Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Cenocracy's Chemistry
— Is not the abracadabra being practiced by governments —


Metaphorically speaking, Cenocracy is a chemistry based on a chemical formula applicable to every single subject area and to all cultures. It is more pervasive than the adaptability of DNA's triplet coding system, because it existed before DNA though it has been overlooked. It is an underlying schematic that has been dormant while awaiting the appropriate conditions for an emergence... though its presence has been echoed multiple times in multiple ways such as the triplet coding in DNA and RNA. And no, I am not speaking in terms of an image representing some notion of (a) god. In a sense, the ideas being pursued by Cenocratic thinking and applied to the idea for constructing a New Government is an allegory extracted from a chapter in a much larger text of applicability.

Little by little, thanks to a world-wide consortium of social media sources and the long practiced word-of-mouth telegraph service, Cenocratic thinking is entering into mainstream channels like a ghostly presence learning to communicate by trying out different methodologies. The more it is ignored by being redefined by one's customary repertoire of irrelevancy, the more it is being allowed to blossom; the evolving ideas exuding themselves as a subtle fragrance acting as an aphrodisiac. It is a new species of thinking and assimilating information to be shared throughout the spectrum of human cognition because it has always been there. It has been born from its silence by being given a name. That name is Cenocracy, though in years to come will be replaced by that which is more suitable to its usage in a distant age. But at present, it is finding its way through the cracks of a crumbling edifice called governance... and has begun to show itself in other subject areas as well... and thus be impossible to extricate from future human discussions in many fields of interest.

But let us move away from such a cryptic description and give it some more easily understood apparel:

Let it be reiterated that nobody in their right mind would want to develop any of the types of government in effect today. In fact, this is the point to be made: None of them have been developed by way of a plan that one might have been read from a well thought out blueprint. Government structures typically arise as a result of drawing board or notions scribbled on a napkin born from some intoxicant such as alcohol, coffee or impulsive childlike enthusiasm. There never was, is not now, and appears never will be such a blueprint. But this doesn't mean we are unable to pay witness to a design that is self-destructive or is at the very least, an obstruction to future growth. Despite all the expertise that may be applied to a given government structure, experts can only do so much with what they are given to work with. For example, take all the world's admirals and put them on a raft that is coming apart... and for all their nautical expertise, some of them will at least have the sense to swim for a more promising shore than to erect a "hang on to a log" philosophy so that they may eventually be honored for going down with the ship... no matter how many lives may have to pay the ultimate price for their foolish patriotisms. A lost cause is a lost cause, regardless of all the romanticized notions some may attribute to past circumstances. The Communisms, Democracies and Socialisms of the world are lost causes... because they have never existed in any pure form. They are little more than words used as advertisements like Religion's usage of the word Heaven.

The development of governments, like so many businesses and religions (and let us include evolution, planetary activity, etc...), give the impression of being— at least in part, due to serendipitous events based on the presumption that what is left is the result of some reasoned-out accomplishment... that may be achieved because we are very near it... like a horse trodding on attempting to reach an apple suspended from a string tied to a pole held on by an authority directing the populace as a beast of burden towards a goal of their own making for their own interests... even if the result ends in destruction, death or a living madness placed all of society into a padded room call hell. As long as oneself in their life's pursuit of obtaining and holding onto some position of authority is doing well, the turmoil in the lives of others can be dismissed by claiming some imperfection that permits us the ability to place any and all faults and wrongs into an out-of-sight, out-of-mind category of dismissiveness. Regardless if one wants to argue some underlying intelligent design at work, that which arises as an end result suggests that the process can be defined as an experimentation based on the configuration of natural substances affecting one another in chemical... molecular... atomic reactions. Yes, on very basic levels, that is what occurs when businesses, governments, and religions are produced... and can be viewed as mixtures of varying components. Improving a government then, requires the adoption of a new chemical formula... where a better chemistry of people, resources and associated events can occur.

