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Homosexuals are against the Referendum. They don't want the collective body of citizens voting on social issues because the majority might well tell them to take a flying leap off the nearest cliff because there are far more important things to address with the nation's energies, resources and fiscal wherewithal. Such as poverty, inadequate medical availability due to unchecked costs, lack of housing, and other basic needs affecting millions more than just the small group of whining people who can't get past their oral, anal, and genital stages of childhood development. Homosexuals are afraid of calling for a National Referendum to deal with social issues that are not being adequately addressed by Legislative bodies because politicians are engaging in law making efforts which perpetuate social problems— because many of the companies supporting candidates depend on the existence of social problems for their own livelihoods. They have fashioned their companies to run well with the existence of social problems and thus must ensure the problems continue so they can keep the "business as usual" ethic alive. Charities need social problems to exist in order to perpetuate an institutionalized existence.

Homosexuals fear a majority vote based on outdated notions of Majoritarianism (Wiki source). In a Cenocratic Referendum process the usage of the Referendum will not be used until the equality of minorities is to be safe-guarded and guaranteed within the provisions of the Referendum. Referendums should not to be used as a legal means of bullying or producing a segregationist orientation. A majority can just as easily express a lynch mob mentality as can a small group or even a single individual. But the people have a right to assert their own political determination by way of a Referendum, Peoples Legislative Branch and a National Cenocratic Political (Government) Party. It is as strongly a needed right to practice as was the vote for women.

Homosexuals don't want the Referendum, they don't want a New Government, and they don't want a national political party advocating such reforms unless all three kowtow to their obsession with their sexual orientation. And if isn't some obsession with one's sexuality, then it's an obsession with one's race, or one's religion; just as it used to be when there was an obsession with the male gender which kept women and others from owning property or voting. And such is now the case not only with homosexuality, racism, and theology, but current governing practices are exhibiting the same kind of self-centered orientation with respect to the many forms of Communism, Democracy and Socialism that they want everyone to pay obeisance to.

By not calling for a National Cenocratic political party, Referendum, or Peoples Legislative branch; such (absence of) behavior on the part of Homosexuals might well be termed a "National low profile" activity to effect changes on their own behalf without inviting a hyper-vigilance on the part of the public, if they can get more and more independent judicial rulings in their favor which effects the public's "assembly line mentality" to follow suit. This then is to somehow magically transform these singular rulings into a collective national law that a total public consciousness was not aware of until after it occurred; whereby everyone is obligingly brow-beaten into accepting as a God given right for them to exercise their own status of Personhood... as they define it.

On the one hand, Homosexuals turn their wishful thinking (that more and more people are in acceptance of the 'homosexual perspective') into an article of propaganda like some religious group handing out small pamphlets espousing its beliefs as being (a) god-given matter-of-factuality. Yet on the other hand, they don't want everyone to collectively know, and discuss, and then vote on the issues which then become a law. The want to believe in the illusion that "everyone" or some vague rendering of the term "majority" is leaning more favorably towards their "cause", yet they don't want their issues to be collectively decided on. They don't want to test reality, they want to perpetuate an illusion of reality like present governments perpetuate the illusion of self-governance. What a bunch of Hypocrites! Homosexual Hypocrites!

Homosexuals are against a Cenocracy because it wants to preserve a real exercise of Freedom of Speech and the Press, whereas homosexuals want all freedoms of expression contoured to their perspective of what is meant by equality... which denies the public from the equality of collectively speaking by way of a Referendum. Homosexuals want to pretend they advocate the exercise of Freedom of Speech and the Press. Whereas the Government, Industries, Associations, Religions and groups such as Homosexuals are equally permitted to voice a collective opinion to influence a law, the public is denied this same right. The majority opinion is selectively segregated into small groups that can either be combined or further disenfranchised to fulfill the needs of a minority, of which Congress is, but, like Homosexuals, wants to exercise a majority of opinion. The Homosexual idea of improving the government is singularly directed towards its collective self-centered interests. They want to keep the government as it is so long as it is tailored to providing their orientation a supremacy of legality. They don't want to change something they are learning to manipulate for their own interests just like religions and corporations don't want to change a government whose structure and members thereof are amiable to their "Cause". Their so-called clamor for "Homosexual Rights" is just another way of saying they want a "Personhood" which establishes a means of inflicting insult and injury on the public just as the provision of "Personhood" does with Corporations.

