Cenocracy: A Declaration for Greater Independence
American Government's Conspiracy


The American Government openly conspires against its citizens. This conspiracy involves using the propaganda of illusion to distort the fact that it does not want the people to have a full, and equal measure of social governance participation above that which involves an obligation to do as what is dictated by laws legislated by a Congress which denies the public to have its own direct, non-vicarious voice heard as a voting member in the legislative process.

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Governments are inherently designed to conspire against their publics by encouraging dependency and naivete'. Simply voting in one politician for another does little to alter the overall effectiveness of a government unless the government itself is redesigned to include the public in the Equality equation of self-governance. As is presently practiced, governments are designed to provide the public with the illusion of self-governance with various rationales and permit it, in many instances, to make lip-service changes to policies. But this is part of a repertoire of impressed Democratic delusions. of The public needs its own branch in government which will permit it to have the power to effect changes in any and all other branches or agencies thereof— as it sees fit. Otherwise, the peoples' level of equality will remain minimized and those in governing authority will continue to have their standard of equality maximized... just as was practiced in days of old. Simply replacing the dictates of one monarchial role for multiple functionaries that exercise a greater level of equality than the general public is just another type of monarchial regime.

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It is a "Conspiracy" born out of traditions which emerged in Europe, which had followed like-minded Middle Eastern views, which had adopted the African perspective, that was initiated by the early "leader of the clan" hominid ruler... that had come from the "silver-sliver back" ape dominance... where the standard mentality was a type of monarchy that could be usurped... but that a respective King and/or Queen directed the law of the troop, clan, ... even though the words "Monarchy, King, Queen" may not have been used in the sense we of today know it. This is not to say that there was an intention to copy a previous social order... or that previous social orders were even acknowledged as having existed, but the repetition over-time of the same or similar social constructs suggests there was and is a mentality which adopts, adapts to, and accepts a monarchial perspective as being natural, proper and necessary for a group's existence. Such thinking influences the designers of government to use this model as a basis upon which to fashion a government in-tune with the prevailing social sentiments. Hence, whether we use the words "President", "Prime Minister", or (other "P" words such as) "Patriarch", "Patron" (Spanish), Priest, Pimp, Preacher, Printer, Post Master, Practitioner, Prisoner, Poacher, etc., they represent the old ideal of "King" or "Queen"... though most societies are male-dominant centered (called patriarchal).

In a given time or place, such words as "Pimp, Prisoner, Prostitute, Pedophile, Public, People, Person, Person-hood, Player, Protester, Performer, Pacifist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Pope, Pupil, Pool player, Podiatrist, Professor, Publicist", etc., represent those who place themselves into a role (position) of being dominant. But there are other letters which can reveal a similar sort-of mental continuity suggesting what a psychologist might refer to as a "clang" association of sounds being used by someone in expressing themselves... and reveals a distortion of accepted logic. In other words, most people do not think nor communicate in terms of making connections of ideas based on the sounds (or single letters) of words. However, in revealing the presence of a similar letter in a given array of familiar words, others might be focused on considering that the repetition of such suggests the human mind is indulging in a type of "clang" association characterized by the continued use of a single social leader model type of governance.

Despite using different words and different meanings, an underlying usage of the old model is used and perpetrates a conspiracy to perpetuate this usage. But not only do governments conspire against the people, but the people conspire against themselves to effect a continued usage thereof. The people contribute to a social program that distorts a full expression of those presumed "inalienable Rights" partially described in Declarations of Independence. When a Revolution ensues, the public, or at least some of a public, engage in measures of self-defense. Those who revolt against a government are revolting against their own participation for accepting treatment than they formerly experienced. They acquire an accepted re- definition of who they are, where they want to be, and a more desirable future course. Hence, they acquire a different, if not greater sense of "self"-respect. However, as can be seen in history, though the public acquires the provisions listed in a Bill of Rights, it is an accommodation to a new standard of Conspiracy to be used by governing processes to deny the public a newer definition of "self" as measured by the kind of equality which is practiced.

