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Like many of us, you too may have a different opinion about a given topic. And yes, conversations can get emotionally heated at times, but eventually calm down because we all share the same goal... to create a government that is as close as possible to an actual democracy as we can get so that the practice of self-governance can undergo its developmental course and produce that eventual form of government which will be of benefit to all of humanity... with a full realization that humanity must make plans for removing itself from the planet because of the incrementally ongoing decay and dwindling resources which will force us to accept more stringent forms of conservation/conservatism as a methodology of adoptive rationalization in our attempts to sustain some measure of individual and social equilibrium.

However, there are several of us who question the ability of humanity to develop, much less function in what some of us would venture to offer as a definition and illustration of what an "actual" Democracy is. Nonetheless, we approximate the realization of such in the notion of using a "peoples legislative branch" inclusion based on the idea of... but not mirror-imaged practice of a jury-of-one's-peers formula of government. If it is sound that a person has a right to a jury of one's peers, then it should not be far-fetched to use a government of one's peers in the form of a Peoples Legislative Branch (PLB) made up of one man, one woman, and one worker from every State (such as in the case of the United States), collected by self-nominations and chosen by random selection. While the details of which can be worked out as to pay, benefits, term in office, etc., the PLB can out vote the House, The Senate, the White House and the entire Judiciary or any government branch, by way of a National Referendum. The PLB can oppose any all political appointments and decisions, and hold any government employee or elected official accountable for any legal infraction or atrocious immoral activity.

Holding a different opinion with any of the articles is fine, but please don't permit it to become so offended either because you find something stupid, ridiculous, grossly in error or distasteful; that you turn your back on an attempt to establish the basis by which the whole of society may come together and develop the governing mechanism for the benefit of everyone. Despite any or all shortcomings you may perceive, our intentions are well-meant and sincere. We all deserve a better life than the present social governing nonsense we are being forced to put up with.

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Homosexual Colonization

The so-called seven basic colors actually have an underlying 3-based formula in the sense of three additive and three subtractive colors. Whereas some readers may focus on the "seven" aspect of the colors in a rainbow, others learn to discern other details, such as when a group uses the rainbow as the symbol to represent a presumed multi-racial composite, they are in fact not representing humanity in any magnanimous gesture of desired fellowship, but the multi-flavored orientations of an antiquated lingam (penis) and yoni (vagina) preoccupation as idols around which their social world revolves... similar to the ego-centricity practiced by the Christian church when it vilified non-believers as to its view that the Earth... and hence the church, was at the center of the Universe, as defined by their ego-centricity.

Colors from a prism like those in a rainbow 3 additive and 3 subtractive colors
Colors of the rainbow used by the LGBTQs to voice their ego-centricity

The spectrum of colors in the rainbow displayed on a flag as a symbol by the dispersed cults of the LGBTQ orientation is the portrait of a vain and pretentious world-view of Ego-centricity in the current Era. It is the expression of an underlying metaphorized adulteress and incestuous inclination of rapacious hedonism once advocated in the run-amuck orgies of antiquity by cultic fertility worshippers. In ancient India, Rome and elsewhere... the old mentality has re-emerged... not as an evolved consciousness of human spirit seeking to implement a genuine character of progressive development for all of humanity to embrace, but as the vagabond troupe of an historicized familial lineage whose offspring now "come out" to engage in socialized venues (that were once practiced in secrecy) as "Lesbianist" (feminist Lesbian) exercises of self-empowered (masturbatory) intellectualisms deliberately engendered as virgin birth forms of public vilification against an idealized larger populace they discolor as infidels who are little to blame for individualized attacks against their ways of life, but are blamed for not only social protections but social projections of their inflated self-worth concealing deep levels of insecurity and self-flagellation, shielded by one or another of their many schematized pontifications.

