Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
Democracy's New Path
Democracy's Cenocracy


Many of us realize that Democracy as it is currently practiced in various formulas throughout the world, are limited variations of what "Democracy" means, when it is taken at face value, as represented by the definition of a "Peoples Rule" that is alternatively and more commonly referred to as a Peoples Government. Democracy becomes an object that is seen from different vantage points, like the concept of God, and is attached with the social apparel of a given culture's emotional and intellectual inclinations. Such a variegated practice becomes all the more problematic, as described by the type and extent of a given society's recurring social problems; when multiple definitions attempt to play out a dominant role of social organization.

If the whole of a population did participate in the design and management of their government, the political structure and scaffolding of the government would be different than the present designs which utilize some model of proportion "Representation". Those who might argue against a government structure which actually permits the whole of the public to take an active role in how their government is to function, using their own manner of articulation... would claim that such a process would be too unwieldy a prospect for achieving a functionality. They prefer that a system be used whereby a few are chosen, in one way or another, to represent the Majority. However, in practice, those so chosen frequently choose to effect their authority along those efforts which will best suit the majority perspective of a minority... be that minority one of business, political, religious or individual interests of a minority seeking some advantage they prefer to denote as an un-recognized Right.

While some social problems can readily be addressed within a given governing structure, by changing leadership, funding, methodology of application, etc., it is difficult at times to determine whether a social program intended to do good, is actually an elaborate means of submerging the intricacies of a problem that stubbornly persists because it is an expression of an overall faulty governing structure. For example, whereas a social enterprise of commerce, charity, diplomacy, protest, media portrayals, academic reference, etc., and the associated social accolades for various interventions dealing with the assistance of those subjected to the loss of a limb (or life) because of land mines left after a military conflict... the causes of the conflict and possible future conflicts in the same place or elsewhere, may not be adequately addressed because they are part of a governing system which breeds a type of mentality which perpetrates such conflicts. Likewise, all the systems and efforts of good which are established, and for which many may find some lucrative social niche' by way of establishing a career or other life's work... might well conceal that which creates the overall undesirable circumstances.

While some might agree, others might claim such an idea is but a consideration whose testability is not quantifiable by a definite measure of linked causality. In other words, complexity gets in their way of being able to readily discern an action begun at a point A which resulted in a distinctive point B, followed by C and so forth. If they have developed an appreciably likable livelihood, they might well argue against anything that suggests a change in a social system within which they have accumulated reserves of wealth, property, reputation, etc... And though our argument may be based on a sound appraisal, those in authoritative positions, or those whose livelihoods are made by supporting such positions, may simply deny the perspective which differs from their own. They collectively guard their view with established rules, regulations and laws that best serve to preserve a system in which they have learned to prosper. And should we ask them to change it, no matter how right we are, they need only say no and use the resources at their disposal to prohibit and prevent our desires to practice an alternative way of life... regardless if it represents greater equality for more people.

Greater equality can be expressed by an increased level of Democracy through the establishment of a governing system which advocates direct, full-time participation in its furthering development and maintenance. One such formula is the adoption of a "Peoples Legislative Branch" which functions as a type of moderator for the public to collectively discuss and vote on any or all social issues via a Constitutionally- mandated National Referendum which will be used to develop the laws of the land. Tax laws, firearm ownership, sexual orientation, pollution, animal rights, minimum & maximum wages and benefits, business regulation, right to die, right to work, goods manufacturing and distribution, abortion, jail terms, medical costs, food additives, Education, Equal Rights, judicial sentencing, homelessness, medical treatment rights, property ownership, etc., etc., etc., will be discussed and voted on.

The people do not and can not have a collective consensus of trust in a government that effects the usage of a limitation in Democracy. The present formula of governance practices varying types of dismissiveness, delay, distraction and disregard for the collective Will of the people. Despite the claims of those in Authority that they are representing the Will of the people, such statements are akin to fairy tales because there is no established means of tabulating what that Will is. The Will of the people is fractionated into fragments of negligibility in order to make the Will of the Representative seem all the more potent because of dominant orientation to it being described as the collective Will of their constituency. A constituency that is rarely if every truly asked for its collective opinion... an opinion that the people themselves are not permitted to take seriously and therefore view the current standards of voting as but another example of imposed democratic limitations.

Some people do not vote because they think the system is rigged... and it is. It is rigged to favor the Will of a minority backed by a media hungry for its ranks to obtain awards for covering a social instance that they helped to create... like volunteer fire-fighters of old that started fires to "prove" there was a need for a taxes- paid for full fire department, and a system of military organization whose members long to be involved in situations to make a name for themselves or participate in events which help to maintain military preparedness— and provides theaters of operation where new technologies of destruction and killing might be tested... even it they have to stoke the embers of social discomfort into flames they can provide the public with an excuse cloaked as a reason for intervention. Sometimes, the tactic of instigation is brought about by a deliberate delay so that a defined "Greater Crime" will evolve... and can be used, for example, to create the conditions for accruing greater in-house wealth via dispensed fines (a frequent tatic employed by those in regulatory systems of law enforcement). What evolves alongside this is a callousness towards a public with no power to defend nor protect itself against government departments and divisions who act as bullies. Additionally, Security and Spy systems need their own appropriate environments to create multiple scenarios of functioning... even if they have to instigate them artificially... or unwittingly, by insisting that their parent governing system is equal to none... and not even itself.

The present practices of government are limited democracies that are not equal to the expression of an actual democracy. But this is true of Communism and Socialism as well, though Theocratic governing systems are little different in this respect of practicing their own brand of participant limitation... based on some rational of authoritative specialty. Governing systems typically use the portrayal of (limited) voting rights to suggest that equality has been established and is freely practiced. Such actions of voting, typically based on some formula of registration that many homeless persons may not qualify for, though they are nonetheless citizens; are practices of limited voting rights. The people are not allowed to vote on any social issue they want, such as an Equal Rights Desire, unless the public jumps through a series of petitioning hoops that were politically established as an obstacle to the people effecting their Will into law. If no such intent of obstruction was the political motive, then such a function of government would be established for the mandated usage of a Referendum. The people would then be enabled to practice an equal level of democracy with those elected into political office, instead of having to suffer the ill effects of the present unequal distribution of democracy based on an underlying prejudicially prescribed discrimination historically initiated by observances of governing tradition to exclude the people from a collective form of self governance.

And to each we must ask, what excuses do you have... to be used as a manufactured rational, in order to keep yourself and others from realizing a more equal distribution of democracy? Are you so used to your present limitations of democracy that a greater quantity can not be acknowledged as a greater quality of life that you deserve as a basic Right? It is time for a Cenocracy to establish Democracy's New Path.

Date of Creation and Initial Posting: Saturday, October 10, 2015