Cenocracy: A New Government Perspective
3-chambered Cenocratic Nutshell

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~ Chamber One... Continued ~
  1. We believe that government-sponsored policies of promoting privatization of needed social institutions frequently results in individualized exploitations of the public and the public has not legal means of instructively making corrections in order to fulfill the larger and greater hierarchy of public (citizen) necessity.

  2. We believe that bureaucratic attempts to find solutions to social issues through the instrument of privatization based on a retinue of accommodated rationalizations that largely embraced antiquated religious notions of charity is a means of cataloging the deficiency of a government formula that can only be addressed by adopting a new formula of government.

  3. We believe that the government's definition of "public" is sometimes used to effect the interests of those in a particular government position and not the collective position of the public's needs.

  4. We believe that all no one should profit off of any war or conflict-related activities, and that any such profiteering is to be viewed as an act of treason against humanity.

  5. We believe that many business, government and religious leaderships do not want the conflict between Israelis and Palestenians to stop because the situation affords the opportunity by which money, power, and other negotiated resources, concessions and alliances can exchange hands that would not be available if actual peace were to prevail. However, we also believe that the situation is being viewed by some to have gone on long enough and that an ultimatum must be laid out in no uncertain terms... that the entire conflict must come to an end or it will be put to an end once and for all; by way of biological, chemical or nuclear means. Humanity has suffered enough due to their bickering dichotomy.

  6. We believe that the institutionalization of charities (i.e. United Way, Red Cross, Deseret Industries (Mormon), Goodwill, Salvation Army, Religion, Food banks, Flop housing, etc...) which are provided tax exemptions that amount to a public subsidy; do in fact perpetuate the need for charities that evolve embraced philosophies that help to perpetuate their existence and give an excuse to the government not to find a solution for social circumstances which continue to require the assistance of privately owned organizations whose presence advocates more of a business model than as a measure of how long and deeply the government's mismanagement of social concerns and needs is resistant to improvement in terms of being able to abolish the need for such charities.

Governments focused on a primary perspective of promoting/encouraging socialized forms of charity show themselves to be employed by a bureaucracy which attracts those who are particularly immune, calloused or desensitized to a host of wide-ranging social needs and concerns; thus revealing a presently established deficiency in its ability to best serve the public. When the public is subjected to a government chain of command acting as a multi-level hierarchy extending through the local, state and federal sectors of governance in a bureaucratic form of "trickle down" economic theory; the conduits of plumbing to serve the public's needs is often regulated by a distribution valve that is under repair, being used in another location, systematically applied along a labyrinthine channeling system meant to avoid detection by way of artificialized complexifications or legalized jargon, is waiting for an operator to return from lunch, the operator is away from their desk, or in a meeting, or on holiday, on sick leave, went to a funeral, are running late, is busy being used by another customer, the department's machine for dispensed queuing numbers is out and new numbers will be ordered as soon as the proper request forms are sent out after being printed up by a printer no longer in business... or the valve has slowed to a drip... because Congress is too busy voting itself in a raise and other benefits.

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  1. We believe that the current definitions and practices of peace promoting and support carried out by the United Nations and Nobel Peace prize committee are counter-productive in that peace continues to be unsustainable in spite of such well-intentioned efforts— thus emphasizing the need for a different type of analysis and concerted contemplation; and that both have rationalizations making the practice of war an acceptable alternative in many cases because diplomacy is carried out as an exercise that conceals ulterior objectives of underlying procurement commensurate with past acts of colonialism, Imperialism and "profit at any cost".

  2. We believe that both the Nobel Peace Prize committee and the United Nations represent groups of lobbyists with individualized ulterior motives, which at varying times be collated collectively to ambush, badger, brow-beat, use peer pressure, and other coercive or corrosive means to effect adoptions or changes that are not backed by a comprehensive appreciation of larger global facts which attempt to extend humanitarian efforts into the many centuries ahead based on currently available knowledge within the parameters of an emancipated human philosophy.

