Homosexuals Against Democracy
(Formerly entitled: Homosexual Idiots)


John Howard Davies as Oliver Twist (33K)

Yep, I was right. The title of this page would get your attention, but it may not exhibit that which you are inclined to think of. Instead, this is a discussion in part about the Homosexual/Gay "community's" (hidden) anti-democracy perspective as an expressed idiocy. This page is not about their sexual orientation, but the advocated political perspective as it is being played out with respect to a larger consideration of everyone's right to a full serving of Democracy. We could care less who you "partner" with, be it some domesticate farm animal, neigbor's pet or the Devil's own goat-hooved heritage; just don't try to force your political ignorance on the rest of the nation or entire planet. Like so many other minority ostentatious orientations, they actually hate democracy, because their views promote the practice of but a scent, a pinch, a teaspoonful of democracy and not a full helping... thus leaving all of us in the position of being Oliver Twist: We need to ask for more. More government in the form of an enlightened perception and understanding of Communism, Democracy and Socialism and their limitations within an obsolete governing structure.

Just because Homosexuals and their blind-sighted ilk want to agree with the structure of any and all dysfunctional governing systems because they are permitted to engage in their self-centered orientations that have no interest in pursuing a larger encompassing galactic, planetary and global world-view for the sake of everyone; doesn't mean the rest of us have to agree with their self-obsessed preoccupations. Nor should be have to sit idily by while numerous other minorities attempt to use similar political platforms to extricate personalized communal rights... when the overall problem involving an out-dated governing system receives a path-work quilt of bandaid stitches to mend that which needs to be replaced. Let's face it. We've grown out of the current sociological garment being loosely referred to as a "culture", and the archtectural framework of a governing system that far too many indulge in with sentiments of tradition similar to those applying affections to Little House on the Prarie televisionn episodes.

There are no hand-me-down models of models we can grow into. We need a new form of government that has never existed before on the scale of dimension being called for. We can no rely on the same methodology used by predecessors who initated the government with an underlying "ideal" which denied swaths of populations the right to vote and other basic entitlements necessary for a citizenry to practice an equal partnership of governance. We are sick and tired of so many minorities attempting to make changes for their own "communities", claiming they are a win-win situation for "everyone", when the word "everyone" is a politically correct fascade to camouflage self-centeredness. There are so many instances of rights violations, that a so-called "win" for this or that minority does not effectively change the political landscape for all of us. We need functional change in the design of the government, which includes the development of a new Constitution, new Bills of Rights, and a massive alteration in the peoples' collectve ability to directly alter THEIR government without being subjected to dismissiveness, obstructionism, and various obfuscations, whether the collective minority opinion of a few elected legislators like it or not... because they are not to be treated as a singular person (like the ridiculous "personhood" of corporations) nor singular entity whose rights include supplanting the collective Will of the Population.

Those connected with a pro Homo-Lesbo-sexuality orientation or some "alternative" lifestyle being lumped into an association to give the impression of a multitude so as to assume they are a "force to be reckoned with", are practicing a philosophy of anti-democracy. Their political ideology reeks of a masturbatory self-obsessed indulgence that doesn't care about anyone else (though they may claim their fight for equal rights serves a greater cause); and is particularly reminiscent of a brutish ignorance of predisposed affect, instead of the claimed sensitivity, compassionate sensibility and character of loving which rightly deserves to be viewed as an hypocrisy.

They practice a self-styled democratic configuration for being able to exert influence that is an Of, By and For their sole political position... and it is a position of anti-democracy... or at least an extremely limited practice thereof. They do not want the entire population to have a collective voice, they want a selective exercise of "proportioned Representation" that best suits their community's objectives. It is particularly self-centered and similar to other minorities seeking to gain a larger proportion of legislative Representation on their own behalf, because they think some assumed majority has their full democratic rights. Minorities such as the homosexual community, do not want the entire nation to practice a full cup/glass/measure of democracy, which can be figuratively illustrated for those needing a different form of graphic depiction:

Measurements of Democracy (53K)

