Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Cenocracy's Artistic Form
~ The Art (and Science) of Revolution ~


We have a Cenocracy in progress... and time will tell by way of an historical declaration who the patrons of this art form are. It is an art form that will not only stretch and mold, but will break the bonds of conventionalism. This is a call to arms (and legs, hands, head, etc.) for all radical intellectualisms * to be personified by way of an intensified singularity of purpose. The dawning rays of a new day shall inflame the world with blossoming embers which glisten from the morning dew of a renewed purpose for humanity. Man the ramparts with your hoes, water buckets and seeds of divine inspiration as we cultivate the beginnings of a new age by way of a Cenocracy!

Cenocracy can be looked at as the practice of an Art form as well as a Science formula for carrying out a Cenocratic Revolution... such as in the manner perhaps more easily understood if the ideas of practicing an "Art of Medicine" and a "Science of Medicine" are inter-posed as illustrations. Such an approach, in terms of developing a new form of governing process, will no doubt be an activity of trial and error (illustrated by the notion of "A Medical Practice"), that lends itself to a multitude of retracings (re-examination), experimentation (intervention), and the proverbial "back to the drawing board" excursions (consultations). While for some the usage of analogies taken from the medical field assist them with cognitively apprehending a basic pattern of human behavior readily acknowledged to exist in all subject areas, those who are unfamiliar with using experiences from circumstances that are not related to their perspective from a life-long engagement in menial labor jobs, may find the examples difficult to grasp.

Simply put, the usage of any governing process is a practice. Some authority figures use an artistic approach, some use a scientific approach, while others use both. The adoption of a Cenocracy will be a learning process with the application of many theories, in the same manner that different economic theories are applied for different circumstances. Government programs are trial and error efforts at addressing problems. It does not mean that certain achievements are to be viewed as being synonymous with a certainty.

In other words, just because a social program addresses a dire need in one instance doesn't mean it is THE answer for a more long-term approach. The many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism have been short-term approaches at addressing given social circumstances. Such was the case for Monarchies, Dictatorships, Slave Labor economies, Theocracies, Imperialism, Autocracies, Plutocracies (such as in America), Oligarchies, Totalitarianism, etc...

These approaches have had to adapt which thus gives demonstrable evidence that governing processes are works-in-progress. But such works, when looked at from the perspective of a make-shift foundation developed from the remnants of previously dismantled structures; must inevitably make up the remaining architectural structure in a hit and miss fashion. Governing processes are like the structures of the three little pigs. They may seem logical for a given time and place, but "Big Bad Wolf" circumstances may arise requiring the usage of not only new building materials but a new architectural style which is more suitable for the materials, the terrain, and the inhabitants. As such, the people have more than one wolf at the door, the social terrain has dramatically changed, and the people have changed as well.

In other words, governing structures have had to be altered throughout history... Yet, because governments have not adapted fast nor adequately enough with respect to accelerated conditions involving education, health care, nutrition, social awareness, etc., the people are now living in social circumstances which amount to make-shift cave dwellings despite all the advances in science, medicine, technology, education, etc... (Even though some readers might want to argue the opposite is true in some circumstances: that there are many Australopithecines trying to fumbly navigate their way through a modern world for which they do not have the prerequisite mentality for.)

In any artistic endeavor (painting, music, mathematics, architecture, gardening, surgery, baking, cooking, sewing, construction, earthenware, jewelry, philosophy, chemistry, speaking, socializing, Revolution, etc.), the artist, be they an amateur, journeyman or professional; must develop a technique of finalizing their perspective into a focal point that all other "divergent" perspectives are like-wise focalized though such perspectives may not possess a similar eye-to-hand coordination with respect to being able to create a similar "work of art". Different perspectives can be viewed as different wave lengths of light that we can additionally call a spectrum.

prismr1 (15K) prismr2 (15K) prismr1 (15K) prismr2 (15K) prismr1 (15K) prismr2 (15K)

An artist must strive to produce a single item or multiple items to be exhibited as a sort of prismatic center through which a spectrum of perspectives can pass and become united into a singular intensity of directed attention. While some "subject matter" (take mathematics for instance), are not frequently exhibited in places that are "open to the public", and in fact may have a small assemblage of "acolytes" or specialized attendees, a given math formula is nonetheless an object of scrutiny for the purpose of consolidating the "spectrum" of perspectives in attendance. However unusual the present analogy may seem to some, it is not really that difficult to grasp. While the usage of a triangle is a typical image, linear and circular combinations of subject matter actually add to the overall simplicity and not complexity as might be intimated since the usage of three basics is a fundamental assemblage we see in many subject areas.

Whereas a typical anarchist form of Revolution takes multiple perspectives and focuses them on a directed point of protest, this type of "prism" can easily be (and typically is) shattered into pieces with different focalized "agendas" that do not yield a concentration of effect if the object of focused intensity requires a laser (or maser) level of amplification. The usage of this identified example represents an art and science collaboration into a singular sphere of influence. While it occurs quite frequently in various subject areas, it is infrequently identified as such as a given point of accepted occurrence (and necessity). Much less so in the efforts, activities, or effects (processes) of a Revolution. And no, for those would-be detractors, this is not an excursion into 'over-thinking' the "Revolution" enterprise into an intellectualized entrepreneurialed epitomization. It's a rather equivalent to playing in a sandbox, using sticks as boats in a stream of water after a rain storm, or kicking a can while discussing a particular topic.

The rationality of one approach to achieve a particular outcome is not necessarily the best or only approach to achieve another outcome... even if both are given the same label. Just because a behavior is classified as being normal or common, such as in the case of a typical anarchist Revolution, does not mean it is rational. Whereas some claim that the usage of "natural" when applied to packaging is to be interpreted as being hearty, wholesome and good for you, such "natural" things as disease, snake venom and accidents are not. The labels of "normal, natural, and common" should not be accepted because they suggest something positive, and neither should the labels "business, government, and religion". Not to mention words such as entertainment, sports, music, peace, love, money, medicine, etc., to name but a very short list. Words can have multiple meanings. And like all pharmacology students are taught (in one fashion or another): "Everything is a poison, it's the quantity and application of exposure which determines its strength and duration".

Many irrational behaviors become labeled as normal, typical, usual, common or in one way or another defined as acceptable. Some irrational behaviors, such as for example, those practiced by Nazi Germany; produced effects that are still in use today, such as in the space and military programs... but there are multiple others. In fact, it was because of World War II that America came to be the leading holder of the world's gold supply. It was received as payment by those countries who were supplied with war materials. Had the U.S. not delayed entry into the war, the peoples of other countries would not have had to suffer so much, but neither would they have been in desperate circumstances to pay any price for war materials. The "good" old USA acted like any "good" business entity by delaying entry into the war in order to increase its opportunistic chances of making a buck. Indeed, there were a lot of "good" companies such as Ford Motor Company who "Traded with the Enemy" before America "just happened" to get in the war after the Lusitania "just happened" to get sunk on which some Americans are said to have "just happened" to be there and the sinking "just happened" to have been by the Germans. (This might well have been the origin of the "happening" movement in the 1960s, as well as those claiming a pregnancy, act of promiscuity, or adultery occurred because it "just happened".)

Many irrational behaviors are no doubt attempts by otherwise "normal" people to navigate themselves in an environment where there are encountered multiple irrationalities (which may or may not spring from a single source). The source may be a person, group, institution, culture, religion, government, business, road blocks, detours, confrontations, absences, education, finances, etc... In simple language, there are a lot of things that can drive a person crazy. It can get worse if they attempt a maneuver around, over, through, or below the irrationality by way of intoxication. The intoxication may be work, drugs, sports, sex, alcohol, body disfigurement, an alternative "life style", religion, holiday observance, etc... Any number of things, in individual circumstances, can be that which not only cause, but increases the occurrence for experiencing more irrationality. Such is the case for many laws and governing processes.

By the simple fact that there are too many people living in the world today exercises the common sense realization that current governing structures must be altered for the benefit of the people and their future, and not for the benefit for a particular governing style and those who have learned how to best make it work for them and their ilk. Needless to say, reiteratively, the governing structures must be altered again by way of a New Government (Cenocracy), in order to deal more equitably with social issues involving the growing need of a growing population to collectively address its own concerns by way of a Constitutionally mandated Referendum, Peoples Legislative Branch, and Political Party which earmarks the effectively realized identity of such. It is an identity with both artistic and scientific characterizations.

Art, which includes music, as well as Science, makes extensive use of imagery and metaphor in its developmental processes... even if the final outcome is illustrated to a general audience with an everyday artistic, musical or scientific "language". Let it be said then that Cenocracy is a theory. Just as are ideas about Economics, child rearing, one's gambling activities, and numerous other philosophies put into practice. While some seem to work well under given circumstances, another might do so... and yet the reverse might well be said.

Present social governing structures can be likened to the philosophy used by a dysfunctional family whose members are forced to find some commonality of ground in which to make compromises. Sometimes the so-called compromises are one-sided, favoring one family unit (class) and at other times they are more equitable. And when nations are viewed as dysfunctional global family units that must adopt policies of compromise, then we have a situation where the larger nations may set the pace of how all other nations must cooperate. In other words, larger nations can force smaller nations to perpetuate a structure which is helpful to it, and is neither too progressive nor too regressive.

