Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
3-chambered Cenocratic Nutshell

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~ Chamber One... Continued ~
  1. We believe the government has no interest in establishing an Actual Democracy or its efforts would preeminently be focused on seeking out, making an honest tabulation of, and abiding by the Collective Will of the People.

  2. We believe the government has no interest in Actual Peace or there would be a dedicated Branch of government so named and authorized, because the pursuit of establishing Peace does not provide the different social values of culturally defined wealth that small and large conflicts may provide an opportunity for various business (sales), government (empowerment) and religious (doctrine/charity) interests.

  3. We believe there is a need for a new formula of Government (a "Cenocracy") the very least of which should be the practice of an Actual Democracy and not a continuation of the present phony "Republic" model of democracy. The so-called "Republic" needs to be revised to practice a "Re-publication" in the form of an Actual Democracy.

  4. We believe the collective Will of the People should be a preeminent force in their government.

  5. We believe that in instances where a select majority of the population can be directly and dramatically, on a personal basis... affected by a given legislation, such as in the case of planned parenthood and its inclusive corollary topic of abortion; legislation can only be justly and equitably addressed by a vote rendered by all citizens, and the results of that vote should be made into law— without revisions, amendments, distortions, or other disabling effects so typical of present day legislative activity.

  6. We believe the present form of Government does not adequately represent, nor provide for the actual Representation of the Collective Will of the People.

  7. We believe the present forms of government to be rigged in order to diminish, ostracize, and disenfranchise the Collective Will of the People, if not by intent, then as a result.

A rigged political/election system(s) is viewed by some as a cloaked form of dictatorship which enables a few to increase their odds of affecting the potential for controlling events of governance by offering the public a falsified exercise in equality that in reality functions as a discrimination against the majority; thus enabling a few to undermine the Will of the Many in what amounts to be a system with a practiced sleight-of-hand, bait-and-switch duplicity... that leaves the consensus of the many without any real ability to make any necessary and needed changes to governance on its own behalf... unless it engages in violent forms of opposition to those few who want everyone to see the world as they do and live their lives according to that which will serve to improve the lives of a few— and let the people be damned if they don't like it... supported by a system of laws which act as obstacles and various arresting methodologies to keep the truth suppressed, thus fomenting the growth of a discernible change in the architecture of sub-cultural views into a mainstream realization of government oppression aided by some journalistic sources either due to ignorance or deliberate intent of sustaining a status quo in which they have learned to prosper.

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  1. We believe that those who on the one hand assert that the "system" is rigged (be it a system of business, government or religion), but then alter their protest to accept the provision of participating in the self-same system based on the presumed logic of an advanced pragmatism defined by such a rationale as "this is the way things are"... as if there were some over-riding moral necessity to abandon one's conviction to support a presumed "peace-keeping" concession designed by the very standards that one opposes; can thus be viewed as an act of self-denial and self-flagellation to prevent oneself from exerting a sustained opinion and effort against adopting a conventionalized practice of habitual reconciliation that compromises oneself to the dysfunctionality of the rigged system, instead of bartering for the subjugation of its retirement from public service with a pension of historicity— thus enabling the usage of a equitable and progressively fulfilling system for humanity to become the new tradition.

  2. We believe that an exercise in granting concessions instead of adopting changes based on the collective Will of the people, under the rationale that there is a necessity of pragmatism involved due to participating in a role because of a practiced tradition to do so; is a deal-with-devil capitulation to a lower standard of morality and/or ethics— because vested interests in the preservation of a status quo formulated from an argument architectured by a tradition without conciliation to the opinion of the majority... is the absence of any interest to raise one's standards for including a greater equality unless they are enabled to have an upper controlling hand or acquire the greater value to be used at a later date as some form of currency to advance a former cause from the position of an alternative perspective whose ultimate aim is to undermine any present concession(s).

  3. We believe that the government is not too Big, but is too Small; given the fact that an Actual Democracy, a "Peoples Government" necessarily means a Nation's entire population represents the government. Those who advocate that a government is too big typically are those who want to be included in a select minority permitted to be placed in a position of a majority control without ever promoting the need for an Actual Democracy to be practiced.

  4. We believe that humanity must prepare itself for the eventual emergence of a philosopher king who will view business, government and religion as three different tools to be use to assist humanity achieve a more worthwhile goal than any singular or combined agenda these three tools might want to represent and provide as an illusion in order to manipulate the public into helping them acquire their individualized personal interests.

