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While some prefer mathematics to express their philosophical perspective, we have been relying on a philosophy to express a mathematical philosophy. However, in as much as we have been contouring constraint (conservation) dynamics with a combinatorial mechanics set within a system of increasing entropy; it is necessary that we define our present sociological constructs in use today, as a pre-analog state of development. Though our usage of enumeration suggests a type of analogical configuration directed towards a digitalization, it remains a calculus of algebraic perforations. It is at times difficult to restrain perspectives of a terrain whose vistas invite considerations of digressive amplitudes with simplistic annotations that do not readily conform to prepositional conventions of explanation. Both word and sentence structure are left to grapple where cognitive alignments of unfamiliarity. Nonetheless, they act as sign posts though the language may appear cryptic.

In retracing our steps which thus enables us to use conventions of ideas and explanations, such a short respite... so to speak, provides an opportunity to fill our canteens by a wayside pool before continuing in the present sojourn. As such, our momentary reverie once again recalls the view that the Universe is expanding though it is considered a closed system with definable limits. If we were to turn to the usage of a biological model of supposition, the outer edge of the Universe could be aligned with the notion of a cellular membrane and we are but one Universe amongst many in a larger body within even larger bodies, ad infinitum. Or, in other words, all the individual life forms of this world are types of universes for micro-organisms which inhabit them, with some having the ability to travel from one universe to the next, like detached cockle-burrs, mites, diseases, dust particles, etc...

Such could be the insignificance of human endeavors, including their social structures. But we don't know this as fact, only as a wayward line of imaginative consideration. And the fact of the matter is the reality of trying to construct a philosophy which will serve our sociological interests much better than current governing systems do. With such a task in mind, revisionists of previously failed ideological attempts frequently engage in a re-examination of the past. The trouble is that they far too often limit their retrogressive re-animations to a highly constrained purview and do not actually start from scratching the ground of a larger field to see what, if anything, yields up as a morsel for intellectual mastication. But let us do so. From our envisioned model of an expanding Universe within a confined space to a picture of like-wise expanding galaxies, we drift into the orbit of our specific planetary system. And yet, let us step back for a moment to recognized that we did not encounter a reference to some large Cosmological "threes" event. We do, however, find the view of astronomers discussing the existing of multiple binary star systems. It's not that other patterns are not available for consideration, it's just that the recurring cognitive orientation of Astronomers appears to be appreciably focused on naming a two-patterned clustering event. Given the antiquity of Astronomical thinking, perhaps we should not be too surprised.

From this digression we once again set our eyes on the planetary system whose source of energy is itself expanding towards an eventual burnout. Hence, we have three "layers" of expansion: The Universe, the Galaxy, the Solar system. Interestingly, as we set foot on the planet Earth so many billions of years ago prior to, during, and after the genesis of life has begun its trek, we observe an accelerated rotation of the Earth, the Moon looms large in the sky because of a close proximity; and the environment is toying with different combinations of gases... at last deciding on an increasing (expanding) development of atmospheric oxygen. The proximity of the Sun to a fast spinning Earth (which, by some accounts is three times faster than today), creates a two-patterned night/day stroboscopic sequencing that the early formations of biological building blocks must contend with. As the Earth slows down and an ozone is begun, increasing levels of oxygen and other environmental conditions begin altering the type of solar irradiation that the early biological processes orient themselves to. One of these is the existence of a geomagnetic field and three different intensities of the Sun called Dawn- Noon- Dusk. The warmth and light of the Sun after a period of nighttime darkness no doubt exerted an impression, just as an increased daytime irradiation, followed by a lessening... and then loss of light and diminished warmth as the Sun set.