Whereas many will quickly deduce that society can be compared with a canvas or laboratory, others do not readily see such landscapes because the dynamics of its social animation make it difficult for them to apprehend a singular image of mind. In other words, movement is like the flickering of multiple flash-bulbs which momentarily incompacitates a visual acuity from perceiving a single frame of reference such as when one looks at a sculpture, painting, earthenware, or piece of ensemble such as in jewelry or apparel. Authoritative figures are often distracted due to the imagined flashings of idealistic bulbs going off in their own minds by way of mirror-imaged reflections. Because of this, most governing officials are too close to objectively see the society in which they live.

Some prefer to see the social landscape from an architectural or gardening perspective and still others view it mechanistically, like a time piece or machine works. And some have even looked down upon a city from a hilltop and mentally pictured an electronic circuit board, while a few can glimpse the symbolic representation of a quantum physics, chemistry or math equation. Others might prefer to view society as a playground and the citizenry like children engaged in different games... all the while being deduced that in order to improve society, we need to create better playgrounds with better games since it is thought that what children learn during their games are the basic schematics of that which they will employ as adults... such as fair-play, bullying, cheating, bush-whacking, clinging to authority, fighting, arguing, taking turns, compulsive lying, theft, complaining, acting, pushing, pulling, shoving, tattle-telling, ostracizing, story-telling, competing, socializing, brooding, etc...

Still others may refer to a Declaration For Greater Independence as a recipe, orchestra or a sports team which needs but the proper chef, conductor or coach to mix the appropriate ingredients into a complementary arrangement in order to produce a masterpiece; or if you prefer: a Master Peace; though some readers engaging in an alarmist form of intellectual adventurism might want to stretch this like a taffy pull, into a 21st Century version of a 20th Century "Master Race" idealism.

However, so long as the "Race" is the whole of the human race and not a myopic segregationist's personalized predilection; a societal trend to precipitate an attempt to increase our human superiority in terms of an as yet unrealized potential, is a meritable exercise......even though some would continue to question what is to be meant by the word "superiority" which, like many words (such as love, truth, beauty, strength, intelligence, etc.), has wide philosophical application. In other words, if you call an apple and orange and someone else calls it a banana, it doesn't really matter since we can all taste of the same fruit... if you want to, unless of course you're related to the Lilliputians and want to quibble on which end an egg should be broken.

Let us say you walk into an indoor or outdoor museum (landscape) and come across an object, a painting or sculpture entitled "The Cenocratic Revolution". At first glance you see what appears to be a jumbled assortment or distorted array of different materials which gives the initial impression of a kaleidoscopic or découpage alignment such that Picasso might have entertained himself with by simply tossing clumps of art room materials onto a canvas, against a wall or attempting to clean up a bit by stuffing too many odds and ends into a singular pile. But then you take another look from a different vantage point by way of recalling some version of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity with respect to the position of an observer... even though another observer might suggest viewing it from his General Theory of Relativity because of some intimation with a Cosmological interconnectedness.

Yet, maybe it's not different materials you're looking at, but the assemblage of different perspectives looking in the same direction. Just when you're about to get a grasp of the work by way of defining it in accordance with a conventional art form, you are made to consider that the art form is not in the object but in the differing perspectives being applied! You might want to pull your hair out and exclaim this to be insanity because it goes against your accustomed-to rationale. Instead of putting the round and square pegs into a square or round-shaped board with round and square peg holes; you're asked to visually design a triangle-shaped one with additional triangle-shaped pegs and holes which sits atop a square table that sits atop the round-ish Earth that is irradiated by a Sun which follows a triangular path on its daily dawn to noon to dusk path.

Your perception of the world is set in a revolving cyclicity by having your conventions of reality spun like a top by being subjected to new information given an animation whose dynamics may seem to take on an improbable surrealness, or you are reintroduced to old information placed in a different framework which implies the dynamics of uncertainty. You might well ask: "What kind of artwork is this anyway?" Simply put, it is both an artistic science applied to art and a scientific art applied to science which are then applied to a single theme called social reformation.

Cenocracy is the shining of a light through a prism and the prism is humanity which has a spectrum of potential as yet unrealized. Yet once realized, the spectrum of potential can be reintroduced to humanity as a focused beam of accomplishment.

In using the words art and science in a perspective of Revolution, the usage of a notable (Italian) Renaissance artist and scientist-combination might well assist in the everyday person's comprehension so as to render it less abstract, by way of the following illustration:

While the common perception is to view Leonard Da Vinci's works at face value such that his models were just ingenious toys, his many sketches as musings or studies in architecture, etc., and the Mona Lisa was the painting of a woman (or a self- portrait as some believe); Leonardo used the themes and interests of his day as a means to not only get patronage which afforded him the ability to have a livelihood, but enabled him to express interests in areas which might well have been frowned on if they suggested anything but the conventional wisdom and social orientations.

His interest in form, function and perspective in many different subject areas were applied to and experimented with in themes which could be interpreted as reasonable and rational in his day and age. If he had been brought up in another era, that to which his talents took expression might well have been in those themes generally accepted as normal and natural for time and place (called cultural mood or political correctness). For example, someone who pursues an idea that does not afford them with a livable income might well be viewed as irrational in many, but not necessarily all social environments.

However, while different interests can be concealed in conventional themes, it is much rarer to find conventionally known ideas such as a Revolution, to be flip-flopped, so-to-speak, into a single or combined thematic application of conventional ideas which, by their nature, are frequent expressions of abstruse and even serendipitous events of unexpectedness that may later (posthumously) be defined as creative, original or even genius (unless it be termed some everyday run-of-the-mill madness). Even though Leonardo and others have been recognized as geniuses in their own time, and permitted allowances for behaviors or ideas that a "normal" person might well have been criticized, abused, imprisoned or killed for; his behavior might well suggest to us of the present that he indulged in the usage of codes. Some may have been deliberate to conceal, while others may have been little more than self amusement like a word, symbol, sound, etc., puzzle whose "rules of acceptable dimension" may be either time and place specific, or imparted as a rule-of-thumb such as is encountered when playing a card, board, or larger social game such as horse racing.

However, it is of necessity to point out for some readers that the themes used by Leonardo were part of the code, just as are the "normal" themes used for any given time and place. In other words, each culture, without realizing it, (though some individuals eventually do); uses its accepted ideas, mannerisms and forms (such as living space, housing structure, furniture, apparel, foodstuffs, medicines, etc...) as codes for assisting themselves in "making sense" of the world, life and perhaps an insinuated larger reality "out there somewhere". Such things create a made-up reality using codes for self-orientation within a given social sphere. If this were not the case, then the placement of individual into another social setting would not cause a momentary of prolonged point of disorientation.

Transitioning, whether into a new house, a new job, a new relationship, a new baby, a new town, or a new government, is desirable but not always achievable as smoothly as one would like. It is the same philosophy being used by the military in effecting a prisoner of war's return to a former life-style. By so doing, the problems of "culture shock" can be avoided just as does a period of transition for those taking a long distance flight need a period of adjustment to realign their minds with the cyclicity of their very ancient biological rhythms which predispose them to what is referred to as "time lag". Even though people are resilient, and can eventually adapt, they still don't want an event, such as a Revolution, thrown into the pathway of their daily lives as an obstacle they are forced indignantly to go around. It's not a matter of whether or not they will survive what you might call an inconvenience. It's a matter of courtesy and respect if your Revolution is sincerely geared to their well-being and yet you trample them in your herd-mentality efforts.

While a philosophy of "transitioning" can be used fortuitously, it can also be used as an excuse for delaying a forward movement such as in the case of China. The Chinese government is trying to do what is best for the people in an incremental fashion. Yet, though China's leadership is wise in the introduction of government change by way of a slow transitioning process, since it has a history of social organization that differs in length and quality from that of other nations; it could move forward more quickly by a transitioning process that invites alternative perspectives for discussion... and not necessarily implementation where and when by those proposing the alternative ideas. Many idealists are far too impatient and want everything to occur "right then and there" like a demanding child. Their impatience well deserves the entitled distinction of "radical" in a negative and not positive sense.

Such radicals typically resemble revolutionaries who have no real plan except to replace themselves with those in power, but little, if anything actually changes in terms of significant improvement. While they might agreeably alter one or two policies which correctly amount to 'wrongs that need to be righted', similar overall social-controlling events occur with different players who have positioned themselves for gain while others were preoccupied with idealistic notions of social improvement that only a handful actually wanted... because all they actually wanted was to improve their individual chances to acquire personal interests... be it sex, money, power, property, control, advertisement for a book, or even just their picture in some paper... or just to be able to say: "I was there, I did that, I got the T-shirt (or decal)".

In the present context, called a Cenocratic Revolution— is the expression of art and science being applied. It sometimes requires the usage of metaphor beyond such traditional terms as spirit, market forces, and belief and might not be easily grasped by simplistic minds whose symbolic uses of imagery are limited to monetary symbols and other such learned-in-gradeschool ancillary attachments found in the (authoritatively used) plus and minus grading formulas. Such minds see a rock as a rock and can be denoted with the psychology reference called "functional fixedness", such that a hammer is a instrument tool, with one or maybe two uses which are the hammering and pulling of nails. People suffering with this affliction can not see the hammer's usage as a door-stop, paper weight, nut cracker, etc... The also interpret the word "Revolution" in a similar straight-jacketed way, and will have difficulty in seeing it elsewise.

