Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
3-chambered Cenocratic Nutshell

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~ Chamber One ~
  1. We believe in the right of individuals to perceive their personally embraced ethic of social reform as a duty to present general rules-of-thumb views that can be alternatively changed to adopt and promote those ideas which will better serve the public's collective needs; as discussed and voted on by the People via a Referendum whose process and processing is owned by the Public and is free from any tax, tariff, trade, transference of deed, concession, bait-and-switch tactic, alteration or obliteration that any individual, institution or enterprise may want to impose... or seek some loophole to exploit against the collective Will and needs of the people. May the world judge us according to the rectitude of our earnestness to address social issues which are persistently ignored from the eminent qualification of a National Referendum.

  2. We believe it necessary that all grades in all schools be required to have a course in peace-and-conflict resolution for both internalized and externalized forms, or we will continue to have a socialized life-style with expectations that peace can only be achieved in dedicated (conventionally traditionalized) ways, by (ceremoniously) authorized individuals or groups, under specifically defined circumstances; and arbitrarily altered to suit the needs of a given political environment inclined to some pecuniary, military, or other objective that is contrary to the Will of the people... and is a perspective that government Representatives take upon themselves to assume that they know what is right and best for all, based on ridiculously contrived polls of selectively administered proportionism; but no actual National vote via referendum is ever taken (as a legalized mandate and as a conventionalized practice in an Actual Democracy) and thus honestly surveyed so that a Nation's consensus of contemplations can be used to correctly administrate accordingly.

  3. We believe in the need for a New Ideological Perspective encompassing diverse subject areas because so very many conventionalized businesses, governments and religions have become little more than traditionalized institutions akin to a bad habit, that have left humanity without a respite from a persistently corrosive inter-generational exercise in articulated imperialistic selfishness, nationalistic arrogance, and an overall consummate disintegration of a greater global application of progressive human cohesiveness and progress. We are despondently left without a measure of promise to remove us from a suffocating quagmire entangled in the various falsifications of Communism, Democracy and Socialism— and desperately seek to revive one last fledgling effort called Cenocracy, that we view as being synonymous with a perspective of hope.

  4. We believe that the current practices of government are deliberately focused on creating social instability by evoking a governing model that alters policies according to the dictates of substandard philosophical ideologies based on self-serving economic frivolities because such instability is most profitable to a few whose only interest in humanity is the exploitation thereof for a profit.

  5. We believe the government has begun to practice an unscrupulously unified policy for effecting a marketplace of selling government power to the highest corporate bidders... and let the public be damned if it doesn't like it... because there is no legal means for effecting corrective changes to a system that lacks a provision for being able to test the mental and moral competency of proposed leaderships in business, government and religion... and instead goes out of its way to help conceal deficiencies so as not to reveal a system of corruption, of avarice, and a culture of mental instability which permits its own interpretations of self-reflection to be the standard by which the public is to emulate and regard as normalcy.

  6. We believe that from one election to the next the public is subjected to the throes of one self-serving Presidential administration to the next, one self-serving Congress to the next, and one system of applied justice to the next; which creates inter-generational formulas of mounting uncertainty and apprehension amongst the public and those institutions which serve the public, in accord with policies controlled by an increasingly unstable and pervasive government mentality out of step with the promise and potentiality of humanity that must establish a global level of equality. The once honored Nation has become a neurotic mess leaning towards the distributed development of a psychotic breakdown evidenced by an increasing perspective of accepting the rationale to use chemical, biological and nuclear forms of imperialism to advance pecuniary interests with an avowed anti-humanism due to the development of a callousness wrought by an increasing world population having to deal with businesses, governments and religions that embrace institutionalized models of thought which advance self-defeating traditions and not progress.

  7. We believe that continuing inter-generational government practices that produce mounting levels of corrupted confidence between itself, the public, and institutions trying to service basic public needs, will ultimately force a confrontation involving methodologies of protest that may advance the same lack of morality that businesses, governments, and religions have historically used in forcing the public to submit to their Will.

