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I include both a written and image version of several postings on Facebook:

Military definition of "Winning" is Profiteering.

The U.S. Military does not care about "winning"... in the traditional sense of winning or losing... when it is involved in wars, such as those in the Middle East, otherwise considered to be small conflicts used as field manuever training exercises and field tests for experimental armaments.

Because there is an embedded relationship between the Military and armament materials Corporations, the mind-set of the Military reflects the For-a-Profit maddness of those in a Corporate boardroom. The war-like "practices" in the Middle East provide a recurring means of generating a profit so long as it can be sustained by excuses, intentional delays, over-intellectualized chess matches, rubic cube- like suppositions, etc...

The measurment of "winning" is defined by how much profit is gained. The traditional definition of "winning a war" is the statement of an old conflict of perception and perspective that has now been over-turned, has been beaten back, has been interred by the present philosophy governed by profit margins. The only "winning" the U.S. Military cares about is that which permits it to retain a legitimized perception of job security... and the boys and girls in uniform have all the new armament toys to play soldier with... regardless of cost, destruction, or loss of life.

>Military Profits comments

Let's all take a close look at the Military that tax dollars are paying for but the tax payers are ineligible to receive...

The Socialist practices of a Communistically-based Military Welfare program:
  • The Military has no interest in practicing a Democracy. (It is viewed by sme as a bureaucratized dictatorsip.)
  • The Military's pseudo-economic system is that of a practiced Welfare State.
  • The Military claims to be a champion of democracy but refuses to practice democracy itself.
  • The Military has No Voting System. (Personnel do not vote for leaders.)
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Health Care System.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Housing System. (Billet, Barrack).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Basic Income Program (Everybody has an income).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Recruitment, Education/Training System.
  • It is an hypocrisy to promote a democracy that is not permitted amongst one's own personnel.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Religious Services System.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) public Feeding/nutrition System (Cafeterias/Mess-halls).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist/Communal) Laundry System.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Merit, Promotion, Reward System.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Socialist) Paid-Vacation Allotments.
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Communistic) Clothing Requirement (everyone dresses alike).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Commune-istically subsidized) retail outlets (Post Exchange).
  • The Military has its own Universally applied (Commune-ity) bases which are run as Large Communes.
  • If Democracy is as great as the Military claims it is, then it would practice it.
Military benefits list in an image format.

Three criteria to scrutinize government activity
1) Motive, 2) Opportunity and 3) Self-Justifying Rationale

These Three criteria define the circumstances by which we must scrutinize the actions of the U.S. Government for the atrocious manner in its disgusting non-humanitarian efforts in dealing with the peoples of the Migrant Caravans. We can not be certain, though we must be vigilantly suspicious that those who are instigating acts for increasing tensions at the border through various acts of violence; may well be agents or operatives of the U.S. or other government, a religion, a Corporation, a gang, Cartel or other singularly similar psychotic individual with ulterior motives... one can only speculate about. It is necessary for us to make note that the CIA is not the only entity which conducts surreptitious activities to start or cover-up actions involving sex, money, power, services or some other property issue.

Those who support the use of force by claiming that the U.S. government should take care of its own people first do not also focus their opinion and protest against the government for doing nothing, for decades, to force it to actually take definitive steps to eradicate all forms of poverty, be it hunger, homelessness, lack of the same medical care that Legislators get, lack of job training, an honest voting system, a maximum wage to go along with a minimum wage, a guaranteed income above the poverty line, etc...

The U.S. government does not want to help the peoples of the different caravans with basic humanitaritan services through the auspices of a rational diplomacy, because it would then be faced with having to actually care for its own people... instead of by way of a pathetic public welfare system, pathetic military welfare system, absolutely disgustingly stupid National Health Care system, filthy USDA standards, an unequal education system, hypocritical wage controls, adulterated legal and imprisonment system, manipulated voting and elections system, socio-pathic stock market, a promiscuous corporate and Pentagon relationship, abstractionist and fabricationist journalism, lying, cheating, theft, and what many believe to be various resource gathering efforts involving Imperialistic adventurisms which use the tools of murder, rape, torture, ambush, blackmail,... etc.

The US government has other individualized self-centered political interests in denying basic, above-the-poverty-line assistance not only to the peoples of the Caravans, but its own citizens. It does not want to help its own citizens.

