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In order to manipulate and exploit, a person tries to segregate their "target" from witnesses, from normalcy, or from some other standard. While such can also be seen when used by those attempting to get someone off an addiction, distinctions of intent need to be recognized. Homosexuals try to segregate their intended "target" from a conventional heterosexual orientation, that is, if they are not already thus segregated. Otherwise, they use techniques of manipulation to subdue their prey just as do many heterosexuals with no interest in another person except to view them as a target of possible conquest. But some have sincere interests and intent, whether such sincerity is defined as normal, honorable, justifiable, rational, appropriate or not. On the other hand, evil has many guises and is not constrained by age, culture, gender, race, religion, profession, socio-economics, or sexual orientation.

The word "segregation" is not typically used to describe other types of divisioning, though it could be used contextually as are many other words. By rendering the word "segregation" into a specificity of thought, what is not typically realized is that we are describing an ongoing and underlying scaffolding of mental behavior that is not as flexible as one might want to consider about the human brain when words such as metaphor, creativity, imagination, allusion, and "etc." might at first imply.

Simply put, the word "segregation" identifies a segregation of mental activity that can be exploited (and is, even when the exploiters are not cognizant thereof). The word "segregation" is a symptom, is but one indication of a mind that is itself segregated from a "full life" that is yet to be realized. (Colloquially stated, it is thought by some that we use only 10% of our brains. Even though this is also thought to be an inaccuracy, it nonetheless serves to render the idea into a level more accessible to those needing "a leg up" in understanding the present discussion.)

There are many, many, many other kinds of segregation that words such as Democracy, Socialism, Football, Chess, Poker, writing, film production, etc., give a representation of, if one would care to exam such things from this perspective. Different professions can fall into a similar category of analysis just as one might include dreaming, sleeping, eating, urination, etc... It is unfortunate that the word "segregation" has taken on a negative appeal, just has the words Nazi, Devil, murder, etc... The segregation of such words into a category of negativity, dissuades one from not pursuing larger terrains of philosophical inquiry.

For whatever reason(s), (genetic, nutritional, culture, governing system, education, etc.), the human mind is itself in a type of segregation for which the word "Apocalypse" (to name but one example from the realm of religion), is a reference to a presumed awareness of impending doom (like many who are about to have a heart attack or those that were aware of their eventuality of dying at the hands of the Nazis or Inquisition); because humanity does not take the time to escape from its mental forms of segregation that they are led to believe are normal, natural and "all there is to life". However, other forms of segregationist activities, are like those placed into Nazi internment camps. Those so assigned to such a formula of segregation likewise resigned themselves to their "presumed fate" by thinking that even if they did escape, they wouldn't know where to go but to return to that which precipitated the segregation in the first place! This not only is true for someone who is persuaded to view themselves as a whore, homosexual, criminal, singer, poet, mathematician, school teacher, etc., but those who practice a particular type of social governance as well. The majority of people appear to prefer to remain in their segregation, and may even go out of their way to persuade others to share in their perspective, because it confirms a belief developed in the confinement of their given segregation. "Homosexuality" is a homosexual's given segregation that they want others to join in with as a confirmation of their homosexual perspective. However, some do not want equality, they want some distinction of superiority, perhaps as a compensation for long-practiced feelings of inferiority.

The form of mental segregation practiced by so many has also bred a dependency of thinking in a cyclical way. Societies, whether large or small, cause populations to become fixated on a given model of propriety that may later become viewed as a type of confinement which one has to try to free themselves. For example, the freeing of American slaves with its subsequent trials and tribulations for experiencing an assumed level of equality. Another example is the Woman's movement to free themselves of the idea that they were little more that indentured servants or chattel, by seeking a right to vote. The same could be said for myriad other circumstances, many of which has involved the rights of workers. And so, humanity dreams and thinks it has transgressed this or that boundary, yet what is actually occurring is but aspects of day-dreams and wishful thinking directed towards this desire and hope. While we segregate the word "segregation" into a singular definition referring to something bad, many of the words we segregate into singular definitions referring to something good, is bad... because we fail to recognize a solidification of mental activity. In other words, by solidifying, or pigeon-holing words into a given meaning, we are practicing a form of segregation. While it is helpful to do so for purposes of sharing ideas and communicating, it seldom leads us to intentionally practice using familiar words and phrases in unfamiliar ways. Even creativity, or at least our inclined ideas about such, could use a dosage of creative disassociation from time to time in order to practice a differentiated form of creativity.

