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Note: the following article (now serialized into five pages... and must be read accordingly), is an attempt made to make a connection between the tactics used by the German Nazis of World War II and some persons in the LGBTQ (Lost Boys and Girls Totemic Quorum) who want to demoralize non-homosexuals into a degenerate status just like the Nazis did to homosexuals, though in many cases, in a more brutal manner. It is not an attempt to express the opinion that every single person connected with or associated to the LGBTQ orientation has a Nazi mentality. Nor is it to be interpreted in a literal sense where actions by members of the LGBTQ community are actual Nazi-like adherents in their actions or ideology. In a simple sense, it merely states that there are practices by members of the LGBTQ community use a type of "reverse psychology" to do unto those what they perceive has been a type of treatment from others. For example, in being subjected to verbal harassment by being called various names, they in turn use the word "homophobic" as a verbal weapon to try to beat some non- homosexuals or anti-homosexuals into a state of social retreat, whereby they are permitted to be a viable social member through force and intimidation that all others must accept on their terms, or otherwise suffer the consequences of whatever tactic of attack, sabotage, or intimidation they can devise. To take the association between Nazism (or any other hate group) and Homosexuality too literally is pretty stupid. The LGBTQ community must be recognized for practicing its own brand of hate, manipulation, self-indulgence, neuroticism, schizophrenia, social pathology, etc...

pink triangle (22K)

Individuals identified as homosexuals that were placed into the Nazi Germany Death Camps where signified by wearing a triangle patch that was originally pink in color... whether or not the person was actually a homosexual. Effeminate mannerisms in men or masculine mannerisms in females are not primary indicators of homosexuality, lesbianism, queerism, fagism or any other similarly directed colloquial reference for those engendering a "same-sex orientation" interest and practice.

No doubt some individuals were labeled a homosexual because they exhibited mannerisms which, to a particular observer, was labeled homosexuality and became to be accepted because the loudest and longest voice was of those who pronounced it as such... regardless if those accused claimed otherwise; much in the manner of those who denied being in league with the devil when they were accused of such by those claiming an enlightened moral and righteous authority in ages past as can be cited with the Roman Catholic Church's Inquisition Tribunal (1232-1820) used as an authoritative injunction to seek out, persecute and execute those individuals for views or activities thought to be antagonistic to its "Cause". Such is an example of the perspective one encounters when a lynch mob mentality prevails at any given moment and may endure for many generations.

Homosexuals, Jews, along with those identified as exhibiting various levels of retardation were thought to be a problem for the establishment of a purer humanity, according to the Nazi perspective.

But let us digress for a moment for those readers interested in symbolism, since symbolism has already been introduced... it may be of interest to point out that while the perspective of the Nazis associated a single (pink) triangle to homosexuals, Jews were associated with a star which was two opposite pointed and overlapping triangles; both symbols of which have an early origin with the day-to-day triangular path of the Sun and Moon (when seen with time-elapsed photography) as does the usage of a triangle-shaped {pine} Christmas tree which is said to have originated in Germany. By visualizing an image of the flickering lights (or candles) on the tree, along with the top sprig used to hold a spire, star or angel, this is thought to resemble an image of the early pyramids with their shiny (alabaster?) sides which flickered in the Sun whose tip pointed to the heavens above. Rays of the sun coming through a cloud were thought by James Nasmyth to be the image which influenced early Egyptians to construct the design of the pyramid. However, if we think in terms of biological impressibility, we might be inclined to accept the notion of a branding iron effect on human consciousness. A more lengthy discussion about these correlations can be found on this page: Sunrays page 1
day and night solar and lunar paths (18K)
Yes, the sun follows a triangular path as seen in time-elapsed photography. Such an impression over thousands of years on our biological development may well have etched in a triangle image... seen in the configuration of pyramids, arrowheads, spearheads, fulcrums, etc...
sunrays (15K)
And for those obsessed with the Swastika image, (or its earlier occurring reversed arm representing interpreted as a symbol of good), its "arms" are those of the Big Dipper seen during the two equinoxes and two solstices. Star gazers of old, for whatever reason, became transfixed on this constellation and amalgamated the Big Dipper's positions at four positions of a given year, yet incremental positions between these points would have produced a wheel with spokes. The Big Dipper attracted attention in the past due to is seven quantity of stars, though the value of "seven" is more theologically based, with less examples in biology as, for example, the values of two or three. For whatever reason(s), the shape, number of stars or some cosmological event no longer visible today, became associated with the Big Dipper as representing some (over-valued) significance applied to personal interests to give them a similar attributive value as if it were some early "associative property" mathematical formula brought about by some mathematical dimension of language (or language dimension of mathematics).
Seasonal big dipper alignment (1K)
Swastika (3K)
Lineup of swastika variations (2K)

