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Government Complicity in Identity Theft


Before making any comments, let us provide a document sent to us awhile back. The person's name has been removed and replaced with "United States Citizens"... along with a removal of their assigned Pin number:

identitytheft (589K)

Please do not misunderstand the intent for the present disclosure and aligned comments. Those of us at Cenocracy.org are fully cognizant that there are thousands of people working for the U.S. Government who are sincere in their work-day efforts at providing the best possible service to all citizens. The U.S. Government is capable of great compassion, sensitivity, and generosity, along with other well-deserved attributes. However, it is also fully appreciated that there are those in the government that can influence overall government activity to participate in the most back-stabbing, double-dealing criminal activity that human beings are capable of.

Because of the well-known herd mentality of human activity, it is widely understood how the good and innocent can unwittingly get caught up in the participation of events which either snowball out of control and produce an array of cascading social upheavals, or unknowingly instigate a domino effect that is entertaining to some, while others suffer the consequences of being caught under the rubble of an after-math that now reverberates in dimensions of extenuation such as those events perpetrated by Isis... that some see as a variable in a calculated equation assisting them in their efforts to gain further wealth by way of military armament; because those in Congress have not yet made it a law that absolutely no one profits off of any military or "policing" activity. No company or any other service capacity, should be able to participate in any policing or military activity with the intent of doing any business that seeks to gain a profit, and thus needs such actions to be perpetuated or perpetrated in order for them to prosper... and this includes the "profit or reward" of those who seek to place their name in some political or military history book. Far too many enter military or police services hoping for a chance to be involved with some combatant activity.

It is absolutely absurd and hypocritical for the U.S. Government to offer enhanced identity protection from an "out-sourced" service that it is supposed to be offering every single person, without that person having had to experience identity theft from a source whose job is to protect the citizens. If the present government can not provide adequate identity theft protection, then it can not provide adequate protection from terrorist activities of any kind. Such a dereliction of duty to the citizens is a point of fact that we need a Cenocracy. The lack of an ability to provide viable protection is one of the items of cause for a Revolution to have occurred in the 1700s. Time and again the people were subjected to examples of egregious disregard that the public lost all confidence with those whose Representation was found to be a sham.

The Citizens so affected by privacy intrusions are being offered three years of protection that the government itself can not provide. And then after this time period, no doubt the citizens will be provided an opportunity to purchase extended coverage at a cost thought to be suitable... thereby further relinquishing the government from its responsibility of practicing its duty to protect all citizens, so that it feels no guilt and will not have to compensate the public for its errors... as it tried to do for those of the 911 tragedy... and that many feel occurred not because of errors, but because of a deliberate complicity to provide excuses and reasons to conduct a campaign of irrationality that would provide non-bid contracts to such crooks as Haliburton and other "out-sourced" parties that government officials aided and abetted. The money offered to those who lives were directly affected by the 911 events was not enough. They deserve to be compensated the rest of their lives, because the U.S. government was complicit in destroying theirs. Likewise, those who have had their identity information stolen by the complicit ineptness of the government to provide adequate protection, should also be compensated. One turn deserves another... If the government can practice a "civil asset forfeiture" scam on the public, no matter how innocent a person is, then the people should be able to effect its own measure of "government asset forfeiture". The government would not like it if the public were enabled to do to it what it does to them... Those in authority want to remain in authority in order to confer specialized entitlements on themselves.

If a person, department or agency wants to conceal an intrusion of public information, they very often employ a "hide in a crowd" methodology so as to hide in plain sight with multiple instances of the same activity. By stealing identity information from lots of people, the information sought for one or a few people can be kept secret. Even when the person, department or agency is enabled to acquire information through legal channels; those that are simply nosey or wanting to conceal yet other activities not related to providing a reason or excuse for adopting a given policy.. need to effect some sort of cover. Far too often those in authority use their knowledge of the law and/or effective criminal activity that is difficult to detect, as a means to carry out their own nefarious deeds that are rationalized as necessary and needed. Even the use of violence or destruction on an innocent public is relegated to an accepted "percentage of losses" for some presumed greater good, yet if the public were to use this same criteria against them, they would cry foul.

Labeling comments as expressions of conspiratorial theorism in order to have them broadly interpreted as falsifications does not change the fact that the above document reeks of government complicity to award an "out-sourced" organization a government contract that the government itself does not have the resources, man/woman power, nor expertise to provide itself. This is pathetic. Why in the world should anyone want to trust a company that the government says is a viable source of identity protection, when it won't use the services of the company to protect us in the first place! If the company is so good and trustworthy, then the whole of the government should embrace the company under its auspices in order to provide the citizenry with the protection it should be receiving without having to be subjected to a series of events which reek of a protectionist racket scam.

No less, let us look into those who have stock in the company and see what connections they have with government officials. In addition, let us look at the document from the perspective of a paranoiac inclination caused by the government's deliberate ineptness to protect the privacy of citizens in order to engage in its own intrusions by way of "asking for forgiveness" after the fact... yet only the public suffers accordingly. To this end, if a person's information is sought, yet the government (or an external agent) does not have updated information on a person, then such information can be compiled (and used) by offering a type of protection which expects a person to divulge current information about themselves. To apply for such a service as being offered in the above document, is to imply you are willing to forego private information so that it can be stored by those who are not government employees, and are therefore not subject to the same criteria of government standards — which show themselves to be incompetent to the task required anyway.

The public's desperate calls for assistance are expressed in manifold ways with varying sub-culture garments indicating the level of exploitation being experienced. To witness such a situation is to bemoan our own complacency and contriteness for doing so little when so many need so much. Though our efforts may be small, let us stand fast in our banner waving efforts to effect change. For we must free Democracy from its imposed fetters and whip-slinging proportioned Representative nonsense. We need a Saviour to lead us to the time and place of an Actual Democracy. Yet, what or who are they? Where are They? Why have they forsaken us at our time of need? How much more suffering must the peoples of the world endure? How can a people turn to a government for security from terrorists who seek to destroy life and property, when all its horses and men can't even offer the protection of a person's identity from the insidious piranha-like attacks of cyber-criminals to make our security whole again?

Needless to say, but the present government is out of step with the needs of the public. It is constantly playing a catch-up game because it is functioning in the delusional world of a falsified Democracy which causes it to think the public believes in and supports, when the public views many of the government's activities like that of a troop of circus clowns chasing themselves as a distraction which enables someone else a chance to exploit the taxes of public. For some, praying to God and pledging allegiance are seen as tricks that they were trained to perform on the cue of a given social occasion whose meaning has been voided by the practice of too many hypocrisies. The people want a more honest reality that doesn't require them to submit to the delusions of others so that only a few benefit from resources which everyone should be entitled to enjoy equally.

There is a growing consensus that many in the citizenry are sickened by the realization that more and more are being subjected to one government sponsored protectionist scam after another. It is insulting and shameful that a government that is supposed to belong to the people is suffocating the public from being able to breathe the deepest breath that Equality and Liberty are supposed to be experienced in a Democracy. Some think that it's no wonder the U.S. and other Governments exert so much time and money to eradicating criminal elements... because they don't want any competition to effecting their own legally-labeled mechanisms for doing the same. From a practice of out-right lies to Native Americans, into a practiced Electoral College, by way of "credible evidence" scenarios, along with a cultured "Official" diplomatic immunity and impunity, and numerous scare tactics for increasing the public's insecurities... this is the government of today. Changing from one politician to another will not assist the public when the (Congressional) "House-Senate" rules are stacked against us... detailing the desperate need for a Cenocracy, since their presently used laws and ceremonial social observances keep the majority from experiencing a full measure of Democracy.

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