For example, the "Occuparchists" (those of the "Occupy" Movement who frequently gathered together in public parks), began to express a greater sense of self-respect by demanding a greater level of Equality. They did not want to be treated unfairly. While the intent was admirable, it was not singularly directed towards achieving the goal of receiving greater respect as individuals, commonly defined in economic terms. Indeed, many protests throughout history were based on economic terms and a desire to redistribute resources more equally. The Movement attracted others who had their own political agendas but did not attract the necessary leadership to keep a singular goal in mind of achieving a means by which all public concerns could be more fully addressed. Unfortunately, despite the sincere efforts of the protestors to effect a greater level of equality for the entire public, the multi- complaint-headedness of the protest groups acted as a self-imposed conspiracy which undermined attempts which were not fully outlined nor understood by the public.

Many in the public turned against the Occuparchists because they didn't actually understand what they were protesting about... even though some of the protestors assumed "everyone" or most others understood and felt the same. Many in the public did not read nor hear about nor contemplate on their own the good which was being attempted, they only saw the bad... such as the trash left in parks, disrespect and discourteousness of others rights, and a mangled sense of misdirection like Don Quixote fighting windmills. While group gatherings seem to invariably attract those with some mischievous, destructive or even criminal intent (such as pick-pockets at carnivals, fairs, horse racing events, etc...), a protest group must have a very visible and active behavioral repertoire towards a similarly visible goal that is easily understood by those in different walks of life... so that the occurrences and presence of undesirable events or people do not cast a dark shadow which rains on the paraded march towards achieving a greater definition of Equality and "self"-respect for the public... even if most of the public do not actively take part in a protest. A public protest can be made or broken up by the action of communication being used by the public's "word-of-mouth grapevine".

If you are truly protesting for a greater level of expressed and practiced public equality, than you must be in it for the long haul. In other words, those Occuparchists who retain the vision for accomplishing a great social goal for all of humanity, must catch a second breath. Your protest is not over. Your complaints are but a handful that must be addressed, and can only be addressed by a new form of government. You can not expect "Everyone" to automatically adopt your philosophy. Many people take a long time to ruminate over ideas which differ from that which they have accommodated their life-styles to. You must affirm and reaffirm to others and to yourselves that the protest to which you speak of is not about yourself. It is not about placing yourself into some position which enables you to acquire a comfortable life and then forget about the struggles of others. This is the mentality adopted by many journalists, professors, and other-wise "good, respectable, hard-working, peace-loving," etc., people. Many of them may never agree or assist your protest in any way. They have all that they want... and want everyone else to fend for themselves as they had to struggle on their own. And should you put them on the spot, they would use their intelligence and their resources to decry your short-comings, instead of providing counsel and aid.

In colonial America during the fight for Independence from England, America was assisted by the French... but only after the rag-tag American army had made some effort on its own. The French did not want to be on the side of a loser. Likewise, when America decided to join in World War II, it would only do so after it was guaranteed reimbursement for its efforts by way of receiving gold. An exhibition of infuriation by government officials for the presumed sinking of the Lusitania by the Germans... whether or not they, and not the English (under the watchful eyes of American authority) had actually done it... was merely a means to provoke public sentiment in favor of fighting. It was a contrived conspiracy plain and simple. Additionally, there is controversy about how much the U.S. government actually knew before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor... and let the attack occur as a further means of inciting public emotion for entering a conflict which provided enormous profits for some who were linked, in business partnerships with government officials. Whatever the actual truth might be, the fact remains is that the American public was not collectively outraged at the destruction taking place against other humans... the public went along with whatever the authorities of government wanted. The government conspired to remain out of the war unless it could achieve some gain. It came in after resources for those in Europe were become more scarce. The American government, like the French of Colonial America, wanted to see some measurable gain. Had Germany won the war and left America alone, America would have begun dealing with Germany... like those American businesses that "traded with the enemy" (such as Ford Motor Company, banks, and other businesses), all in the name of profit.