Homosexuals, like Corporations, want separate-but-equal equalities of normalness with respect to what is guaranteed to as rights shared by the majority. Both Homosexuals and Corporations want to be treated as a normal person with rights which help preserve its own livelihood. It doesn't matter how many people might be adversely affected by their "Personhood" status, they, as a normal individual, want the right to exist as they see fit, and to change the laws in order to be more accommodating to their personal survival.

Although homosexuals might argue that they are a living being, the people within a Corporation can be likened to individual cells in a biological organism, and therefore defined as a "living being" life-form itself. Whereas we can easily see distinctions, it doesn't matter since the judges making the determination might want to exercise an arguable Freedom of Imaginative Interpretation. The way in which Supreme Court Judges are selected, term in office, etc., makes for a separate and unequal "Personhood" status of the Supreme Court. Such is the case for all Government positions. A true equality does not exist, only an illusion because equality is another one of those philosophically definable words like truth, beauty, justice, hope, love, liberty, etc...

Most of the time changes in society due to various "Personhoods" occur widely and there is no recognition thereof. However, exchanges of information over the internet have altered this, but has not altered the lack of communication significantly enough. Whereas millions of people can be laid off and post their individual unemployment status on the internet, there is no one collectively arranging all the individual notices in order to ascertain how wide-spread and how many people are being affected with the "unemployment infection"; as an affliction created by judiciously unclean social conditions... like those conditions which perpetrated the Black Plague. But even with an enumerated statistic in hand, it would only be of those who post something on the internet and not those who don't. The larger percentage of those afflicted with the government sponsored unemployment disease, may have no desire to share their misfortune, like someone trying to conceal a communicable disease which promotes an observable disfigurement. Nonetheless, even if your had an up-to-the-minute statistic of how many unemployed there actually are, people generally engage in the same equality of ignoring that which does not appear to affect them personally, in their believed-in separate-but-equal own little world... not to mention your honest and accurate figure might be denounced by the government or some government-sponsored group as a miscalculation, embellishment, biased rendering, etc... Even if you told the truth that the unemployment number is substantially greater than what is being publicly provided as a government account, some would prefer the lies told to them by the government. They prefer not to know a truth that may snowball into a headlong course of disillusionment that they do recognize, but are trying to avoid because of its ability to instill depression and distrust. It is a self-made fantasy world.

Homosexuals and other self-centered groups don't want the public to exercise individual freedom of speech if the speech contains any reference that the "homosexual perspective" finds offensive... which might be due to the vociferous chest thumpings of one or more who get others to chorus in. They particularly don't want the public to exercise a collective freedom of speech by way of a Referendum. They want the notion of Freedom of Speech included in their version of a Constitution, but they don't want the free exercise thereof. They want the spirit of it to be observed, but not the observation to be made into an actual body of practice beyond a word- of-mouth exercise.

They are particularly ready to pounce on anyone who makes a public (such as a television, radio, newspaper or magazine article) comment that they find objectionable. They like to voice their views against comments occurring on such high profile "Freedom of Speech" mediums in an attempt to give themselves greater exposure and give the impression that because they are given an "equal opportunity" to denigrate the comments and commentator, this action is to be viewed as a superiority and righteousness to their claims. But the same "equal opportunity" is not being given to those who object to their perspective. If it were, such commentators would be permitted to voice their opinion and have it labeled as their opinion instead of as a pointed remark by the owners and/or producers of the medium. Homosexuals don't want Freedom of Speech exercised, they want it muffled... just like the Nazis, and groups of a more distant antiquity such as religions and governments. They are sharpening their predatory skills and given a deference to silence anyone they want to, just as the Nazi's were. Such acts are those of wolves, hyenas and coyotes... not to mention other "pack insects" such as maggots and rodents such as rats. But there is some comfort to be derived from the notion that such acts often lead to at least a partial extermination.

