Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
— On the path of a New Government —


Tower of Assumption, Babel and Confusion (105K)

As part of this moment in time, education systems have made a persistent contribution to this atrocious error of governance by not helping to create an enlightened public, but a Tower of Assumption, Babel and Confusion practiced by way of selective hearing, speech, and application thereof. A 100% literacy achievement does little to guarantee a shared intelligence to enhance a sociability of understanding. It only means that everyone can articulate their level of educated ignorance... not that any consensus of mutual appreciation will be achieved for the benefit of all. For example, education systems are consistently directed to produce students with the necessary basic skills which will best fit the desires of businesses whose leanings may be predominantly positioned toward experimentation with employees acting more as volunteers to fit production schedules; than having any actual intent of providing long term employment that a person can be confident enough about in order to begin a family and exercise the so-called political advocacy of family values. In such an instance, education has served to produce domesticated beasts of toil who can now read well-enough to follow the directions written down by an upper class that runs their companies from abroad, while they are on a perpetual vacation. They no longer need to stand nearby with a whip in hand... they use a government sponsored workplace philosophy as a substitute Overseer.

Who is the Us and who is the Them? (51K)

Yet many businesses are not the stalwart social functionalities owners once professed themselves to be; by defining themselves as pillars of a community which provided desirable role models of diligence, respect and hard work (despite all the workplace abuses that forced the people to Unionize). Businesses today are all too often volatile enterprises which desire employees to be a Jenny or Johnny-on-the-spot temporary worker, by embodying a work ethic in-tune with a psychotic level of ambivalent (schizophrenic) adaptability— that goes unnoticed because it has become a standard operating procedure rationale for workplace recruitment and out-sourcing that is disrespectful to the Nation's peoples and undermining community oriented goals.

Don't I have a Right to Work? (104K)

Whereas Businesses, the Government and Unions have contributed to the present employment nonsense because of their self-serving agendas, a "Right To Work" law needs to be revamped by a "Right to a living Wage and Benefits" law, without employees being subjected to exploitations by any of these entities; with full employment protections for everyone. Any and all loopholes should be automatically closed when noted as exploitations. Workers are subjected to a 3-shells game with employees as the pea or ball which is being manipulated because Businesses try to present themselves as both Unions and Government entities; Unions try to project themselves as power-of-attorney over business owners and government entities; and governments play an arbitration game which precipitates conflict in order that its services will be required and sought after by those in Business and Unions who will contribute to political campaigns. By using a polarized employment landscape effecting an open or closed shop practice, instead of a viable third option giving employees an actual choice, without some two-stepping repercussion... workplace problems will persist.

The work forces of nations are again and again being exploited as expendable commodities and forced to comply with laws that may appear to be worker supportive by claiming everyone has a Right To Work... and yet conceal the fact that this government-backed ideology does not guarantee the right to have a job nor offer workplace protections; because companies are permitted to employ people by a "Hired At Will" policy which enables workers to be "Fired At Will", yet the employee is deprived of the right to "Quit At Will" without being subjected to possible rehirement punishments or deprived of unemployment compensation... much less be hired according to a needed standard involving a living wage with associated benefits. Workers are not permitted to exercise their own judgment in leaving a job when subjected to undesirable workplace conditions that had accumulated over time, with respect to their individuality, without being subjected to one or another social admonishments.

When so many employees come to experience individualized realizations they are not suited for engaging in a particular business activity that is not fully appreciated until after a trial period of employment... and yet the decision of whether to hire or not is provided as the exclusive discretionary benefit of businesses; it is of social value to incorporate this acknowledgment on behalf of workers in order that they are provided the same measure of selectivity without undue reciprocity of employment-related disparagement. At present, laws governing workers are wholly inadequate to the reality of human variability and the need for workplace exploration to find one's niche'. Propationary employability periods should be the provision of both employee and employer since an act of employment requires inter-dependence. In addition, if employees are expected to provide a company with an employment record, the company should have to provide prospective employees with any similarly required document (references, criminal background check, financial statement, schooling, medical exam, outside interests, prohibitions, relationships which effect one's work, etc...). Such disclosure requests are reasonable and warranted because the U.S. Supreme Court declared that businesses are individuals.

To take but one example of workplace one-sidedness, American workers are being duped by economic policies which support an overall self-serving market-place business ideology backed by a government that is a vengeful Plutocratic Aristocracy but laughably calls itself a Democracy; and is supported by a military that is run with a Socialist doctrine of Communistic inclinations by using collective training, communal eating, communal sleeping, commonality of clothing, standardized pay scales and socialized medical treatment that is clearly tied to a Communist perspective (spelled as "commonism" or "communalism"). In both instances, the business and military communities advocate an underlying philosophy of strict compliance by way of a motto that is dictatorially expressed as "Yours is not to question why, Yours is to do or die".