Here is a list of activities that represent separation, and even death in some cases, but are not typically called segregation (even if this is what occurs). Notice that, more often than not, a dichotomy (polarization/opposite) is present:

  • Weeds from a garden, sidewalk, curbside, lawn or landscaped yard are killed.
  • Mice and other rodents are isolated from living spaces and killed.
  • Frozen foods from canned goods, vegetables from meat, etc., (in a store).
  • Some people use the phrase "Kill it" when it comes to finishing off some food in a container.
  • Girls from boys sports and vice-versa.
  • Criminals from non-criminals (some are segregated and later executed).
  • Different types of criminals frequently are segregated... sometimes as a prevention to the possibility of death from other inmates.
  • Rich from the poor (death may occur from conditions of poverty).
  • Law making, law enforcement, etc., separated from citizens (Representation, etc.).
  • Usage of U.S. Electoral College to minimize (segregate and "kill") citizen voting power.
  • Placing a preponderance of Federal political power in a given area so as to develop a like-minded culture to be supportive of one another by feigning impotence, through a marginality of exertion to assist the public in requests for assistance, who may be characterized as being "out of touch" with the "real world" of politics, economic issues, International events, etc... (The public's political power is killed, or nullified.)
  • The sane from the insane.
  • The sick from the healthy.
  • Rating system used by the Film industry (R, PG, XXX, etc.)
  • Library collections (many of which are destroyed by being thrown out, sold, used for jail services, etc...).
  • Subject matter taught in school is segregated by classes and/or periods.
  • Armed forces divisions.
  • Law enforcement services.
  • Medical treatment (triage, dentistry, cancer treatment, orthopedics, etc...)
  • Boundaries between cities, states, provinces, countries.
  • Public restrooms.
  • Smoking and non-smoking areas.
  • Alcohol content categorizations.
  • Sub-disciplines within disciplines within a given subject area, within a teaching institution.
  • Naked eye, Microscopic, Sub-microscopic.
  • Memorization techniques, learning styles, teaching methodologies.
  • Animal, chemical, meteorological, geological, atomic, etc., categories.
  • etc...

The point to be made in terms of segregation, is that it takes place as a cyclical product of the human mind in many flavors, colors and sizes. The trouble with the human mind in this respect is that there is an inclination to categorize some words as being inapplicable to other activities. Words themselves become segregated into a two-column table of good and bad, good and evil, right and wrong, etc., which may have had one of its earliest impressions derived from changes in the seasons or the procession of day and night: (cold = winter, hot = summer, night = dark/fear/bad, day = light/safety/good, etc).

Such basic patterns (and others) were developed during the maturational development of the human species both biologically and culturally. (Later on came the association of man and woman to such events which was then elaborated into a Yin/Yang formula and has now taken on a type of syllogistic Yin/Unity/Yang formulization though the prefixed words "major"-premise and "minor"-premise are discounted and changed into a rendering of "separate-but-equal" approximation since the "man/positive/bright and woman/negative/dark" designations in yin and yang do not sit well with either those claiming a preponderance for a masculine or feminine dominance... unless you're someone wanting to infer the claim of "third gender superiority" by way of an Androgynous characterization.) Then again, some homosexuals have represented themselves as a third type of gender.

Viewing a word (such as segregation) as a singular reference denoted as bad, is a form of segregation itself because if it is not to be viewed as bad, then "the only" other way is to view it as being good and not some "grey" area. It is the practice of an ancient (dichotomous) mentality that refuses to give credence to the possibility of a third (or more) consideration(s) instead of just two... in terms of a diametric opposite; from which is developed a larger perspective that might posture an ego in the form of calling itself a philosophy. Such is the case with the word "homophobic" being used by the "homosexual community" that wants everyone to view the word and their amalgamated description to include anyone who says anything negative about a homosexual to be viewed as someone who is bad, wrong, or even mentally deranged. Some might even want the word "homophobic" used as a legal label to be fined, jail or committed to a mental asylum (so that they might more easily venture forth from theirs, termed "homosexuality"). In other words, the word "homophobic" is defined as something bad and wrong, while the word "homosexual" is to be defined as something good and right.

3 faces (4K)

...It is the same Janus-faced (two-faced, forked-tongue, double-standard) mentality used by both the Roman Catholic Inquisitors and the Nazis to which was applied a god-given permission slip for advocating a personalized rite-of-passage into an "enlightened" era. Yet, such groups are not alone in such a portrayal. From a "two"-based primivity of focus comes the usage of a three-faced variety which enlarges the dichotomy into a three-fold aspect as depicted by the accompanying image of Protector - Pretender - Predatorand can be applied to governments and businesses as well as smaller groups and even individuals. While this is not to say that such social entities practice these three faces to the degree and extent as the Nazis and Inquisitors, or that such practices are easily seen at a given juncture of historical referencing; they are nonetheless a trinity of aspects clearly definable either separately, or jointly.