Colloquially reiterated, the public and many public service institutions have been burned once too often by a government practicing a level and type of infidelity whose perfidy has entangled itself in a web of lies it must advance as directives dictated by a specious promissory note; under the cover of a legislated darkness in order to convey the pretence of legality in that the session is public and no one objects... because most of the public is asleep and do not expect 'subterfugic', 'perfunctorial', or 'fascadic' expositions of a "peoples government" to occur as a late night comedy skit because of the foul anti-public, pro-corporate "personhood" language being used. Beyond the frustration and anger of the public is a sorrow that leaderships refuse to change by altering their structured systems of philosophy to benefit all of humanity; without creating loopholes which permit them to secure a prominent position because they wish to lead by being able to give an impression of following the collective dictates of the people, while actually advancing their own self interests behind an increasingly enlarged force of security services to be used against the public when the need arises... and will arise in due time... because such security forces are provisioned by the same prevailing corruptions of government.

  1. We believe that current practices of business, government, and religion define progress with values that are without an interest in developing a global level of peace, equality, liberty/freedom and justice unless it is written in the language advancing self-interests with a vocabulary they are most familiar and comfortable with. It is not a collective view of, by, or for humanity that they aspire to promote and put into practice, but one specifically oriented for themselves and those they choose to include in an inner circle, with increasing methods of discrimination— the more available resources begin to dwindle. If sacrifices are to be made, they want others to sacrifice for them, because they feel they are most important and must selectively be protected and deferred to because of an assumption that they epitomize what is best for perpetuating humanity's greater ideal. Truth is whatever they care to define it as and be in a position to impose it on others.

  2. We believe that although the government in its present form can be quite generous, kind, considerate, thoughtful, amiable, reflective, sensitive, and capable of expressing an attempted overall magnanimity; the present U.S. Bill of Rights and Constitution allow for too many recurring instances where the government exhibits the demeanor of a wolf beneath sheep's clothing and not only is permitted to cry wolf! on national television or fire! in a crowded theater of public attention, but is guaranteed immunity from prosecution, along with a commemorative commendation, raise, and lucrative pension; though its sole intent was in creating conditions to be able to exploit the people— and thus requires that we not only request a new governing script, scenery and lighting, but an open-aired amphitheater with a new cast, attendant support and direction by way of an adopted Cenocracy.

  3. We believe governments are inherently brittle and open to reverberating fractures— though they have an ability to be masterfully resilient to change if that alteration is not too radical; but if radical, must embrace a contiguity of bureaucracy for sustaining basic social provisions, or else be faced with an ultimate disintegration and vulnerability from attacks both within and outside a Nation's territorial, diplomatic and inter-global dominion of multifarious relationships.

  4. We believe because of an inherent disposition in humans to arrange perceptions and experiences into a psychically-ordered hierarchical arrangement, it is easy for the public to be suppressed by way of a psychology of machinated suppression by redirecting fears, anxieties, and multiple forms of basic-needs privations by introducing a comparative modeling approach suggesting they are better off than others from whom the populace wants to emotionally desegregate themselves from according to the stipulations of an unrecognized arrogance which concludes into a relative feeling of supremacy that can be exploited by business, government, and religion; thereby guaranteeing that a higher value of equality, liberty/freedom and justice will never be a goal... because the hierarchical organization of such entities is based on a primivity which recognized profitability in a primitive self-centeredness. In other words, the presently practiced philosophical formulas characteristic of the type of economic policies held in place by traditional observances in business, government and religion, insures that no higher order of liberty/freedom and justice can ever be used because such entities are akin to species born with substandard inclinations towards a greater ideal.

  5. We believe that any belief whose social functionality is not embraced in the hearts, minds and souls of a given citizenry because of an adopted falsification of actual model being practiced, is not only receptive to threats both inside and outside its presumed dominions; but can fall to such a threat.

For example, when it is claimed that there is a threat to Democracy in the U.S. (and elsewhere), or a threat to Socialism, Communism, etc., including one another religious belief; the threat becomes all the more poignant when it is realized that the U.S. does not practice an Actual Democracy but is a Republic attached to a phony enculturation of democracy embellished with an economically-bribed believability standard based on tradition forcibly obligated to a reverential patriotism— and is in fact little more than an illusory model used as a means of manipulating a populace into deferring its collective opinion to that of a select few whose supposed Representation is an indelibly disparaging specious contrivance based on a political and election system out of step with the reality perceived by the majority wanting to effect an actual formula of self-governance.