And yet, even when our unconventional perceptions are spelled out in the language and images they are most comfortable with (added to by material meant to stretch their comprehension), any and all antithetical characterizations (words, examples, application) to their own views is off-handedly dismissed as being irrelevant. In other words, while some dogs may indeed be able to learn new tricks, it doesn't mean they agree with them nor like them, or even understand them. Thus, the usage of metaphor at this stage in our declaration is meant more for gathering the membership of those whose minds are coherent enough to be flexible for grasping a larger revolutionary enterprise.

...Because of the recurring usage of such current governing structures, the adherents create a phantasmagoric existence of surrealism by the usage of localized references such as S.O.P (business), patriotism (government), and belief (religion); as a means of enlisting those with a genuine sincerity to do what is right and best for all concerned (because they provide the appearance of honesty, humility, and honor)... yet they are too naive to disentangle the complex and traditionalized vacuous states of 'menagerated' right and wrong whose definitions are often politically maneuvered for personalized agendas; which incite a mob mentality of generalized acceptance and expects the same of everyone.

We the people must rid ourselves of their personalized nonsense whether it be used for a so-called legitimized business, political or religious philosophy that is actually detached from any reason except to improve a person or group's own existence over that of the populace, that is followed up with support from present Executive, Judicial and Legislative actions.

We The People must voice our hope for the accomplishment of a larger objective because those who are presently in charge of businesses, governments and religions have let their capability of a deeper, wider and more fulfilling vision be mired by specious pomp, pageantry and antiquated pedestrian forms of avoiding (metaphorically described) sidewalk cracks defined by childhood traditions of coined phraseology (if you step on a crack you break your mother's/father's back); that is contoured by re-molded adult regressions (retreats) to the safety, security, and familiarity of matriarchal or patriarchal-inclined "elements", instead of progressing. (Such "elements" as mother earth, father-god, mother-god, virgin mother, "virgin father", grand-mothered, grand-fathered, father Christmas, mother tongue, mother board, daddy-ism (dadaism), mother ship, sugar daddy, father time, motherland, fatherland, feminine psyche, masculine psyche, feminine-morphism, masculine-morphism,...)

Whereas it is widely accepted that notions, ideas and activities adhered to in childhood can make their way in one form or another into our adult notions, ideas and activities on an individual level, a similar parallelism is not typically made between the collective notions, ideas and actions of a distant past and those of the present. In any event, we generally accept this idea of parallelism, as used in the present context, as a given, whether or not the reader belatedly shrugs off the acknowledgment with little concern. Cenocracy, on the other hand, has at its fundamental core, the intended design of encouraging humanity into a new realm of consciousness by forcing an alteration through a public- generated acceptance and encouragement.

While the "collective unconscious" of Mr. Jung has been transcribed into other uses such as a collective consciousness, Cenocracy denotes the parallelism of a super-consciousness for humanity, or if you prefer, a super-sanity. In this respect, Cenocracy is a sobriety from the many forms of narcosis of the different forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism... and the population which evolves from its usage as a social self-governance form, will be, in contrast to the widespread mentally ill populations of today, that which is super-sane.

Cenocracy and its adherent Cenocrats, by prerogative, entails a deeper explication of inner-workings than the superficial accounts of soul-searching that Communism, Democracy, or Socialism lends themselves to with the intent of encouraging a populace's self-improvement. The many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism, with the once-embodied sincere intent of making the governing process amiable (if not accessible) to all, have burdened their populations with a stagnant perspective reeking of a vulgar obstinance to reach beyond a celebration of banal mediocrity... that values stagnation and retardation (retrogression) of efforts to be publicly viewed, described and defined as progress, whereby Communism has become a "Commonism", Democracy has become a (re-run) "Demo-ism", and Socialism has become a "So-Soism".

While some readers may find the foregoing re-labelings a bit smirkingly humorous, and that which preceded, a digression into an esotericism more suited for an intellectual's traipsing about some psychology-related gender paraphernalia; they are needed as a means of hinting at the development of a social self-governance form with a far greater level of sophistication than any form of Communism, Democracy and Socialism put together. While some may want to affectionately describe the many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism as being both checkers and chess, as a means of illustrating simplicity and complexity... such descriptions fail to illustrate that most of the population are not even players, and are forced to be supportive spectators... while players like the U.S. Congress, gets to reap a reward that few of the populace enjoys; such as voting itself in a raise, increased benefits and a cost of living allowance which the spectators must pay for!

Current social self-governance structures such as "Communacracy" (Communism), Democracy, and "Socialacracy" (Socialism), to name but three, even though Communism is viewed as a form of Socialism; force the populace to adopt very restrictive forms of vision because they are modernized forms of the old serfdoms which, by their very "rationalized" architecture, disenfranchise the larger public from self-representation. The larger populace needs to exercise the trials and tribulations of learning the identity of its greater self through a practice of self-representation instead of the current forms of vicarious representation. Humanity must learn to collectively stand up for itself as an evolving species. Present forms of social governance is an over-protective form of parenting and the children must take it upon themselves to cut the umbilical cord. These children, in the form of the larger populace, must rebel!

But if we are to rebel, let us do it in a concerted direction for accomplishing specific utilizable ends in order to address more varied and even larger issues that will no doubt be brought along with a collectivity of those "wanting to do something" to effect actual change beyond the mythology of pretentious displays which dissipate into the wistful musings one's mind meanders with while watching campfire flames. We don't want fantasy or simply to have the public sympathetically agree with us, in principle; though they do not actually assist us or provide words of encouragement. We need a rebellion of actuality and not misfitting odds and ends lumped together hoping for some sort of interventionist miracle where everyone sees some assumed light of super-rationality like the rays of the sun breaking through clouded skies. If we are to rebel with the singular directed purpose of wanting to make positive changes in the functions of society through alterations of the overall governing structure then let us do so:

  • But not with kicking, screaming or holding one's breath.

  • Not with threatening to run away (such as to live in another country).

  • Not with marching down streets or occupying public places like an anarchist mob that has no leadership and voices a tentacled array of découpaged gripes without any concerted plan of further action to accomplish goals because its many participants have singular ulterior-motives without a collective rationale to stay focused on initial objectives.

  • Not with drug usage.

  • Not with promiscuity.

  • Not with mean nor nasty obscenities or rudeness that serves to do little more than to provoke attention through useless confrontation and does nothing but create useless divisions within the larger public sphere that we want to unite in a cohesive social experiment that has never been tried before on the scale being proposed.

  • Not with criminal behavior.

  • Not with alcohol abuse.

  • Not with homosexuality/lesbianism.

  • Not with religious, music, or sports fanaticism.

Nor with tobacco, tattoos, droopy pants, verbal vulgarity, physical deformations with pieces of metal, religion-defined and defended antagonisms, etc... all of which and more may be used as personalized forms of going against some perceived normalcy, status quo, or growing threat, etc...

We don't have to conduct ourselves by the same unspoken rules-of-thumb, sporadic code, or impromptu mode and manner which protestors of the past have engaged in. Such methodologies can always be resorted to when other attempts fail to secure for us our collectively-directed ends. If we are truly a new generation and a smarter one, then let us be different... for in this difference lays our unpredictability. We don't want the business, government and religious establishments to view as adversaries, but as comrades in the same quest for a more ful-filling life... albeit from different approaches via a path of differentiated perception. We don't want to ostracise nor be ostracized... but instead, effect positive change for all. While some of them may not come to agree or accept our views, we, to our historical credit, must nonetheless make the effort to get them out of their traditionalized comfort zones and be willing to explore an alternative path so named Cenocracy.

We must get them to recognize that we are sincere in our efforts towards altering that which pressures so many into indulging in the practice of the aforementioned and other distractions which keeps the whole of the populace from exploring, much less exceeding their potentialities. While some might argue that these "distractions" are due to social environments in which every individual has the responsibility to choose their respective path, these same arguments are themselves distractions from acknowledging that while the complexities of personality development are variable, they nonetheless evolve within the influences of the dominating social governing structure. An alteration of the latter will alter the former, just as did the improvements of past governing systems effect the behavior of its citizenry. Whereas many of us deride an individual for some behavior we find distasteful or an abhorrence, and though some would be generous in saying such was the result of their upbringing few of us take this to the inevitable next step of conclusive consideration that it is the dimensions imposed by the larger governing structure which sets the pace... which is the role model for the family structure in which a person grows up.

In other words, the many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism are at times rude, disgusting, unfair, self-centered, apathetic, compassionate, kind, considerate, neurotic, psychotic, socio-pathic, senseless, wise, encouraging, thoughtful, generous, pedantic, passionate, serious, social, harsh, self-pitying, self-abusive, over-indulgent, given to excesses, given to self-immolation, accusing, defensive, offensive, given to fantasy, realistic, logical, erudite, ignorant, anti-social, schizophrenic, selfish, honorable, distasteful, criminal, adventuresome, murderous, courageous, charitable, chaste, rash, feuding, bothersome, peaceful, pensive, talkative, moody, mumbling, flighty, clang-associative, bow-wow recitative, penitent, humorous, faithful, thieving, back-stabbing, double-dealing, practical, whorish, distrusting, under-handed, lone-wolfish, emotional, given to sentimentality, heedless, historically mindful,obstinate, stagnant, repetitive, anal, oral, far-reaching, gregarious, impulsive, "distracted", suicidal, inventive, talented, short-sighted, stingy, ego-tistical, humble, paranoid, gross, divergent thinking, convergent thinking, snobbish, abusive, impractical, tip-toeing, gifted, visionary, greedy, opportunistic, entrepreneurial, quarrelsome, peevish, compulsively lying, blind, dumb as a bag of rocks, stupid, ignorant, cliquish, dictative, monarchial, Plutocratic, etc...