And because we are an advanced extraterrestrial recording the changing processes of the newly formed solar system, we should note that the innermost two planets called Mercury and Venus, may well have had some measure of life prior to our arrival. But since we are advanced, we brought along a photographic means of recording daily events in a stop-watch fashion, which reveals that the path of Sun... due to the Earth's rotation, yields a triangular pattern in its curvature from Dawn to Dusk. However, this would not be seen by the naked eye even though the triangular impression would no doubt have been like a type of branding iron on the "hide" of early biological processes. The indelibility of such an impression would no doubt be biologically recorded in some fashion, according to the state of individual biological configurations during evolutionary changes. One influence of such an impression might be said to be seen in the different constructions of triangular-shaped edifices, like pyramids, Native American tepees, termite mounds, speak and arrow heads, etc... Yet, the forms vary enough, and are also seemingly absent enough from the behavior of different organisms, that we are left with the need for understanding not only what creates an emphasis for such a usage, but also a diminished or even non-existence. In other words, why don't all insects build triangular-shaped structures... unless they do engage in a usage of a triangular form... but not in the expected geometric configuration. Whereas humans may make such a structure with three "points" and three sides, another life form "prefers" triangular sounds, movements, feeding habits, etc.?

Whereas some readers may think that an excursion into talking about a triangular subject is the content of some fringe social interest, it actually is of importance when we note how many instances of triangularity have been and remain in usage by humans in their social behavior. Not only in the form of v-shaped engine blocks, but architectural structures, artistic perception, the Pythagorean theorem, pyramid hair styles, V-tapered body sculpting exercises, the USDA food pyramid, as a reference to the groin area, shapes of (pointed) shoes, pyramid business schemes, etc... Yet, as a form of basic usage, it is necessary to mention the need for including linear and circular ideas as well... with the square as a compounded replication of the line... even though some might consider the triangle a representation as well. In short, the triangle form plays out as part of a structural source of social design. It imparts an influence, even though many of us take it for granted and overlook its presence in our behavior, thoughts and feelings. Triangulation abounds in many forms of communication. Just because some are oblivious to abstract formulations does not mean there is an absence of the form. We are still constructing pyramidal, circular, and linear references whether we play king-of-the-hill or dog pile in childhood, having a circle of friends or someone who "get around", or walk a straight line in terms of morality... as well as being a "straight shooter" in terms of trust-worthiness.

But aside from the recognizable geometric impressions biological activity is subjected to, and those subtleties only a few individuals may be sensitive enough to achieve some conscious recognition of; let us once again refer to the presence of numerically labeled one, two, three and three-to-one patterns. And let us again state that though there are many other patterns to which we can assign larger or smaller numbers, there is an identifiable recurrence of only a few being used. This is a dynamic of constraints. And again, let us mention that though there are millions of life forms, there is a limitation in place with respect to an underlying pattern such as DNA. And even though geneticists refer to it with a phrase such as "triplet codon" (triple coding); when we put DNA and its counterpart RNA together, we can distinguish a three-to-one ratio setup. The recurrence of the 1,2,3 and three-to-one patterns can all be linked to solar events. If we were take the Sun away, all of life would vanish. Hence, the decipherable patterns play a significant role in influencing our sociological ideas. We need to understand this pattern structure of influence and make a lasting note that the structure is changing as the Earth's rotation is slowing and the Sun is expanding towards a burnout. And yes, this influence is taking place right now.

Though the effects of the Sun are necessary for life, the Sun can be very abusive. And like a person subjected to the whims of an abusive parental figure, rationalizations often occur to mollify and modify our perspectives. In other words, we adapt to the abuse and adopt a system of acceptance and denial in order to maintain some semblance of equilibrium... even if the situation deteriorates into greater dysfunctionality, just like Americans are doing with respect to their disintegrating socio-political environment and others in their respective nations as well. Whereas ancient peoples organized their social structures in accordance with the Sun and other natural events, we of today have distorted our perceptions of reality because of all the artificial environments we have constructed with artificial daylight called light bulbs, artificial heat (heaters), artificial landscapes, artificial foods, artificial truths called judicial, legislative and educational processes, artificial personalities and logic systems, vicarious forms of communication, sustaining life artificially, etc... It's not that medical intervention is not warranted, it's just that it is coupled to/with other artificialities which distort the reality we need in getting our bearings for the path we humans should be taking with respect to the type of social-self governance needed.