In the name of "profit" people will conspire. Some conspire to win while others conspire to lose... or help other to lose or win. Protestors must project the intent of acquiring a potential win and not simply to force someone to lose something, thereby gaining that which is believed to have been lost because of another's gain which provides them with a greater standard of Equality. The game plan must be sound and set on a course of "playing the game" of legality. Simply marching down a street or occupying a place does not evoke others to a state of confidence... though they may find some emotional satisfaction for another's form of "walkie-talkie" protest methodology. Protesting for a Declaration of Greater Independence in terms of an Equality that has not been achieved, in practice, by a large Nation, can only occur by way of a greater sense of "self"-confidence, "self"-respect, and "self"-affirmation. At present, there is more "self"-centeredness in terms of a "self"-ishness. A protest for others must help these others to realize a greater sense of "self" so as to remove it from its "self"-defeating conspiracy of sabotaging and ambushing one's efforts at a greater "self"-realization. The public's collective "self" must be taught to overcome the conspiracy of its government which persuasively argues for retention of its many forms of defining Independence in terms of Dependency.

It is a Dependency for which the public uses as a means of contributing to the Government's conspiracy of defining Equality in an out-dated rationale born in an age of Monarchial (Mono-archy... singular rule) standards. The "Government", when viewed as a single individual, doesn't know any better way of life. It is like a slave, a serf, an indentured servant that meanders along in its day -to- day life. It goes from place to place around the world like a story that is adapted to the prevailing culture. The idea of "Equality" takes on different meanings from one culture to the next, though when compared, shows a recognizable similarity like those of shared language groups identified by linguists. Interestingly, a language is never actually "over-thrown" by a population to be replaced by something totally new. The populace remains dependent on words, phrases and ideas... many of which may be centuries old. The transition to the adoption of new words, phrases, ideas, interpretations, and definitions takes place gradually, though some of these might well come to be replaced, or they die out, by reasons that may not be publicly acknowledged. Some die out due to disusage by the young of a population being taught to use the language of a dominant culture, such as Native Americans learning English instead of their own tribal language... in fact, members of a tribe, or culture, may conspire to prevent the usage of one language over another based on one or another reasons. Likewise, forms of government can be seen to be treated like a language or a person with a given language.

A government, whether defined by those in authoritative positions or a population, may conspire to retain the image of itself and undermine attempts to make it change its behavior. Many will be in a mode of "self"-denial that anything is wrong or that there is anything better to be achieved. While no claims of perfection may be made, their is a refusal to assert ones-"self" to achieve more than that which it believes it has, can or will obtain by way of some other effort such as a Cenocracy. It is set in its ways, having found its niche', and feels threatened if its habituated routines are interfered with... like an unsuspected interruption which produces stress. But Democracy has learned a behavior of flexibility. It bends with the occasional winds of protest and sandbags the floods of civil discontent caused by seasonal variations of stock market volatility. But it has also learned how to fabricate its own desired winds and floods by instigating disasters which are to be interpreted as being due to unexpected forces of nature... human or otherwise. It is a learned behavior sometimes referred to as instinct, as self-survival, and even as luck.

But it is difficult for some to see Democracy as an expression of "self"-conspiracy that undermines one's attempts to acquire a more realized "self"... particularly if employment opportunities are good, there is more peace than conflict, and there is little wide-spread protest. Some people are not very excitable. Even if they were faced with some potential disaster, they would calmly accept the eventuality with a calmness of spirit to do the best they could do until the event occurs. Others are very excitable. To mention that a "Declaration for Greater Independence" is being promoted causes a discernible affect of consternation, while another conceals their views of conspiring to undermine such efforts to make the Independence a fact of implemented practice. Governments are like people, sometimes good, sometimes not so good under particular circumstances. Sometimes efficient, sometimes otherwise. sometimes helpful, sometimes hurtful. Sometimes generous, sometimes stingy. Sometimes strong, sometimes weak. Sometimes intelligent and wise, sometimes as dumb as a bag of rocks. etc... But as a government grows old, so does its people... a people that may conspire to keep the government in a revered state of prominence.