Sometimes the experiments, that is... the end result (an established government) at any given instance, appears to turn out relatively well; or at least those involved will produce the rationalized perspectives needed to support such a conjecture because they have found a niche' for themselves... even when thousands of others suffer quietly because the larger populace simply assume there is no way for them to extricate themselves from the circumstances they are in... like those who accept their circumstances as fate governed by rules, sentiments and laws. In other words, the word "law" becomes associated with the word "god", and they feel obligated to defer to the dictates of such a god who uses humans that have been brainwashed into accepting the role of being a traitor to their fellow humans... based on some made-up moral imperative to exercise a given duty, like those Nazis who participated in those acts which killed countless numbers of civilians. However, as can be seen as we look about the world, the individualized and interactive experimentation of government on a social level... has gone terribly awry. If all governments reach an equilibrium of power, and none of them want to yield any so as to promote compromise... or use false compromises that conceal ulterior interests to achieve an unequal dominance... the people are left to suffer the consequences. If all government strategies are identically self-serving expressions of those in authority, a stalemate is reached until it changes into a mutual deterioration in economic pursuits begins to play out... and will continue until the equilibrium is disrupted... by war, by disease, by poverty, or some natural disaster... or some other prolonged disembodying distraction.

Again, let it be stated that we need a Cenocracy, (a New Government) that is herein being denoted as a new chemistry in this present analogy; though one may speak of a new physic's, new math, new sociology and other subject references as well. If we are without a spark or flame in the sense of having a charismatic leader like Hitler, Jesus, Mohammed, etc., or that a Congress is exuding a "cold flame" because of an ineptness due to a lack of vision and its views of mediocrity are merely relabeled to suggest otherwise; then the people must be placed into excited states (like reactive molecules) in order to produce a chain reaction for improving the overall philosophy of humanity. Humanity needs a new philosophy from which will arise a better formula of governance. The philosophies presented by religion and their Eastern counter-parts are dead ends relying on the view illustrated in the aforementioned dangled apple. Far too many of us have eaten of the apple and found it to be sour. Neither are we interested in furrowing the ground in order that the manure of our energies will be use to nurture seeds of that same apple. We don't want its growth to be perpetuated into the future. Hence, we seek to use the hydroponics of a different chemistry to produce a better industry of thought and consideration... as well as application. But it can not be a chain reaction controlled by current models of business, government or religion as containment fields or as catalysts. For example, Religion is not the catalyst that it once was, and nor can we rely on any religion to effect a viably useful (philosophical field of) containment for the sake of humanity. Practiced religions and the associated life-philosophies practiced in various places, are too biased towards humanity existing in the present environmental circumstances. Humanity's future growth is dependent on its ability to develop beyond its present governing constraints.

Humanity needs a much larger appreciation of existence incorporated into the social governance formula... because this is where hope springs from... yet is being slowly tortured and executed by present practices of government and accompanying religion. For example, in the case of the Christian trinity, the identity of the "Father, Son, Holy Spirit/Ghost" is being kept as an immutable chemical formula. The labels and the associated meanings are binding the underlying schematic to display itself in the same way without permitting it to experience growth beyond the confines of the religious interpretation. It is being chained to a religious perspective that is used as a means of identifying a more fundamental nature and presence that has been identified by others in their given interests, using their adopted jargon of symbolism and language.

Religions have attracted way too many heat sinks and low amperage fusible links that dissipate viable interactions into worthless creations because they become grounded by dead-ended philosophies with cyclical histories that repeat the same mistakes as did their fore-bearers prior to the presently practice Monotheisic falsification. The present idea of a Monotheism is just an idea about Monotheism, and is not an actual practice thereof as a precursor to its actual presence. Its present form is a shadow of an actual Monotheism stripped of the human ego which initiated the claim for its presence so as to supplant the ideas of those who perceived the idea of multiple gods. Instead of multiple gods, a religion could claim to be superior and that the characterizations, the personalities attributed to multiple gods were simply different aspects of a presumed ONE special god belonging to a given religion... such as the Jewish people claimed as a projected assertion of their ego. Nonetheless, the idea of a single god is a vocalized form of premonition based upon impressions the human psyche is experiencing as a result of being in a global environment where human biology is being subjected to conditions which are (at present) incrementally fusing cognitive activity into a singularity that will produce an explosive decadence as a reflection of the decay the environment is headed along. (However, the incremental occurrence may not be retained into the future because of events which cause events to occur by more rapid intervals.) The presently combined chemistries of business, government and religion are acting as a banner, slogan and forced march of humanity along a path of extinction, each with their own philosophies of explanation that the path is leading towards a better life... but all are wrong.