  5. We believe it is necessary to point out politically-based ideological strategies in order to form a better comprehension as to why they represent similarly different perspectives of how to crack open the same egg (as in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels voyage to Lilliput); in order that the "Egg" (a government, business, religion, etc...) be used to achieve what amounts to be the same results... eventually ending up as human waste, because humanity is such a wasteful creature made worse by the collective ideological result of the egg-splitting agendas of business, government and religion:

♠    We believe that those advancing a Conservative agenda frequently engage in passive aggressive or blatant forms of "persuasion" (sometimes described as retribution) in order to force or punish a person/group into, or because they won't... submit to their Will or world-view.

♠♠    We believe that those advancing a Liberal agenda frequently engage in blatant or passive aggressive forms of "persuasion" (sometimes described as retribution) in order to force or punish a person/group into, or because they won't... submit to their Will or world-view.

♠♠♠    We believe that those advancing a Moderate agenda frequently engage in passively blatant or blatantly passive forms of "persuasion" (sometimes described as retribution) in order to force or punish a person/group into, or because they won't... submit to their Will or world-view.

Problems occurring and persistently re-occurring in a society due to a government that in effect is a working model of different forms of government revolving around a ""moving target" lineup of a Corporatocracy, Oligarchy, Plutocratic-Aristocracy, Republicanism and various degrees of other governing practices; because its usage of the term "democracy" is the articulation of an illusion and superficiality thereof— requires that the public forcefully engages in activities which will cause this merry-go-round type of governance to stop... all the while being fully cognizant that riders clinging to the hand rails with jubilations referenced as patriotism, traditionalism and the like... will be effected by a disorientation which will them attempt to recreate, at any cost, symbolical expressions or formulaic appearances thereof (philosophical, mechanical or otherwise), because individualized and collectivized social functioning habituations produced their own types of narcotic-emblazoned addictions which make it difficult for society to progress with the full scope of its abilities.

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  1. We believe the means to produce corrective government policy change through communication with elected Representatives to be a wholly insufficient form of so-called "Representation".

  2. We believe the Electoral College practice and any other practice of election/voting manipulation against establishing the Will of the People must be nullified (and not replaced by some other deviated machination). Violations are to be treated as treasonous.

  3. We believe it is time for the collective Will of the people to discuss, draft, and then collectively vote on, without any bureaucratic interference; a new Bill of Rights and Constitution.

  4. We believe the present structure of government makes a Revolution necessary.

  5. We believe the present "Petitioning the Government" provision to be a falsification of the greater ideal and thus constitutes a denial of our right to petition the (whole) government and an affront to principles dedicated to the practice of an Actual Democracy.

  1. The Executive Branch alone is petitioned and not the whole of the government.
  2. There is no Peoples Legislative Branch to collate petition requests and bring concerns to be presented to the whole of the public.
  3. The perception of a petition is relegated to those who are assigned by the Executive branch, but in fact may be biased against a certain appeal, whereby their reply thus constitutes an official reply and the people have no recourse except to engage in a violent form of protest or be satisfied with what amounts to be a response of little regard.

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  1. We believe the present form of U.S. Presidential oath is an articulated callousness representing an avowed insensitive "Personhood" that is faulty on several counts:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

  1. The People nor their right to Equality, Justice and Liberty aren't even mentioned as being of first and foremost importance.

  2. The emphasis is on protecting the Constitution and not the people and their Right to dictate the terms of their Rights as they collectively see fit to embrace in accord with the development of their collective conscience.

  3. The assertion of protecting the People's Right to have an Actual Democracy or any government the people want is not specifically outlined and is a bold-faced disrespect to the sovereign Will of the people to collectively decide their own fate.

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  1. We believe the people have a collective Right to collectively choose their independently-arrived-at collective decision to determine their collective destiny, without being subjected to any form of individualized bureaucratic vicariousness.

  2. We believe that previous political/government revisions effected through various paths of cultural experimentations (music, drugs, sex, art, education, etc...) have not yielded the end results which former social reformers sought; whether such idealisms were comprehensively articulated or not... and thus requires the application of a concerted, unilateral approach of all divergent pathways to forcefully charge the government in order that its "granary bins are opened to those that filled them"... meaning the people receive an equitable just reward for their efforts in providing taxes for so many years... and that this reward will be defined by the collective Will of the people and not some self-serving bureaucracy.