It does not want to help its own citizens or it would, but it hasn't before, it does not do so now, and it will not do so in the future because the Constitution permits political leaders to ignore us.

The presence of an idiot in the White House and a supportive Congress in the midst of an increasing Stock Market which does not also equate with an increase in the basic living benefits for all citizens, speaks to the point that the Stock Market is Socio-pathic and that this is the result of a Psycho-pathic Corporate environment:

Sociopath: One who is narcissistically more concerned about themselves and/or selective (one or more person) group than they are for that which they themselves are in a relationship to which they may claim a commitment... to the point of taking a vow, enduring hardship and even torture, but never be expected to uphold such a conviction when a personal safety, security, or sustenance circumstance confronts their individualized "personhood". It is a "survival of the fittest" ethic which defines them, though they may incessantly claim otherwise and go out of their way to prove it.

Psychopath: A term once used prior to the adoption of the word "Sociopath" and later discarded; it can none-the-less serve the purpose for defining a more extreme Sociopathic personality which ingratiates itself with various leadership entities in order to influence a world-view which serves a specialized formula of self-survival. It has no qualms in sacrificing everyone and everything... including themselves to reach a goal of manipulative pre-eminence (position and power... pecuniary and otherwise), or else keep others from establishing their own, no matter the cost to all of humanity.

Sociopathic Stockmarket

Here is a letter to Trump:

Mr. Trump,

(The word "Dear" as a salutation is wholly inappropriate, while the usage of "Mr." is little more than a socially established convention... even if a Many Great people think it too is inappropriate when addressing such a level of Narcissism.)

Confession Time: As an intended philosophically-rendered Jocularity of a deduced induction of current U.S. political events:

And as a reminder:
2) Induction: Reasoning from detailed facts to general principles

Like a Great Many Others, I do not hate nor feel any enmity towards Trump.

I am like those... who view "Hate" as a strong emotion. It is impossible to extend any emotion to Trump or any of this followers in and out of Government. I am like The Great Many who view Trump and his clan of advocates as a feral Rabid dog, weasel, skunk or other narrow-vision, close-eyed varmint whose diseased, encephalitic mind should be met with some manner of extermination... be it shooting, hanging, beheading, bombing, electrocution, run over, high-height dropping, drowning in holy water, poisoning, garroting, burning, or a splintered cross-shaped stake through the heart. Without emotion, there is no need to pity them nor feel any qualitative expression such as remorse.

Indeed, let us Thank Trump for letting all of us know who and how many of these would-be evolutionary off-shoot homo-sapiens actually exist and where they are located, in order that a concerted extermination effort can be more easily effected.

In closing, let us be projectively reflective; (unlike the Trimpistically styled monologued public solioquies we are so often forced to endure...)

The future legislation of laws will have to take into account the widespread nature of such a virulent social disability known by many Great names such as Trumpism, Trumpitis, or Trumpteria... to the extent we may need to develop yet another Federal bureau funded by legalized theft called civil asset forfeiture with a ridiculous means-testing system created by those who do not have to be subjected to their own nonsense; in order that the many Great special needs of this evolutionary Neanderthalensis off-shoot can be addressed with the same under-budgeted, under-staffed, yet over-paid bureaucrats we find in so many other supposedly Great American government agencies like the US military funded in part by an hypocrisy of armament sales in order to help ensure their own job security and a continuation of the Military-focused encyclopedias representing one of several narcacistic security services as a culture unto themselves fighting for personal status and control by way of inter-agency squabblings and other indulged-in immaturities.
Letter to Trump

The stupid US First view of Trump supporters

The stupid "US First" argument for denying assistance to non-citizens

Supporters of Trump want the government to support an "US First" policy in order to justify denying non-citizens from receiving assistance, but they do not support an explicit expectation of the government to actually follow up in assisting the basic needs of its own citizens. Their support is a fabricated rationale of supposed logic used as a means to justify the use of combativeness; but is not even common-sensical enough for making sure the needs of its own citizens are met, and therefore reeks of so many government-adopted hypocrisies supported by idiots.

There are those who are supporting the armed response of the US government against those seeking asylum in America... from the many different ravages of Human Rights being experienced elsewhere; armed responses which not only include the usage of conventional arms and ammunition, but the armaments of razor wire atop fences and a desired concrete wall guarded with a rampart and bulwark of border patrol officers, armed citizens and military personnel.