  3. We believe all political/government theories advancing a Utopian perspective, however sincere and well-intentioned, are non-rational ideologies given the fact that the Earth is headed along an incremental course of decay and humanity is obliged to adopt a perspective coinciding with an adaptive mentality that may be labeled an "adjustable rationale" in order to maintain some semblance of equilibrium in an ongoing environment of decay.

  4. We believe Capitalism is an economic tool and is not inherently evil. All too often it is used by those who can engage in public disparaging activities because government policies permit such acts as a role model that encourages such behavior as a projection of its own frequently engaged in self-perpetuating interests; including acts to bring about social "theaters" (such as a "military theater") whereby questionable actors articulate scripts that intentionally create privation, discord, contention, antagonism, fear, apprehension, destruction and even death amongst various innocent populations... including its own citizenry.

  5. We believe that Capitalism is an economic tool that can be used to accomplish great things for all of humanity if the correct model of Capitalism is legislated to effect this singular intent. All practices of capitalism can be regulated to provide for a pooled resource of funding based on a hierarchical strategy where losses in revenue can systematically delineate what is most needed, thus excluding those social practices which are made possible by surpluses but are not actually needed as a basic survival requirement... leading us into unraveling the discovery of social complexities whose practices are instructively problematic, but must be addressed. For example:

  • Providing for the public's basic food, water, shelter, clothing, health needs would be addressed as a "first to arrive and last to go" selection of primary funding.

  • Three levels of need would be observed and hierarchically funded when resources are available:

  1. Basic biological needs and physiological maintenance in respective natural (non-human) environments (desert, forest, mountainous, seaside, wet, snow, etc...).

  2. Needs for non-monetary personal growth that might be applied to further human global development (education, sports, cultural... science/art... invention).

  3. Needs for attempting to develop spiritual, philosophical, or metaphysical considerations applied in practical ways.

  4. All personalized Capitalisms would be targeted towards a global repository for humanity.

  5. A definition of humanity above and beyond mere traditionalized humanistic orientations will have to be developed in order to maximize the benefits of a limited resource base to provide for the most productive redistribution.

  6. "Playing God" in making global decisions would be removed from its current status of defined distasteful considerations based on the realization that an attempted equalized redistribution of resources would identify the scope of dwindling resources much more quickly than the present usage of a redistribution based on hoarded wealth using observances of deterioration in order to create circumstances for increasing wealth instead of acknowledging the realization of a decreased global viability.

  7. Funding for jobs and job training would, for example, supersede the need for creating another government security agency as a micro-management exercise that steps on the toes of yet other security agencies.

  8. Legislatures would not be able to provide themselves with raises and other benefits while anyone in the public does not receive a basic sustenance, most of which are presently administered by a bureaucratic guard post type of rationale effected by some frivolous "means testing" valuation or other hoop-jumping criteria formulated as a mechanism of government control over peoples lives that subjugates and obligates them into paying the government a reverence that rightly belongs to those who supply the government and its many compartmentalized dominions with funding... that, if taken away, would show the government as being philosophically bankrupt.

  9. There would be a maximum wage and term limits for all employment, appointment, and ownership positions.

  10. Valuation of natural resources would be based on sustainable replacement. Deterioration and rarity would define a lowered valuation instead of a higher one to be exploited.

  11. Global standards of anti-trust/anti-monopolization would be enforced to ensure a maximization of redistributed wealth when a trust or monopoly is shown to not provide for a greater increase in funding for human needs.

  12. Global standards of wages and benefits for everyone would be put into effect.

  13. The inclination to think of a developed practice, such as a government agency or department as a permanent fixture to which funding must be perpetually applied would be re-evaluated as a mechanism in which events might well be artificially manufactured to create the impression of need because the developed practice is but another quality of a similar venture housed under a different name but serving a similar purpose of fortification and support... such as having an army of armed government agents ever-ready to protect the interests of a government out-of-step with a populace that can be forced into submission... at the point of a gun or increased presence of intimidation.