The self-obsessed inclination of the homosexual community and its associated peers in seeking civil rights and sexual freedoms as the rest of the "democratic" nation by promoting an anti-discrimination platform, does in fact promote discrimination against the practice of a full Democracy. Minorities love anti-democratic policies which best serve their respective causes. They only want enough democracy which permits their singular ideas to flourish, but let the rest of humanity be damned. Like those having been born into slavery and subjected to a way of life and mindset from which some have tried to run away... seeking some underground railway to a supposed freedom in a welcoming community; yet not realizing their support for such a community is but another fence only a few have come to even realize the existence thereof. In other words, if a person is born into slavery and that is all they know, the idea of "freedom" becomes associated with some creature in nature that religion sets them apart from. Similarly, being born into a world where the practice of democracy is a minuscule representation of that which is achievable; yet the full measure thereof is not known nor spoken of by any of the world's greatest political activists, philosophers or educators... one's "community" perspective is limited and self-centered.

The Gay Rights community has the orientation of a hypocrite that ancient peoples portrayed in Janus-faced sculptures, with added digressions of perspective likewise shown with additional faces, or arms, or eyes or other body part.

Janus faced image 1 (9K) Janus faced image 2 (5K)

Minority groups perpetuate ancient mythologies cast into present eras, yet a history of the past is not being taught sufficiently in public nor private schools. The majority (of all cultural populations) are so obsessed with the here -and- now of the present that they overlook their unrealized participation in recreating the then -and- there of the past in a cyclical fashion in accord with the cyclicities imposed on biology by the environment which uses occasional (geomagnetic) reversals as part of its cyclicity. Such an existence sets into play the resulting mentality of recurring hypocrisy. Whereas minorities such as the Gay community think they are being progressive in their efforts to establish an equality commensurate with their interests, it is an application of intent that supports the continued practice of a limited Democracy... and justifies the qualification there-of with various rationalizations... like a slave who convinces themselves that are better off by remaining in a servitude that they have established life-long rhythms.

The Gay community, like so many minorities, is deliberately forcing the government to practice less than the bread -and- water variety of democracy we now receive. We live in a global state of impoverished democracy. The many minorities of the world want to shackle the majority to the soiled timbers of a democracy that many critics urinate and defecate on, yet we all remain nearby to because we are fumbling around in the darkened hull of ship we have been weaned in, educated in, and derived our only notion of sociability in. Hence, many minority perspectives support a "limited government" approach way to social improvement, thinking that their troubles are due to a BIG government equated with some imagined majority opinion levied against them. Even though they know that Representatives do not actually represent the majority, but only the majority opinion of a few... they nonetheless think they best way to the social improvement of "their kind" is by way of a limited government that is favorable to their persuasions.

Most of them appear unable to contemplate the existence of a government that is actually run by the collective voice of the people who must abide by a set of protections for minorities that can not be over-written unless the minorities themselves agree to. They have been subjected to so much propaganda about living in the finest example of democracy there has ever been, that they don't stop to think that it is the hype of another formula of advertisement. Homosexuals are just as anti-democratic as is the very type of democracy being practiced is. Yes, the presently practiced formula of Democracy is just as anti-democratic as the Gay community is... thus making them partners in promoting the indentured servitude of the public.

Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? You don't understand this line of thinking? How could it be that those who are fighting for the freedom of their rights to also be fighting against the rights of the nation and the world? Businesses, governments and religions are greedy institutions who do not give without getting something more in return. So if gay rights are given, such institutions want an indulged-in deference to their other self-serving practices. For all its rhetoric, the Gay community, as an institution... is exerting the same level of self-serving small-mindedness as businesses, governments and religions. They don't want everyone sharing in the same entitlements... only a few that have risen to a position of effectively persuading the majority to agree with them. They don't want a full expression of democracy to be played out with a limited formula thereof will suffice for a managing few. They want to be in control... to speak for the many who never actually get a voice... but merely parrot what others say and do according to their particular level of an expressed herd mentality.