Thus, like some spreading venereal disease which infects an entire culture that is forced to contend with it as part of a new reality: the country, if not the world, will have to not only establish a National Homosexual Observance day, but also create a three-day National holiday for them in order to denote the day society introduced some sort of viral vectoring approach called a law; but the majority will recognize as an inoculation given to children before they begin school. They want their own holiday, they want their own flag, they want their own Olympics, universities, clothing label, "separate but equal" shopping centers, currency denomination, and even a vehicle manufactured just for them. They want their own country with their own government so they can wage a war of genocide on all those who do not step off the curb when they approach, like the Negroes of the American South did whenever they were in the presence of those who held a superior view of themselves. They want to slap a "homophobic" patch on all those who disagree with their views and place them into internment camps. The "whiteness" (rightness) of their intended effect is blinding.

And since, to them, the world will be made a better place... Let us salute them! Let us pledge allegiance to them! And let us lower the flag to half-mast when anyone of them dies because their homosexual perspective is deserving of the utmost recognition, respect and honor! Oh Yes, and let us all adopt songs of praise to be sung by children in classrooms and all beer halls as well; since the Homosexual Community is an embodiment of humanity's greatest ideals for which they all deserve Congressional Medals of Honor... because their struggle epitomizes the greatest fight for freedom, justice and liberty! Let us name a food after them. And the next species following the present Homo sapiens sapiens, by denoting it as a Homo Homo sapiens sapiens. And let us all wear a Homosexual Community designated insignia on our sneakers, jeans and ball-caps. In fact, let us replace Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed with a Homosexual icon of their making. But why stop at this... let's just call them all gods and worship the ground they imagine they can float over... or at least make people believe in such a mirage.

Hitler (11K) Hail to their New Age Nazism! What a Zeitgeist (spirit of an age/time) to teach all innocent children! Listen to their vociferous collective voice... "Der Fuhrer" (the furor) is here! And whenever they meet, let us all give them the appropriate chant and salute just as all the Nazis did whenever Hitler was present! Let the world rejoice because Hitler's Third Reich has been reborn and renamed The Third Gender!... Let us all dance around bonfires at the bewitching hour into which we will toss any and all publications that do not speak of the glory of homosexuality! Yes, let us all engage in the same orgy of irrationality so that we might better experience the same sense of righteous spirituality that the Inquisitors did!

It doesn't matter if we are forced, by way of some stupid neurotic-styled government or judicially "officialized political correctness" into becoming supporters of the Homosexual Cause through speech or silence, (or else be looked upon as objectionable and non-normal as homosexuals frequently think about themselves:)— And yet, respectfully, it is only appropriate that when the Homosexual Fuhrer (furor) is attacked, we should assist in their suicide and then burn the bodies... And it's our solemn duty to ensure that they are buried in an unmarked grave. We know it's a dark and sorrowful task, but we have been politically forced into accepting such an honor which will ensure the absence of an epitaph, eulogy or period of mourning.

They deserve nothing less than a complete deference to their self-generated "Third Gender" god-given status. Valhalla awaits the mighty soldiers of the Homosexual Cause! (However, let us not be so deranged that we follow the divine judgment of the 'furor' by burning everything to the ground. And we must also make sure they leave a Will before they retreat to the promised land so that all us lowly non-homosexuals and so-called homophobics don't have to fight over their bank accounts and other material goods in probate court.) We may have to socially accept the irrationality being espoused by the "Homosexual Cause", but we don't have to be too stupid.

During Der Fuhrer's last moments as the Allies got close to his bunker, it is said that he had given what amounts to be his last three orders:

  1. To burn Germany to the Ground.
  2. To have his and Eva Braun's bodies burnt.
  3. To have their bodies placed into unmarked graves.

Well anyway, this is the story told to us by the oh so believable Russian and American governments, via their military commanders whose words are always beyond reproach; and patriotically support governments that will do and say anything to get their way and keep themselves in power... such as by way of fear inducement (even if it means supporting inter-city group antagonisms, large social conflicts, conspiracy theorists, homosexual or other disputations, pedophiles in religions, "accidentally" releasing recidivist prisoners, etc., etc., etc...).