  1. We believe that present legal and illegal Market-based (and other) practices of Capitalism represent antiquated models of economics which must be replaced, by force if necessary, with a new model of efficacy that will ultimately confiscate all assets of all plutocratic forms of Aristocracy in business, government and religion in order to assist humanity with individualized goals of encouraging humanity to develop its greater potentials both on and off the planet Earth.
~ Chamber Two ~
  1. We believe that different political theories do not distinguish between three internalized social aspects of their beliefs which represent values which need to be identified separately, because current amalgamations create needless misunderstanding when different ideas are brought forth to be discussed in consideration of their merits... or lack thereof— which are more easily concealed when all aspects are lumped together instead of being itemized and differentiated:

♦   The Economic ("Ownership" must be clearly detailed and not based on presumptions. For example, in so-called "Private Ownership" circumstances the value of "ownership" typically revolves around long-term leasing programs due to fees from registration, filing, taxes, insurance, etc...).

♥   The Humanitarian (Overall support of citizen's basic needs such as food/water, shelter, toileting, clothing, health care, hygiene, peace practices, environmental protection, animal rights, etc...)

♣   Social/Cultural (Objective and Operational support of business, cultural development, education/training, global partnerships, etc...).

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For example, in our attempts to disclose the perceptions that the military exhibits the functionality of a Socialistically-Communist welfare system, repeated arguments to the contrary are dismissively reprehensive by stating that Socialism and Communism are types of economic systems and the Military is not. However, they do not point out that the Military is a type of government Welfare program and that the government itself is sustained by taxes, and that many businesses and religions are subsidized by the public's coffers through tax exemption or bailouts which obscure poor management, but many politicians own stock in a company or industry and do not want to suffer a loss, whereby support is given long enough for them to cash in (in order to cash out from the investment).

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In very many scenarios the government/government agencies attempt to engage in tactics to increase its revenue within the scope of its domain, much in the manner as many an unemployed or temporary worker adopts revenue-generating tactics in such behaviors as a general handyman or someone seeking extra income by participating in the selling of scrap metal, yard/garage sales, flea-market proprietorship, internet sales, dot-com schemes, etc..., though the government's methodology is to employ schemes related to industry, international bartering, trade tariffs, privatizing basic needs in order to permit individualized exploitation of the public, etc...

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Because the military does not normally engage in direct tactics to increase its income (though intentional indirect acts are well-known), an analysis of its functionality must primarily be viewed from an humanitarian and social/cultural perspective. As such, when we look at the following examples, there is a direct correlation between the military and Socialism, Communism, and Welfare. The lack of a voting system clearly distinguishes the military as a poorly practiced democracy, though it laughably claims many of its actions are directed towards establishing, upholding or protecting the rights of people to practice a democracy (i.e. to "make the world safe for Democracy")... yet it does not appreciably embrace an internalized promotion and practice of what it preaches. Nor does the usage of contracted services diminish from the provisional dichotomy distinguishing Military and civilian control of services meant specifically for military personnel and their family members.

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The Socialist Practices of a Communistically-based Military Welfare Program:
  •    The Military has no interest in practicing a Democracy.
    (It is viewed as a bureaucratized dictatorship.)

  •    The Military's pseudo-economic system is based on a (specialized and extremely expensive) Welfare State.

  •    The Military claims to be a champion of democracy but refuses to practice democracy itself.

  •    The Military has No Voting System..

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialst) Health Care System.
    (Everybody has 100% coverage without being forced to abide by insurance
    or pharmaceutical company nonsense in order to make a few people rich.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Housing System.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Basic Income Program.
    (Everybody has an income.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.
    (Everybody has a job.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Legal System.