One's non-compliance to expected behavior can result in the death of their career. Both the government and many businesses expect unquestioning subordination and will exhibit an inclination to vengefulness by way of declaring your behavior as being acceptable or insubordinate. In either case, it is their judgment which is used to create a social title by which others are to judge your character and treat you accordingly, regardless of accuracy or falsification and typically without an incentive to question the perspective of either the government or a business. Their statement can take on a life-long record which can either hurt or help you afterwards. Again restated, there are those who acquire government positions that can be an extremely vengeful and vindictive rascals that will seek out a means to undermine any and all those 'it' has taken a dislike to. And it will wait for years, if need be, to exact retribution for perceived wrong doing against it. Neither the government nor businesses advance the ethic of practicing Democratic standards set up to further your best interests, because present designs act as a vacuum that seek to attract and consume those whose inclinations will best serve the interests of an active non-democratic institutionalism.

Indeed, where is this so-called practice of Democracy, as defined by a "peoples government" when the collective voice of the people is relegated by one or another form of minimization which makes that Will an irrelevancy? Why aren't the people themselves a practiced part of the portrayed "Checks and Balances" formula that acts more like a shell game than a force of communal cooperation? Why is it that the people are invariably forced to elect what they perceive to be the lesser of two or more evils, if it is not the custom of the present governing structure to be a point towards which undesirable leadership models gravitate and used as figure heads for one or another cartel of business interests which serve the interest of the public as a minor incentive? Why is it that a National Health Care system, like that already practiced by a Socialist practicing armed military force; is not adopted by permitting the people to vote on it, as well as draw up the very provisions under which they are expected to participate in... since they are already paying for the Socialist model being practiced by the Military who claims it to be second to none? Why in so many of the so-called democracies the world over we find populations whose taxes support Socialist-functioning Universal Health Care coverage for military personnel, amongst other basic necessity coverages, yet the people themselves are deprived of a similar standard of supportive well-being? Such hypocrisies of so-called democratic governments continue to be compounded by more expressions of treating the public as second-rate or sub-standard.

It is extremely hypocritical for the military to claim that its efforts are to ensure the presence of Democracy by promoting some assumed fundamental tenets of a "peoples government", though neither itself nor the Nation as a whole actually upholds the practice of an actual Democratic doctrine. But, let us also make note that such an idiotic frame of mind is completely sensible when there is a wide-spread epidemic of neuroticism in this Age of Irrationality. And yet, it is an insensibility for which we must be vaccinated against by way of a Cenocratic Revolution!

The word Cenocracy means "New Government". Cenocracy.org is part of a movement to instruct the need for and development of a New Government. We do not know what that design will be, but recognize that others are approaching the topic from their own perspectives. While different reasons might be offered to explain why we think that we need a new government, let us presume some generality by simply noting the present one is the practice of an extremely limited Democracy. It is a superficial form of democracy which acts more so to enslave us in repeating a history of social problems brought about by a sustained inequality that we need to address as a Nation with a true realization of the "one man (person), one vote" rule of democracy, to establish a productive result of the "Collective Will" ideal acquired past the aches, pains and fears which may ensue as the public goes through a withdrawal from it present government dependency habituations. Changing the present limited democracy composition to an actualized democracy will require some alteration in the functionality of self-governance and thus result in a new form-ula of government.

For an expanded discussion of the Limited Democracy perspective and attendant ideas: → Democracy is a Big Government ← (being practiced as a Small or limited one).

While others may not be using the word "Cenocracy" to advocate government reform, they too are part of this movement. Though there are differences of opinion what shape the government should take, and how extensive the changes need to be, we all agree something more than the traditional routes by way of established convention must take place. If we need a Revolution to do this, then so be it. The entire nation must be fully informed that we are pursuing a trek that is a very serious venture. Though the line in the sand may have initially been an emotional one for some, others have taken to the inclusion of more decisive intellectual issues to be used as precedents for exerting the primacy of developing a Cenocracy. Clearly, the traditions of government will be significantly altered, but we are not insensitive to the usage of supportive habituations which assist in fulfilling Civil Rights.

Again, as noted elsewhere at this site, let us emphasize: we ask those in Authority to either lead us in establishing a Cenocracy, follow our lead, or vacate the premises. A Revolution need not be defined as a climatic event involving destruction and violence. While we prefer non-violence, history is full of examples where authority resorts to the use of violence and destruction in its obstructionist expressions of arrogantly defined rationalizations. We have no chip on our shoulder to be used as justification for engaging in a civil war. But, let us reiterate... a dominant intellectual line in the sand has now begun to be drawn on top of the emotional one used by previous protests.

