Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
The Development of a New Sociology


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The "Black Lives Matter" idea, just like the Feminist, LGBTQ, "Occupy", "selfie" and White Supremist ideologies... including Islamic Fundamentalism, Biblical Fundamentalism, Constitution Fundamentalism, Nationalism and multiple other "WE-ness" or "We are the World" perspectives (such as "Mother-Earth" ideological themes variously found amongst the antiquities of Native peoples such as the United Earth all inclusive "us-ness" perspective)... are all variations of ego-centricity similar to that which occurred with the old Cosmology involving the idea that the Earth, and hence humanity, was at the center of the Universe and their (a) God's primary interest. The "Make America Great Again" theme used by Trump in his bid for the U.S. Presidency and the "We Are Stronger Together" perspective used by Hillary as a Campaign slogan, are similar representations of ego-centricity, in that the "ego" has been expanded such as in the case of someone being claimed as the "world" champion of some sport. Likewise, acts of colonialism and Imperialism are expressions of an enlarged ego-centricism. And let us include the Attorney General Lynch's comment that she is troubled that a distinction needs to be made between the "Black Lives Matter" and "All Lives Matter" slogans... Because her world-view is ego-centrically focused on her race, much in the manner that Obama's is, to them, the Black-centered slogan represents All things. Whereas in an "All" reference, individualized (self-centered) references are also included. Yet, none of the ideas matter unless we create a social mood for accepting that such ideas do matter.

All such "movements" hijack and ambush some religion or some sociological perspective, be it Communism, Democracy, Socialism or whatever... yet none of them are referring to an actual representation thereof... just their convoluted interpretations. Each of them in their own way attempts to claim some especial ownership of a given sociological perspective that they adapt to their view that is an expressed centralization on themselves and their belief system. History is once again repeating itself, in that all of these "self"-centeredness, claiming to represent some larger embodiment of truth and therefore involves a struggle for all of humanity; is like those in the past who insisted Earth was at the center of the Universe upon which humanity stood, and therefore it was logical (in their minds) to conclude their religious faith was at the center of (their) God's interests and concerns. However, the old Cosmology-based self-absorption was turned on its head, so to speak, when the idea of a Sun-centered Cosmology stood up and said that humanity was not so very important as was thought. Similarly, Black Lives Do Not Matter in the frame of reference as some proponents are discussing and using to propel other ulterior motivations into what can be viewed as a political pork barrel. In other words, while a singular orientation may be expressed in a given slogan, underlying the singularity of the slogan are multiple themes... just like the passage of a particular legislative Bill entitled for a specific view, contains the provisions for funding other considerations for those who supported the initial Bill. The Bill is hijacked by various Legislative ambushing techniques... thus revealing that Legislatures are nests of Robber Barons.

And even though King Obama provides an audience by inviting the centralist committee of the Black Lives Matter orientation to the White House to discuss grievances, this does not actually increase, but decreases the value of the perspective because it further emphasizes the level of ego-centricity being played out by advancing the presence of a discriminatory level of practice at the highest levels of government. Obama grants fellow Blacks an audience, while others with equal and more important issue grievances, are ignored and obliquely dismissed as some irrelevance. Black issue(s) centralism clearly describes a variation of the old Earth-centered cosmology.

The development of a New Sociology as a title referencing the desire for a New Government (a Cenocracy), requires the development of a New Cosmology so that we can get all the aforementioned ideological perspectives to pull their heads out of their own deep back pockets; which is an analogy referencing the presence of a greater level of self-absorption than the old "head in the sand" expression.

This New Cosmology takes different ideas already existing and combines them together into a new analysis involving the development of life, humanity and the resulting humanity society and its various associated ideological perspectives (art, biology, chemistry, mathematics, music, physics, politics, religion. etc...). Here is a short list of current cosmological/planetary ideas already widely known:

  • The Universe, as we know it, is expanding away from its "Big Bang" moment, coupled with a decrease in the content of substances in the universe and alterations in their respective proportionalities (relationship of dark matter to... dark energy to... atoms).

  • The Energy of the Sun will one day burn out completely as it also expands to a size which may engulf the innermost three planets.

  • The Rotation Rate of the "3rd planet" Earth is slowing down causing an incremental cessation of the electro-magnetic field, and thus gravity.

    1. The duality of the "night/day" influence on both plants and animals is lengthening. (days and nights are incrementally getting longer).
    2. The triplicity of the dawn/noon/dusk influence is "fusing" into a three -to- one (3 -into- 1) expression.