  •    It is an hypocrisy to promote a democracy that is not permitted amongst one's own personnel.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Religious Services System.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Feeding/Nutrition system.
    (No One Goes Hungry.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.
    (Cafeterias, Mess Halls.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Laundry system.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) Merit, Promotion, Reward system.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation Allotments.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Communistic) Clothing Requirement.
    (Everyone dresses the same.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation Allotments.

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Commune-istically subsidized) Retail Outlets.
    ("Commi"-ssary/Post Exchange.)

  •    The Military has its own universally applied (Commune-ity) bases which are run as large Communes.

  •    If democracy is as great as the Military claims it is, then it would practice it.
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  1. We believe that increased values of liberty/freedom, justice and equality that are redistributed more uniformly, would enable the public to more clearly recognize how widespread the decrease in a given resource actually exists; but is concealed in commercial maneuvers which intentionally decrease what is available in order to increase profits that will have to be accentuated by further efforts which increase limitations in an attempt to habituate the public to pay increased costs and not question reductions that are suggested as being artificialized by business greed— but actually represent a reduction in resources that producers and sellers want to maximize their income from. A shortage of Equality means the public will not be able to see multiple resource supply dangers lurking in the shadows, until it is too late to do anything about it, all because a very few wanted to ensure the maintenance of a familiar level of greed.

Because of some belief in a "preventing public panic" preconception; instead of letting the public be aware of an increasing shortage of food or fresh water, various tactics might be used to conceal reality similar to the "facing" of goods on shelves in order to give an impression of fullness instead of the existence of a minimalist approach to storing inventory. In other words, it is but one of many fascades used not only by business, but government and religion as well. For example, displays of foodstuffs in stores can be reduced through suggested problems of employee-based product ordering or delivery, that become routine occurrences or can be defined as a reduction in inventory to give a more-often-used selection at a better price. In other words, various tactics of lying and product manipulation, substitution, repackaging, etc., can occur (such as the artificiality of contract creation used in stock market gaming techniques which exhibit maneuvers suggestive of holding and playing cards in an elaborate poker game amongst those practicing various concealments as a personal tactic)... to conceal the reality of an increasing resource reduction because of multiple people knowing (or unwittingly) creating an atmosphere of illusion characteristic of a cinematically portrayed sting or burglary operation carried out by the 1% robber barons working together... when necessary, as a trust to monopolize a given opportunity either developed as a natural course of business or intentionally created artificially such as in the case of instigating conditions for war or privation that they can exploit, because the public is viewed as game pieces in their economically-oriented chess match.

What a lack of a global Equality measures

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  1. We believe that humanity is a lousy record keeper, accountant as well as assayer of its own mentality and overall behavior as an unrealized inventory system... which unknowingly doubles as a type of inventory; such that humanity does not realize— for example:

  • The different religions/sciences of the world are a type of inventory system of a given product line, but that humanity does not accurately interpret its accounts receivable and debts... nor where the inventories actually come from, its warehousing and distribution functionality, what condition the manufacturing process is in, or that the quality and quantity of products is diminishing (such as substitutions in beliefs to disguise the changes).

  • The different businesses/economic formulas of the world are a type of inventory system of a given product line, but that humanity does not accurately interpret its accounts receivable and debts... nor where the inventories actually come from, its warehousing and distribution functionality, what condition the manufacturing process is in, or that the quality and quantity of products is diminishing (such as substitutions in accounting methodologies or departmental leadership shuffling to disguise the changes).

  • The different governments/social philosophies of the world are a type of inventory system of a given product line, but that humanity does not accurately interpret its accounts receivable and debts... nor where the inventories actually come from, its warehousing and distribution functionality, what condition the manufacturing process is in, or that the quality and quantity of products is diminishing (such as substitutions or deletions in social programs funding to disguise the changes).