While our basic biological patterning is oriented along lines created by a history with natural values of truth, present businesses, governments and religions have strayed from being able to recognize truth in terms of environmental predispositions which are headed for a decay along a path of incremental changes which are affecting us. Our governing structures do not embody an active realization that the Earth is headed towards a decay and that humanity should develop a social structure geared towards prolonging life outside the influences of the Solar system and galaxy. Just because millions of species do not write books about their type of solar activity responsiveness, does not mean they do not practice a social life of solar observance. All life forms practice their own style of solar worship and mythology... noted simply a change in behavior if the Sun's irradiation changes. Just because some Native American groups are not practicing the behavior of constructing animal skin tepees does not mean the underlying impression has vanished and doesn't influence other symbolic representations.

If the pyramid design becomes associated with a distasteful idea, yet the underlying impression must find some means of manifesting itself, different symbolic representations will no doubt come into existence. The same goes for a 1,2,3 maturational development sequence... where individualized segments may become lost, distorted, or over-shadowed with a different symbol. While it is true that belief in something can distort reality to create an imaginary reproduction, this doesn't account for the same perspective promenading itself amongst different expressions by those whose orientation is far distant from the declared structural pattern. Something has to be said for the recurrence of a mistake as much as the recurrence of an expressed truth. Since we at present are living under the conditions of a governing lie, the lie represents a fact that a controlling majority (or minority) either can not see truth, or that they are deliberately perpetrating conditions which create distortions of reality in order that they more readily acquire whatever it is they want. The problem is exacerbated when more professionals get lost in the lie and use their experiences to produce and promote elaborate forms of the distortion that they are convinced exists. For example, how do we go about retraining a public education system to remove itself from a history of practiced lies if such lies are the greater part of the reality they believe in? How do we change the minds of a political leadership who may in turn not be able to convince their publics the error of their willfulness?

When some beliefs are rigged with elaborate systems of denial, blame and self-distraction, only direct confrontation with the purpose of eliminating them as an obstacle... in order to cross the next bridge in human social development may be our only option. And other systems are used to exploit human weakness for indulging in artificiality by calling it art, science, technology or some embellishment whose so function is to perpetrate a lie. We of today have experienced falsified forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism. We have economic ideologies tied with banking systems tied to government institutions which speak of equality only to voice an actual opinion for creating conditions which permit the usage of false work-forces in the forms of robots and other automations by those who claim that a workforce of real people is too troublesome, too inefficient, too costly and thus too damaging for the (artificial) Communisms, Democracies and Socialisms that are actually created as mechanisms by which a few can garner more resources and entitlements for themselves... and call it equality, truth and progress. Yet if the people were allowed to replace their troublesome Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government, along with troublesome Media, Medical and Monetary systems with automated systems; perhaps then we could rid the planet of a troublesome species altogether.

Humans are easily suckered by automation, be it to start a fire for cooking along some nomadic pathway, move a stone for constructing a star-gazing observatory aligned with a sensitively perceived geomagnetic flux, a horse to carry a cavalry, a chariot from which to shoot arrows, drones to carry out stealth and numerous other contrivances... yet they are not wise enough to acknowledge the automation of influences used by nature which has indentured humanity and all of biology to a servitude of replicating those patterns. And like most automations, the conveyor belt repetition of these patterns become so accustomed to and repackaged with different covers, they are overlooked... or if seen, misinterpreted for what they actually represent. The automated processes of life, such that we refer to some as circadian rhythms, and others to rhythms consistent with greater or lesser spans of time and/or specifics of condition... yet we continue to make false claims as to their meaning in terms of our species' long term survival chances. And yet though the patterns occur in Nature, they too are an artificiality of this time and place... like the contrivances of mathematics that are overlooked because we are brought up to believe in the truth of the artificiality.

Because the governing systems are artificialities of greater ideals, they attract those whose world-view is just as artificial... whereby lies are truth and actual truth is defined as lies. Institutions of law enforcement once thought as bulwarks of maintaining systems of desirable truth values, are not seen as enclaves of collective ignorance. And in their ignorance they need a system of justice which makes them appear to be smart. Officers imagine themselves to be intelligent because they have amassed a knowledge about human behavior in isolated social situations which force people to make a choice that is easily defined as a predictable outcome... until someone doesn't choose the expected options and does something that disrupts the embraced rationale of contrivance all law enforcement and legal systems create. No less, when people don't comply with some believed in norm, the whole of society is seen as problematic, but nothing is done to improve the circumstances because those in charge can't think outside the parameters of their practiced artificiality.