  • The Moon is receding (expanding in distance) from the Earth, thus affecting a slowing... and then an eventual stoppage, of the tidal (washing machine) effect.

Needless to say, it is well known that biological substances are affected by how hot and how cold, how hot and how dry, and how oxygenated or not, the environment is. While today these are simple patterns to recognize and identify as causal factors influencing the development of life or the lack there of, other correlations involving more definitive patterns are determined as either being actual or speculative, if the cause -and- effect relationships occur close in time and proximity, and can be tested in a laboratory setting, which is often used as a means by which truth is to be accepted as valid or even merely as a product of the type of experiment one utilizes in an effort to establish the validity of an hypothesis or its falsity.

Again, in order to establish the beginnings for developing a New Sociology, and thus a New Government (a Cenocracy), we must venture into the realm of establishing a New Cosmology. The above mentioned patterns occurring in the larger Universe (which includes an expanding Galaxy) and the Earth's planetary system, are incremental occurrences taking place right now. And one should not be inclined to think that the word "incremental" necessarily refers to a steady-state meandering in which no "punctuations" of effect can not take place. In a sense, the above patterns can take place in terms of the three sentence-ending punctuations known as a period, question mark, and exclamation point... with each metaphorically representing a definitive yes, maybe, and an unexpected "wow" occurrence. In other words, the regularity of events during a given age may not be the same as that recorded in some former age in which a particular perspective was established and may have been labeled a "law" indicating an observed assumption and expectation based on an observed regularity. The speed and intensity of an event can change according to a "regularity" that has not been previously understood or for that matter, even observed.

without the patterns exhibited by humans, there would be no human society. Without the patterns exhibited by life, there would be no humans. And without the patterns exhibited by DNA, RNA and Proteins, there would be no life. Similarly, without the patterns exhibited by Earth, the galaxy and the Universe; each sequence of events in the eventual development of human society... and hence the type(s) of government being practiced, would not be possible. For example, when we note the apparent "Universality" of the Triplet Code in DNA and RNA, the idea that this pattern may have been caused by the presence of Earth in its position from the Sun, may not be entertained... even though both the Triplet Code and the Earth's third position from the Sun are widely known. Such a correlation is otherwise thought by some to be rather simplistic and remains unproven by any laboratory (scientific) standard. And more so might be the case of an observed skepticism if one were to suggest that the Sun's three moments (dawn, noon, dusk), acting as a strobe-light effect due to the Earth's rotation which was much accelerated during the moment of biology's initial stepping-stone trek from simplicity to more complexity— was an influential pattern-of-three event.

For some, it doesn't matter that hundreds of three-patterned examples can be shown to exist in different subject areas, since they would argue there are multiple instances of two-patterned ideas in Chemistry (dimers, contrasting agents), Astronomy (dual star arrangements), Religion (good/evil), and various other subjects as well. Likewise, they may not be interested in giving any relevance to the recognized 1-2-3 pattern as part of the overall New Cosmology, regardless if it suggests a maturational development sequence which necessarily involves an integrated "two" pattern. However, let us step back a bit from this symbology discussion and put the reference into a generalized appreciation of human conditions. In this respect, the 1-2-3 pattern begins at a "one", a singularity, like a "self" reference being exhibited by so many politically-defined ideas. While some ideas join with other "self"-orientations to give the impression of a larger, and hence more formidable group (the old "strength in numbers" theme), such a collective compartmentalization is not representative of a maturational development. It is little more than an accretion (more of the same). The underlying composition is not changed. Water added to water, be it in a cup, river or ocean, remains as water. No matter how many self-centered people you join together, it will not mature beyond its self-centeredness unless their is an appreciable ephiphany away from the developed ego-centricity.

Like the Earth-centered Cosmology of old that represented and encouraged various ego-centric characters of thought, humanity has now come full circle, so to speak, in a cyclical type of repeating history in that multiple formulas of "self-ness" that are being expressed by different politically oriented factions... like the once different factions of paganism which preceded the development of a New Cosmology that advocated a single "All Powerful" god instead of the many different personalized god beliefs. The presence of different groups advocating their own agendas, even though they may pay lip service to one another to give the impression of solidarity in order to boast of being larger and stronger... like a kid telling another kid they have a gang or big brother whom they should thus be afraid of and yield to their demands; is similar to the Old social environments where multiple small groups gave the impression of standing together with a single belief of expressed unity, though no such unity actually existed... and if any one of them were pressed, would act like the fickleness seen amongst associations of those whose individual interests of greed would selfishly retreat if it was in their self-centered interests to do so.