  3. We believe that many contemporary expressions in art, music, New Age consciousness exploration, Education theory, subtle energy interpretations, religion, science, sports, etc..., exercise the practice of a philosophical regression acting as a conciliatory acceptance to "toe-the-line" in accord with political agendas that engage in various forms of brow-beating tactics to impose their Will on others— and enlist the assistance of those whose creativity is made malleable by way of attacks on their fledgling sensitivities and sensibilities that demeans the development of courage necessary for exhibiting true originality and genius. The progress of humanity is suffering greatly because so very many artistic expressions are re-modeled versions of old perceptions born from the mindset of those living in eras with antiquated social perspectives.

  4. We believe that an attack against a government entity does not automatically qualify as an attack against the whole of the nation or its citizenry, and should not be described nor defined as such.

  5. We believe that an attack against a government official, their family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, business associates or something they own or have a personal interest in, does not necessarily qualify as an attack against the Nation or its people.

  6. We believe that an attack, as a protest against the government, is not an attack against a presumed type of government (such as a democracy), when no such formula actually exists beyond the practice defined in the minds of those who use the illusion of such to selfishly profit from at the expense of the larger public who imagine a government participation where none actually exists.

  7. We believe that because of variously vested personal interests involving businesses, government departments, and religious ideologies; there are those who have no qualms in instigating destruction and/or death against one or another citizenry in an attempt to foment conditions which will provide for the possibility of an opportunity by which they can advantage an interest... and they will try to conceal their machinations in producing and promoting such.

  8. We believe the current usage of the word "Democratic", "Democratic Party" and "Democracy" are not synonymous except that all three equally represent a falsified practice of an Actual Democracy.

  9. We believe that both the "R" insignia of the Republican party and the "D" of the Democrats are a shared "R & D" (Research and Development) reference which illustrates three share identical program interests to effect government controls suitable to ends that can not be acquired if a program of actual sustained Peace is ventured, because of vested interests have learned to prosper otherwise (such as in the case of a revenue-generating War, or through privation-induced conditions serving the pecuniary and philosophical preoccupations of various charitable institutions, which very often are circumstances which can be quite profitable— financially, socially, or otherwise.):

  1. Those institutionalized preferences for instigating War/conflict- mongering issues for instability involving the assistance to the military/industrial complex and those that attach themselves to such entities like symbiotic organisms.

  2. Those institutionalized preferences for instigating Security issues requiring increases in expenditures to entities whose mentality foments an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and apprehension in order to fulfill agency/departmental interests.

  3. Those institutionalized preferences for supporting the infamously referred to "1%" social class of self-serving wealthy practitioners of various back-scratching methodologies typically at the expense of a public deliberately made vulnerable by legislative efforts traditionally focused on undermining the public's ability to have any collective ability to effect the results of a voiced opinion to institute any measurable rationale of equality, liberty/freedom or justice in contrast to the various types of prevailing governmentally oriented irrationality.

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  1. We believe the Supreme Court positions must be, at the very least, chosen and ratified by the public as well as being answerable to the public.

  2. We believe there is a discernible need for the adoption of a guaranteed income social provision in order to cover basic costs of biologically necessary sustenances (such as food and water), clothing, shelter (and associated utility costs), and practicable public transportation, or some alternative form of equitable transportation when public forms of transit in those locations where it is not typically available.

  3. We believe there are those who reject ideas concerning environmental issues is due to either their brains are principally wired to react primarily to immediate threats (such as seeing a tornado a short distance away or believing weather reports because recurring devastations of tornados affect peoples lives close to their immediate peripheral sensory system; or they deliberately deny warnings because they feel their is some immediate personal advantage in doing so.

  4. We believe in the need for a National health, home, vehicle, and life insurance policy run as a single, public-controlled business with strict wage and profit control margins whose excesses are to be routed to a "for public use" fund that can not be used by or for any politically oriented purpose; because the customarily employed methodology of privatization of insurance into a supposed "market economy" uniformly results in government-sanctioned forms of individually offered exploitations of a public whose vulnerabilities are exponentially magnified because of those in government that generate policies based on egregious socio-philosophical, multi-subject deficiencies.

  5. We believe that when a government embraces a Corporativism enabling a Market-place economy to pursue profits by an over-riding interest in promoting the exercise of privatization... which enables the development of a culture in which individualized instances of exploitation may occur and large or small-claims courts will not assist the public in the recovery of losses; the potential for increasing the chances for instigating the conditions for revolt, rebellion, and revolution are manifestly made more probable.

  6. We believe that when a psychotic valuation of a 'Market-place' mentality secures a neurotic public following, it is prone to practice a promiscuous perversion of privatization in its pursuit of profitable predictions akin to the pretensions of prognostication proffered within the parameters of priestly promoters noted in historical antiquities; thus revealing a revival of prejudicial presumptions paving the way for an eventual demise of that nation which permits such a presence of mind to pre-dominate as a nationalized obsession.