Present forms of social governance are not what some might refer to as angels. They are not gods. Their Constitutions are not some presumed infallible religious doctrine. As such, they are also dead-ends though some romanticized sentimentalists would prefer to define them as human structures for human beings. This is the same kind of "formalized" or traditionalized presumed logic we find, for example, in those (scientific) "authorities" describing what they view as being benefits achieved by migrating birds using a V-shaped flying formation. Where-in, they apply their observations of so-called benefits such as energy conservation as being the "reason" the birds use such a pattern.

But by the usage of this same type of logic, this perceived "benefit" formula is decidedly incomprehensible when applied to why some termites use an inverted "V"-shaped mound and why some native Americans used the triangular tepee, or some cultures used pyramidal structures called mounds or pyramids... Perhaps instead of attributing rationality to migrating birds for "reasoning" out the advantages of a V-shaped flight pattern; and instead look upon our usage of the word "drafting" as a metaphor when the same word is used to suggest that the three pyramids of the Giza plateau are in some way exhibiting a model of the Sun's triangular pathway impressed upon the human psyche with two smaller 'drafting' versions... unless all three are drafting versions of that yet to come for humanity.

Forget the fact that many birds fly alone for both short and long distances (whether or not the word "migration" in the day or night is used reflexively), or that some termites don't use mounds, or that most Native Americans did not use a Tepee. We can readjust information to fit within the 'authoritative' "benefits" formula just as some people "fudge the numbers" on their yearly tax forms. The fact that someone or thing uses a particular pattern, structure or formula does not necessarily equate with the reason of why they do. For example, the structure of a plane doesn't tell us why we build planes, though some may want to argue that "the" (instead of "a") why can be inferred. The design of planes and how we fly them doesn't give any sort of reason "why" we build them or why we use them.

Such thinking is just another form of anthropomorphism. This is the same stupid "authoritative" reasoning once used by ancient cultures in developing a presumed rationale for conducting sacrifices, burning witches, claiming the Earth was flat, putting holes (called trephination) in a person's head in order to get some presumed evil, pressure, or disease out, etc... And yet, far too many in the public can't see the present governing systems as exhibiting this same ridiculous logic. Perhaps Cenocrats have awakened too soon from their time-capsule cacoon. It's like having stepped out of a Time Machine into an age of Superstition, Stupidity, and a mentality of Suspended Animation!

Additionally, some observers imagine the present emphasis on developing a Cenocracy (New Government) is based on an illusory perspective derived from a disjointedly misappropriation of available information concerning some "real world" that they themselves are enlightened to. And as a kindly parental or professorial figure they further imagine to take Cenocrats by the hand and introduce them to a "real population" of those whom we insist should achieve at the very least the three initial goals of our Cenocratic attempts. They would seek to introduce us to those that congregate in sub-cultural enclaves and appear to be modern vestiges of some earlier bipedal swaggering hominid development that not only preserves some dullness of would-be ideo-pathic (picture rock) perspicuity expressed at times with monographic (graffiti) gibberish, but also the curiosity of a hyper-vigilant paranoiac ever ready to flee, fight or subserve when they are thought to be in the presence of some superior.

They think to show us that the general population; because they are those who are identified by them as exhibiting a common-ness of widespread ignorance, are in need of and deserve nothing else than the parental forms of governance as are presently practiced throughout the world. They would then seek to substantiate their claim because, in their perspective, the greater population refuses to mature beyond its initial oral, anal, and genital stages of development... both on an individual and collective basis. In other words, they want us to interpret, define, and label the same information from their perspective to suit their objectives.

They would insist that the citizenry for whom we think to assist in the development of a vastly superior form of social self-governance, do not embody a collective emotional, mental or physical wherewithal to take best advantage thereof; and that such a formula should rightly be reserved for them and those they would selectively choose... developing yet another segment to their presently practiced government within a government which would provide the instance of more laws with which to further segregate the larger population from actual self-rule and help to aggregate more personal wealth for themselves and their ilk.

And yet, they wish to conceal the fact, if at all acknowledged, that such a presumed widespread ignorance of the people is in part a reflexive development of the very same governing model they support because they have developed a comfortable niche' therein. It is a model which manipulates the people into maintaining a frame of mind which perpetuates this child-like primivity of thought and action, and instills in them a sense of patriotic duty to claim it to be an even greater ignorance when the people acknowledge the lengths, width, and breadth to which the present governing processes are suffused into every social crevice to act as detour signs for a consciousness seeking a greater truth and more fulfilling life beyond the present business, government and religious models of illusion. They truly can not see the forest for the trees due to their own intellectual limitations that they want all others to subsume to as if such were the thoughts of some preeminent genius.

Like children in a classroom whether indoors or out, the citizenry needs to be challenged and afforded the necessary freedoms of liberty in order to rise to the occasion of growth through personal and collective development... be it termed a public education, on-the-job training, or school of hard knocks. Such freedoms of liberty will be granted by a Cenocratic form of government. No present form of Communism, Democracy or Socialism has the inherent means of doing so. Attempts to deny the population of its Cenocratic goals will surely lead to a level of rebelliousness directed against present governing structures for which all present forms of social order might well break down.

But Cenocrats are not Anarchists nor blood-thirsty Terrorists. Such are the actions of those driven to extremes by the obstinacy of others who believe it is a god-given right to impose their will upon others. It is when the people are denied their sought after liberties that their peaceful tactics of protest become progressively more violent. A constitutional right to protest does not provide the right of those governing, to impose a tit-for-tat hoop-jumping circus for their amusement, without there being consequences. As such, the people must be permitted their advance towards a super-sanity or its obverse might well prevail until the first three Cenocratic stepping-stones are in place. And though historians of the future may look rear-ward and define it is a time of madness confronting the madness of social governing structures, like Native Americans who would not be tamed into performing menial labor for Colonial overlords; to deny the realization of a Cenocracy will be tantamount to a more decisive controlled insanity that is far more lethal than the activities of disparate anarchist groups.

When there is a growing call for greater social self-governance, it is not too uncommon that varying ulterior-motivated attempts are made to thwart public efforts through the processes of perpetrated social discord, be it war, illness, economic privations or some other collective distraction. Likewise, it is once again up to the people, from all walks of life, to assemble, to organize, and if needed, resort to combatant activities for the purpose of confronting the tyrannies inherent in all present day forms of short-sighted (so called) Representative government on this planet. If Patrick Henry (or William Wirt) had been alive today, the slogan "Give me Liberty, or give me death! might very well be:

"Give us our full unfettered Self-Representative liberty or we will give you your death!"

Actually, it's not theirs for the giving, but ours for the taking to regain true control over our lives. (No matter who or by what means attempts are made to undermine our efforts.)

There are those, for personal or other reasons, who will think to stop the Cenocratic movement by indulging in direct or indirect methods of triping-up the procession by way of discrediting those they select as representing leadership. They will look for personal information that they hope to exploit as a means to undermine Cenocratic efforts by a personalized public condemnation or by way of a hired journalistic gun who is eager to make a name for themselves. They will fail because their logic is a truncated syllogism that is based on a calculus that even elementary school kids can coherently analyze as being wrong.

The Cenocratic movement is not about placing a single candidate into a governing position and then describing this accomplishment as an historical change so that they can carry out their personalized ulterior motives that have more to do with personal aggrandizement then any positive improvement for the public. Nor is it about establishing notability for any single person in the Cenocratic organization. The Cenocratic movement is about all the people being able to actually participate in the governing process instead of by the singularly out-dated vicarious model of "Representative Government".

Yes, like everyone else, the people with a Cenocratic focus have faults. So go ahead and name all our faults... but please don't forget to include your own. People who throw stones, whether they are intentionally thrown as "near misses" as mere acts of intended disparagement, can have similar stones thrown at them. Like so many who must tear something down in an attempt to boost their own egos or lend a more favorable appearance to themselves, such are stone throwers and their accomplices.

So go ahead and tell the whole world about our education, memory, housekeeping, nutritional, personal, physical, economic, hygenic, moral and other faults. We freely admit that we have faults. We're not perfect. And we will undoubtedly make mistakes even when we are consciously aware that we repeat silly everyday blunders such as forgetting where we put our keys. But we can learn from our faults and mistakes whereas stone throwers are caught in a rut trying to dig themselves out. Three of our greatest recurring mistakes are:

  1. Believing in the illusions of so-called Democratic Freedom, Justice, and Liberty perpetrated by the sham "Representative Government" and Parliamentary systems of governance which, by design, deliberately imprisons the whole of the populace from making decisions for themselves via National Referendums which assists them in perpetuating self-styled linneages of authority.

  2. The continued usage of an out-dated social self-governance "experiments" called Communism, Democracy and Socialism which are wholly inadequate for our growing needs as a world nation of collective individuals with varying talents, giftedness, and genius.

  3. Allowing present governments to exploit the public by a usage of the their own recidivist practices which victimizes the world's majority towards a subjugated indulgence of a self-defeatism like so many criminals do to those who are forced into a position of powerlessness to effect changes for the good of the whole instead of a select few having gained entry into a participation of the larger social suppression.