And since we are making a rather variegated, (and some might think superficial) comparison between the actions of the Nazis of the past and Homosexuals of the present, let us describe an "International Homosexual Lesbian Movement" in terms of a similar truncation of the words to produce a singular emblematic name:

International Homo sexual Lesbian Movement

Whereas we come up with "In-Ho-Le", which sounds like "in-holy" that becomes easily confused with "unholy"; we could instead substitute the word "International" with the word "National" to produced "NaHoLe". But this too is easily confused with "No" or "Not" Holy. While advocates of a homosexual perspective might interpret such connotations unjustly and needlessly inflammatory and more of the same disrespect and hatred they have been fighting against; those who argue disfavorably towards the ways and means of the "homosexual movement" might well agree with them... at least in this instance.

Fortunately, many sideline viewers have begun to see through all the bait-and-switch camouflaging techniques of propaganda used by those in the "homosexual organization" much in the manner of those in the Nazi party whose activities exemplified an emphasis towards underlying psychotic leanings... that became more manifest as time went on... and could become realized more easily the more Hitler became dependent on an assortment of medical drugs supplied through his physician. The Nazis viewed themselves as being an immutable superiority, just like some homosexuals who view themselves as sharing in a collective uniqueness; perhaps as an exaggerated compensation for feelings of realization which are anti-thetical to their "chosen" life's model... as was the case when reality slapped the Nazis in the face as they began to lose more and more ground by addressing too many fronts against those who did not share in their perspective.

This is why homosexuals are against the public getting the Referendum. It represents too many fronts that they would have to deal with if the public got a chance to collectively vote on their homosexual issues and have the vote mandated into law. They want to pick and choose small skirmishes that they can overwhelm and hoist some imaginatively designed homosexual flag atop the presumed rubble; and not deal with an actual publicly united force. So much for their presumed strength and righteous cause. Homosexuals are hypocritical cowards who want to prey on individuals exercising their freedom of speech. Such speech is viewed as a defamation of the "Homosexual Character" as if it were, collectively, a person. Hence their attempt to exercise a "Personhood" similar to that practiced by Corporations.

patch (17K) Likewise, though visible triangle "insignias" are not worn by those who are publicly cited as disagreeing with the loudly voiced Homosexual perspective, they are given the social chevron of "Homophobic", whether or not a person has some actual "fear" of a homosexual. The so-called "fear" may be little more than a misunderstood friendly affection held for someone of the same gender but is suppressed for one or another reason. But this has nothing at all to do with harboring a latent same-gender sexual preoccupation as is frequently and falsely clamored by those whose own homosexual orientation is being given a socialized permission slip to express neurotically unresolved dysfunctionalities of body and mind conflicts... regardless of how they originated.

While some people are, for whatever reason, homophobic, and others find their homosexual/lesbian orientations disgusting, and still others because it is an anti-species act in terms of the procreative necessity; many don't like homosexuals because of their verbally violent freedom-of-speech exclusionary tactics. Others have their own reasons. If the majority could vote and have the vote mandated into law, homosexuals might well find themselves packing to move to another country. Then again, the public might exhibit a greater magnanimity of wisdom than it is typically given credit for. In any respect, the public doesn't like being forced... at least not for long... before it starts pushing back.

The word "Homophobic" has taken the place of words and phrases such as Infidel, Demon, Heretic, Blasphemer, Devil Worshipper, Nigger, White Trash, etc.. It is used as if it represents some infallible divining rod that grants the user some unassailable moral authority to persecute any and all who disagree with their perspective; and to use it, if necessary, as a means of beating an individual into some relative social senselessness with little regard for one's humanity if it differs from their own myopic homosexual viewpoint.

On the one hand they permit themselves the ability to denounce, disrepute and disallow some presumed "moral authority" who disagrees with their same sex -oriented lifestyle that "voices" its opinion by a wide-spread preference for engaging in the practice of a heterosexual-oriented lifestyle and not by any cheer-leading-sized megaphone approach where words are actually emitted via one or more mouths in a concerted effort against homosexuals;— and yet on the other hand they want to be able to officially and publicly announce, permit and achieve a socially affirming reputation for engaging in a self-expression which manifests their minority status into a majority one. It's the exercise of a primitive mentality that strives to give the appearance of a large size by way of a loud bellowing or the usage of a pygmy-carved totem pole that is not carved to a scale of likeness.