  7. We believe there is no perversion of principle, policy, or politics too bold or wicked that will not be advanced, when a government's dominate character resembles that of a pimp under the guise of a corporate or religious entity; and is best served by a historical review as the personality of a single (one-eyed)- visioned profiteering pirate in the pursuit of a treasure following the dictates of an internalized map of privatization— when it is enabled to be unfurled onto the conference tables of diplomacy that have been altered into gaming sessions where even public privacy is given a price tag that can be prostituted to the highest bidders on an open market.

  8. We believe that when a government's reigns of diplomacy primarily rest in the hands of a Corporatocracy run by a borderline characterization of psychosis developed in the course of a life subjected to overbearing abuses which prevented the development of an emphasis on procuring sentiments invaluable to a globalized appreciation of humanity as a species born with promise and possibility.

What the public is faced with are those who will engage in a contemptible bastardization of whatever economic philosophy needs to be contrived in order to persevere in an insatiable pursuit of profit. There is no prejudice, no seduction, no vice, no villainy, it will not resolve to incorporate in its culture of greed that amends, discards, abuses and contorts for its psychotic rationale to own everything and label it freedom, liberty, justice or whichever social governing label meets the necessary criteria (such as Anarchy, Communism, Democracy, Free Trade, Open Market, Socialism, Trickle down economics, etc...) for being packaged and sold to represent its culture of selfishness under the guise of some environmentally necessitated standardization of equality... that has been privatized for the purpose of furthering profit margins— unless there is an accepted return to using slavery, human sacrifice or some other emotionalized mental whoredom can be revitalized in some future era where some other profitable psychoses can be engendered to suit the prevailing socialized avarice.

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  1. We believe that when a corporate atmosphere fully integrates itself into the government, efforts at privatization will attempt to excel the inclinations sought by religions over extended millennia, that claim ownership of god, morality, redemption and salvation; thus presenting humanity with legislatively-backed rationales in which water, air, public land, personal bank accounts, personal property, rain, snow, wind, air space, public toilets and so many other natural and human-made products— including biological waste, human birth as well as death... will be subject to values of ownership that permit profits to be secured... and let the public be damned if it doesn't like the enforced economic policy implemented by a few to take advantage of the many... in the name of progress... for themselves and those in their monopolistic clan.

  2. We believe that every citizen should be provided with an insurance policy protecting them from the self-serving interests of business, government and religion... because their individual and collective activities have frequently resulted in needless public hardships persisting from one generation to the next.

  3. We believe that no elected or selected person in or working for the government, should be permitted to have any benefit, including wage or salary, if it is not commensurately applied to the whole public whose taxes pay for such benefits. The needs of the present non-government public need to be met first and foremost.

  4. We believe when a literacy of profound ignorance gains the ground of being able to elect a Representation of itself into a dominant political position, what unfolds is an overt replication of the very prejudicial underpinning it has been subjected to by way of a government that practices a traditional secrecy of covert corporate self-regard at the expense of whichever public gets in its way of its interests in profitability.

  5. We believe those whose profitability rests in cultures provisioned by the occasion of war, conflict, secrecy and the like, must engage in war-mongering, war-instigation, and a predilection of espionage... and they need not even be aware they are married to such a relationship though its daily inter-course has, by way of an honest historical reflection, made at least a few suspect their exists an adulterous form of humanity which beats in the heart of their careers of presumed honor, glory, and unsoiled patriotism whose orgasmic missions breed the offspring of a perpetual like-mindedness so that future generations can have their own photo albums and history books of warrior memorabilia.

  6. We believe that maximum limits to wages and profits will have to be applied on a global effort as part of a rational understanding of the need for rationing such types of human exercises; as resources continue to dwindle, the population continues to increase, and the planet continues to decay... thus affecting the course of additional "adjustments to prevailing rationalizations" (of which all beliefs and philosophical considerations are rationalizations constructed to the best of human abilities and capacities which are permitted to have a wide-spread social voice... many of which are not).

  7. We believe that a free Higher education policy needs to be adopted to cover at least three degrees, with personal interests in additional educational pursuits to be paid by those who effect either an intermittent or sustained "professional student" approach to the education process, because of human inclinations to become habituated as denoted by the colloquialism "a person gets set in one's practiced ways".

