Homosexual Imperialism
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A list of comments on Homosexuality and the LGBTQ efforts at "colonization"


Note: The "LGBTQ" is being referred to with three different designations regarding how they are being pittied by more and more in the public, though the LGBTQ membership want to incite confrontations by screaming insults such as "Homophobic" or using other designations which resemble identifying code words, insignias, a particularlized vernacular, etc, which identifies similarly neurotic-minded individuals who imagine their different world-view as an evolutionary advancement in intelligence, and that their anti-social inclinations are commensurate with a revolutionary force breaking free of customs aligned with slavery, the Nazi holocaust, persecuted Christians, jailed suffragettes, lynched negroes, subjugated and abused domestic servants, and anybody or anything else they want to use as war materials to fill their caissons with..., in their marches concealed by insidious tactics resembling innocuous guerrilla warfare.

LBGTQ can be referred to as:

  1. A childish "alphabet" community adopting a personalized jargon and associated bannerism, name tagging, etc.
  2. A communicable infectious community of colonization (like the black plague, typhoid, Spanish flu, Ebola, AIDS, alcoholism, etc...)
  3. As an acronym: L.B.G.T.Q. (Lost girls and boys totemic quorum)

The latter reference refers to the cult-like practice of a group gathered into chapters, clans, or tribes that gravitate towards adopting semblances of leadership that we might use the word "quorum" for, that has an interest directed towards over-running (raiding) the larger non-LGBTQ community with an insidious monologue, thus to effect a "divide and conquer" scenario. Like self-defined outcasts of the ancient past who joined together and conducted raiding parties on small communities, or sections of communities in larger city-states, the alphabet community is likewise oriented because the human brain necessarily resorts to primivity of ideation when subjected to perceived stresses (whether real or fanciful). The word "quorum" is ideally suited as a point of referencing the cult-like gatherings of presumed similarly-minded individuals who come to practice paganized ritualisms of worship.

While we of today denote the word "worship" in terms of present day religion-oriented conventionalisms, practices of worship in the distant past sometimes relied on orgiastic free-for-alls, with the word "orgiastic" denoting either/or indulging sexual gratification or inebriated (bacchanal) merry-making. The ideas of "religion" and manuscripted ceremony came long after pagan practices of particular people getting together to party... in as much as partying might have been defined by ancient peoples in different environments. Instead of alcohol or drugs being used for inducing altered states, frenzied dancing coupled with food and water deprivation, rhythmic chanting and music, etc... were used... as well as virginal or vaginal blood-letting, as well as animal or human sacrifice.

Historically, such groups were subjected to State controls in order to squelch efforts of such groups wanting to advance their perspective as the dominant world-view, at the expense of the larger State interests and concerns. When a State did not step in to curb the disintegration-from-within circumstance, the larger populace lost confidence in the State's ability to promote the necessity for maintaining the establishment of a larger sense of well-being for the majority, and frequently sought rescue or respite through emigration to other locations. Unfortunately, the world is becoming filled with pockets of the LBGTQ infection so they one recourse is to fight back... even if the larger State is too mindlessly weak to assist its dominant population whose only other recourse is to lose all confidence in the State and live an incrementally disintegrating life that is passed on to future generations.

When a State denies the right of the People to vote directly on its interests and concerns, and instead must live by the dictates of a minority who take it upon themselves to speak on behalf of those they do not actually Represent by point of factuality; the people must either fight back against a social debilitating disease, or become infected by it, regardless if their moral views say otherwise. Disregarding the tell-tale signs leads to incremental disentegrations that infuse themselves in those who make up leadership positions in different areas of commerce, discourse and civil functionality. The mindset of the outcasts becomes a dominant theme conducted by business, government and religion... at the expense of required normalized social functions which are increasingly deemed fatalistic to the ideas and interests of those who strive to make the dominant society reflect an image themselves whose god has a dominant inclination towards a sexual-oriented preoccupation.

While some do hate the LGBTQ community, for whatever their personal reasons, and some are no doubt homophobic, a larger number of people pity them. They are neither demonized nor hated. And references using disease, infection, colony (as in leper colony) and other terms that have been contextually used to describe something undesirable, are used metaphorically, not analogously. If the LGBTQ community doesn't like such terms, what sorts of words should be used to express disgust, or very real concerns? When the people have no real political voice, and are thus being treated as having no real intelligible language, how are they to establish a law that the majority will accept and live by... if the adopted attempt at communication must rely on words tied to an increasing measure of heightened feelings and thoughts they are trying to express, but no one is listening, and those that do reinterpret what is being said according to their own ulterior career motives? Should they live according to the dictates of a minority? The LGBTQ community doesn't want to live by the dictates of the minority called Congress, or Executive Branch, or the Judicial Branch, so it engages in manipulative techniques of insidious ambush, bribery and distortion to force these minority leaderships to see things its way. It rightly believes these minorities of government have been wrong and seek to have a means of expressing their opinion in order to develop laws that it thinks are better suited for its personal minority magnified into conceptions of falsified magnanimity, but don't want the majority to have the same benefit of self-expression. This is plain and simple hypocrisy. Simply bucking the system and imagining oneself as an underdog of some needed Revolution, overlooks that the majority has a similar vision of itself.