However, neither do heterosexuals have the right to engage in gay or homosexual bashing; acts which are often used to conceal an underlying impulse to engage in unrestrained assault and battery through perversions of rationale that attempt to use some assigned measure of status quo to validate re-directed aggression. But reality and truth don't really matter to a single person or group with a lynch mob mentality... whether the person or group is a minority or majority. Like the KKK of America's 20th century southern states which sometimes used a noose to choke out the protestations of blacks who disagreed with them; the Homosexual community has adopted the word "Homophobic" as a recurring weapon of choice in an attempt to silence the tongue of those who disagree with their perspectives. Instead of the three-lettered acronym "KKK", we could use "HLK" (Homosexual/Lesbian Klan).

In America, the voice of the majority matters not. Otherwise, a referendum would be held to deal with the growing Homosexual issue— pejoratively designated as "a problem"— (as well as all other social problems the Congress is too inept to deal effectively with due to stupidity, stubbornness or stinginess). The problem with the Homosexual's orientation has less to do with their desired sexual preference than their insistence that they, as a minority, in effect, become a singular amendment to the Constitution as "THE" dominant perspective which has the right to oversee all beliefs in accordance with their own... otherwise they wouldn't be so quick and keen on disparaging those who voice an opposition to their lifestyle. Yet, in stating such, many of them might disagree and thus want this (THEIR) very disagreement to supplant all opinions. It doesn't really matter what the argument is, or whether they are wrong or right, they just want their opinion to dominate as if their aggressive tactics are to be interpreted as some sort of friendly tug-of-war game at a Saturday afternoon picnic as a means by which they lower everyone's guard to their underlying ulterior motives.

While some may argue the Homosexual Community claim for preferential treatment to be incorrect, let us then re-state it by saying they don't want an amendment which advocates their perspective as THE dominant one, but that it should be given a Constitutionally protected equality, ounce for ounce, when subjected to the unequal weight of a majority. In other words, they want their own brand of incorporated Personhood.

The foregoing statement is a form of computational math that even a primitive mentality could acknowledge as exhibiting a ridiculous level of disparity. You can't trade them two (sterile) mules for two (fertile) donkeys. While the primitive may be a "jackass" (defined as someone lacking the "common sense" of a person living in a larger modern society), they aren't stupid. In other words, though a nation is dependent on a future population brought about by a majority heterosexual orientation which has an enormous tax burden, the minority homosexual orientation wants to be excluded from having any responsibility, tax or otherwise, for the emergence of a future population. They want to be exempt from having to shoulder an equal weight of burden related to the responsibility for the future of a nation. They want to be able to go about their life in a happy-go-lucky homosexual orientation way.

They have no unique sensitivity for humanity that humanity should embrace with them. Their only sensitivity is for themselves and they want to be embraced by humanity not because of some uniqueness of sensibility and perspective; but so that it can screw humanity when humanity has put its guard down. It wants to connive its way into becoming an Institution whose bylaws evince the proposition that homosexuality is the voice of God being projected into the otherwise dark forest of human consciousness from which has arisen the occasional artistic and scientific talent, giftedness and genius and should be interpreted to mean that all of them have this same underlying potential if they could only acquire their own version of a "normal social status".

Trying to project an image of uniqueness for those sharing a similar race, religious or sexual orientation, just because there can be found examples of creativity, giftedness, and even genius amongst similarly-directed individuals, is an act of foolishness, like trying to say an apple is an orange is a watermelon. Highlighting examples of uniqueness to present them as a standard of commonness, only makes the contrast of existing distinctions that much easier to be seen.

What this amounts to is just another nature/nurture controversy in that they try to argue that it is the presence of their homosexuality that gives rise to talent, giftedness and genius instead of homosexuality being just another form of distraction or diversion like heterosexuality, music, sports, etc... They don't want to even contemplate that sexuality (homosexual or otherwise) may have nothing whatsoever to do with their talent, giftedness or genius in terms of being separate behavioral issues. They have difficulty separating their sexuality from anything; like a child clinging to a blanket and thinking it is the blanket that gives them all that they need... and therefore has some integrated "power". However, it should be noted that the child may scream, yell, become abusively violent, cries and throws tantrums, toys, clothes, food, etc., when they are separated from the blanket, or bottle, or some other pacifier. Homosexuality becomes their new dependency. Homosexually becomes neurotically transformed into a magical being, like a live-in fairy-tale a child has not learned to grow out of.

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