All religions appear to hold some belief of especial importance in the eyes of a purported single God. By creating the idea of a single God, competition was greatly reduced who claimed their God made them most special amongst anyone. Likewise, we see a variation of this by Blacks who choose themselves to be the democracy-advocating spokes-people for all persons of color, though no democratic election took place in which they were electively chosen. They assume the position of speaking for all "peoples of color" based on an unspoken inclination of thinking themselves to be of especial, singular importance, like those of antiquity who viewed themselves as God's "chosen" people. Messianic syndromes come in different flavors, frequently exhibited in racially-specific, gender-specific, or some other self-oriented specificity such as one's sexuality. Yet, whether it be one person who is neurotic, socio-pathic, or psycho-pathic, or a group, company, or nation... the underlying condition of the mental and emotional state remains the same... or else it is worsened. In other words, an insane person remains an insane person even if an entire civilization adopts the same perspective. A cult is still a cult whether it is a membership of one or one trillion. One aberrant orientation added to other individual groups of other aberrant orientations does not make all the aberrant orientations automatically normal... since appearances are often deceiving.

While many in the past recognized simple patterns related to the Earth and Sun, they thought the patterns (such as night and day) were due to the Sun revolving around the Earth, instead of the other way around. Likewise, many political groups think that the overall social consciousness is increasingly revolving around them. Such a self-centeredness is intensified by participating in actions which foment believed in antagonisms and confrontation. Anger is used as a quick way to get others involved with oneself, as an expressed over-compensation for feelings of inadequacy precipitated by feeling oneself is being ignored by actions suggesting a personal value is diminished... whether or not such a situation actually occurs.

However, when a group is experiencing a moment that may be described as hysteria or irrationality, which may be encouraged by social leadership, attempts to provide a more rational perspective may have to wait a more receptive time, unless the group can be slapped in the face, so to speak, and jar it from its self-perpetuating direction towards a demise. Several instances of irrationality occurring in history can be mentioned such as the Crusades, witch hunts, lynchings, America's phoney democracy, McCarthyism, Nuremberg trials, Creationist preoccupations, ethnic cleansing, the American Civil War, the Spanish American War, Viet Nam, the World Wars, Alexander the Great Campaigns, Flat Earth philosophy, Bush's WMD perspective, the American Government's instigation and usage of the 911 event to promote the "rationale" for committing the U.S. into executing a personal Bush Vendetta against Sadam and Cheney's desire to help his former Haliburton employer to gain lucrative government contracts as a means of helping the company recoup the money spent in political campaign contributions, various holiday obsessions, sports fanaticism, the American Janus-faced profile of (the lesser of two or more evils) election processes, etc...

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In terms of developing a New Cosmology for establishing the basis upon which a governing/social structure is to use as a philosophical cornerstone, the aforementioned recital of known events as a sequential causation from which a progression of logic exists to be noted; may be looked upon in a different way. Instead of saying the above listed sequencing causes the influence of subsequent pattern similarities in biological and human events, it can be stated that if there was a different Cosmological circumstance, the resulting patterns would be different. For example, if we do not permit ourselves to accept that a three-patterned Cosmological/Planetary ("Planetological") occurrence played a part in setting the stage or stage scenery for the development of a triplet coding system in DNA and RNA from which may well have arisen various three-patterned ideas in philosophy, then let us look at the situation where an alternative genetic pattern may have been born if there was a different Cosmological/Planetary sequencing and patterning. In other words, if there were a "Big Crunch" underway instead of the remnants of a "Big Bang" or we were not on the third planet from a source of solar energy, we might more easily conclude that a different pattern in our sociological governing structures would be different. If a different pattern would indeed produce different effects, then we might be more amenable to the idea that the results now in place are a result of a given pattern being reflected, unless the patterns are those having been developed by refraction... and thus are a distortion.