The Nazi perspective was placed on a pedestal and claimed to be divinely sacrosanct, according to the collective perceptions of those associating themselves with such. Anything and anyone which was interpreted to be antithetical to the Nazi perspective was censored, silenced and/or eradicated along a trek which enforced a servitude for the Nazi effort at home and abroad. In their own way, the Nazis thought that by eliminating various populations they could improve the human race according to some largely unwritten plan which was, in effect, a type of eugenics program; similar to those that have been carried out in varying degrees with plants, animals, insects, viruses and bacteria... not to mention warfare directed implements.

Had the Nazis succeeded in their bombastic efforts, many of us today may not have been born and the dominant language might well be German. Yet, we must nonetheless ask whether or not they would have succeeded in creating a better human being and human society by eliminating those and that which did not coincide with their perspective? Some might say yes, others might say no, and still others would withhold their judgment for one or another reason such as because:

  • They are uncertain.

  • They look about the world and see a deterioration but want to appear upbeat and positive. Even though they see the deterioration caused by those whose philosophies were against the atrocities committed by the Nazis; today's governments frequently create their own varieties of enforced "internment camps" by way of laws, tariffs, economic policies, taxes, arms dealing, etc...

  • They don't want to give an impression of being eugenically-minded and therefore associated with Nazism because the word Nazism is associated with mass murder... even though many, many other countries have committed similar programs of genocide over longer periods of time with varying methodologies which do not make it into world headlines or become recorded by historians and presented over and over again to the public in movies, books, museums, television reports, etc.... The "world" (humanity), has and continues to practice a profound hypocrisy in many guises and formulaic expressions. While there are many examples which could be offered from the perspective of varying subjects as representative of humanity's recurring distorted rationale, logic and so-called "truth", I will provide two in the form of similar images:

A conventional logic (12K) A relgious logic (19K)
A homosexual/lesbian logic (24K)

(One female complained on a facebook page that the image represented a fallacy. The reply to her was that it was a fallacy to take a metaphor too seriously. All readers are thus given the same caution in their review of the information.)

And though the similarities are easily recognized, those involved with one or another particular subject disregard the parallels through a myopic turn of mind which isolates, disenfranchises, segregates, separates, etc., While we all do this in one fashion or another, it becomes particularly troublesome when it is practiced by larger groups who try to force their perspective on others, or think that an imagined number of believers is automatically deserving the same social status of acceptability as other belief(s)...

...such as by vociferous minority groups who might well say they want a Democracy, yet do not really want an Actual (We The People) Democracy, they want a model of Democracy which permits them a means of manipulating a dominant few to back up their perspective. Homosexuals are discriminating against the adoption of an Actual Democracy because the incorporation of such is thought by some to presage a death nell to the Homosexual movement that is trying to artificially increase the collective number of individuals under a single banner by using an "LGBT" (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) insignia; though this too may at sometime be lengthened in include other presently individualized minorities just as the Nazis once artificially increased its membership by simply starting their membership lists at high numbers. No doubt, if it is to their political advantage, they might well include and all other sexual orientations... be it rape, molestation, bestiality, etc...

If we define an Actual Democracy in terms of a "People Rule" definition as the best Representative model, there is no room for an Electoral College as is being practiced in the United States with respect to Presidential Elections. It would mean that all the people would be able to vote on all topics of interest and the result of the vote would be mandated into law. Granted, because such a formula of Democracy has never been tried before on the scale of a large nation, and because of this there may no doubt be mistakes made during its trial and error stages... such mistakes are made under the present formula of Democracy as it has been practiced for years... yet there is no dramatic improvement being made.

Placed into the present discussion, Homosexuals (though other minorities and presently occurring majorities can be included), do not want to practice an Actual Democracy that permits the whole of the public to debate and vote on issues as a standard, instead of as an auxiliary (right-in, initiative/referendum, hail-Mary, or 11th hour) approach. A "peoples initiative and referendum" ability should be a practiced standard by way of a Peoples Legislative Branch and not as some extemporaneous consultant approach to be used as a last ditch effort. It is ridiculous that the voice of the people should be required to exert itself through extremism whose terms are dictated by a political process bent on minimizing and ostracizing the public from being able to actively participate in self-governance. Homosexuals are fearful of what the whole of the public might well discuss and vote on with respect to the self-centered issues they focus on concerning the established introversions of their sexuality. They want the whole of society to see the world through their myopic vision just as do those who are centered on their religion, their race, their gender, or some other me-me-me—centricism that both individuals and groups have engaged in for centuries; such as the Nazis, Ecclesiastical Inquisitors, and numerous others... all of whom thought they were right. And just like so many before them, the Homosexuals of today can be just as hypocritical.

