the race-issue promoting Obama who should be speaking on behalf of everyone and not just Blacks. The issues involving Blacks are not the only issues. The greater issue is the lack of a functioning democracy in its fullest expression. All of them are liars... and use their individualized techniques of obfuscation to think they aren't actually lying, they're just interpreting information in accordance with some other ulterior motive and objective.

We can't reliably trust those in the highest offices of the Federal government to right wrongs when they are part of the problem. Who are we to speak to about the problems in the Black community and non-Black community when we have a political leadership and national media practicing selective listening... as denoted by statements saying that the loss of a mere 49 lives in the Orlando colony of the LGBTQ community was the worst tragedy the nation has ever suffered? No less, We The People are forced to effect the behavior of complacency because there is no established political mechanism for us to readily make all the desperately needed changes which exist. The present Representative government is a joke. The entire structure of the present government is that which enslaves us to a mentality of dismissiveness, because this is the role model political leadership practices as evidenced by Obama, Lynch, and Comey with respect to that lying, cheating, filthy disgusting Clinton. Their actions clearly show us how despicable the Democratic Party has become.

Let us say it again: The present Representative Government is a joke. The people should not have to engage in riot, rebellion, or revolution in order to effect change according to the Collective Will of the People. There should be an established means for the people to bring about change... but there isn't. The current methods of writing to one's Representative or Petitioning the Government via a website, are pathetic excuses for not doing anything. These methodologies are little more than dismissiveness, and giving the impression that a so-called democracy is being practiced... when only a pretend formula of democracy is expressed in word, but not deed. The People need their own Legislative Branch (a Peoples Legislative Branch) that is the dominant Branch of the entire government. Absolutely no law, no decree, nothing should be beyond the reach of the Public Will. If it doesn't like what the Congress is or isn't doing, the people need a direct mechanism to intervene. Likewise with the Executive and Judicial Branches. Even the rulings of the Supreme Court should be subject to alteration by the Will of the People, including the adoption of a new Constitution and Bill of Rights. We The People need a New Government, a Cenocracy! It is for this that the whole of the public should be protesting for.

Even if we were to pass laws enabling all Blacks to be millionaires or even Billionaires, this would not solve social problems occurring because of a bad design in the overall form of government being practiced. Blacks and others will continue to have problems because they are forced to live within a social architecture that is too small in form, function, and fidelity to the cause of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness. Again, let it be stated, that simply adding new Amendments will not solve our problems involving a defunct Constitution that is in desperate need to have a fundamental structural change— which starts fresh... with new ink and new paper, by embodying all amendments as headings and not as inserted footnotes. The experiences of Blacks with respect to a perceived disproportionate standard of assumed equality received from different policing units, is not THE most prominent nor pressing problem amongst all social problems involving ALL OF US.

The number of Blacks being killed by Police Officers is minuscule compared to the many more people that are dying because of poor nutrition or diseases perpetrated by poor hygiene and a diet from foods that should not be on the market; but we have an inept Food and Drug Administration playing out ulterior motives of its own... and could care less what the people think. The present formula of government is wholly deficient in its ability to address mounting social problems... and yet those in power do not want to pursue a better design for fear of losing their control and position. They do not know how to think outside the box of the current government's structure. Instead, they are like a home owner who adds a "room" (department) to their existing house, thinking this will solve the problems caused by an extended family (increased population) who have to live together because of low wages, little or no employment opportunities, and high costs in housing, education, health care, vehicle maintenance, child care, food, gasoline, etc...