We have a phony Communism, Democracy, or Socialism because such artificiality best suits the falsified realities of those with an over-riding self-centeredness. We have phony values of equality, of medical care, of education and so many other venues of society... because the created world of an artificialized way of life is present as a true reality by which judgments are to be established. The phrase "that's the way things are" speaks volumes of a contrivance, be it made by humans or the constraints imposed by a planetary system. The pattern of a 1,2,3 and three -to- 1 ratio are not only a created conjecture, but are artificialities perpetrated by the planetary system in which we are presently forced to endure. And such a condition is unknowingly being exploited by governing systems to benefit a few by the introduction of new automations over the old ones to replace the labor of humans with the labor of a mechanized industrialization subjected to electronic-based technologies... Technologies constructed by an underlying two-patterned binary code being used to subvert the abilities of humans with an underlying three-patterned (trinary) genetic code. Thus, embattled humans must evolve. Because a three-patterned brain created the system by which a two-patterned technology has evolved to supplant the labor of humans, it must now evolve its perceptions and thinking utilities to subvert those whose old promotional argument of creating machines to save the labor or humans, followed by a rationale which created machines to enslave human labor by saying that humans controlled such necessary machines; that has now been changed to a philosophy of asserting machines are superior to humans and should thus be permitted to replace them, without need for any compensation to the losses of human labor.

While many might well be inclined to think that technology is inevitable, this in no way includes the philosophy of governing such applications. If industry is set on a course to eliminate human labor, then all of human labor must be compensated by providing a life style of leisure. Though humans can be paid to service machines, the word "service" and "serve" are not inter-changeable. The loss of an industrial base which once supplied jobs to humans, without a wide-spread application of compensation because there are no jobs being created to service the needs of humans for employability, such technology must be forced to serve the entire population or viewed as a threat which needs to be eradicated like any virulent disease. Any all governments who refuse to set the needs of an entire populace before the needs of an industry, must itself be forcibly replaced. Creating technologically driven mechanization to serve the greed of a few is not the same as serving the needs of the overall populace. In this instance, the Few do not represent the Many and must be held accountable for the anti-human, anti-public views. They must be in business to serve the needs of the people, or they should not be in business. The constraints of a new philosophy on behalf of the public will have to be applied... and monitored by the whole of the nation.

Those industries which are self-serving at the expense of the public must be placed into oblivion. They must not be permitted to provide the resources which will create conditions of removing those populations or those in such populations, who are deemed a threat to their self-serving existence. By working in groups or as lone wolves, we will need to strike out at those and that which seeks to make the greater numbers of the population a redundancy that should be eradicated. Again, it is not Capitalism which is at fault, but those who design a model of Capitalism for their selfish ends of perpetuating a phony system of government which allows them to prosper... and the people are given little resource. Indeed, the types and manner of most protests against one or another inequality or injustice takes the framework of those who set themselves up for failure... thus leading to an exhibition of a whiney child venting frustration... and be allowed to cry themselves into a compliance. For example, the U.S. system of a legalized protest is a permission slip effectively acting as a child's allowance which serves as a system of reward for complying with laws which guarantee that the system is perpetuated, because it is a complied-with set of rules. But it is the government's rule of conduct which are rigged to protect the system by not discouraging a type of free-speech which is over-taken by a media that contours the expressions into an accepted way of thinking that does little to alter conditions.

Revolutionists can not depend on a media system to speak on their behalf, when so many journalists are those whose efforts are directed at maintaining a status quo and want social issues to be addressed in modes and manners which guarantee they will not be effectively addressed, because they are expected to be answered by a system than is too dysfunctional to recreate itself into a greater reality by relying on a governing system of artificiality. It is a system that can not be recognized by those whose entire world-view of perceptions is from the vantage point of an artificialized reality they think is real... like an actor and actress who get so caught up in the dialogue, scenery and costume trappings of a theatrical production, they think their played-out emotions are evidence of something that is real and can be easily carried over into yet another type of artificialized world called society. Such immersions into artificiality are difficult to remove oneself from because the needed slap in one's face is not sustained, and occasional pinching does not suffice as the needed encouragement for reality testing.