Note: While being "Janus-faced" is being used in the present context to denote an hypocrisy, it was originated to express a forward looking positive perspective that took stock of the past. It was molded over the ages to represent polarities that were not necessarily bad, but then came to take on a more sinister representation of something to be suspicious of. The two following images are described as images of the "Janus-faced" idea, even though one of them appears to portray three faces.

Janus example 1b (9K)
Janus image 2 (5K)

A group that refers to itself as a "community" attempts to garner more credibility by attributing a larger membership, though no one has actually produced an accurate tally of existing homosexuals... they simply guess. It is the same activity used by the "Black Community" participators at a rally in Washington, D.C. several years ago who claimed there were a million or more in attendance... though, again, no one actually counted. You are simply supposed to take them at their word. The word "embellishment" is used instead of exaggeration, assumption, or wishful thinking, etc...

"Gott mit uns!"
("God with us!")

WW I German soldier belt buckle

World War I - belt buckle of the soldiers of the German Emperial Army.
"Gott mit uns!"
("God with us!")

WW II German soldier belt buckle

World War II - belt buckle of the soldiers of Hitler's Wehrmacht.

Others in the distant past have engaged in such militant-like efforts with varying results... each adopting their own symbol such as those of the Inquisition using the sign of the cross as justification for cleaning up society of those they thought to be heretics and blasphemers... whether they were or not; but it assisted in providing an excuse to eliminate someone so as to make their property, household or some other fortune available to them.

In many cases we have few historical references to such groups and their activities, though some incidents of torture, rape, murder and the like no doubt went unnoticed and unrecorded. In other cases there are conflicting reports and still others are reported from the perspective of those who felt it necessary to approve of wide-spread or selective killings or they would have likewise been killed, tortured, or placed into a servitude that we of today might well conclude is worse than death. Such practices have been carried out by governments, religions and businesses under a variety of guises using different types of authoritative injunction. And some atrocities have been carried out by those who merely claim they advocate a particular government, religion or business... when in fact they have only a single loyalty: to themselves.

In an attempt to disguise self-centered plans, many individuals and groups have made the perfunctory effort of at least paying some measure of lip service to the dominant entity; be it a business, government, religion or some recognized professional "society", which may or may not exercise a reversed form of in-kind lip service; or take part in the actual practice of the individual or group... but nonetheless participates by an attitude of non-interference or deferment thereto. Such an act of non-interference or deferment can be seen when one asks for assistance from one government agency when another government agency has perpetrated some injustice. It is the person who suffers again.

The so-called Gay, or Homosexual "Movement" is the practice of a selective group attempting to assert its perspective on others just as the Nazis did... first to fellow (German) citizens and then expanding outwards with an insatiable thirst for preeminent dominance. (As if society is a birth-order family member ranking system and homosexuals think of themselves as deserving the attention typically lauded upon first-born children from which many professionals arise.)

This thirst for some semblance of preeminent approval is akin to an inebriation they want to get others hooked on. Under their prescribed drug of homosexuality is but another overlooked socialized narcotic of the present age... though it has cropped up in the past as a "recreational drug of choice" under varying guises; guided by social moods of observed titillation by being defined as a subversion, sub-cultural activity, alternative life-style, adventure, demonic possession, etc.,... all of which are used as attempts to tantalize and intrigue would-be prospects as if experiencing some highly invaluable mystique. Homosexuality, in this sense, is another drug being sought to be morally and socially decriminalized. It is a symptom of a larger social problem which stubbornly resists finding solutions for such diseases as alcoholism, Pedophilia, prostitution, homelessness, poverty, etc., many of which have a long history exacerbated by governing systems that are just re-colored versions of previous social structures; again, and again and again.

Let it be stated plainly that homosexuality need not be viewed as "THE" nor perhaps even "A" social problem. Though it may be a problem of one or another's socialization in a given social environment, it might be more useful to view it as a symptom of a larger underlying social issue that is being ignored, because the people themselves are not permitted to address social issues themselves through their own individual as well as collective voice. This disenfranchisement is a segregation of the people from a right to govern as they collectively see fit, and not have the process and procedure for determining what is meant by that collective or what is of value for the collective to be concerned with; dictated to them whose authoritative position was initially designed by those intent on segregating the public from having an equal share of Executive, Judicial and Legislative power. By keeping the public tripping over their own feet by open-ended social behavior, politicians do not have to contend with being subjected to requests by the public for an equalized Redistribution of socio-political power.

One of the effects of the homosexuality-as-a-symptom phenomena (and not as a "phenomenal" characteristic), is that it can magnify mediocrity into a characterization of supremacy which assists homosexuals in denying the encroachment of any self-reflective repercussions by way of convoluted perceptions of reality that minimize any ill effects produced on themselves, others, or society as a whole; similar to the rationale employed by those committing criminal offenses. Definitions of criminality and disease become lax when occurrences thereof become abundant and society has no clear definition of social purpose for itself or humanity.