Far too many people don't have adequate shelter or uncomplicated (financial) access to total medical treatment, or are not getting enough food... and yet the food production industry throws away millions of pounds based on idiotic criteria. Whereas dental and optometry treatments are medical in nature, these three are frequently separated in order to establish different rules and regulations and cost structures, thereby making health-care more complicated than it needs to be. Total health care involves every aspect of health, including hygiene, toileting, shelter, food, clothing, counseling, etc... Intentionally perpetrating divisions by creating semantic divisions is a prejudice and discrimination effected against the public for self-serving interests of different industries. Yet, there are so many injustices occurring because this is the dysfunctional social structure in which laws are made and enforced. Police officers are not known for their intelligence. Nor are they known for any great wisdom, insight or creativity... despite the capacity of those who are able to solve crimes. They are not gods having some unique insight into every person's intentions in all situations. They make guesses as to what a person has on their mind. The make value judgments based on their experiences which are filtered through the prism of personal issues they are dealing with. They are not perfect and never will be perfect because the public is not perfect. They will continue to make mistakes and some of these will be due to one form of discrimination or prejudice. And it will not change even if all police officers were one gender, one sexual orientation, one religion, one height, one weight, one race or whatever.

The hiring and training of police officers is a cultural artifact dealing with a populace that is forced to live in a society that the population did not and does not have a direct means of formulating laws that it thinks are best for it to live by. For those who have gone through any P.O.S.T. (Peace/Police Officer Standard Training) situation, you become aware of how many people you might not want to have to confront... simply based on their personality. Likewise, the same situation occurs when a person is in a group who are studying to be teachers. There are many in the class you would not want to have as an instructor. Additionally, though we have thousands of people passing the BAR exam to be a lawyer, they are not necessarily those you would want to have representing you in a court case.

With respect to the social structure of the American culture— some feel it is analogously appropriate to view the people like a bunch of rats thrown into a maze... having to live with a cutthroat philosophy of survival because this is the standard the government wants us to live by, according to the greed of business and the fairytales promoted by self-preserving religions. It will not get better so long as we continue with the present form of dysfunctional government based on the lie that it is a democracy... when it clearly is not Of, By and For the people.

While some people should never be in a particular employment situation in the first place because they don't actually have the necessary temperament for it, others develop a deteriorating temperament after they have been employed for awhile. Some people burn out very quickly, others take longer, and still others recognize that they or a colleague are burnt out, but develop or assist someone in concealing the situation in order to permit them to reach a point of retirement... since attitudes about retirement have not yet achieved a "transferable" clause of acceptance, like some warranties do. Some people burn out of a job and are not recognized for being burnt out... and this affects their judgment. So too is judgment affected by a populace forced to submit to a culture practicing the hypocrisy of "equality" in which a standardized inequality actually exists.

It is absurd to think or expect their to be fairness and equability when the government formula being practiced is anything but. A citizenry forced to practice a Representative form of government whose Representatives do not represent a Collective Will that they have no real inkling of anyway... because there is no established means of accessing what that Will is; is the practice of irrationality, hypocrisy and deliberate stupidity. It is wholly ignorant for the Black Community to expect fairness, decency, and the logic of rationality from a government whose elected and selected officials are enabled to lie through their teeth, and there is no mechanism to enforce them to provide a greater level of honesty. When we have a Supreme Court that is not answerable to the people, and the whole of the government can dictate its terms to the citizenry without the populace having any legal recourse that is not manipulable by those in government and their assistants; how is the public to affect desperately needed changes unless it confronts the whole of the government by way of a Revolution? There is a serious problem in the government and this is the government... and those who are attracted to its despicable design because they will be enabled to carry out their own variations of lying and cheating the public.

Far too many people remain in jobs they should never have been hired for... regardless of their ability to pass written or physical tests, or what equality of proportionism they can fill based on a racial, gender, or "special" orientation... and there are others who should be replaced a short while after they've been employed. Not everyone should be able to retire from a single job simply because they are able to put in a given amount of time, but nor should their retirement be affected as a contributing citizen. Far too many people should not be able to stay in a job more than twenty years, and some should not be able to remain for ten, much less twenty. Such a situation requires a whole new attitude with respect to eligibility and the needs of society in being able to provide employment positions for others. The parameters of those working in social service positions must be comprehensively revamped in order to deal with realities forced onto a citizenry that must strive to deal with a dysfunctional government structure. The government is filled with Black, White, Red, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American trash who do the bidding of a government that is at odds with the needs of an expanding population that has outgrown its antiquated nonsense.