Those in the public arena who recognize and catalogue one or more conspiracies, are themselves engaging in a conspiracy against the public because the knowledge typically is not used by the observers to conduct a campaign for altering government conditions to prevent further abuses of power. While they may seek to discredit an individual or agency, they do not attempt to change the design of the government because such a design does not come to mind. They think the problem of conspiracy origination lies solely in the actions of individuals and is not influenced by the design of the government. Hence, in wanting to maintain the government, they are conspiring against others and themselves from effecting changes which are necessary to prevent recurrences of similar conspiracies in future circumstances. They want to be recognized for bringing a conspiracy to the public's attention, and be rewarded for divulging the information, and yet not be cited themselves as a participant in yet another type of conspiracy! And if such a participation becomes acknowledged, they may well engage in yet another conspiracy of denial, rationalization, or concealment.

It is sometimes thought that a protection of a government, of a business, of a religion or a single person is by way of concealing secrets. But the fact that one needs to have secrets at all provides an insight into the social processes that the entity or person must live in accord with. Governments conspire against other governments, government branches against other government branches, government agencies against other government agencies, one worker against another worker, etc... All because the entire system is based on a conspiracy against truth. A system of truths established by way of variable interpretations... meaning, humans aren't perfect and conspire to create that which will enable it to function with a given level and type of conspiracy. When the type and level of conspiracy is felt to be too damaging, the people may revolt, if and when they overcome self-imposed conspiracies. But the public is like a frightened group of kids walking down the middle of a dark road trying to whistle away imagined fears which are metaphors for the existence of a real evil that they conspire amongst themselves to perpetuate with the rationale of being the lesser form of all existing evils. Present forms of Democracy are fast becoming too damaging for an increasing population that must restate a Bill of Rights that will enable it to have a greater share of self-governing equality.

Though generally interpreted to mean something bad or at least undesirable, the word "conspiracy" can also refer to something good or desirable. Such as, for example, parents "conspiring" to buy a child of theirs a new vehicle by practicing a conspiracy of silence about the intent whenever their son or daughter is around. Whereas the word "conspiracy" also is interpreted to mean more than one person, such as in the representation of a Confederacy, it can also mean one person involving in a conspiracy against one or more others... including themselves. A negative conspiracy against one's-"self" as if it were a person deserving of death often is "contracted" in silence, away from others, by way of an attempted suicide. One might well engage in a very elaborate means of rationalizing the need for performing the action on a particular day, particular place and a particular time. However, some people don't realize that they have an extraordinary type of persuasibility, and can use it to assist the "stalked self" in its own "self"-defense. In other words, if you are persuasive enough to talk your-"self" into being harmed, than you are smart enough to out-smart the predator... like a counter-conspiratorial spy.

Not only do people sometimes engage in rationalized behavior to perpetrate some higher ideal through self-sacrifice, but so do governments... or those in some representative authoritative position. Likewise, a given public may want to sacrifice its whole "self" or some perceived bad "part" that needs to be excised. Very austere measures may be inflicted on one's-self or be effected by one or more of those in authoritative positions... like a self-inflicted penance for some imagined over-indulged activity that is defined as wrong... or that one should pay some price for. Such are conspiratorial acts that can take many forms. As such, it is necessary to look at Democracy as a form of "self"-conspiratory that a government may well go to great lengths to conceal. For example, it may engage in various acts of "fudging the numbers" with respect to measuring how well the economy is doing. More directly, it may use a method of calculation which enables it to provide "evidence" of that which it wants to portray as a representation that one or another policies are of value in that they are working as planned. In other words, the government will lie with an a sincere intent of assisting the public in looking at its-self in a better light than that which may ensue if an indication of negative or stagnant growth is viewed.