We Cenocrats want something better than the present forms of experimental social governance because they are paths which are mistakenly viewed as "written-in-stone" laws of behavioral conduct for which we can but obligingly follow forever; even when they have led us into so much misery, decade after decade. Such words as "Experiment" and "Experimental" must be used and tailored accordingly with the word "Theory" as in "Economic Theory, supposition, as well as trial and error". For this is what social governing programs are... little more than works in progress. But they are works that been found wanting, and need to be further revised. Such a revision is Cenocracy.

Whereas the ancient concepts of a "path-finder" or "fire-keeper" (keeper of the fire or flame), have been exhibited to some degree in motion pictures, both of which define positions of social group honor; neither have been frequently used as metaphors to describe positions of leadership in a modern context; even though some readers may have done so on their own that may or may not have been divulged to others as a point of conversation that was further elaborated on. The "path-finder" is generally interpreted as someone with vision to chart the course of the social group for its well-being along a contoured path of traditional sojourns or into new territory. The "fire-keeper" was someone who made sure that a means of having a fire was readily available and thus maintained by their efforts.

Unfortunately, the present systems of social governance throughout the world all too often reward our leaders with playing the role of "fire-keeper", in which they insist on a standard course of activity; which includes the form and function of governing stratification. Any suggested deviation away from their routine as "primary fire keeper" is met with accusations of dishonoring tradition, dishonoring some code of God-endowed conduct, dishonoring the wisdom of fore-fathers, etc... The situation gets worse when a "fire-keeper" position is succeedingly occupied by others in the same family; be it defined by one's own, one's extended, a like-mindedness, or some other "family" inferred designated reference. Once a lineage becomes established, those who inhabit the position invariably begin to consider it to be a birth-right. This thus becomes the standard (self-centered) vision of the fire-keepers. Fire keepers are most prevalent in social governing structures. They are the dominant representatives inhabiting the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative positions in government, and typically are quite visible in the business and religious community as well.

Many of those in the Executive, Judicial and Legislative positions of government, (and their related counter-parts in the business and religious sectors), like to view themselves as having vision. Some may even believe themselves to be (extra-ordinarily) visionary whether or not the personal claim is made public (in order to diffuse any impulse towards exhibiting megalomania). Whereas some readers may want to make a case for a Dumezilian Tripartite hierarchy with respect to different types or kinds of vision; a generalized definition is to say that most leadership positions are held by fire-keepers and not path-finders. The sight of a true path-finder has a different kind of vision. It is a vision that others may acknowledge as "something different", but they don't know how to interpret or respond to it in terms of it representing a new path. They too are slow to recognize that the present governing systems are dead-ends in need of something, some event, some person, persons or idea which will direct them out of the dead-end. They are even slower to recognize that it is themselves that must collectively do the leading in terms of a New Government.

Sadly, the vision of a true "path-finder" is sorely lacking in those harboring the present (different forms of) Executive, Judicial and Legislative positions who practice their leadership skills in the confines of Congressionally mandated social structures within which they have found a niche and want all others to abide to so that their views are maintained and positions assured. These 'structures' (unless you prefer to call them departments or divisions), have taken on similar form and functionality so much so throughout the world; that those who achieve leadership positions there-in are not actually "path-finders" (those with "leading" vision), but are "keepers of the fire" (or flame... or embers with which to start the fire anew).

Whereas Communism, Democracy and Socialism were at one time new paths discovered by true Path-finders with vision; they have been turned into "sacred fires" for which entire social structures have adopted mentalities of protective worship thereof. But no matter how much these falsely presumed flames are fanned and what resources are alloted to fuel them, they are flickering out because they are not actually flames, but paths with dead-ends. We need a new path and that path is Cenocracy.

The many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism being practiced today in businesses, governments and religious throughout the world have led humanity to a dead-end. In front of us is an ocean of possibility but there is no vessel: no working consciousness of how to design the necessary transport. Beside us are high, impassable cliffs for which we, again, have not working consciousness of how to design the necessary implements of scaling the walls. And behind us is an encroaching desert... a wasteland for which we do not want to return to in mind, spirit nor body. Because of this we have asked for a new vision, a new perspective, a new path.

Some say we need to take the path of living beneath the oceans, yet such a path is limited to the duration of the Earth and thus but forestalls the inevitable choice of going elsewhere if humanity wants to persist into the distant future. And so we have looked at the promise of those who have offered the vision of making space the next path. At first, in the case of the U.S., the government had to use the idea of a race in order to justify the enormous expenditures for placing someone on the moon. While in retrospect we see the deliberate deception as childish, at the time it was what the mind of the public could easily understand and be manipulated by. It was a mentality that was born and bred under the wing of the type of Plutocratic Democracy being practiced at the time in relation to the types of governance being practiced in other countries.

But visionary approaches developed under the auspices of current governance forms limit perspectives that are tied to the prevailing forms of governance like a child clinging to a mother's apron strings or a father's coat-tail. As such, NASA is trying to convince the public of further space exploration with notions tied to the lingering motherly/fatherly shadows of an out-dated (Democratic) regime. In effect, NASA has like-wise aged to the point of exhibiting the character of an old prospector searching for some remnants of biological "gold" in various planetary geological stratifications, and the design of space-craft being built to its specifications are like the public being given the opportunity of paying for the purchase of either a burro, donkey or jackass so that NASA can continue its solitary prospecting for which none of its employees believe so deeply in or they would mortgage their home, sell everything they own, and either live in their vehicles or some make-shift hovel while they pursue their "life's-work" explorations.

At present, NASA is being run by the same faulty approaches to pursuing a commendable vision, as are the social self-governing programs on this planet. The people in charge are not permitted to exercise the propensity for visionary work if it does not coincide with the autocratic auspices of the over-all governing program within which they must work. They are not permitted to be true explorers within the constraints imposed by present day forms of Communistic, Democratic and Socialistic Monarchicalism.

In addition, all present leaders need to stop defining themselves in their respective positions as if they were one-of-a-kind geniuses involved in a Masters-only game of complex chess; when the public can see it as a game of childish combatant checkers with the same horizontal, diagonal and vertical moves being carried out within the guidelines of made-up self-serving rules, regulations and laws... all of which chain the public to a rock at an ever-darkening dead-end... while the talons-sprouting taxation eagle eats away at the public's liver (livelihood) all because it has been trying to warm itself by the light of a greater promise. The Promethean public has long-awaited its Hercules... Cenocracy.

Discoursively, in distant ages humanity was awakened to the realization that there were other paths that were available. Men such as Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed spoke of new religious paths. Others have spoken of different paths on the seas, in the air, in space, and even warfare. Still others have spoken of new paths in Acting, Aeronautics, Animal husbandry, Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Construction, Craftsmanship, Crop cultivation, Dentistry, Drafting, Education, Electronics, Entomology, Engineering, Food preparation, Genetics, Linguistics, Manufacturing, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Surgery, Printing, and Public speaking, to name but a handful. And even though these pioneers may have been misunderstood, called crazy, laughed at, scorned or even abused... they stood their ground and ventured forth with an undaunted courage... each of them like the first anthropoid ape to leave the jungle and venture forth into the uncharted Savannah along a trek in step to the beat of a drummer no one else seemed to hear... but that all humans today dance to the rhythm of as part of the present human race. Their's was a calling for which slowly but surely others began to hear the same inner voice. They too, despite all those who may have given very sound reasons for them not to go into the uncharted territory, were destined to heed.. each for their own reasons... even if such reasons could not be adequately articulated. They were on a mission; a mission that is now part of our history. Cenocracy is such a calling, is such a mission, is such a path.

For many, the three initial stepping stones of Cenocracy affords them the last opportunity in their lifetime to offer a direct physical and/or personal contribution to assisting humanity towards a greater goal than any present day social governing formula provides. Many look introspectively at their own lives and acknowledge that, although they live, in terms of having an existence, their life needs a greater purpose, a greater meaning, something to be a part of that is larger than themselves... so much more than what they have done on a day-to-day basis for so many years... perhaps their entire life. Some have no family, friends, or relatives that they feel are deserving of their time, energy or resources. Others want to make a personal sacrifice because they know it is the right thing to do for those who will come in the future even if those of the past and present have not been so kind to them. Some see that the development of a Cenocratic form of social self-governance as a benefit for all of humanity without having to subserve to any present patriotism or religious doctrine. It is a calling which exceeds that of any religious or patriotic duty. It is for a humanity of the future whose lives will exceed the expectations of all ideologies of today. Indeed, some of us see all currently practiced forms of business, government and religion as dead ends which are inextricably spiraling humanity towards extinction without a heaven and without hope.

There are many of us who have the strength and courage to forgive our abusers, and accusers of falsehoods in order to effect a direly needed social change greater than the indulged acts of selfish anger, such as personal revenge, could ever accomplish. Each of us in our own way harbors a willingness to give our all for a collective magnanimous cause greater than any singular effort, for a similar purpose, than each of us could possibly do on our own... though we would try nonetheless, if the idea of a Cenocracy did not exist. While it is well known and widely respected acknowledgment that Individual efforts can do wonderful things for humanity, it is more difficult for some to appreciate the good that can be accomplished when such individuals collectively exercise a similar effect of effort for the sake of all societies, human (and otherwise defined life forms), inhabiting earth. The only failure humanity should rightly be ashamed of, is the failure to not try.