The idea of "reverse engineering" is used to describe a method (algorithm) for discerning how something is put together, often for the purposes of recreating the sequence... and perhaps altering it to produce something specific, or simply to see what will happen if a given alteration is made. Hence, we come to recognize different forms of presumed logic such as psychological logic (what we believe) and what occurs independent of human thought... to which we may ascribe numbers and establish an enumerated form of logic... even though the symbols used, and order, or sequence of operations is an arbitrarily established formula. For example, if we say 1 + 1 = 2 (one plus one equals two) and reverse engineering this formula assists in deciphering the logic being used, the entire sequence nonetheless is a construct of the human mind. Each of the symbols represents some meaning assigned to them, and thus constitutes what we call a "formula" or "equation" or whatever label the reader may prefer to describe it as. It is similar to the usage of the terms Communism, Democracy and Socialism... each of which is a separate symbol of an idea, even thought these symbols are used to describe different variations according to the dispositions of those employing the words to portray their views. They are symbols which define generalities, even if a large group agrees to the same definition. If everyone assigns the numerical value of "1" to Communism and "2" to Democracy and "3" to Socialism, this does not mean these symbolic correlations also represent an equation, unless we thus use them as such with associated operations that we intentionally use. In other words, if we say these three represent an equation needing to be worked out in order to produce a better form of social governance, what are the symbols of the "equation" and what is the order of operation? Do they represent a simple addition problem, or something more complex... that can nonetheless be solved?

These "three" sociological references is a quantity present in many different ideas... and as such, appear to reflect some environmental influence which causes the pattern to recur. For example, when Karl Marx spoke of the three sociological (class) divisions noted as Proletariat (lower class)- Bourgeoisie (middle class)- Aristocracy (upper class), some readers may not be aware that his analysis of society using this criteria, was a reflection of the influence G.W.F. Hegel's three-part dialectical reasoning involving the sequence of (Theses... Anti-theses... Synthesis). Whereas it is easily to establish a cause and effect sequence in this example, we may not be so lucky in establishing that which influenced Hegel's usage of his three-part idea. While some may want to venture the idea that the Christian Trinity may have played a part, it could very well be that some other philosopher in the past, or some off-handed remark by a passer-by had been the source. Irrespective of this, if we attempt to engage in a reverse engineering effort to get at the source of the first three-part influence, some may turn to biology and consider that the first one came from the triplet coding of DNA and/or RNA, though a further usage of such an engineering method would necessarily lead us to looking at the origin of the three-part code from some planetary event, if not an additional biological source from somewhere out in space.

However, some readers may not fully apprehend the necessity for trying to establish a cause -and- effect chain of events, unless they become privy to a list of three-patterned ideas, though short that it is:

3-patterned philosophical distinctions:

St. Augustine's Philosophy: Memory ~ Understanding ~ Will
Comte's Philosophy: Great Being ~ Great Medium ~ Great Fetish
Hegel's 3 Spirits: Subjective Spirit ~ 0bjective Spirit ~ Absolute Spirit
Plotinu's Philosophy: One ~ One Many ~ One and Many
Aristotle's 3 Unities: Unity of Action ~ Unity of Time ~ Unity of Place
Sir F. Bacon's 3 Tables: Presence ~ Absence ~ Degree
Thomas Hobbes's 3 Fields: Physics ~ Moral Philosophy ~ Civil Philosophy
Immanuel Kant's 3 Critiques: Pure Reason ~ Practical Reason ~ Judgment
Averroes's 3 Commentaries: Little ~ Middle ~ Great
Karl Marx's 3 isms: Communism ~ Socialism ~ Capitalism
Woodrow Wilson's 3 isms: Colonialism ~ Racism ~ Anti-Communism
Hippocrates's Mind Disorders: Mania ~ Melancholia ~ Phrenitis
Emile Durkeim's 3 Suicides: Egoistic ~ Altruistic ~ Anomic
D. Liesman's 3 Social Characters: Tradition-directed ~ Inner-directed ~ Other-directed
Erich Fromm's 3 Symbols: The Conventional ~ The Accidental ~ The Universal
Pythagoras's "fusion" idea: Monarchy ~ Oligarchy ~ Democracy (into harmonic whole)
M.L. King Jr.'s "Middle Road": Acquiescence ~ Nonviolence ~ Violence
Kierkegaard's 3 Stages: Aesthetic ~ Ethical ~ Religious
Husserl's 3 Reductions: Phenomenological ~ Eidetic ~ Religious
St. Augustine's 3 Laws: Divine Law ~ Natural Law ~ Temporal, or positive Law
3 Truths of the Witness Stand: Tell the Truth ~ The whole Truth ~ Nothing but the Truth
Titus Carus's 3 Ages: Stone Age ~ Bronze Age ~ Iron Age
Feuerbach's 3 Thoughts: God, 1st Thought ~ Reason, 2nd ~ Man, 3rd
Magnus's 3 Universals: Ante Rem ~ In Rem ~ Post Rem
Max Weber's 3 Authorities: Traditional ~ Charismatic ~ Legal-rational
F.  de Sausure's 3 "Signs": Sign ~ Signified ~ Signifier
Charles Pierces 3 "Signs": Qualisign ~ Sinsign (token) ~ Legisign
John Keynes's 3 Eras: Scarcity ~ Abundance ~ Stabilization
George Mead's 3 Distinctions: Self ~ I ~ Me
Thrasher's 3-group Gangs: Inner Circle ~ Rank & File ~ Fringers
Abe Lincoln's 3-For-All: Of the People ~ By the People ~ For the People
Jesus Christ's 3 Praises: In the name of the Father ~ Son ~ Holy Spirit
Samuel Clemmons' (Mark Twain) 3 lies: Lies ~ Damned Lies ~ Statistics
J.W.S. Pringle's 3 intellectual problems: Religious & Ethical ~ Practical ~ Scientific
J. Bruner's 3 cognitive processing modes: Enactive ~ Iconic ~ Symbolic