In speaking of religion in a context discussing governance, it should be noted that religions are forms of governance. And though may want to describe that governance in terms of the practiced hierarchy... it is more so in the role that the larger body participates that the practice must be denoted. Hence, religions are Communisms and Socialisms... they are not Democracies. And though the hierarchy may exert the image of being an Oligarchy, Aristocracy, Monarchy or otherwise... the effect on the larger following represents a commune-ism or social-ism. It is extremely rare for the larger population in a given religion to vote on their leadership or observed laws and beliefs. Certain authority figures assume such an entitlement based on some rationalization. It is a type of practiced chemical formula drawn up by irrationality.

Those presently in religious authority are incapable of grasping a philosophy beyond that which they began with because they do not evolve... they simply involve by accumulation and incorporation and the expansion of short-sightedness is redefined in order to give the impression of universality and completeness. In other words, there is no transformation into a greater ideal that absorbs the whole of the world in giving it the personification of a soul that exists as an entity presently manifesting itself in different genres of intellectualism but retaining the same underlying skeleton. The skeleton is a code that does not want another cognitive garment to cover its true form. It wants humanity to see the bare bones of fact. Survival, for a time, may require the reproduction of present environmental circumstances in an artificial form so as to sustain the skeleton until it can be converted to that which is viable in an alternative environment. Simply stated, for example, the triplet coding in DNA and RNA is the result of a long-occurring three-patterned environmental event that may not exist elsewhere in a nearby planetary environment that humanity can adopt as a new home. Humanity will have to create an artificial environment to keep its type of biology in a viable state. The journey to such a place, like the wandering of the Jews in the Wilderness, may take generations of travel along a path where humanity casts off past ideas and notions, and learns valuable new ones, by participating in an artificialized social environment in one or more spacecraft that one might called arks. Though the analogy is consumptively primitive, it will be helpful to some readers who are just beginning to learn the cognitive language being used while thinking in terms of a Cenocracy.

A Cenocratic philosophy takes us far beyond conventional governing considerations because it involves every single subject to be affected by the transformation. It is a diverse complexity that will be admired for its simplicity, and welcomed by generations of those whose thoughts run the gamut of multiple subjects with information, as written in the jargon of its users, that does not often readily offer a means for assimilating divergent ideas into a complementary whole. Whereas religion once offered a means of greater contemplation because it provided a completeness for a comprehensive grasp during an age when illiteracy was rampant; it does not now provide the means for which contemplations in an age of greater literacy and far wider range of intellectual consideration can find the desired accuracy and needed appreciation to fulfill an expanded hunger of acquired knowledge. Neither do businesses nor government functions, regardless of the expertise and thinking skills of individual participants. The whole of the functioning enterprise is focused on past ignorances shaped to conform present inclinations to conform to dictates fashioned by superstition and sentimentalities honed by cultural practices of tradition involving gestures of patriotism that are, in the long run, self-defeating.

