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What does Independence mean to the Hong Kong Chinese? More of the same false Democracy that the peoples of the world have had to endure? Whereas one flavor of Democracy is perhaps better than another, which flavor does Hong Kong want, when... if they choose either the British or American models, there are those living in these countries who know all too well that they are existing under claims of a Democracy but do not in fact get to practice an actual one, only an illuson thereof. Have those in Hong Kong come up with a better, more realistic model of Democracy than any existing today?

We at Cenocracy.org don't actually know what all the fuss is about when it comes to those in Honk Kong protesting for a Democracy when, according to the Chinese government's top spokesperson China is already a Democratic Nation... albeit a Democractic Dictatorship. The Chinese government is not lying about being as much a Democracy as the U.S.A. since the U.S. is not a Democracy either. When the Chinese government is said to pit its "Easetern-style" of Democracy against the U.S. Western-style, the notions of a Southern and Northern Style is not too far-fetched as alternative considerations. So, we must ask ourselves, since neither China, nor the U.S. actually have styles of government which some of us might denote as being a Democracy, what style of Democracy do those in Hong Kong want? What sort of flavor? East? West? or some combonation of this, that and whatever formula of government one would care to label as being a Democracy?

For those of us in the U.S., we know all too well that the flavor of Democracy being practiced is that of a phony variety.

China is claimed as a Democracy

It's no wonder that the Chinese and other governments around the world make fun of the U.S. claims of being a Democracy. It's a joke.

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