These supporters are making a concerted effort to make the proposal... which may alternatively be described as an hypothesis... that the government is justified in using what amounts to be an expression of an abortioned diplomacy (though it practices an anti-abortion perspective), in dealing humanely, wisely and with great magnanimity with those whose migration to America is a present day parallel to the many sufferance, freedom and security movements of the past which sought civil and equal rights in proportion to the era in which they occurred. The lack of a diplomatic means in dealing fairly and humanely with i ndigent peoples is a Nationalistic policy which has no place in the modern era and must be mandated against with Congressional action; since the present movement is felt by many to be but a small harbinger of what shall be a common occurrence as human populations grow, resources dwindle, and the environment is irreparably disabled by both human and naturally occurring planetary degradations.

These supporters of Trump's pathetic policy of an "US First" attitude who advocate an accommodation to Nationalistic actions are described as a niggardly executed White Trash formula of an egocentrically conveyed raping and adulteration of a sincere "Black Lives Matter" sensitivity and sensibility that would have become a larger social movement if it had been entitled "All Lives Matter"; because protestors of Trump readily pay witness to an institutionalized disrespect for basic Human Sovereignty and Civilities that should be recognized as borderless conditions for Human Dignity.

The fact that an idiot is in the White House and there is a supportive Congress, Pentagon and Supreme Court... much less that they are permitted to remain, testifies to the fact that the U.S. Constitution is wholly out-dated and needs replacement.

Because the U.S. Constitution was created by some who used and sometimes no doubt abused slaves, we should treat it in the same manner as we have to the statues of those who have been removed because they represent a history we should nether respect nor honor.

It is hypocritical to remove statues of Vladimir Lenin, Saddam Hussein, Christopher Columbus and U.S. Confederate generals because of the evil they have been connected with, and not the U.S. Constitution, Washington Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, White House (built by slaves), etc...

However, since the people of the U.S. treat the Constitution like a Teddy Bear, pacifier and warm/Fuzzy blanket, it may first have to be substituted with a different play toy variation before the consciousness of Americans can fully break free from the needless addiction.

White House Idiot

I am an American Soldier

Whereas I may have been a jerk, thief, drunk, drug user, rapist, idiot, whore, prostitute or other low-life degenerate...

....After I put on the American Soldier's Uniform I am automatically and miraculously transformed into a super-human. Much like a person being elected to a government position of noted authority, many of them think they are somehow metamorphosed into this all-seeing, all-knowing super-intellectual repository of god-like wisdom, virtue and genius.

As a soldier, some in the public are impressed upon with the notion that I am a righter of all wrongs, a protector of the weak, old, innocent and ignorant. I am a defender of all things related to 'Democracy, even though they overlook that I am forced to live in a Military unit on a Military base that is a society-in-itself which practices socialism and communism and exists within a larger society which is run as a plutocratic aristocracy which also labels itself as a democracy... much like a bait and switch advertising gimmick.

As a soldier whose uniform is like a cloak of invisibility protecting my previous and present dark secrets of mediocrity, or crime, or murder-on-the-battlefield from being seen or recognized by a public that has been duped into perceiving my presence as an example of everything warm, fuzzy, good, healthy and of course... law abiding; all the many hypocrisies which govern my existence are to be dismissively argued against with a rhetoric of patriotism, and any consciousness or conscientiousness to the contrary is to be loudly drummed out by cermonialized repetitions, incessant duplication, and a frivolous system of giving small pieces of ribbon and/or metal associated with commentary involving staged theaters of valor, sacrifice, and other forced-on-a-person scenarios such as the many occasions of expected self-defense in a defined combat zone of activity.

Yes, I am a soldier in uniform. The epitome of greatness that everyone should respect and pay tribute to by either providing sing-along declarations of allegiance or by providing deferment of some civilian payment, or by being given the provision of a tithing (10%) level of cost reduction on some purchases; and of course by having corporations force their employees to thank me for simply having worn the great cloak of invisibility but quite possibly never having seen any combat (because most veterans today don't), and doing a job that in many cases is little different than the jobs found in the civilian sector.

I am said to be the best trained, best dressed, best fed, and best housed soldier in the world, supplied with the best medical treatment; even if after a service career thousands prefer not to go to a V.A. medical facility because the treatment is thought to be so poor... you don't see the entire Congress using it, because if all government employees were forced to go to a VA facility, the existing and recurring problems would be definitively taken care of.

