The Cenocratic Manifesto

...To directly or indirectly participate in the alteration of every government in order to establish and enforce the development of Constitutions, mandated by Bills of Rights; which ensure that all laws are defined, regulated and voted on for concerted ratification by the people themselves and not through any vicarious form of Representation that minimizes, sub-standardizes or otherwise relegates the will of the people into a negligible consideration such as the American electoral college provision does.

Every country on this planet needs to be liberated from its sham forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism. They are false, they are deceitful, they are lies. The people must be liberated. Cenocracy is the 1-2-3-beats of a drum all will come to hear. We can not leave those in the current governments in charge of that which the people themselves must come to take over. In a Cenocratic Government it is the people with the Dominant political party. It is the people who have the dominant political branch.

Cenocracy is in its infant stages of development. It is an infant with a consciousness that some (like William James) may say is a Blooming, Buzzing Confusion. While others (like Elizabeth Spelke) might say represents the world consciousness of the new parents; which, in terms of a new born social self-governing paradigm bespeaks the madness which will ensue for current government leadership as the infant begins to mature towards its super-sanity, its originality, its genius. No doubt it will stumble and perhaps even fall on occasion, but it will get back to venture forth up because it has a destiny to fulfill. The growth of even a typical child is handful enough for most parents. But when faced with the development of a child with talent, with giftedness, with genius; they are confronted with a living being with a mind and consciousness all its own. They soon learn the child has an inherent will Towards Liberation... Towards Freedom... Towards Independence...

Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and others, as well as philosophers throughout the ages have assailed its followers to seek freedom of heart, mind and soul. Each spoke in their own language in their own time. But they spoke. And others have repeated their words. Such is the time for Cenocracy. But who amongst you will be the first to speak of it at the pulpit? On the street corner? At a town meeting?

  • Whom amongst you will have the courage to claim Cenocracy as a birthright, as the heralded promise of a new age, of a new dawn for a new humanity?

  • Whom amongst you will speak of Cenocracy to your friends and neighbors, so that they may join in the collective unison of wanting a government in which they may truly participate and not be deluded by forms of Representation that provide but an illusion through vicariousness?

  • Whom amongst you will sing of Cenocracy as the new International Anthem?

  • Whom amongst you will go into their government's Congress and proclaim that the dawning age of Cenocracy is at hand and they must relinquish the government to the people?

  • Whom amongst you will let the strength of your personal desires for a better way of life take a solidified form outside the meanderings of a well-intentioned mindfulness that has yet to proclaim itself as a reality that must be reckoned with?

  • Whom amongst you will take Cenocracy by the hand as it begins to learn to walk on its own?

  • Whom amongst you will be there to encourage Cenocracy to develop its own judgement, its own insight, its own wisdom?

  • Who amongst you will support Cenocracy even if those you thought were open-minded come to show themselves to be narrow-minded by resorting to various forms of manipulation to get you to turn away?

  • Whom amongst you will recognize that Cenocracy needs the camaraderie of like-minded individuals by way of establishing a Cenocratic party?

  • Whom amongst you will realize that such a party needs its own voice by having its own branch in Congress?

  • Whom amongst you, who already harbor a Cenocratic spirit will permit it to soar and reconnoitre the fact that there are others like yourself just waiting to reach out with extended arms and join flight towards the new horizon?

Humanity needs you. Take all your kindness, all your compassion, all your love and sculpt it into a scepter of passion for Cenocracy. Fashion this Cenocratic movement will all the strength of your very being. No matter if you think otherwise, place those doubts aside because you have been chosen. The calling is at hand and you are being called. You once heard the voice long ago as a whisper. But now the voice has greater clarity, greater distinctiveness, greater meaning.

Some will claim that to have a Cenocratic perspective is not normal, that it is akin to some form of insanity. And to have a Cenocratic form of government goes against our historical roots of being governed by those following in the footsteps of a long held ancestry. Such people who have found a niche in the way things are describe Cenocracy as madness because if it takes effect they will lose their place in the pecking order, they will lose their way of being told what to do, what to believe. They will use religious, business, and various other justifications for us to a tradition of social self-governance they are comfortable with. They will tell us that we should not make waves nor rock the boat in which they either stand at the helm, at the wheel, or blindly swab the decks and rationalize why things must remain as they are. It is impossible for their ignorance to imagine the course of a country directed by the collective will of the people. Yes, what glorious madness!!! It is a madness of such depth, length and breadth that only the super-sanity of a collective peoples geniusness can come to fully appreciate.

Although there are basic social concerns the world over that have some applicable universal considerations, additional concerns are rightly defined by specifics of location. Because concerned interests can have a multiplicity and complexity that is best understood, at times, by those directly involved, when closeness of proximity is the determining value for greatest appreciation, addressing the principles of these concerns should be proportionately matched by all those involved... hence, an overdue need for a Peoples Legislative Branch, a Congressionally established, Bill-of-Rights mandated Referendum (voting process), and a new political party advocating such directives.

Article 2, Section 1 of the U. S. Constitution created the Electoral College. Each state receives as many electoral votes as it has Senators and Representatives. Therefore, each state, including the District of Columbia, will have at least three electors.

3 times in 19th Century --- American Election History --- a candidate has won the popular vote but lost the election:

  1. In 1824, --- Andrew Jackson --- won both the popular and the electoral vote— that is he received more votes than any of the other candidates. But, no one in the four-man race won a majority, or more than 50%, in the Electoral College, so the House of Representatives decided the outcome. The House picked --- John Quincy Adams ---, who had come in second in the popular and electoral votes.

  2. In 1876, --- Samuel J. Tilden --- won 51% of the popular vote, while Rutherford B. Hayes captured 48%. However, Hayes won 185 electoral votes, while Tilden got 184. A special electoral commission picked Hayes to be president.

  3. In 1888, --- Benjamin Harrison --- became president by winning 233 electoral votes, even though he received only 47.8% of the popular vote. His opponent, --- Grover Cleveland ---, garnered 48.6% of the popular vote, yet received only 168 electoral votes.

--- Campaign 2000 The Electoral College ---

In other words, here are three prime examples that the votes of individual Americans are set aside (as being worthless) in order that only a handful of individuals are left to select the outcome of an election. When the Supreme Court of the 2000 Presidential election chose George W. Bush, there was even a smaller handful of people deciding the outcome of a Nation... to so much regret. In short, the American people are judged as idiots yet the majority, if asked, doesn't think this definition is attributable to themselves... it is a label which they typically attach to someone they observe or have heard as having done something that they consider to be a reflection of an inadequacy, usually in reference to mental ability. It is a wide-spread self-generated arrogance which helps to perpetuate the Electoral College form of segregating a few from the many.

Equality in America needs to be better practiced before it can dictate to others who practice that which is viewed as substandard... actual abuses in the forms of torture, beatings, starvation, incarceration, and the like.