There are many, many, many people who are neither afraid of LGBTQ members nor hate them. They, like the LGBTQ community do hate the present formula of governance which disallows the people to have an active role, such as by way of a Peoples Legislative Branch, that would enable the public to participate in the Checks and Balances formula. We pity the LGBTQ community because you do not understand our long enduring plight... which, unfortunately, is sometimes misdirected against you out of frustration with a government formula of organizational practice that is dysfunctional and inadequate to our growing national and global needs. The fact that the LGBTQ community can produce changes in government by skirting laws, and the rest of us cannot by way of acceding to established protocols for trying to introduce new laws, makes us mad as hell... and unfortunately, you... like other minorities, can become the recipient of mounting anger from those whose mentality is predisposed towards seeking relief... along a channel being described by frustrated others who have focused on a particular person, minority or institution they think is the cause of one or more problems. It goes without saying that there are impressionable people everywhere who do bad things, or things they might later regret if they live long enough.

Your very presence is a reminder of how diseased the government has become and how far religious adherents can retreat from exercising their due right to preach the gospel as their god has directed believers for centuries, because they fear the lion's mouth— and Pilate-like finger pointing of the LGBTQ community. The disgusting filthy government has both created and perpetuates a growing disaffection, disharmony, disillusionment, disenfranchisement and social disturbance that will no doubt escalate until the entire government is revamped. The present form of government is pathetically stupid. Killing members of the LGBTQ community makes many realize that it will take many more deaths to bring about corrective change on behalf of the larger population. The LGBTQ membership is nothing compared to the revolutionary force being assembled by a process of adaptive conscious orientation formulating the means and methods to overthrow that which is a stumbling block to creating a better way of life. Nonetheless, it is only right that the LGBTQ community be given notice:

  • We prefer that you assist us in our Cause, — or —
  • Stay far out of our way, — or —
  • Regrettably, despite the undesirable occasions of mangled and dead bodies with contextually associated infrastructure damage...

Our focus is to establish a New Government... a Cenocracy. We could care less if all those in government remain in their positions, so long as there is a concrete restructuring of government in actual practice... not by word, but by definitive deed... and not just some stupid law that can be amended by a minority who takes it upon themselves to speak for the majority... yet obstructs the majority from having a clear voice... and whose Will thus becomes the laws of the land.

There can be no dialogue if the government refuses the majority to participate directly in the establishment of laws. If the growth of a Cenocracy must be manured by the bodies of the dead, and watered by their blood, so be it. The government has forced this upon us all because it does not provide for any equitable option. We are sick and tired of the pretended democracy being played out. This is not because of religion, though some will no doubt see in themselves a religious participation, and neither is this about money, though some will seek to advantage themselves no matter what situation arises. It is about the acquisition of property called the liberty for the majority to collectively choose our own collective destiny by way of all governing processes, and not have that choice relegated to minimized practices of minority decision, as is now the case with a ludicrously defined "Representative" government. Neither does the LBGTQ community represent us, though it is trying to impose its Will on the majority by manipulative techniques set against a minority-laden political and judicial leadership...

...This is about freedom of choice and justice for a majority that is too often manipulated by lies and misinformation from the government and a sycophantic media. No less, this similarly embraced ethic amongst diverse peoples throughout the world thus defines a global family that a homosexual orientation finds obtuse and abusive if heterosexual oriented individuals do not agree with its perspective... and kowtows to laws which favor them while disregarding the variously disguised voice of the majority. The LGBTQ community does nor represent a progressive government nor society. Their activities represent a retreat to a distantly past orientation of primivity that sought some measure of freedom from governing customs that restricted their desire to be equally honored for their practices... as if such exemplifies an evolutionary leap in consciousness that must, without question or argument, be readily embraced by all. Yet, if nothing else, every time they meet, every time they speak, they colorfully remind us that a Cenocracy is desperately needed so that no one needs to be pitied... because real equality is assured by the practice of a real democracy... or whatever such a government may be called in the future.

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