But without widespread suffering with respect to economic travails, the larger public consciousness might not be incentivized to look for a greater level of realistic truth if their bellies are full and their coffers are not without the inclination to blame oneself for loss of periodic gains that would otherwise be viewed as sandbags against a rising tide of economic inequalities. Intermittent or unprepared for encroachments of roboticized replacements for which the public has no recourse but to accept as a labor substitute, may long persist since there is an inclination for the public consciousness to choose myriad forms of introversion against undesirable conditions, instead of responding with extroverted forms of disagreement beyond some less than effective protestations. People very often choose suffering for themselves instead of retaliatory measures, except when the perspective is altered to react in defense of the vulnerable.

If we can get the (or a) public to view how very vulnerable and defenseless they are by accepting undesirable changes posed by a legislatively unchecked business attitude to install a new "it's just business" ethic of worker replacement, without concern for the public's well-being irrespective of stock market or GNP (Gross National Product) valuations; then we might well initiate a measure of protest that will not stop until a revision of the overall governing philosophy has taken place. But we can not pursue what is described as an "Actual Communism" if its realization rests on waiting for excessive production levels to be reached in order to provide supplies that will satisfy the desires of everyone, if this Communism does not also provide for a means of stabilizing production levels in a modern context. It is pathetically ridiculous to pretend that such a Communism is to effect a greater level of equality by embracing an antiquated Communalism that can not adapt to the reality of a growing consciousness in an environment headed for decay, and there is nothing humanity can do to stave off the eventual demise.

Likewise, it is foolish to pursue what some describe as an "Actual Democracy" when it too has a definition that is impractically defined, thus contributing to the adopted standards of falsification providing for the development of worn out economic philosophies being hawked under the guise of a new title with equipped with modernized forms of bells and whistles to conceal the regurgitated spittle of frenzied entrepreneurs with a fast tongue coupled to a sleight-of-hand mesmerization. No less, the idea of an "Actual Socialism", aside from the pretense provided in the forced adoptions of token social programs already in practice, can not be achieved if its realization is part of an ensemble that involves parcels of Communism and Democracy because it too has never been fully engaged in a definitive self-analysis to purge away its fantasies fashioned by idealists with little experience in life beyond the views of their own culture without taking into considering the degradation of the larger environment imposing itself on form and functionality.

As a matter of fact, we as a species are unable to see far beyond the grasp of a situation involving the need for adopting rationalizations in order to recurringly re-establish transitional stages of equilibrium re-adjustment, as has been regularly pointed out in previous pages. We typically design and develop by piece meal faction the new upon the old, without accepting the intuitive appreciation that such a repetition is a pattern linked to a causal situation which we need to include in our sociological diagrams, instead of shrugging them off and living for our ourselves, in our generation alone... and letting the assumed to be smarter and technologically advanced future peoples fend for themselves. If necessary, we may have to cull such selfish regards from its place as having social value... described by the view that only the strong survive... or those who are best enabled to permit lying, cheating, stealing and numerous other reptilian-minded characterizations bask in the Sun of prominence because of how they look, smell or sound.

Though we must nonetheless abide by some oriented philosophy of constraint dynamics, that which is presently being used sets the majority up not only for failure, but accepting such a condition as if it were normal and natural...when is actually is a fabrication, an artificiality being promoted as a connivance and contrivance that the public needs to fully appreciate as a dead end for the species as a whole. The Many need to force the Few into the stark realization that if a vulnerability is to be felt, then they will be the first to experience the consequences... though they believe themselves to be heavily fortified behind the ramparts of their laws, their police and military forces, and their self-serving philosophies of reaping the lion's share of resources. Revolutionists must rethink their strategies of protest, if they wish to prevail in an environment where status quo loyalties are bought and sold, used and reused, as so many consumables are.

While on the path of social reform, it is necessary to remind reformists that they must embrace the same premise of desiring a New {liberated} Government (a Eleutherocracy), and refer to it with a singularity of purpose headed in that direction, by referring to is as a Cenocracy. It is not the design of a finalized New Government... but the design of a collectively singular consciousness for a New Government.

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