In order to bring about an explosion of ideas directed along a focused path, we need to create a multitude of reactions that may, as such things often turn out to be, avenues leading to a variability of an uncontrolled expansion... like a system of roots taking hold because of available resources to ingratiate ones efforts with. If increased riots and criminality do not ensue, then the inherent energy born from the mounting frictions of an increasingly irritating government practice, will necessarily produce larger events of reactionary expression which could promote an implosion. Even if one tries to keep them in check by passing one or another law or providing a needed social program; it is inevitable that we will face a world revolution... because the present governments are a chemistry based on an incongruency of mixtures... even though many used the standardized formula of a three-way equation found in a variety of subjects labeled with the adopted symbols thereof. (i.e. A three-branched government, the Christian Trinity, three families of fundamental particles, three classes of society: Upper-Middle-Lower, three grades of gasoline [diesel is a fuel oil], three colors used in street lights, three germ layers, bio-molecular triad: DNA-RNA-Proteins, etc...)

With respect to the government formula used by the United States, it is being variously named an Oligarchy, Coporatacracy, Democratic-Socialism, Socialist-Democracy, Socialist-Communism, Plutocratic Aristocracy, Plutocracy, Big Brother Police State, etc... In other words, it is a mix and match formula whose ingredients and rational for experimentation are not based on a fully understood Social Chemistry. In other words, though it is bad enough that Sociologists are still in the dark ages practicing what amounts to as an alchemy; politicians are engaging in personalized forms of Social Sorcery (Socialcery, Sociocery... or Socery), in their attempts to conjure some imagined creature to fulfill a wish brought about by a long-restrained impulsiveness.

And let us not forget to mention the so-called reference to a popular government called a Republic. Just because a populace does not actively engage in protesting a government, does not mean the extant government is a popular one. Like so many present day choices, people often feel obliged to choose between the lesser of two or more assumed evils. Some of the public in the United States, for example, have been led to believe that their government is a Democracy... which it isn't, or that it is a Republic, which it also isn't; and that to have a Socialism or Communism is a type of surrender to an enemy. When a public's perception of Communism and Socialism (as well as a dictatorship and Monarchy) are based on associations with political idiots, meglomaniacs and psycho-paths... it's no wonder the basic ideals of these governing systems have a terrible reputation. It's part of the propaganda used by those wanting to perpetuate a system of governance they have learned to use for their personal motivations. If the style of governance were to change, they might be left out in the cold... or so they might imagine. Such people take an active part in promoting ideas away from any form of governance which will disrupt the atmosphere of illusions which they indulge in and create for themselves by getting others to participate in the delusional inclinations.

For example, let us take the situation in which U.S. citizens are forced to pay for having a Military complex by way of taxes. Under the guise of the rubric "Military Base", what we see is the activity of a Commune (as in Communism). It is a commune, a made-up world with its own laws, own police force, and in short... is the practice of a government with its own social order... The Military Complex is a large Communal setting that practices a Socialism used as a form of protection for the so-called larger Democratic State:

  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Health care system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Housing system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Basic income program. (Everybody has an income)
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/training system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Legal system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) public Feeding system (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Laundry system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Merit, Promotion, Reward system.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) paid-Vacation allotments.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Communistic) clothing requirement (everyone dresses alike).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Commune-istically subsidized) retail outlets (Post Exchange).
  • Etc., etc., etc...

...and the government practices an extended, but diminished role in perpetuating the Universal Heath care Service by providing a public-funded Veterans health care system... much of which involves providing treatment for non-service connected medical issues... but the government refuses to increase this same Health care provision for everyone because it is then defined as a Socialism, but remains a Democracy if only a few are given the service as an (Aristocratically practiced) entitlement!

The Military is not a Democracy since no one gets to vote on their leaders, nor vote on any issue confronting the Military and effecting everyone. Nor is the so-called uniformity of Military operations more efficient. They simply do not have to engage in the Capitalistic activities governments do in order to sustain or increase a budget. Only when the Military is subject to budget cuts does it seek to become more efficient... otherwise, its attempt at streamlining operations to make it more effective permits it to be extremely wasteful. Because the military is not an ongoing practice of everyone sharing in the philosophy of being mission-focused, many of its dependent units act in independent ways. Sure, people can be ordered to march in the same direction, but this does not mean there is an embraced goal that everyone shares. There is no uniformity like that of an insect colony's activities. In order to improve upon the functioning and role of the military, the entire military complex must adopt a philosophy which attracts those who will consciously dedicate themselves to a larger goal then mere wartime activities or day-to-day communal maintenance. It must be a goal that the entire civilian social structure is dedicated to as well.