Governments conspire against publics in order to minimize self-disparaging reflections by providing acceptable illusions... not realizing that many in the public want to know the actual truth in order to deal with problems squarely in the face. The government uses the artful expressions of illusion because it has taught the public to over-react to small indications of negative, or contracted growth from some an expected level that was promoted by illusion. Governments want to conceal their short-comings... particularly when it comes to providing established equalities that are used to distinguish measurements of superiority. Whereas publics can be taught not to over-react, this type of behavior can be more problematic because it provides an atmosphere in which people begin to question the effectiveness of the government... particularly those placed into authoritative positions. But simply replacing those in authoritative positions who will, in-turn effect changes within a set of pre-established guidelines, does not necessarily equate with an overall improved social governance situation. In effect, the public conspires against its-self by not changing that which needs to be changed in order that a change in those appointed as authority, can make actual improvements. In other words, the fundamental design of a government fashioned in one era can keep needed improvement from taking place because its functionality is a practiced conspiracy to keep newly appointed authoritative Representatives from developing and implementing new ideals.

The application of a new ideal such as Cenocracy as a social self-governing practice is unknown to many. This "unknown" prevents us from assigning any deliberate attempt to conduct a consorted "conspiracy of silence" to any person, professions or group... though the time may well come that those who practice such a conspiracy will have to be explicitly marginalized and noted as an adversary though they may insist that they are neutral. Such neutrality is adversarial in that it can be used by an opponent to promote the idea that "the people", or stated in a numerical form: "A large number of people" do not want a Cenocracy... whereas in fact they are unable, as yet, to see any distinctive difference between any governing body because they harbor a slave or indentured servant mentality which forces them to interpret every condition from one servile perspective or another. In other words, they can not see nor envision any real improvement in their lives... only a change in the master they will have to contend with. Such is how many now feel with respect to voting in that there is no real change in their lives by simply replacing one politician with another... And they are right, because the underlying design of the governing processes prevent any real advantages in liberty, justice or equality to be realized.

The lack of a Peoples Legislative Branch in Congress is an inequality established long ago, during the early stages of the Government's creation when it had also openly denied various citizens the right to vote and protected the right of the people, many of whom were the government's founding fathers; to buy, sell, own and punish slaves as they sought fit. It was a time when the prevailing mentality was one of prejudice against those thought to be too inferior to have an actual and equal level of participation in the development and functions of a government that expected the same type of compliance with it— that it was rebelling against... with respect to the un-represented impositions of the 18th Century British government that is doing the same thing to its people in this 21st Century.

Those of the 18th Century governments thought they were the betters of those they governed... that they were fulfilling a God-endowed right to be a leader of the people... else-wise they would be more like the common throng or would have been born into slavery, as a woman, or some indentured servant— if not ne'er-do-well (never do well) vagabond. Despite the claims of some who thought themselves lacking in some quality if not wholly deficient to the task of conducting a revolution, creating a government, or leading a people; their presumed historical prostrations of humility evidenced in their personal correspondence are stretched to the limits of credulity when it is noted that their actual dress and manner during these early days of government construction were as egotistical as the crowing of barnyard fowl prancing about a particularly selected domain.

The people of America are denied their own voice in Congress, the people of the United W.I.S.E.* Isles are denied their own voice in Parliament, and the people of France are likewise denied their own voice in their government. Such a state of affairs calls for the joint resolution of a joint revolution to remedy a lingering injustice, inequality, and openly-practiced government conspiracy that was insufficiently addressed by the 18th Century Revolutions; when the people established Bills -of- Rights providing for a greater Judiciously defined Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to participate as a fully-fledged citizen in the processes of self-governance. Once and for all We The People must discard this denial of full citizenship by superseding the dictates of government established Communism, Democracy and Socialsim— however they may be practiced, and enjoy the full Citizenship-inaugurated benefits inherent in the embrace of a Cenocracy!