Each of the above examples represent cataloguing systems related to an overall mental capacity and functionality of human behavior under incrementally deteriorating environmental conditions which cause the adaptable physiology of humanity to construct variably adjusting rationalizations that make the best of a bad situation... that is becoming incrementally worse which will create dramatic changes in the various inventory systems of humanity.

  1. We believe that the usage of any formula of "Binary Economics" which may get its impetus from a "dual process theory" of conceptualization, are extensions of a primitive exercise in the dichotomization of perceptions into what are sometimes colloquially referred to as "parallel ways of knowing"; suggesting that this model is the primary formula of cognitive activity and thus giving support to current binomial economics policies, is a selective aberration of personal indulgences to architecture a culture of artistically contrived social panoramas equal in structure and function to a casino filled with multiple schemes which enable a select few to take advantage of the many because they design both the rules, the games, as well as when and how they are to be played to advantage the greatest exploitability of the public.

Such a perspective exhibits an antiquated mindset within the constraints of a consciousness which lacks an available appreciation of human cognition from which arises a world-view creating historically repeating episodes of human strife— when the realization of trichotomies (such as the Hegelian "Thesis/Anti-thesis... Synthesis") and other formulas of 'complex simplicities' that import the derived fundamental basics of differentiated thinking in different eras amongst different peoples... are of greater value and can be usefully applied to further a larger global magnanimity, when the obsession with dualities in their many faces (biasness, dichotomy, dualism, binary, opposites, pairing, etc...), can be put in their place within a more comprehensive awareness of the constraints of biology influencing a conservation law related to thinking as a system of "adjustable rationalization" acting as a gyroscopic mechanism in an incrementally decaying planetary system.

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  1. We believe that senseless argumentation (and various "selective" results) being espoused and advocated amongst a multitude of social/government theorists (regardless of how sincere and well-intentioned they are)... who differentiate between the plus and minuses of economic systems based on the dichotomy of:

    "Private Ownership (of capital) in/used for the means of Production"
    (such as Capitalism)

    — and —

    "State ownership (of capital) in/used for the means of production"
    (such as Socialism... or Communistic collectivism under State control);

    are expressions and extensions of an ancient "two"-framed mentality cloaked in modernized jargon, idioms, and attendant rationales that social reformers must pursue a paradigm shift in their thinking in order to advantage themselves with a greater consciousness of expanded appreciation of the global human condition within a restricted planetary environment headed along an incremental course of decay.

However, such a perspective is not appreciably advanced by attempts to introduce a presumed "three"-framed formula consisting of a "Mixed economy" juxtaposed between Capitalism and Socialism (or Communism) and are often labeled as Market... Mixed... Planned:

$$$    Market economy /associated with Capitalism and Libertarian endorsement (open/free trade market frequently controlled-through-manipulation by Trusts, Monopolies, government alliances Anthropomorphic "King of the hill" approach to "self"-survival).

$$$    Mixed economy (limited openness/limited planning/Anthropomorphic generalist approach to "club-membership" survival).

$$$    Planned economy /Socialist/Communist/Monarchist- endorsed economy (planned, protectionist, sometimes strict and/or closed Anthropomorphic clan, tribe, totemic approach to "altruistic-focused" survival).

(Very often, different social theories articulate endorsement of one or another of these economic systems in that fluid social conditions may call for a fluidic approach to the type of market system of best use under given circumstances... many of which are not foreseeable.)

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While the usage of a "three" formula would appear to provide an advantage over the constraint of a "two" formula, it actually represents a superficiality of economic theory because the definition of "ownership" has not likewise been advanced beyond its dichotomy of "Private and Public". Though some attempt to extricate the representation of a "Personal" brand of ownership, they do not as well itemize the definition of what it is meant as a separate entity' thus leaving interested others having to support a suppositional instead of a declarative statement that goes beyond the definitions encompassed in a macro/micro-economics divisioning. What typically occurs is a definition which overlooks the usage of some personalized amalgamation which can alternatively be described as a fusion or concretion of a perception rendered into an ideological conservation effect being triggered by an increasing population that is increasing the loss of resources which causes more of us to scramble for some purportedly reachable higher ground of wealth, religion, or philosophically applicable altruism sometimes referred to as a humanistic brand of Utopianism; leaving the majority trying to advance up an economic hill lined with a labyrinthine arrangement of business, government and religious palisades governed by arbitrarily initiated time- or variously listed demographic constraints. What is produced is an elaborate socialized gaming system with the odds weighted heavily against the general public whose only sanctuary is the depth of their illusions... if not delusions.