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  1. We believe that the threat to America's presumed democracy is the result of perceptions embraced by those whose definition of democracy is as frivolous and embarrassingly archaic as ancient practices of animism, divination, human sacrifice, and trephination... and thus will be a duly welcomed liberation from such a tradition of patriotically deluded slavery... so long as the people take charge of the threat in order to create an Actual Democracy and not display the tactic of surrendering to a force whose size and strength are exponentially magnified by a collective submission... like historically recurring events witnessed by Jewish populations, Native Americans, Southern (American) Blacks, and others.

  2. We believe that in a battle against those who would take advantage of weak formulas of Communism, Democracy, and Socialism by offering the public a supposedly improved governing model in order to dupe the people into surrendering their efforts to assist currently frail systems they are most familiar with; it is a battle from which current models of business, government, and religion will not survive and can not be permitted to regain a footing to re-establish the same nonsense they have traditionally engaged in at the expense of humanity. In reality, it is not Communism, Democracy or Socialism that is threatened, but irrationalities of demented public subjugations to differently styled plutocratic-aristocracies having learned how to conduct a moving target type of existence as a means of deflecting a populace of aggression against those whose selfishly effected personal entitlements permit them to exploit the public without fear of retribution. It is a battle in whose after-math will be the emergence of a phoenix fanning the flames of an algorithm to produce the warmth of a productive calculus the likes of which only the most imaginative of minds can visualize into a reality that all of humanity will be opportuned to take full advantage of.

  3. We believe current models of Anarchism, Communism, Democracy, Libertarianism, Socialism and Religion are easy targets for being attacked and subdued because they are superficial representations of their greater ideals which make them all too vulnerable from a practiced weakness of misgiven loyalty... because of insecurities wrought by uncertainty of design and direction promoted by the hypocrisy of what is said as opposed to what is done.

  4. We believe the greatest threats to Communism, Democracy and Socialism are those governments whose alliances with businesses and religions, effect sub-standard models of the greater ideals of these social philosophies for the personalized ulterior motives of self-centered leaderships seeking individualized aggrandizements of profitable entitlements that have little to do with the well-fare of humanity.

  5. We believe it is necessary to intentionally construct a government that is intellectually and morally superior to any that presently exist, because we can not sit back and wait for a presumed vehicle of evolution to reach a goal that can well be detoured and thrown off course by the mis-directions of those with selfish interests; whose blueprints and maps for some expressed glorious future typically do not take into account the incrementally ongoing demise of the planet, planetary system, larger galaxy and the effects of such on an adaptive biology inclined towards the adoption of rationalizations which permit it to more easily succumb to the deteriorations and may be described as "rationalized adjustments" to an increasingly bad situation.

  6. We believe the U.S. government retains too much of an ancient British monarchical style of public control in that, for example, the President is granted the privilege of making sweeping changes in the directorship of multiple offices that are thus politically aligned with and answerable to the President alone. Such a large swath of individualized allegiance denotes an ancient practice of aristocratic profiteering that speaks of a having a personalized parliamentary advocacy without regard to any due process of governance subject to a checks -and- balances provision. It is a formula of governance that reeks of an anti-democratic stench pervading the corridors of a system that is supposed to belong to the people with regards to an honest interpretation of the phrase "a peoples (public's) government"; and is not meant to define the words "people" and "public" as a selective group of lawyers, politicians, business or religious persons.

  7. We believe that despite the ability of those in the present governments of the world to effect changes in governance according to personalized interpretations of legislated laws which forces the majority to practice a dependency; real change towards an enlightened formula of socialization can not come about if those who are in charge do not have an inherent disposition for enlightened thinking. They simply comply with standardized laws written or spoken of in a standardized language that is not the vernacular of an enlightened perception.

  8. We believe that no matter how enlightened a perspective may be, it will be unable to experience its full realization within the constraints of governing systems that act like a 11th century oxen collar which choked the viability of utilizing the flexibility which horses eventually provided to improve commerce and mobility of human populations, once the harness was improved. As collars which choke the progress potentiality of humanity presently connected to an antiquated harness of religion held in the tight-fisted grasp of a capricious and overly-indulged form of whiney, spoiled, and self-centered Capitalism; present government systems need to undergo massive re-invention.