The New Kilroy for the present Age of Irrationality

Yet is it not enough that the public adopts a live and let live philosophy, they must be forced to endure a yearly exhibitionism of an inebriated consciousness harboring the shadows of lost souls seeking some refuge, some sanctuary of sanity from so-called normalized societies— with 1) despotic forms of Democracy, 2) hypocritical religions and 3) psychopathic forms of legalized criminality amongst Corporations and small businesses wielding capitalism as a tool box of ready-made implements and weapons to be used against a public that is interpreted as refusing to enfranchise them not as equals, but as superior-equals; in an idealized frame of mind that presumes itself a tour de force, an avant garde, THE Renaissance of some New Age truth, beauty, justice fraternity and equality... that so many of us view as the commonality of a cult's neurotically-tinged selfies akin to a 'kilroy carving' of "I Was Here"... because they think the world should remember them as they are... whomever they are— lacking a modicum of self-awareness that they are lost without their self-serving crowd of like-minded Lost Girls and Boys of the Totemic Quorum, reminding us we are living in an Age of Irrationality.


Note for Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 2018: It appears there is some interest in the previous posts containing a general theme with no suggestions or proposals of what should be done, and less than what some of us prefer of the theoretical discussions which attempt to provide some relative "answer" of what should be done in our efforts to reform (restructure) the political situation. Because of public interests, the sponsorship has thus been forced to reconsider its intent on the forces of a more serious approach to socio-political considerations. Hence, we repost the previous contents page list and will update it accordingly. We will also be adding a new home page with a definitive proposition since many people are not inclined to wade through numerous pages of theory. We have consolidated the newest Manifesto into a list for those interested in this avenue of socio-political prospecting.

Previous Note (Monday, 10-July-2017... 6:52 AM): We have re-designated this page "Contents and Archive" because some of the views have become outdated, though not all of them have been comprehensively revised. In some instances you may be of the opinion that a particular article represents hate speech instead of legitimate political expression. As with many things, commentary on one or another issue raises emotions and blood pressure. Sometimes things are blurted out which should not be said; but as creatures of habit within the spectrum of a given vocabulary in a given context, we are fallible. No less, we fully admit that our views can undergo change over time due to personal and educational experiences. Unlike the government, we are receptive to re-evaluation, change, as well as being able to find reflection in faults and admit mistakes; without the need for anyone having to engage in a bureaucracy or a time-constrained form submission that gets lost in the mail... or can be claimed to not have been received via e-mail because of some "glitch" having been awarded a "personhood" name and status in order to be thrust into a conventionalized whipping boy upon whom to cast blame instead of blaming the system which refuses to allow the public to correct its many mistakes. In other words, we don't need to rely on the recurring usage of obfuscation so typical of many politicians and those who speak one way in public and then another when in private.

By keeping the old ideas with the newer one's, it is not an attempt to confuse anyone, but provide a readily available example to ourselves of how wrong we can be sometimes in our initial assessments. We don't care to conceal mistakes and give the impression we are trying to hide something or represent an hypocrisy... though this may be the impression if two or more authors are enabled to tackle the same topic from individualized perspectives... which can lead to a comedy of errors and importations of wild imaginations. As for being able to distinguish between what the present majority accepts as a valid doctrine representing a consensus, the present home page entitled "Cenocratic views in a 3-chambered nutshell" is the closest approximation... though not every topic is being considered for inclusion.

A word about copyrights is in order. Please understand that while individual writers may provide some indication of themselves for a given idea, it remains that the existing realization is for the adoption of a Cenocracy and not for a single person to be "THE" Representative of a Cenocratic ideal. In other words, none of the writers are attempting to put themselves before the idea for establishing what others have been calling an "Actual Democracy". They are not running for any political office. They are not attempting to promote themselves, but a Cenocracy (a "New Government" with an actual Of, By and For all the people form of governance). However, some writers seem a bit inclined to force the promotion of a Cenocracy into the content of a page whose main theme seems other-wise directed. Please do not interpret any single perspective as being representative of the views of all professing a Cenocratic orientation, unless a page is professing such an inclination such as the "Cenocracy Nutshell" list. Each view is shown through the filter or prism of a given personality at a given moment. Such filtering and prismatic mechanisms do change over time.

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