Reiterated: The current methodology for seeking positive and lasting governing improvements by electing someone else to fill a political position, is like betting on the lottery. So too is a reliance on a Supreme Court that is not directly answerable to a public, because it has been given a non-sensical level of life-long immunity... as if its members are forever free from the disabilities of old age, based on an adherence to an anachronistic observance of venerance. The current political practice is a lottery system where the odds are worse than a roulette wheel, horse bet, or the toss of dice. The odds are favoring the established government (gambling house) which is continually running its operations on a budget of increasing deficit; forcing the house managers to take greater risks by gambling with our lives, without an appropriate Peoples Legislative Branch mandated with a checks and balances over-sight of the entire government. The people are without clout to do anything about those who act in anti-thetical activities against the best interests of the public. This includes members of the Supreme Court and all others whose positions were given to individuals chosen by a process other than an election. We can have no confidence in a Congress that fears a public to have a Constitutionally mandated means of administratively taking over the entire government, which is supposed to be ours; when those in government practice individual or collectively bad leadership... as should be defined by the public, and not those who want to reframe definitions according to their self-preservation... at the expense of the public's safety, security, health, education and welfare.

Examples of changes needed to occur:

  • There is an expressed inequality in voting between the elected and the electorate, that needs to be fully addressed. Not by lip service, not by a conflicted Congress that is rendered impotent... but a Constitutional Right to deal squarely with this practiced prejudice. We don't want it in the form of a policy or adopted procedure which can be arbitrarily changed or dismissed according to the whims of a governing body... it must be a law that only the collective Will of the people may administrate, alter, or abolish as the people see fit. The present government all too often creates principles of legislation which provide a means than enable it to undermine ideals in order to cover-up some deficiency of character involved in wrong-doing. Such must include the admission that any and all unforeseen loopholes can be closed by the Will of the Public, and that any and all actions utilizing such a loophole in order to avoid a penalty after closure, will have no statue of limitation.

  • The people must have a Constitutionally mandated Checks and Balances provision of direct participation superior to that of the traditional government so as to better effect its collective Will. Because the traditional three branches of government practice an unequalized Checks and Balances formula over that of the public, represented as a three-to-one ratio, by denying the public an equal voice of collective participation; the public must have their "of, by, for the people government", guaranteed by a greater offset to establish its rightful dominance, or democracy (as defined by "people- rule") will continue as an illusion, delusion, and a lie.

  • The people must be permitted to experience a practiced full measure of Actualized Democratic liberty with a means to protect themselves from an authoritative few who prefer to practice varying forms of autocratic, bureaucratic, or plutocratic rule— so as to fulfill personal agendas regardless of what gets destroyed or who gets hurt... coinciding with their rationalized moralities of justification. Such a means can be provided by the usage of a Peoples Legislative Branch, whose ability will include the referendum as a standard means of interacting with the Will of people on any and all issues to be brought before the traditionally practiced government. In any and all cases, the Will of the People will be the final arbitrator, to include Supreme Court matters as well.

Equality under the law is no guarantee that equality is given. Laws are frequently written with the express intent of defrauding a right of equality frequently expressed by the provision of some entitlement that only a few are permitted to exercise. The standard of both law and equality must be defined by the Collective Will of the People who have represented themselves in a one person, one vote tally without any vicarious form of intercessory.

Whereas it is not bad or wrong that the present democracies utilize varying forms of Socialism and Communism to effect better conditions for society, it is that when the people need more of these same applications and in so many ways are asking for them— they are denied them under the statement that they are not practices of Democracy... even though democracy is not being practiced anyway! For example, to reiterate what has already been mentioned, let us agree that a Socialist functioning Military and Socialist functioning social programs (social security, housing assistance, health care assistance, unemployment assistance, and other public-funded subsidies) are needed and necessary. Notwithstanding that they are exercises in an attempted Communism (Commonism); but when the people need the necessity of a National Health Care system over and above the current Medicade and Medicare provisions... only to be denied such because it is claimed such an action would be a practice of Socialism defined as being anti-thetical to a doctrine of democracy that exists in word but not in actual deed... is the philosophy of a practicing insanity!

It is an irrationality which necessitates a rational response of thinking in terms of participating in a Revolution based on both moral and ethical grounds that exposes those who would think otherwise, are co-conspirators against the peoples' right to a full Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness according to a Collective Will of treating everyone equally, without protected entitlements assumed by those elected or selected to public offices and positions therein or attached thereto.

The moment in time we are being confronted with is similar to that which has been deduced for the American Independence Declaration:

...The defects in the Declaration of Independence are not sufficient to force the conclusion that the document is unsound. On the contrary, it was in essence morally just and politically valid. If the right of revolution cannot be established on historical grounds, it nevertheless rests solidly upon ethical ones. The right of the colonists to government ultimately of their own choice is valid. Some of the phrases of the declaration have steadily exerted profound influence in the United States, especially the proclamation that, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Although the meanings of these phrases, together with conclusions drawn from them, have been endlessly debated, the declaration has served to justify the extension of American political and social democracy.

Source: "Declaration of Independence." Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, 2013.

Note: in the foregoing paragraph we of today might well alter the word "colonists" to "people" or "Cenocrats", and the word "men" (in all men are created equal), to "people" or even rewrite the phrase to portray: "all people are to be treated equally".

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