Take for example the case in Medieval (Dark Ages) Europe when "common sense" notions of cleanliness in a growing population created conditions which were ripe for the spread of the Black plague (from which came the childhood rhyme of "ring a-round the rosies..."). Symptoms of the plague, which were created by the underlying social structure, with its cultural practices of presumed "cleanliness", were no doubt cropping up but were initially discounted as something not to be concerned with because the occurrences were sporadic and not linked together due to distance and communication mediums thus in use. Had the occurrences stabilized, and socially contained, the outbreak might have been sufficiently diminished so as not to create a panic and thus be buried in some minor reference. While the usage of the Black plaque is a good analogy in describing social conditions which can precipitate a disease or the symptoms of an underlying disease produced by social conditions, one might also use crime and criminal behavior as an example... even if direct correlations between cause and effect have unrecognized variables or variables which seem to contradict making a definitive one-for-one correspondence.

In the case of homosexuality, in this particular formula of discussion, it can either be viewed as a symptom of a larger disease in the making, or as a carrier of a disease that can mutate if permitted a foothold because it at present appears to be benign. Symptoms, diseases, or carriers of diseases that are permitted to multiply typically lead to devastating social effects. Unless society wants the effects to occur by the notion that it will improve the human species' ability through some sort of developed immunity. Society really doesn't have a knowledgeable grasp of diseases, disease formation, and disease mutation, despite all the advances in biology. Because those in the Medieval ages thought it rational to dump garbage and human waste into the streets from which rodents got some of their food, homosexuals are using their words and deeds to give the impression of a similar "naturalness" to their activities. Society should be more than just wary, it needs to address the issue as a whole, and not leave the discussion and results of discussions to a few select individuals who presume to think their knowledge and wisdom are far superior to the collective society... and when a short-coming thereof is lacking, they simply assert their ability to make a lawful degree as if it were some sort of ideally suited substitutive cure-all remedy.

Such distortions of reality become expounded in magnitudes represented by compensating over-valuations such that a tallied list of ten "important" role modeling homosexuals extracted from disparate sources of historical referencing is perverted into the numinous character of a primitive's "Many". This non-enumerated entity thus permits the usage of superstitiously-aligned exaggerations as a manifold through which bellowing air and emotional fuel are mixed by way of a chorused chamber of reverberating turbulence and exhausted as a greater volume of polluted extractions with little work actually done to improve the overall human condition.

In a like-minded fashion with the 'Nazi State' (in terms of a sought after preeminent position in the ranking system of the larger global human family), the so-called Homosexual Community has incorporated their own variations of Gestapo, Brown-shirted (SA) and SS- Troops even though they are not singularly named nor function within the same extreme methodology... at least not publicly so.

In attempts to represent itself as a growing and thus formidable force to be reckoned with, homosexuals incorporate into their egocentric rationale a propensity to exaggerate their following (those who agree with their views); which includes the interpretation that silence from the majority is an acceptable toleration of not only their views, but how they exercise them. No doubt there were those in Hitler's time who likewise assisted in the rise of Nazism by assimilating variations of the "they leave me alone so I leave them alone" philosophy that is sometimes denoted as "live and let live". Little did many of these people realize how soon it would be before the actions of the Nazis would indeed affect them... as is the case with homosexuality in the present age...

Homosexuality, just as Nazism, will not leave humanity alone. It is like so many other prejudices that want to establish a right to be imposed upon others to see the world through its egocentricity... which in their case is an obsession with their sexuality. It is a movement that is not about seeing the world through peace, harmony, hope or some other policy of virtuous commitment, it is about their sexuality; like a child playing with themselves in its exploration of self-discovery. Homosexuals do not want the public to define their activities in terms of the over-all human species, but some perverted sexualism defined as some pseudo-individualism that does not need to take any responsibility for one's effects on humanity. If everyone were to adopt the homosexual philosophy, humanity would perish.

Some see the Homosexual "Movement" as a distortion of reality similar to the socio-pathic hubris employed by the Nazi-era DAP (German Workers Party) when it chose to start its membership at number 501, whereby Hitler's "55th member" number placement became 555... as a means of exaggerating its membership and following; though some prefer to see this enumerative distinction solely as an indication he was close in association to the (superstitiously evoked) "sign of the beast", namely, 666. The DAP shortly became the NSDAP from which was derived the "word" Nazi:

Nationalso Zialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
(National Socialist German Workers' Party)

Note: In using the word "socio-pathic", it must be used in context for the time and place and those exhibiting the behavior of being anti-social to the established order of things and wanting to redefine the order in accordance with their own perspective.

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