The so-called Democratic (or Republic) citizenry outside the Military complex are forced to pay for a system that a select few are enabled to have for themselves and family members, but that the larger public are not permitted to share equally in; because (the argument is that) such an application used on the larger public is called a Socialist activity (to be) attributed with negative connotations... yet the same circumstances are to be defined as a democracy so long as the service can be used as a (public manipulating) entitlement. Hence, for example, the public is not permitted to have a National Health Care system based on a similar "No profit philosophy" like the Military, because it is the practice of Socialism, and not the presumed great Democracy... delusionally believed in as existing. It is an incredibly outstanding hypocrisy for a so-called Democratic citizenry to have to rely on a communally-practiced Socialism for some possibly occurring Inter-National protection that it is forced to pay for, and yet can not enjoy the same internalized benefits thereof because it is characterized as an Evil! Whereas it's alright for the public to pay for having such an evil practice to protect it, it is not allowed to practice the same organizational methodology because it's too evil!? The people can pay for the practice of a Socialism and Communism, but it is not permitted to share in the same benefits of this generosity!

And by extension, the public could also have a National (No Profit) system of vehicle and other insurances, but the government refuses to do so because it retains an active 16th and 17th Century Aristocratic-styled entitlements perspective. This is why the government of the United States has been referred to as a Plutocratic Aristocracy. It is "Plutocratic" in terms of being focused on Capitalistic formulas of wealth for a few that use their various associations (political, financial, social, etc.,) to provide themselves with entitlements based on whatever rationale they can use to promote a like-mindedness in those who will support their perspective. They don't want everyone to have the same type of entitlements, or their self-assumed personalized identity would get lost. Such perspectives have to create circumstances and conditions which will help them perceive some personal uniqueness that is equal to their ego by making sure the majority of people think they enjoy an equality but actually enjoy only the same equalized delusion of permitting unequalized entitlements that they must pay for! Imagine the President, the Supreme Court Justices, the Congress and all so-called high-ranking others... were forced to take a bus, the subway, or walk to and from work based on the accommodations offered by a non-living minimum wage so many in the public are forced to suffer with in order to pay for public office entitlements (such as the Congress being able to vote in its own wage and benefits)... and yet call it equality.

It is an equality that has substituted the old "Deserving Poor" definition of entitlement for servicing a selective population of those in poverty; with a "Deserving Rich" perspective that is often-times inter-changed with a "Deserving Authority" adaptation... with the difference that the latter group consider all of themselves to be entitled. In the case of the "Deserving Poor", some were chosen to be provided with jobs while others were punished, such in the case of Britain's Pauper Prisons initiated by a government that exercised the rationale that you had to pay to get out of prison but were not allowed to get out to work in order to pay... even though unemployment was socially wide and deep (because of self-serving Capitalistic practices and over-population).

The practice of so-called Democracy from the past to the present has actually changed very little when the breadth of social circumstances are taken into account respective of the era in question. The societies of the past which suggested themselves as being a Democracy where just as bad to their populations as are those to today's populations. The people do not have an Actual Democracy because there is an underlying inclination to practice a system of entitlements within entitlements within entitlements, in graduated scales, even if the pecking order is not consciously acknowledged in the totality to which it is being practiced. Equality is not used as a substitute word for fairness. Businesses, governments and religions do not run on a system of fairness. They are exercised as a program of entitlements being labeled as for those who are arbitrarily thought to be deserving and those who are arbitrarily thought to be undeserving. No matter what sort of "means" testing or eligibility standards are used with whatever rationale of logic, they are all arbitrarily designed rules of thumb based on the mentality of those in authoritative positions... whose views may be constrained by the size of the budget they are able to work with.