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  1. We believe that the three prominent types of economy (Market, Mixed, Planned) being reviewed for discussion by many who are interested in some aspect of human socialization (even if the interest is particularly self-centered with a dominant "Me"-ism)— are selective types of illusory Democracy inherent with their own volatilities and vulnerabilities... none of which in their current forms and practices are specifically focused on Peace initiatives.

The presence of three alternatives does little to persuade many individuals away for using some personalized "two"-framed orientation that prefers to use the two numinous descriptions of "Anonymous Market Forces" or "Automated Market Systems" instead of detailing or attempting to detail the levers, controls, dials and other generalized actuators; because these two mystiques are part of the general mood or ambiance of individuals involved in gaming activities... and is easily observable when children or adults are engaged in playing a game... as if they are isolated for a time, in a make-shift atmospheric bubble at a distance from the larger reality and acts like a type of sports referenced "zone" being sold and bought as a highly prized possession— even though variously named or simply perceived varieties occur in artistic, music, writing, mathematics, science, religion, business and other crafts... through sometimes subtly intuited from a skewed peripheral acknowledgment denoted as "something or someone is there... at the tip of one's tongue, fingertips, or edge of discernible consciousness".

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In other words, we acknowledge that the currency of one person's thought may be the metaphysics of another's, and that they would feel starkly enlightened to have the rather vacuousness of their ideation grounded into discernible language that is metaphorically portrayed by the illustration of someone reaching a long sought for summit of a perspicacious conscious awareness. In economic terms they want to know what the currency of their new found consciousness of wealth will be able to purchase, after trying to unravel what type of economy is best to use as a method of exchange without a government protected business philosophy of "caveat emptor" (without a warranty, let the buyer beware), from a practice of privatization which personalize exploitations that force those who have been taken advantage of to seek solace in those idealizations using various tinctures of delusion or illusion which some refer to as inebriation, insobriety, drunkenness or prefer the Marx (-attributed) phrase "opiate of the masses", though it is said he restricted his view of a social narcosis to that of religion.

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  1. We believe that most social theorists waste too much time indulging in simplistic forms of socialistic theoretical juggling like instructors attempting to teach rudimentary arithmetic based on the assumptions they are dealing with an appreciably naive public, or as entrepreneurial advocates seeking (ad)venture capital from concrete-minded public investors unschooled in creatively contoured matrices; where in fact the public indulges social theorists who they think like to imaginatively engage in their own messianic formulas of historical role playing; whereby neither are introduced to the practicum of a calculus that needs to be geometrically scrutinized for its application as an advanced psychology of an engineered physics awaiting to be practiced as a living, breathing literature of music, art and significant anthropological dimensionality.

  2. We believe that the posited independence or freedom orientations of the Anarchist and Libertarian social philosophies rest on preoccupations with notions of economics more in tune with older systems of bartering consideration— and that both effect their own adaptive (laissez-faire) strategies that indulge in the two-framed perspective of "Anonymous Market Forces" and "Automated Market Systems" that are presumed to be self-correcting, fair, equitable, and largely non-injurious to the eudaemonia (prosperity, health, happiness) of the public.