Simply changing the perceived attitudes of some police officers will not solve the problem of disproportionism running rampant in the justice system and the overall government. There is so much disgusting nonsense occurring with the government... and yet it is a nonsense being described as logical and fair... even though it isn't. Protesting against police officers is an impulsive knee-jerk reaction amounting to a bandaid effect, and gives the impression of being effective only because both police officers and Black males alter their behavior... at least for a short period of time... until either and/or a person (typically a male citizen), creates a situation of defiance or are over-bearing in their exercise of authority. There will be those who refuse to do what police officers direct them to do, and police officers have a right to protect themselves first and foremost. They can not read the minds of the public.

Even if the public can easily see that a given person is not a danger... as shown in a video, we do not know what occurred with a given police officer prior to an encounter. There is no established mechanism by which a police officer's attitude and physiology are capable of being involved with a particular situation after they have been subjected to something or someone which may have distorted their usual orientation. Officers, just like the public, can be ill-prepared for their next public encounter... particularly when the public is being confronted by an untrustworthy government filled with lying officials in the foremost government agencies or branches of government. The police have procedures to follow even if the public disagrees with the procedures. If a person who is being confronted by a police officer does not comply, what is a police officer to think other than the person might be a danger to their well-being? Police officers are made of flesh and bone and can get scared... especially if they have to confront someone whose appearance or mannerisms are trying to be intimidating.

While from a Black (and other "color") perspective they perceive a problem based on White attitudes concerning Blacks or other so-called people of color, Whites perceive there is a problem with Black attitudes about Whites. Necessarily so, we can make all the laws we want, but prejudice based on attitudes formulated since the first hominid stepped onto the Savannah may be too deeply ingrained to be effectively addressed by any conventional political means that might provide corrective behavioral modification. Yes, there is a disproportionism which exists in many venues, but there are numerous disproportions that would occur even if we had an all Black, or all Latino, or all Native America, or all Asian, or all Pacific Islander, or all Islamic, or all Christian, or all Buddhist, or all Hinduist, etc., police, banking, education, government, etc., force. How can we possibly solve a problematic situation when it is incorrectly defined as THE disease instead of as the symptom of a much larger issue involving the practice of a pretend democracy? It is rather stupid to expect some presumed democratic ideal to be achieved when we don't have an Actual Democracy in the first place. The disproportionism affecting Blacks in the Justice system is a symptom of a much larger problem involving a dysfunctional and inadequate government structure. The "All Lives Matter" perspective is not so simplistically stupid as some people try to present it as being. Such a narrative is but another example of how the original "Black Lives Matter" idea has taken on self-righteous grasp of a narrowly perceived reality.


All Lives Matter provides neither effective solutions nor actions to take. Black Lives Matter offers solutions and actions that benefit all Americans committed to democracy, integrity and fairness.

In the 1st "reason" illustrated in the discussion, there is the statement that "All Lives Matter focuses on what should be. Black Lives Matter focuses on what is." While the former suggests a goal-oriented predisposition, the latter is goaless. The BLM ideology represents those who are stupid enough to believe America is practicing an Actual Democracy. Whereas at least some of those who are inclined to uphold an ALM doctrine are fully aware that America is practicing a phoney Democracy, and that if America's so called Democracy was as strong as it is claimed, it wouldn't require protection for an Armed forces that practices a Socialist approach to an applied Communism. Those oriented towards the "Black Lives Matter" slogan who believe America is practicing a Democracy, they are particularly naive and need to develop a new philosophy based on reality and not some delusion learned in public schools.