For example, while some claim that everyone has a right to work, these same may also harbor personalized views as to who, under what circumstances are deserving of a particular job, because they exhibit, have accomplished a given task, or have performed some previous role which is viewed as a necessary precursor to having the so-called right. And yet, some people are said to be over or under-qualified, thus disallowing them to have the so called right to work. Rights, liberties, freedoms and the like, are seen as entitlements based on some provision. Even the so-called "inalienable rights" spoken of in the declaration have attached provisional necessities one must first possess... a point of fact shown by the practice of excluding women, slaves, and non-property owning white males from voting. The so-called "inalienable rights" were selectively chosen entitlements for a few to have an authority over the many.

The problems of poverty are greatly exacerbated by a religious doctrine concerning some supposed blessed state of the poor. Such an ideal is useful during a time when religious thinkers are trying to console the plight of multitudes who acquired some relief for their dire experiences by viewing themselves as participating in a desirable condition affording them the assurance of an eventual entry into a paradise called heaven, in which all their poverty would vanish. (Such is the logic: poverty is a good practice for you on Earth but is not a practice in Heaven.) Likewise, those who had money were provided with the same self-serving idea that by providing alms to relieve the worldly concerns of the poor, they too would be guaranteed an entry into Heaven. (Religious thinkers try to manipulate any and all within the scope of a person's given social practices, to abide by their way of thinking and benefit from any source that it can.) It is of valuable for one to preach a state of poverty as a blessed condition with a forthcoming reward so as to gain favor, and to also use the same idea framed in the perspective of the wealthy, in order to be perceived as providing some measure of assistance in order to have their interests of entitlement and inequality deferred to (and protected) by the larger public.

Religions are not institutions of Democracy. They preach a formula of expressed Communism (Community-ism) and Socialism (Society-ism) and, like the Military, are subsidized by those who are led to believe they are practicing a Democracy. The subsidy comes in the form of not having to pay taxes on donations... sometimes referred to as tithing. Religions, like governments, want the public to pay for the programs a select few choose to decide on as being needed by the public. The public rarely if ever gets to choose how the (Socialist) collection of monies are to be used and distributed. The distribution is never based on Equality. The public would truly be astonished as to how much is accumulated in religious coffers, and how little of it is meted out in truly useful social programs aimed at getting rid of the conditions which are being addressed. Religions do not want to end poverty. They want to perpetuate it in order to maintain themselves as a middle-man who gets multiple entitlements. Poverty is a marketable product that serves religious institutions quite well. But they are institutions of Socialism and Communism, not Democracy... and they are not denoted as being evil, only having evil adherents who mangle some presumed greater good intentions spelled out in some religious doctrine. Religious doctrines are manifestos of Socialism and Communism whose evility is frequently detected by other religious opponents who promote their own religious perspectives instead of maturing beyond their religious ideology into an actual philosophy of governance embracing the knowledge inherent in all subjects and creating something altogether new.

Like Democracies, Communisms and Socialisms (whether directed by an explicit Religious doctrine or not), assume themselves to be deserving of one or more entitlements to be bestowed upon them by the public. If a public has an outstanding population of indigent poor, there is a practiced tit-for-tat social welfare exchange which enables authority to keep the larger population in a frame of mind that makes it amiable to control and manipulation. But like governments, religions practice social welfare programs which allow those who administer the programs, to be the highest receiving beneficiaries. There is not intended equality. For example, a government entity practicing an employment service have a pool of workers that are always employed by being paid for by an accumulation of monies taken, by way of taxes, from those whose employment may be sporadic and not steady. Likewise, the benefit for assisting the poor is an over-weighted counter-balancing proportion received in accumulated donations that are never accounted for by the public in order to permit the public to ascertain how much, or how little they actually receive in exchange for their diligence. In the case for some religions, they may have a community that wants to receive more than it gives, and is, in some cases, the very attitude by which some religious authority run the business of their tax-free religion-as-a-business. Neither religions nor governments like their populations to assess and practice reality with the same type of accounting methodology they attempt to practice.