Social philosophies which espouse to apply mechanized effects resulting from human related behavior with the propriety of being just as much an individual as a person is (such as the notion of Corporate "Personhood"), are modernized forms of exercising a primitive practice of anthropomorphism (attributing animate qualities to inanimate objects)... and is representative of a recurring inclination amongst those with a predominant focus on self-orientation in an otherwise overwhelming social landscape; to indulge in the usage of a multi-faceted, two-patterned conservatism. The Anarchism insistence on decentralized governments and preferred local autonomies (masquerading as centralized leadership in smaller social units to better effect tribal or clan types of administrative control); and the Libertarian emphasis of an unrestricted market coupled to a social atmosphere of individualized liberty— unrestrained by government interference, and is subject only to the law(s) of a presumed "force" of inherently born natural order... are advanced by those advocates who appreciably lack any experience living in a "free for all" social situation where restrictions are subject to the will of the strong, be it a strength of muscle, money, machination, mischief/monkey business or madness.

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All economic policies revolve around three generalized issues stemming from three types of economic systems labeled Command, Market, Traditional... with the "Traditional" economy selection referring to inter-generational control determined by birth such as in a Monarchy/Aristocracy, but has been substituted, because of the wide-spread decline of such a tradition (in the traditional, but not modern variation); with the label "Mixed Economy"... as if there is an underlying psychic need to introduce another third item instead of leaving the older three-pronged listing vacant of one item. However, such simplistic renderings as those which follow, can become increasingly complicated by those advancing individual, regional, or national interests as opposed to global concerns for the overall well-being of humanity:

  1. Who or what is to control human labor and resources (who, what, when: production and distribution)
  2. Who or what is to control what is or isn't produced (why: for basic needs (health, education, welfare) luxury? aesthetic?... etc... )
  3. Who or what is to control prices, wages, and quotas (how much, how little; Limits, quantities, capacities)

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With respect to social theories focused on governing, it is of need to point out that references such as Anarchism, Communism, Democracy, Libertarianism, Socialism, etc., are theories of management... of managerial style, that typically are micro-managed by open, closed, planned or a presumed underlying exercise of modulation thought to underlie all social groups whose structure of control takes place on subtle instead of overt social mechanisms of bureaucracy; whose very definition is subjected to a bureaucracy of interpretation, application and referencing.

  1. We believe the old models of "ownership" do not and can not apply in the development of a Cenocracy (New Government) because they are both directly and indirectly undermined by the usage of "personhood" applied to corporations, which entitles them with a biological status where in fact none exists; unless the adoption of such an artificiality incorporates the vagaries of accident, injury, privation and death as well... or is substituted with a process of sacrifice in order to prove that they are just as mortal as humans are... and are not to be construed as being immortal and thus revered as a god, empire or evolved biological species.

  2. We believe it is customary for humans to interpret creative ideas and originality of thought through the forms and functions of old familiarities that, once sanctioned by social leaders, becomes the adopted rationale even if the creator or originator says otherwise; because the adopted application of new ideas to new drafts of consideration are not as easily apprehended with the conventions of a public consciousness unpracticed in looking further down the road towards a future outlined by contemporary inclinations of staying within sight of accepted contemplative shores.

  3. We believe there are millions of people who have reached a conclusion that the only real way of producing a better government will be to conduct a Revolution, because the people have no actual other means for effectively affecting change without having to submit to a contrived system of bureaucratic gauntlets meant to fatigue, arrest, distort, disparage, deny, dismiss, disunite and otherwise forbid any change to occur unless it is accomplished according to the dictates of a few who do not, and can not represent the combined Will of the people.

  4. We believe there are millions who have as yet not adopted the conclusion that a Revolution is necessary because of an inclination towards perpetual forgiveness for being wronged and taken advantage of; but that once they become aware there are millions whose perspective both sympathetically and empathically understands the nobility of spirit which they embrace, they will endorse our efforts to establish that which will thrive all the more because of the very same spirit we want to instill in the governing processes that have been turned into a vacuous emptiness we can no longer abide with and that no manner of prayer or hopefulness will succeed in rendering onto the public its just right to establish and actual self-government with a Peoples Legislative Branch.