  8. We believe that the present process of voting is an antiquated system out of step with the present age of technological advances, and presents the public with more incentives not to vote (such as the collective vote can be undermined on the local, state and federal levels through gerrymandering and the Electoral College; than promoting nationalized narcissistic values (called patriotism) which encourage a disincentive not to vote based on a fatalistically practiced "one person, one vote" fable historically narrated into a fruitless, nonsensical tradition. If voting is a measure of citizenship, then it should be tied to the overall reward system for being a citizen... instead of rewarding a citizenry for not voting in a convoluted process that is in desperate need of being rebuilt (and not simply over-hauled as many shade-tree mechanics have engaged in).

  9. We believe the Nation's voting age needs to be universalized and that if a person is legally able to marry or enter into a military service, they should be treated as adults with full voting privileges.

  10. We believe that at the very least, unemployment insurance, welfare assistance, and social security should be universalized and aligned with the realities of the economic system being practiced as a proposed measure of presumed democratic equality commensurate with obtained profits, salaries, bonuses and direct or indirectly available assets, no matter how the language of the tax system is used to permit evasion of paying an equitable share of income and hoarding allowance. Violations must be swift, definitive and globally applicable to any and all.

  11. We believe that many who propose an alternative form of government/society and think that their rationale is the eventual outcome of an historical development that must pass through a Democracy as a stepping stone; do not in fact want to test their theory by actively advocating for the adoption of an Actual Democracy. Living within the confines of their perceptions satisfies too many personal issues that remain privatized in their world-view that is like a treasure which they can hoard and share only inasmuch as another adopts a similar life-style of separateness from a majority... whereby an illusion of uniqueness is fostered, but is never willing to be put to the test.

  12. We believe many do not want to put their views of Anarchism, Communism, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc., to the test because they inwardly feel that the end result will not be to their imagined liking... that the reality of their presumptions, when put into the framework of an extended national or global application, will be far removed from their personal fantasy. They want to say they believe, and exhibit behavior that they want others to interpret is an expression of what they say they believe, but they do not actually want to put their belief to the test of producing it into any semblance of factuality because they would then have to create yet another social reform fantasy world in response thereto.

  13. We believe that so-called "re-habilitation" programs in institutions of incarceration (Jails, Prisons, Psyche-wards) should be preceded by social "habilitation" programs (education, training, social skills, etc...) prior to a person's incarceration. (One must have first been habilitated before they can be "Re-habilitated").

  14. We believe that when a person has fully served their time in an institution of incarceration, or that they have been either pardoned or paroled, their full citizenship rights should be restored. If they can not be trusted, they should not be free. They deserve a full re-integration into society such as being able to vote, and not be subjected to a prolonged period of social confinement which amounts to the practice of a cruel and unusual punishment.

  15. We believe that individuals who have been restored their freedom from incarceration must be given the necessary assistance to be fully reintegrated into society and not be subjected to a social system practicing an extension of imprisonment by creating an atmosphere of ineligibility, inadequacy, untrustworthiness that forces them to repeat a life of illegality in an attempt to procure some semblance of a livelihood that is denied them; and are subjected to unrealistic rules and regulations governed by time constraints many law abiding citizens would have difficulty in complying with if they had to submit to strict values of an antiquated religious "penitence" with little or no familial or public support base.

  16. We believe it is a particularly discordant, anti-social value for the government, and businesses, to practice what amounts to be a vengeance-rendering action against a former employee (or service member) to hold a person accountable for leaving a position of employment whose process of departure amounts to a montage of third degree drilling or an attempt to find fault with the individual when the fault may lay with the employer in that the employer needs to retain some sense of self-embodied perfectionism that can only be achieved by assigning some discredibility to the person wanting to escape an employment situation that they, due to their sensitivities and sensibilities, perceive themselves to be enslaved, caged, or otherwise being forced to commit themselves to a type of institutionalism that they found to be not to their liking... but can not simply leave without being subjected to a label of disparagement they are expected to wear the rest of their lives.... like a person on the run with a slave collar, whipping scars, or brand mark they must learn to conceal for fear of being ridiculed by those whose self esteems are so low they must seek a moment's presumption of embodied loftedness by expressing a condemnation of another because they fear to look too closely at their own deficiencies.

  17. We believe Small Claims courts must fully support their rulings so that they are carried out. The public can not be expected to pay filing fees, have a ruling in their favor, and yet be refused their due because one litigant disagrees with the court's decision. In short, the broken courts system must be fixed.

  18. We believe there are far too many social issues that are caused by political and government entitlements, that the recipients of such lack the incentive to create an equitable form of Democratic government. (They do not police themselves very well.)

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Needless to say, there are many social issues which need to be confronted but we feel can only be adequately addressed by establishing a New Government... a Cenocracy.

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