  9. We believe that a growing problem between the governed and those who govern is that we can not reconstitute old models of "social contracts" because of a growing invariance that can be coarsely defined as an evolved predisposition that is forcibly being held in bondage by antiquated formulas of economics, governance and spiritual considerations that want the publics of the world to suppress their own developmental inclinations... so that higher values of equality, liberty/freedom and justice are tortuously eviscerated into accepting the present crude models of business, government and religion as the one and only true reality because no imaginatively better world can be pragmatically produced that would serve present leaderships as a tool of greater exploitability through which a larger profit could be secured.

  10. We believe that all beliefs, found in art, business, philosophy, politics, religion and the sciences are the products of "rationalized adjustments" needed for assuming a relative equilibrium in a deteriorating planetary environment in which adaptive animal, bacterial, insect, plant and viral biologys try to contour functionality in accord with; suggesting the adoption of a flexible rationale as "making the best of a deteriorating environment", is the creation of a type of tool that although serves many quite well in a given era, may be the acceptance of an inflexible traditional perspective in another.

  11. We believe that current government policies which exploit the people into believing that a Democracy exists but does not; is a threat to the establishment of an Actual Democracy and must be subjected to a Revolution the likes of which has never been recorded in human history, in order to effect the establishment of a government based on the collective Will of the People... after they have freed themselves from a tradition of belief that taught them to surrender their consciousness to the falsification of an ideal that they might habitually incline themselves towards because they are unpracticed in self-governance.

  12. We believe that publics generally engage in behavior that can metaphorically be described as a form of "walking hibernation" that some may disparagingly prefer to label as a zombiism; but from which occasional pandiculated (stretching/yawning) awakenings occur by way of an individual, individually collectivized group, or collectivized individualities, and may be referred to as different vantage points of acquired wakefulness through which a somniloquistic (sleep talking) personality emerges to speak a truth that is more honest, more insightful, a more dedicated to the whole of humanity than what is currently practiced in the presumed normalcy of culturally dispensed rationality:

  1. Individual: An individual's conscience for a single or multiple topics may be heightened while peers, parents, and other persons in their social stratum of inter-activity may sympathetically agree, but for the most part... remain unmoved towards a like-minded purposeful development of similarly acquired perceptions which may be used to apply in a progressive manner.

  2. Individually Collectivized: A singular orientation described as a collective goal to achieve a resolution to individual interests, such as protesting as a group in an attempt to promote the occasion for creating a job that a person may acquire and thus cause them to depart from the group because they received that which will help them on an individual basis. In other words, it is the usage of a group to further an individual's separate interests... and is used frequently by politicians that adopt a temporary moniker called "change", or instigators of social discord to help conceal their personal agendas.

  3. Collectivized Individualities: Seen when different ideological factions deliberately define a common ground in order to collectivize their individual philosophies to break through another's ideological barrier at which time an individualized perspective might them be in a better position to assume control for purposive change according to some underlying personal interest.

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  1. We believe if government policies exploit the people into believing that a Socialism exists but does not; is a threat to the establishment of an Actual Socialism and must be subjected to a Revolution the likes of which has never been recorded in human history in order to effect the establishment of a government based on the collective Will of the People... after they have freed themselves from a tradition of belief that taught them to surrender their consciousness to the falsification of an ideal that they might habitually incline themselves towards because they are unpracticed in self-governance.

  2. We believe that if government policies brutally exploited the people into believing that a Communism exists but did not; it is a threat to the establishment of an Actual Communism and would have to be subjected to a Revolution the likes of which has never been recorded in human history in order to effect the establishment of a government based on the collective Will of the People, so that they might choose whether or not to have a pure form of Communism... after they have freed themselves from a tradition of belief that taught them to surrender their consciousness to the falsification of an ideal that they might habitually incline themselves towards because they are unpracticed in self-governance.

  3. We believe that selfish business, government and religious interests throughout the world which continually exploit the public causing needless privation and suffering in order to achieve agendas counter-productive to the best interests of humanity's individualized growth and collective potential, is a threat that must be confronted... with whatever means and methods will best serve the public as defined by the public if they are given an opportunity to express their concerted Will.