  5. We believe there are millions who are awaiting at the threshold of consciousness which comprehends the necessity of stepping forward because of a prevailing inner voice that is all too often silenced by distractions because of no apparent position of protest they as yet see themselves advancing with.

When they look for leadership they see various equivocations coming from the forested quagmires of Anarchist doctrine, the deserted oasis of Communist futuristic provincialism, the illusions of Democratic distortions of reality, the libations of Libertarianism, the solicitations of Socialism's sashaying soliloquies, and let us not forget Religion's resourceful reflections of retarded resplendencies, or economic's theories embraced as ecumenical necessities supporting specialized interests which take advantage of the majority so that a few might prosper egregiously so— and thus interpreted as a presumed divination of manifest destiny to cure all social ills, but ingratiates itself amongst world leaderships like a symbiotic cancer that eats away at the soul of humanity like so many maggot and rat-filled entrepreneurial-ships launched by social ceremonies that disrespect an indentured workforce whose brow is used as the bow upon which is broken a bottle of vintage wine from the vineyards of the government protected wealthy who are perpetually drunk on their own obsessiveness to deprive others any form of equanimity unless they can profit from it.

  1. We believe that if humanity is permitted to retain the same environmentally destructive activities it has been traditionalized into repeating, regardless of all the well-intentioned efforts to create a stable global unification of human effort to achieve a greater measure of potential; humanity's presence on Earth will continue in its cancerous actions in its many exercises of exploiting resources without regard for generations in the millions of years ahead, because children are not taught at home, at school, nor the various public renderings of communication, to think in terms of large expanses of time. Likewise, the presence of an inherently embraced orientation to effect a wastage of resources... if permitted to immigrate to other planets, will inevitably lead to the destruction of those environments as well, unless a course in genetic alteration of the human species is undertaken to create an adaptive self-programming genetic code permitting instantaneous adaptability to various environments and thus make other models of sentience available for consideration and larger appreciation of biological and other forms of life.

When a given people do think in terms of extended expanses of time, it often is with regard to familial interests, though some leaders view it within the scope of a religious belief, a nation or an empire; and not the species... which very often is reflected on in various models of disparagement, because humanity does not think very much of humanity. Humanity as a species is belittled, ambushed, tortured, raped and murdered... but it is not seen as a fledgling creature capable of great deeds and multiple potentialities if encouraged and supported in such a direction. Unfortunately, its role models are philosophies that live in various worlds of proposed make-believe with serendipitous characters of hope as its guide that engage in near-sighted eccentricities like Don Quixote. For the most part, humanity lives without a global philosophy not tied to some plasticized religious edifice whose value is as wanting as the future of the Earth itself. Humanity lives without a global purpose, without a leader who can unite all nationalities to pursue a singular goal... a leader that can incorporate all individual interests towards a singular purpose because such an effort will advantage everyone as a permanent value as precious as life itself.

~ Chamber Three ~
  1. We believe there is a need to enhance the "Checks-and-Balances" design of the present government to include an active participation of the citizenry by way of a "Peoples Legislative Branch".

For example, the following three images illustrates the idea quite succinctly:

  1. Legal profile of a Checks-and-Balances model using a Will-of-the-People jury.
  2. Present Checks-and-Balances model used by the government.
  3. Checks-and-Balances government model utilizing a Will-of-the-People Legislative provision.

[1] Legal profile of a Checks-and-Balances model using a Will-of-the-People jury:

legalCandB (26K)
[2] Present Checks-and-Balances model used by the government:

Present Checks-and-Balances government model (49K)
[3] Checks-and-Balances government model utilizing a Will-of-the-People Legislative provision:

PLBcandb (150K)

Needless to say, there are many social issues which need to be confronted but we feel can only be adequately addressed by establishing a New Government... a Cenocracy.

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