Such are the seeds of Revolution.

Cenocracy can provide the encouraging environment needed for nurturing the development of a greater self-identity for the populace. It is a self-identity which is, at present, like a witness to a traffic accident. Generalized descriptions of the accident are variously named Communism, Democracy, or Socialism, though others recognize that each of these can conceal other labels such as dictatorship, oligarchy, Plutocracy, etc... Present leadership attempts to define the accident in terms which best suit their objectives as they understand how to maneuver themselves to make the most of a given position in a given time and place. Most people at an accident can be persuaded by one method or another, to describe the accident in the most favorable terms in concert with the underlying objectives of those providing the material of what is taking place; even if the "truth" is contrary to the typical sensibilities of the witness. This is the very standard by which present day governing forms operate... by way of illusions meant to serve those in governing positions, be they business, government or religion.

A stark example of the aforementioned restrictiveness is the ludicrous electoral college formula used in the United States to elect a President. And, incredulously, the people stupidly accept the rationale that it nonetheless reflects some sort of angelicised (nebulous) "spirit" of the law. (Talk about manipulating a witness by providing self-serving material.) People often resort to a usage of the word "spirit" to conceal an irrationality they don't want anyone to analyze and that their view should be accepted as a given standard of truth to justify an inequality or injustice, just like those who used terms like ghost, witch, satan, demon, witchcraft, etc., that the general public does not get to have vote on; just as the American people never voted on the adoption of any such Electoral College absurdity... it was imposed on them to accept it as a necessity. It's a necessity alright. A necessity to ostracise the people from having the dominant voice of electing who they want as their President and make the election all the more manipulable by a select few. Surely, a country with so many intelligent people can not survive long into the future when practicing such an ignorance, unless all the world engages in a like-minded fairy-tale that repeats itself like a world televised re-run that all viewers forget they had seen before. (Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it.)

Hence, the non-sensical Electoral College circumstance in America is but one small example of an American form of "Democratically" practiced serfdom under a Democratic-styled governing heredity so reminiscent of the right-to-rule lineage ordained as a rationale by ancient businesses and religions who supported monarchies which in turn supported them. Americans are Serfs under their brand of Democracy... and all countries practice the manufacture and maintenance of their own Communistic, Democratic, or Socialistic brands of serfdoms... complete with all the trappings of flags, national anthems, trademarks, logos, etc... Cenocracy releases the people from their serfdoms by providing a non-vicarious form of actual self-representation.

However, in as much as an historical document may be cited and in part used as a reference in a call for a greater liberty-termed independence, it is not meant to convey some approximation of self-denial by way of adopting concessions to be construed as a treaty which results in a Cenocratic form of self-representation under the control and subservience to present standards of Executive, Judicial or Legislative governance. Such a condition is little more than a tip of the hat, a nod of acknowledgment, or lip-service consideration. If a treaty is desired, then it will be under Cenocratic terms, conditions and tutelage which will eventually result in a new constitution to be developed and then voted on by the public in a referendum.

But people are generally fearful of new ideas by their present nature of habit; sustained by businesses, governments and religions wishing to perpetuate their longevity by entrenching themselves as part of a recognized and celebrated tradition. They would much prefer to persist in the usage of that which is familiar, than permit their other habit of curiosity to weigh-in the possibility of acquiring something that may prove to be of greater value if given a chance to make an active appearance. If their current form of governance uses periodic forms of criminality, it is easy for them to find some distraction in order to countermand the inner rumblings of a voice that objects, since such an objection might receive some form of social condemnation from which a type of ostracism follows. Ostracism is not handled well by most social animals. If it is a partially self-imposed ostracism such as that engage in by those involved in esoteric activities such as deep thinking, crafts modeling, wilderness exploration, and all the many artistic endeavours; the person may develop what are called eccentricities... for which they may be looked upon in an amusing way and not taken seriously.

But Communism, Democracy and Socialism are ideas born of eccentricity, though some might prefer to use the terms creative, innovative, daring, or otherwise, in an extended support thereof. As such, Democracy has even been termed the "Genius of the people", though "the people" is not definitively defined. We are led to assume that it means the entire populace, but, under analysis, this is far from the truth. Most of the population just goes along with what is presented to them by those they view, for whatever reason, to be intelligently authoritative, and will even make excuses for authority when it degenerates from a presumed moral standard "that everyone shares." But morality, like truth and beauty, are in the eye of the beholder and upheld as such by the present Democratic standard of using broad terminology because it is easier for authority to flexibly accuse, deny, support or provide, according to a justifiable whim or whimper.

On the one hand, We the people are tired of the persisted war-mongering adolescent attitudes practiced by present day socio-pathically personalized philosophies to be found in business, government, and religious leaderships that sustain a war emblazoned ego-centric mentality camouflaged by the usage of terms (and activities) specific to the language employed in their respective orientations. And yet on the other hand, We The People overlook a similar attitude and behavior in ourselves which is, in some respects, a mirror-image representation of those used as role models. Neither side of this social coin considers the adoption of a new coin or getting rid of the coinage altogether. In another example, while many of us decry that the "true meaning" of Christmas is being supplanted by an alarming capitalistic trend which is encouraging the expression of a dog-eat-dog black friday free-for-all where the trampling of a person to death is to be taken for granted, few of us would think to stop the entire practice of Christmas or replace it with something more civil... because this is contrary to the desires of the Christian religion which does not want its identity to be lost... no matter how many people must be killed while shopping or what excesses are indulged in, in this new form of Crusade in the name of Jesus. All of us are attempting to practice a sane form of insanity. The many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism are variously tailored by different structural formulas to manipulate the populace into a rationalized acceptance thereof because this is the social environment people are brought up in and must attempt some semblance of co-existence. Cenocracy will eventually alter all our present traditions.

While history records changes in human civilization by way of war, plague, famine, pestilence, etc., it seldom if ever pays reference to changes brought about by a change in consciousness which occurs over a very brief time period. Most changes that take place by way of altered ideas over long expanses of time. Such durations are akin to the "extended" periods of time from the perspective of a child. Whereas the length of a day, week, month or year can be a "very long time" to the perception of a child, a more aged brain perceives the same changes from the perspective of a different duration defined by such terms. As the so-called collective consciousness of humanity ages, so will the perception of time. That which historians once remarked as being of long duration will be fore-shortened by a changing mode of perception. The recognition and eventual adoption of Cenocracy is part of the development change in human consciousness. But it is a development that is being hindered. Humanity must get away from the suppressing effects of its present social self-governing structures in order to develop a higher consciousness. Such structures are a ball and chain around human potentialities.

We the people must rid the world not only of such structures which invite the production of incongruous policies, but attract those who are required, as a matter of compliance, to maintain a coterie of parasitic alliances by attaching themselves to a myopic perspective they want all others to share in by way of perpetuating illusions that have no counter-part in actual reality... and create a phantasmagoric existence of surrealism by the usage of localized references such as S.O.P, patriotism, and belief. We the people must rid ourselves of their personalized nonsense whether it be used for a so-called legitimized business, political or religious philosophy that is actually detached from any reason except to improve a person or group's own existence over that of the populace, as can be seen in some charities.

As a matter of course throughout the varied history of different peoples, when attempts by the people are made to improve their life's conditions, their singularly focused efforts are met with entanglements by those who wish to distract the populace from effecting their goals. Wars, famine, disease, social strife, increased or decreased prices, increased or decreased availability of goods or services, religious condemnation, claims of criminality, calculated adjudications to create consternations, falsified appraisals to instill suspicion, deformation of a social reality to enlist the assistance of mythological effects, etc., are different types of resulting-in tactics used by businesses, governments and religions who wish to contour the energy of the public to a dissipating end, thus guaranteeing a perpetuation of their personally defined greed-oriented world view.

In addition:

  • Very often they enlist journalists who are eager to perform the role of town crier; to take their side by way of bribery, deceit or "officialized" disinformation.

  • Very often they likewise attempt to seek out some personal secret to publicly distort and thus create disinterest through impressions meant to suggest an unforgivable immorality, cowardice or normalessness.

  • No less, they very often wait in stealth as a predator seeking a moment of vulnerability.

Cenocracy is a real and honest approach towards effecting determinant and definite change through a restructuring of social self-governance. As it now stands, under present governing practices, acceptance of Communism, Democracy and Socialism under their current forms, imposes the necessity of the citizenry to adopt strategies which best effect a similar combatant mode and manner of survival. Just as are the many religions different forms of survival strategy for a given person in a particular environment, so are all the other behaviors of our lives that are develop along a course which navigates turbulent social waters caused by personalized social governance forms of splashing recklessly about for objectives which are solely fashioned for identity seeking and identity reaffirming entities and their ilk in their efforts to be at the fore-front of fame, fortune, or force; and let all others be damned who get in their way. Indeed, we are disgusted by the recurrence of so many different kinds of abuses aligned with ongoing policies akin to adolescent ego posturing, it is so very difficult to name or describe them, individually, without venturing into some currently standardized encyclopedic formula of expression.