*W.I.S.E. refers to Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England. The usage of this recognizable English word is not intended to convey preferential treatment to any of the inhabitants. Rearranging the letters otherwise produces "scrabbled" meanings and interpretations.

The Earth is home to all of us. It is our right to minimize its destruction for the use of its resources for the benefit of those in the present and those generations which will come in the future. This right entails the necessity of all its peoples to speak for themselves and not have that voice muted by a form of Representative Government— which is a formula originating in the mindset of those living in an age when the spectre of a Monarchial system of governance loomed as an oppressive yoke that could not be fully removed... and remains as a burdensome echo like a whip-masters bell ringing refrain of deafening inculcations. The present Representative forms of government deny the right of the people to effect a truer formula of social self-governance. This level of "self" awareness was unknown to those of the 18th Century Europe and America though the people of France at the time spoke on behalf of itself in its declaration of an enhanced Fraternity as a rooted necessity of Independence.

The peoples of England, France and America revolted for greater Independence... An independence which meant to instill recognition of their respective collective selves with an acknowledgment that was equal to those whose legislated acts and actions imposed their will on the populace without an empathetic appreciation of or sympathetic consideration for, because legislators endowed themselves with an ability to live within fabricated cultural settings of luxury; which were far removed from that austere social environment— that was created due to motivations which disregarded and disrespected the governed population into a state of nuisanced insignificance like a stray dog whimpering, whining and begging for some previously indulged in scrap of nourishment, or to be sheltered from the harsh elements of seasonal social variations recurring by way of a mercurial government.

The 18th Century Bills -of- Rights established and defined by those who engaged in the revolutions of governments whose actions oppressed the ability of the populace to Represent its-"self", did not go far enough... because the minds of the people had been branded with a stamp of denying its-"self" to emerge as a model of that reflection which it saw and not that described by those whose way of life trained them to encourage the people to effect and affect an illusion as a means of "self"-denial. Like an animal branded to distinguish ownership, the peoples of the time could not as yet fully free themselves of scarred generations for which they could not readily remove like some tattoo searingly forged with an indelible ink that penetrates deep into inner pores of one's consciousness. And now at the threshold of a three-hundred years foots-pace, once again the populace begins its embarkation of a will to commit its effort to a greater realization of "self" by way of a social Revolution to establish a Cenocracy... A new government, a new peoples government, a new "self"-government.

As the peoples of past revolutions redefined who they were, that reflection which they themselves viewed with a clearer vision... was but nonetheless a constrained one. It could not be helped. Like the rower on a slave ship whose was chained to a duty near which they slept on the bare, cold, bow-swept hull for years on end... it is difficult to exchange this conditioning for that of a warm, blanketed and feathered bed. Too much comfort too soon after an enduring age of suffering winces forth the disconcerting imbrications of contriteness portrayed by an indistinct uneasiness not easily labeled— and less so, to be defined without a period of retrospective contemplation. Such a period has transpired since those days of The Three Revolutions. It is now time for the people to move forward.

We The People of today must remove the blinders perpetrated by former governing traditions and accepted matter-of-factly by ensuing systems of government, in order for our vision to be more panoramic and searching in its deliberations to achieve greater heights by developing a deeper vision in the practice of a more fully expressed "self"-government. We must strive to remove the burdensome yoke, sight-directed blinders, and sugar-coated (&) carroted-apples used in ages past extrapolated into the present with a form and fashion contoured into like-minded uses that are modernized by quixotic moods of political correctness like the large stump of a tree that is anthropomorphically dressed according to some traditionally observed holiday... as seen on occasion in the front lawns of some homes in America.

Date of Origination: Friday, December 5, 2014 1:42:16 AM
Date of initial posting: Tuesday, December 9, 2014