When I am wearing the American uniform let me be permitted, nay, required to walk around with the same arrogance and narcissistic demeanor as my commander and chief. Let me mimic his every ignorance and idiocy. Let me be egotistically proud to be a recipient of so very many benefits and entitlements while being sent to foreign lands to fight individualized battles for others in order that I am all the more able to overlook and disregard the individualized battles on the homefront... at my very doorstep being waged against those I have sworn duty to protect and defend. It is a solemn manner of mutually respectful honor that I stand down against those who protest against the foes of my nation, in order to stand up for my family, my friends, my neighbors, my own people who are under attack from the ravages of hunger, the teeth and claws of little to none or costly health care, the black hole of homelessness, the inebriating merry-go-round of joblessness, the pitiful state of incomelessness, the callousness of over-zealous education costs, exorbitant housing, fuel, food and applications costs, etc... Yes, tell me how proud I am to be of myself now that I am wearing an American Soldier's uniform by being sent to fight for others in foreign lands when so many of my own are under attack from those in government, those in business, and those insidious religious wolves in sheep's clothing. My PTSD did not start in some foreign war, but by all the needless tragedies and injustices I pay witness to on my own soil. This is a place of hell, this social battle field of so much inequality. The real battle is here, against the government and its cartels in business and religion. And it is time for the real soldiers to take a stand, no matter how destructive and bloody it may get. For the day of reckoning is coming, Revolution is on the way.

So please, continue to thank me as a soldier, for doing what thousands of others have quite possibly done... so that I can continue in my role of being a reminder of the delusion the government wants both of us to perpetuate in order that a few in government and the armament supply industry can get richer as well as carry out personalized imperial interests for one or more resources that often have nothing to do with a form of democracy which is sometimes used to protect the sovereignty of a king, dictator or despot, just so some business can have access to a commercial interest or some politically viable enforcement on one or more other nations can be effected against those who refuse to play ball with what has become a back-stabbing, double-dealing, two-faced criminal American government that is now being run by a bunch of idiots.

I am an American Soldier

What has the American Soldier Become?

Like the hired goons of the 1930's
the American Soldier has become
when people seek basic human equalities,
Soldiers are like an Old West hired gun.

The government uses soldiers as its thugs
to protect the profits of corporate interests
sweeping its dirty work under legal rugs,
all in the name of Democracy... it insists.

With pompous pride for costly technology
see how many more we can murder!
using theatrical and medical terminology, 
like Theater and surgical strike, as it were...

An Act I here, Action II there, an Actor III everywhere
typically coded with some symbolic 3-letter acronym
using a Pentagon scripted WMD secret affair,
used to justify destruction with this monogram.

They'll call it Collateral Damage to appease guilt
or any other rational feeling or thought to emerge
on a consciousness deranged by more filth, 
in a tangled web of religion vs Capitalism scourge.

Leaders speak of fundamental this, fundamental that
as an Alexandrian sword against some Gordian knot
to create a menacing lion out of a kitty cat,
and the duped public believes more often then not.

To be a high school graduate is expected nowadays
or you can't enter into the US military service
though war-time stages and its many ignorant plays, 
needs dunce-headed stage hands mindlessly unnervous.

Fewer are the once true battle-field Generals and staff
now executing their duties of waging war from afar
billions spent on new killing toys makes this a fact,
while enemies sleep with animals under a star.

And when such dramas no longer have public trust
some new enemy is named and blamed quite imaginatively
the Pentagon -n- Partners have an unrelenting blood lust, 
citing Communism, Terrorism, or some National Security.

The New Military strategy for winning an instigated war
is not to win conventionally, but to profit from its continuation
to brand men, women and children with an indelible scar, 
because Corporate profits are the Soldier's new reputation.

Indoctrinating soldiers and the public the same, just alike
it is a motto, a creed, effected with great advertising flair
trying to forestall a Revolution, the public's unified Strike,
by embracing more and more into its Military Welfare.

But It is coming... call it a Civil War if you so dare or desire
the public wants a Full Measure, not some token Equality
awaiting anew, that shot, which set the whole world afire, 
and the beat of the drum signals a Better-than-this Reality.

Soldiers of every make and model are sharpening their swords
as voices the world-over become daggers unsheathed
each in their own way as one's mind and heart affords, 
to regain those basic possessions long ago bequeathed.
What has the American Soldier Become?

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