And yet, if we were to begin such a task, we would be faced with those wanting to impose their descriptions, definitions and dimensions of usage. We the people would be encouraged, bribed and otherwise dissuaded from creating our own perspective or word labels, much-less from developing a social structure around such. But we must do so because a new reality is dawning. However, at present, our goals must be temporarily fore-shortened to three stepping stones. They are goals for which the reigning authorities can not prepare for the ingenious assaults of creativity born from the venues of talent, giftedness, and genius, by way of originality. Like one who exhibits an unrealized expression of original thinking placed into practice in order to assist in their goal of helping someone to help themselves but remain as a silent partner in so doing, there are those of the Cenocratic breed who will be like a 'thief in the night' assisting the populace in accomplishing its three essential Cenocratic components. These are the three pre-eminent goals of the Cenocratic breed in this present advertised venture (ad-venture), each of which are sign-posts that will alter the generalized herd mentality and direction:

  1. Establish a National (if not Inter-National) Cenocratic Party.
  2. Establish a Constitution-mandated National (if not Inter-National) Cenocratic- styled Referendum.
  3. Establish a Cenocratic Legislative Branch in Congress.

But it should be emphasized that the use of any religious textual phrase in the present context is but a colloquial analogy for rendering an issue that is otherwise laden with underlying complexities; that must at times be illustrated with a simplistic recital so that the pervasive Democracy-styled 'communality' of thought processing will be eased into the apprehension of a difficult circumstance that is more readily sustained just beyond the present conventions of day-to-day consideration for which most people are attuned in their private purview with. Such parenthetically posited statements are not meant as a confession of any particular faith-based belief which some may want to interpret as support for their own convictions that were adroitly wrangled by their mentors who were accustomed to the vagaries of emotional attachment and discord; in order to be applied to that which is made more amiable to productive manipulations underscored with ulterior motives which exceed typical percipience, whether conjectured or acted on. Such misaligned steerages are to be averted or they might well impart a degree of encircling tit-for-tat machination for which Machiavelli could not have imagined, much less experienced or given comment thereof.

Various individuals, various groups, various businesses, governments and religions will try to keep us from these three initially-sought goals. Nonetheless, like many a sporting event whose origin began as a museful playfulness before expanding into a national past-time, Cenocracy is itself of the same genre that will become socialized way beyond the present neighborhood of our beginning application... albeit, Cenocracy will come to be viewed as a very serious game with which a "no holds barred" rule book will be used. The playing season may well be a long one, with several unscheduled exhibition games exercised by some of the most unorthodox players one would ever guess taking position as part of an unspoken "testing field conditions" methodology. And though we may stumble, fall and experience set-backs, but like Yogi Berra said: "It ain't over till it's over"... and for us Cenocrats, it won't be over until we win.

It might well turn into a free-for-all king-of-the-hill game in which everyone is a participant... even those who think they are just spectators standing on the sidelines. They might well be dragged into the game... kicking and screaming if necessary; and encouraged to carry the ball (or ride the horse into the home stretch) while the rest of us run interference. Indeed, the game might well take on the makeshift boundaries of additional countries, if not the entire planet, since the number of players might manifold exponentially. Everyone get ready, cause the scrimmage line is being drawn in the sand. And like the game of basketball whose structure and representative functionality have evolved along a one, two, and three-point adopted formula, the overall interactive dimensions of Democracy are going to evolve into a Cenocracy. It has to because there is a whole slew of players, managers and spectators whose ability to think, conceptualize, envision and other skills are capable of far out-distancing their predecessors... when obligated and set into motion by being given the chance at a Cenocratic-styled self-representation.

No doubt the game may be cruddy, muddy and perhaps even bloody... like an asserted afternoon baseball, football, or soccer game in the park during a drenching rain. Once involved, not a single player will be willing to call the game on account of a "little" rain... even if the game turns into a swimming pool polo match. The Cenocratic team are the challenging underdogs without any fancy uniforms and no money is expected to be earned from any gate receipts even though the opposing players get fat paychecks and bonuses and have insignia-laden uniforms by way of their respective social positions. Nonetheless, tryouts are now taking place for Cenocracy's cheer-leading squad. We'll also need quarterbacks, pitchers, guards, punters, basemen, running-backs, receivers, fielders, goalees, managers and the like. This is to be a multi-faceted game requiring a multi-faceted line-up of players. We will need those who can intellectually wrestle, spar and kickbox. We'll need cyclists who can go the long haul and ride circles around the competition. We'll need singular Marathonists, Triathalonists, and similar jack-of-many sports trades in order to be prepared for whatever game strategy they might want to employ.

But Ours is not a struggle to endorse or place a single person into the lead position of any political office to obtain some vicarious glorification for ourselves, and then claim the placement as an historical change for the better improvement of our human conditions made all the more obscene and desperate by being forced into non-sensical proprieties called political correctness meant as manipulations of social attitudes for singular short-sighted purposes. For our struggle has been a long-endured time of tribulations which have presaged the coming of our deliverance from the sufferings of so many political evils born generation after generation and have served but to enslave us to a continuity of discord, dejection, and disparate destitutions that far too many accept as natural and rational.

All present day businesses, governments and religions present us not with but the prospects of a better existence through variations of some make-believe-it-is-true after-life ideal that is best secured by way of a transitory commitment that sustains the same ridiculous notions of self-centered survival expressed in the fiscally-directed practices of:

  1. Business tabulation
  2. Government taxation
  3. Religious tithing

When all we are met with is the foregoing, WE THE PEOPLE are thus forced to approve of that which presents us with a promise of a far greater future; divested of simplistic, superstitious and superficial meanderings of purported reality.

It is not the inclusion of a single person into political office which we Cenocrats seek, but a redesign of the governing structure so that the collective body of the populace has the singular presence of its own accord represented as the cornerstone of that which heralds in a new destiny for humanity. Those with a Cenocratic perspective see all too well the withering edifices of Communism, Democracy and Socialism. They are simplified structures born in an age of naivete' and desperation in seeking some desired formal habitat within which humanity might at last find peace, protection from various elements, and a more or less permanence to their desire for a unified prosperity. Alas, while they have served the moment, the conditions of the past are gone as they were once identified and we are met with new tasks for which the old governing structures are clumsy, cumbersome and crumbling.

And though many administrations have attempted to buttress the traditional social governing with sincere intentions of support, it is quickly becoming realized by those with an awakening Cenocratic perspective that further resources spent in the same manner are futile expressions of sentimentality. The old characters of Communism, Democracy and Socialism must be permitted the dignity of dying graciously without being subjected to the vanities of superficiality so witnessed in the usage of face-lifts, coloring diversions and wardrobe change. Even though we may one day recognize death as but another disease, and find a lasting cure for an individualized denouement imposed by the ravages of time; falsifying such a success at the present time and stage of history is a misrepresentation that is being too often carried over into Legislative, Judicial and Executive decision making. Cenocracy is a social self-governing style that supersedes the use of the old thatch and sticks architectural materials so reminiscent in the old declining structures of Communism, Democracy and Socialism.

With a few alterations and adjustments governed by present conditions, the old Declaration of Independence document can be used as an initial declaration for a desperately needed New Government (a Cenocracy)... which, boldly stated, will, in the years ahead; greatly exceed the accomplishments of any governing structure that has yet come into existence. It is an existence which can only be born in the soil of a collective body of hearts with a singular mind of purpose nurtured by the strength of a soul that is unified with a singular purpose wrought by a destined promise of possibility that each, unto their own ability, can share in.

While many can see the need is great and long overdue for a New Government, others who harbor a desire for some presumed glorified past by way of indulging the existent practice of those with an antiquated hereditary-organized mindset, do not. They simply do not understand and remain distant from a wider comprehension-ability for a variety of reasons, and may well view and define our efforts as quixotic. Some are either unwilling or intellectually unable to grasp the necessity for insisting that a New form of Representative Government be instituted. However, there are others who, although they realize that the present governments of the world need to be improved, resort to conjecturing with antiquated philosophical approaches because they are unaware that a so named Cenocratic form of thinking has of recent years come into being and is taking a greater solidified stature of characterization.

The outlined usage of an old document has proprietary import given the fact that history is repeating itself, and the citizenry are once again faced with a sovereign- diagrammed governing structure. Whereas the people of Colonial America wanted the freedom to govern itself from a representative body that enforced its right to rule by way of an idealism based in part on a patronage to hereditary standards to serve its own membership along a perpetuated course of like-mindedness; the present form of American government, to give but one example, has fashioned its Legislative, Judicial and Executive offices on a similar scale of personalized aggrandizements that has led to a system of laws that the rich or politically connected can exploit and the rest must endure the aftermath in increased taxation, unequal justice, and other Judicial, Legislative or Executive branch abuses.

The aforementioned is but one example of an ongoing and ever-deepening egregious deportment of disregard, disrespect, and disdainful disenfranchisement of all citizens from that which is supposed to be their own... namely, a government OF, BY, and FOR ALL the people, irrespective of the fact that Abraham Lincoln removed the word "all" from a document written by the abolitionist minister Theodore Parker, in acquiring material with which to write his Gettysburg address. Such a state of affairs: this Legislative, Judicial and Executive departure from the bulk of a country's citizens, can not continue. And, if necessary, if our requests are not met, a civil war; one far greater than humanity has heretofore ever experienced... will ensue. It is a constitutionally mandated unrevocable right of the people to protest the government and effect all changes it deems necessary, and does not have to protest according to the means, methods and manner directed by those presuming to be our betters.