Because there is little grasp of an existing social under-current underway brought about by governing chemistries that produce unrealized deposits of reactive ingredients amounting to undiffused inflammables that one might called subterranean mines; social programs and other legislations are creating more internalized reactions than is being realized... thus producing multiple deposits of sub-cultural fringes of consideration in those holding mainstream authoritative positions. With each transgression on our liberties, such as forcing the people to pay for health care or be fined... and they were never asked to vote on such a situation... is but one of many substances being used to create deposits of explodable fuel. It matters not if a National health care is needed and necessary, the people should have been asked and they should have been able to vote on such a circumstance. The government is taking the public for granted... and people are getting mad. Whereas they try to deflect the anger onto more productive areas of personal concern, the anger remains and is becoming entrenched. You don't see it because free speech is not truly being permitted.

More and more the people are being forced into smaller and smaller social enclaves like explosive materials being compressed. The more compaction, the less heat that is needed to trigger a cascading effect. Increased population density without social or cultural relief values for accumulated anger being inserted, creates the inevitability of volatility. The anger is heat, and this involves an appreciation of adiabatic principles that most politicians are oblivious too. Instead, they assume the role of fire personnel who want to justify their existence by perpetrating some fire so that they can come to the fore and put out the flame. Yet, they are unprepared for being burnt themselves. They do not fully grasp that drugs, nor drink, nor other narcotics like religion, music, sex, sports, criminality, and the like, is providing the means to effectively dilute the explosive ingredients being produced by their filthy disgusting policies... and they just don't get it... though they are the one's stirring the pot containing a pinch of this policy, a pinch of that policy, and whatever they can throw in due to an unchecked irrationality.

Those in government have only seen ripples of the under-current whose strength is increasing and sometimes creates overt images, such as in the case of terrorist groups. Yet the actions of terrorist groups, up to now, have been little more than bubbles in the world's larger pond... and interestingly, have occurred near petroleum deposits... like the "goo" thought to have existed in the primordial soup of billions of years ago. But stopping a terrorist group such as Isis will not put an end to the eventuality of larger exercises of uncontrolled over-boilings. This is in no way meant to minimize the horrific events which have transpired, but those involved have not reached a point of sustainment. But riots are always short-lived. Hence, the reaction must be sustainable because of an inherent viability which can jump from host to host like a virus whose lines of transmission are not dependent on living matter which can be excised from a petri dish in order to let the organism run its course with available resources. It must be the creation of a new substance like that of a new species which will come to supplant all others.

If we want to include the notion of people being atomic particles interacting within a given (governing) system, in keeping with the analogy we necessarily adopt the language of physics where positive, neutral and negative forces exist. In the circumstances of a predominantly occurring steady state (social equilibrium), we might assume an abundance of neutralizing events to keep either an over-positive or over-negative instance to occur on a massive scale, though small expressions do take place. However one cares to juggle the physics in order to adopt some convention amiable to their cognitive interests, the fact remains there exists a three-patterned skeletal array, like the three spatial directions (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) occurring in many games (like chess and checkers), though there is an elaboration of rules and players which may be used accordingly. Because some people prefer chess over checkers, because they may consider chess players as being more intelligent, or at least be subjected to circumstances in which their "higher" brain activity can be consumed by multiple considerations applied to a singular task; the basic underlying three-pattern nonetheless remains. Likewise when we encounter those who prefer one game of cards over another, though there remains three face cards (Kings, Queens, Jacks) in which they must contend with.

While Communism, Democracy, and Socialism are not the three basic underlying "bones" of all social bodies, they still are representations thereof. The usage of the three in a Cenocratic dialogue allows the framework for a larger discussion to take place... even though some readers may see such an array as a type of rule generation that others must contend with, or be accused of "being off topic" or "not being relevant"... items of great concern for college kids whose ability for divergent thinking gets constrained by adopting themselves to formulas aligned under a given subject. In other words, they have difficulty in seeing connections between different subjects and are lost when confronted by a situation in which the conversation, even of simplified schematics, becomes difficult for them to follow because it does not take place in a classroom (from point A to point B) setting. Their mind does not have the experience of over-lapping multiple subjects because they have not identified the similarity of basic structure amongst them. They have had little practice in thinking divergently without reaching a point of questioning their sanity because the linearity of the discussion uses a different geometry.