The Gay Community like the Black Community and other minorities such as the Tea Party, NAACP, Rainbow-Push (Jessie Jackson), Al Sharpton, etc., have a self-serving priority/agenda. They are not focused on the greater good for the greater many. In so many instances they simply want to switch those few leaders in their organizations, with those in the leadership positions held by the assumed opposition. For example, the call by some Blacks for a Black Nation to be effected within the borders of the U.S. as a means of supposedly solving Black problems defined as being the result of a White dominant government; is little more than some envisioned switch between Black and White roles... even though the underlying rules of the social game would remain the same! Such a logic is absurd. In other words, Blacks would take over the roles of White people and vice versa, with a disproportionate amount of Whites thus taking the place of the disproportionate amount of Blacks in prison and jails. Such Blacks are not interested in helping out the nation, much less other peoples the world over... they want to exact some revenge. They want to rub White noses in the crap that they claim they and other so-called "colored" persons have endured.

Yet, in speaking of colored and non-colored persons, it is necessary for us to look at the actual color spectrum in order to witness the absence of black and white. And while there are no obvious instances of green and purple people, nature might one day choose to evolve them... thus perhaps present society with more minority issues. Realistically, Black and White are not part of the color spectrum emitted from a glass prism nor a water one from which a rainbow comes. Black and White are perceptions of a different ordering... though such a definition may do little to curb black and white prejudices. Nonetheless let us also note that using the description "colored peoples" in order to unify them in connection with the religious symbolism of a rainbow (i.e. "God's promise"), is a reference whose underlying logic is based on sentimentality rather than objective reality. In other words, it is simplistically superficial and irrational.

Minorities such as the Gay Community advance minority issues as a major milestone to be achieved, while actual major milestones are avoided. Many images of rationalism may be provided for their cause, such as it is easy to break the individual sticks of a bundle apart than the entire bundle at one time. Such analogies are held up as an example of historical wisdom that are commonly used to divert one's attention from seeking out a larger encompassing goal, such as the need for establishing a full measure of Democracy. Yet those who come to be convinced of the necessity for such, may attempt to apply the issue within the confines of the government structure they are familiar with, without taking into consideration that such a full measure needs a new structure to hold it in, as well.

If we take the above image of the presently practiced level of "Representative" democracy and place it into a smaller vessel such as is suggested by a "limited government" profile, we come up with a three-fingered level placed into an "appropriate" shot glass or equivalent expressions of sophistry involving some other indulged-in form of inebriation (with the "three fingers" or "three martini lunch" symbolically representing the three U.S. branches of government (in this analogical reference)... and excess of these three is viewed as a social incongruence)... though slang derivatives may refer to the three sizes of small, single, double. By using a smaller vessel (or capacity), the measure can appear full... like smaller sized grocery baskets used at food handout dispensaries when food is scarce and the donated goods are to be stretched as far as possible and give the impression that everyone got a "full" basket. However, the large amount of relative democracy is an illusion when set against the territorial landscape of a large population in a large country, or a large population in a small country.

A small measure of Democracy (30K)

Homosexuals and other minorities practice an exuberant approach to explaining the need for having a limited government because they think their troubles are due to too large a government equated with a majority... even though no majority opinion by the entire public has ever been tallied. While these same minorities are cognizant that the positions of Representatives are routinely bought and paid for by special interest lobbying groups who push for their own self-serving limited agenda; this realization is somehow lost when they calculate the actual level of democratic practice put into play. They blame the stubbornness of Legislators on the whole of the public, when it is the result of a minority wielding a majority of opinion. Minorities seek to deny the public its ability to exercise a full measure of democracy by calling for a limited government that they have learned to manipulate. They prefer a limited government with a limited level of democracy being practiced, because they do not fully comprehend that they are now part of the problem for correcting an error in judgment at the inception of the government.

Minorities want the entire nation to become like the drunken fools they are, by mixing the same kinds of mickied drinks they served to various social leaders in promoting their ideas. It is the same maneuver regularly employed by tacticians of early political campaign platforms, date rapists, and physicians using their social position to assist those wanting to place a spouse in a sanitarium so that their fortune and property could be secured for their own advantages. This is the hallmark of minorities pushing for a limited government and a limited exercise of democracy, instead of promoting the need for a New Government... a Cenocracy.

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