It is therefore necessary that the people interject into the minds of law enforcement and the military that their role is to first and foremost govern according to the will of the people, and to stand down, with a full individually obligated conscience, if so directed, by one or more in the protested government, to otherwise intervene on their behalf against the people seeking the reformation of Democracy with a Cenocratic architecture.

However, let history take note of our course to be as civil as possible:

We The People by that reasoning most urgent to the very existence of our humanity, beseech, implore and attempt to dissuade any and all from any avenue against a protesting populace seeking to refashion the policies and structure of social self-governance. But if we fail in our attempts to convince others to disinherit themselves from a falsified patriotism or injudicious decree; and if such military and para-military offices instead choose to be wielded as a shield and weapon by those wanting to maintain an enforcement of their will on the people; then a far more destructive and bloody civil war will be that which is needlessly architectured because of those refusing to acknowledge and accede to our desire to regain the rightfulness of our own sovereignty to captain, to steward, and to vanguard the social vessel in which we live.

Theirs will be an act of despicable profanity against the people and will be likened to the deeds of Peter and Pilate unto Jesus: You will have sold out the people and seek not but to wash your hands of any wrong doing by claiming you were ordered to participate in efforts against your own family members, your own neighbors, your own co-workers, your own relatives and your own friends.... but you will find no lasting suffrage nor solitude because the historians and journalists of other countries will unmask your betrayal and attempts to retreat from the truth and camouflage it with pretended justifications.

You will be no less than an accomplice to a treasonous form of slaughterous malice, mayhem and murder. Yours and those whom you unconsciously serve will be the deeds of infamy that historians will speak shamefully of. Because your acts of senseless carnage, so typical of those attempting to disguise criminal acts by greater atrocities committed during a self-styled war: will be a mindless beast of prey unaware... that if so needed, the entire protesting populace will be martyred for those yet unborn; who will, in their time, take up the Cenocratic banner, step to the beat of its drum, and shout in so many tongues, We Are Coming!!!... to seek the invocation of our Cenocratic rights.

As incredulous as it may seem to the growing rationality of man and woman, there are some who wish to preserve traditions with which they are most comfortable with, regardless of the many injuries, injustices and improprieties perpetrated and perpetuated by present government structures existing throughout the world. It is as well fortunate that while each day brings more and more individuals to the fore-front of making the conscious leap of collective Cenocratic acknowledgment; we also realize we are going to have to confront this obstinacy with a like-minded stalwartness and greater resolute assertiveness.

While we would prefer that our views be met with agreeable change to conform to a more enhanced ideal of social self-governance, we are preparing ourselves for whatever suppression, avoidance, or false forms of concession might unfold as part of a social confrontation with those who will feel their chosen authority is being questioned, undermined, or forced into a change which lessens their ability to control our destiny as they deem best for all without need for our own judgments to be counted or as the sole determinant counsel. The reasoning of a growing rationality effected by a deepening consciousness escapes their diminutively traditionalized perspicacity which is little more that a ludicrous form of affected Representative electedness born out of elitism fashioned by religious superstitions, greed-aligned suspicions, and a profound superciliousness bred by a hierarchical structuring of personalized preferences to protect a preferred lineage of successors.

Present forms of governance are hierarchical structures meant to protect lineages of like-minded individuals who serve to create obstacles for the general public to enter the realm of legislative prowess. And yet if someone of the general public does gain entry, their views and efforts to assist the public may be met with an internalized system of gauntlet-like obstacles from those who are supposed to be working for the public, but are working in concert for themselves and those who support them in their employment. Thus, even elected representatives of the people can be fore-stalled from effecting any positive change by other elected representatives who have designed a club of, by and for themselves.

The governing practices of today effect undisclosed policies of creating paradigms of governments-within-governments and branches-of-government within branches-of-government by those practicing their own brands of elitism. In trying to promote the governing structure (in which they carry out their separate organizations) as being the most competent, it will go out of its way to try to set up its detractors (such as Cenocracy) for failure. Each of them unto themselves is a tyrant who would resort, if they felt threatened, to effect levels of social anguish and grief on the population in order to dispose it to levels of stress which forces the public to make mistakes and/or lessons productivity for which further harassment may ensue... so that the public will see the "error of its Cenocratic ways" and toe the line of that which they determine is best for all. They want to encourage and ensure the usage of a governing system which produces various loop-holes for them so that they are free not to have to participate in a system which supports their individualized freedoms that the majority can not have or else they would be unable to easily recognize some presumed superiority... a self-styled elitism.

And let us take note of but one profound hypocrisy: Whereas on the one hand they profess the right to rule over WE THE PEOPLE by way of a practiced monarchial-styled succession of like-mindedness though some would claim otherwise in order to present themselves in the humbled form of complacent and compliant servitude to the people; Yet they refuse to honor the proclamation of our emancipation by way of the right to rule based on the inheritance of a Cenocratic ideal. It is an ideal, that when more closely examined, will by some be said to have laid dormant for over two millennium; at which time it was artfully presented in different forms of religious, natural, and political philosophy by way of necessary formulas for the type of predisposed perspectives in use by different peoples in disconnected places living under individualized conditions.

*Note: "Radical Intellectualisms" in the opening preface refers to ideas that must of course be tested for verity. Belief, whether a product of laboratory testing, rationalization, or group observance, does not necessarily mean an idea is automatically applicable to a given task in a given context. Also, even though an intellectualism might be termed a psychological defense mechanism, does not mean it isn't factual. On the other hand, just because a view is defined with an authoritatively derived label such as "credible evidence", does not mean it is factual. Authority figures are not immune from fantasy creation, particularly when stressed... at which time underlying neurotic inclinations may surface.

Some intellectualisms can be accepted as a possibility for which we hold final judgment on, even if conventional or even group wisdom is inclined towards an interpretation of improbability. While some intellectualisms might well be unintelligible to a given person or group, the overall "portrait" of exposition can be entertaining whether or not you are of a personal mind to take an audience-directed speech or soliloquy as a point of factuality.

Whereas the French actor, author, and director Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) theorized a "Theater of Cruelty" where the elemental forces of the psyche would be spectacularly exposed, his mind, unfortunately, was behind a socially staged curtain which kept him from being able to functionally realize the burgeoning existence of a threshold for contemplating (with a formula to be put into practice), an enduring "Theater of Cenocracy" where the elemental forces of the public psyche will be spectacularly unleashed towards a greater collective liberty of Freedom, Justice and Equality!

While the many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism have had their long-running debut, the attending audiences are getting smaller and the stage candles are near the end of their wicks. While people in the theater and art world attempt to remove veils, shadows and askewed images caught at the corner of their eye, and voice some barely audible whisper into a fully functional creation, they are all using the wrong mediums. It is society itself which is the most appropriate canvas and stage upon which life can be brought to all their multifarious imagery. Usage of pantomime, ballet, still life, etc... regardless of the artistic medium and choreography employed, is like an infant who has not yet learned to speak. We need an applicable architecture with which to revolutionize all art, and that architecture is a Cenocracy.

From the Wikipedia:

From Artaud's book The Theatre and its Double: "Without an element of cruelty at the root of every spectacle," he writes, "the theatre is not possible. In our present state of degeneration it is through the skin that metaphysics must be made to re-enter our minds." By "cruelty," Artaud referred not to sadism or causing pain, but rather a violent, austere, physical determination to shatter the false reality that, he wrote, "lies like a shroud over our perceptions."

Antonin Artaud spoke of cruelty (French: cruauté) not in the sense of violent behaviour, but rather the cruelty it takes for actors to show an audience a truth that they do not wish to see. He believed that text had been a tyrant over meaning, and advocated, instead, for a theatre made up of a unique language that lay halfway between thought and gesture. Artaud described the spiritual in physical terms, and believed that all expression is physical expression in space.

Artaud thought that society and the world of theatre had become an empty shell. In the Theatre of Cruelty, he was trying to revolutionize theatre - figuratively burn it to the ground so that it could start again. He was trying to connect people with something more primal, honest and true within themselves that had been lost for most people.

Stephen Barber explains that "the Theatre of Cruelty has often been called an impossible theatre--vital for the purity of inspiration which it generated, but hopelessly vague and metaphorical in its concrete detail." This impossibility has not prevented others from articulating a version of his principles as the basis for explorations of their own... "Though many of those theatre-artists proclaimed an Artaudian lineage (Jerzy Grotowski, Peter Brook, Richard Schechner among them)". Susie Tharu argues, "The Artaud they invoke is marked by a commitment as ahistorical and transcendent as their own." There is, she suggests, another 'Artaud' and "the tradition he was midwife to."

Wikipedia: Theatre of Cruelty

Her book The Sense of Performance: Post-Artaud Theatre is an attempt to articulate her perspective of what she believes to be a transcendant practicality of the Artaudian perspective. But the usage of the term "practicality" is in some ways a metaphysical attribute. For example, before humanity could fly, flying like a bird was dreamed of. The dream was metaphysical thinking. Dreaming about practical uses of flying were also metaphysical issues. The same can be said for projectile weapons, television, radio, remote controlled hobbies, printing, medicine, automobiles, etc... Writing itself, not to mention many art and architectural forms, were at one time metaphysical ideas. Granted, words and ideas had to be modified, but they all started out as metaphysical realities. Cenocracy is at present a metaphysical reality seeking expression as a practicality. The people will have their Cenocracy as a practical physical reality.

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Posted Update: Thursday, December 4, 2014