3-part Logic
Thesis~ Antithesis~ Synthesis
Indulgence ~ "Middle Way" ~  Ascetism
Major Premise ~ Minor Premise ~  Conclusion
Contradiction ~ Excluded  Middle ~ Identity  Principal
What is real
How change comes
What is mind
"Dialectology" (Marx):
Unity of opposites
Quantity & quality
Negation of negation
How we know
What is truth
What is mind
Nature of good
Nature of beautiful
Nature of religious
Quality (1st-ness)
Relation (2nd-ness)
Representation (3rd-ness)

Source for above tables: Threesological page 1

Both Hegel and Marx used the sequence of stating a dichotomy first, and then provide a solution, like a simplistic addition problem. The underlying pattern was a very primitive "word problem". The words employed give the impression of an algebraic equation, but this is a ruse. There is no great calculus of logic to be apprehended. Their usage of a pattern-of-three, though it was in the design of an old "dichotomy-first" profile instead of a pattern such as being a polarization with a "happy medium" placed between them like a red light- yellow light- green light arrangement; was a reflection of multiple other ideas representing this pattern... over and over again, from one century to the next with different words/ symbols for different contexts. Though some might want to describe such a recurrence as psychological markers of a biological influence, we nonetheless arrive at a point at which we consider that the biological three-patterned markers are a reflection of a recurring three-patterned Cosmological/Planetary occurrence. If this is a recurrence as a cause and effect sequence that has nothing to do with what the human mind, then this may suggest a pattern related to the type of Universe we occupy... and the presence of multiple Binary stars is part of a 1- 2- 3 sequence we have yet to fully discern... similarly reflected in the 1- 2- 3 Germ layer development from simple to complex organisms. (We physiologically complex humans have three Germ layers while less complex organisms have fewer than three.)

If we take a look at a Wikipedia page on a Timeline of Cosmological Theories, we see a stark absence of the above known events being surveyed in the pattern being presented. And there also is an absence of a reference to how the path of the Sun, such as referencing it crosses it in a linear (from one side dawn, to the other side dusk), or is inferred from the notion of a dome covering over the Earth. However, there is a third option in that, with respect to the rotation of the Earth, the path of the Sun, when "seen" by using time-elapsed photography as a means of filtering out, or toning down our sensitivity to the bombardment of solar rays; exhibits a triangular path. Hence, we have two psychological-based models of the Sun's "passage" from dawn to dusk, and one that is not psychologically referenced but affects us nonetheless. The speed of the Earth's rotation and the "distractibility" of our adaptable physiology causes the triangular path to be obscured. Again, the three geometric forms of influence are linear, circular and triangular... along with the two-patterned night/day and three-patterned dawn-noon-dusk, coupled to One Sun, One Earth, One Moon.