Distinctions being made between the ALM and BLM orientations based on assumptions from the point of view of those who dedicate themselves to approximating some personalized uniqueness of perception, do so because by applying derisive commentary to a circumstance they actually know little about, is a means by which to attack a contrary position as a defensive measure. They want to cheapen, lessen and other-wise deride any and all who propose an alternative realization, because alternatives are felt to diminish from the desired "specialness" that some Blacks want to attribute to themselves, and yet give the impression of being a Poor little Black Child for whom individualized (entitlement) privileges should be awarded that all of us must agree with... or else be thus entitled to be subjected to the same "homophobic"-like barrage of insults as those who don't like the perspective of the LGBTQ community of colonies. The Blacks (and non-blacks) oriented to the "Black Lives Matter Banner", despite its Racist and Nationalistic overtones, are trying to "color" those who don't agree with them with a similar tactic used by the LGBTQ believers. The "coloring" tactic used is that of a child who scribbles on a coloring book page because they don't like the picture. Instead of turning the page, getting another coloring book of their choice or using a blank sheet of paper, they want to infect everyone's world-view to see things their way.

Let us revisit the fact that there has been no National Referendum which speaks to the issue of what philosophy actually represents an "All Lives Matter" orientation. Interpretations from many different sources show that such definitions are rather arbitrarily concocted. It is clear that an unbiased appraisal can not possibly come from the ego-centric perceptions of those supporting a BLM perspective, though it too is plague with multiple considerations. What matters to All Lives from different walks of life can not possibly be addressed by any single person or the interpretations made by members of the "Black Lives Matter" orientation whose world-view is biased towards a Black/White dichotomy. To try to do so is particularly bigoted.

In closing this short review, it is of value that all readers take stock of the fact that the ALM and BLM positions can both be addressed if they join together and direct their efforts towards establishing a New Government. It is ludicrous for members of the BLM orientation to pursue a course along some make-believe approach labeled "Democracy". This places the BLM troops square in the position of being a Don Quixote-like figure fighting windmills. When there is no "Actual Democracy" doctrine to be used in addressing the perceived problems of the BLM, claiming the BLM "offers solutions and actions that benefit all Americans committed to democracy, integrity and fairness", is a statement committed to a fantasy. What type of baseball bat do we need to use on the heads of those in the BLM trenches in order for them to come to the realization that there can be no solution to be wrought by a "Democracy", because the so-called democracy being practiced by America (and numerous other nations) is a phoney representation thereof?

Quixotic BLM (236K)

Must all those under the BLM banner be referred to as STUPID NIGGERS!?... while acknowledging at the same time that the word "nigger" can be applied to any race wearing the blinders of another... because it is often interpreted as an emotionally charge label which can stir people to heightened consciousness... in other words, to wake them up. Do Blacks have such a long history of slavery they can't recognize another "know your place" comment being doled out with the word "democracy"? That's right, know your place all you Nigger folk. Cause you're too stupid to see the present practice of "democracy" with its unequal distribution of wealth, resources and equality is just the different flavor of another con. Yeh, go ahead and slave away for all the rich White people, Black people and other races as well who could care less about "their kind" unless it means an interruption in the flow of their wealth or power. America's so-called "Democracy" is a farce. And so is the so-called "Representative" model of vicariousness.

We can't be represented by the likes of Obama, Lynch, Comey and Hillary. None of them can be trusted. They don't give a damn about the people. We can't expect Jutice to occur for Blacks when those in the highest offices of the Federal government engage in deliberate lies and deception. What's the value in asking for the Federal Justice Department to look into a problem when they are part of the problem due to an expressed lack of integrity exibited by Obama, Lynch, and Comey? When Justice becomes an arbitrary measure based on a political agenda, than justic for Blacks can be stripped from them as easily as it can be given... all due to one or another political environment. There is indeed a crisis in leadership in America throughout its governing spectrum (Business, Government, Religion), because they are back-stabbing liars. We are all living a lie because America's so-called "democracy" is a lie. The only buck which stops at them is that which they can deposit into their bank accounts. The present formula of government does not and can not provide us with the needed leadership... because it must come from the people themselves. The American government, like so many of its drones the world over, are comedies of errors. We are in desperate need of a New Government, a Cenocracy!

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