The self-defining preoccupation of Homosexuals is their sexuality. It is not their compassion, love, etc... They don't refer to themselves and their so-called "community" by such references as Homocompassion, Homocreativity, Homosensitivity, Homointellect, Homogiftedness, Homoinsight, Homovirtue, Homorighteousness, Homogenius, Homotalent, Homoperspicacity, etc... It is their "Me-ism" by way of an obsession with their sexuality, like a stuporous drunkard having fallen asleep with puke seeping out of their mouths and their hands stuck in the crotch of their pants while curled up in a fetal position... They not only want us to say this is common amongst their ilk-minded lot, but that it should be the adopted standard of everyone. Though this is meant as a metaphor, this is the mentality they express to so many of us despite all the three-syllabled sillygisms (syllogisms) introduced by collegiate-trained brethren attempting to pelvicly-thrust some wannabe (want to be) sophistication into their regurgitated rationalizations as both a defensive and offensive stature to be admired and honored amongst their sycophantic followers whose personalized efforts of recruiting others to their ranks involves the emotional and psychological manipulation of those who are hyper-sensitivities make them vulnerable.

Here's another example of the hypocrisy surrounding an issue affecting minorities involving the police... being perpetrated on the Majority: (From an October 6th article by Abby Phillip of the Washington Post: Unarmed white teen killed by police. Family asks: Where is the outrage?)

More than a week after Zachary Hammond’s death, his family’s attorney says race is almost certainly playing a role in the disconcerting silence. Unlike the victims in the highest-profile police shootings over the past year — in cities from Ferguson and Cleveland to North Charleston and Cincinnati — Hammond was white.

"It’s sad, but I think the reason is, unfortunately, the media and our government officials have treated the death of an unarmed white teenager differently than they would have if this were a death of an unarmed black teen," Bland told The Washington Post this week. "The hypocrisy that has been shown toward this is really disconcerting."

But hypocrisy abounds not only with minorities but majorities as well. Even if your begin a "movement" entitled #AllLivesMatter, it comes to be viewed for the contrivance that it is when the promoters show us what "Lives" they are referring to based on a biased definition being used to promote an agenda which says it includes everyone so long as in so doing such a commentary helps them entrench an underlying biased objective that they alter according to the mood of a vociferous minority being publicized by an equally biased news media.

...But the Nazis are not the only ones who practiced an activity of segregation, alienation and elimination. Throughout history might well be found different groups or a single person who follows, for example, the individually interpreted dictates of a religious perspective such as the Bible, Torah or Koran... or a personalized social perspective (manifesto) such as Mein Kampf, though other examples might be included. It is not too difficult for some to contemplate that many examples are not even recorded because they were events isolated from any witnesses who were left alive to tell anyone about, that is if they would even be believed; and historians of the past might well have thought such activities to be normal, even if they personally disagreed with them, such as in the case of taking slaves... both adults and children.

"Mein Kampf" was the title of a book written by Adolph Hitler when he was imprisoned for a short while. Translated into English, the title reads "My Struggle". The title is a truncated abbreviation that can be applied to the efforts of many groups striving for some semblance of independence by way of attempting to exercise a believed-in right to engage in the practice of a life style they see is necessary and needed for them in order to fulfill a destiny of that which some consider themselves to have been given by God.

With respect to Hitler, imprisonment only helped to solidify, concentrate, and give written representation to his ideas upon which he could later reflect and use as written supportive evidence that his thinking was correct... in the same way that religious (and other) ideas take on an exaggerated sense of meaning and purpose by being placed into "The Book" (Bible). A concentrated repository of ideas can create a repetition of usage and this then suggests to its users that it is correct. It can either be a self-induced form of brain-washing or supplied as a "community" effort that is reinforced by way of repetitive days or years of observance.