  4. We believe that humanity has suffered interminable business, government and religious nonsense decade after decade, century after century because of beliefs and the adjoining systems which train different publics into thinking a progressive goal has been reached as a milestone of human achievement; only to find that such traditions have created recurring dependencies that lull generations into a false sense of security— which allow the people to be taken advantage of by business, government and religious policies directed by the individualized and collectivized selfish interests of a few... and the people are left without a legal means of protecting itself that does not entangle the public in a menagerie of disguised robber-baron tactics meant to create more public vulnerabilities analogous to a lie being used to cover up yet another lie which relies on the faultiness of human memory to assist in the concealment of a previous lie fashioned with a new language in a different context, or the use of credit to pay for credit with an increasing percentage of cost that accepts no other type of payment but credit, because it is more profitable to a few regulating a system which ensures the subjugation of the masses into a financially burdened servitude.

  5. We believe the pendulum of existence sways in a triangular arc amongst conservative, moderate and liberal ideologies attached with a variety of labels consistent with the culture of language used in a given venue, and thus exhibits the condition of a cyclical behavioral habituation which prevents humanity from moving beyond the arc; thus surrendering humanity into an echo-less crevice whose attempts at self-extrication are met with traditionalized intellectual efforts akin to sanded slops of a pit where only a global effort of cooperation will produce the necessary means of freeing everyone from the perpetual idiocy humanity continues to endure generation after generation without real purpose or direction.

  6. We believe there are millions who are fully cognitive and desirous of practicing a global cooperation but that such a realization is hampered by egregiously selfish motives to be found in business, government, and religious perspectives— whose only definition of cooperation is in terms of their individual philosophical propensities within a restrictive expectation to further their institutionalized goals of preeminence that frequently engages in the practice of presuming to speak for god, a majority, or some other labeled authority... but whose assent is received due to the biased interpretation of a minority.

  7. We believe that humanity has entered into an era where its very existence is at stake, and once pushed back against a wall, hidden rivalries, antagonism, sought retributions, avarice, gluttony, self-righteousness, and many suppressed jealousies will surface in the form of a lethality where individually defined inter-relationship mentalities will be used as the means of deciding who should live or who should die... in order to make more resources available to those who remain according to a personalized "chosen-one" preoccupation.

  8. We believe that the replacement of human workers with robotics and other automated systems, in the form and functionality to which they are presently used solely for the purpose of personalized profit for a few and not the many, is a direct threat to humanity because such applications are not under direct public control to enhance personal growth and overall human potential.

  9. We believe the government will take anything it wants at anytime from any individual or group by changing laws to fit whatever convenience it aspires to; if those in a leadership position deem the confiscation warranted by any conviction they can amalgamate into the logic of a given moment, such as the usage of patents, copyrights, deeds, contracts or whatever... and no person or group has any recourse against it, nor endowed with any legal means to require they be justly compensated for the loss of their presumed article of private ownership... and that the "just compensation" is in a kind and quality commensurate with that which was confiscated.

  10. We believe that under currently focused economic conditions, the personality of the government as an expressed "personhood", is a selfish, egotistical, self-righteous, duplicitous, arrogant, self-entitling adolescent bully whose behavior is so deeply ingrained in its sense of self-identity as a "one-of-a-kind" entrepreneur whose goals are as specious as its practice of democracy; that it will take a devastating plague (through human intent, accident or natural event... such as brought about by human ignorance), environmental catastrophe, severe economic depression, a Third World War, asteroid, civil war... or a Revolution— in order to make the necessary corrective changes by:

  •     dispelling its neurotic one-sided world-view (to increase the value of the public's liberty).

  • √√   'equilibriating' its necrotically Capitalistic-oriented self-indulgences of revenue-generating obsessions (to increase the value of the public's equality and justice).

  • √√√  fractionating 'nepototic' inclinations to concentrate wealth and political power into trusts and monopolies (to increase the public's managerial value and control over anti-democratic— as well as other discriminatory interests and practices).

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Needless to say, there are many social issues which need to be confronted but we feel can only be adequately addressed by establishing a New Government... a Cenocracy.

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