The Cosmological and Planetary patterns of influence are changing, which are affecting our Biology and Sociology. But the current philosophy of our Sociologically-based pattern of governance is reflecting a stubborn clinginess to old ideas, like those in the distant past who clung to their individual perspectives of worship as an unrealized expression of their ego, instead of defining their individuality in terms of a centralized orientation which could assist in the preservation of a larger community by adopting a religious philosophy better suited to administering to the needs of a growing population in order to reduce restrictions that created needless conflict, though some conflicts represented attempts by a few to increase their personal advantages at the expense of the many. The development of centralized religions and philosophies like Animism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc., were the survivalistic effects of increased populations. The same goes for the ideas involving political movements. All of them can be related to a belief system involving an interpretation of the Cosmos and closer Solar system, whether or not such belief systems are brought up in a political discussion. However, if examined, many might well be found to exhibit errors in information or interpretation, just like those who claim their efforts are based on a profile of desired democracy, though they don't actually have an accurate definition thereof.

In other words, it is pathetically stupid to claim one is supporting a particular political view such as Communism, Democracy or Socialism, and yet do not actually have a clear or accurate understanding of what this means in and of itself, and not simply what one thinks such a belief means in accordance with its adapted application to one's interests. Typically, we find that Communism, Democracy and Socialism are misunderstood... being based on the word's usage to represent activities which clearly are at odds with a simple definition. Take for example the usage of a "Scientific Socialism" as interpreted by Marx as an expression of his ego that viewed himself as establishing some Universal law. His philosophy rested on the contrived notion of a conflict between a lower and middle class distinction, that he encouraged others to join in, like a kid in a school yard shouting "fight! fight!"... like so many journalists try to instigate. As another example, the usage of the word "Communism" by those engaging in violent and repressive activities to invoke what was described as "social reforms", leads many to interpret the idea of Communism as a viable form of governance. It is rather naive to interpret an idea simply by how it is used by those who used Communism as a ready-made vehicle to transport underlying motivations to a position of prominence. Such Communist leaders as history can point out, did not represent Communism for itself, but used it to drape their own ideas in so as to conceal non-Communistic inclinations in the guise of a popularly labeled package based on various paranoias perpetrated by a Marxian conflict-structure intellectualism.

The same goes for the usage of the word "Democracy". The literal translation of its meaning as a "peoples rule" that is alternatively noted as a "peoples government", frequently becomes interpreted as the appropriate practice of a Few governing the Many by way of a Republic referred to as a Representative government... even though Edmund Burke gave the classic example by stating that a Member of Parliament is a Representative but not a delegate— meaning the vote of a Representative could not be mandated, because it was their duty, their obligation, to vote according to their own judgment. In other words, the collective judgment of the people who elected them to serve, is used as a permission slip for the Many to be controlled by a few. While the country of Switzerland comes close to a practice of a democracy in that everybody is enabled to actively participate in "their" peoples government on many occasions by way of a Referendum, that which is voted on may be the rationale of a populace using an underlying false interpretation of life. For example, ancient peoples (such as the Aztec and Incan cultures) killed people out-right, though other cultures used the method of burying people in a tomb so as to provide servants for dignitaries... based on ideas that we of today no doubt find to be incorrect assumptions about life.

But not only was the socio-religious structure based on misperceptions and misunderstandings... though accurate as they were given their level and type of intellectual prowess relative to their era; so was their system of economics. Likewise, our marketplace economy reflects assumptions based on various current models of interpreting life. How the different members of any given marketplace interacts rests on personalized and collective assumptions involving numerous criteria, though if examined, might well reveal both naive interpretations and those more firmly fixed with more definitive systems of logic which transgress all cultures and languages. Hence, our present economies are reflections of inter-related belief systems, where one or more may be expressly dominant over others, though lesser perspectives are interpreted by some individuals to play a greater role than they actually do.

Marketplace economies like social governing practices are systems of adopted logic, with contrived symbols and formulas of interaction (equations) that some people become quite adept to (just like some politicians in a given governing structure), but would become lost and ineffective if the system were altered. In this regard, some protestors only want to effect enough change where they believe they will become more effective... hence, they want to effect "real change" only to the extent that a few are actually served but can convince the rest they too are being provided a measurable gain. Thus, the previous cosmological standard of beliefs is retained, but is relayed to the masses with a new system of mythology. Communism, Democracy and Socialism are three such mythologies that have not appreciably altered the underlying cosmology of humanity. Each of these ideas are myths representing three actual ideas that have not as yet been put into practice in any "pure" sense. As such, for example, the brand of so-called democracy in America is a phoney model. It is an illusion... a myth... just like all the different brands of Communism and Socialism have been. They too are myths. If nothing else but to provide more realistic myths, we need a new Cosmology. This is what the efforts of a Cenocracy (New Government) actually entail... and is, that of a different Sociological perspective.

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