In addition to written (or simply oral) material used as instructions as well as 'evidence' for a justification of thoughts and deeds, other symbols might be used for advertisement (propaganda); displayed as a reminder of intent or purpose, or even worn as a decorative ornament, distinction of entitlement, or form of insignia. For example, while homosexuals (and other groups both religious and secular) may not wear a belt buckle with the words "Gott mit uns" (God with us) on it as did the Nazis, they and their non-homosexual collaborators nonetheless frequently collaborate with one another as if such an emblem was being worn and entitles them to exhibit an arrogance dictated by their sexual orientation. In fact, they sometimes go out of their way to deliberately incite social confrontation by staging presumed homosexual-defined activities even when the actors involved are not homosexual. Such acts are sometimes tantamount to wearing a sign expressing a direct insult to local sensibilities with no other purpose than to deliberately instigate possible confrontations like an adolescent with a chip on their shoulder to show how tough they think they are by an act of defiance wrought by some dichotomous act or other form of expression. This arrogance and obstinacy bears fruit such as "indoctrinated" forms of "Us versus Them" separation that has become linked with the word segregation. Additionally, it should be noted that the "Phenomena of Nazism" did not happen overnight. It was an out-cropping of earlier ideas already in vogue. Homosexuality must thus be scrutinized from the perspective that it is either an out-cropping, or the precursor of something yet more insidious to come.

Unfortunately, in terms of analyzing the human psyche, words and ideas associated therewith can easily falsify, conceal and entrap the mind into a given formulization. For example, the word "segregation" has primarily become to describe demeaning human behavior towards other humans. Along with the word segregation may be aligned the words "internment", "racial", "discrimination", "Holocaust (mass murder)", "Death Camp", "Experimentation", etc... The word segregation is not typically used to describe the "separation" of different elements even though it could be thus used.

To give but another example, the word "nigger" is frequently viewed as a derogatory reference towards a person with dark skin; even though there is a non-vocalized system of segregation (separation) taking place in order for someone to distinguish between someone for whom the word nigger could or could not be applied; such that, although there are people with dark or even black skin living in Mexico, India and Australia, they would not be considered to be included in those who are also sometimes referred to as Negroes. Hence, it is not a person's "dark skin" which singularly denotes someone as a nigger, yet this is the definition frequently employed. Many acts of segregation take place on an unspoken level of mental activity, and not just in terms of human behavior towards other humans. It applies to human behavior towards other life forms, including inanimate, if not symbol-related subject areas. It is yet another hypocrisy widely practiced and overlooked.

Somewhat digressively interjected, it should nonetheless be mentioned that the word "Nigger" does not belong to blacks even though some seem to want to claim it as belonging to them as part of some ritualized necessity. Nor is it necessarily a bad word (vulgarism); since in some instances it has been used with affection by one black greeting another black by saying "Hey my nigger", to which may be replied by a nod of the head or a verbal acknowledgment along with a "tap" of the fist from one to another, a gesture that is said to occur amongst some jungle primates.

But the word "nigger" can be used antagonistically in deliberate attempts to provoke confrontation or simply used pejoratively. To assign one single meaning to a word is hypocritical and otherwise quite stupid when the context is not also used to disseminate an appropriate definition. For example, in the present writer's perspective, the word "Nigger" can be used to describe disgusting, criminal or manipulative behavior such as someone attempting to exploit another when they are emotionally, mentally or physically vulnerable. I have witnessed a black men trying to "persuade" a white woman to have a relationship with him by pouting that she didn't like him because he was black. I could see she was well aware of what he was trying to do. It's not that she didn't like him because he was trying to manipulate her by putting her guard down— by trying to make her feel guilty about something that was not at all on her mind, she simply didn't like the guy, and neither did other blacks or anyone else.

Another occasion for using the word "nigger" is when a lesbian or homosexual tries to manipulate another into being a "partner" after they had experienced one or more bad dissolutions with a boyfriend or girlfriend. In their own manipulative ways, which may or may not involve using various social situations to exert pressure or the use of intoxicants such as drugs or booze to enhance their target's inhibitions; such people are no different than bushwhackers. Likewise, those who are rapists, drug dealers, whores, sluts, murderers, child molesters, pimps, wife beaters, etc., are all niggers. And let us not forget to include adulterers, manipulative businesses, governments and religions exploiting people to pay more for goods, give more tithing, or pay higher taxes. And let us also include those who take advantage of the naive or mentally deficient either for sex, money, or some personal property. The word "nigger" has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of a person's skin. To think so, is like someone being called a "Punk" in prison to indicate that they are a pass-around sexual toy, and then not understand the same word can be used to denote people used as sexual toys by either sex outside the prison. While those being used might not appropriately be called a nigger, they could be called a Punk.

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