Let an example be provided (and used by permission from the author):

On one occasion, which has stuck in my mind all these years (since the late 1960's early 1970's) because it indicated a particular behavior that was, at the time, perceived (by me but others shrugged it off) as a very curious thing; by the forthcoming actions of another friend who had not routinely played with us, but decided he would like to play. The first game was played with the acknowledgment that deuces (twos) were wild. Thereafter, we began adopting the typical routine of allowing any card(s) the dealer wanted to be wild such as one-eyed jacks, Aces, threes, etc., which included the Queen of spades being worth 40 points. Everyone got to play the authoritative role of being the dealer... dealing out however many cards they wanted, using wild cards or not, and making the suggestion for any other type of rule that the others had an opportunity to agree with or not. In short, we were practicing an Actual Democracy... even though the type of game, its elements (cards), and basic rules were considered a given in the observed (circularly practiced) context.

I could not believe that this person whom we had all known for years, and who had a reputation of being a strong and tough guy, became so childishly upset by our "alternative rule making" methodology for playing a simple card game. He became so upset and frustrated by being unable to play outside his conventional game-playing mental box, that he expressed his confusion and disorientation by quitting and leaving after throwing the cards on the table and accusing us of doing something that was tantamount to a sacrilege! He never again played with us and for the most part, didn't come around anymore. And as an epilogue to this person's future behavior: while the rest of us had eventually worked at multiple jobs (sometimes two and three at a time) and went on to get more education, he remained at the same job his entire life (cutting grass at a golf course), and did not pursue any further education that I am aware of. When I made an attempt to contact him several decades later, it was obvious that the thinking he held in his youth was now in the body of an older man. However, he always gave me the benefit of the doubt when my ideas differed from everyone else's... which they very often did.

None of us at the time would have thought to consider the individual to be exhibiting what some might refer to as a mild autism, like a high-functioning mentally retarded person... so to speak. Even more so, it is difficult for some to think in terms of their business, government or religion as expressions of a biological mutation, genetic disorder or having a specific mentally-affecting handicap, though some might prefer to use the expression "handi-enabled" so as to appear more sensitive and positive instead of negatively disparaging.

As long as the rules were laid out for him, and the rules were particularly simple... like going to work, watching sports on television, and living life as an assumed "normal" person as he defined it in a grade school fashion, he could function relatively well and not be recognized as having any mental deficiencies.

However, once identified as a possibility, many of us can begin to realize that the above situation is not necessarily unique. We can see variations of it in many peoples lives... even amongst those with above-average I.Q.s. All of us get caught up in routines and it is the routines which take on more importance than ourselves. We go out of our way to maintain a sequence of events even if they are interrupted. We try to replace ourselves back into a familiar pattern... even when we acknowledge we don't like it... such as eating or drinking too much. The government is a routine that is debilitating to the population even though such a debilitation is concealed beneath social programs trying to minimize the effects of the deterioration... and we are helping to perpetuate it because of an established habituation. If the public will not engage itself in the adoption of a better social formula, because its behavioral inclination is to follow the path it has been on due to extended usage, then it may have to be forced into applying a new governing experimentation.

As noted on another page, the present governing structures are games with rules, though the rules are sometimes altered to fit a given authority figure's (or agency's) ulterior-motivated disposition... without even realizing that it is engage in such an activity! For the most part, laws remain the way they are written and the people are forced to abide by them, often with their own actions. The people themselves are not allowed to alter the rules by way of an established means of practicing a consensus (such as in an established usage of a Referendum)... they must abide by the dictates of the dealer... who is the government enforcing a given set of laws and policies and social programs. Hence, it is the rules of the established game (the practiced experimentation of the established chemistry formula) which are upheld as being most important... not the people themselves.

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